Zahir Mahmood – The Abu Bakr Series #18

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the confirmation of the HMR and the title of Islam, which is considered the most influential title among believers. The importance of leadership is emphasized, with some people not wanting to be called the leader and others not wanting to. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding the message of Jesus to kill Omar and the importance of acknowledging and criticizing mistakes in Islam. The segment concludes with a call to action for viewers to watch a series on ECAM.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen odana Muhammad wa ala early he was high behaved women study at home bear son Illa yo Medina. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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inshallah we're gonna carry on with the DeLisle regard and the proofs regarding Abubakar Siddique or the Allah and who being chosen as the first Hanif. So we've gone through the Quran, we've gone through the Sunnah each mark, what is the Juma here is the HTML of the Sahaba. The consensus of the Sahaba was one of the larger mind

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was Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu, chosen by the HMR of the Sahaba the consensus of the Sahaba

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without a shadow of a doubt, Rebekah the Eliana was chosen by the Jamaat the Sahaba of the land. Now, those are harbor who gave the bait of Ridwan without as one the best of Sahaba rhodiola and him so yeah, the but people are bother and then the awkward and the later of those who gave the Bayer the allegiance to the Messenger of Allah on the on the day of Ridwan under the tree and they gave beta and the Legion message of Allah subhanaw taala said that they would fight until the death and why did they give this allegiance because when they came to Mecca, osmotic nephron, or the a lot of went into Mecca, and then there was rumors spread that a man had been martyred by the master key. So

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took Bayer from 1400s of harbored with one large mind that they would fight to the end.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala recall this in the Quran and then Allah subhanaw taala praises them he said Luca de Ravi, Allah I need more money that is your by your own schedule, that Allah is pleased with those believers who gave Bayer to you under the tree.

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So Allah here praises them in his book, these were the best of people at all of them gave Bayer to Abubakar syndicate.

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And many, many more. Now the question arises, oh, but the vast majority of Sahaba who were actually at the fi fe will hedge we're not even in Medina. So how is it possible that they gave way to Boubacar speaker the

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the most important the most influential Sahaba rizwana large marine were in Medina

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with a few exceptions, but the most important influential Sahaba in Medina, and all of them gave bayar to Abu Bakar acidic about the alano so that's what all count because impossible to get everybody there. So they gave bear even until the time of Omar

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Omar or the Allah Allah would not allow the influential Sahaba to actually leave Medina it was only in the time of Mandela the Allahu anhu that he allowed them to go out to other places. Omar was very careful.

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Only under dire need would he allow any of the eminence or harbor of the Allah annum to leave Medina for two reasons he would say one because I need you to be closed by me if I need a mushroom etc and the second is that he said I don't want people to exploit you your position utilize you. So because of these factors so during time Abubakar acidic, all influential Sahaba in Medina during a time all of the hubbub all the influential Sahaba the Allah Akbar a few who they set themselves were actually not embedded the rest of all in Medina, so the best of people gave Bayer to Abubakar acidic or the alarm.

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the statement of the Sahaba the alarm home is an indication to the HMR What did the Sahaba say? They would say the Messenger of Allah chose a boubakeur for our deed. What did they mean by deed?

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What do you say you will not use it for?

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lead this Allah say when the Messenger of Allah chosen for our Deen that we chose him for our dunya and this exact statement is also attribute it to know other than le rhodiola. Now it is a claim of a group of people. Look, even if a group of people gay didn't give

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Pay to Abubakar city, Columbia Law number D wouldn't make a difference because the vast majority did. And the vast majority did that suffice. And in this case, you know, a very, very large majority, if not everybody gave,

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then is a claim that actually Annie gave the Bayer by he only gave the Bayer because he was forced.

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And therefore there is no HMR because I know the lanu was forced to give the Bayer now I dealt with this in the last

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previous lesson, how any was not a coward. But secondly, look.

