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an hamdulillah Hina Meadow monastery you don't want to stop.

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When are all the bindery Manchurian fusina when say, Dr. Medina, Mayor de la Fernando de Luna one a little further How do you wash How do I live?

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In Illa ma Hua de la sharika y shadow, Mohammed Abu humara solo. I'm about to fall in da Cunha DC kita

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Law law Hira houda houda Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Charles Murray much data to her wakulla more data in beta wakulla Bala Latin wakulla de la Latina beshara Holly sodbury? Well, yes, sadly, I'm very worried look, Dr. melissani of Coco Kohli, of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom, in the previous few Hadith, we looked at various commandments, or various encouragement of certain actions that we as Muslims used to carry on inside our lives, or the Gambia, the importance of seeking that knowledge, of obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah. And as

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we find that these varies, and our mere one nowhere he various commandments or prohibitions, that at times, the Muslim or the human being, can begin to make mistakes or fall short. And as a man No, in the following Hadith, he brings this Hadith, that the human being cannot to times

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can be full of forgetfulness, or make mistakes. And as we find in a lot today, I was early and ramatuelle hopped on the car, and Mr. Curry who actually indeed lost Panda and has pardoned for this oma, that which they do out of forgetfulness, of our mistake, or that we should have been compelled to do. This we find is the nature of the human being, does recognition, excessive forgetfulness, the realm of local language, even mentioned, that the human being, that the name is derived from admission, from forgetfulness, that the human being because of cassata Nishan, continuously forgetting things, that a person is classified, the human being is given this title of an insane if

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amongst one of the many the meanings that are derived of the human being, and as you find this human being, by his different commandments, or different prohibitions, the human being makes these mistakes, makes these errors. And as you find that the Quran speaks a lot about the state of the human being, when it begins to talk about Adam, and a salon, whereby last 100 Allah mentioned when aka hidden ala Adam, I'm in Kabul, fantasy Allah, Nigeria who asthma indeed that before Adam, and a Salaam he made he forgot. We never found it to be strong in his resolution. They use easily overcome. For worse, worse, I lay his shape on shape and was able to whisper to him that hey, the

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key word that we find, panacea, that he forgot the Adam Allison he forgot what Allah, Allah told him to stay away from, told him to stay away from the tree, whether it be the tree of eternity of life, or the tree of gender that we find. But indeed, as mentioned, this was nothing but a killer, a form of test to see whether Adam and a Salaam was going to follow the commandment of Allah Subhana Allah, so he forgot. And as we find that this forgetfulness continues, in his lineage, you find a hadith for jihad, Adam, what, for what jihad, the Ria to who? Adam, Allah Islam, he forgot, and as his progeny begin to forget, and in this Hadith, we find that 40 years of the life of Adam and Eve that

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were taken away from him, that when he saw one of the MBI, my memory serves me correct, that would add a seller when he saw him, and he gifted to him 40 years of his life. So when the angel of death came to add them and asked them to take his life, at the MBR know, the time span and the time of death comes to them. He said, What remains will be 40 years of my life, they remain according to the calculation that I have. And he said, No, you gave that lifespan to one of your one of your sons to one of your profits. But you had the Adam, he rejected and as you find he forgot about this, and likewise, that the rest of this lineage of Adam and Islam will be full of forgetfulness. Does he

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find an insane? a commoner or an Yurok? case? I'll insane how much of the Quranic begins to focus upon the human being? When does he have a hole inside the end of surah Yaseen that we find whether avellana masala that a human gives this parable of begins to become argumentative towards Allah and the other one who forgets his own creation, where Allah described that creation from not far from semen is the beginning of this individual. That's a lot and I mentioned we're Holika insanitary man has been created a state of weakness above all maloom the weakness of the human being is known. Childhood is state of weakness, and being brought up in a state of weakness.

