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Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of finding one's own happiness and being content with one's life is emphasized in Islam. The use of "has been" in actions is discussed, as it is a signal of success. The importance of practicing the Prophet's teachings for forgiveness is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to show actual behavior and evidence. The segment also touches on forgiveness, the use of "has been," and the importance of remembering actions in one's life. The title " navigating the light of the beast" is also mentioned as a sign of good believers and bringing out the source of the word.
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Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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in Al Hamdulillah Hina madam minister you know when a stock photo when our ob layman, Sheree and fusina amin say Dr. Medina may fd Hello fellow moody later on a little further had the other what I shall do

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ilaha illa bajo de la sharika where I showed you an Mohammedan abdomen

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I'm about to fire in Dhaka DC kita Baba Waheguru Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Shara Moreno to her wakulla more than 13 bid on wakulla VEDA in Bala that in wakulla Bala that infant probably

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Ashley surgery while you're Sidley Emory. Well Hello Dr. Tommy Lee Cerny of Coco Lee of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we completed a cluster of ahaadeeth talking about the use of wealth, for the gaining of wealth and appropriate spending of the wealth, and how that wealth becomes a source of evidence for the individual inside this dunya and more so, inside the era, whereby we mentioned that save yourself from the punishment of the Fire, the fire will be shipped kitamura it will be with half a date, give that in charity to rescue yourself. The following few ahaadeeth or

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the following Hadith today begins to look at the real concept of wealth. What is wealth in front of Allah Subhana Allah, what is the exchange of the value of wealth in front of Allah Subhana Allah, but the most important wealth

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is the richness of the soul. Allah Hina Hina knifes richness is the richness within the soul of the human being. That is the price commodity that is the wealth that the individual needs to gain. And thus that wealth is developed inside the heart and the mind of the individual. via the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah, that Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah, various formats of Asgard that we're going to touch upon various ways of making Vic or words or decode that we find that the fruits of that dicker is given inside the era, that those words that we utter, or we say, Allah Subhana rewards that individual inside the era. Before that, we find the impact of Decker inside our lives

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upon this earth that we find whereby so many individuals, I would not be exaggerating to highlight that there are millions who are trying to find tranquility and serenity in their lives alladhina amanu watermelon no Polo, boom be the killer, loud music related to my in workload. And also found that I mentioned indeed those who believe, and those who find peace and contentment within the Kabbalah, indeed a seeker of Allah do hearts find rest and peace, this would have lost count I mentioned that Soto rod, the 13th chapter of the Quran, which is very fleeting, we talk about the thunder, the lightning that we find, and here we can extract possibly, that is natural ornaments of

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Allah Subhana Allah, that they themselves are looking for serving Allah Subhana Allah, that is, so Natalia cornea is created the heavens and the earth, the universities and all of these existences, that in essence all of them are trying to find Allah Subhana data become subservient. And that's a lot Kinder said to the heavens and the earth, come to me, in commanding or obeying me, by your own submission, or I will compel you to that call that attain pour in, they said, We come subservient. We come without any reluctance to serve, to show our obedience to Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah mentioned the Quran everything on the face of this earth, it praises remembers Allah Subhana Allah

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but you cannot comprehend. You cannot comprehend the way the plants, the animals, the heavens, the earth, the sun, the moon, all his creation of Allah, God how it praises Allah Subhana Allah, if everything is praising Allah Subhana Allah is remembering Allah Subhana Allah in His own manner, and its own form and shape. But it becomes incumbent for the human being. Who is the best creation of the of Allah Subhana Allah to become more rushing, more coming forth, to obey Allah Subhana Allah and to find that contentment with the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah. This is what the world is searching for. This is what we Muslims should be searching for inside our lives, that the world can

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revolve all around us. All the turmoil and trials and tribulation and difficulties that can all pass by all of us. But they'll never overcome the individual who has contentment inside their heart. When they find peace, solace, rest, inside their heart in remembering Allah Subhana Allah and serving Allah Subhana Allah, then all of these difficulties become trivial, these tribulations. They become trivial for the individual, just like a pinch of salt inside a person's food that they able to bear this and as a person to pray to Allah Subhana Allah to expand a person's shoulders to bear the test and the trials to be able to bear them to be able to become the right frame of mind and ability to

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take on the various challenges that we face. Now they become individuals who crumble away, who walk away from these tests and these trials that are lost and their places. But rather we find that these tests and these trials if they can be cold, so become stronger in a

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Individually devotion commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah does he find the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah remembering Allah Subhana Allah insulinoma Tierra de la sal Elisa Luca Rockman with the killer, keep your tongue moist with the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah is how the Prophet Alayhi Salam advise his companion companions and as we find that Ramadan kebab he mentioned, be careful for remembering people, because remembering people is an illness. And in the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah, it is a medicine don't become individuals who remember people continuously as we find unfortunate world at the moment, I will have personalities and celebrities icons that we find.

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remember Allah Subhana Allah that is the cure that takes away the diseases because human beings will always fall short. Human beings will always make mistakes. The Haleakala in Santo Darfur, man has been creating a state of weakness we'll make mistakes and Miss judgments. remember Allah Subhana Allah that will strengthen the individual strengthen the man and strengthen their life. And likewise, like a madman has celibacy he mentioned that decrease healing and medicine for the heart, forget for less of a loss of health as a disease and the cure for that is remembering Allah Subhana Allah as before and we'll have Taku Luca la de la sala and Sam and fossa home, Ola a como se cone,

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and endo SoTL Hashanah. 59 chapter two Quran, Allah says do not become like those individuals who forget Allah. So Allah it's apparent that makes him to forget their own selves. These are the rebellious the wicked individuals, people who very merely remember Allah Subhana Allah is a general sign of wretchedness, wickedness, and even the Quran mentions about being a wretched individual inside sort of power that we find women out there and decree for enumeration dunka, the person who turns away from the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah will have a wretched life. Oh will dunk fill cover at random activity to measure the real meaning of dunk. restriction would be inside the grave. But

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after you find the many dimension locaton that you find on the face of this earth, the press will be restricted restricted, there'll be no contentment in their life, because they've turned away from the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah. When I show Yama, Yama tiama there are lots of hands raised the individual today judgment blind Allah Bielema hasha tinea amaku basura per se Oh my Lord, why am I blind on this day? When I could see upon this dunya Likewise, the Ayat of Allah kinda came to you work identical Yama tune, sir, just like you forgot Allah Subhana Allah upon this earth, Allah will forget you on that day, Allah will not look towards such individuals will not entertain such

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individuals. This is all a disease, a disease of forgetting Allah Subhana Allah that drifts the individual away from Allah Subhana Allah. That's the Quran I mentioned. First qurani score calm. Remember me and I'll remember you remember Allah Subhana Allah abundantly and Allah will remember you in all the different states, in all the different stages of your life, in all the different moments of your life. A person who is always remembering Allah Subhana Allah, Allah doesn't forsake that individual, that you find it talking about Eunice and a Salamis inside the belly of the way of the whale, inside certain MBA that we find. He made this enormous Dora illa Anta superionic in the

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continent of Bali mean, he made this application to last panduranga talking about acknowledging the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, and then admitting that he has oppressed his own self. I wonder if I see that they mentioned that this door I traveled to Allah Subhana Allah. And this voice is familiar. This is a voice which is known to us that this individual who make this application we're going to respond to this call of this individual, because in a state of goodness, in a state of Felicity of happiness, in good times, he was known to remember Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala responded, and as a lot Kinder concludes that I have a major worker Danica noon,