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And they say that actually hid his real feelings, although he didn't want to give the bear. We, as believers,

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only look at what is apparent. We don't know what's in the heart, only a lot of what's in the heart. If you take that argument, then they will never ever, you can never establish an A jamaa a consensus in our 1400 years because you could always bring the argument or well you know, he only did it because he wanted to keep you happy. He only did it because he didn't want to cause strife. He only did it because you know,

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he was concerned what you would do to him etc, etc. So therefore, from the edge ma it is established that abubaker the alarm who was chosen by the best of people who are love praised the Quran, Ravi, Allah and Memorial. Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with their abode by Allah subhanaw taala.

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Let me briefly mentioned a couple of other reasons why Abu Bakar the alarm who deserved to be the Salif one, he spent many many years with the profits and loss

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ratios I left with a backup of the law I came with Abu Bakar Delano I did this with Abu Bakar Viola I did this with a broker dealer.

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Sahaba of the Allah animal unanimous that the most knowledgeable from amongst them was Abubakar acidic about the Allah.

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So knowledge wise, he was

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the most knowledgeable amongst us. How about Allah at home, he spent the most years with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the first male to embrace Islam. Okay, in many, many generations as we've done, and we shall do later on the prophets, Allah bore testimony that he had superior qualities to everybody else. So because of all these narrations, Mr. Beatty, Rahim Allah says that there was a jamaa

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amongst the Sahaba and the web that nobody was better than Abu Bakar they all agreed that the best one from amongst the Sahaba of the Allah and welcome to city Colossians and really honestly if you look into the seed of the province of Lhasa Look, if you look into the life of ibaka silica Do you realize that there was no person out of all the Sahaba although all of them were ready to die for the Messenger of Allah, Allah Allah He was a lump. There was no Sahabi who left love the Messenger of Allah as much as abubaker city can.

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No sir happy

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there was no Sahabi who had as much concern for the deen as Abubakar Allah so taking all these

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things into consideration

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abubaker the Allah who was the most deserving to be the Calif now so

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Allah gives one of the ansata give Bayer who was in the search beaver tobacco syndicate. Then a couple of days later,

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they gather in the masjid and they call all the Muslims and then a general Bayer is given to Abubakar acidic rhodiola. Now Hey, everybody gives the Bayer is on this occasion that Abu Bakar says with Ali then and he comes and he says basepair and zubayr come and then they give beta to Abubakar Siddique ldlr now here Abubakar Allah gives a speech Okay, and I'm going to read this speech out to you so this is his inaugural speech yet so you as the Prime Minister and the President said that when they're sworn in they give the n o group speech okay. This is the best man after the MBR lips that slumped walk on the face of this earth. Look a speech Look how long his speech if you can

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actually time it. How long the speech of Abubakar acidic or the alarm is, he says and I read it in English and in English, it will be slightly longer than active then it would be in Arabic said oh people

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I have been indeed appointed over you, though I am not the best among you. If I do well that helped me. And if I wrongly then correct me, truthfulness is synonymous with fulfilling the trust.

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And lying is tantamount to treachery. The weak amongst you is deemed strong by me until I returned to them which is right three days in sha Allah and the strong among Xu is deemed weak by me, until I take from them what is rightfully someone else's insha Allah. No group of people abandon Jihad and the path of Allah except that Allah makes them suffer humiliation and wickedness does not become widespread amongst a group of people, except that Allah inflicts them with widespread calamity. obey me as long as I obey Allah and His messenger. And if I disobey Allah and His Messenger, then I have no right to your dis to your obedience. Stand up now to pray. May Allah have mercy. This was the

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entire a no good speech of Abubakar Siddique La Jolla, no half an hour, no one hour loader, but it came from the heart and reading Subhana Allah, it encompasses the essence of Islamic governance. Every point he touches on so the first point he says so let me briefly elaborate on the points. He says Oh, people

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will need to Aleykum I have been appointed over but will lead to eleiko. He doesn't say I have appointed myself above you. So hey, he said I have been appointed you have chosen me.

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Not that I chose myself. No, no nepotism, and you look no boubakeur, he didn't choose your children. You look at Omar. He didn't choose your children. As you when somebody said choose Abdullah Omar as a shoe ra he refused.

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You look, Mani didn't choose his family. You look at Ali, he didn't choose his family. All for the qualified Ella. She didn't chose the best man for the job.