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them coming in a state of strength and maturity television show called and then again talks about in a state of bath, once again the state of weakness and being relied upon other individuals. Other earlier mentioned worker local incident, management created a state of weakness of hoonah Boucher word in a love of lust and desires. A man has this urging rage within themselves of lust and desires to fulfill them, whether it be Halloween or to be harem. That's the Quran mentions a year in St. Lucia came in and he said well Benny, in the area that we find, what has been beautified to mankind for human beings, the shekhawati loves desires that we find is and he said women, children,

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property, land, things of this dunya that we find. This is the human being out of lust and that describes an insane like was the last month I mentioned about the human being that is this human being after being created in a state of weakness. Holika insulinoma Arjun, man is always hasty. If you look at the signs of the human being you find always hasty always wanting to do certain things in a state of rush that we find is how Allah Allah continuously describes the human being. Till eventually you find a lot of Allah mentioned about the human being Yeah, you will. Yeah, yeah, you will insert the Cobra Kabira decal Kareem was a matter would you human beings, while you away, away

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from Allah Subhana Ghana made you forget Allah Subhana Allah and as you find that the whole I mean I'll be Darya Illa Neha, you caught the ball basher you caught the ball inside from the beginning to the end speaks to the human being had the old amorphic Karanja you know Dora Bakula de Hanukkah come, Allah dinamica become la come upon kurama yokoo caught under sell believing individuals or Muslim individuals. Yeah, you had nurse and hi Toby, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy and Bashar. Oh, human beings, worship the one Lord, the one Lord, that you've been told to worship just like the people that came before you that you may attain?

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A taqwa. doclet Subhana Allah, all of our Mira les Subhana Allah is all about consciousness is built up through Ramadan that we find you letting me know cootie Valley camassia mocha makuti vida Latina Min publikum la comme de PUE, for simulation prescribed for you know, for you to get tired, there's an element of fasting to get hungry, the real essence is landlocked. You may begin to have that consciousness, that devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise in hajj that we find is not the meat or the blood that goes to last panda Allah. Allah TNL taqwa minquan but it's your consciousness that goes to Allah Subhana Allah. So the beginning the Quran is talking about consciousness,

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devotion, recognition of Allah Subhana Allah of the earth will Quran would we find surah ness could be the bureau bidness leakiness illa hiddenness when Sheree was was it her nurse

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so that we weren't able to, in some way springs up what a shape on we spring to the human being to take them away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah and yet autofill murase to make him enter into ovenu disobedience or Cofer or shift belay Subhana Allah, this is all the snares the traps. Toby's, Emily's is Josie. He wrote in his famous book, in all the traps of shape on to take the individual away, even till the final moments of one's life that we find capon doesn't give up continuously. So called on it talks, it says total era, they will come to you from in front of you from behind you from your right from your left. And you won't find most of people to be grateful to Allah, Allah, He

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will continuously attack and no locum adewumi been for you is a clear enemy at all times towards you. And as even the end of life of individuals come to individual and say you've escaped me. You've got by me use a good worshipper, use a good Muslim. So this person becomes full, full of pride, full of arrogance full of thinking that they deserve something that should be given to them. Because no killer PC really. Mm hmm. that we find in New Jersey talking about the Syrah Mr. Mohammed as well. They said Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. And his son asked him, Why are you making this statement? Why are you saying these words? He said indeed, shavon came to me and said that Yeah, mmm. And you've

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escaped me. You've escaped me that I tried every trap. But you escaped me. But Mr. hamady understand that even this time shape on is only trying to trap him, make him to become full of himself think that there's something special about him. And he's wary about this. So as we find an insert continues tests in the life of the individual to purify the individual to make the individual become a better individual. That you find the best intern is the one who serves Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we find that shape, one will come

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Had to embed it inside our worship and begin to mesmerize our mind, make us to forget about what we offered inside our prayers, how we offer our prayers and focus inside our prayers. In every aspect shape on will come, even inside matrimonial relationships that we find, if a person doesn't make the appropriate, the

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appropriate application he enters, participate is there at that moment in time. All of this inside the Sheree is preservation is protecting the individual, protecting the faith of the individual protect the individual away from a shape on. And as we find that these attacks of forgetfulness that we find, they will even come upon an MBA will even come upon the prophets and messengers. It doesn't take away from their rank that earlier mentioned it shows their berseria it shows the manhood or the human being element of an MBA borusan because sometimes people pose this question, how can their profits be attacked? or How can certain things be done to them? How is it possible that the Prophet

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alayhi salatu salam that magic was done upon him, as earlier described that magic was only some form of a cloud that was on his mind never affected his heart never really affected his judgment. But this was placed or allowed for people to see well in cinema, Anna Bashara, Miss lucam indeed, I'm a human being in certain affairs of my life, just like you, I eat, I drink, I sleep, a phone, I become upset these are certain things. But the difference is that revelation is given to the messengers that strengthens them, that brings them out these elements, elements of forgetfulness. And as we find the answer will shape on the credit be well a bit of usage and a bit as seen in amongst the

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messengers that we find when a parent comes and makes them to forget.

