Murtaza Khan – I Am A Muslim Instilling The Love Of Islam In Your Child

Murtaza Khan
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu lillahi

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wa Naruto billahi min asurion fusina min ceja tr Molina

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maniac de la sala de la mejor

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de Allah

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will shadow

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Illa Illa long wash Dong da sharika

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shadow Mohammed Abdullah solo

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I'm about to fire in North Dakota howdy Tiki turbo wa hiral who the Buddha Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Charles Murray much desert to her wakulla my desert in beta wakulla BRT, la la la, la la la la la la la, la.

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After praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending humans greetings and salutations, upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we find that the human being

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has been created

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with that, which is known as short road, with feelings,

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there are various feelings which have been placed inside the human body.

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At times, we find immense sadness. At times we find immense happiness

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and some of these feelings are beyond our control.

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Certain things could begin to take place upon the individual and they cannot control themselves.

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That does not mean that they lose total focus upon the things that they have to do, or they have to carry out

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because many average individuals in the immense happiness to many silly things, and many individuals and immense anger or rage or being upset, also do silly things

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we find from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was given that ability, within a state of immense happiness, or sadness. Nothing came out of his blessings mouth except for revelation.

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1 million dequan. In our in who knew her? Everything he utters is nothing but divine revelation. So does you find that when the companions pose that question, that should we write everything that comes out, disseminates from your blessing mouth, whether you're angry, etc, he said, Yes, everything that comes out of my mouth is nothing but revelation from Allah Subhana, Allah.

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Obviously, whatever comes out from our mouth,

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is far far away.

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But if a person begins to follow that methodology in trying to control themselves into develop those fine characteristics, maybe glimpses of that may be developed within the individual.

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And the reason why I mentioned this inside the introduction, is because the title itself is something ambiguous, it's not something very clear. Can we instill love within our children? Is it possible to purchase or buy love? And to place it into the heart of the individuation? That is a key question that we need to begin our lives with. There are certain things that we can control and certain things that we cannot control. So the answer is partially true that times we can instill love. And at times, we don't have that ability to instill the love within the individual.

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And we find that love is of various forms, that you find the Anima talk about. The concept of the heart of the human being has various elements of love, those various forms of love, they don't contradict one another or the area. For the living area I'd mentioned. That you find hope, little hollow,

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love for the Creator, for Allah Subhana Allah is an immense form of love.

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Like what you find after love towards the Prophet, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is a different form of love, love towards one's parents, towards one's family members, towards one's children, etc, one's wife, it's all different elements of love. The heart is able to contain and to any develop upon that. So the initial stage we need to understand about love towards our children and the people around us that at times, it could be an element whereby that love there is no response of that love.

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For example, the Quran mentions about those individuals in an average basis. You find that many unfortunately non Muslims, there is a difficult element inside their life.

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The Quran mentioned for gypped Allah Allah don't don't let the wealth and the children startle you.

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Don't let that amaze you the amount of children and the worth that they possess upon this dunya because the wealth and the children for them as a Quran mentions a general characteristic Does it mean that some of them will not rejoice with their children? Well for the general perception is that these things have been given to them in NEMA URI the load You are a diva whom we have inherited dunya What does haka and fusuma home cafe. Indeed, the last time that Allah gives them, these things of the dunya Li or a diva whom be her, Phil hayata dunya, that the wealth and the children become a punishment, a chastisement for them in this world, what does help them fusa whom we take out their

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souls, well whom caffee rune they and the state of disbelief. This is something for an individual to ponder upon, that children and wealth as a per mentions, can have can become for the individual in number and we're looking more or less the conflict will lower and

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indeed your children and your wealth become a fitna for you. So for many of the average individual, we find their wealth and their children has become a trial or tribulation for those individuals. And just before the IRA we find out last time that I mentioned you Latina woman, in the mean as well. We're all in the locker room. All you believe indeed, your wealth and your children, your spouse's family members, enemies towards you for the room, stay away from them. Now here we understand from this is at the Quran, in men as well as the coming from the man and Arabic language. To very dear Bob doesn't mean all of your children doesn't mean all your family members all of your wealth, some

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a translated men from no Bob some at times, your wealth and your children could become an element of a trial or tribulation upon you need the believer. If we go back to the previous verse in verse number 15, the answer is given. What is the Muslim parents role? What is the Muslims role upon this earth for duckula muster? Say Allah Subhana Allah as much as you can. That's the key element, we begin to understand that this is this iron of Quran has also become a principle in a soul.

