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Dr. Sherry Keller

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Mohammed and I'm doing what a solo

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I'm about to find now. stoeckel Hadith Nikita Baba hiral Haji Haji Muhammad in Salallahu alaihe alayhi wa sallam was Shara ohmori much data to her wakulla more data in bid on wakulla bid out in La la la la la la la la la

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Frobisher Elisa de Sidley Embrey y de melissani f Kohli, of the praising Allah Subhana Allah, sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and continuing and then continuing our journey with the focus of the treasures of time

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of Amir to lock

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the importance of time

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for the believer,

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and even before we look at the importance of time for the believer, the importance of time

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has been documented inside the Quran.

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That Allah Subhana Allah

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uses various words,

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time spans and zones and creation

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in reference and takes an oath by them.

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Whether it be well further by the dawn, one lane was chumps was one comma is a continuous pattern inside the Quran that you find that Allah Subhana Allah takes an oath

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of various aspects of that which Allah Subhana Allah has created.

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And it works of art that we know

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that the taking of oath by Allah Subhana Allah shows the importance

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and is something which is allowed but not Subhana. Allah, Allah.

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Because Allah Subhana Allah is the Creator, and has every right to take an oath by whatever he has created supernova, Allah, ml inside the human being, can only take an oath,

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by the name of Allah Subhana Allah, and whoever takes an oath by the name of Allah Subhana Allah has committed a form of disbelief.

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And then comes the most Pinnacle point of time in the 100 and third chapter of the Quran, whereby lots of 100 takes an oath one

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by time, whether we take that linguistically as the late afternoon, or the afternoon, the late afternoon prayer shows the importance of time once again. And thus if you look at the seed of such a surah, that you find, whoever Mrs. selaginella answer is as if that individual has lost the whole of their property, and the children and the family, etc. Paraphrasing the Hadith, and Allah may have had the highlight the reason for this because they individually is so engrossed in that time that it could overcome them. And thus you find amongst the way of the hypocrites is to delay slot to the answer, and to perform it at the final stage. And even then, just to make four quick picks on the

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ground, and complete the prayer.

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But there's sort of the 100 and third chapter that you find, highlighting the importance of time as Imam Shafi mentioned, or that which has been attributed to him Rama to By Allah, if Allah subhanaw taala only sat down this surah would be sufficient. That would be sufficient guidance for the whole this Muslim oma to understand the teaching disorder that by time, indeed man is in a great state of loss, except for those individuals who believe and carry out righteous actions and encourage one another towards the truth and encourage one another towards patients. So there is great success as some of them have highlighted this is the sutra of salvation, based upon the usage of time.

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And even you find the word time in the Hadeeth law to sue Buddha for another Don't curse or reviled time, because I am time And here what does it mean this hadith about loss panda other attributes time to himself or another, that I am time? Is it now permissible to give a loss of the name of a desert, as some individuals have highlighted to include this amongst the names and attributes which have been revealed to us and the correct understanding

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In this lesson is that here the meaning of another The time is though I am the one who has created time. And one who's placed the sun, the moon, the stars, the alternation of night and day. Not that this is the name of a blossom Hana data at the her become the name of Allah Subhana. Allah is an incorrect belief and attribute to Allah subhanaw taala. And then there are those individuals who don't understand the perception of time. And thus they talk about is only the passing of time, we'll call Luma here in the higher tuna, dunya Namu tuna here, when you look in the heart, this is only the life and death and the only thing that destroys us is the coming of time. So they don't even

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recognize that Allah Subhana Allah is the one that's going to destroy them will lead the Holocaust moto will hire Leah blue Akuma eucom X and where am Allah, Allah Subhana Allah is the one who created depth first, and then life and various explanations have been given by the first explanation that comes to mind is that indeed you're going to die. That's a fact. Or previously he was dead, there was no life and then Allah Subhana Allah brought you into a state of life. But that which concerns us these individuals don't want to believe that Allah Subhana Allah is going to destroy them and lift them up from this dunya they say it's only a passing of time. And Earl and I've

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documented these individuals as daryun. People believe in time and don't believe that Allah Subhana Allah will destroy them or resurrect them once again. The ama alladhina cafaro Allah yoga, SoCal Bella is the disbelievers who have that perception. They make that assumption that we're not going to be resurrected, called Bella indeed you will be resurrected and be informed about the actions that you did while you're living upon this dunya

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wha hoo Allah deja Allah Laila Wanda her hillfort and demon aura. Kuroda, shakoora. Allah Subhana. Allah is the one inside so to focus on the 25th chapter of the Quran, who has made the succession the passing the coming of the night and the day, lemon Aurora, Colorado, Aurora Shakira, whoever wants to pay heed to remember lots of Hannah Diana, or whoever wants to be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah. So the alternation of night and day in time is an opportunity to remember Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah is the one who placed the day for worship, and placed a night in the forest has been placed there by Allah Subhana Allah to utilize these aspects of time to come closer

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and closer to Allah Subhana Allah.