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The story of use of a salon that we find that shape on came to one of the the prisoners, and said, that piece was supposed to go back to the king and begin to remind the king about use of a center, where you find that shape and caused him to forget. And he remained inside prison for a longer period of time, hikma to life's apparent and wisdom that lies with a lot It remains inside prison in more preparation, more strengthening of even more devotion and when he comes out, he's going to be more focused. That's what I want you to never question. Allah Subhana Allah hickmott Allah He balika immense wisdom of Allah so parent that Allah that He places on every single individual upon this

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Muslim oma to purify them to better than no one can visualize that wisdom. No one seems to understand that wisdom. So even these difficult moments is mostly almost gained through his great wisdom inside that, that many of us that we begin to hastin we fail to understand, likewise, another messenger inside the Quran, where Allah Allah talks about the element of losing our focus of forgiveness, color it away, Allah Socrative for Indian, a seated route, when the answer anyway, the shape on an earth Cora who moves on a sudden, he will tolerate that whereby they're looking for a place of the river of life, as they say, that natural and higher tear the river of life, they were

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looking for it. And the sign was that wherever this dead fish will jump out the basket. That will be the location where we whereby you find you'll find this other individual whereby you have to go and learn that knowledge on is individual. And as you find that the hola with moose and a Salaam, that the fishing, it jumped out the basket. And it made his way in the river. And this young boy he forgot to mention is to move up until they retired until they rested. And when he said to bring the food that we may now read for a short time, that's when the time the boy began to enter the race to move surrealism that is the moment so they began to follow the tracks and return back to the

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location to find whereby the fish entered into the river. Thus we find that also called a lot of hidden the B man a seat musasa also then continued his story. He says to hit that don't take me by what I may forget. Because cryptosystem are going to teach you a science and knowledge and you're not going to have patience regarding this knowledge. I'm going to teach you certain things you won't be able to bear that patience. And as I mentioned that a superior knowledge as and as a teacher is able to see the subjects around them say to the Shabaab around them that you don't have patience. That's why many people they try to enter into affairs they don't have Magnum acun nine don't have

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don't have the ability to understand intricate matter the Sharia but yet you find they begin to argue and you find the foreign worker in Santa Fe in July

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same sort of pseudo conventions in southern Russia in July. A gentle wants to always argue argumentative about everything. That's how Allah describes an insane I like was towards the end assorted as a Warhammer insane. In Nokia naganuma hula the trust was given to the heavens and the earth.

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And the mountains, they refuse to take it. But this human being, he wanted to take this distrust Allah then discard this human being as being oppressive, being an ignorant individual. So we find that the human being, he hastens to do certain things. Shabaab rush to do certain things, try to try to understand them. And then they try to challenge things

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shall lead to a culmination, under 20 years, you judge a learner focus 18 submarine tamani, over 60 years, 20 years of their life, arguing for what purpose? Now, yes, I'm shaming the Sharia doesn't understand anything about the Sharia.

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But the new court, but the photo I've taken a few elements begins to argue with people, it should be like this, it should be like that it should be like this, a ministry or in one of the Sharia Villa inside your life, just yet a few elements, and then to begin to argue upon them. And then when the island begins to explain it, not to him, you don't understand it. So that's why a person should accept certain judgments which are made certain legalities which are placed are they for the benefit of the people, just like when we go to a pub, a doctor, how many of us on average, we visit a local doctor, do we begin to challenge the doctor judgment because we trust the judgment, the years of

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experience, the years of studying of science of medicine, that we find that they begin, see certain symbols in certain science and they advise us and we accept it. But yet we find it at the total opposite. Any small thing that we find, then hasted to begin to argue about it, or begin to say things about it, then this is dangerous. This element mentioned pillar to a lack of knowledge is destructive to an individual. But Moosa and a salon. He had every right. He had every right to learn that knowledge. Because that moment in time, the complete knowledge of the dunya was given to Musa alayhis salam. But yeah, look at his patience, that he wants you to learn that knowledge, but at the

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same time being hasty began to question. So when he first asked that first questioning, so you find that indeed I forgot, understands his human affairs, that I forgot that don't take me to blame me because I'm a human being that I forgot that the promise that I made to you, and that's this brings to light. The final verse. It's a sort of blocker that we find