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That the person carries out the action which they have the ability to do so in faith lost pound Allah as much as they can.

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Unfortunately, for some of us that love becomes a spoilt love, the love that we have to their children, it may begin to change our perception of what we want to gain from them. Once again the Quran touches upon this as well. Yeah you alladhina amanu la told Hey, come on welcome Allah, Allah Dooku and decorilla Amaya, Nicola ecoman crossy Road Are you believe Don't let your wealth and your children become a distraction for you, distract you away from the dhikr of Allah. Indeed, those individuals who let the wealth in the children distract them away from a loss panda Allah, Allah eco home will cause your own those other losing individuals. So Muslim is wary that our wealth and our

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children don't take us away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah because we know once again, the emotion feeling of love that some parents have tried to give everything to the children even means to open up to the world of Muhammad of haraam things. As many parents we discussed with them, they say living inside this environment, there is no harm in giving them access to certain things, or giving them the ability the rational to choose. And to make the choice what's halal was Haram. So they indulge in doing something haram then they will discover themselves, what is the right thing to do? This is a dangerous perception. Because a child doesn't have the ability like an adult or person

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who's got experience of their life. So this is a weak element for a parent to think I allow my child to have something which may be impermissible or haram let them experiment and avenge define that which is the right thing to do. So we as Muslim parents should be vigilant about trying to open up the doors of letting our children to experiment with certain things and then they themselves discover that which is right or that which is wrong. Likewise, we find that these distractions are unmentioned. eight categories of individuals we mentioned are sorted

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Oba that we begin to love them to such a degree and they begin to distract us away from Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger Paul incana Akuma Abner oakum say indeed if your parents and your children and your family members your wealth, your dwellings your property, all of this habla la camino la he was so he was he had an feasability photographer Swati Allahu be Emery white. And if you feel that these categories these eight categories are more beloved to you than Allah and His messenger and striving and struggling inside his path, the wait until the commander of a lost pounder and a comes indeed, last panda does not guide the rebellious individuals. So this is a

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warning for the Muslim that our emotional feeling is on a balance of understanding that the context that we follow inside our life is following the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the Muslim parent begins to understand. In nicoleta demon Abdullah Qin de la jolla diminisher, you cannot guide any whom you love. Indeed, it is only a last pounder under the one that guides laser alayka houda Allah Kingdom law yet demon Yeshua is not upon you to guide Indeed, Allah Subhana Allah guides whomever he wants. So we should be wary because many of our parents when we work with them, they think that every time we teach them that they should become the pious

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individuals or rightly guided individuals or excelling to such a degree that we find it may be Unfortunately, not possibly true that every single child will respond in a responsive manner. And that's the Quran once again documents upon this. You find the whole story, the theme of no Halle Salaam, whereby the Quran documents the story of no Halle Salaam whereby his son does not believe. When are the new Robo caller be in nominee Minelli, we're in Nevada,

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in the new Halle, salami cold out to his Lord, oh, my Lord, indeed, my son is from my lineage. is for my genealogy. And indeed your promise is true, that you should rescue him alongside with myself. One common hacky mean, indeed you are the best of judges. What was the response given this document inside of Quran? Allah No, no who lays them in a liquor interview, I'm alone a hydrosol. A new terminology is given us at a random word normal medium as well as your blood relationship, people related to you but the Quran says in only seven Athletica, this son of yours is no longer your family member in the Who am alone.

