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Bow all luck

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as you head on

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INA is no longer ah

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as she had one no more Madame Russell nah

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Hey y'all slowness bla

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Hey y'all sola

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Are y'all

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Budda bla

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all work

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Mallanna Baba who Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira. I'm about three by the luck or praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has lost on final messenger. JD ribbon Abdullah Radi Allahu answered one time during the daytime, we were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam and a group of people entered the Masjid. They are mostly from

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a tribe called Mobile

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palpable coulomb in mobile, he said now you know all of them from Milan.

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But those people look so

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poor, so hungry, so skinny barely have anything on their body to cover that our

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motor Collie deceive their swords around their neck and be so solid when he saw them like this so poor so in need. He feel so bad Salah Salem for the Hollander bu salasar lengthen Maharaj the Medaka Allah Muhammad in Ibiza Salem entered his house and came out then he entered again looking for any food or anything that he can offer, asking his different, you know, looking to his families and his wives, and none of them have anything extra to share or anything to give.

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And in their be. So Salem was feeling so bad that he can he sees this and he can do anything about it.

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So he Amara Belon Fernanda fineness was ALLAH Hapa. He called Bilal and he said call people so people gathered then NW Salah Salem addressed the people after he prayed. He led the prayer

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And it could be also it's the time for the her so the call for the her prayers then in Ibiza salam after he led the prayer he addressed them and among the thing that he said so Allah Allah Allah wa sallam yeah your nurse taco robber Camilla, the Halacha Kumi Nevsky Wahida wahala Amin has OJ Howard Thurman humare Jalen cathedra what he saw what tequila de Tessa Aluna be one or ham in the Lucha Kenari camera Kiba that Allah subhanho wa Taala have created all of you, from parents, from Adam and Eve. From one man and one woman what the prophets of salaam using this verse to remind that all of us are brothers and sisters. And if one of us in need of help, we all should be together helping.

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Then, in Ibiza lemma decided another verse for Hashem haidakhan Allahu Tada Yeah, you have leadin an otaku? Allah How will turn the knob soon. God dammit me God.

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What law what Allah subhanho wa Taala saying that all

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who believe

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fear Allah subhanaw taala have Taqwa of conscious conscious of Allah and see what you have prepared for tomorrow for the next life

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to remind the companions or the Allahu animada balm that whatever you have in your hand today is not the main thing how much you have now. The main thing is how much you will have tomorrow when you meet Allah subhanaw taala to encourage them to give and to help those people. What duckula In nulla hobby Ruby Mata maroon Allah knows exactly what you're doing. What you have what you keep what you spend. So anyway, one reminder, then he told him to set the camera to be denarii to have the curriculum in the Rahami mean Selby men saw people donated from their gold silver clothes people donated from their own food from whatever food that they have in their pantry in the whatever food

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that they saving. Guess what? None responded yet.

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feel calm a book are among among the people sitting out on the lawn.

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And nobody responded.

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Every time I do a fundraising and I see people don't respond to me I remember that. Okay, so anyways, I was like amazed Danny None None moved. Not a single person responded yet

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had the camaraderie to mineral Ansari machinery and elaborating an anonymous person

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run to his house, Father, B. B mill, a cafe, mentor I'm in with him. He came with food and money and clothes and one generations put his hand together carrying them for a while and one of the narration that falling from the sides and he just keep catching them until he put it in front of the process.

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And when he did that, so Allah Allah, when he did this all the align the type of Sahaba the Sahaba come one after another

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had to stem and then who Salah Lyrica theory

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to mount food and money and close with gather before the summit he was so happy SallAllahu sallam, then he said man significant Islam isn't that and Hassan. Those who start something good and people follow that person's footsteps. That person will get the reward of everybody followed him. And same thing if you start something bad or evil.

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This Companion of the Allama Anwar demonstrate

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the exact meaning of Musa Baka Hara Hi right? When you Kunal in sun hum Mohammed la hora he demonstrate perfectly when your goal is the

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100% when you compete over it

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carnal for oil in a app called Manifest Coronavirus, lotta gerada speaker Kendall Jenner. If you don't ever let anyone you know, raise you to Jana and when you when you always compete with others to reach them the first

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going above and beyond what is comfortable and convenient is one of the characteristics of the Muslim especially as we are welcoming Ramadan.

