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in Al Hamdulillah

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no matter who minister in who in this 31 hours will be law he means surely unforeseen our main say here Dr. Melina Mejia de la HuFa who well monitored while mejor de Lille fell and Teddy della who will Asia Murshida will shadow Allah ilaha illallah Hua hula Cherie Keller was shadow and Mohammed and Abu who water Sulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was the Huberty he was a man who who Ilario mundane and my bad for Carlota Allah. Phil Quran Al Hakim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, or the F la Hellmuth mean on a levena Whom feels solid to him or she Oh, well levena Whom money love we move

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on? Well levena, whom Liza catify ELO don't. Praise be to Allah. He alone is worthy of all praise. We praise Him we seek His help forgiveness and His guidance. We seek the refuge and protection of Allah from our bad deeds as we seek his refuge and protection from the bad insiders.

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Know that one who is guided by Allah they are truly guided. One who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that, and I bear witness that there is no God, but the one true God, he has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him as a slave and messenger.

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I might as well say now rather than interrupt. If anybody sees any gaps in front or either side of them, please make an effort to try and fill the gaps and make as much room for our brothers. Especially in the main hall here. Monica lofi come at you Marine. Allah subhanaw taala says at the beginning of Surah Al may noon for the F la halmos Noon indeed the believers are successful, but it comes in a format all of the not only stressing but as though it's already happened. It's a given or the F la helmet Minoo not that they're going to be they are successful.

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f Lucha original is file Aha,

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its root word which means to split open whether use de specially for and that's why they call them Falah Hoon of Allah hain, those who saw the seeds the farmers who grow the crops to tell the land. That's where it comes from? Ha ha, if Lucha format is like you've tilled the land and got the crop,

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got the crop, so it's good news. That's why success. Success is from that angle called the F. Rahal movement noon.

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What is a success and these are yet

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the descriptions it gives for the believers who are successful are not limited to these yet. It is not a list and there's no other description outside it because the idea of mostly Hone comes in many ayat of the Quran. Yeah, well may you catch Johanna Sefa Allah Iike whom will mostly hone those who are saved from their greed of themselves. They are the ones who are successful for example, or Allah Samantha says, Hola. Hola who didn't mean rugby him one hula Iike, whom will move freehold such are the ones who are on guidance from their Lord. They are the ones who are the successful ones, but he doesn't use use phala as a way,

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the idea of getting paradise or the Mercy of Allah in the throughout the Quran is that success. The idea of

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full zoom or beam or *a differs, achieving a great woman up in la hora Sula, who forgot the Faza falls and our Vemma whoever obey Allah and His Messenger, they have indeed achieved a supreme triumph that is philosophy as well but in different words it comes

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Farmers zahavi. Now, what are the killer, Janita Faqad fires, whoever has been saved from the fire and entered into the Paradise, he or she is the one who's triumphed.

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So comes in different ways.

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And therefore, the descriptions here in these ayat are either extra or they are mixing with descriptions in other parts of the Quran

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or they overlap one another, just to be clear

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and more almost may noon they're the ones who have success. So, first and foremost is the man foremost is the man before any other descriptions are mentioned, is in the statement itself got the F la hull moved me noon, the opposite meaning of that, that the disbelievers will not succeed.

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Yes, inherent. So belief is the foundation and in the belief, the foundation of belief, as I've said, some Allah ma considered Salah as being part of that Eman

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because Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, called Salah Eman in one place as well. Like a given and you can see that because in these ayat Salah is stressed on twice in the ayat before we get to what this fella is what this success is one in its one in his number and time and second in the quality of the Salah. That's how important Salah is for moving on. So what is the falla hula ego hormone Lulu used to after describing the quality of the believers who get this success? Allah tells you what the philosophy is. What is the success such are the ones who will be the inheritors. The inheritors. Subhan Allah Allah specifically uses inheritance like after death because inheritance is

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all about death. Death has happened person is gone that's one inheritance happens. So to link it to the hereafter such are the ones that even after death they're actually inheriting

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a levy in ERISA Sunil field dosa whom fee half all you do on those who will inherit fair dose and they will dwell there in forever and ever. Immortality in for dose for those that prophesy slim said in authentic these

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either sell Tamala

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first lol first solution DOS, first cellule from dos. If you ask Allah, then ask Allah for for DOS because it is the highest and the middle part of paradise above it is the arch of the Most Merciful and the rivers of paradise that gush forth from this place. So ask Allah for full dose. So that's the phala brothers and sisters

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that we should be striving for me noon and levena home fee solidarity him harsh on those who have who sure in their salah.

