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I said I want him to lie what I told him the de la salatu salam ala rasulillah who it he was it he woman while my bad brothers and sisters, I'm really excited. I'm like a kid that's been left in a candy store. So this is the first time that I am setting up a mini studio in my office. Well, it's not quite a studio per se. It's the first time I've actually invested in dia de s LR has as a DSLR dlsr whatever camera and a professional microphone, I got some software. Look I'm not I'm not a I'm not a complete ignoramus and techie stuff, but I'm also definitely definitely not a techie. And so pretty much every single video that you ever see of mine, pretty much every video unless it's done

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to my iPhone or something, somebody else, you know, has done it at some type of either at the masjid or you know, the you know, I used to be in the Memphis Masjid now I'm in the East Lando Masjid, or it's at somebody's location or studio or a Skype call with the Mac, the Mac, you know the camera. Alright, so people have been pestering me for the longest time to get my own equipment so that I can just, you know, be myself and just, you know, talk to you directly from my house, this is my house here in Dallas, in Plano is my library or one section of my library here, and just to be able to talk to you casually whenever I want to turn the video on. And for the longest time, like I just

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didn't want to do that. Because to be honest, I was a little bit intimidated by the technology of hooking everything together and coordinating in the software. You know, I finally took the plunge last week, I purchased the equipment and Mike God, this equipment is not cheap analog. And then on top of that, I spent some time dabbling in two or three different software's I got the free versions before I decided to upgrade with the one that I'm doing. So all of this is to tell you that inshallah I hope that this is going to be a different phase as well with for the YouTube channel that I can add some direct content rather than having to go through studios. And of course, because

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it's direct, so it's going to be very different. You can see me first and foremost, I'm pretty sure that something is off. I don't have By the way, I still don't have a What do you call those lights, those thing images, you know, the, the, the

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Yeah, whatever the special lights, I don't have those yet. Because somebody told me that this camera that I got, which is the Canon m 50, by the way, so this camera that I got, they said that you really don't need a light that the natural lighting of your room should be able to do it. So also, I'm sure the angles are off. By the way, I set up the camera angles, I set up the microphone, everything is my setup. I say this so that if you want to criticize, then I'm the one to criticize, like I'm doing this all on my own. And also, this is the first time that I'm doing the software as well. So this is really, you know, software that I've never, never really used in detail. I'm just

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doing this for the very first time. And I thought let me just do something fun for the very first time. And that is that I've been hearing for the longest time that some of my

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not so positive fans, let me say they have spent much relative botica hundreds of hours May Allah bless them for all of that, that effort to cut and paste snippets of my lectures. So that it is as if I'm refuting myself. Okay, so I've never listened to the video, I swear I've never listened to the video, frankly, because I really don't care about my critics that much. I mean, you know, unless it's a genuine thing that I need to clarify, otherwise, vanilla life goes on. And there's only one life to live but I thought let me have some fun here primarily honestly as ultimate, which is primarily to test this software out because I want to see for future use if I wanted to do something

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like this, it seems so complicated to me how you can have a video within a video and I figured this out on my own Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah So allow me some fun here to figure out how best to utilize it. So I actually googled actually YouTube, how to how to have this software, what is it called OBS software, how to have a video and my video at the same time and have it in late one on and on. And inshallah I'm also going to figure out how to, you know, slice the beginning in the end and add so inshallah I'm going to do a little bit of stuff on my own so that I don't always have to, you know, figure out how to do how to have other people to do that. So I thought what I do is I do a

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video my first video that's going to be released from my own DSLR it is DSLR DSLR DSLR my own DSLR camera and my own mini you know major

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Studio obviously, this isn't a professional studio, obviously, the cameras in front of my computer and the microphones over here, so I'm just figuring this out on my own. Also, by the way, those of you that are experts in this setup and whatnot, please leave some comments in the in the in the YouTube video to tell me what to do to make this better because this is my first video and I really don't know honestly, I don't know what else needs to be done if you think I need to buy a light or whatnot, then tell me if you think that the camera is whatever I offer angle or whatever, then just you know, explain to me inshallah, and I'll I'll try to figure out inshallah, who to add, but I