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He choose the best man for the job. And somehow Look, he says, I have not be I was appointed upon the job. I did not take it my self. And then he says I am not the best from amongst you. La ilaha illa Allah This is the humility of Abubakar Sadiq about the alarm

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abubaker without a shadow of doubt, was the best from amongst the message of Allah said the sun has not risen above a person who is better than Abubakar acidic or the alarm after the apocalypse. No man who walked on the face of this earth after the mbls option, I was better than Boubacar

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Jensen, and this is why the message of Allah sallallahu Sallam said you will make this duar this is such a wildlife such a beautiful dog. He said Allah make me insignificant in my own eyes

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and make me significant in the eyes of others.

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In my own eyes make me you know, insignificant made me humble. But give me status in the eyes of others. Generally what the case is today, is that Masha Allah, we are serious data's in our own eyes. You know me, I'm like this, and I'm like this, and I'm the best thing since sliced bread. And the guy is listening to you and thinking

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when he's gonna shut up, doesn't he realize you're making a fool out of himself?

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you humble yourself for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala is such a beautiful door. Allah made me insignificant in my own eyes, but give me status, months of love, affection, compassion in the eyes of other people.

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In the eyes of other people. So this was Abubakar Siddique Allah.

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And then abubaker rhodiola. And who's he says,

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He says,

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I have been placed upon you.

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And he's a very important guide and the soul is

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to choose a leader is the right of the believers.

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The believers have the right to choose a leader. That's the heart. That's their right. Either it's all the believers or it's the eminent and the leadership amongst the believers, but nobody else has the right to become a leader himself.

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And this is why

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in the time of amo bla bla bla bla and who

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Omar was standing with a group of people and one of them said, Omar standards ameerul momineen. He said, If Omar ameerul momineen dies, I am gonna give beya to so and so person.

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And then he justifies all of this into this, then he's justify, he said, Why is he says because when Abu Bakar of the Allah Allah was chosen, it happened all of a sudden, and he was given Bayer and the Bayer was accepted. So Omar listens to this and he becomes enraged, because in reality abubaker it wasn't all of a sudden,

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a broker dealer was chosen by the answer the muhajir own and then the beta ama was given to a broker syndicate. So Omar said, I am gonna warn the people and give a quota. So O'Mara the Atlanta we now went to the pulpit, and he gave a hotbar said there are a group of people who say this and that they they've Omar dies that they will give Bayer to so and so he said, if anybody does this without the mush of the amount of the believers, so then kill the one who give the beta and kill the one who the beta is given to. Why? Because you are coding this, you're creating this code. This is why Look, the problem is en la silla left it open one of the hikma the message of Allah left the open was that he

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wanted the oma to choose themselves. And this is why when hussen Rosie olana went to Kufa, they asked her son, who was the son of earlier the olara No, they asked him, they said, What is the issue? khilafah What is the issue? klava did Abu Bakar usurp it? He said, No. He said the Messenger of Allah did not die all of a sudden, messenger holiday by all of a sudden, the Messenger of Allah was alive were very ill for a number of days, said if the Messenger of Allah wanted to choose, he could have chose whoever he wished, but he left the affair to the believers. So to choose a leader in this oma is up to the believers. And this is why you will see later on

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and I'll just touch on it now when Abu Bakar was awarded Abubakar Siddique or the Allah and who say Abubakar Lila and have gathered the Sahaba Donna lodge my aide and he said choose a man from amongst you choose this is what he said to them first is to choose a man from amongst you.

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So see, this is the right of the believers that they choose the leaders

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and that they choose the best one from amongst the leaders. Then he says

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if I do well that helped me and if I act wrongly then correct me Look at this some Pamela second centered why the second sentence also a sense of humility.

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This is a mirror momineen This is a halifa rasulillah And out of all another point out of all the Sahaba guanella jomar even after all the qualifier regime only one was known as halifa todo su de la and I was

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so the second point is what's he saying he saying to them he said look

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if I do well then assist me

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but if I don't perform well then correct me look so Pamela another also very very important is specially when it comes to leadership.