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His actions are null and void implies actions. No longer call him your son. So this is a prophet of Allah. No Holly Salaam, as you find was the first messenger he son refuses to listen to him to believe. And likewise, even the opposite is mentioned. Ibrahim Ali Salaam is the believing son, and his father is what is a disbeliever. The lessons that we learn from this, that guidance is not in the hand or the control of the human being. If this happened to the MBA, then what will happen to the average individual but we can take extracts from this to begin to strengthen and to work towards

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encouraging or nourishing or trying to teach our parents and the children around us. Likewise, you find Look man, the 31st chapter of Quran, the most of the surah is all talking about Serbia. If you want to go back and learn Serbia to Allah, Islam, how to bring up your children, nurture your children, how to deal with them, you find it documented in such Soraka man, like a soldier on the 49th chapter Quran these 18 is not suited for gerat because many people they always want to know how do you develop an Islamic Society? What policies are what you need to do, or Limburg mentioned these 18 A yet in some sort of project the 49 chapter plan we can implement and live by these 18 if we

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will once again create the Islamic identity and the Islamic environment once again. So lokman speak into Sonia punia. Speaking admonishing his son with color Luca Manuel de la jolla. Yamuna Yella to Shrek Bella in a shade color. Theme Lockman speaking to his son giving him admonition give him advice on my son, don't commit shake with Allah Subhana Allah. If you read through the rest of the if you find some excellent piece of advice which is given to his son, but we can begin to extract what we need to begin to teach our children inside their life that is he begins to mention as Minister the Quran yamaneika aka Miss Salah. Oh my son begin to establish the prayer. So as the

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belief in Allah Subhana Allah, the first lesson that needs to be instilled within the child

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The establishment of the prayer what marble marble wanna anemometer? Order the good and forbidding evil was better Allah Masada, have patience upon whatever calamities before or come upon you in the lichterman as more indeed that is from the lofty devotion or lofty commitment of the individual. Whoever establishes their prayer, believes in a loss panda Allah, or is a good and forbids the evil as patience upon the difficulties that come or befall upon the individual. Then comes the characteristics because some of our children, they may learn these characteristics. But when it comes to the finer characteristics of behavior of others that we find, we haven't taught them these

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characteristics lokmanya teaches you Sonny mentioned similar to a nurse, don't stretch out your your neck, sorry, but if I had mentioned Lhasa is a disease in the neck of the camel, don't be stubborn, don't be arrogant, to the people around you will attempt she will RB Mara her don't walk upon the earth in a state of pride in a state of arrogance. So here you find by teaching his son, don't be arrogant towards the people around you. Don't think you're something special about them. And likewise don't walk upon the earth in a state of arrogance and pride in the La La Bukola motel infracore. Indeed, a lot panda does not like any rebellious, boastful individual workers in fi

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mochica. When you walk upon the earth, walk in a state of tranquility and peace and contentment was what would mean solotica and be humble, lower your voice in your speech, you speak to one another, lower your voice, because indeed we find in the anchor a sweaty lasota wilhemina Indeed, the most wretched of voices is the brain of the *, the sound of the donkey. These all adapt, that the Quran is teaching us how we teach our children how to conduct how to behave, how to walk, how to talk, which at times, some of us Muslim parents are Muslim teachers, we don't seem to instill these practical teachings within our children. Unfortunately, likewise, we find that we find that a

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natural love is there that the child or the parent has towards the child, every single Muslim. As we know, the Quran mentioned the opposite to the non Muslim that we mentioned that their children become a form or a source of punishment, or torture for them upon this earth. As for the believers alamelu well by noon, Xena will hire to dunya wealth and children are the beautiful things of this dunya that's what most individuals they aspire to have the wealth and the children. So obviously this is something which is helpful. If the person uses it in the correct manner. The Quran mentions his great blessing. One that never can be unwilling, we're burnin whether or not kumbhakarna Pharaoh

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we've bestowed upon you the blessings of wealth and money and children and deed we have made you numerous in manpower and number till eventually children they become as the Quran mentions the application of a bedrock man, the supplication servants of man mentioned towards the end of Soto photon wherever the Romani Latina, em Shona alharbi hona servants of Allah Subhana Allah walk upon the earth in a state of tranquility in a state of peace, till eventually the DA is mentioned will Edina Kowloon Ravana habla Minh as well Gina was Tina kurata.