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thought I have some fun. Okay, so I'm going to have fun by releasing a video called why q comments on why curious shooting, why q Okay, so let's have a triple commentary. And I've never seen this the first time as a lasma witness the first time completely impromptu like, literally, I have no idea even what is being said. So let's hear what I have to say and what I had to say and then what I'm going to say let's have an entire conversation. inshallah, I hope that along with having some fun, I hope that there's some actual intellectual, you know, benefits in the comments, inshallah, to Allah. Because you know what, guys, at the end of the day, I have never shied away from changing my

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positions and opinions. And I think this is a sign really, of growth and of intellectual maturity. And, you know, every single student of knowledge knows, every single people person who's really studying knows that even great giants like even Tamia, they have no claim, they had positions at the beginning of their careers in their 20s, that they changed in their 40s 50s 60s. Not everybody knows the mama shaft, he went through a number of phases in his life. And I don't find that problematic at all, I actually think that that's a sign of intellectual growth, rather than stagnation. It's not a matter of the goal is to remain stagnant or the goal is to change No, the goal is the pursuit of the

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truth. And if something appears to you, that you, you know, change your mind on, if you ask me personally, the fact that somebody is willing to say, Hey, I was wrong. And I'm moving on to another position, actually, that shows that this person is brave enough to admit that they were mistaken, and that they're actually, you know, moving on to different positions. So I don't see this at all as a refutation per se. But on a serious note, I wanted to demonstrate because I'm sure there are some positives, I'm sure so that there's some misunderstandings. And, again, I want to be clear here, this is not a defense of this, because I don't think there's anything to defend, to be honest, I'm

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very happy at the fact that I am eager to learn and I'll always remain a student of knowledge. As long as I live in shallow data, that is my goal and the real student of knowledge, whatever facts are presented that are other than not, then inshallah they will change. And one thing that I've said many times in the past, is that at Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, I'm not aware of any opinion that I hold that I am completely unique or unprecedented in whatever position I hold, I haven't hamdulillah people that I look up to that I can say, hey, look, you know, this guy said this before me, this is a person that is respected in the oma and they had this position as well. And I find that now, at

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this time of life that I am, I agree to this. So let me now see how I'm going to do this. So I've never seen this this video, as I said, so let's put this video on. Okay.

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Okay, let's see.

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The wanna

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be honest with you, you're all

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sciences. I'll be honest with you, the shingle hearts that I was exposed to ideal, some of them I still don't have answers. Okay, so what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be pausing and

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reflecting on that comment, that's a valid point. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, the, the the issues that are raising at that time, this was that video clip was taken from Singapore.

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I don't want to code these for 20 1520. sciatic two, I'm not sure exactly roughly at that timeframe. And at that point in time, I was very deeply researching on my own some of the issues pertaining to the profundo kurata. As you're aware, there was a major controversy two months ago about this issue. And I have said multiple times that

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my opinions have nothing to do with the preservation of the Koran, unlike what some of the non Muslim critics have just completely raised complete chaos over this issue below the villa, they have to do with a very, very technical issue. And when I said that video, I did not have answers to them. Alhamdulillah I am now very comfortable with the positions that I hold on and hamdulillah the the answers that I was looking for, I found them in a number of earlier odema that are not they're not the ones that are the more you know, mainstream position, but they're they're even jaded, but he has certain views as to how we have certain views, abou Shama and muchness he has certain views and if

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you look at their views, you get an understanding

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That to him the day that it is precedented. There are people before me. And these views are you put them together, you can construct a position that I'm not alone, there are other positions that hold it as well. But at hamdulillah I now have answers to that. So to be honest, that clip is old. And I am very grateful to I'm genuinely thankful to Allah, that I had some serious question marks like How is it? How do you answer these things? And that was one of the reasons why I was speaking about this for a lot of time being involved in email lists and questioning people. That's what you do when you don't know something you asked? And that hamdulillah from my perspective, I have a very

