Distraction from Remembering Allah

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Jummah Khutbah


AI: Summary © The segment discusses the confusion surrounding Islam's teachings and struggles with parents who want to remain non-MO pizzas and marry people. The " pestilizing" atmosphere around the world, including the "monster" culture, is also highlighted. The "monster" culture is a "monster" culture that is not the actual pre-existing culture and brings people up to meet their upper goals of life. The "monster" culture is a "monster" culture that is not the actual pre-existing culture and is a fundamental foundation for the world. Finally, the " forgetting" concept is discussed and the danger of losing one's wealth and causing others to lose their lives is addressed.
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matter who wants to study

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when I will be let him in surely enforcing our means so he RTR Melina, Mei de la hufa who will mokdad woman lil fella ha de la watershed will ilaha illallah wa sallahu la sharika what a shadow ana Muhammadan Abu what a solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was to Huberty he woman who who? Liu Mateen Amma bad for Kala laga Allah Phil Khurana Majeed

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yeah are you hella Xena

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to come and pick up

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my money

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for you row prays with our law or he's Worthy of all praise, peace and blessings on his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran in Surah Surah hamanasi Boone

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Are you have faith or believers do not let your wealth or your children

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divert you divert your attention from the remembrance of Allah.

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Yeah, and victory lap well my EFL valic whoever does such a thing gets diverted such as the ones who will be the losers. So first, this is what can divert his Allah swatters mentioning here that family children and wealth which is our Business and Commerce can be work all of those things are included in that that may be the nature of the work

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and may involve haram

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so actually doing the business and earning haram Yeah, even though you may be then doing Salah is actually being diverted from the remembrance of Allah is it not if you carry on doing that? Because you're actually you're ignoring what the Salah is saying. And you remember it's Allah is not sincere, because in your Business and Commerce you're doing against what Allah wants from you.

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Or it may be the nature of the work or the wealth. That's the problem. It may be in the children that it is the children who are the family pulling in a direction of gopher

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of Avarice and greed of just dunya dunya dunya that's what everybody's busy with, isn't it brothers and sisters? Not with the remembrance of Allah? Yeah, people are busy on what should we do this we can watch the video see it's not there's no problem spending time with the family. But if it's only spending time with our children or families in material sense, is it not brothers and sisters? That's the majority it's a it's a vivid and clear picture. We have little to share with our children of good character of Allah the creator of what we spend what the higher goals in life are. There are very few families who are bringing their children up like that brothers and sisters I tell you and

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I'm talking about the Muslim world nevermind the non Muslim world

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nevermind in the sense I don't mean ignore them. But nevermind what the state that is in I'm talking about the Muslim world. So it may be that that because of all that and because we are bringing up with this avarice and greed and material I want this gift and I want this holiday on I go there now want to do, I need to be busy I need this game now I need that game. That's all life is revolve it that is pulling us also from the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Also, it may be the issues not with the children, or certainly isn't with the children when they're young. We brought them up like that issues with us. It may be that the actual commerce and business we're doing is actually halaal but we are so obsessed with chasing after mal which is dunya and, and fulfilling the desires of the children because we're full of that.

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I know examples of it so many over the years of being involved in Islamic Muslim sisters where parents are crying at the end, because they wanted heist of education for their daughter and son, become doctrine lawyer and they never thought to AI otters about whether they were going to be on Serato stalking, so they became those but the parents are crying in the end because the left the dean at the same time.

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But what success is that? What have you achieved? What have you achieved for them and for yourself? Except misery, except misery. So only maybe a problem with ourselves or what we're actually doing? We're obsessed with the dounia we're obsessed with. We are ourselves neglecting and we use the commerce and work and family as an excuse to to be diverted from the remembrance of Allah subhana wa tada and remembrance of Allah, Allah, what does that mean? What does that actually mean?