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in the industry in our partner, our Lord, don't take us for what we forget what we do out of mistake. And even if you look at the football in the virtues of these final two, or even before that Fabiola Soto Baccarat, the virtues are suited Baccarat if it is 286 versus

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late allottee to crappy suited Baccarat, the house that we find that you find the salted Baccarat is recited the shape and there's an entry into the house. And as you might even out of araby al Maliki and Mufasa Kala navasota dakara how early as I can more than 1000 regulations and our middle of nowhere he inside sort of Baccarat that I described sort of Baccarat the immense nature sutra Baccarat that we find is a deep surah I said that unless the whole surah is a Medina and surah old 286 is that we find why is that look kinda placed it in the beginning of the Quran. Leanna 30 busua opihi minomycin pantalla Maura jeiza ages, ages of placing sort of backer placing the sudras is a

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miracle from Allah Subhana Allah that each surah is placed his location based upon race until the prelim of alumina Parana presented a lot of

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people asked him question and then he would say place this ayah is at this location, such such a place that we find that we find that the Quran begins with these

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with these 286 verses, predominance of rules and regulations at Medina sobre la Soto Baccarat who have a memorized sort of Baccarat surah, Allah and Ron come in and he admits to clouds shading that individually these two suitors will protect that individual and as we find these final two are in such subtle Baccarat you find

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the most greatest is inside inside the Quran. The greatest ayah is ayatul kursi. The I 1010 Seaford only talking about Allah Subhana Allah. If no Quran is I could see that we find verse 255 was sort of Baccarat and then speech regarding a lot of the earth or if we'll put our New Zealand

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who are polar Raja, and mmct it can

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and it can't be alumina tokuyama una de de la Puma to Africa una casa de la la mode, the final verse inside it ever revealed to the prophet Elijah to Salam

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He only for nine days. Nine days after this verse was sent down what Taku Yeoman Pooja una de la la otaku Yeoman say that day whereby you're all going to return back to LA County Allah Shona g Quran Yo, behind the ayah revelation ends with this ayah of the old least, I cannot, in fact the Quran, the end of Revelation, what Taku yo mentor Girona de la Fey That day you will get to return back to LA Cantina and no individual be oppressed. And as if I asked her SoTL Baccarat

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mancora Soto dakara Casa de una de inside Buhari a Muslim that we find whoever recites called Delilah every night besides these final two verses sort of Baccarat, Tata who will suffice that individual will become a protection for an individual and likewise you find some good news all the reason a revelation of these final two verses total Baccarat that we find it early enough collected symptoms and interfere in Nicosia

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our Rasul Allah alayhi salatu salam taken up to the heavens three things were given to him.

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Three things were given to him and Salatu comes five daily praise for that fish summary given insight, gender five daily prayers,

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Mashallah commandment not on this dunya even This in itself makes it should make us to reflect about ammirato Salah Phil Jenna, this summer, he almost sent down five prayers, but become seen made it 50 and then it was brought down again and again if you find that any of the discussion moves at a center, that's the first thing inside the heavens. The second thing that we find these final two verses sort of Bukhara are given inside the heavens. The third thing that we find any individual or this Muslim woman that does not associate partner will not be punished will not be destroyed in totality. These are the blessings that the for why that we find of the Quran, provided that we find

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that we as a Muslim Ummah drifting away from Al Quran hamdulillah My team is a strong rope of Allah Subhana Allah, we failed to hold on to this in his in his build up to Ramadan. We should make this strong as his strong devotion and commitment towards the Quran towards reciting the Quran. Implement the Quran, the double Quran pondering over the Quran reflecting over the Quran, where are we in our relationship to the Quran? This is our strength. This is our glory. This is our mind. This is our Eman. That's how you find Omar mentioned your share of Islam is your share of the Quran. And likewise, he said even Rama he mentioned about these final ayato suta Baqarah. Now when these iron

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was sent down, Pasha Kala Sahaba it became difficult for the companions

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of the inosine ohana don't take us because what we we think about are the mistakes that we make is that we understand that when we sin, we do certain actions that we may do certain actions that we hold responsible for it. But things that we think about inside our mind, and things that may come across in our heart, and we reflect upon it. And you bring us to task to this. You ask us about this is very difficult to be