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But many individuals don't seem to understand this perception you need of time. And only Allah Subhana Allah is the one who bestows the importance of time, the average individual at least should bear in mind that you, you will not move on the Day of Judgment, until you're asked about four aspects of five aspects and other narrations that you find. But that which concerns us and only female us know about your age, your time, that Prime days of age, how did you spend that time and opportunity. And thus, you find that living in a society of empty slogans and statements of everything revolves around time, the need for speed or too fast, too furious, or whatever these

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slogans are, that exist around the West, that many of the Muslim youth begin to fall into that trap, that we just enjoy our life and enjoy the time that we have. Even people in the disguise of tabula rasa don't really understand that perception or what is

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the what is the usage of time in the gaining of knowledge that you find in the perception of understanding knowledge? What is the purpose of gaining knowledge, as for many of us individually unfortunate just becomes mere academia. And that's we're going to look at the lives of the Illuminati, the role that realm has upon them, and the usage of time of how it changes the individual to become subservient and observant of their time towards Allah Subhana Allah, that which has been attributed to a submarine in the Laila Wanda her, his cousin to turn the night and the day I like to treasure boxes. From the rumor that the owner fee himer let each one if you look at what

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you place inside your treasure box, meaning it's something valuable only goes inside these treasure boxes. So every single day something special for the individual, that which has been attributed to emammal hassanal bursary you find a young boy for what days, your tail every single day is a get is a guest. Wildlife will die alone and every single guest will leave you. What bass Yamanaka maduka Oh yo mocha, your guests will either praise you or your guests will defame you. So for every single day you find for the moment the believer it's an impressive

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valuable time. If you've lost that time you've lost that opportunity that could be something blameworthy upon you something you could be asked about on the Day of Judgment. And likewise, if you gain something then you find raw, you find tranquility and peace but still find scope that maybe I can exert an even more effort and gaining some benefit during the day. Thus we find in the Hadith, near my attorney, most born and female Kathy Roman, a nurse to blessings that many people are unaware of Allah heedless about these two blessings. These two blessings are essential to one for all is good health, and spare time, many individuals, the only time they begin to focus upon their

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time is maybe a later stage of their life when they've done whatever they wanted to do. Following the concept of the brothers of use of early Salaam, what aku Lumumba de komen saw the hain that at a later stage, we're going to become righteous individuals, then we'll return back to Allah Subhana Allah repent back to Allah subhanaw taala

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or at the time of illness, the person then begins to think that now if Allah Subhana, Allah kills me, I'll come back, I begin to focus on my Deen and my devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah, and that is something higher and good as long as a person is still living. And as you find that people begin to look at focuses or focus upon techniques of management of time management that you find that many of the non Muslims have written about. as Muslims that we find that time management and focus and devotion is taken from the book of Allah Subhana Allah, and then extracted from the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we don't need to go through these other concepts of

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reading, maybe a tertiary reading or a fourth reading that you find or just maybe some spare time to look at how they've talked about the concept of time, and the importance of time. And there is some benefits that we can extract from the lessons because as Muslims, many of us, we don't have a dream, we don't have a vision. We don't think about the importance of time, most of us Muslims don't know what we're going to do. After the next prayer or the next lecture, what's going to take place, we don't really have a vision. And it's about time that we begin to think about how we're going to change the things that we're living around the environment that we're living in. years have gone by,

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that we've seen the same things are happening year after year, and same things are taking place, you know, just to share some information about our friends that we find, in case we are labeled as being intolerant towards them.

