The Age of Deceivers

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Alhamdulillah Hera below the mean? Raja La ilaha illa Allah Walia Salim wa shawanda Mohammed Abdullah, who were the Zulu Tibetan BIA, he will Muslim Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi kawada zuleika Muhammad Ali he was happy woman da da what he was 10 B suniti illa Yomi Dean Salam test Sleeman kathira my bad for SQL woolnough See? b taco Allah azza wa jal with some evil ta we are cool Hawk suparna una bella humanness shaytani regime. Yeah Are you had Latina hamana taco la wa kulu colons de de you sleep, Malecon bayada fear local dunu Baku woman UT la vida Sula, faqad faza fosun ottima

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Oh praise the due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. And surely Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous. And I bear witness that Allah is one and has no partners. And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah is his servant, his last messenger. May Allah constantly always send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, his companions to all those who call to his way and establishes sooner to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows I begin by reminding myself and you have the critical importance of taqwa I'll have what Raja that we fear Allah subhanaw taala we hope in the mercy of Allah, and we surround our lives with this consciousness.

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And Allah azza wa jal has revealed to us in his last Testament

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in a way that would be relevant, and would be a source of guidance for believers, to the Day of Resurrection.

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Allah has revealed to us in Serato zap Are you believe, have the consciousness of Allah and speak a straightforward word.

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He would repair your deeds, forgive you of your sins, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, has surely gained a mighty tribe.

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And so in this divine formula,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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reminds us of the importance of being conscious, as much as possible, of the Creator of the heavens in the earth. And this manifests itself in speaking a straightforward word kulu colons, the de da

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and this colenso Dida is a very crucial concept for us today.

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Because when we look at the data, we look at the concept of this word, it means not only straightforward, but it means an appropriate word.

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It means something which hits the target, that the word that we say, hits the target.

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If we can do this, we can maintain our consciousness of Allah in all the things that are happening to us

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and be straightforward.

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Then Allah has promised us that he would repair our deeds,

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he would forgive us of our sins.

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And that this being in obedience to Allah azza wa jal would be the greatest achievement that we possibly can make.

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And this is of importance to us as we have left the blessings of Ramadan.

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And we are moving out of the remaining blessings and guidance of show while and we have entered into the world.

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Many of us dropped social media, stop listening to the news or toned it down in Ramadan.

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And now that we have come back into the world, we find that the world is even stranger than it was before the month of Ramadan.

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Major leaders in the world gathering together some of them saying that global warming is a good thing.

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That the fact that the ice is melting in the North is a good thing for us. But the reality is the opposite of what some of these leaders are saying is that the earth is falling apart.

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Greenland which is close to us, is now 45% melted. This is under

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precedented, it is never known that Greenland would be melted like this, which means huge glaciers are pouring into the seas. And this will have an impact upon us. This heat that is being trapped is causing confusion.

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In India itself, cities are running out of water.

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And they say that by 2020 21 cities in India alone will have no more groundwater, no more fresh water.

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And with these droughts and confusions, water is also coming abnormally in other places in the Midwest of the United States. There are epic floods. The floods are hitting, raising the rivers higher than any time in recorded history.

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In China,

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they report that they have made a huge summer camp

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for Muslims. They call it skills development training center.

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But the reality is over a million of the Uighur Muslims are either be left or in concentration camps.

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Horrible concentration camps

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in the Middle East,

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they are talking about the deal of the century

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for the Palestinian people.

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But when this deal is happening, the Palestinian people are not even there. They have boycotted this deal.

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This is a contradiction.

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There is something rising in our societies and we could say that we are entering into a period of the forerunners of dudjom. Will he ever be rewarded the job?

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And the digital the Antichrist has been described as a trickster

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agency deceiver, a master deceiver,

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a fraud.

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One who makes fake news,

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the ultimate trickster and we are entering into this age of the deceivers and we wonder what would the Prophet alayhi salatu salam say about this these times that we are living in now? Because Allah opened up on him. He did not speak from himself. And it is reported that the prophet SAW Selim has told us say yes to other nasty sanowara to

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us sat the poofy held captive, where you get the woofie of sodic where you terminal fee how high were you? Whoa, no fee how I mean?

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Well, young tipo de Haro, AB de

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de la Maru AB de cada or Raja la taffy. fee Abdullah dilemma.

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The province of solemn has told us they will come upon the people years of deceit center watan hada,

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in which the liar will be believed, and the truthful person will be considered a liar.

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The treacherous deceiver will be trusted, and the trustworthy custodian will be considered disloyal.

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And the real way bidder would speak out

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the right way Buddha would be representing and speaking and they said, What is this rabid? He said a regular taffy, the most despicable, worthless person

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would speak out on behalf of the masses of the people.

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And sadaqa rasulillah.

