Musleh Khan – Can You Make Dua In The Bathroom

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the rules of Islam, including the requirement for individuals to enter and leave specific bathrooms and certain states, such as the bathroom and walking out of bathrooms. They also mention the importance of taking time out of bathrooms to leave early to allow for optimal productivity.
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Give me anywhere you want, wherever you are, whatever you're doing,

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unless the Islam came specifically to say there are certain places you can't. So like in the bathroom, right? We have specific Hadith that prohibit that.

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But you have a DUA to enter the bathroom, and a DUA to walk out of it. So there's just a small margin, where just a tiny margin, where Allah says, okay, out of respect, you don't talk to Allah when you're in that state, which is quite,

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you know, it's very different from the habits. A lot of people when they go to the bathroom, and you sit there for an hour or two, and do whatever, and then they have their phones and whatever, you know what I mean, right?

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It's not just about you spending time in the bathroom, now. You're taking away also your time with Majan if you drop dead to the floor in that bathroom, because you sat in there for 45 minutes.

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Like those are the things to think about. That's why those rules are there.

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