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In Alhambra, Lila

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meadow and Esther Ito who want to stop Hiro. When are the Billahi min. surey and fusina woman say Dr. Molina, me and he level philomel the letter or May your blue fellow her dlm Why should one ilaha illallah wa double luxury Cara? Why should you under Mohammedan abita who water Sulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was heavy woman so northern energy woman standard b suniti. He elomi Dini buried for topple la? A you will

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focus more on subhana wa Taala Viki turvy. Yeah, you're Latina? No, it took a la helppo to party he was at mo tuna Illa one and two Muslim moon, some of

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my brothers and sisters, we begin always and forever on this blessed day of this blessitt hour of the day of Juma by praising Allah subhanho wa tada and sending Peace and blessings to his little saloon. Subtle love to be was Allah who IRA and we further ask allies on this blessed day of this blessing our that male lies, so just forgive all of us of our shortcomings and our mistakes and male lies. So we're just continue to give us the strength and increase us in righteousness alone. mean. And finally,

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with respect to our introduction, we ask a lot, so we're going to indeed make it easy. ease the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters. Hmm. Ken, wherever they may be, and whatever circumstances they may be facing male lines, so we'll make it easy for them to love him. I mean, are you on?

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For the next few minutes or so I have a topic that I think each and every single one of us. As a matter of fact, all human beings in general can relate to this. And it's not because they're guilty of it. Some are and some aren't. But we are all exposed to it. This is the subject of assumption, or what we say in Arabic oven.

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I want to start off by saying a couple of things. Number one, our Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam gave us a warning about assumption, very similar, as he would give a warning about idol worship, about Xena and other really serious spiritual crimes in Islam. And he said to us he Yakumo one, fair enough one EC w Kevin.

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He says to all of us, I warn you about assumption, because and this is the thing like assumption has so many different ways of understanding it and looking at it. But what was priority to him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a villain or assumption is the worst type of life.

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It's the peak of dishonesty. And within it, what makes it so horrible is because it is literally covered with fabricate fabrication and false news. Someone that assumes There are two ways to understand this particular term in Arabic of when it comes from a category of words, which in Arabic we call words that carry opposite meanings. So when someone assumes they could potentially be making an assumption that is completely wrong about that individual, they're the total opposite. So this is one lens to look through. But in the core, an Allah also uses the same word, to give conformity. So to talk about certain things that own them and generations have done in the past to confirm what it

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is that they have done or not. The same word is also used. So it carries different meanings. The one that I want to share with you is actually found in a very beautiful sort of the poor end sort of Pooja rot, and I think many of you know this Sora if you don't know this particular sutra, let me begin by saying that take some time and read through this particular sutra and study it. There are hundreds of YouTube videos and articles. And there are hundreds of lectures all around the world in all

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languages, explaining this particular surah. I like to think of sola to her Gerard, as a laws list of the top morals and ethics of a believer, the top mannerisms that you and I should have, not only when we interact with one another, but when we interact with all of mankind. Now, each of these points in certain hoogenraad, you could literally create a conference, you could write a book, they are so comprehensive. So I'm going to fast forward to verse number 12. Allah azza wa jal tells us in this particular verse, yeah, yo helina M and O, ej, attendee boo Kathy Odom mean oven in bow oven.

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I'm going to pause the verse actually continues, but this is all I'm going to speak about today in sha Allah hota is just literally the first sentence of this particular area. But before I give you the translation, let's go back. Go back to verse number 11. In the same surah, verse 11, Allah azza wa jal spoke to each and every one of us and says, Yeah, yo, hello, Xena, M and O. O people of M en la Yes, Harpo mill Coleman, Isaiah, a punto Hi, you're on minimum, we're going to pause a lot is what Joel said in this particular verse, people have he meant Don't make fun of each other.