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And this is my message in this hope but today, let's make this one of our character. You know, or one of the most important thing that we are one of the things that you care about in this Ramadan that you go in this Ramadan beyond

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What is comfortable and convenient, having the zeal to more to do more, and to work towards high level goals, and all aspects of worship?

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You know, I want you in this Ramadan to make it as a goal that good is not good enough.

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I want to be excellent. I want to go beyond just good beyond the minimum beyond them acceptable. I want to make sure that you know, I'm not trying to survive Ramadan. I want to make sure that I thrive during the month of Ramadan.

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And that's the basically the intention that I want each and every one of us is to take that as they say that extra mile.

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And I guess it's good to know that there is no traffic in that extra mile.

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You know, you will be you know, having a very open field to go as fast and as high as you want.

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And Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his lifetime demonstrated that very well. To the extent that Cheryl Allah Anna, she said, yeah rasool Allah when you do that, praying in the night until his feet or legs swelled. Then he said SallAllahu Sallam ephedra Akuna absentia Quran should I not be a thankful slave? He was responding to what Allah said in the Quran. When he said, fair either Farah toughen son.

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When you when you have time, exhaust yourself in the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada, it Massoud young man teenager. He prayed with Muhammad Rasul Allah had to be Emery su p lemahieu. Kala, an additional African

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men to the salah to Taliban. He said I almost did something unacceptable. While I was praying with the process on the night. This is what will be done. He said I would I will set and I leave the process on understanding. I start that's how long the prophets of salaam prayer was. And he's the one who has all his sins forgiven. He's the one that's been giving the GLAAD tightening of gender for 100% Sure, not like us.

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He's amazing. So Allah Allah you send them

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that tomorrow hombre Hannah's Umbra mineral Ansara Ansari Philbin Lynn Martin Tobin, who Salam Halleck she saw that the process LM soap is old and not very good cheap. So she gave him a new clothes for 30 Hanabusa glenbeigh. We can in the base of celebs Hala and Ibiza Salah minister can help women Allah mantissa and numerous FEMA Shire yeah and if you want to add if mafia caliber individual Salah was the most truthful man you will ever think of. And part of this the tea never ever able to hide his feelings. Any whatever he feels it's comes in his face. He's not somebody like you know, knows how to shoot to talk to you the straight face and he completely have another plan

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behind your back. And it's not like that. So when he's happy, you're awful for if you watch out of Philadelphia, immediately you can tell he's happy he's he's angry. He's not happy with that. So he was so happy with it. For Colorado, Milan Psara. Ksenia rasool Allah

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yellow sola Would you give me that? You know so that church that you have it looks nice

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Fatima who NUS

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the sit to him why would you ask him that? You know how what the sauce on respond. So let me say something without hesitation went back, take it off, put the one on and he gave it to him

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come up in Toronto either magic to whom or to hell Lila can NACA Turati. He led the entities

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and the attitude of the prophets of Allah. He is so happy when he gives as if he's the one who is receiving

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as if he's the one who's receiving Sal Allah Allah Allah, Allah.

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Then it Ansari said call Allah Hema Allah to Julio Besa when a kidney as Allah and oka phenocopy wakad Moto Kofi Rafi he said I only asked for this because I want to earn a die to be buried in it and he died and he was buried in it all the Allah Anwar

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in Ibiza Salim is not known to be rich man, but look at how that extra step that he takes. Heck, even his um Cydia Rasul Allah apni give me

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in Ibiza Salam right before that he just got you know reworded or he got what do you call her now?

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The War booties,

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about 24,000 sheeps and about 7000 camels SallAllahu Sallam and large number of cows. Part of the thing that he collected

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a huge amount

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for calling me Samia, Allah Camilla Mina, you have 100 And you have 100. And you have 100. And you have and

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then when Hakeem came, there is no camels left. Then there is a look around what you give him. And he found being a Jubilee, like a valley under a big amount of herds, you know, and sheep, he said, you can take that one.

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Then another man came then and looked and he said, You see what's in between these two mounts? He said, Yes, he said, all yours. And a third marathon all yours.