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a person may think of a sin, you find the first initial revelation is that you're going to be asked about it you're going to be judged for it. So Allah Subhana Allah then made and no secret made this clarity took away the occasion that almost 100 Allah is not going to ask us about the things that come up on our mind that we find the Hadith, or abnormally mentioned that say kulu Samia Nirvana, say we hear and we obey. And as you find makalu summit and our partner who for nakara bana La Masia as you find me here and we obey. That should be the way of the Muslim obedience, obedience to Allah and Allah, that's the Quran I mentioned the opposite. We're called to summoner we're assignor

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that those individually find we hate and we disobey. You know how many times we find in this Muslim Ummah exactly the same thing. This emotions are aloof they fail to understand the essence of Quran even the beginning of this Quran is a total Baccarat that we find its own. It's all about Lupita. Oliva Yehuda, Sora that we find sootel Baccarat le Mr. Juan Nisa will Merida will and Amina that we find in the huddle Quran yakusoku Allah Bani Israel in all these Quran generates about Bani Israel, time and time again, for what purpose? For what purpose are unregenerate about these individuals. We take their lessons, we take heed. We don't make the same mistakes as these individuals. We become

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wiser individuals that we have in front of us. it awakens us and stays away from the mistakes of these individuals. And that we find a reason is revelation. Linda Murphy semi wacky woman

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We are going to do Murphy and Fukumoto, a CBO. campaign. This is the difficulty. Target wherever you can see inside your heart, or you mention it, you have CBO campaign alone bring you to judgment for it. companions found is difficult. There are even things inside our mind in a hot, I was going to bring us to account for it, we could not bear this. So then as you find a lot and I said down these verses, that we're not going to take you for that which you forget that which is not for you able to do called Allahu confido inside the head either if indeed I've done that, I won't take you for these mistakes that you make, or miss judgments that you make, or that which you're forced or compelled to

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do inside your life will make Canada buka nesea your Lord is not forgetful. Allah Subhana Allah knows every single thing that happened in the past, that happens now that will happen in the future. Allah Subhana Allah knows person shouldn't think that Allah tala hasha Allah is forget Allah is aware

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yamalube body moon don't think Elijah Hoffman is unaware he this. This is know what these oppressive people are doing your million everyday what they're doing. Don't think that Allah Subhana Allah is unaware. And the the last time that I mentioned that, you will take them blind, the eye sights, blind these individuals bring them on that on that day for retribution and judgment that we find. And that's what a lot of AI brings to retribution brings to accountability does not release does not release any individual. Full punishment will be exposed to those type of individuals, that we find that what is the pure, what's called Rebecca eterna seat. The cure is to remember Allah when you

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forget, that's what the cure is a person should become frequent in the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah, that almost 100 times allow certain things to take place. Man nirma and Salatin owner sia for use Elisa either dakara. If a person forgets about a prayer, or sleeps through a prayer, as soon as they remember, they should then offer that prayer. As you find that the pen has been lifted for free types of individuals, when a person in the state of genuine forgetfulness forgets the prayer for some reason, that may have disturbed the individual their mind has been lifted. Then for that individual as soon as they remember, then they offer the prayer. And likewise we find that this

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forgetfulness person should not forget Allah Subhana Allah and the SoTL hashtag that we find when otaku Pella de Rana sola Anselm and Busan, Ola eco first a cone don't become like those individuals who forget Allah. So Allah makes them to forget their own selves. These are the rebellious individuals, people who forget the commandments of Allah, Who slacker in the commandments of a bar, who make excuses about the commandments of a bar. If a person the month of Ramadan, they eat at a forgetfulness, then Allah is the one who gave him food and drink a complete day fast. There is no blame upon the individual among Akela. Whoever eats intentionally, intentionally eats in the month

00:33:03--> 00:33:08

of Ramadan. I know they're supposed to be fasting, or Allah mentioned that

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there is no there is no Kaffir no expiation, while Osama adetokunbo first all year, all their life, then you miss one fast. You break one fast intentionally, you can never ever make it up. That's what I've mentioned. Are the

00:33:29--> 00:33:38

Rockies with me if you find Muslim Pay no attention, fasting, I am done intentionally that you eat and you drink.