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No leader now the villa is Allah that whatever he says must go period and leadership should take this into consideration. So just because he said it you know it's like what he everybody should listen no he should understand people are human beings. But also need is not shut down. That soon as he makes the smallest mistake. You're out there to criticize him and bring him down. Now. I will say look, if I do well that helped me and if I make a mistake that assists me.

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Your greatest a bother is what was your greatest normal day to day Eva? What is it? Salah

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when the a mom makes a mistake,

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what do you say?

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You say so panela You don't say Allah but although generally in Salah you say Allah, but Allah but but when he makes a mistake you say Subhana Allah Why do you say Subhan Allah Allah, because what you are saying Subhana Allah, only Allah is pure from any faults and defects.

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You're a human being, you can make a mistake.

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And similarly, Moussa realizes that he can make him

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mistake and what does he do? He does such that safwa indeed be the center of mistake. Is he thanks Allah panatela you rectified me, that somehow of Allah, how beautiful. So so this is the principle. And this is why looks, you know, we often have kind of two extremes. One we have where the mom can do anything and the leader can do anything, the leader believes he can do everything. And on the other extreme, we have those people who have no no understanding of leadership.

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Don't understand what a entails, but they're there to criticize.

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When it's on your shoulders, you realize how difficult it is. So there's really we don't exonerate people. But, you know, you have a balance.

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And also this shows us

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Abubakar Alana's statement is there such a beautiful state, but why is this the beautiful zipper who likes to be criticized, especially over leader,

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you He is saying, criticize me.

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And it also shows

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he also Pamela, if you look at today, parents don't like to be criticized. When you talk to your mom, your dad

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aboubaker is halifa rasulillah all his virtues. aboubaker is saying, look, if I make a mistake, if I make a mistake, then rectify me. If I if I helped me, you know, correct me.

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But if I do good, then be there to assist me. They'll only be there Listen, they'll only be there to take my faults out.

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When I need you, you know, if I didn't do B, B, they're not just watching the show, let him slip up. And this is generally this is often the case today, we are just waiting for you know, whenever even if they're doing good, we want to find some mistakes. So this is a beautiful as soon as soon for the leaders, the subjects that you assist leadership that you take mistakes, we take the mistakes in and put in proportion, and also that leadership as subjects have the right to criticize leadership.

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Now this is why the province Allah Allah, Allah He was, you know, praise those people who assist leaders, just leader just leaders. And another version of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala will be happy with you have three things and he will be upset and displeased with you because of three reasons. So he says, the three reasons that he will be upset with you and and displeased with you, or we will be pleased with you will be that you don't do share with Allah, Allah and that you hold on to the rope of Allah meaning the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you do not split you do not break into divisions and that you given the C to your leaders,

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you get to see how the C high is off last, but you are concerned you give them the co2 leaders

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and he said for three reasons Allah subhanho wa Taala will be displeased with you. The first is to what call to call this talk here that talk here The lead is like this, this so like that. So let's talk in future when second one a lot of man wasting wealth to waste with well, and the third one worker thora to the wall and to ask too many questions. When you don't need to ask questions. You're always asking questions, wasting people's time. Sometimes you have people you know, they ask questions because they want to be noticed.

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Now older kids so people Mashallah inquisitive, Alhamdulillah Allah robotic feet, but instead you have this group of people that you know, you're in the end, they just want to be noticed. And may Allah guide us all, and it's so apparent, because it's not all even sometimes a question. It's actually a statement.

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Okay, then, then I will walk out of the lab and say something really beautiful. Say truthfulness is synonymous with fulfilling the trust and lying is tantamount to treachery.

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Meaning, the basis of any political system in Islam is truthfulness.

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Why? Because the purpose of any Islamic system is esla of people, to rectify people to bring people closer to Allah subhanaw taala and to remove them from any fitna facade. Now let me ask you a question. Today when you think about a politician was the first thing that comes to your mind

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What's the first thing that comes to your mind? lies? Lies, liar. You know, he's lying. He's bluffing and they lie.

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They lie on the skin of the teeth before the election, they promise you the world.

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After the election is all like, I will walk out on the alarm and saying the greatest basis of Islamic politics is that you speak the truth to people. And this is why the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said the most despised people to Allah are three okay?

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An old man who foreigner Kate, why because your own how you know your desires are not at that Pinnacle anymore. And you still fall in a cage is such a habit.

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A king that lies why King, because kings are powerful they don't need to lie.

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And the third person the Messenger of Allah said a pauper who's arrogant, you're lucky you're miskeen you know you're a nobody and still you got Africans normally you have something that makes you arrogant. No, this guy Mashallah bisquit is got nothing and he still arrogant.

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So this is the principle of Islamic politics, speak the truth. And then Abubakar rhodiola Anna lays next principle he says this a beautiful why because one lie This is totally an utterly absent in the Muslim world.

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And that is the weak among you is deemed strong by me until I returned to them that which is rightfully theirs in sha Allah and the strong among you is deemed weak by me until I take from them what is rightfully someone else's inshallah looks upon Allah Abubakar, acidic or the olara. No, here.

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La Allah is a principal at justice for everybody in the eyes of Abu Bakar Sadiq about the Allahu anhu everybody is equal. We did Abu Bakar kept this from occurring from the best of you Allah.

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The famous story of the woman who Bernie masoumeh Bernie mazuma was one of the strongest tribes amongst the Quraysh It was a tribe of Abuja Hello William nemaha. Holly been worried what did she do? She stole

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and they said they they may say the lady in a hurry through the alarm who because he was the Beloved of the Messenger of Allah. So the sama bin Zayed

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and he came to intercede and the prophets Allah Salaam became enraged.

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And he said, Oh, Osama Are you interceding regarding one of the hugs from the Hajj of Allah subhanaw taala one of the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then the Messenger of Allah said, I swear by Allah, if my own daughter, Fatima bint Mohammed stole, I would cut her hand off to Kathy Subhana Allah, and on other occasions on other occasions,

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you know,

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at the heart of the lava came in Medina added me to heart he was a he was he was a prince. He was an Arab Christian Prince. And he said, I went to see him eventually. Let me see who this man what's he about? He said, I'm walking with them. They said, This slave woman came in the middle of the street and she stopped him. She said, O Messenger of Allah, I have something I need to speak to you. And as he goes, I realized that this man can't be a king, or the example of the prince, he realized.

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And then she complained about what you have to complain about. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her, he said hold my hand and take it to any street in Medina and asked me for help, I will help you.

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And as he says, He says, I realized that this man was something else.

00:28:56 --> 00:29:14

He was something special. See, this is where Abubakar acidic about the Allah and who learnt it, that everybody is just everybody's equal, no matter where you come from. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran that we created you from one being one source, male, female, okay.

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And then we made you tribes and action and nations and etc, etc, etc. Why does the last one this is Lita foo, only reason so you recognize each other? So you recognize each other? That's it, nobody is better than anybody else. You are just you know, Allah created you. You had no choice no in your color no in the nation or in the tribe that you come from. That was Allah subhana wa Taala chose you lead out of life so you may recognize each other. You know, like at home, he'll give you example.

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Hussein gets married and he has 10 children.

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

Now who saying what's he gonna name them? So Hussein named number one, who say number two, we'll say

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Number three are saying number four Hussein unless a surname is your first time from five Hussein who say no say. Now when Hussein says saying he says, Hussein, you have 10 say Yes dad, or you're none of them because they don't understand which one is speaking to. So you give your children a different name Lita.

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So you recognize them and they recognize each other. So Allah subhanho wa Taala

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made you try the nation so that you recognize He made you Sudanese. He made us Somali and he made you Bhutan He made you Kashmiri, he made you Bengali whatever he made you He made you leave out of not because one of you are better than us. And this was the principal La ilaha illa Allah, which was adopted by the early Muslim one life one life. And it's amazing, because literally, it's very rare to find this quality in the Muslim world today.

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Very rare to find it. And look how it is adopted in 23 years. The message of Allah taught the Sahaba dawn Allah Jamaat E and they were ready to do justice no matter who it was, even if it was against their own children.