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Remember some a lot doesn't mean that every now and then I say, yo, he believes in God,

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or she believes in God. I said here that so many times now actually, in people from our own children and families who are marrying or wanting to remain non Muslim go, the one I want to marry she believes in God, you know,

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doesn't do anything else. So we say believe in God as though we should be so grateful for this person that they believe in God.

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Just to believe in God is an idea concept in the head. I can see every now and then yeah, believing God

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was after that? Nothing. So what you see is our belief in God, the karela remembrance of Allah isn't just to believe in God

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decree law remembering our lives that that that you you do something about that belief and belief in Allah. It's not just a concept that's just left there until death comes and then you suddenly realize Actually, I did nothing What Allah wanted me to do. What was I here for? I never even discovered or realized what had arrived in God. Yeah, I believed in God. Yeah, there must be a God of desire. Alright, let's get on with the world and what we're doing. That is not the karela lick Rila is that

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that we remember Allah Salah is the karela their pinnacle of victory law, isn't it remember a lot the purpose of Salah is to remind us and reminders of who we are, where we're heading, what we're here for that is remembering of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Otherwise, just even just to say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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And it has no difference in my life, to go further than our brothers and sisters, even if I take the Quran out,

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ritually, every Friday and most people don't even do that. Or I kick you out at a funeral. When somebody died in the family, right? You've got to do a job you've got to do a job you got to do a job and it has no other relevance to my life. Even though I'm reading the vicar of Allah Alhamdulillah euro bill and quickly as possible get the juice over and don't wait. I didn't understand a let any of it. Understand it penetrate my heart affect my life. That is not victory. Love brothers and sisters.

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That is us and shaytan duping us deceiving us even when we're holding that out of sync. That is the decorilla

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that's what we made religion. That is not the karela all door superficially seems like victory lap.

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So they karela is much more than that. recreate law is remembering Allah and then remembering Allah means what did he send us for remembering his guidance, putting his guidance in our lives? Yeah. So those who get distracted from the real remembrance of Allah and therefore they don't even tell that children because they don't remember a lot themselves. So how do you spell the children to know when you've been brought up with no mention of Allah.

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And then they go a particular way and they say afterwards we're crying or they're not obedient anymore. That's when we remember.

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Because all for a personal gain. However, that is not liquid. So those who get distracted from a real Vicar of Allah by wealth by dounia by children, those are the ones who love aka Humala hos Iran, they will be the ones who will be the real losers and the loss will not be felt here, but in the hereafter have to call you

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashraf al anbiya wa mursalin wa l he was sadly enough to bother your liqua you know time is short things have to be said briefly. So I can only give a small message Victrola the opposite. In other words, the same thing as being diverted from Allah swatters remembrance is to forget Allah is it No. So Allah says, well, Taku Ken Levine, and

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So law have and whom and for whom? Allah, aka whom will CFO and don't be those who forgot Allah. This forgetfulness is not the forgetfulness that were forgiven for this forgetfulness is used in a rhetorical sense to mean those who ignored Allah purposely for answer home and foster home so he Allah made them forget themselves. What does that mean? Forget themselves means Allah made a law, a law established as part of his Sunnah sanata law, that if you ignore Allah, then Allah will have no relevance God will have no relevance in your lives and therefore you will be far sukoon you will do willy nilly, whatever you feel like whatever your desires take you wherever shaytan pulls you from

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this follow up this way or that way.

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That is for getting a laugh and then him making you forget yourself means he's made you forget what you were sent here for. Because you don't want to he's not forcing that that is a meaningless forcing and on purpose making you forget, you intend to ignore a lot and it has consequences. Because then the consequences you actually you become facet. Your life is full of physic. Yeah, so that's the that's here. I mentioned the consequence in this life. In other words, you will be running behind and after your desires, you made yourself on the position of God when you ignored and put a lot side on purpose.

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That's what it means to forget Allah here.