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uncomfortable let me say with the answer that I have. And I respect very, very respectfully say that those who don't have this position, no problem hamdulillah follow whichever position you you you are happy with, but I'm very content with the position that I've reached as of yet inshallah Tada. But with my utmost respect, I believe that these Creed's that we are wed to also have elements of human products and but frankly, the Sunni theological schools are very much akin

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to these legal schools, and we need to understand that they are human attempts to get at the truth. And you see the development of theology mean Africa in general, the way it's taught and studied from different schools of thought it's taught as something black and white something and every school teaches this and and every school is incorrect in this regard, because Africa is a development and you see for yourself that there is an actual internal development. What it shows you that the guy is ignorant of what updated is, this is this is one cupidity, he doesn't know what actually that is, when he said, when he when you said that this is the only way you will save yourself in the

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firehouse. And this is the only or the primary way that you will increase in your love of Allah instead of the Tanzanian civil servants. These three generations were perfect in their appeal, they had no justice, even amongst

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all of these workers, it became after the time of the Father, as some of them existed at the regeneration of the Sahaba, but none of the Sahaba okay.

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Firstly, I don't see any direct contradiction between what I said in the two clips. The first three generations definitely did not have the theological views that later schools of Kalam did. I think that's very clear. And that's historically proven. With my respect, I'm not trying to dismiss the later schools. But I think it is clear that the developed positions that took place about how does one deal with the difficult attributes, and how does one interpret them? I don't think the Sahaba had that. I think that's very clear cut. At the same time, what I said in the first part of the clip their development, I think that is also very clear. So it's one thing to say that the purity of al

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Qaeda goes back to the earliest generations. And that's what the second clip says. And I think that's a valid point. It's another thing to say that no development occurred, I think that is patently false, and that if anybody studies, Al Qaeda, even the very questions that are asked, for example, if somebody were to ask about what are the levels of clutter, right? if somebody were to ask one of the Sahaba, what are the levels of other that we don't even know play him, for example, mentions in his book, who is going to know the different levels of other, they didn't think the way that we are thinking in this manner? The same goes for so many other questions that when it comes to

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the method, the methodology of teaching creed when it comes to the categorizations, when it comes to even the questions that were being asked, clearly, the questions that are being asked are coming, as the developments take place, even have been Tamia, by the way clearly acknowledges that the reality was that the first generations Alhamdulillah Allah protected them from many of the controversies of later, later generations. And so when the controversies came, so for example, now, one of the biggest controversies in the last 100 years, right, is how does one govern in the land of Islam? What exactly is Islamic democracy? Or how is how should an Islamic government work in the modern in

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the modern world? Now, the fact of the matter once again, is that this question was never something that came to the minds of the first millennia of Islam because it was a different world borders were not set in stone, we you didn't have the United Nations you didn't have the modern system. How How does a society live in accordance with the law? how did how do we elect our rulers in the modern way? How even those that are calling for a lava? Okay, who's going to choose your Khalifa tell me how is that going to happen? You're going to have an opinion, other groups are going to have an opinion. My point is that I this is actually a very simple example of Well, okay, I've said

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something correct the first time the second time is as well as correct. The questions of how Islamic governance should be in the modern world is a modern question. Can anybody negate to that, that, of course, how democratic or how much voting should be done, or how does one choose the rulers or all of these things? There's a spectrum of opinion and we are in a timeframe where we can negotiate go back and forth. The very question is a modern one. The same goes for some of the classical issues of

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The the details of a smell suffered the details of the proofs of the existence of God right? How does one prove the existence of Allah subhanho wa Taala, even even taymiyah, who strongly critiqued the methodology of the people of Kalam, he in fact brought forth a methodology that was not I'm not going to say totally unprecedented because there were kernels of it, but still the way that I've been Tamia verbalized it. And again, you can my PhD talks about this, the way that he defended the innate belief in Allah subhana wa Tada, and the superfluids sness of the philosophical proofs, that methodology itself is unprecedented. None of the scholars be before even taymiyah took on the