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cleaner imagine the pious individual this application is made from amongst our spouses and our children, the coolness, the tenderness of our eyes, and make us to become amongst those individuals, the pious individual leaders for the people around us, so that it becomes incumbent upon us because sometimes we're focusing upon so many different things. And sometimes it's easy to focus upon the world around us and to lose focus upon the people who should be close to us, or unmentioned as sort of the hareem the 66 chapters of Quran Yeah, you alladhina amanu poo, poo Sakuma alikum na Are you believe Save yourselves and your family members from the Hellfire not to say that we shouldn't be

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worried about anything else. But the real cause of Muslim is is worrying about oneself and the family members. Some of us Muslim we lose focus upon that, that we think it is not very very important to save oneself and one's family members. There are other thoughts that we need to carry out inside our life and this could be May Allah forbid, a deception any of the devil tell base a belief deception devil becomes easy for us to focus on other things and not focus upon those direct subjects which

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happened to be underneath them. Likewise, you find that Islam encourages the concept of Rama of mercy of compassion. When you're Hamlet your ham, whoever doesn't show mercy will not be given any mercy. So this is the characteristic of the parents. their parent understands the relationship to the child. One way is to show compassion, mercy and concern. Because we know in general, how our culture creates a big divide between the Father and the Son. There's hardly any relationship. There's hardly hardly any love. Many of us we grow up feeling hatred, animosity, lack of conviction, or relationship with our parents. Because we've just drifted away. It's always seems to be just

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commandments which are given to the child or given in to the Son, etc. So we find that mercy compassion in everything in our life, we tried to go back to the Sunnah, but how about in these practical steps which have been mentioned in the life of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, whereby we find in a famous Hadith in Bukhari, one day, he kissed Allison. So and in the companion whenever Accra he said, Indeed, I have 10 children. I have 10 children and never kissed him in my life.

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So how did the Prophet Mohammed respond to this individual?

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Indeed, mercy has been snatched away from your heart. There is no element of mercy of compassion inside your heart If you cannot show any love and emotion and devotion towards your own children. Like or if I'm famous Hadith mojari, again of Arusha, de la nueva, she visualized a mother with a two children, she has three dates. She gives one date each to each child and she's left one date before she can begin to eat her own date, the children have finished the date. So what does she do, she breaks her own date in half and gives a half to each of the two children again, that's mercy. That's compassion. That's love. That's feeling that we as parents need to develop once again,

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towards any our children, via the practical implementation of the Sunnah and the life of the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salah, there are certain elements, we need to begin to train or work with our children to begin to develop to create that love to create that commitment. Obviously, some of them were quite clear about what we need to do inside our lives. Amongst the commitments we find it or up to a comedy is the link of beliefs that we find Musalia to Serbia and Romania, to nurture our children upon the right Eman. To this day, many of us have come to the Western world, living in the 21st century. Unfortunately, many of our parents or some members of our society still have cultural

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beliefs, superstitious beliefs, myths, fables, folklore, tales, etc, exists on a wide scale inside our community. If you were to change the vision of the future, as they say that you need to go back to the grassroots, and begin by instilling the right orthodox beliefs within our children, how many of our parents grew up inside this community, and we compromised, some of us very rarely expressed our faith or expressed our concerns, we need to teach our children the right creed, the right belief, the love of even teach that within them, that there is, if you want to be somebody special, you need to hold fast to this creed and to disbelief. With this comes along or up to ruhi the

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spiritual needs have created an atmosphere for our children, how many of us grew up, whereby you find that there was no access to a Masjid? There was you're not allowed to even possibly breathe appropriately inside the machine that if you did cough, you did love and excuse expression all * would break loose and then we try to instill within them have devotion have a burden of worship. So sometimes we need to go back to the drawing board reassess ourselves, that what are we actually creating? After 3040 years we can see any may sound very strange. There are some children inside our society who don't ever want to step foot back into a Masjid.

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Think about that. That's something very serious for us to think about. Children have been taught previously, when they grow up, never, ever want to return back to the masjid. I've taught adults basic how to read the Quran, who said that they once they learned the Quran, they couldn't be bothered to read the Quran ever again in the life that literally some of them may have been tortured in the masjid. And that made them never ever act to the house of a loss panda ever again and ever pick up the Quran. To whom does that blame return? Or maybe some of us parents that we beat in our children

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Black and Blue in reading a Khurana doing certain actions and the long term detrimental effect is psychologically disturbed these individuals who will pick up those pieces for that. So we have to begin to go back and work on ways of developing a better relationship with the Quran relationship with dhikr of Allah panda Anna with nowheresville, create with him to help them to instill the fear of loss panda Allah that loves panda Allah is watching over them vision over them, how will these elements going to take place? This deserves a long analysis and study of our lives and what we're doing inside the society to go back and to offer posit positive steps of changing the environment