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But afra has the consequences. Well, Allah swatara says, zu be man see Tom Lee on Yomi calm has

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FAS o qu E minor c tomiko i amico mhada in nesina. Comb Wazoo as well. Full db murukku ta Malou Sala sang subtests now meaning the punishment terrible punishment of Hellfire because you forgot necesito the the meeting of this day of yom Okayama the Day of Resurrection forgot here doesn't mean to say you just you purposely ignored and put aside and and threw it aside the meeting of this day You did nothing for it. You weren't interested in it? Let's see from Nepal, yo mucuna.

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And Allah then say so I forget you. Allah doesn't forget anything. So what does this forget mean? Allah doesn't forget anything. So that's not the apparent meaning the apparent meaning is rhetorical in return, I will now ignore you. Now you'll have your consequences of purposely ignoring me and ally ignoring you means Allah is gonna put you in his hellfire. That's like saying, you're gonna get punishment because of that, because you purposely went against and didn't want anything to do with the purpose that you were sent for. And the Creator who sent you and gave you so much was uncertain.

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And Allah saying, I forgot you Balu bla bla bla, hold on Tom, Tom Alonzo test all of you now the punishment or which is everlasting because of what you used to do. What you used to do isn't just forgetting ignoring God because ignoring God leads to your behavior and which are not good.

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It is all about me, me me selfish greed filling my if it suits me, I'll do if it isn't okay. Whereas the real the real subservience and remembering Allah requires what taco la messe de la Mr. Taco, so be in awe and fear and reverence of a law as much as you can. What smell while

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and listen, all of you and obey.

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That is believing in God. That is remembering Allah subhanaw taala by so yeah, listen, I don't know what Allah is saying. I'm not interested in what law saying. Then my claim of remembering Allah, my claim or even loving Allah is a false claim is a false claim. I'm being I'm being deluded by shape on what Allah say.

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La Vie run akumal hyah to dounia wala Jago run,

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Bill Hill waru Do not let

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the life of this dunya deceive you. Thinking that you're going to be happy and that happiness is all linked with your wealth and how you know, material and what you have and of eating or wearing of goods. Don't be the same

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Saved are always going to disappear like that.

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Your death and after that it's also going to be disappear anyway for everybody to be folded up while I was on Villa Hill Road, and do not let the deceiver the deceiver deceive you about a law deceive you about Allah, He wants to make you forget and ignore Allah, He wants you to think oh, and now we have so many questioning or don't like that what the Quran says or Islam says this and putting doubts This is from shaitan doubts coming in many people's minds.

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Yeah, and in the end, in the end is a carcass in the end, there's no obedience to Allah.

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here and obey means that you're not deceived. shaitaan wants to this, the biggest of his deceptions are mentioned before and I'll finish with this is shaitan putting doubts in the hearts and minds of believers about Allah, which means about Islam, which means about the Quran

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not about scholarly opinions about the very fundamental foundation.

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That doubt is the Subhanallah brothers, we have a heritage of difference of opinion amongst Allah sometimes like this one on this side, we're on that side. Yeah, and sometimes a lot in the middle. But we have so many and the where there's room for opinion that is all still within the fold, but doubt about Allah, doubt about the very foundations. That's the most dangerous, obviously, because the next step is covered.

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And that's where shaytan really wants to proceed. And this is much more prevalent in today's world with social media, YouTube and all kinds of rubbish that's been played out there, and the avarice and greed and selfishness that's produced in the dunya that we live in. Now less water protectors, protect our children, make us be of those who really remember Allah subhanho wa Taala malleswaram sabaneta makers regular in Salah mela swatara make that salah and effect on our hearts and minds and our lives. melanocyte to help us to understand our Deen open enlighten our hearts and our minds and our lives and guide us and keep us on track almost Hakeem and our children throughout almost Hakeem

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and keep us protected from the whispers and doubts of shape on the deceiver.

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In the La Liga who your soluna Vidya EULA, Xena, Allah he was selling notice Lima