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No fast for the rest of your life will not make up that one day of fasting that you find me atonia the importance of one's intention as well of fasting this month of Ramadan. What is our intention to fast as a person is build up Ramadan to rectify the intention. Many times we've encouraged ourselves reminding the youth whoever makes this intention Ramadan, only in Ramadan to be a good Muslim. Only in Ramadan. Not to eat and to drink not to drink, not to carry out any haram inside Ramadan. Not to smoke to drink to take drugs or to for negate commit adultery makes this intention and

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apparently something good person makes it intangible is one month I won't do these things.

00:34:26--> 00:34:29

Soon as Ramadan is over, returns back to them.

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What if I had mentioned about this for cm who poppin

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cm about

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29 or 30 days that you've done this. You've wasted your fasting.

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we are near your intention.

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your intention What was your intention? Only for 29 days only for for 30 days to do this to please Allah but straight after this. I'll go back to my

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My previous life, or even we find mundane affairs, just to grow your beard in Ramadan just to dress like a Muslim and Ramadan is all part of spirituality konnyaku

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No, shut up. Maybe it could be something good. If only happy Ramadan as a form of devotion to a lot of Ghana, dressing like a Muslim, and as soon as it comes to

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shave your beard off, take away your Islamic identity. What's your intention? For bukem? college Ramadan? fisherman who is in Asia? Why are you playing with Allah Subhana Allah

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playing with a lot of Allah joking with Allah Subhana Allah, a person shouldn't take well I believe he took this test soon. Are you mocking the symbols of Allah, the Messenger of Allah Fie Ramadan, do certain things even tell the Buddha to put on that we find to Cuba aluna silcoon talking about the hippuric hypocrites don't become like those individuals who begin to become deceptive. Evel Knievel, Josie writes all reseller sci fi to Luna 14, I will

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say that we find three or four is talking about sci fi, meaning then after you find some sci fi to key by the disbelieving individuals. Then you find about 1112 is talking about aluna sukoon. Talking about the hypocrites. Why is the last kind of speaking about the hypocrites right in the beginning of the Quran, to awaken us, to awaken us about the Seaford to expel them out from our lives, from our hearts, to purify ourselves to prepare ourselves to not be like such individuals who follow this evil path that we find. And as we find a person shouldn't fail. As a side point. khulumani Adam kapa haka in a tabula all the sons of Adam will make mistakes. All of them will make mistakes, but the

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best of those individuals will make the mistakes were born, or those who repent to Allah Subhana Allah, what a great blessing that is. That even the mistakes that we make the sins that we commit, Allah Subhana Allah wipes them out. This is the month of Ramadan, that we find that all of the doors of Paradise are open. First Night of Ramadan. First Night of Ramadan, all the doors of Paradise are open all the doors of jahannam a seal

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in Birmingham de manera de Nina, which place you can be greater than this. Allah put the head down Tommy foot he had his song open in Arabic 95 Oh, totally open all the doors of Jenna for people to enter every single night person is forgiven every single night and was forgiven individually. Yeah, you will insert a repeated creep. We don't want to

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we don't want that forgiveness. We don't want to entrust it to get them that multiplies the reward of the fasting individual 70 times too many times over small actions that we do allow multiply the time and time again. For what which benefit for the benefit of Allah

00:38:15--> 00:38:24

for the benefit of the human being that am I in my individual, my seven the seven I might add to them. Yeah you yeah you

00:38:25--> 00:38:42

add a lot of Biggie rabita Maria for the Holyfield a birdie what the Holy Trinity also that piece of content and tied to my paradise. Not into paradise. My Paradise. The paradise Halley's could be added to the Abadi

00:38:43--> 00:38:45

added to the mid Salim mela

00:38:50--> 00:39:10

I prepared my service. What no I have seen what no it has heard. What no feeling of perception upon any individual. This is the preparation of a law for us Muslims for his Muslim Ummah Ramadan for us individuals that we fail to understand this best thing about lots of Canada Island wakulla Cody has the worst of

00:39:11--> 00:39:14

what he can be a Muslim manifesto before him

00:39:33--> 00:39:41

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was a human Temasek Episode nitida Yami did

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

we find here that lots of Canada either has lifted the mistakes that a person makes an earlier mention describing what is a hopper what is a mistake that a person makes is not that a person intentionally begins to do a certain action, but a mistake a genuine mistake that they make, so I'm not condoning