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Here Allah is not saying those who pray

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because when Allah says those who have who show in their salah, he's already meaning they're praying.

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So let's start by mentioning in a few words, he's covering the idea that they are mousseline but they have a quality of Salah in which they have for sure who Chu is the quality of Salah. It is a state of the heart and the mind in Salah to be able to cut off as

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one of the tie between hustle and bustle he said it is to empty your heart and mind of everything. Yeah, and focus only in your Siela with Allah subhanaw taala that is for sure.

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That is for sure.

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This could show a humility humbleness, it is not just in the body but primarily it's in the heart.

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Part of it is in the body as well.

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And part of that whole issue is not looking around everywhere when you're in Salah to control the gaze. Yeah, and the best what the Sahaba did was to gaze at the place they were going to do the search there as following the Sunnah of Rasulullah saw

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and the prophesy some actually

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dislikes and Sahih Muslim mentions those who turn their faces off like that to the heavens in Salah not to do that.

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He recommended them and some scholars saw it as haram other so it is mcru which is most likely because the Quran makes the prophesies Salam called the Murata, Kaluga GkF his son.

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The Kabbalists are some used to when after the Hijrah used to pray towards vital MK this and Allah says he used to put his face up but he used to say Allahu Akbar to start the Salah, looking for the Qibla to be changed and Allah knew that's what he wanted. And it was changed then after some time, after the hatred and Medina towards the Kaaba.

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So that's why they say after that is mkuze disliked generally to do that. Some say to close your eyes is actually haram or disliked. But there's no evidence for that, actually. Yeah, of course, the best is to keep your eyes open and look at the place where if you need to, if you're distracted, or you need to concentrate to close your eyes for short periods of time, there's no harm in that. That's all part of her show. Her show is not obligatory, because none of us will be able to fulfill it. Some people said it's obligatory How can you be obligatory? Because if it is, who is there amongst us who has consumed in our Salah from when we say Allahu Akbar to when we do a Salam o

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alaikum. All the time, any of us, I can't claim that. So if it was obligatory, it would mean that the Salah is not accepted. So the best is it is mangoo It is recommended, which is also evidenced by the Hadith that come in regards to for example, Hadith Allah, Allah Who Buhari were Muslim Allah Sula SallAllahu Sallam

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either worthy Allah azza wa jal Akima is Salah, Feb dat Oh Bill Asha SallAllahu Islam if food has been served, and the apama has gone for the salah food for the evening meal here, Asha not Isha Asha, which means the evening meal the supper if the supper is served and the farmer for the salah has gone

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start with the food.

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Wi Fi rewired in Muslim in a report in Muslim he said after that Wallah yah Jelena had die Yes frova Minho.

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And do not be hasty in eating the meal and the drink because it's been established Salah until he or she has taken their fell from the food finish. In other words calmly Oh, so beauty of this Deen isn't our brothers and sisters. How many of us are ignorant about these things? Why? Because if you're hungry and the food is there, and even if you can smell it and you are about to eat and you're gonna do salah, your whole shoe is going to be affected, is it not? your stomach's going to be going round and round and you can you thought oh I've got to get to that food affects the whole show. Or all of a sudden Lysa did our her

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Allahu wa who Buhari will Muslim

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la salata be harder at bomb. Wala who are Yuda? A few hula Akbar son there is no Salah when food is served

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neither for the one who's your end of feces is holding them back so you need to go to the toilet. What kind of slide you're going to do. Some of us think oh yeah, I'll just do the salah then I'll go

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last salah but not again it is Makrooh to pray like that because what's going to be affected? For sure?

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Alladhina homefree Salah team ha she own Yeah, part of kashua brothers sisters, of course is to dissociate with Ephraim accountant, I'm doing my accounts or if I'm doing my business accounts while party has going on.

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Or thinking about what I'm going to do afterwards what I did before, what kind of issue is that? We all guilty of it. But we thought toquilla Mr. DA to be mindful of Allah as much as you're able to. And what helps is that focusing on the recitation and its meaning, why do we fall more prey to lack of tissue and being distracted because we don't understand the Salah in the first place. That doesn't help us does it?

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Yeah, Salah, and the recitation is the key of the Salah, and the recitation is there is Kalam Allah to remind me which will bring me closer to Allah subhanaw taala How am I reminded if I don't understand anything?

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Well, Lavina Houma and you love me more you don't those who stay away divert away steer away from law who

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what is love?

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What is low, some people said it is

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futile talk

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love who is not light law who are law who

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love who is a wider meaning to mean amusement pastime. And I mentioned it before in hot tubs as well that you can have pastime and amusement which is halal playing with your family your children spending time with your wife or husband all that is part of recommended law who but law who amusement can be haram in itself. Yeah.

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Love who here is talking about speech

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and hear they stay away from love who is speech, which

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it's really linking it with the javelin or the jar Hello, the ignorant kuffaar In other words, because Allah says in other part of the Quran

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Well, Adina Scharoun Azula Ivana Ruby love we now Rukia Rama messing quality of EBA Dora man, the slaves of the Most Merciful Allah says, Those who they do not witness falsehood.

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And when they go pass by pass by law who

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they passed by with dignity

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or what is our heart about whom will Jahai Luna all you sell? On there, read the address by the DJI help the ignorant people, they say salam, meaning they leave and go away. Or Allah says what you call describing believers again in regards to love Allah says, What is semi oh love what you've asked me love.

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Allah do walk all who walk or Lu Lana maluna

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LUCAM Salah I'm on alikom Lana battalion, Jaya healing when they hear Lovoo

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they turn away from it. And they say for us is our deeds and for you your deeds they talking to kuffaar

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for us our deeds for you your deeds, your Salam Alaikum salam on upon you. That also gives you a direct evidence of being able to say salam to confer because this is kofod of the Quran is talking about Salam aleikum. We do not wish to be in the company of ignorant people. This is not to say we can't speak to disbelievers. This is when this believers are doing love. What is it? They are insulting? The Prophet SAW Selim insulting Muslims insulting Islam? Yeah. Coming out with foul talk foul speech. Any of those things are all under law who? Yeah.

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So it's not that we don't talk to them but when they come in a state of their will not willing to listen and this is the attitude and speech that's coming out from the mouth which is which is insulting to Islam to redeem and foul. That's what Allah's was talking about.

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Well, Lavina

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whom and he loved remote with all those who from this kind of speech, this the stay clear from it. Yeah, a little agreement como well Lavina homeless Zakka Tifa Elune. Those who some amorphous Iran said this is those who purify themselves because SWAT will not be known is a murky Surah but the best evidence is this means those who give the pay the zakah which actually includes purifying the self because the then of the car came to purify ourselves from greed. So the best opinion is the cow was made obligatory and Metka but it's actual portions. portions were decided in Medina. And before that, believers were giving out the car like sadaqa whatever amount they will, well Lavina whom Lisa

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catify alone will Lavina whom the photo G him half you go on Illa Allah as largie him oh man, Allah get a man who home those who God their private parts, or they put in English God their chastity, but literally means God their private parts, except from their wives.

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Or their husbands or the way

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old man Melaka tiny man or home or their slave, female slave, we don't need to get into that.

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discussion. That's not the topic for today, but that's what it mentions, and it's not relevant for us today.

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For inner home guy Romelu maim them they are not blameworthy. In other words, having the sexual relationship between husband and wife through marriage is not blameworthy. Otherwise it is Zina and Allah Samantha says, while I talk caribou Xena, in Canada he shut down was

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sob and do not go near fornication, Sex outside marriage.

00:20:37--> 00:20:58

Brothers and sisters. They talk about homosexuality and all this and marriage of homosexuals in Islam. It is haram from the major sins to have sex outside marriage between in a heterosexual relationship nevermind homosexual. You're going over there and where he will be here saying It's haram

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let me be clear, there are only two genders in Islam, male and female man and woman girl and boy, chromosomally, it is the same biologically it is the same by nature. It is the same in every creature. It is the same.

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Don't be fooled.

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Don't be fooled. Okay, uh, here.

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Don't go near Zina.

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Yeah, don't say don't do Xena. People say Oh, well, you know, I know a boy or no girl. Can I? Somebody asked me a couple of years ago. Is it all right? Can I hold hands? I said why you want to hold hands?

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Well, what purpose? Can we be in a room together on our own? Why do you want to be in a room together? Because the third is shaytaan is the prophesy Islam said this is Muslims asking which the following Subhanallah you have to explain? Because holding I mean, this is what happened to Christianity is haram there as well then they say so right? It's just boyfriend girlfriend, it's all just going for a dinner together. So they're just holding hands is so right they just having an embrace and a kiss but they're not doing the rest of it. All of it is a slippery slope that leads to the rest of it, as many Muslims are found out, who took no heed of this, we know. So stay clear.

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Young and old from this married and unmarried, this is from the major sins do not go near. So Allah Swatara here for those who are going to be successful to inherit paradise and fill those those fulfill that desire which is natural only through marriage with their husbands and wives.