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gentlemen, and likewise we are going to rescue the believing individuals, believing individuals who may call out to Allah Subhana Allah, He will rescue them, he will deliver them, whether it be the total deliverance of the face of this earth, or the deliverance within their own souls. As we began, we have contentment that even the hardships around them, you find that within their own souls discontentment, that they are happy and content with the decree of Allah Subhana Allah and that we have to search and find these individuals are those who remember Allah subhanaw taala abundantly. There's a lot of downside to that hazard. He mentioned eight different types of individuals or

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categories of individuals he mentions in the Muslim in our Muslim Earth, unless project evolves and talks about revolves around the believing men and their believing women. Some of the realm of democracy they mentioned when I'm selama are the local and asked that the Kalani generally speaks about the men. Why Why does the court address them believing women and in Alaska

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I sent down this verse in the Muslim in a Muslim I mean our minute, but indeed the believing men that believing women, the Muslim men and Muslim women to observe that men observe women, or until all mentioning all these different eight types of individuals, till on last Friday I mentioned with Karina la kathira was there k-rod, those who remember Allah subhanaw taala, abundant in men and women who remember Allah, Allah abundantly, there are lots of Allah for these individuals are de la la McFadden avina for these eight categories of individuals and in concluding with those who remember a lot and that abundantly, Allah is prepared mark for forgiveness for these individuals, an

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immense reward for those individuals, it becomes incumbent upon us individuals to look at these eight different characteristics. And in specific the final characteristic of those individuals who remember last panda abundantly there male and female individuals to see what is the format, or what is the for wide the benefits of dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah and to gain that blessing inside our life. And that's in his Hadith Pudsey that we want to dissect and look into, in the later Allah, the barcode, Allah mela, aka, Indeed Allah asserted angels so urutan formula that you find, yep, tahuna majelis a ticker. Allah had a certain virtuous angels who are pondering wondering upon the face of

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this earth, they are swarming, they're swimming around on this earth, seeking and searching for for the gathering of Vicar, whereby Allah subhanaw taala is remembered or mentioned, for either what to do much recently he the crowbar, and they find a decree whereby you find is that they could have a lot of data taking place. kardama, whom will have about doing better than big hottie him, they sit down in that location, and they, they place the wings over that gathering one over the other, watching over this gathering has been on webinar summer,

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and then going all the way up to the lowest heavens. So these angels they are swarming around the Earth, looking for a majority sort of Vicar, looking for places environments, where people are remembering Allah subhanaw taala. So they can also join in, they can also sit down and see what these people are doing, making the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, and as we find that the pure places on the earth are majority, so deker at a place of Vicar, and the ultimate place of Vicar is the house of Allah. One massage that is a false rumor I had, I had, indeed the houses will not count as the ultimate place of where only alasa panda is called upon, that if on some thought that they

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mentioned, it was some element of had Lita rejected them, but we can extract the meaning that the houses have a lot of candidates shine in the heavens, or they shine upon the earth, that the angels can spot these other locations. These are massages, these are the houses of Allah Subhana Allah and we've even seen it physically. Tsunami has taken place and everything has been destroyed. And the only thing that remains is the house of Allah standing. This is a miracle so from Allah Subhana Allah to preserve the house of Allah Subhana Allah is assigned to human beings to mankind, and to us Muslims, as well as lots of Canada and will take care of his de will take care of the environment,

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take care of places where Allah Subhana Allah is being worshipped in the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, for them sort of flew out of USA in the summer, when they've completed they thicker than these angels, they closed it in parchment, they enclose their recordings, and they travel up to Allah Subhana Allah does we find Kira and Kathy been here for Luna matamanoa they know they know what you're doing. You have to be there write down everything that you're doing inside your visa pyramid ktb Allah Muna, massive Allah, they know what you're doing, we might need the permission of Allah, Allah to visualize and to record what a person is doing inside their life. Marielle serum in

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Colin Illa Allah de rocky Boone, did you find is not a word that a person uttered, except for two angels. What about a single review, these are the actual names of these two angels, who on the right and the left, were writing down the record of every single individual. So they've concluded watching over these majelis of dicker, they closed it in parchment, and they begin to travel back up to Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find a color for as low as the origin will be him. I'm gonna pose this question to them, even though Allah panda knows the state of affairs, but just to hear it from them. That what were these individuals doing on the face of this earth? What is so special about these