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around us. The third thing, Rob, that we find out perfectly is the link of our thought and perception that many of the average Muslim just sees Islam as a cultural practice cultural way of life, we have to instill within our children, the thought the perception that Islam was for the past, the present, and the future, redrew a history of who we were, what we became, and what we are today. That's all part of creating the personality of the individual. So many of our young individuals, they just know certain elements of us being Muslims. As for the global impact of Islam, or the message of Islam that we find, many of them are aloof, far away from that. Nobody ever

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teaches them. The real history, the background, the contribution of Muslims, upon the society in the wider world around us. So they all just think just textbook, there is no real Islam, there is no empire of Islam, there never was. Maybe someone was not skilled enough to teach them about the history of Islam and the impact of Islam. What existed before the fourth rub. The fourth link we need to develop in our life is Rajpal. html, the social link inside a society, some of our students, some of our children are not able to engage in such society. Some are even graduated from Islamic Institute's when they come out into society cannot even construct a single appropriate sentence in

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the English language. Something to think about, we're living inside this environment, we're not able to engage with others inside the society, the years of study the years of practice, what is the benefit, or we begin to ridicule one another, not able to tolerate one another not able to speak with one another not able to live with one another. The Quran teaches in normal mode, manana is one indeed believers to one another up bredrin. So the concept of living as a social creature, which is an element of the human being, to be able to engage with one another. Likewise, one of four antennas in Accra, McMahon de la, he took on the most noble of you in front of Allah Subhana, Allah, the

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pious individuals, that's where nobility and rank belongs. So this social element at times also missing amongst many of us parents, and many of the children any as well. For free find our upto we have the is the link of physical fitness.

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We have to bring all these elements together to create the ideal, even though there is no ideal but linguistically, the ideal identity of keeping our children physically fit. Some of us we think, it's Haram, to run, to jog, to swim, or to be engaged in some form of combat sport or whatever it may be. That's what some Muslim they think they think it's just, it's heroin. How is it haram if you go back to the prophetic traditions, to swim, to run, to race, to wrestle, to learn how to throw an arrow to throw a spear, etc, to ride a horse. These are all prophetic traditions, which hardly exists inside our society. Even as we prophesizing a hadith of Bokhari for Monza minus of the day, Jeremy will be

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what obesity, obesity become rampant in the world in the Muslim movement. And some of our children are heading in that direction, there is no element of physical fitness, the completion of a human being is completion. ghoulies five elements, your faith, your creed, your character, your behavior, your spirituality, and your ability to keep yourself in a wholesome, physical, any fitness, the Quran mentioned, where I do love to talk to men over prepare for them all elements of warfare. What does that mean all elements over over doesn't just mean certain elements that we think it means socially. It means financially. It means mentally, it means physically, it means spiritually, it

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means everything. The human being is strengthening themselves. So we have to create those avenues if not what happens to many of our children. One way that you find a begin to go away is these physical activities that begin to look up to those individuals as their role models as people who are people who may be any cool individuals or good individuals that can relate to them because

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We are not creating that avenue or that feeling inside the machine or the community we have many massage we need to go to a different dimension. The machine needs to be a social element whereby people can come and contain their faith and to enjoy themselves in a good halal manner without turning to the alternatives to haram alternatives that we find around us. Likewise, define it is a common combination and implementation all these elements that will bring the individual to become the complete Islamic any personality inside the needy society, which unfortunately, many of us Muslims are not carrying out any inside our lives. Even though we have many facilities Alhamdulillah

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Allah has blessed us with especially living in inside the West. Also, we find many of us, we want to leave the task to other individuals, an average parent, who is in general, wants to pay someone else, to become the tutor to become the teacher to become their friend to become whatever it may be, is there's certain things you may need to pay. But as we began with money, can't buy love, Money can't buy relationship, money, can't buy understanding, Money can't buy affection. So these are things that many of our parents or the parents around us are missing their fingers just quite simply just do this and this will resolve any problem. Love has to be shown. Love has to be gained. Love