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This age

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has come

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the age of deception, the age of illusions, illusion of freedom,

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illusion of peace, illusion of equality.

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And even in our Muslim lands, people marching in the streets being gunned down democratically elected leaders being taken down in front of the world and put into prison and killed

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in front of the eyes of the world.

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Native populations, even in our lands, a land of peace, but native populations who lived right here for over 20,000 years are still living in poverty.

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There women are being taken away, raped, murdered

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in front of the eyes of the people

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Special groups of leaders making decisions behind closed doors and saying the opposite in the public and the few good leaders because there are a few good leaders feel like they are surrounded.

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They feel like every word that they say

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is being monitored and they could be attacked. So this is the age of the worst of people.

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And as believers we take comfort in the fact that Rasulullah saw Salah spoke about this that would happen and he told us tells you to mention Radha ness Yama, Yama, TN de la del watch hain alethea de la be watchin Well, how will that be watch, you will find amongst the worst of people on the Day of Resurrection is the to face person,

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the one who comes to one group

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with one face and another group with another face.

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So, no one had that.

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How will we be

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and it is difficult for us as the common people in an age that we are living in.

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It is difficult, because in the past and many times, in in times of justice, the truth has power to it.

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If a person is true, it should be recognized. And that is what you could call quwata Hawk. Two words Cova and Huck

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the person with the truth should be recognized.

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But the reality is turn the two words around. Not quwata, Huck, hakuba

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and Haku is might makes right.

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So whether the person is right or wrong, if they have the strength, then they are right.

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This is a deception.

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And we as believers need to find ourselves in this time.

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Because it's no longer the time where we can roll over as Muslims and hide and cry

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and beg for our freedom. These times have ended now.

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And the Prophet Sal seldom spoke about this we ultimately believe that the ultimate kuwa is with Allah subhanaw taala and we say that how Allah will quwata illa Billah no authority no power except with Allah.

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In makua lillahi Jamia

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that verily all power ultimately is with Allah subhanaw taala.

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But the prophet SAW Selim said something for us. And he told us a minute, are we hiring alarm in a minute, Dave? Wolfie Colin here.

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He said that a strong believer

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is better and more beloved by Allah than our weak believer. But in both of them, there is good. There is good in both.

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And so on our level

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at least, we can strive our best and teach our children to try to be as strong as possible, committed,

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And this strength the prophet SAW seldom spoke about the strength because when most people think about strength, they think about the fist, or the knife or the gun, or the bomb, but the prophet SAW Selim said laser shot de Mistura in the Musha de la the young legal officer who ended up

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the prophet SAW Selim said the strong person is not the good wrestler. But the strong person is the one who controls himself when he's angry,

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self control

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so our strength needs to be the strength of our character.

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The strength of our spirituality that after Ramadan is over show while leaving us we can still continue in a positive way and not wait till the next Ramadan to come.

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But consistency and the strength that we need, strength of the mind,

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to culture our knowledge, study as much as we can study our traditions, study the sciences of this world.

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ask Allah for hikma wisdom, because wisdom is so needed in this world that we are living in today, the time of center watan huddart.

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So let us try to nurture in our youth to be strong in everything they do strong students in school,

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strong at work, strong in any task that we are doing and our unity our unity gives us strength.

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If we look at Muslims, not as my cousin, or someone who looks like me or speaks my language, but any of the believers, then we are a large jamaa.

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If we look at it, try ballistically, then we are small little groups that will be taken away.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us.

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Allah has blessed us with the revelation.

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Allah has blessed us, especially here in this country as we go into the long weekend, with a relative state of peace.

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Allah blessed us with provisions.

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So we need to cherish these moments

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and not forget these times that we are spending together

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and take time greet other Muslims, greet people who are different than you today.

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If you see a Muslim on the street, care about that Muslim,

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if you see a Muslim in trouble, then you're in trouble.

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If you see a Muslim, feeling sad, then that sadness is also part of you.

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We need to pray for each other.

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We need to pray strongly in this Gemma for the family. Our beloved brother farrokh beloved sister has seen a beloved brother for him. In this loss they have suffered of our beloved sister Marian. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala would bless her in her transition to the buzzer. We pray that Allah subhanaw taala would give her the best of friends in that world. May Allah bring light to her. May Allah give her happiness in the buzzer.

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May Allah subhanaw taala give confidence strength to her family. And for all Muslims, who are have losses today, we pray that Allah subhanaw taala would help them with their losses.

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This is a time for us.

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This is a time it's a test. It has happened historically in the past.

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And we are coming to the ultimate test. We are coming to the age of the ultimate deceiver.

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And so we need to gear ourselves to this to take up the test. Even the small things like being consistent in our prayers, small things like not letting halau haram things come into our most small things. Like making sure that we are giving to our organizations, small things like reaching out to people in this society, non Muslims, showing them what Islam really is. And if we see injustice happening to somebody who is not a Muslim, then we feel that this injustice has also happened to us.

