Nouman Ali Khan – The Generation of Doubt

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning the concept of Islam as humility and validation, as it can lead to conflict and group formation. They also touch on the use of "less knowledge" as a source of humility and the influence of Islam on society. The speaker emphasizes the importance of bringing in Islam to reinforce one's beliefs and allow their children to be good. They also discuss the loss of religion in European culture and the upcoming conflict between Islam and religion. The importance of understanding the meaning behind the statement and clarification is emphasized.
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local law Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal academic and kalimba Nakula arrow the villa he ministry condo team will not have a role in learning value my home will remove it and been at home when I was getting met on sabbatical from some local VIP now we're in Medina or if we can remember him Luffy shatkin min Hammadi rubbish RT Saudi were silly Emery was locked at a melissani of only Allah Houma la Jana, Mina Latina Lucretia Kimiko marieb

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allows origin describes in the 14th idea of sola to shore up a very scary concept that I've been talking to you guys about for the last couple of weeks. But I realized something this week that I missed, and I wanted to first address that and then go forward. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, describing what he was given describing the revelation of the Quran and the teachings that he was given even the ones we find in his ahaadeeth ot to Giovanni I'll tell him, I was given comprehensive words The word jalama is the plural of Jamia, which means gather. So he was given a few words that carry a lot of meanings. So we'll take me a hub to describe a few words from the Quran, right. And

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even that is summarizing some of the teachings that are inside of that idea. So there are very comprehensive lessons from many, many angles that are captured in very few words. And it's one of the powers of the salon, that it's dealing with very rich realities, in very, very few words. And in light of that, one of the things that I missed among the many others that I missed in talking about this idea is last time I spoke to you about how knowledge that is supposed to be a means of humility became a means of, you know, recognition is a social kind of dominance. And it became a source of competition, validation, right? And that's the wrong reason to be seeking sacred knowledge, we seek

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out less knowledge to become more humble slaves of Allah, not so we can establish how much more knowledgeable we are over someone else, or how more correct we are over someone else. That's the exact opposite of the purpose of learning this religion. So that's something we talked about last time, and how people that are, you know, supposedly learning unless they are supposed to be the examples of that kind of humility are the ones that unfortunately, sometimes become a source of division and conflict and creating groups and cults that are at odds against each other, each seeking for more territory more validation, know where the true flag bearers of Islam, No, they're

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not. And they're not. They're not it becomes a culture of invalidation of each other. But there's another dimension to the same thing. We're in the livina. So when he says, Well matter for Roku, 11 body image anymore, but him being the home, they didn't fall into disagreement until after knowledge came to them out of buggy, I talked to you about buggy about the urge not to be satisfied with what you have, you want more you want more, you want more, right? That's buddy from it also comes the idea, you want more influence than the other person has, you want more people to listen to you then there, then they are listening to them. You want yourself to be recognized more as an authority than

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they are. Right. So this was, on the one hand, a commentary on the on the corruption of the scholarship of the Israelites. What happened among the Jews and the Christians but obviously it's timeless enough that Allah mentioned it about them. And you know, it doesn't have to be him everyone learner, it was revealed about them, but it's a lesson in warning to us because diseases stay the same. Human tendencies are the same, but there's another dimension, but what I didn't mention so I want to talk to you

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That now, and that is that yes, scholars know a lot about a song, someone who's learning knows quite a bit about Islam. But the average Muslim, the one who didn't learn Arabic and didn't study and get into jazz and tweet and didn't memorize the Quran and didn't sit in Hello God and, you know, went to normal regular school went to college university went to Juma, you know, Fridays or whatever, right and learn some basics about how to read the Koran maybe even a little bit, learn the basics of the prayer, the ad, the average congregation that's coming to the Friday prayer even that you pray, even they know the basics, everybody knows that in Islam, alcohol is forbidden. Everybody knows in Islam,

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that Zina is forbidden or that, you know, everybody is forbidden. These are not complicated teachings. These are the basics that pretty much everybody knows, every Muslim, knowledgeable or not knows that there are five prayers in our religion, that there's a dress code in our religion, that there are certain guidelines about the interaction between the genders in our religion, right there are there are conditions are there are rights of parents in our religion, there's such a thing as inheritance laws in our religion, we know these basics, even if we know all that don't know all the details. We know there are rules in place for some of these fundamental parts of life, right. But

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what happens in a society is that, you know, society often gets divided from the point of view of religious psychology that some people consider themselves, let's just say they call themselves normal, or they call themselves liberal, or they call themselves, you know, Muslim, but not to Muslim, right. And then they look at somebody who's practicing even a little bit more than them as to Islamic or to Muslim, or they're Muslim, Muslim, etc, they get these kind of, or Mullah or whatever, right. And so you get inside of a Muslim community, those who identify themselves as not too strict, and they look at another as too strict. And then we I already talked to you about the

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people that do practice, many of them have very good character and actually embody the teachings of Islam, but many of them are learning Islam as a source of dominance and corruption within themselves. So even those who look like their religious look like they're practicing can have can be a pretty bad example. But today, let's turn the tables on those who know even a little bit, they know a little bit, and they look at their behavior. And they use that to justify to themselves you know, all these people with beards and all these women with hijab they're all extreme. They're all crazy. I want to be nothing like them. I want nothing to do with them. And that's why I don't pray

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or that's why I don't go to the mustard or that's why I don't you know, this all this stuff is extreme and, you know, they may be doing those people that you're criticizing may be doing something wrong, it's true. But for you and I to use that as an excuse to throw away the rest of Islam and say, none of it applies to me because those people are so messed up. Right? And and why did why would they do that? They already know something's just because somebody else is corrupt or not, alcohol is still haraam. It didn't become halal because a religious guy is corrupt right it's the one is wrong is still wrong. whether or not somebody who prays five times are you like for example

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in my case I one time I was I was cheated in business very badly by a half of the Koran right who used to lead that that I we prayers very religious guy, you will look at him and say Mashallah, right you want to pray behind your skull? I was really good, but he cheated. Like 1000s out of me in a business deal many many years ago right? Now I could use that as an excuse to say all these are fog. I don't want to pray behind any of them. They're all corrupt. Forget it. I'm the only one want to memorize the Quran anymore. Because of this how this half is scarred me from his No, he hasn't. He's messed up. That doesn't mean the memorization of the Quran is not Noble. That doesn't mean

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praying in the machine isn't isn't a worthy act. So what we what we do is out of my out, what I could do is out of my spite for that person, I can use that as an excuse. They use the expression, throw the baby out with the bathwater, so throw Islam out along with the example of this corrupt Muslim. Right, so now I'm justifying just abandoning all the teachings of Islam. While it's not that I don't know, I already know, I know what I'm doing is how I know it. I know what I what I'm supposed to do. And I'm not doing it on purpose. But I'm using my spine against this person that I don't want to make them feel like I want to be like them. I want nothing to do with them. my spine

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against them is actually my own body. So even though I know this idea does apply not just to the scholars, but those even who know the basics, and then use that body that animosity, that urge to not be anything like them or give somebody else the upper hand or appear like there's somebody else. Like the others they don't like out of that spite, they don't want to practice any of it. So then you get families, Muslim families, that is not an unheard of phenomenon. Many of you that are listening to me might even identify with this phenomenon. Doesn't matter which country you come from which culture you come from. You might be raised in a family when not

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Are they afraid of people that look religious, that they look like they pray five times, or these people are extreme, stay away from them. You're terrified of them. But even if you started practicing any part of Islam that's harmless, like you started praying, you just started praying, and your family is going to have a heart attack, they're going to have a panic attack. Are you becoming extreme? What's Next, you're going to blow something up? Is that what you're going to do? Like, there's, there's an entire, and then what happens next is now the family is going to start attacking the religion every time you're around. Because they want to show you how evil all of these

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people are. And you're becoming just like them, even though you're becoming nothing, nothing like anything corrupt. You just decided. And I even experienced a friend, a person I became friends with, who came from a family where they were Muslim for many generations, but because of colonization and what happened in their country and, you know, overwhelming cultures of secular influence, they kind of lost Islam over the generations, right. And the the adopted, they adopted some of the practices of the other cultures that were in their country, I don't have to name the country. But in the other religions that were found in their country, drinking is normal. So over time, in a generation,

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ritual drinking became normal for the Muslims. So they're, they're away from the religion and drinking became part of like breakfast, lunch and dinner. There's a beer there. Right? This is a common thing. And if you're going to get into a business, you're just going to open up a bar is good money. It's easy money, right? And this one family member decides that he just doesn't want to be part of the business anymore. He decided he somehow stumbled on to some things about Docker and some things about Islam. And he says, You know what, I'm going to start praying. So first he is drinking and praying. Then he hears the hyatts about that the honorable stellato want to Saqqara, Kalamata

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Kowloon, don't go near the prayer when you're drunk, until you know what you're saying. So he stops drinking. I'm originally I'm gonna shape on violent one to one and here's the part about the you know, the consumption of alcohol is one of the abominations and evils from the work of the devil. Are you going to stop or not? So he stops, he stops. Now he's not telling his family to stop. He's not telling anybody else. He's not lecturing anybody else. He's just not drinking himself. But his family went against his father disowns. And he can't he they're yelling at him at every gathering, because he's not picking up the beer and drinking, he's not hurting you. But somehow, you're

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becoming insecure by him not partaking. Because you may, you're accusing him of making them feel bad. You're making us look bad, what are we all going to *, you are too good for us. You can't drink. You can't do that. And he's he's getting abused now, because he's just holding on to a little bit of the religion. And then what comes next, every time he's around, there's conversations about how extreme these Muslims are, how crazy these people are, don't become crazy like them. He's nothing crazy. He just walked away from something that has always been evil that Allah described as evil, right? So what you get then is you've got the religiously observing the conservative if you

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will, right. And they have their own * issues and internal conflicts, and then those that are barely holding on to Islam barely have any practices and so on. And they've got their own * issues. They have Bahian, but you know, home too. And then in both of those households, the next generation is being raised. And these next generations, if you're raised in a religious quote, unquote, by today, definition, a religious family, and you were raised in a very conservative household. And all you saw was your father, your mother or the bus, you attended the Holocaust, you attended. All you heard your whole life was how they are, this school of thought is correct, and

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that one is going to * and this one is deviant, that that one is scotford. And stay away from them. And you have to dress like them and look like them and talk like them. And the moment you start asking any questions, you're going to go to * fire, etc, etc. You have this fire and brimstone kind of religion your whole life, then you know what, eventually a young person who learns to think for themselves burns out. And they say, I don't want you know, I was part of this cult, I don't want anything to do with it. Either. They grew up becoming exactly like their generation was they carry on the same narrow mindedness and conflict, or they burn out and they want nothing to do

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with their religion. On the other hand, you've got a family that has that is scared of the religion, and it's okay, we're Muslim, no further need prayer. Okay, that's enough. We're Muslim enough for some charity here and there. Maybe the 27th of Ramadan will do something. But other than that, I don't don't give me too much Islam. I just yeah, that's not for me. That's for those crazy people. And their next generation says, Why are we even holding on to this 27th of Ramadan or whatever? What's the point of it? It's, I mean, you guys think it's all crazy, so why not get rid of it? Why do we have any of it? You know, so you've got next generations that are either holding on to not

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what wasn't the religion to begin with? Islam didn't come so you can defend your school of thought. Islam didn't come so you can defend your your cult. Islam came to teach us the word of Allah and to share

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The Rama Villa with humanity. Right? But when when the sun becomes either this cage is something else that it wasn't there. That wasn't Islam originally. But that's what it becomes. Now. It's a it's a litmus test. If your dress this and this and this way, then you're Muslim, if you're not just if you're if you know there are cultures in the Muslim world, if your Turpin is the wrong color,

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then your uric acid, if your if your head is it, there are some people that will look at me giving this hobo right now and call me a coffee because my head isn't covered. Right? I'll say this is against Islam, etc. And that's the reading of it. That's Islam for them.

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And if they're free to that opinion, but what's going to happen in the next generation, that will become Islam for the next generation, which means they're in doubt about what Assam truly is. And when the actual religion, the actual word of Allah is even presented. Here's what happens in religious circles. This is the wild thing. And this is a conversation I had with one of my mentors and teachers, Dr. Levy, it was fascinating. He was sitting with a group of scholars, right. And he mentioned an IRA. And he mentioned that heavy for the province. And this is someone who has just gotten Hadith he studied Bukhari and Muslim for 3040 years of his life. He studied under great

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scholars around the world, right? And he's mentioning a Hadith of the Prophet slicer now. And obviously, he's not misquoting it or taking it out of context, because he's a scholar himself. And he's sitting in the gathering of scholars. And he says, This is what the prophet slice said, right? And they're having dinner together. Suppose it scholars, and one of them said, Yeah, but what did so and soul say?