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cannot be something which is purchased. So we need to change our approach. As the Quran mentions in the La La Yoga euroma becomming Hatha Yoga you may be unfussy him a low level changing conditions with people until they don't change your own condition. So just that we change everything about our lives, we came to this community, some of us may have had corrupt occurred, corrupt beliefs, corrupt practices, corrupt lifestyle, whatever we change it, just that we change in everything in those things we need to change in our approach towards our children and the people around us. Not everything in the Western world is haram or forbidden, or somebody should be looked down upon, and

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hikmah knowledge. Wisdom is a lost property of the believer, even though this is not a Hadith, many of them are rejected as being a hadith is only a wise, a good statement on going back to possibly to one of the companions. So wisdom is the last property of the believer. And whenever the believer finds it has the most right to take that property back. That's what a Muslim is. The Muslim is always searching of avenues of wisdom, of gaining and collecting that wisdom and taking it back into their own life. Likewise, you find the use of language. Have you read through some of the books of non Muslims, of pedagogy, of raising children of nurturing of family of environment, you know, you

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find some strange things inside there. You know, our life just becomes we don't use imagination or humor or patience and playfulness. These are prophetic actions, we find our life becomes commanding an armor, a soldier warning, and now he and he prohibition, telling off that's how we interact with our children at times, it just tell them off any rather than telling them there's other ways of saying, or trying to change the atmosphere changing the avenue changing your thought to distract them? Any How many times have we as parents ever sat down and spoken to our children had a say a one to one discussion? What they like what they dislike, maybe something's on their mind emotional

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feelings that we find a child is growing up going through adolescence going through puberty? Or do many parents do just any, but any shape on the undurraga? Do you understand devils come inside them look at the way they behave and say this episode isn't it tells him to unsend these pressures that the person is going through in their life, the peer pressure of the whole community around them, their friends around them their bodily change. So they will go and speak to him, big to non Muslim, speak to someone else, confide in them, discuss with them know they should be coming directly to the mother coming to the father doesn't mean it has to be a total free relationship that is able to

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discuss whatever whatever it may be. But there's an element of trust has been built, that the child feels safe to return back to the father and the mother to be able to speak any with them. Likewise, you find some of our parents, unfortunately, are contradictory. In our words, in our practice. We're very digital trying to send them to an Islamic environment, Islamic school and whatever it may be. But sometimes in our own home, in our own words and our own practice. We don't live up to that and children very smart. are very quick to see discrepancies. And somebody will even say bluntly, you tell us to do this. You don't do it yourself. You tell me to read Quran adebisi you read the karate

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your life. You Toby to do pay arm or read extra prayers. I don't see you doing it. I don't see you making dickered you told me not to lie. But on the phone. You're lying all day long. You told me not to swear you're swearing yourself. You told me not to cheat you're cheating in your business. So this contradictory behavior. And it sounds strange but it is true. This is

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has a big impact upon our children because they are thinking that my father or my mother tells me something, but they don't do it in their own life. So it's not something so important at the end of the day, like or the fact that many of our children, unfortunately have become orphans. What does that mean? They become orphans? Are our children orphans? No, they're not materialistically our children well off. They weren't many of us were when we were growing up. in it. Today you find children are not even born and their parents are buying him the latest 19 130 540 pounds, buying them before even born and storing them away. And all the children should own them. I'm sure they all

00:35:37 --> 00:35:43

have Nintendo DS light and 3d and PS DS and Wii U and everything. We will give it to them.

00:35:44 --> 00:36:26

But our children are still what they orphans. Why are they orphans? At the airport you mentioned lines of poetry Lisa Jamal will be as well been to the union. Jamal beauty isn't the fine clothing that we wear that we think this is beauty. This is luxury. ballin, Jamal Jamal, in me will either be real beauty is the beauty of knowledge and etiquettes and behavior. Laser your team will lead the odd meta where they do who they your team isn't the one whose father's passed away. That's not an orphan individually, that the Father is no longer living. ballin Gottemoeller enemy will either be the team child, the orphan child is the one who has no other band has no,

00:36:27 --> 00:36:28

that's what you call an orphan,

00:36:30 --> 00:37:13

in the world, of upbringing of children, has no one to nurture and to teach them. And many of our children, unfortunately, have become orphans in that respect, in terms of their knowledge, and in terms of the etiquette and their behavior. The Quran tells us we're under a theoretical akbaruddin world warned whom the close family members towards you, that is the role that we need to begin to instill within ourselves that will create this dynamic society once again, called local muroran, aka Luca, misool, andraia. t, all of you are a shepherd. All of us, it comes a stage in the life of a lot desolate, we get married, we have children, we come to that level, where we become responsible,