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We need to support our leaders support our leaders while they are alive.

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And not while they have passed away.

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It's not enough just to say as the leader passes away rahima Hola.

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Bye, but when he was alive, when he was suffering when he was taking the hit

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for our families and ourselves. What did we do?

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Even if it was just a prayer,

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any way of support

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kids keep vigilant. It is a long weekend. But eyes need to be opened up. Even while we are enjoying ourselves. We enjoy ourselves in an Islamic way.

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The Prophet Sal Sal has told us that none of you will truly believe

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law you may know how to cook, hot

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tub and Lima to be none of you will truly believe until his desires until his enjoyment until his playing follows what I have brought him

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so even while we enjoy ourselves. keep busy.

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Let's keep our eyes open as to what is happening, especially when we are in the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we need to pray to Allah azza wa jal, especially for wisdom,

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hikma putting things in the proper place. And if we hear something of wisdom, we need to think about it. Take it in.

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I leave you with some of the wisdom of one of our great leaders ameerul momineen Omar Malhotra rather long one.

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And Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with great wisdom, and blessed him with the type of spirit that we need today that when he would walk down a narrow alley, that the evil demon shale teen would go the other way.

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But his wisdom, his wisdom, and it is reported in translation that he has said,

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Fear Allah,

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for he alone lives, all other things will perish. Think about this. The one we need to fear is Allah subhanaw taala everything else, every president, every Prime Minister, every power will perish.

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Except a law.

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And he gave us a beautiful advice for ourselves. In the center. Walton had that. He said, be dignified, honest, and truthful, dignified, not arrogant, but dignified. You respect yourself and you respect other people, and honest

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and truthful.

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And he said rhodiola one

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trust is that there should be no difference between what you do and what you say.

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And what you think.

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That is the true trust, there should be no difference between what you what you do, say and even what's in your head.

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To not be a hypocrite deceiver. He also said, Do not be misled, by hearing of someone's reputation.

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Don't be misled. If you hear the reputation of a person,

00:22:26--> 00:22:28

he also said rhodiola one,

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do not depend upon the morality of a person until you have seen him behave while he's angry.

00:22:41--> 00:22:58

Don't believe in the morality. But if he's angry, see how he acts. Then you know who that person really is. Remember what the strong person is that the prophet SAW Selim said, I'll let the young legal enough so and they'll head up

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to one who controls himself when he's angry. That's the strong person. That's the one that we need to follow into, we need to respect and so we take this time as we go into this rest period, to remind ourselves not to rest. Because Allah subhanaw taala is how you learn law, your mood, law is alive and will never die.

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Keep vigilant, keep making.

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Keep trying to do something for the righteousness of this world. And keep praying that Allah subhanaw taala would have mercy upon the weak and the innocent in the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam keep praying that Allah subhanaw taala would protect the dignity and the honor of the women and the families of this oma keep praying that Allah subhanaw taala would protect and strengthen the men of this oma and raise up balanced leadership into our world and keep praying that Allah subhanaw taala would take yourself and all of us out of this world with Kelly Milan ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aku Kohli howdah was Dr. lolly welcome.

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When he sadly Muslim Miriam and colleagues have been istockphoto in NA who hold up a photo Rahim.

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Alhamdulillah Allah had done I had for the summit, a lady Lamia let mula, wollemi akula who for one I had, suddenly what was Salim Allah say the overlay will occur in the b&m Mohammedan while the Allah He will be he will be radical Salah you could not hug suparna mockbee runwal Amira nagahama ikkaku soluna Allah Nabi Yeah, are you hella Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam motors Lima la

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masala wasallam Allah Abdi COVID zuleika Mohammed water Allah He will srbiji my water de la la la Rashi de Alba Coronavirus, Manoir de wannabee Rama altamura amin Alhamdulillah hinda Donnelly howdah wallmark una Lena tarea Lola Ana de la Rabbana law to Z kulu ba ba da da da tena Wahab Lana Milan kurama in LA cancel Wahab, Roberto fatfield under the new banana were cafe under se Tina, whatever phenomenal blah

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Allahumma Islam well muslimeen Allahumma Islam one Muslim in Allahumma Islam one Muslim in La ilaha illa Anta so panaca in akuna Minal Dolly me a la Mola. Tada number 11. Fatah, WA Harmon Illa for Raja Raja Deen and Illa ko data. What are Merida? Illa feta? Well, I made it an electro hinter Well, I had a 10 min. How'd you dunya Illa data Yeah, Amara he mean about the Lloyd Harmon como la la la la la de la San Ysidro Koba Wen Yan ha en el fascia evil Mancha. Well, Bobby, yeah is a con la la come to the karoun como ella salata, Camille Hama, como la