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For inner who hide Omalu mean Simon a bit of our all as early CAFA hula Iike who will do whoever seeks to go beyond that to fulfill that desire by any other means. They are the ones who are the transgressors that would like go home the adult Akula goalie had I was suffering. Welcome in Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Astra Phil MBI will mousseline early who was savvy it's mine and my buddy Alexa.

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What color is Zulu Lai? sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He had these Allah Yahweh who Buhari were Muslim.

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Men yardman li ma bein Allah. Yea, he was Mr. Boehner, his li he admin lagenda whoever guarantees for me to control and protect their tongue and their private parts. I'll guarantee for that person paradise.

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To make it very clear, okay. In line with what the Quran is saying.

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So guaranteed brothers, sisters, let's guard and protect ourselves. This is our deen. These are the quality of believers brothers and sisters that become estranged in a society which is godless. They are not strange to us, do not become strangers to these qualities young and old. These are the quality of macmini and they always have been aspire for them, strive for them. Even if you fall short get up and do Toba. Allah will wipe away the sins and all of us need of Toba are we not young and old, but do not justify it. Do not ask Oh, it should be halal is two people consenting that is much more dangerous than actually falling into their sin brothers sisters and doing Toba.

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So Allah subhanaw taala after that says,

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Will Lavina Liana de hemo de Moura on well Lavina homely Amanda team. Notice all of it is well Latina. Allah could have said, well, Dina, but home

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The stress on it is just beauty of speech, those who are not those who that do that doors whom

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to reiterate those kinds of people,

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those who fulfill their pledges and their promises.

00:25:21--> 00:25:39

What are the Hemara all? This is the quality of believers. They are not liars, they're not cheats. They're not deceivers. They keep trusts. In fact, come back ala Rasulillah, Salah Salem, fie Hadith Allah, Allah al Bukhari and Muslim. I feel monarchic Celeste

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is a hunter. So Kevin,

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what is that? What are the athletes? Why the tahmina on? What FIRA Wyatt in the Muslim? He added something I'll come to that the signs of a hypocrite in character or three. When he or she speaks, they lie. When they make a promise they break it. When they are entrusted with something they break the trust.

00:26:08--> 00:26:24

What FIRA Wyatt in Muslim was in sama was salah, was that Allah Allah Who Muslim even before she fast and praise and claims to be Muslim, these are the qualities of a monographic May Allah save us from that

00:26:26--> 00:26:59

truthfulness, honesty not lying and which is widespread in all around us. So it is our Salah and I imagine that's going to protect us and Goddess. Be proud of what we have brothers and sisters. We have the guidance and light a note from the Creator. directly to us. How blessed are we and how cursed will we be if we put it to one side and throw it away the treasure that we have the others of going around blindly.

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And then

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when Medina whom Allah Salah to him you have his own those. Now he mentioned those who got their Salah

00:27:14--> 00:27:16

Solara su ly Salah Salem

00:27:17--> 00:27:20

or kill ya rasool Allah

00:27:21--> 00:27:37

are you I'm a hot boy Allah Allah, Allah su Isola, so a salary to Allah work t so my bed will validate which deed is most loving to Allah they asked the Messenger of Allah He said Salah all its time

00:27:39--> 00:27:45

Salah on his time so the God their prayers not just be lazy about it. Alright I'll pray it later.

00:27:47--> 00:28:19

For now let's talking about guarding the time of the prayer and then ending with they are the ones who inherit hula Iike whom will worry throne Allah Xena URI sunnah dosa home fee Holly dude, that is a summary of these areas. Each area is a chapter in a book. I've given you a summary even though you think he's gone on for too long, which is true. May Allah forgive us guide us and fill our hearts and we'd like and our minds with light of His guidance and our lives with the light of His guidance Allahumma Amin

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in Aloha Malika huzzah Luna Linda beat yeah you log in to Amazon suddenly whether you're selling water Sliva, Allah masala robotic law Muhammad wa ala Muhammad Kumar so later Bharata like Rahim Allah Allah Allah Ibrahima innaka Hamid de Majeed in Allah Hi Yamato Bill Adebola son, what he taught is quarterback Ryan Hardy will Fashi Wall Mount Carmel buggy UI zuccon La Quinta karoun Old Corolla yes go to come. What Oh, yesterday Villa calm while the crew Allahu Akbar Allahu Yatta Wilma does not own qumola Salah announcement there is a brother called us sim from the community who is seriously ill in intensive care may Allah Samantha give him speedy recovery suffered for the family.

00:29:00--> 00:29:18

There are others who are ill as our brother our Imam Ahmed whose mother is terminally ill May Allah Tala make that a source of wiping away of a sin shower His mercy and make her journey is full of BS BarakAllahu li come home Willa EULA