00:37:13 --> 00:37:51

who will be responsible for each one of us who's responsible for our flock, the flock, which is underneath us, and each one of us will be asked about that. That's what we used to go back and program once again, we didn't our parents, you want to create that love with our children is show the element of responsibility, don't show what our parents and they had a justified excuse. They had a difficult life. They came here with hardly any money with difficulties. So they had to work possibly many shifts, many hours, many days, but many of us are living a good life. But yet still, we're being negligent towards our children, and showing love and devotion you need to watch them.

00:37:52 --> 00:38:30

And this struggle is a struggle, a person needs to persevere, not lose hope and focus. Just like in the dunya we don't lose hope and focus. we persevere with a challenges we continue what we do likewise, in these challenges, instilling His love and His relationship with our children, a person needs to persevere, well Makana, lo Leo Dr. Emma nakane, Allah xpander, I will never let the image of an individual go to waste. So if you have that feeling, in your heart, in your mind, the children lost pounds, I will never let that go to waste. Yes, there may be as we began with some children, who may begin to go astray etc. But we find a parable is given us

00:38:31 --> 00:39:20

that a good land will give out a good plantation will give a good fruit, good vegetation, a corrupt land, a corrupt soil will only give out that which is rotten that which is the weeds that we find around us. So we need to go back in instilling the appropriate land, sincere effort, and struggle is various types of jihad that we find the one of the most ultimate levels of jihad living inside this country is what is bringing up our children. It's not a week struggle, or mom struggle. It is a daily struggle. Every single day. A good parent is struggling throughout the day, throughout the night, in trying to be vigilant in trying to give the children the right nourishment, right

00:39:20 --> 00:39:34

treatment, the right environment inside their lives. And that's we find that a lot of panduranga will not let that effort or that struggle, go to waste. As the ions are the coroner we find Rabbana habarana mean as vergina authorea Tina kurata.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:59

Athena in our Lord make amongst our children, and our spouse is that which will be the coolness of is Renata sera mentioned the coolness of the eyes doesn't necessarily mean inside the era. in the hereafter. It also means inside this dunya you see your children upon righteousness upon good actions of good etiquette good behavior that makes the parent feel

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

Rejoice system, it makes them happy makes him content, and 40. Some of our parents, they only want to see what they want to see the success of the dunya of the children. That's how some of us have been programmed that we, we boast about their degrees, we boast about their careers, we boast about their money. I'm not saying we shouldn't boast about that. But we've taken it to such a precedent, that's all that we care about. All our discussion becomes my son has a degree My daughter has a degree. Is this his that she's this? She's that? But what about their character? What about their behavior? What about the man about their spirituality does it exist? On average, Allah knows best it

00:40:38 --> 00:41:19

doesn't exist inside our community. Just we have to go back and reprogram program ourselves. We want the good in this dunya is via our children, we want the good inside the earth era is via our children as well, that you find the son of Adam, if he dies, everything comes to a standstill, except for three amongst us three things that will benefit every single one of us will be a righteous son or righteous daughter, righteous child that prays for one's parents. That's the real success, that imagine each one of us will leave this dunya all of us are going to leave and who will pray for us, who will give that benefit us when we left this dunya will be the righteous children.

00:41:19 --> 00:41:57

So we exert our efforts to take the love of the feelings that we have for our children, to begin to project that love in positive steps in trying to help them to change it to nourish them, then the last time they are removed, or change those negative elements that we have inside our society, to make it to become something positive and wholesome, something I love and that goes all the tofik and ability to become good teachers, good practitioners, good parents, towards firstly towards our own children, that we become the role model for them. And our role modeling is only based upon whom the best teacher none other being the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam laqad Candela confy rasulillah

00:41:57 --> 00:42:19

he was written hacer una indeed for us to emulate and to copy him and to learn from his life and to extract those for why it will be the best task for us to develop inside lifetime success inside this dunya and even more so inside the Arthur wakulla Cody had was stuck for lohani Welcome when he Jemaine muslimeen of istockphoto Noah for Rahim

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