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philosophical challenges, and then answer them the way he did. So, again, I think this is a very simplistic notion. I mean, what I said in the first video is more detailed, it is more accurate. What I said in the second video, it's it's right, it's not fully fleshed out, but it's right, nothing, nothing wrong with that, inshallah, let's see the next one. It's not surprising that our medieval scholars believe this type of stuff. Obviously,

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dare I say, anybody who knows science and geography and modern civilization, you cannot believe you cannot believe that there is a tribe for 4000 years trapped behind a wall. I mean, if you believe this, any, that's your position I cannot believe in I cannot believe it, I'm just being I cannot, I find this very difficult to believe they're in some place separated from mankind. So if somebody were to say, How can we believe these ahaadeeth when Google Earth has mapped the whole world,

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we can zoom in and see everything around us. And there is no massive land hidden from mankind. The response is, Allahu Allah colletion encoded Allah, who are them, if we believe in the ahaadeeth this is what the IDS tell us. This is what the IDS tell us. And there's a simple rule that even taymiyah mentions memorize this rule. The Quran and Sunnah does not bring the impossible. But it does bring that which astounds the mind. Is it impossible, that somewhere underground, Allah has 1000s of people living? It's not impossible, it's not impossible. Excellent. So this is actually a beautiful point, beautiful point. And, I guess, the brother who did this, and May Allah forgiven him and guide

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him and bless him. He didn't quote, the full lecture that I gave about rGj modules, because I said very clearly, in that lecture, see, actually, both of my clips that I'm looking at, they're both valid from the paradigm 100% I'll explain to you why. The second clip, which is the earlier one, the second clip is based in Memphis, which

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I'm assuming five, six years ago, looking at the the ambiance there, and the fact that there's no white tissue or a few white hairs in my beard, I want I want to see how old am I look at the whiteness in my beard

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hairs in my beard. At that stage, I had read a number of booklets, books about the size of the Day of Judgment. And some of them were masters, PhD dissertations. One of them is actually a very good book a short while but they have it up there somewhere. And it's actually a Master's dissertation from Omaha University. And it's one of the main books that are utilized for the science of the Day of Judgment. And that he did a very good job of basically referencing their Hadith and linking them to basic premier Lucia Hello bonnici. Manny says Hadeeth is weak, his authentic or weak then he's going to quote it now. At that stage, I relied on Shalala Bonnie's categorization of Hadith and this

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book and other books said that she has rarely been you mentioned that the Hadith about your Juju, Juju is authentic, that they are currently in existence, okay? If the head is authentic, semi I will diner we hear and we obey. Now,

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when I did the other series of the Day of Judgment, the science of de judgment, I really went back to the sources. So every student of knowledge knows there's different levels of going back to the sources, you can go back to primary books written or write and that's what I did for my previous lectures for this lecture, you go back to the original ahaadeeth you go back to the actual data points, what does the Hadith itself say? And what is the authenticity of the Hadith beyond just one scholar? When I did the first lecture, I blindly followed basically one school as shock advisor, okay, he said the Hadith is good. Okay. When I did the second lecture, I actually really did a deep

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dive in this issue of your image, because you can even tell even in the Memphis lecture, by the way, I am troubled, like, Okay, how do we understand this? How do we do then I say, Well, okay, Allah is capable of all things. And that's true, I do believe that. But here's the point. And again, this is a very good point that in my from my view, there's no contradiction at all between the first and the second video in terms of paradigms in terms of also what you call it. Why? Because the first video, which is the one in Dallas, for the for the first time, I went back to what multiple Omar said about the hadith of Eritrean Madrid that is still alive. So again, to be to clarify the concept of Jewish

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images in the Quran. Nobody can deny that the