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individuals, that you stopped on the earth and you began to listen, or you began to document and watch the certain individuals but ainda dictum for your kulula genome in a bad in a perfect way Have you come from? We have come from certain servants, who are found on the face of the earth they were remembering you. Allah Subhana Allah Himself talks about a bird about servants, who are His servants. Were a bad rap man and Lady Liam Chanel, rb hona

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must come to an end of sorting for con v Seaford. We're about to wrap up on the 25th chapter. A bad rap man read read through these characteristics of these individuals What's so special how a lot panda discard a bad rap man, that how they traveled on the face of the earth were either katabami j Luna calm salena those were ignorant individuals come and they they disturb them or they try to squander and waste their time they say selama those who are in a state of not in a state of the evening, they are frustrated, you're remembering Allah Subhana Allah, those are those individuals who have been asleep and other jahannam who are praying to Allah to Allah divert away the punishment

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jahannam away from us. And these this is a severe punishment, then the sefa they continue with these individuals about staying away for committing ship with a lot and I'm not squandering or wasting their wealth, never killing an innocent individual, never committing Zina inside their life. These are all servers a bad rap man. This is the benchmark that Muslims need to look and see how to become I serve and a bad rap man that we find. Likewise Allah, wa sallahu

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wa, who are the people of Allah, Who wants to be the people of Allah Subhana Allah, the people will know you find to have certain size, certain characteristics, certain traits, certain speciality is that they did develop their life upon Allah wakasa to Allah, Quran people in the Quran. Those are people of Allah, people who devote and commit themselves to the undersigned be Tamia Rahmatullah Allah He mentioned that if you want Allah subhanaw taala to speak to you, they read the Quran. And if you want to speak to lots of parents to understand inside the prayer, that's what every time the believer reads the Quran the believer should feel under the boonie the Quran is speaking to me

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directly. If the Quran has the impact inside your life, then you can safely say that that is a sign of success within your own personal life within your own personal self, that you feel the Koran is addressing you. But if you just read the Quran, and there's no impact of the Quran inside your life, it just becomes excuse expression, just a ritual, just a reading just becomes a symbolic gesture that certain certain sutras are read or certain things are done from the Quran, then a person needs to question themselves about their relationship with the Quran. Because the prime theme of the Quran as many elements proceed from A to B speaks about the impact of the Quran. How's the impact of Quran

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upon the life of the individual taking that message has a great impact of changing and delivering the individual. And as we find these are a badass man the servants of Allah Subhana Allah, what were they doing? You said

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they are making tests me. They're remembering you are lost and are you kabuna there may be a bit of you, you had Luna there is making a statement La La the La Jolla, Medina aluna. They're praising you and they're asking you, this is the symbol of dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, I think which is a vicar which is so now that we find sometimes you find many people unfortunately, as will Peter, they begin to make that we lack of such a hadith and interpretation of the Quran that look at the vicar Allah standards praising Vicar, sadhana is praising Deacon. So there is no harm in making the Quran is format and codifying it in this manner, because the door is open. We have nothing to argue about the

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verses of Allah are about the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but the best person who is dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah the best format, and the best manner and the best way, and there's no doubt about that is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that is should be a good example. If he made the cut in a certain manner, he used certain words, certain statements, certain phrases, certain actions, then it becomes incumbent upon a Muslim to hold fast to that, because that is total success. Because no one worship Allah Subhana Allah, far more better than the prophet Elijah to swim and no one will ever be able to worship and lots of power in that manner. No one why would Rebecca