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Don't make fun of each other, meaning Don't even joke about one another with the intention that you're going to spread this attitude that one is more superior than the other based on culture, background, etc. So I want you for you to really grasp what this verse is saying. Think about when you look or you listen to a comedian. You know, one of the things that comedians like to do is they will grab a certain ethnicity or color, and they will run with that for some time. So they'll make fun of all the habits and all the cultural habits and what they eat, and how they dress and all of those things. Now, on the one side, it's just for fun, it's only a joke. But in this surah, Allah

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clearly tells us don't even do that. jokingly? Yes. hora, don't even do that. jokingly, why why is this a problem? Why is our Deen so strict about that? Well, it's very simple. This is an attitude.

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And I think all of us can understand that if you start joking or talking about certain subjects enough, it becomes very convincing, convincing. Like that attitude eventually becomes that person's conviction. And they start thinking to themselves, if they're not careful, if they don't keep their hearts and their minds pure, if they don't see through that kind of language. It's very easy for them to say, well, all the Pakistanis are like the all the Arabs are like that all the Guyanese and the Trinidadian, they're all the same way.

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So when that happens, listen to what Allah azza wa jal then says after he warns us don't do that, because you could lose control of that attitude very quickly. So one side point before we get to verse 12. In our Deen, we know very clearly that when we have intentions, or certain thoughts come to mind, but we don't follow up with action. We're still okay. But then there are some parts of our attitudes that are also still considered like for example, our intention, if you're about to do a particular act, especially for the sake of Allah, and your intention is not in the right place. That's counted as something. But in this case, here, I want you to pay attention and really keep in

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the back of your mind, what exactly assumption is you're not really doing anything. And even if you don't say what you assume, but you're just thinking about it, you're supposed to be just fine. That shouldn't be a big deal. Now wait for the verse and listen to how Allah azzawajal talks about the subject. It's absolutely remarkable. And even for myself, it's a bit terrifying. Listen to what the law is sojo tells us. Yeah, you Ella, Xena, M and O people have Amen. It's an assumption a problem for everyone. Why talk to us the people of faith. Because this is one of the lessons every time you hear yet you'll let me know in the corral, that we are supposed to be leaders of whatever is to come

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in that verse.

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We're supposed to be the example for all of mankind. So if Allah azza wa jal is going to talk to us about the dangers of assumption, and warn us not to do that and protect ourselves from the guests what that means for you and I, as people have been a part of the reflection of our faith lies in this particular attitude, how well you and I control it, and abstain from it. That's a reflection of our Eman with allies, soldier allies, so it will give us strength alone, being the word that is used is each tenable.

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This is interesting, because it would have been very simple. If we read. Yeah, he will let me know that often.

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People have Amen, don't assume. But this verse carries on and it mentioned certain things, it almost sounds like if someone really looks and just stares at the verse for a brief moment, why didn't this verse just be more clear and more simple. Allah uses the word each table, each 10 even comes from the word jumbled, which means it addresses something that is next to you, and it's close to you as well. So if you're sitting on a bus and a passenger is beside you, that's it. That's jembatan. Now each Tina Bourne, which is what's mentioned in the verse, allies, so a gel is telling you an AI when it comes to this subject of assumption,

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you have to be very careful, because it's always near you.

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And it doesn't matter what your status is, what your background is, who you are, what you do.

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Assumptions will always be there.

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Now, that's the tone. This verse begins with, there is no way that you and I could be completely free and away and absent from assumptions. We're going to see it we're gonna hear it all the time. Okay, that's pretty frightening. And then the verse continues, can see on Casio on literally means a lot, an abundance of something. But now the same word, age attendee boo. When Ibrahim alayhis salaam was making dua to Allah to protect himself and his children from shelduck would you know Bernie wobbly and nabooda la snam. He asked a lot to protect himself and his family from shirk. He didn't even say kytherian.