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fact that they were blocked up, it's in the Koran, the fact that they're going to come towards the end of times it's in the Quran and it's in water, water Hadees Okay, there is only one heavy, which is integrity and others but it's one is that one Hadith, only one that mentions that they are currently alive right now, and that they keep on trying to dig behind the wall dig from the wall, and excuse me and to get out and to you know, they don't say insha Allah and whatnots or the guard doesn't say inshallah, sir, there's one Hadith like that only. And as I said the previous lecture, I consider this Headey to be authentic. Okay. Now, when I went back, I discovered, Hey, hold on a

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second, this hadith has been problematic problematized by multiple ulama. And there is, in fact, an entire pamphlet or treaties written by one of the students of shift on Earth, I mean, who's a scholar of Hadith as well. And he's written entire treaties, explaining why this hadith is weak from an Islamic perspective, right. And I read through this one, and I went back I saw it when Kathy said, When continues to problematize this idea other people problematize, this Heidi throat, and I concluded, you know what? They're right. Actually, this Heidi does have a defect in it that makes it weak. This is the position of a number of earlier authorities. Now you've eliminated the one Hadeeth

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that mentions that, yeah, jujin modules are still around, therefore, your data points have changed. You see, when you present a hypotheses, you take in all the data points, and then you bring forth a hypotheses. In this particular case, the data point that mentions your jujitsu, Judo is still around, that has been removed, now that has been removed, okay, then we have a whole different parameter. And so here's the point that again, to be very clear here, if Allah or his messenger sallallahu Sallam told us that we have to accept x or y or z said, there are no Alpina, we have to accept. But what if that's not there, in this case, well, then we don't have to accept it. So the

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fact that there is no authentic hadith that mentions that Jews are still around, so then we don't have to accept it anymore. And if somebody says, Hey, the Hadith is not authentic in the first place, then they derive interpretations. And the interpretation I derived is, I think the one that makes the most sense is that these were tribes that were trapped in the past, and towards the end of time civilizations are going to resort to that type of mentality, maybe even the other biological descendants of those tribes, and they are going to attack the Muslim Ummah and attack the world in a very barbaric manner. And so they are called to judge and judge as well. So and this is the position

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of Anwar, Kashmiri is the position of a Saudi, it is a visit to one of my own teachers in Medina as well. So here's the point paradigm wise, they're both the same in the sense if so, if the head is authentic, we accept it. Simple example, here, the issue of the sun rising from the west, it is scientifically very problematic, if you know your physics, if you know your astronomy is very problematic, like in order for that to happen in any other system or world, you know, the world is going to collapse before that happens. However, the Quran or the sooner is very clear in this regard. And it is authentic hadith in this regard. Therefore, what do I say? semi I know well, by

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now, right now, if the data point were to be taken away, which in this case is not, then you're you're free to rethink through so I hope that clarifies that point. Okay, the issue of the motive, for example. Yeah, neither half of the bin hedger is very frank, it's a very beautiful photo of him. And he goes, look, in a technical sense, of course, it's a bit odd. He says this, they've been hijacked in a technical census without the process of didn't do it. The Sahaba didn't do it. But if on that day, people come together, give some charity recite the football of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they do thicker than it is with Asana. What's wrong with that? Hold on a sec.

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Something's fishy here. So for 600 years after the death of the Prophet says, nobody in the entire Muslim lands Islam Muslim, when other Christians were Christmas, Muslims are not celebrating diversity as well. So why are

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you Muslim? None of them because the concept was not even in their heads is a very famous called urban legend. It has an Alaskan of a famous it has, he said, this is a data

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that is good in it as well, because people come together, and they mentioned a lot in the profit. They just talked about the Sierra, etc, etc. so others oppose and they said, No, there can't be any such thing as a good deal. And some scholars say that this Act, the thought of it came from celebrating Christmas, that when the Christians show respect to Jesus Christ, then these guys thought that they could do better than show respect to the process celebrating his birthday. No, if you really loved the Profit System, your lifestyle would be in accordance with his that's how you would love that. I just have a simple question. Can you outdo the companions in your love for the