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So the next quality is

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the abubaker are the alarm who says

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that no group of people abandoned jihad in the path of Allah except that Allah makes them suffer humiliation, La ilaha illa Allah, he looks upon Allah. No group of people forgo jihad. They prepare the armies. They are they when they need to this their self esteem is their self is today's men. We have the tallest buildings in the worlds many of the Muslim countries. You know, we have a huge population. 2 billion, but reality there is no Muslim country you can really stray is a military force, really, you know, compared to the big thing. Why? What happens, then you're wonderful. And here the Jihad doesn't mean that you are in perpetual fighting. No, your perpetual preparedness

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because you needed to defend your deed.

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You needed to defend your deed on one October the olahraga would send an army twice a year out just so the people knew that the Muslim was still strong.

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And today there is no real strong Muslim country out there who can defend the Muslims. One of the reasons is because the the Abubakar acidic about the alarm, who said here

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tomorrow holla today, although we know all the positive connotations in the meanings of jihad, but today you use the word jihad is like I don't use the word jihad. So Pamela, we need to reclaim this word.

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If it's been hijacked by people who are on the extreme that we need to reclaim it. You know, we got one group or saying, Oh, no, there is no military warfare in Islam. Of course there is. When somebody attacks your home, what do you do? What do you do?

00:33:14 --> 00:33:28

You pick up arms, it's an obligation is an obligation apart for your children, for your wife or your family for your nation, every nation does it. On the other extreme, we got those who have just hijacked it and and and massacre the innocence and they call it jihad.

00:33:29 --> 00:33:39

So those who are the middle path, as one of the sons have said is sometimes you have to take up arms to take arms out the hand of madmen.

00:33:42 --> 00:33:43

And then

00:33:44 --> 00:33:46

abubaker the man who sees

00:33:47 --> 00:34:25

and wickedness does not become widespread among a people except that Allah inflicts upon them widespread calamity, obey me, so long as I obey Allah and His messenger. And if I disobey Allah and His Messenger, I have no right to your obedience. Stand up now to pray, may Allah have mercy with his soul that Abubakar puts down, what is that? abubaker the law makes it quite categorically clear and you know Subhan Allah who who says this? Unless you are really sincere for the sake of Allah obey me as long as obey London

00:34:26 --> 00:34:33

normies obey me irrespective but this is the sincerity of Baccarat the law. If I do wrong, straighten me out.

00:34:34 --> 00:34:55

And if I don't obey Allah does a suit that don't obey me. I mean, that's a soul in the deed. There is no obedience to the creation in their disobedience of the Creator. And he Abubakar under the law who mentioned that obey me as long as obey Allah does the suit and also the other principle Abubakar generalized down is lays down here

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

is that any Islamic State

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

really any slamming house or any Institute shouldn't be based on the Quran and the Sunnah

00:35:07 --> 00:35:36

as long as I obey Allah didn't suit oh baby and the day you see me I don't obey Allah subhana wa tada so there is no need for you to obey me and this is this is the Courtois of Abubakar Sonic or the Allahu who, you know it's a 1112 minute football that's all it is, but look or encompass a compass is all the governance of Islam. Mr. Mallika Rahim Allah said nobody can establish a state without acting upon the teachings of boxer the karate Allah.

00:35:37 --> 00:35:47

Why encompasses justice encompasses justice, justice for all. And this is why they me or him, Allah says is that Allah's help is

00:35:48 --> 00:35:53

even with the disbelievers as long as they have justice in the nation's

00:35:54 --> 00:36:17

Allah is help is with the disbelievers as long as they have justice in the nations, and Allah help is removed from the believers if they have injustice in their nations. So Pamela, I think you don't have to go too far out today to actually see that you look at the state of the Muslim world, you know those people who are meant to be the people of Huck or Ben Ben Dean.

00:36:19 --> 00:36:48

But because often there is no justice or justice for the poor, no justice for those people who who don't come from the nations. Maybe that is the consequence that we you know, the outcome and the consequence that we see in the Muslim world to me Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to act upon the teachings of Allah Rasool Allah subhanaw taala elevate the status or block of silica Yolanda May Allah tala give us a topic to act upon what we have heard and bring this into our lives watercolor Vikram salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

00:36:51 --> 00:37:05

Zach mala Hayden for watching, and please do not forget to watch the next episode, and inshallah when you're GWAS they will be plenty more history series coming very soon vertical of ECAM. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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