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He just said, Oh, Allah protect me from this, because I'm seeing it everywhere. Get theodon is not even mentioned. This is what scholars of the Arabic language called emphasis that alized xojo, it was enough to just give the order. But when he describes that particular order, or that particular subject, it adds this level of emphasis that not only is this problem all around us,

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but you're not just going to hear it from one person or one person here, one person that there are going to be many people around us that are going to make assumptions. Now, before we continue, let's understand how this looks. Let's understand how this looks in our day to day lives. assumptions. They are the reason that friendships are broken.

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They are the reasons and marriages and some of them are broken. Communities fall apart. And it sounds like this. And I think every single one of us here have not just one or two, you probably have hundreds of examples of when you were in a position that others have assumed about you. You know, I'm a teacher. And in addition to that, this kind of job of being a daddy, you're part of being assumed about all the time. You know, why is he wearing pants today? Why is he holding something in his hand? He's not prepared. I've heard it all. In marriages. It's the same thing. You know, a husband and a wife may be having a simple dinner, for example. And he complements her

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dinner. He says this is amazing. And she looks into it. She might say, Oh, you mean you hate it? You mean all of that? No, no, no, I know. You said it was good, but to actually mean something else. He might do the same thing with her. four children. They're always always being assumed about one or two children misbehave in class or act a certain way. Some people will look at that and say, oh, that homeschool is messed up. Don't even go there.

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somebody walks in with a without a beard looking not a practicing

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you know, these simple tedious little things, think about the the outcome. Think about what it does in terms of our attitude and how we treat each other. May Allah azza wa jal give us strength to love him. I mean, you will laugh about this is what I think is like a plague, everywhere you go. It's something that's really disrupted the way we interact. And that whole idea of a Hawa and sincerity that we're supposed to have, this is more than just an elephant in the middle. This is a big problem. And I'm going to share with you as we get closer to the end of today's Hulk, Bobby is the law of how to resolve this, how we can overcome this, how we can confront it, and also address it in

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a civilized way. Don't think that just because you hear assumptions, that it's an opportunity to go and attack that person, say, What's your problem, don't sit and you don't get to do that either. And sooner to put your art is very clear about that. With that being said, above the a the area continues, get a theater of middle one, in a bar above Islam, Allah says that there is a chunk of assumption. That's actually sin. Think about it. And the word that is used here, Islam, there are several words in the core and to describe sin, several of them. But this was carefully selected by Allah azza wa jal to teach you an AI, that is awesome. It's more or less like a reward, that if an

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assumption happens, this is immediately what assumption confronts us in nothing in between.

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There's no stages before we get there, or before that person gets there, the moment assumption happens, it immediately follows with us in May Allah protect us. Why is this such an issue? My brothers and sisters, let me tell you,

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we're supposed to be busy ourselves. And when I say we, I mean all of us as Muslims as a culture, as one body. We're all supposed to be busy, preoccupied, learning from one another, supporting each other, looking out for each other's overall well being. You'd I could remember when I was a student, in Medina, sometimes I would be walking and I would have certain books in my hand. And I could remember some students be liquidy Look at him, Who does he think he is?

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You know, he's carrying around these books. He thinks he's a scholar. And these things used to hurt so much. So I would lose sleep over it. That's just one comment. for one moment. I can't imagine what it must feel like for some. And there are cases of people who have gone into depression.

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You know, they've lost their faith simply because people have assumed about them. Like we said, relationships are broken buddy goes above and beyond that, when you hear about a certain politician, a scandal has been thrown out there immediately before it's even confirmed. People aren't there streets breaking through things break, destroying businesses, literally, there are physical fights, people are getting hurt. And even in some some cases, people's lives are lost because of assumption. This is a big problem. But you don't have to think that far for a moment. Let's start within ourselves. Let's start within our communities. I will share with you the evening that hytera how the

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Quran teaches you an eye for out of the Deaf a man who Adela since we see the problem, we see this issue. So how do we respond to it? What's the best way for you and I as believers now to respond to this so that it doesn't continue or escalate? This is what we will conclude with in the second part of the hold of my brothers and sisters May Allah azza wa jal purify our hearts May Allah azza wa jal continue to purify our actions and May Allah azza wa jal allow us to always think positive and good with one another. And whenever we see and confront assumption May Allah is so it will give us the knowledge and the courage to address it and denounce it a lot of them I mean, I'll call them around