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

It's displayed from that individual. And as the man mentioned, when a person makes a mistake, when a person has made that mistake, how should a person deal with that individual? Look at the seed of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, a person who had relationship with his wife inside Ramadan, a person who made a mistake inside their prayer. How did the Prophet Allah shanty with such individuals? Was he harsh towards these individuals with Eastern towards these individuals as a Saudi begins to describe when a person makes a mistake into made that mistake, then you wait, the way you deal with a person is with leniency is with tolerance. And so a person before making the mistake and his

00:40:38--> 00:41:20

harshness, severe warning and a severe reminder. But once the mistake has been done, then a person should be should be complacent in the sense of forgetfulness of being goodness and kindness. And that's how a Muslim should be. That's how an image should be. That's our people understanding reading should be in the gelatinous Earth in a nurse, gentleness towards people. And as you find even in the judgments that we find, either hacking and hacking, if a judge makes a ruling, makes it the ht hat makes a ruling and is correct and they have to rewards and the person is mistaken or wrong, then you have one reward. Look at his blessing of Allah and Allah, that a person who strive

00:41:20--> 00:41:55

that person is known for their work for the taqwa for the understanding of Quran and Sunnah and they exerted their efforts to come to a ruling, they're not malicious inside the intent, they're not malicious what they want to do, and as we mentioned previous many things we have to take them at face value, we have to accept what really matters at certain times inside a lot except the judgment, that a judgment is for the for the welfare of this Muslim or man welfare, or the person themselves. And that's you find a woman Stoker who is a as for that which a person is compelled to do, and we know in general is Sherry Ann, when a person is forced to do certain actions, force to break their

00:41:55--> 00:42:39

fast forced even to say words of buffer, there is no sin, there is no blame upon the individual. So any form of compulsion, any type of force, person accountable in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that we should begin to have that understanding that Allah Subhana Allah wa Americana bukan Aasiya, Allah Subhana Allah is not forgetful, because this is this element is being forced more and more in his modernistic approach of Islam today that we find that some Muslim that we find they say that certain rulings and certain legislations they've changed in the modern world. One more Canada book and Aasiya when almost had a laid out certain rulings, about fasting about RCM about

00:42:39--> 00:43:21

about hijab, about halwa, about moussaka, about rocks about certain commands that exist there. It doesn't mean that we live in the 21st century in the modern world that these now rulings they are then changed because by default, you're trying to say that you know better than a law that's what you're trying to say by default, that you know, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah people Hubby, that's the Alanna what is created is the most subtle, the most aware, I small example that we find. He Jabara the hijab of a woman. People say so more than one we live in the West, women should dress like this, it should be like this, it should be like that. These are modernistic interpretations of the Shetty

00:43:21--> 00:43:44

of Allah Subhana Allah. Allah subhanaw taala laid it codifies a law, codifies certain etiquette codify certain practices that remain there for time. They remain there for time. person shouldn't try to be extra clever with the law of Allah Subhana Allah to play games, a lot of a lot of Allah, Allah Allah moment. That'd be fine. halwa binary jelly when Nisa,

00:43:45--> 00:44:00

Mahara, mixing between two genders between men and women, people come and say modernistic approaches the modern society around us, the workplace around us, the people who live around us, it's a modern world. There's no harm inside it had a beautiful Eamonn

00:44:01--> 00:44:23

machete and lack of understanding of the study of Allah Subhana Allah and Knossos. So he has the texts are quite clear that we find a woman shouldn't travel for more than three days on our own. And men should never sit with a strange woman except for the third is a shape on that sits there Yamato who Allah nissa t open you to enter upon women had a simple Hurry and hammer

00:44:24--> 00:44:25

and hammer

00:44:27--> 00:44:54

and hammer and hammer is your brother in law? His most his death is close members of your family that your wife may mix with those individual person doesn't question them. person is a question the integrity person doesn't doubt them. But is the story of a law is a law a law? It's a preservation of the individual. This what we Muslims need to understand our concept of understanding Sharia is not an herb is not the West alien and

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

we live in the West at the SIR hula Sharia. We live with these people.

00:45:00--> 00:45:09

So we become lenient about the Sharia. Masako, BD Nippon. This was gives you uniqueness. It gives you, Obama it gives you glory.

00:45:12--> 00:45:38

Lisa, you don't shake hands with women. You don't shake hands with strange women. Why should we feel shy about that many Muslim shake hands with strange women? I mean, he did that one for that one. Oh, a taco robe. olfa a docu bottle. Oh, this is false. Our suit I've never shook his hands of a strange woman in his life. Never shook hands with any strange woman in his life. When he took Albay, I took the pledge for them. He never shook their hands.