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had to curl up because the perforation carried on worshipping Allah Subhana Allah until death came to him, some Allah it sent him the ultimate worship of Allah Subhana Allah, so we're not against dhikr of Allah. What we're up against is a person making their own format their own way of remembering a lot and and making their own town we learned making their own interpretations drifting away from the way that a lot of panda told us to make Vicar of the way format or the way that the perfectionism carried out upon the face of this earth. And as we find Allah Subhana Allah mentioned that what are they asking me for? What are these individuals often continuously make it as Vicar of

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Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is a loony. Oh, yes. Oh, Luna congenita What are these individuals asking for? Why are they remembering me? They are asking you for gender kawahara jannetty have these individuals in gender. This is immortal. Amen. This is the highest level of email of a bird that lives in panatela without seeing Allah Subhana Allah

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No one will be able to see a lost parent on the face of this earth. That is the promise of Allah. Allah Allah. Allah said to musala Saravanan, Ronnie said to Musa alayhis salam, you're never going to be able to see me on this dunya as for the nygma, inside the many elements apart, they conclude the ultimate blessing of Allah pseudoknot evil Jenna I will be to see Allah Subhana Allah, would you Yama et Now there are a lot of Bihar now Veera inside so tokuyama that we find that day of judgment, some faces that they will be radiant, and we glowing, looking at Allah Subhana Allah and that's why

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this is the ultimate blessing that a person 50 6070 years of their life, whatever it may be, the ultimate blessing for individuals is to see Allah Subhana Allah. So we find that this is what these individuals are asking for. To meet Allah Subhana Allah This is the element of a man that things are hidden away from us is a lesson that we need to understand about what is a man or a man is a man feet are mortal. habia is believed in the unseen. That's what a man is buried apostolic, believes in conviction inside your heart about the face of the unseen that we find our carnal Islam, the Six Pillars of Islam that we fight a man that we find passages to read about them a good work in

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English, that we find six volumes Solomon Asch curve that we find to keep up the pillars of Eman read about them about belief in the last a belief in the angels belief in the books belief are the messengers to see what our belief is. Why are we doing all this on the face of this earth? Why shouldn't we be doing this on the face of this earth? What should be the end result of what we're going to gain by the permission of Allah and Allah inside the earth era? called a euro be honest, okay, follower agenda, T. They haven't seen gender. They've only seen the descriptive nature. What the Quran speaks about, or the Prophet item is addressed? Is that the prophetic tradition? How about

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if they actually saw gender?

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is a rhetorical question that is their sole gender. Now on the face of this of what would happen they'll strike even more, they'll go to a higher level of striving. Only one person we shall get on this earth. That was a prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he saw paradise and he took from the vine yard he took from the grapes of Geneva, or when he saw Hellfire and he and he retrieved he retracted back from the from the fire of jahannam. That was the Prophet Allah is not to some shown to him. And the rest of us imagine that it is something that that was shown to us inside our lives, it will automatically increase our Eman. But a hadith is telling us we should already be increasing in a man

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in a sense of always striving and working to get closer and closer to Allah Subhana Allah and as we find kalu yesterday, you know, there's they're seeking refuge because that is the belief of the Muslim is asking for agenda and seeking refuge from the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah because no individual knows whether they're going to be given the full reward recompense or whether they're going to be punished. That's our belief. That email is based upon that upon upon love and hope. And likewise fear that we that we fear that the wrong things that we do inside our lives, we could be punished for the seeking refuge from the punishment of a Lhasa Panda, or we met yesterday Rooney

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yesterday, Rooney, what are they seeking refuge from me? What are they seeking Russia Mikado minarik era from the Hellfire from the punishment inside the ultra kawahara?

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How they they see this, this punishment of mine called, they haven't seen the Spanish we call it our honoree, how would it be if they actually visualized? Johanna? What would happen to these individuals then? And as we find that many elements, talked about the journey to Allah Subhana Allah, that everything has been mentioned as crystal clear. But yet we don't meet seem to awaken. We don't seem to realize we don't seem to understand that what more do we want? intention, evidence is to show about the reality about the Accra, about the journey to Allah Subhana Allah, that some of us we think that we need to be shown the fire inside this dunya then I will retract myself. But as we

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know, to see, inside the era, when a person when I'm like final moments of their life, when a soul is about to leave this dunya then the person says, Oh Allah give me

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inside sort of mineral that refined color of your urine, naturally our musala and female correct? Oh my Lord, let me come back into this dunya and let me do good deeds. This one, many individuals will say, may Allah forbid, that once they leave in this dunya the ultimate point of leaving this dunya going into the era that we find people are going to say, let me come back up on this dunya

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Kala Kala in Kalimantan, Waka elucha these are empty words. These are vain words that they have, they have no meaning now, that now you

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Let me return back to this dunya and let me adequately prepare myself. Allah Subhana Allah has given given us ample time, ample opportunity to prepare ourselves, to equip ourselves to meet Allah Subhana Allah, very few individuals that they are that we find you could give some form of excuse that he never had ample opportunity preparing and those kinds of a judge such individuals. And as we find even such applications that we find authenticated Allahumma didn't even have to repeat it seven times. in the morning and an evening that we find even some another Paddy they rejected by everyone in general is something acceptable. I seek refuge in the punishment of the Hellfire every morning or

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in the evening seven times to seek refuge with the last kind of punishment, the hellfire. And even that we find that find a supplication in such a way that we find to seek refuge from a punishment of the Fire punishment of jahannam. to such a degree that we find that some of the element went to the view, a manpower who's went to the person doesn't seek refuge for the pond punishment and Hellfire and punished with a grave inside the final Tisha hood, then their prayer is incomplete. Went to that view shows the severity of seeking refuge protection from Allah subhanaw taala. And not to say this is the most accurate view, but it just highlights the importance has some of that played that

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importance, or pay that important inside the lives of seeking refuge with the last kind of punishment or Hellfire from the hereafter that we find? How do we start following up then they seeking your forgiveness Allah, they ask you for your forgiveness for your kulu cada flotilla home. Well pay to masala Raja to me, Mr. Jabu, Mr. Jarrah, Allah says what are these, they seeking my forgiveness. They get it for that reason, then I forgiven these individuals, and I've wiped out their sins. Unlike what what I've done, I've given them refuge, the refuge that is seeking for I've responded and given it to these individuals. And here comes another key element of the believer, at

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least a firm, continuous repentance or for asking forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah, so many narrations that I'm sure all of us are familiar with, that a prophet alayhi salatu salam 70 times a day, some other nations 100 times a day? are we seeking the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah

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in nefa, dianella Fatah Medina sutra, which speaks about the delivery, the opening the great manifest Victor given to the prophet and I said, Islam, and we forgiving you, your past and your future, Miss judgments or decisions that you made. If there's any individual on the only individual sinless is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he, Allah Allah is Forgiving and pardon him not to say sins I attribute it to the messenger head usually when linguistically they are the Miss judgments in the sense of decisions that they're made, which may not have been the right decisions, though they've even wiped out by Allah Subhana Allah, they are the messengers. They are infallible, they

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are forgiven by Allah Subhana Allah. So the prophet Elijah, even after being given this forgiveness, I should mention that why are you doing so much inside your life? When I'm not and is forgiving all your past and your future judgment, everything about you. He said, I do not want to become a burden chakra, a grateful servant of Allah Subhana Allah. This is a true Buddha, his highest peak. highest peak is one of obedience to a lot of sugar and gratitude. When a person is always remembering a lot and are always grateful. wakulla Kohli had our stuff.

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When he gave me a Muslim manifesto very notable for him.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was to be human Temasek Episode natira you'll meet in

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the final part of the Hadith

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as we find that certain element inside of Quran and Sunnah the Prophet Alayhi Salam contains certain hidden messages, messages, or certain attributes that sometimes we fail to understand and see what a message of the Quran and what the message of the Sunnah is. And in general, it is one of encouragement, one of forgiveness, one of overlooking and one of opening up doors and avenues of people to come towards Allah Subhana Allah and this hadith itself it concludes Allah your Kowloon or before him fallen apart on the angel say, Our Lord, amongst this beautiful gathering, of dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, of praising Allah Subhana Allah, seeking refuge from the Hellfire asking for

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paradise. There is a certain individual upon a certain individual sitting there who the sinful individual,

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a bad Muslim you can say about India.

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vigil, who's sitting inside that gathering in number of a jealous amerihome just happened to pass by. And he decided to sit in the machine, or he decided to enter into this gathering color for your kulu 104. To whom will comb law Yes, coffee him jelly. So when this individual, I forgive in this individual as well, because no Richard individually may sit inside a beautiful gathering, good gathering will not be wretched. This is a default of good companionship, being with good individuals. And like we try not to become judgmental about people. Allah Subhana Allah can forgive any type of individual. That's why in the weird world that we live in at the moment, you find

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strange individuals, people who may be tattooed from top to bottom, people would earrings inside their nose, inside their ears, people who've lived a wicked life, a bad life, people on face value. Look at them. You think this is a wretched individual, a bad individual. But this is not the law of karma. This is not the law upon the face of this, especially in the West, that you find more or more the different type of individual we mentioned, we began with searching for tranquility and peace, that no matter how bad they may be, there is something inside their hearts, that they want to find that solace, that peace, that tranquility, that burning desire inside their heart. So somewhere

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along the line they stumbled upon it, when they stumbled upon it. Allah Subhana Allah makes that as an avenue of opening up their heart and their mind, and forgives those individual partners, those individuals, that's what Muslims should be, every single subject around us should be individually we should be encouraging ourselves, to remind them about Allah, to talk to them about Allah, to encourage you to come close to Allah Subhana Allah, it doesn't mean that on the spot that a person needs to recognize and submit to Allah. But you find just to leave remnants, arrays of belief will go a long way, just to get them to because some people don't even understand the concept of God

00:37:06 --> 00:37:39

anymore, about the Supreme Being, but just to even put that inside their heart and their mind that they as we began with the supreme creator in their language, the control of the heavens and the earth. I'm wholly committed by Russia in amakhala. cone, and they've been they created themselves or they've been created from something. What sunnery Maria, Tina Fey FLP Wolfie unfussy him, we show them as signs around the horizon, the heavens and the earth to make them to come close to a lot of data in the field is similar to what a lovely lady when the hub

00:37:40 --> 00:38:02

and verb alternation that happens in the earth, the night and the day, a science or men of reflection, this was not put on his gift, the individual, we cannot call it the kurumba translation or rendering of the Quran in a language that they understand. To help them to begin to get close to Allah Subhana Allah, kindness, good words, good characteristics. So I have

00:38:04 --> 00:38:17

Hulu, Quran personal Quran, you find his characteristics at the Quran. Whenever they walk, they talk they behave, they conduct themselves, you see the rays of the Quran, the nature of the Quran upon them upon their lives. This is what will attract people.

00:38:18 --> 00:38:41

Not to say preaching is good, but enough with preaching that we find because sometimes the impact of preaching is not as powerful as the good work as the example the living embodiment of the Quran, it goes a long way. Because words can sometimes just disseminate from the mouth of the individual and contradict their words. But the impact of taking those words and living it inside their life, as he wrote

00:38:43 --> 00:38:57

that impact because it goes a long way in the life of the individual. And as we find the individual should be one seeking opportunities to remind people about Allah Subhana Allah because though the real wretched individuals inside the

00:38:58 --> 00:39:43

person may look wretched on this dunya Don't lose hope the real wretchedness is inside the IRA. That's another kind of mention from a lady in a shop over on Piazza Pharaoh Masha here. Those real wretched individuals are going to be inside the Accra, whereby you find the anguish, the pain, the brain. Shaheed, as well Am I describing is that the brain of an animal they're crying the wimping whimpering of the donkey that we find that's the real wretched individual inside the afro begins to weep and cry that if I if you read, that had he talking about jahannam, that we find safer, safer to add jahannam that we find what we find by these individuals, they have to cry so much. Till

00:39:43 --> 00:39:51

eventually it is become blood and so much tears you find a ship can float. A ship can float upon the man appears.