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Those of you may have read what is classified as a Zionist protocol that you find in the year 1898. They documented that in 50 years time we will create our own land. The strange thing is that Allah Subhana, Allah gave them recite, and in 1948, you find the creation, the State of Israel, where are Muslims 50 years on? Where are they 50 years on? What is their commitment to the deen of Allah Subhana Allah with the 1960s of the black civil rights movement that you find Martin Luther King on February 21 1961, or 63. At this stage, my memory doesn't serve me correctly. But in the time the 60s defined, he said, I have a dream. And that dream is being lived today by the black African

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people, American people in America today. Yeah, if one we don't have a dream anymore. We don't have a dream. We don't have a vision. We seem to question everything that is it possibly true that Islam will come back once again. Is it just a myth or is it just a fable? Well, the fact is that you've already lost. If that's your feeling inside your heart right now. You've lost there is no future for you. But if you have that feeling inside your heart, while some living or WhatsApp left this dunya There is no doubt who are lovely our Salah Rasulullah, who bill Hoda dealhack Leo Tierra de Nicola locario Mashallah call that the messenger was sent Salalah Salaam, with a true guidance with the

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truth, to prevail over all other ways of life, whatever there may be, it will be a dominant Dean, let's not shy away from the fact Islam has been placed there to conquer and to rule and to govern. That is a teaching of Islam. A person shouldn't walk away, as you teach us individually that the mechanical sherea the preservation Islamic law is created to preserve every single human being friend or foe, Muslim or disbeliever whoever it may be, is placed there for your own preservation and the benefit of society. And as we find it the techniques of management returning back to the Quran, what Aki masala What is the meaning of establishing the prayer? What is it entail? What does

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it mean? It entails the preservation of time of the hulan worked of the entries of time observing the time. One is vigilant, man, Hannah, hey Allah, Salah Yahoo Hi, lol fella. Whoever is treacherous towards establishing the prayer will be treacherous towards establishing a victory to be given to them.

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As you find a pinnacle point of the movement, the believer revolves around the prayer. That is the first thing the individual be asked about on the day judgment. If that is correct, then everything else would be correct for the individual after that, it nosler Turkana, ultimate meaning Akita makuta prayer for the believer has been prescribed at set times, preservation of time, like was in a hadith that we find. They asked the messenger Salallahu salam, ala au Amelie, Allah Subhana Allah, which action is most beloved to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah to Allah wa t her prayer upon his appointed time. So when individuals may enter upon the debate of Macedo to hear about the prayer,

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where one priest places their hand, over a four year old, mean harmful mm, which has become some of the symbols of our data, and there is some difference of opinion exists there. But our message these individuals who don't want to follow that Hadith, sir Luca Marie Mooney or Sally, pray as you've seen me praying some The longer they sell them in the Hadith as narrated by Imam Bukhari. You don't want to accept these other beautification of the prayers, Imam Shafi mentioned the look at your health book of his Salah Tikka look at your portion of your prayer. Look at your Roku, look at your sujood look at your bowing. Look at your Oscar. It's as if you're just like a wild beast pecking on

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the ground.

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If you have stls about the other aspects of the prayer, then what is your standing in standing in comparison to the standing of the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, what is your comparison of your Roku and your Roku to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem. And so you want to defend your views of your prayer. There is no empty laughs about these issues about how long a person could walk away, go to the toilet, deprecate urinate, perform will do come back and catch the Prophet Muhammad. So if you look at it, all right, schelotto bar, you can find him there is the FC laugh about that now. Does that exist inside there? How do you find his sujood at times excessive sujood, then the companions

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will begin to think he hasn't come out of surgery has he forgotten? That type of thought came to their mind. And you want to champion your cause, that you're defending the son of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, you know, defending his cause, you know, defending his cause you're defending your own interests, your own personalities, your own individuals, defend the cause of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem by quoting the ahaadeeth in his full context, that if all the other mazahub are true, and these views are correct, Then why'd you continuously make that we'll, we'll make interpretation according to your own views to your own. Where is your hope level leading to be solid

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on that day, then? Where is it now? Where does it exist? No, but there is this is allowed in the Sharia. When all of the three other imams are going to review that this is the view established by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Thus we find that the practical practical implementation of time have worked was placed by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam knowing full well that as the individual cannot become angelic in nature cannot become an angel in nature. And that's when handler fell that concept of hypocrisy. And likewise Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allahu anhu. And the Prophet Muhammad advised him and said, Yeah, humbler certain was certain, you know, your

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handle is a time to rejoice and to enjoy yourself. And it's a time to become devoted towards Allah Subhana Allah, when is it the time for an individual to begin to become relaxed? Is it as we find that what many of the Muslims are doing at the moment, learning a skill which is beneficial is not wasting one's time swimming, our tree horseriding being playful one's family, one's children taking care of them. Many individuals, Muslims are the sacrificial Islamia The Awakening that we find the most negligent individuals in this society, a practicing Muslim towards their own family members. The massive amount of problems that I'm sure that we even face in this area is due to negligence.