00:45:39--> 00:45:51

And this is what the Muslim should be. No, because the Western world teaches us It teaches our sisters to dress like this. And then a small scarf on your head is hr 100. To

00:45:53--> 00:45:53

a quarter.

00:45:54--> 00:45:57

The only thing they debate about is what's

00:45:59--> 00:46:03

her face her hands. And Jamie fuqaha about lips.

00:46:05--> 00:46:09

By concealing her beauty concealing it is all unanimous.

00:46:10--> 00:46:12

It's all unanimous. And then we find these

00:46:14--> 00:46:51

modernistic so called lm amongst ourselves, reviving this how Muslims should conduct themselves Americana rabuka nesea your Lord is not forgetful. Allah is not forgetful we Muslims should we should thrive upon the shery of Allah and Allah. It gives us dignity. It gives us nobility if we can't do it. If we make mistakes, at least inside our heart and our mind we don't speak out against the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala that in itself is glory that is of his mind, that we must begin to awaken in inside our own selves, waken the spirit of a man inside ourselves. waken the man inside as a love, love of a man love of the Quran, love of good things, hug the

00:46:52--> 00:47:32

love of obedience. The ladies of Canada Anna, Kamali Rasool e loving obedience towards Allah towards his messenger will awaken this Muslim oma, May Allah give us all adelphia capability in his build up to Ramadan to re rejuvenating, revitalize that Eamon reassess our email our intention that we enter into this blessed month of Ramadan in the state of beauty of a man in a hope of aspiration of increasing our Eman and our devotion and love and obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah and he raises lifts away our mistakes and our faults and our sins. And whatever we do inside our life. We have lots of data facilitate that and make that easy for all of us in number one Malaika Luna

00:47:32--> 00:47:34

Donnelly, you will land in

00:47:35--> 00:47:45

a limo Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad kamasan a Libra hemara Libra Monica hematoma g a llama vertica Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad

00:47:46--> 00:47:48

Ibrahim Allah Ebrahimi NACA habito Majeed

00:47:50--> 00:48:28

Tina Fey Tanya Hasina Warfield, cara de hacer una joaquina Governor rubbernecker Amnon fusina William tofield, an otter homina, Lin akuna, Milhouse serene Roberta Phelan, Alejandro La Nina sub acuna, Billy a man with a co op now Hillary Latina Manu Roberta in Nakuru for Rahim romper Africa, Elena sobre, was a bit akademin also nanoco McCaffrey, COVID-19 Sina wascana Kannada Tamil Elena is shrunk Emma Hamilton de de novo Polina Robin, our humble man putana b word for network field in our Hamden de Mola, Alfonso neuroml Catherine was alone and Amina Mohammed como de sala de como, como la,

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stone stone terrazzo leave no gaps straight in line switch your phone's off or put them on silent.

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so forth.

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Straight in lines and leave no gaps.

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More or

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less Alhamdulillah in Europe been around me in urashima new Rashi in many kiyomi

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The scene in Ghana or Buddha canister the

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proton mustafi center open and running him while you're in Moscow to be highlighting him on a bow knee.

00:50:29--> 00:50:39

Linda e Murphy Sam T. Finn, Wang Tobu Murphy and Jose como tofu has

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when you are the woman

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or the man Manoa sudima Xena in a new era be

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on Conan O'Brien.

00:51:07--> 00:51:17

ekati wakatobi mahu Sony. Learn for real bobina howdy moosonee Juan Carlos me an

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offer on account of Donna la calle ma Si Lang you can live mahu nefs and in was

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Lohan gets a bit too early.

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But Rob Burnett

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in a scene

00:51:44--> 00:51:58

Rob Burnett Miller Alena Sharon, gamma delta, gamma Harman, Kardon nadie naming commelina rabada to hum in

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the wild for

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wild fin waterhemp

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and Mona

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Neiman hamidah

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a mama

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and how I'm doing in Europe biller me in a rush man you're rocking Manny kiyomi in Canada Budo in Canada, in India and also upon Mr.

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serapion nanny nanny earning him while you're in Buffalo behind him on a bow knee I

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dam at Nevada what

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determine why data can be

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yester we

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Laura I

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mean hotshot in

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watching can

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see nanometre

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