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And he passed for a woman and said, You already know what the Messenger of Allah said. So I said, you already know what the Quran said. And you know that it's in its proper context, and yet to you, that has less validation, until this other person validates what this has, he says, or it looks at it, until they look at it differently. Until then I can't accept it. Now, it's one thing that a non non scholar would make a comment like that because they don't know any better. Maybe I should check with some scholarly research. Maybe the Hadith is being misused. But when this kind of a conversation is happening among knowledgeable people, and even they will put the word of someone

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else over and above the word of a line is messengers of Allah who I'm sending, you know what that means? That that school of thought, or that opinion, that that's that that cult, is actually their religion, not Islam itself, not alive is messenger himself. That's shocking. What can you matola he had earlier than then what religion is that that's not a religion. That's just, that's just the mafia. That's what that is, you know. And on the flip side, what I'm what I'm describing are people that just they're pushing this arm away, pushing Islam away, but they want their kids to be good, right? I don't want asylum, too much assignment, my family, but I don't want my child to go against

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the culture either. So just give me enough Islam, that my child lives according to my expectations. And I'll only bring in Islam, when I see that my kid is going too far. And some. So the only time I use Islam is if my child becomes marblelife, a child becomes addicted to drugs, we should probably go find a shed or something to spiritually heal this child. What if a child is going against the wishes of the parents, then maybe we can bring in Islam and say, Islam says parents have rights. Other than that you're allergic to Islam, you want nothing to do with it, you push it away. But when you need it, to exert some kind of control over the next generation, then you bring it in. Right? So

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what happens to that next generation, that's in the next few minutes, I'll explain to you what Allah says here. He says, when that first generation is broken up, and they're selective about their religion, and they're in just in constant conflict with each other, we're in alladhina ODIs will Kitab remember him and no doubt about it, those who inherited the book, much after them. So those who inherit the book after these generations have become generations of division and conflict and internal power struggles, and selective expert, you know, citation, selective application of the religion, then the next generation, Allah says about them, that those who inherited the book after

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them Luffy Shakib Minh, who they are absolutely in, in doubt regarding it, they're in doubt about their religion. Now you and I would think that somebody who used to live in Pakistan or Bangladesh or Egypt or Morocco, Algeria, or Jordan or you know, Malaysia, Indonesia, Avalon, etc, they were raised in a Muslim family, there was most of the Muslims for many generations, they're holding on to their religion, they're holding on to their tradition, the child is being raised here in the athon his entire life or her entire life, right? They've heard the Quran they've seen the, the eat celebrations and all of it, they will hold on to their religion, and what is Allah saying that those

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that have held on to the religion for so many generations, but with this kind of conflict, what's going to happen to the next generation, they will be in doubt about it. Luffy shatkin Minh, who they are in doubt about it and check in Arabic. Arabic is really rich and the Quran talks about doubt in many ways. So there are multiple words in Arabic, or endocrine for doubt and Chuck is one of them and shotgun Arabic

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is actually used when two things are so close to each other, you can't tell them apart. You're not when you weld things together weld metals together, it looks like one piece. But when you when you screw things together or you know Lego pieces, you can tell it's two pieces. But if you weld metal together, it looks like one piece, right? So when they would make the speed, the spear and the tip, and they will weld it so well together, you can tell where the tip ends and the spear begins, it looks like one carved piece, that would actually be shock. Right? So the idea is two things that are merged and fuse together from a developed a notion of a kind of doubt where something that is true,

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and something that is false, are so close together, that you cannot tell them apart. And that kind of doubt where you can't tell the difference between right and wrong at all. You're there look equal to you. Why would that? Ask yourself this question? Why would someone ever look at right and wrong and they're confused which one is right? Which one is wrong, but they look the same to me. The only way they will do that in this idea is they saw their elder generation do the right thing and do the wrong thing all at the same time.

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They were doing they were praying and they were lying. They were doing HUD and they were earning Reba. Right. They were talking about a line being grateful and being humble. And they were being arrogant and backbiting and all of this, they were giving charity and they were cheating people out of inheritance at the same time. They're giving Zakat and earning we're doing the right and the wrong all at the same time all the time. And the next generation What is it and they talk about the unity of the oma This is one oma we have one Islam, we have one Prophet, we have one Quran, and yet why you know, this, this school of thought versus this school of thought this ship versus that ship

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this versus that vi etc, etc, etc. conflict, conflict conflict all the time. So they saw the right and the wrong merge together all the time. So they're like, I can't even tell what's right and wrong. I'm just confused. The next generation is just raised confused. Check him in Who? And check can be even more fundamental. Well, if this is the religion, then how do we even know we're following the right religion? I mean, this is the kind of drama that happens in every religion. And you know what's crazy, I used to think this is a Muslim problem, until I studied religious psychology. And, you know, psychology of the church, and religious sociology and the kind of

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politics you find within the Islamic you know, religious circle, the masjid, politics, scholarship, politics, school of thought, politics, etc, are exactly the same as church politics and synagogue, politics and temple are exactly the same. Exactly the same thing. Like I said before, the diseases are the same. Throughout generations, just like good has always been good. Evil has always been evil. Human tendencies have always been human tendencies. They do something you find the same power struggles in the church, you find the same power struggles in the synagogue, you find the same power struggles in the masjid, and the Muslim community. So what they what what a young generation then

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says is all of our all these religions have the same issues. All these people have the same personality disorders? What's the difference anyway? Why this is just the money making scheme. just donate $5 and get your salvation. Right. Everybody's just they just want money. That's all they want. And all they want is fight with each other. Those are the two things that become apparent about about the religion to them. So they're in doubt about they're, they're not sure why should even what's what do I even get out of following this religion? What did you get? And then you have a generation, you would think, oh, oh, my child lost their religion because they came to America.

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Right? They were around non Muslims and they lost their faith. They went to Australia and they got liberalized, or they went to, you know, Europe, and they got you know, they got immersed in European culture and lost their faith. No, this is saying you could be in Lahore.

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You could be in Assad. You can be in Kuala Lumpur, you can be in Jakarta. You don't have to be in New York City. You don't have to be in London. You know, you don't have to be in Hamburg to lose your religion. That environment is Yeah, I told you before. It's not the environment that makes them big bricks, the real religion of Islam. The people of faith have always been in environments that are hostile to their faith. That's actually where the faith gets stronger, not weaker. Right? But am I saying for this next generation, it doesn't even matter if they're surrounded by the event. It doesn't even matter if they're surrounded by an Islamic environment. Luffy shakin, minoo they're in

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absolutely doubt about it. And the doubt isn't, that's dire enough that they can't even tell the difference between Islam and not Islam. Because they become equal to them. That's what they've seen practically. But there's another doubt there's another layer. And you know what that is? Allah says, Fisher came in who marieb the last word here is moody. It's a sip of shock. And the word marieb you know, from my Arabic students, Surabaya eeboo, is actually Lassen. It's the philosophy job to be in doubt. araba ut Budi if our pattern is worth it to put others in doubt, and from it the sun fire is moody and the moon

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Somebody that that was a little bit technical, well make it simple. They're in a kind of doubt that when others see them, they become doubtful.

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They become doubtful. So it's you know how you have someone sick, but that sickness is infectious. The next generation is in a kind of limbo, that anybody that comes around them that may was he was even thinking about Islam. There are non Muslim thinking about Islam, when they come into contact with this next generation of Muslims. They get disturbed, why should they even consider Islam, and then notice that a new word for doubt is being used based on labor. The first dollar I talked about was Chuck, this word is moody from *, like Danny can keep taboo. Now he Buffy the beginning of the Quran, the word rainbow actually means a kind of doubt that is that it disturbs you, or it has

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disturbance and if they are in it. So now there are people that are becoming disturbed about their faith. They're getting disturbed by being around this next generation of Muslims. It's bothers it hurts the heart to be around them. And they're spreading disturbance, meaning they're spreading a an image of the religion, they're spreading an impression of the religion, that instead of when you hear about Islam, it should bring calm to your heart, right? But no, this next generation is spreading a kind of Islam By the way, they live now in doubt themselves, that when others see this Islam, it actually bothers them.

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They're spreading a bother some kind of doubt about this religion, like it's something evil, something you should be disturbed about, you know, you be unsure about, and that's how the religion is lost over generations. That's the consequence of what we what we find ourselves in. And this this horrifying reality that is describing just these few words, in levena, already full Kitab I'm inviting him Luffy shatkin Minh, who marieb this? Well, it seems so hopeless, because what does it seem to tell you that Islam is being lost and then more lost and then more lost after regeneration? And instead of the next generation finding stronger and stronger, you know, conviction? There

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actually now doubt is spreading. skepticism is spreading agnosticism is spreading.

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You know, internal conflicts about Islam are spreading criticism of the Quran and the Sunnah. And then eventually everything is fair game. So now Muslim can ask how can the Prophet do this? How come the Quran says that? How can this How can that as if the Quran should be doubted in right, the book that began with Lowery Buffy, it becomes common for the next generation to pose questions to the Quran, as if it's something disturbing and bothersome. That doesn't sit well. So now, Islam is associated with disturbance, not harmony and peace. This is the conflict that has been described in this is very serious, very heavy stuff. And in face of this conflict, Allah reveals what the prophet

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should do. So now, as I end this, I want to tell you what's going to happen in the next inshallah Hold on, which is, you know, the prophets, I shall I was told that when he has come and the time in Makkah, by the time he's come, there have been generations of people that receive the thought received the energy, and they've gone through this process, the one that I'm describing, as if you and I are going through it, now our generations are going through it. Now, there are people that came before us, they already went through this. And things have gotten really, really bad.

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And then the Prophet is being told these are, this is the audience you have to deal with. This is what you have to deal with. Now, the problem with what he's told is, you're telling me that these people already know and they still don't follow. So if I teach them, I'm teaching them something they already while, they already know. And these people are messed up, and they have buggy between them. Not because they don't know, but because they already know. So me teaching them what they already know. And reinforcing it is not going to do any better for them. It will only increase them in more money. And their next generation is actually disturbed about the faith even more, they don't

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even want to know anymore. So he the Prophet is being told essentially someone monitor them, but you have a nearly impossible audience to give your message to. It's like a hopeless cause. Right? So why is he even being given this mission? If they're so impossible? What's he supposed to do in the next idea after describing this problem, after describing this issue, then Allah will tell the prophets I said, What should you What do I expect from you? You know, because the messenger have a sense of Alumni Center to preach the message of Islam to the Muslim goon of Makkah, and to the people of the book in Medina and beyond, right, so there's two basic audiences, the Jews, Christians later on, and

00:29:44 --> 00:29:59

early on the mushy Kuhn, and these IOD, Allah told him that caboodle Mashallah kina method roomy, Li, it's really hard for the machine to accept to, to listen to what you're saying and what you're calling them to. It's hard, they're not going to accept it. So first, I have to find

00:30:00 --> 00:30:09

I have a 1213 he told him Lucia gone hard sell next ads, okay, okay, at least the Jews and Christians will be easier because they No, no they are they fall into conflict even after knowing

00:30:11 --> 00:30:12

and their next generation lost cause

00:30:14 --> 00:30:14


00:30:16 --> 00:30:52

these are my audiences and you've told me they're impossible to deal with, then he's told what he should do. And that's what we are going to come to now, that's going to be iron number 15 of this, this remarkable passage, funny vaniqa further, that's what the next book is going to be about, then the mandate of the prophets of Allah when he said him in face of all of this, so Allah does not give us a mission without first having us understand the seriousness of the problem. So that's what he's done in these if he's helped us understand the seriousness of the problem, and then given the resources and the mandate, and we're going to have to really understand that mandate because by

00:30:52 --> 00:31:11

extension, that becomes our mandate, allows them to help us understand, internalize and live up to that mandate that was given to our messenger sallallahu. cielo so we can reverse this negative tide and bring back what is supposed to be brought back the deen of Allah barakallahu li walakum wa Hakim, when I found you at your company, it was

00:31:17 --> 00:31:19

hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam.

00:31:21 --> 00:32:04

ala polyhymnia hatami Naveen hamadani Meanwhile, earlier he was happy he may Allah Allah azza wa jal can embroider an akula Arambula in ministry. conda Raji in the lahoma, he Kotaku soluna Allen, Libya, you and Edina Amman savani he was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kamasan later on for him. Libra Haemophilia anime in Academy Luma g along robotic Allah Mohammed in one early Muhammad come back down Ebrahim one early for him I feel me in the middle aged about the law. A lot. A lot in the law, he wouldn't be arguing where you take the quarterback when handed fascia you will look up on adekola Yeah, well no yeah, no matter stone Minnesota in the Sonata

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kanatal and mini Nikita mahkota


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