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That's not negligence, if you're being taking care of one's family, that's not wasting one's time, as many people may think. That is quality time. That is devotion of creating a healthy society. So in those instances, one is not wasting their time, as some individuals, there may be thinking, likewise, we find that the Prophet Muhammad sysm, created amongst his companions, that it became so vigilant that even if you find that seeds inside your hand, and the Day of Judgment is fast approaching and plant those seeds, they have judgment is right in front of you. Yeah, and you don't waste your time that Kira nominal, Murphy say, don't despise any opportunity to do any good deed, no

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matter how small it may be, indeed a loss of him that he loves those actions which are consistent even when they be small actions, but you do them on a regular basis. And as you find that companions in a state of jihad that you find some data inside their hands and you find it they begin to think that what should I do? Should I go and enter into the battlefield should I come?

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These days, should I complete even this date in my mouth, time is too short, throw the data on the floor throw that they spit the data of his mouth and enter into the battlefield. That's how you find a visualization of time amongst the Sahaba of the alotta and marine. Likewise you find Mirage in the desert, no matter Cebu komachi indeed I'm vigilant. I'm making accountability of myself, just like I'm awake. Likewise, while I'm sleeping, I'm focused on everything that I do, that I have to be vigilant, I have to be vigilant because I could be asked by Allah Subhana Allah. And as you find that many occasions, the seller when they asked many questions, Colima stops I may speak to you,

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they return and say to them, Okay, sounds good, and stop the sun this day day and age of dealer or call this and that was said and this and that happened wasting people's time wasting your time in what in something which isn't beneficial to you. So some of the element had that attitude that if no people just have this mentality of just wasting one's time is this was said and that was said, What do you say about this? What do you say about that? We have no time for that. We have no time to entertain such individuals and to get involved in such petty and miserly any debates that we find. And the key element that we find amongst a large portion of the allameh was the concept of Baraka.

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Some of them you read the Sierra Leone Mmm, no, we that we find Rahmatullah Allah lived only for 44 years. But look at that throttle and leave behind.

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Man in the Caribbean, woman in the law, he Burke, what is it you will perish, but that which it is with Allah Subhana Allah will remain will be consistent. And that is one of the things that will remain for the individual, the Torah for him that the person is behind, that will be documented by Allah Subhana Allah be something beneficial for the individual inside this dunya. And likewise, even more so inside the earth era, sort of the heritage of the Muslim Ummah is left behind. If a person begins to research, and what is classified as arithmetic and mathematicians at the moment and try to dissect the amount of pages the books that they wrote, and divided by the amount of time that they

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lived. So if you remember him know he was at the age of 44. When he passed away, obviously, he didn't begin writing once he was a young individual, even though some ascribe that he began to teach at the age of 24 and diminished in Syria.

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But if you divide the time you find something like at times, they're writing more than 100 250 pages a day of handwritten scribing information amongst the tourists that you find the earlier that you find, or before that is concept of Baraka. Any time will be restricted time will pass swiftly is amongst the signs of the Day of Judgment. And just yesterday, I see myself, like many of the young individuals sitting right there. And today just seems like a blink of an eye, that someone seemed to be the leader of your team. And you're just standing here today, delivering the advice I used to listen to on many occasions, a young man that's just like a blink of an eye, because there is a lack

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of Baraka and a time and environment that we're living in great imams like Imam Ahmed, to lay on a classified as a member of Allah sadhana, the Muslim that he wrote inside Tov volumes, the collection of ahadeeth in the Muslim control volumes, go and look through that each volume is something like three 400 pages. How do you gain so much time to write such a magnimous work such an encyclopedia among Buhari in the hundreds of 1000s of these that he collected? or excuse me not collected that he memorized? How did you find the time to memorize such a hadith? How did you gain that skill that mastery of gaining memorizing such a hadith that Allah when you read his Sierra, it wasn't just a