00:39:52 --> 00:39:59

So farewell to the moon but keep on descending. Stay away. Don't speak

00:40:00 --> 00:40:24

The day people try to speak talk to dialog try to ask. I know same angels that who walk upon on the face of this earth. Who are these beautiful good angels that we find that day inside the earth era Malaika to rely on she de la Suna Lama Amaro Maria for Luna moon, stern angels, harsh angels standing there woke up

00:40:25 --> 00:40:41

in the grave as well. They're about to before the grave will come to certain individuals, smite them on their backs and say, rip out their souls. Bring out today deliver your source today from Allah. SOS will be ripped out

00:40:42 --> 00:41:28

what an evil sight that would be for that day on that on that day that we find When a soul is ripped out the individual, the thinking that these angels are soft individuals, soft individ not at this moment in time, because there's a moment of time to take out that's going to be the most of these disbelieving individuals, unfortunately, that you could see that we take away their life, how we take out their soul. Everything expires about these individuals. And how many of them that we find, will leave this dunya in a state of mousy. in a state of disobedience that we find whoever dies on something. Your show Allah delic will be resurrected upon that. Whoever dies committing sins, in

00:41:28 --> 00:42:09

general be resurrected in that format with a dice remembering Allah will be resurrected upon that whoever dies could be carrying out Hajj and making the Tobia in a state of Iran would be resurrected like that. Whoever dies reading the Quran, reading his Salah, in a state of sujood in a state of a battle in general is a good Sunday we resurrected upon that does you find this is nerdy, does he find you find is very, very rare. Very rare it is that you find this inside our society that you find people are taken away in a good format. Because this is a prized treasure. Because Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah is a prized commodity. And every single price commodity we began with upon this

00:42:09 --> 00:42:49

dunya has has a value. person needs to work hard to gain that. And as opposed to work hard in remembering a lot to gain the fruits of that dicker inside is good yamo. So inside the era, we have lost, it was all a topic and ability to remember a lot of data abundantly, in the open and the secret in the day and night, in the public and in private amongst our family members amongst our own selves. And even more so in the depths of being on our own in our own soul by non companionship. Being on our own, that we remember Allah subhanaw taala abundant abundantly. That's a sign of a good believer because all of us input gatherings like this, in the House of Lords, all remember lots of

00:42:49 --> 00:43:31

other data, but instead indoctrinated within yourself that moments in the day moments in your life moments during the week, that you sit there and you just reflect upon your own self, about your own life, about your own relationship about your own a better about your own ticker, about your link builder he Subhana Allah, how to strengthen that. May Allah give us all the tofik and ability to do that in the La La katusa Luna Allah nebby Yeah, you're Latina amorsolo la casa de muchos Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Mohammed canossa later Ibrahim Ibrahim Endoca Hamid de Majeed, Aloma vertica Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim binaca Jaime de magie from Ghana Tina

00:43:31 --> 00:43:49

Fey Tanya Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin, Robin algorithm nanfu scenario lambda fildena hammer then akuna nominal Casa de la fille de Nino La Nina sipapu na vi man while unfaithful lupino Villa de la de mundo para in Nakuru for Rahim, Ramadan, Africa la now sobre

00:43:51 --> 00:44:02

el amin Catherine, from Canada to the palapa, Nevada today, what have we learned with Adam Carolla in the country of Ghana have learned I mean as well you never really know what you're talking

00:44:03 --> 00:44:15

about. bambina Contessa Muna Ali Baba Elena nakazato Rahim supernovae carambola Yossi phone was Salam O Allah mursaleen al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen po Melissa de como como como la

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la la la la, la la

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