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firmer burpee. Amin hashy. Maharaja Nepeta salami lobby Selby, he went back to his Han Solo salon from that word, or that journey with his clothes, nothing, not a single thing. And he talked about 1000s and 1000s of these things.

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What was kill him he barely Hakeem, Hakeem, the one who asked him for the gift. Can I hack him in the little earlier Hiromitsu fella. Kind of Allah. He Rasul Allah, Allah is a robot, they had an avatar. Your solo never asked anybody for a gift again.

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Obviously, we didn't apply this in the master database. We asked people for the said, always the upper hand is better than the receiver hand.

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He said Allah would never ask anyone anything else.

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Are they alive? But my point what I'm trying to say here is, it's just an amazing how this attitude when it comes into our life. And it really this is the only thing I want to send today. Let's start this from avant with a very high ambition.

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Let's go on beyond what's comfortable. Beyond what is you know you're used to. We're not asking anybody to make any bit out of inside the circle, the son of the prophets, Allah. Make sure that you commit to a Serato Quran to, you know, to do more liquor of Alaska, no doubt, be more involved in your community.

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Love to see you every night and thoroughly from the beginning to the end.

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When there is an opportunity for here, you don't hold back.

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I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make this a blessed month for all of us. Apolo Massimo Mustapha, Allah euro

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100 Allahu salatu salam ala Milena via the Hoback

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Allah Subhana Allah and many verses in the Quran he talked about this

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attitude because as they say, your attitude will always determine your altitude

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will always determine your how high you go

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when equally which hatin who are more likely have a stable feront Allah Subhan Allah said race compete with one another over good goodness. Well fidelity affiliate an FSM with an Effie soon. And Allah says also describing the believers in salt Moon while leadin to Nam.

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ulu Boom wodgina And you know, beat him on June

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pilot shadow sola. How would I Lydian is known Yeah, and if I don't have mousy, but super soft the cone Talalay Irish balloon let

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alone like India hop on a layover Allah.

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Allah says about people who do good yet still have fear in their hearts.

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I actually thought this is one of the centers. They do good and since he's no no, this the right the righteous people. They still have that fear in their heart that Allah might not accept from them. But what that fear should mean is not to paralyze you not to lose hope. No, it's to motivate you. It's like the heat that comes from you know, enter your your feet, your feet, keep you warm and active.

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What Allah says after that, hola he can you sir yo Nephele Honiara to whom LA has a boon, the the race towards goodness, those who Hastin to good deeds and they

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outstrip therein

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so I hope this is something that we keep in mind and this month, keep it like a goal. Every time you want goals is beautiful.

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about goals you always check it was this this make metal Mabon make me closer to Allah would this will help me in the author if yes do it if it's not keep it on the site.

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And if you can do this during this month, you will see how this month will be a different experience for you. Tomorrow sha Allah will be the first day of Ramadan

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as it is

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basically declared by several Muslims or countries have seen the moon and we in this mustard and also the federal committee in Houston

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we've been having the criteria if the moon was located in any one of the Muslim countries and proven to be

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seen that we follow that global Moon sighting so hamdulillah also people from

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who based their declaration on calculation today also for them is the beginning of the moon sighting so that's we'll have a very good unifying the Muslims sha Allah around the world and in the in town to have the beginning of Ramadan tomorrow inshallah Tada.

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So, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make this a blessed month for all of us and ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us Allah so yummy, yummy to fast and to pray Taraweeh on it and to make the amylase and tonight inshallah we're going to start the Tarawih prayer from tonight. This is the first night from Oman and we pray Asia at nine o'clock but from tomorrow solidly shot will be 930 so not Alicia will be 930 after because tomorrow going to be the first day fasting. So insha Allah Allah every night, we will have a solid Malaysia followed by salata, tarawih Ala Moana Luna de Obinna, may Allah forgive all our sins Allahumma in Venice, Luca lapo and AFYA Mr. Luca Salah Mata for dunya and

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akhira nessa Lucas, how you up a human to in an emetic robotic went to in an electrical shock Rico has Nevada Tico and taka Berman man and also Yamanaka, Yamuna, or SallAllahu Mozilla man and Ebina Muhammad Ali he also be homeless.