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hadith that he memorized? He memorized the assignee. The changes Well, when people try to test him by muddling up the ESA need, taking and tumbling the names and placing one name here one name day he narrated to all of them the correct format, the correct senate he narrated to them, showing the power and ability that allows panda given him to his mind. Likewise, explanation sexual Buhari that we find by even a scholar and in some 1314 volumes that we find, how did he, how was he able to write such a magnimous work? The same female Muslim? The works that he wrote and then explained once again by him No, we in some 1819 volumes that you find that any serious student of knowledge knows

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the importance of the shadow of a Muslim by mmm No, which hasn't been translated into the English language. How did him know we dying at the age of 44 compiled a whole compendium of the sheffey refit classified as a much more in 19 volumes. How did you do that? How did he gain that skill that mastery there must have been some Baraka inside his time. And likewise, the journey continues, like mmm photo debris 20 volumes of the fantasy that you find to see

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That you find a man to be the famous and the Lucien scholars I'm 24 volumes of Easter see that you find would probably take us a lifetime to read through it and we think is something trivial. Likewise, mmm even has an alpha here even though there's some incorrect views attributed to him which are true, but he's mohalla his component once again that you find is 30 volumes. How do you find the time to write that? Mmm so you have a series Alex coffee or lumen Quran is Boorman, for all these works of the fascino lumen Quran, how do you find the ability to write that is marvelous at times, that is skill and ability that they had? And the answer and quite simply is the burqa that

00:25:39--> 00:26:17

was given to them. And then we find Shifu some evening Tamia, how was he able to create and write such great magnimous works? Go and just ponder and look at is much more fatawa 37 volumes, just these fatawa that you find that's just his fatawa that you find and the rest of his works that you find which had been written. And the only time that you find that he became worried about his life is when everything was taken away from you. And once he was inside prison, and he could only write with the code. Some portion of it is written by the code and when they took the code away, that was the time to remove some irritate me from this dunya your task has been done yeah, she

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may be an agenda to boustani surgery Welcome my enemies ever do to me, my garden my paradise inside my heart, wherever I travel is with me. If they throw me out the land if I see her I'm a tourist in the land they placed me in prison is halwa a time and opportunity for me to devote myself to Allah Subhana Allah because many times women find it difficult to devote themselves towards Allah Subhana Allah, people are always disturbing them but he was happy and content if I remain inside prison is the time for me to come closer to Allah Subhana Allah, cottony Shahada they kill me the execute me I'm going to be Martin away of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Japan. Strange it is the field shifts let

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me be Tamia that even rights is placed you placed inside prison that you find all of them would remove the criminals who are there who became his devoted students. When the time came for the release, they refuse to come out of prison, refused to come out of prison because a man the real Daddy, wherever you go, is always preaching a word of Allah Subhana Allah as be given the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah and you but didn't help beaten in lies upon Allah, by his Allah, his character, his behavior, his teachings of the Quran and Sunnah changes people wherever individual goals now is the real data that we find the real number that we find wherever you place them, they

00:27:31--> 00:28:09

don't forget their devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah and calling and preaching to the way of Allah Subhana Allah. And likewise, in our time that we find chef Nasir Deen Alberni Rahmatullah LA, look at the many ahaadeeth that he's checked the many ahaadeeth that the people who hate him or despise him, even his enemies have to quote he has to quote, he's checking with his ahadeeth they may not like him, but a large service that he's done. Where does he gain such a burqa to go through the whole of Imam Bukhari of Muslim And likewise, the sooner they be measured to me, the Buddha would and so he likewise, sort of many kutub that you find, where did he find such time? How is he

00:28:09--> 00:28:51

able to do that? Nothing but Baraka, that Yahoo that you find bestowed by Allah Subhana Allah, and that's how true is the lines of the poet? I look to the safe for lm Doctor Who Yeah, yeah, one time is like a sword. If you don't grab that sword, the sword will definitely cut you in half, it will take you away. That's what time is that a Muslim is observant of one's time, strangely, is a job and some of the earlier you read the Syrah that you find that even the baiting. Even inside the laboratory, they've got a student reading a text to them, obviously not from the Quran and Sunnah. But some text about other about literary about poetry or some other estimator that you find reading

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that reciting that to them whilst inside the laboratory and then coming out and correcting them sounds something strange, sounds something strange indeed. But that shows how they were devoted in their time towards Allah Subhana Allah, and thus you find that this map of this Muslim Ummah, will not be rectified, until you find that the map is based upon two colors. In the olden days maps are made of two colors you study the history of map, designing, and drawing of maps, a black ink and a red ink. Those are the same two inks that exist in Islam. The red ink is the blood of the Shaheed the black ink is the ink of the alum. And how blessed it would be that if the source of the red ink

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and the black ink is one

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is the alum who strives bill column, and likewise be safe stripes with the sword and strive with a pen as well. When that ink becomes one, the colors become one coming from the same source. And once again you find the concept of revival begin to take place. And that's quite frankly that we find the concept of jihad that we find the struggle that you find in Islam that's been highlighted there

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And then the LM go together, because a loss of jihad means a loss of dignity. And loss of end means a loss of power, because both of them come together. And as you study the final is inside so to Toba, that you find that it needs to be a group of people, or if a two liter COVID in a group of people who remain behind who study the knowledge, while other people go out in excursions in the way of Allah Subhana Allah, when they return back, to teach them and to warn them, and some of them have taken the view based upon this verse that fallible in the study of knowledge is more Paramount, more important than striving in the way of a loss and that is a view that exists based upon any diverse,

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so the dilemma that we find that what is their role? And what is their task, not to question them because indeed, we know that there will come a time that will be lifted from this Muslim Ummah, in the Hadith as narrated by us by the alota on their annual International tissa tea from amongst the signs of the Day of Judgment of the signs of the hour, and your foot and that knowledge will be lifted, how will knowledge be lifted will it be snatched from the chests of mankind be motivated via the depth of the element you can see that time and time again every year, few individuals are lifted by Allah Subhana Allah and then you find

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you find ignorance will be established, and in these individually disguise of being alone. They will give false verdicts false rulings, they will be misguided misguide other individuals. We're not here to claim that we're all we're here is just translating some basic words. We're not here to give you a fatwa give you any rulings and regulations. There are murderers there. That's their task and their role and we're not questioning that role and we're not trying to pretend to take that role, but they are the individuals who are misguiding individuals who are pretending to be who pretending to be individuals will give verdicts and rulings upon people. And these people are only misguiding

00:31:51--> 00:32:31

themselves and misguiding other individuals and it could be a severe chastisement awaiting such individuals that we find also we find the concept of nifer the concept of hypocrisy. What is the meaning of a real island that you find people are always looking at symbols and slogans for learn yet Tiana Shasha Fulani comes from such and such a station such and such a radio such and such program are endo, Dr. Amin, Jamia fula and amin McKeon Poulin Oh Allah, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, all these lack of that you find that you find that he's a doctor needs this he presents this he presents that what is that got to do with the Shri of Allah Subhana Allah, what is really understanding that

00:32:31--> 00:32:44

you find as for the listening area, the highlights the acronym, masala jehlen Bhima alima. There are limits ignorant with that which he has learned, had to Yama melibea me

00:32:45--> 00:33:25

and me Can Alamin Hakan when the island begins to implement that which is learn. He's a real alum, he's a real scholar. That's what a real scholar means to be. Remember, the Dalai Lama is a great responsibility at times. They don't have to back down at times, especially in a time the arena that we live in at the moment, that we continue to pray that they take a more stronger stance on many of the things that we're visualizing, because as they say, the ball is inside their court. There's many things that could take away the fact that we find the discrepancies, the misunderstanding the problems that we face on a daily basis Muslims, that if they've taken that firmer stand and

00:33:25--> 00:33:36

expressed that to people and that's we find in the Quran in the beginning of Quran Marula nessa bilberry within Sona and fusa Quantum that Luna Kitab Allah Taka Lord he telling people to do good and you don't do it yourself

00:33:37--> 00:34:15

and you know the book you recite the book don't you seem to comprehend and to understand that factor? How many individuals that we have who memorize no souls memorize texts? No, I had these after I had it. But when it comes to implementation, it always seems to be some but it this and this and that this Hadees doesn't mean that it doesn't mean this. This doesn't apply here. We're living in the West we're living in this environment all if you just washed away or we find a fear of this regime or that person or this authority that individual washed away from hahaha Yeah, you're Latina Amanullah Hakuna Matata falloon Cobra maakten en de Leon Takuma la Cavallo followed severe warnings

00:34:15--> 00:34:46

Oh, you believe? Why do you say things that you don't do yourself and a level of hypocrisy at times we'll reach such a level. It's unbelievable. It's unbearable at times. That is the type of environment that we're living in. No one has the courage anymore. No. erla has the ability to come and speak and to highlight the truth and to shed light on those affairs that concern us. And that's we find that what does the media they are inheritors of the prophets. The ambia don't leave behind dinner volunteer him, they leave behind him for many

00:34:47--> 00:35:00

other health and welfare. Whoever takes from that realm that knowledge has taken a large portion of property of wealth. That's the real wealth. That is color that takes behind in the preservation of time and devotion.