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was stuff it'll likely what a company said

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to them, but stuff hero in the whole of a photo Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was heavy, he woman was buried. My brothers and sisters. So how do we resolve this? What do we do? It's actually a lot simpler than

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You might think the first if you have an assumption about anything, so a speaker is coming to town. And they may have said one sentence or something 1015 years ago, and somebody asks you, hey, a new speakers coming to town. Do you know who that person is? What do you think about them? And they said, Well, I don't know. But stop right there.

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This is the first point, this is the first way to stop. If you're not sure, you can't confirm don't continue. Some of them actually said that the head of our messenger Eileen is Salatu was salam, when he said, If you truly have Amen, and you believe in the last day, fairly of cool higher and earliest mode, then say something good or just remain quiet. Some of the real amount of Hadith actually interpreted that Hadith that it was talking about assumption.

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If you don't know what to say, or you're not sure then just to remain quiet. This is a discipline By the way, this attitude of disciplining yourself that you want to say but you don't is not an easy thing to do. May Allah azza wa jal give us strength so this is one of the things that the poor and teaches us to do that when you know for certainty, then you can talk otherwise, don't say anything. The second is actually found in pseudocode. Alright, if you go back earlier in the sorta I believe it's verse number six, Allah azza wa jal tells us in general confessio can be never invertible you know, that if somebody comes up somebody who is corrupt, comes up to you and starts telling you

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things about someone or something that they've heard. What do you do to be, you know, beginner, find clarity, ask questions. Where did you hear that from? Are you sure that doesn't sound like that, I'm going to go and confirm, I'm going to go talk to him or her. So the second thing is, if you feel comfortable enough to do so, is you actually do a little bit of the work. You ask the questions and if they don't have the answers, you tried to figure out on your own. And finally,

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finally, and I truly mean this sincerely, from my heart, that the ruler man advises that if all options run out and you still find a struggle, to confront assumption in this manner, to do something about it, asked Allah so agenda, to remove this attitude from the hearts of those who possess it. ask Allah azza wa jal to remove it. And here today, in front of all of you, I ask allies,

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to give us the strength not only to confront this, we ask Allah azza wa jal to remove this from our community. We ask Allah as a joke to make it easy for all communities around the world to deal with this issue. assumption is breaking apart our communities and relationships were asked a lot. So until to rectify this, give us the knowledge and the strength to be able to confront it and heal it a lot. I mean, are you back on a positive note, always remember, and I say this to you all the time. The fact that we are here today, and that we are alive in this day and age is a clear indication that anything that confronts you in your life you will have what it takes to overcome. And you have

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to believe that in you. Allah azza wa jal put us here, and we are still alive and told us here is the quarter end, follow the legacy of this man soul Aloha, it was cillum because he himself sopin of what Ireland sees in each and every one of us that we have what it takes to continue to be great people and great Muslims. And so May Allah azza wa jal preserve and protect all of us alone. I mean, with that being said, we send peace and blessings to our rustle Salatu was Salam or la cama Emiliano Subhana, wa Taala Phaeton xili in Allahu Allah eco tahu saloon Ireland be Yeah, au Hola, Xena, Amman, Saloni. He was certainly more Taslima Allahumma salli. ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kamasan.

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Later Allah Ibrahim awada early Ibrahima innaka hamidou Majeed Allahu mfu Massimino well mostly meant, meaning you know, one minute and here even one in nikka curry bones Samir amo Ji boo dharwad Allahumma ihnen and as a local Jenna or malerkotla la Hermine Colin aman one Naruto became in another Walmart para la Hermine Colin omarama or O'Bannon attina with dunya hacer una woodfill harati hacer una joaquina is up and no so panda will be koto bellerin zitieren Mayo seafood I was so down when I learned more sadena al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa