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In 119 Africa who want to study in order to stock who won our order build a miniature audience for tsunami see you

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or may

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know Mohamad and up tomorrow

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in Nepal howdy kita Baba was hiren Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was having them, watch out

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to her, what could

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be done? What could debate that in bada bada bing down, proficient actually sorry for your safety Emery

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melissani a copy of the bracing of loss of one of the other and sending immense immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who came to unify this Muslim oma or to unify his people and to unify us together to become a fight more on the characteristics and behavior and was to unite together to enter into paradise. If not in totality, but eventually from the beginning to the end of this Muslim woman believed in Allah Subhana Allah and recognize the prophet SAW The Lord said we enter into that paradise and he laid out the final case

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interests and behavior, the concern that every single individual should have for the people around them. And as even the previous few ahaadeeth we've been looking at, whereby the discussion has been about taking care of the creation around us,

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about the subjects around us. The relationship between the rights that belong to a law and then the rights that belong to mankind, that some person fortunate a judgment could be held back. Don't because we didn't pray, we didn't fast, we didn't perform hajj, but may Allah forbid some of us will be held back for not giving another human being the Jew rights. Given Firstly, the Muslims, the Jew rights, that becomes a barrier prevents us from swiftly entering into paradise, that has been generally discussion of previous ahaadeeth. About being put to the subjects around us, as on itself, Soviet mentioned us in a long ELeague show goodness, just like Allah Subhana, Allah showed goodness

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towards you, the goodness whether it be the blessings of Islam, the blessings of wealth, the blessings of property, the blessings of health, deliver, show that goodness, share it with other individuals, hold him towards the teachings of Islam, encourage them to submit to a loss of handler to Allah. And as you find that this falling hadith of today, continue that same theme of shame goodness to the people around us to reconcile to rectify our affairs. If not, we find that this could be a delay

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delaying us from entering into paradise directly. And sometimes some of these actions take preference over praying and fasting in terms of super robotic and no one can actions. These actions have more of a priority, over meeting some extra networking prayers, or fasting extra days. Not to minimalize these actions, but just to place them in a scheme of judgment, a scale of acceptance, a scale of importance, that these actions pay a great importance in front of Allah Subhana Allah, and then the prophets of the law

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does define all of us are met on a journey to return back to our field abode. We were expelled from the from gender where our forefathers Adam and Eve somehow or a cinema expelled taken out of Paradise, one of the most common one but

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only small remnants of Daisy remained upon this dunya and then returning back to the loss of Canada either the real effort is to return back to paradise, the eternal home, the eternal living place for the believers

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in recovery

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for the Huni theory baddie, what the Holy Trinity strange is that lots of counter mentions and amongst my servants, servants, who live together in this dunya will be replicated inside the ashram. And if you studied in great detail,

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the language of the Quran speaks about entities identities, a language that we all share upon this dunya as for the essence and the format a difference inside the

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fruits, vegetables, grapes, wine, alcohol, honey brocades garments, sofas, reclining, all these elements we find is that

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the names are identical inside this dunya but as for inside the mascara, the identity changes.

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The point had been that if you're going to be a one brothers inside this dunya then automatically for the who leaves the bed in and amongst my servants, through a service on this dunya will be served inside the US wherever man and Lady Diem should be homeowner, a man who walk upon this earth in a state of humility. What either photo Miuccia Luna calm center, when ignorant individuals begin to disturb them, and as a peace be upon such individuals and then they characteristic they continue these individuals. But the point being they're trying to become greater in becoming in such danger that we can meet one another. Inside the Astra is what the end journey or the aspiration of any wish

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should be inserted.

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And as before and they should be moments of finding how our actions can be lifted to Allah Subhana Allah. That is what the prophet Allah is some Captain advising his companions advising his friends are doing certain actions that are lifted to Allah Subhana Allah that are presented to Allah Subhana Allah. In the Quran Allah Allah mentioned Elijah struggle

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When I'm going to Sony, you're referring to a loss opponent Our goal is the good word

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and righteous actions. They push up the good word. The good word is the caliber of law either in a bar in other places or the Quran Allah Allah describes that this this Candyman, as you have between one have this summer to tea Okuda Hakuna Heaney Indira be here inside surah Ibrahim. Allah describes that this kalama is like a strong tree. its roots are firmly grounded inside the ground in Mombasa decided to see he mentioned this code with a bit of

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coding only therapists who oppose in a law that is the firm affirmation of the belief of the believer strong Grace is inside the Akita inside their belief and in the fruits. They branch out every so often they give to the fruits are given the harvest is given people benefit from it. That is the former in the summer of the summer of cola.

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Unknown there

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have not yet none has the right to be worshipped except for loss of Canada was the freedom recovery movement in our in a minute. Then seek forgiveness for your discrepancies where mistakes, seek forgiveness of the believing Muslims and underpinning men and women. How do you actually live to push them up having the right belief. Likewise, prayer doesn't make anyone mentioned after person completes their prayer they should give saga that will push the prayer push the good deeds push it to Allah Subhana Allah good deeds they travel up to a loss of helander either. As a side point remember the heaviness works and renew us this is in evidence that a lot of guys above his creation

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above his creation brings other numerous evidences that calling out to Muslim Canada other above the seven heavens and he responds to the previous individuals. And if you find that a prophet alayhi salatu salam also you mentioned we began with wants to encourage this Muslim Ummah, to carry out to do certain actions that he said that I want to I like to fast on Monday and Thursday, because those are the days that the doors are open. And I want my actions to go up on those days. In other words, before that I was born on that day

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and work so consider that we find this does it become an evidence that this is an evidence to celebrate the birthday, the prophet Elijah Not too shabby my debate about it. But unfortunately, this we can highlight this deviancy has crept in, it becomes a symbol of the right belief, unfortunately, even though it should not be something to discuss, but nmfc remember that just by he mentioned on board on a Monday is in which there isn't evidence as for the worth of jumada appearance or the tradition that shows an evidence of its importance. This is just harbor information. I was born on a Monday

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because unfortunately, I have to mention about many of the most of Omar begins to go to extremes. Their whole life their whole allegiance. It just revolves around is one day. And I hate to use such a word one day of celebration, celebrating a birthday the profits of so many blessings that we find their whole life is allegiance upon that whoever doesn't celebrate it. Instead, there's some deficiency inside the email. There's some deficiencies not enough of the Sunnah and another prophet alayhi salatu salam, a simple response that we find called equal to the hip una lava Irani it's a surah Emraan 31st chapters of verse inside the surah. So if you love Allah Subhana Allah to be

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earning emammal huahine works as well. To make this ayah to be there is an empty hand to test your Eman, simple message we give to our fellow brothers and sisters we have this immense love towards the Prophet La Silla to set up just your love to be really genuine love with your obedience, your

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your, your following of the population of STEM and your daily life. And so returning back to the main hobby to start with Virgin Yeoman is Daniel Yeoman homies. The doors are open every Monday every Thursday for your via via opt in

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for every individual is forgiven on that day. Now you could be late

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except for the one from the except for what has not committed any ship.

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Every individual be forgiven except for the one who commits

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those uprightness output on Monday and Thursday.

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This shows once again, before we enter into the main topic, the admin of tawheed because some people definitely find it offensive. Why are we reminding this person?

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This the benchmark within a nerve agenda. This is the fine line. Political elements are all important. They all relevant to us. But the most the most important line that many of us have crossed over and over

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see much of this must've almost crossed over is a shipbuilder is to associate partners with a loss of Canada will always be always more than forms and colors and impacts that we find that even we're going to touch upon the present. And a Philistine may sound harsh for many of us. But some of the average people they don't have, they don't have a deep image love of the law of loss of Canada either. Does he read historically, you find your previous 2030 and you find historically, you find Marxist theories being taught being implemented in oppressive environment. How can Marxist theories be implemented inside oppressive law? This isn't a skirt is the force of the people force of the

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people who cover and need them. forms of socialism, communism, how can that enter into mindset and hearts of people. This allows another announcement to take place. And by people we become degraded individuals national common as an absorbing Islam. We are a nation a people who are given dignity and strength by Islam. Whoever tries to seek online glory by any other means will be disgraced in the midst of the unhappy misstatement of honorable Paul, when he entered into Philistine mela liberated once again. Because when he entered in it said to present yourself, just having fun these modernistic Muslims today, they say to our clerics, they say don't present yourself in front of the

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preferred present himself in a way they want you to present. What you when you can be presented in front of them. Because he had made all of his clothing, he had to have patches along with clothing. He didn't look like a politician. He didn't dress like a politician, he have etiquettes of a politician. May Allah forbid me Look, a rugged individual and destitute, downtrodden individuals colleague with a Muslim muslimeen. So this is some form of a presenting yourself if and these delegates tidy yourself up in front of these individuals. So he rebuked our big agenda, he rebuked him, it is how you think we should come in from the past to present ourselves in a way that suits

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them. Nothing to

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do with Islam. We are people who seek a dignified Islam, by the traits and the symbols of Islam. The symbols of Islam is what gives online glory to an individual, not the way that you dress, not the way that you speak. The other way they have their ethical symbols and a slogan that we that we believe as Muslim, is it. I call it slavery mentality. They ruled over for more than 150 years, some of you are still slaves to them. Mentally, we're still slaves to them, that this is what we need to do to present ourselves in front of these individuals to be dignified.

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Have you ever seen any dignity from them?

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What dignity exists from them 1000s of people suffer day in and day out with the dignity then or we don't want to discuss that. Because that is a concern. Because the Muslim has no value has no real value in the face of this. So that's why they can be trashed around one day and

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then you find your Quran described that they will be going from here to there all across the earth all across the land.

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There'll be no dignity for them.

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That's how the Quran describes. But yet they answer they respond to the call of those individuals. And we don't see the symbols of the Quran we don't see the message of

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Allah throughout the Quran narrates various stories about the Holy Quran. As if the Holy Quran is Benny Israel. More than one Quran is talking about

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the most of the Quran, in the head of Quran, the Kusanagi Israel, most of this karate just narrating about the stories of any Israeli right from the beginning to the end. For what purpose? Remember, I mentioned a moment of the law because if seven to take the specification to generate the the words and look at the specifics, what is what is the message

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when it begins it speaks about what I'm talking

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it day in and day out. Rizzuto Baccarat could begin by highlighting this one I'm lonely

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for eternity. For eternity, they'll never be happy with you. No matter what you do inside your life. No matter how much you bend over backwards inside your life. No matter what you change about yourself. The answer is well.

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That's it.

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What are we debating about now? What are we discussing about now? All that we can do as they say is minimize the impact, minimize the damage, minimize what's going to take place. But in the back of our mind, you should be crystal clear that everything around us today.

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It's not history. It's a fact. It's actually a history that repeats itself.

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Again and again

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and the only superhot individuals are unfortunate some of us Muslims. So, the sad fact is that we are the sofa, we are the foolish individual seem to see the lessons that appeared before it occurred before as well. Then the program has already mentioned in the original kind of thing will be known as the Shatner.

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Every individual entity paradise,

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except for a person who has some form of grievance, a grudge a bad feeling animosity towards their brother, that person will be held back.

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That person will be held back on the Day of Judgment a person who has some animosity has fallen out with another individual. And you know many of us Muslims today we've fallen out with other Muslims over trivial issues.

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We hear it day in and day out. I don't speak to his brother because I don't pray the same machine as him because he doesn't pray like me. He doesn't do dislike me or he just does he does this is it like many of the factors that we we really study attribute of is that we fall in love with other individuals or their monetary affairs worldly affairs. We fall out over one another over things of the dunya Yeah, pitanja it comes and goes.

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A few pennies a few pounds won't make you any rich inside your life. With a message of Quran is always about forgiveness, about partnering over looking people's debts, wiping out people's debts, returning their wealth back to them, taking care of people. That's what the Quran encourages time and time again, that's the message of foreign but we find that our message our Ranko now in feeling has become a form of prevention. On the attachment May Allah forbid, the Quran mentions about the system, the characteristics of the believing individuals was really about 30 minutes.

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so Alomar describes about the paradigms which have been created for the pious individuals.

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Many of us we think we're pious individuals, we think they're good individuals.

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If you look at the Quran describes who these pious individuals are. And Buena Vista rah rah, those who stand in a time of Felicity goodness, and a time of hardest extent.

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They may be some of us we do that, then is the fact they continue when Calvin and Hobbes which literally means to swallow one's anger, when our feanor and in nursing will know your name.

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easy it is for many of us to to pick certain characteristics of believing individuals D deep into the Koran will tell the mean and why don't you swallow the anger for the sake of Allah? Will our feanor and the nurse that tells you pardon and forgive people around them who spoken about them taking their right taking their property taking something away from them, forgive him pause in the Muslim Brothers around them.

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Am I love the tools of good individuals and then the if they continue, when levena

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caruba look at how great the Koran is, those who committed any form of illicit behavior misconduct of them oppress their own self. They returned back to Canada remember a lot of data, they seek the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah Who is the one that forgives sins, except for only a panda Allah, what am used to do.

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And they don't persist. Once they hear the message of the Quran. They understand the Quran. They don't persist, they don't continue inside those actions. They break away with another gain the knowledge the message of the Quran. And that is once again what many of us are missing the message and the theme of the Quran, the impact of the Quran that's why the same person who's memorized Don't call him half Don't

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call him the one Hamill or the one who carries the Quran. Because we have the unhandled operand is the one who implements the teaching is the one who lives by the Quran, who becomes an embodiment of the Quran, it becomes a visualization to get in the habit of number How many of you find that Asia

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can have Hulu or and she described the Prophet alayhi salatu salam as being the embodiment of the foreigner am I walking for an hour, so people can visualize that?

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See what this

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is speaking in the for the the format, the prophet Allah is set up to set up sticking to the handle, and avoiding the harem. And as we find that these symbols that we find a moutoku Allah, Allah describes the pious individuals, that when you have no Ranko no ill feeling in this dunya and if you do have an inside this dunya before you enter to paradise, Allah will remove it from the hearts of the individuals in Alberta in a future near to Waterloo.

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Indeed the price individual beans or the gardens will be surrounded by the springs will be surrounded by the rivers or the who would who will be said Me, me me enter into this paradise and in a state of peace in a state of tranquility, when I thought about the suitability in a foreign company,

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these individual find when as well as and I'm happy to talk to him, we're going to expand, we're going to pluck out take out any Ranko any ill feeling that they may have become bredrin facing one another. Some of the rhythm of the fussy dimension is a man and he recited these if and in the atrocities that took place with a warfare took place between some of the companions that inspired the district to Africa to be such individuals, that even we fought against one another. But on that day, we're going to be pious individuals, pious brethren meeting one another. And I'm not going to take away is Franco this MC the Shatner is bad feeling towards can be lifted away. In other places,

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the Koran elements are sorted out off. One has an AMA fee, so do remain in touch, you'd even

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call him to realize that he had done and he had 130 and older and

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strange is the last

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before or after before speaking about the greatest blessing of Islam,

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that Islam is what unifies us, what unites us, Allah mentions that he's going to take out the rancor the bad feeling, as if this Shahrukh Khan this dunya that icon is bad feeling amongst yourselves. Rejoice in the blessings of Islam

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in the Moto moto wahida indeed this almost one nation doesn't respond to places like a

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stranger. If you look at the context of these other locations of these first instance suit and hedge their annual pilgrimage, the 22nd chapter look around the gathering of the Muslims. They never dealt with any global gathering like this Allah mentioned in the first time. The second time Allah mentioned exactly the same verse with a different ending is it's like so many on the 23rd chapter, the forehand and the believers stranger is that a lot of other places

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to hide inside such a location that some of us fail to ponder into reflect inside so that we know that we believe as we Muslims are one nation one oh my god that we should be sharing the blessings of Islam. And like what's inside this is also called Iraq. Once again, the whole discussion becomes the people, the people of Paradise and the people of hellfire. What should we be aspiring, what is Muslim Ummah? What should be raging within ourselves? That our people again day in and day again, more and more closed on me I love to have the Hellfire had even Bukhari, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, he gave this parable, like a person ignited the fire. And a person ignited the fire is trying

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to stop them off the mosquitoes, the insects are going into that fire. He tries to push them away. Because again towards the light. He said in the test my parallel

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that fire is the fire of journalists.

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And the people are heading towards that fire. I'm trying to stop the people. I'm trying to prevent them but they overcome him. They got prostate, they're heading towards that fire. That's what a massive amount of this world is heading towards that fire. And may Allah forbid that some of us Muslims are heading towards that fire as well. It's not for us to place any Muslim its agenda. So we find even on a scholarly basis even when Muslims have different other Muslims. May Allah forbid they're fought against one another. There is a great debate that takes place about Muslim fighting another Muslim will they reside in killing another Muslim for eternity inside the hellfire.

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And in summary, the most appropriate view is that you cannot classify another Muslim to recite for eternity inside the Hellfire does not agree that we should follow that even Muslim fought against another Muslim in the Quranic hints awards that are important

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for us nearby Noma inside, so to

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18 verses 49 chapter

00:29:14--> 00:29:20

18 verses are written 18 verses to make an Islamic Society.

00:29:21--> 00:29:46

Put aside the 6300 odd verses inside the Quran. If we only focus on 18 verses, we'll see the symbol of an Islamic Society. And here we find our input if a time if two groups amongst a believers Allah describes whoever the fighting and the fighting in ones are fought against the Quran describes them as both believe in individuals and they fight one another be consigned between them.

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And we have seen these if you find that when the Muslims were united in some Medina that we find, you know, some of us we don't really know not even history or even to

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docu series.

00:30:02--> 00:30:17

These individuals never ever wanted the Muslim to be united, prior to Islam that we find a prior to becoming a prophet Hassan II find an answer. Or you find out your husband and his two tribes of Medina that we find

00:30:18--> 00:30:23

if you look at it, if at the inside sort of algebra that you have been a champion,

00:30:24--> 00:30:38

the they defer that divided, divided the people divide the community and they began to control them. Just like today we divide, we splinter this Muslim Ummah, they splinter it apart, and they pulled the strings from above.

00:30:39--> 00:30:41

They came along.

00:30:42--> 00:30:51

And they said to wonderful, they said, Get this donkey, the writing piece of the progress of getting away from us, because it smells.

00:30:52--> 00:31:14

So when the companion became enraged, how dare you speak about the population in this manner. And our interview stood up and said, there's nothing wrong about these people don't rehearse and rewinding and began to squabble amongst one another, and began to hate one another. The parent is not one on one in shooting for stones at one another. Yahoo turned back, began to sneak and began to laugh.

00:31:15--> 00:31:22

Laugh at them, look at them, fighting amongst themselves. While we enjoyed a piece.

00:31:23--> 00:31:36

This is exactly what is displayed in front of us today. displayed in front of us today that has been squabbling, we fight and we pick amongst one another. What are we doing amongst ourselves?

00:31:38--> 00:31:48

political climate at the moment cut off ties with copper, cut off ties with Yemen, cut off ties with Somalia cut off ties, all Muslim countries break own ties in Muslim countries on what basis

00:31:50--> 00:31:59

on a threat of what the threat of what to solidify your throne to solidify your empire that day. Anyone rise against us?

00:32:00--> 00:32:15

This the Shaffner that exists amongst Muslims today. That's all that we worry about. Less someone rising question my authority, my nepotism, my control of father to son to son to son to family to family,

00:32:16--> 00:32:18

and a question that day in and day out.

00:32:19--> 00:32:39

To my small existence on this earth. I haven't come across one text that states that are boosting governments from one cell to another cell to another cell to one family, to his own family. Correct me if I'm wrong, I've never seen it. I've never read it in my life.

00:32:40--> 00:32:43

But yet we find this is all that is posted online revolves around today.

00:32:45--> 00:32:57

And as we find delays or individuals, wherever we are on disputes, may Allah forbid their global disputes that we want to lay them on that day, until they do what until they rectify themselves, what to look

00:33:00--> 00:33:02

for. In order for him Rahim

00:33:13--> 00:33:59

al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen also do send the mana de vida and he was such a succubus una de la yo medium Baba, the prophet Elijah some completed the Hadith were mentioned three times about such individuals for your call on their why they need had to study her, delayed these two individuals into their rectify their affairs, delay them from entering into paradise, I repeated that three times to show that the emphasis the importance of reconciling amongst yourselves inside this dunya before you come inside the earth, reconcile yourselves, if the if and this could be a barrier, if we are entering into paradise, that says as long as a person lives upon this dunya that we find, person

00:33:59--> 00:34:41

needs to learn about what is known as the number one self the ego is also a form of ship that we find that a person loves their own self doesn't want to step down many times that we find the rankles that take place it is not an extreme view, wars are broken out on the face of this earth because of a person's ego because of their status, that people should stand in front of me in a certain manner. People should speak to me in a certain manner, people should not dare speak out to me in such a such a manner. walls have broken out. wars have taken place because of the ego of the individual. Because the status as well Muslim, the Muslim breaks the end of

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the Muslim breaks the ego, even a small scale that we find a personal disputes with another Muslim, argued another Muslim and a person knows that they are correct. That person will have a house in paradise given to them and he knows that's correct. And then he is right in the center of paradise where we from such to

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We're in such a basic elementary teachings that we argue with someone, but we carry on argue for the sake of what intent just to prove that I'm right. Just so I have the last word, I have the dominant word, to make that person look down to make that person look silly inside their life. That's not the role of a Muslim. A Muslim just presents what they know and they leave it in Allah. Allah upon us to convey the message upon us to remind the people to encourage the people to let the people know that these are fallacies, these are discrepancies. These are weaknesses. These are downfalls these are pitfalls. These Oh, that's what I told you is true. The whole is Muslim oma is as we began to find

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the swiftest path, the quickest path, the most accurate path to return back into paradise. And as we find that this argumentation that we deem that needs to destroy our era, unfortunately, his argumentation will begin to destroy

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it will not be consigned ourself, and as it should be a personal message to all of us to reconsider whether it leads towards our parents, our brothers and sisters, our family members, and loved ones, the people around us, people that we work with, reconcile and like with the wider community, the Muslim Ummah, to reconcile our affairs to become a global message and global view, a global word change is that is why a Koran is one word so wide messenger is one belief is one life if one Why are we different amongst ourselves? If all of us, our objective is to get into paradise, and we should encourage one another, and all these obstacles in the face of this earth is nothing but a test some

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of us have handed Allah to see nothing, but to unify us by the permission of Allah, to bring us back once again to the daddies of greatness of this Muslim ummah. That even though no matter how many times we fall, and we collapse, how many times we differ, Amitabh we may do certain actions. But as we become united once again, I would always remain united. And once they're trying in it, journey of becoming united. Remember, what can you add to my head? Oh, yeah, the word of Allah will always remain supreme will always remain remain Supreme. They may take down our symbols,

00:37:24--> 00:37:27

but still accept it someone fake understand the impact

00:37:29--> 00:37:30

that he

00:37:33--> 00:37:34

observed and

00:37:38--> 00:37:38


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as sort of disruptive

00:37:44--> 00:37:44

to get

00:37:45--> 00:37:47

set up, took him

00:37:49--> 00:38:33

took it all in a PC for what purpose? What purpose did he take in there to show him that this is the place of all the messengers of all the prophets. This is sacred area. This is our first kibra Muslim we're praying towards the beginning of second doodle so that we find the beginning page. And the second page is the discussion about that when you find that to be 16 or 18 months, about facing in that direction. What a great emphasis is placed on some strange hobbies. If a person cannot go and visit that machine, and he's ignite some candles, send some wax to be placed inside the to illuminate the muster to illuminate that area.

00:38:34--> 00:38:37

This is a blessing area that should fall for

00:38:40--> 00:38:42

free places that they should

00:38:43--> 00:38:47

never exert yourself in your life except for the free places.

00:38:49--> 00:38:50

Now suppose

00:38:51--> 00:39:01

the pursuit of profit is not to send out a better book this they are liberated once again, raised among some people at Silicon Valley up. That's what

00:39:02--> 00:39:08

brought about people who cared about the symbols of Allah gave the victory on their hand, read history.

00:39:09--> 00:39:51

Outside Parliament Square. King Richard the Lionheart, that symbol that you find is the same individual who fought against Allah holding it up. They never met face to face. But Serra de tramuntana up he said his own practitioners and his own Dr. King Richard the third was heard and said, Go and treat him because I want my enemy to be ready to fight me. He said. He said nice to him, said fruits to prepare yourself and meet your enemy. Meet and warmia historians have written there ever be any legal such as this individual, that even when he came and he liberated that man, or the non Muslim said, we want to be under incarceration this individual and be ruled by this

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

individual and these people who govern us. That's why Islam is liberation of Mind, Body soul, lands content, peace.

00:40:00--> 00:40:21

Guess what Islam is to liberate people, liberate life and liberate us inside the Astra graduate school and tofik inability to exert efforts in the code towards Allah subhanaw taala to remind people about the symbols of Allah to encourage them to respect the symbols of Allah for enamel. kulu woman you have them Sharon.

00:40:23--> 00:40:40

Whoever shows reverence, devotion, commitment to the symbols of a law, that is piety, that is pious behavior and commitment towards them not satanic Allah in the law woman I salute you ended in Amazon or something along with suddenly

00:40:46--> 00:40:50

Aloma Bertie tada Muhammad Muhammad Rahim Allah

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Sana joaquina governor of Oregon unfortunately left off in an hour from an akuna Minal Casa de una de comida Latina de taco Naveen and unfaithful lupino

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para la now sobre la was something of them and also Nana COVID caffine in parallel to the Pogo pin about a tenner. I haven't done anything

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return I have let me know as well Gina. Gina kurata

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tokina Inanna Fernando COVID-19 Nikita Samia honey, a name

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so camera