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Towards the book of Allah Subhana Allah, you know, classified as the average individual called Holly estherville Latina Muna, Valentina lionmoon. Say are those people who know and those people who don't know Are they exactly the same? They're not exactly the same in front of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah is Excel these individuals yearn for a Latina woman como Latina, una de Raja, Allah subhanaw taala excels those individuals who believe who have Eman And those individuals in the Raja excels them in ranks, gives them position gives them authority. Thus you find me in Samara today in as Alicia mentioned, from the fruits of knowledge, is that a person's rank in the dunya even when

00:35:38--> 00:36:11

Adam doesn't seek that they respect is lifted up inside this dunya and even more so inside the Akira, in a hadith that we find first with Allah Arabic. The virtue of the scholar over a common worshipper is like the virtue of furtherly. Allah dynochem is like the virtue the Prophet Muhammad Islam over the best of the companions, there's always going to be a big difference that shows the role the importance of these blessings, individuals, and the pinnacle point because of their knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah and the concept of tauheed shahidullah Nola Illa, Allah who well mela ikawa

00:36:13--> 00:36:52

Eman bill peace. La La Ilaha al Aziz and Hakeem in the beginning of surah la Miranda we find a lot testifies that none has the right to be worshipped except for Allah Subhana Allah, Allah He can then the angels. And then Allah, Allah mentions we're only in and people of knowledge. Why does the last hug Allah mentioned people of knowledge, because people are studying the book of Allah Subhana Allah, studying the ayat studying the Hadith, they have every right to testify to the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, and the real aim that you find that many of us have forgotten, and they're in Russia to Allah, He Subhana Allah is the fear of Allah Subhana Allah one, there is really no new

00:36:52--> 00:37:05

knowledge that you find, mmm at once praise an individual. And he said to me that this individual is not a great fit. He doesn't have a great portion of hadith of fit that he has, why can you praise this individual and

00:37:06--> 00:37:44

he's got the head of knowledge in the hospital, Allah Subhana Allah, He says Allah Subhana Allah, you don't need to be a great big alum to fail Allah Subhana Allah and many everyday individuals that weep in the fear of Allah Subhana Allah, they're fearful regarding lots of panagia Allah, you think I'm not going to leave these individuals alone in nama Chavo hominy Bella de la, the real individuals who failed Lhasa pantalla, people who know we have understanding of Allah Subhana Allah, it's that sort of out of the 35th chapter, verse number 28. This one creates in the individual creates the fear of Allah Subhana Allah creates the devotion that I'm going to be asked about

00:37:44--> 00:37:47

whatever I've learned in my life, whatever gained in my life, and

00:37:49--> 00:37:53

your knowledge is going to be evidence for you, or no evidence against you.

00:37:56--> 00:38:10

And for many of us, and knowledge will be evidence against us, in lemon Rama be accepted, places mercy upon that our knowledge will come as an evidence against us that their judgment many of us who come in a day of judgment on

00:38:12--> 00:38:39

the planet Allah with our intestines thrown out, thrown out. And people will say oh, you know, so in so used to adjuster good and forbid us from the evil. Indeed, I used to do the good, but I never done that good myself my life. I should forbid you from the evil but I carried out that even myself. That is how some of us to protect us be exposed in that day in front of everyone telling people to do something and don't do it yourself. That's you find out every single Muslim needs to go back and question themselves.

00:38:40--> 00:39:15

in Costa Rica, in a search of knowledge, what is your intent, the individual who learns knowledge, let you back up so for her to argue with the ignorant foolish individuals to challenge their own Ummah, or that people may turn their faces to them for now who wanna fire the fire for that individual who gains that purpose. And then I had the day find that person will not smell the fragrance of paradise. What is I intend to become in the learning of knowledge? Is it to better ourselves, to better our community to better our families, to better the people around us? Or is it just a clashing of throwing of evidence amongst ourselves? That's not the real concept of time and

00:39:15--> 00:39:55

focus of knowledge that a Muslim should have inside their life, and life becomes nothing but a life of rebuttals. Yes, there is a time of rebuttal the Muslim needs to give but not the whole of your efforts exerted in just giving a rebuttal of every single individual that you meet on a daily basis. And so this focus of, of taqwa that you find as we documented inside the Quran, Allah de Bella Qunari Salah Tinder, we have shown Shona hadden, those who convey the message of Allah Subhana Allah and say no one except for Allah subhana wa kafa biLlahi hasid when I'm not having sufficient for accountability and a witness to that what Sokolow are your alemu como la fere, Allah Subhana Allah

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

and Allah will teach you. So that becomes a Toronto bill. Amen.

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

There are many there are a number you find in this era. That How did Imam Bukhari perform we do? And we two units of prayer every time he wrote down a hadith and remember he collected hundreds of 1000s of ahadeeth. How did he How was he able to do such actions? Iran and Bill Amman to spend time focused on devotion towards implementing what you've learned upon your own self, upon your family members and the people that are close to you. And the only reason a person and him comes and teaches because this is this is a selfish thing, if not, the person will be questioned upon that. And as we find the concept of kids manual, the focus of any concealing any of knowledge, a person should not

00:40:39--> 00:41:14

concede knowledge except for wisdom or some benefit that you find that would serve the public interest. And so the individual obedience to the image you find inside the Quran has been restricted there as long as they're ordering the good and forbidding the evil and that which is encoded the Quran Asana is to be accepted, that doesn't mean that we demonize them or diminish their value. We should work closely with them to highlight our needs, our problems, the issues that we face on a daily basis that they may rectify our affairs, not to break away from them, as many of the young Shabaab that they think, in final conclusion find there are three groups of polymer that you find in

00:41:14--> 00:41:47

general. And I want to touch upon this because many young individuals fall into this trap. Yes, they are really a man who are classified as early male dolla dolla of the government, scholars for dollars. And some young people want to use those words. They are such alumni that exist out there does not shy away from the fact because the profit margins I'm highlighted, they will be such individuals. Then you find a second group of earlier, which is a large portion that really matter exists today. orlimar out of their wisdom, they remain silent for some of their affairs, because you want to strengthen the Muslim Ummah, strengthen its belief, strengthen his devotion, strengthen his

00:41:47--> 00:42:27

conviction, strengthen the journey, unless they feel that if they say something, it could cause more harm, that they take any the concept of the lesser of the two evils, that what really concerns the people at this stage. And that's a large portion of Allison at this stage. And then you find a third group of Aloma, who will always accept and break the norm. And that happened previously people boast about mmm being a member of an Asana, what made him become a member of Asana. He was the only alum amongst a Hannah Bella who stood up on that day, the only alum, many great alum after Hannah Bella they all backed down upon their mission of Quran but Imam Ahmed he stood on that day, society can be

00:42:27--> 00:43:03

changed by one individual by one alum lockwasher Sammy Tamia, he stances that he to change a large portion of society. And even before that Abu Bakr radiallahu one stance that he took change our perception of Muslim ummah. So they will be such individuals who take that stance, who decided to go all the way, whatever the problems may be to highlight the truth for the benefit of the Muslim community. And add to it Allah subhanaw taala is always always that that creates certain individuals who will return back, who will highlight the truth to take away much of the cloudiness many of the problems that we face on a daily basis to highlight that this is what concerns us as Muslims on a

00:43:03--> 00:43:38

daily basis. So with that in mind, we ask Allah panda to strengthen our devotion, firstly towards Allah Subhana Allah, a devotion, secondly towards the Sunnah of the Prophet, Muhammad's Islam. Thirdly, a devotion towards the blessing companions to follow the methodology for free to follow the way of the pious predecessors 50 to follow the way of those scholars, those early men and those mistakes that we may find, which to us may look like mistakes, maybe he had strivings and rulings that they've made in their life, and they are forgiven by Allah Subhana Allah, rather than to seek their faults is not what the intent of my discussion was today that some people may try to pick up

00:43:38--> 00:44:06

on that, that is trying to diminish the value of the polymer, there is no diminishing of the value of the polymer, that they are allowed to tell us to do an action and is according to the book of Allah Subhana Allah some of the processes and then we are there to obeyed and listen to them because that obedience entails the obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah, anything correct, I've said has been but the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, anything in cricket has been for my own self in the western shape on wakulla Kalia there was Dr. lalibela come Will you mean Muslim enough? istockphoto we know will go for him.