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Profit System? Can you do better than the number no way? Well, then why don't you just stick with a stick with how a worker of mine and how number Halima muscle how they did it? And you know how they did it. They follow the Sunnah of the Prophet. So there are many rula who do not think so and they are

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Freedom and if a person is following the great Island, and he would Can you see him I'm in no way said it's Mr. hub, right the Mamba suit he said this, he Mammon, even hedger said this, there is no innovation which is a good innovation. Some of the scholars they try to categorize innovation into good or bad, but the prophets of Allah said of himself, stated, every innovation is an evil innovation, and is a bit of an every bit at least to the fire of

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the whole point of innovation, is that you think Islam is incomplete. You have to add something and the end of the day, Allah azza wa jal will reward and punish people based upon their Nia,

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the prophets of the law, why do you send them said, Allah has refused to accept the deeds of any person who does innovation until he leaves that innovation, someone who is innovating his actions will not be accepted from him, until he leaves that innovation, you might have a good intention, realize, you might think that what you're doing is good. But your intentions don't count you. Your actions speak louder than your words, by adding something to Islam by claiming that, Oh, this is a good act, even though it's not in the Koran as soon as you are claiming that Judo better than Elon is messenger, that they'll have something out of the religion that you came along 1000 whatever

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years later, and discovered something that they didn't tell you.

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So this is the implications of a person who innovates and that is why the prophets of the Leviathan, in the most severest of terms, has cursed and warned against those who innovate. Okay, this is a very good example, definitely, in this case, I have evolved and fine tuned. And you can clearly see the the, the, the beard Mashallah was over there. That was while I was still in Medina, that was 2001. And that's what I'm presenting you there, that is the modern mainstream Salafi notion of soon and be done. Okay. And at that stage, of course, all of my teachers, and that's exactly what's being taught. And I've read a number of masters and PhDs on behind soon. And that's exactly coming from

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from that paradigm. And it is true.

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However, when you start reading other interpretations of Islam and other strands of Islam, you realize that well, in fact, from the very beginning, and again, I encourage all of you to listen to the lecture that I gave 123 years ago, about the academic discussion of data in which you can hear now I am quoting Ibn taymiyyah, I'm explaining his paradigm exactly like I did when I was 21 years old. And then I'm also saying, our baby mamas shaffir, he had something else. And I know who he had others and others and others, and you bring all of this and you say, okay, we see that from the very beginning of Islam, there was slight tension. In fact, even amongst the Sahaba themselves over the

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definition of beta, that's really the key point here. And again, when you're 21 years old, the world is black and white, and your teachers tell you Mita deserve better. And that's what you are taught. And that's what you think everything is fine. So you preach it, and I understand where they're coming from it is a valid paradigm. And I still don't celebrate the moment I have never celebrated it in my life. But still,

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when you look at the other arguments, you understand, okay, they have a different definition of beta. And so Indeed, the other group also says beta is cursed by Allah. The other group also says beta is something that you should not do. The other group also says that if you do a beta in and of itself, it is wrong and it is possible you will be punished for it. But the difference comes who's going to define the reality of Buddha and the definition of Ibn taymiyyah as a very good and solid definition. However, as I have mentioned, and this is not the time to go into the details here, even those who follow Him and Tamia all too often, they fall short and I'll give you I gave some examples

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of academic class here. The notion of total we and finishing the Quran in the Torah way, and having the Hudson in the Torah and making a long drop in the Torah we're so much so that it has become a ritual nobody can deny this one the Hudson one happens around the globe, including in Mecca and Medina, which is the land that that strength comes from and is based in including in Mecca and Medina the massages are packed to capacity the number one night in the whole year in Mecca and Medina is the hot meal Koran Why? And the the process of ever do that? Did the Sahaba ever have that type of cosmic Koran? Did they even recite the whole Quran inter alia, even the notion of Torah via

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go listen to my lecture and you will see the differences. So I think this is the brother is valid in that yes, I have evolved. And it's up to you listen to my lectures and see, I think that the definition of Buddha that modern Salafism has is one that they themselves cannot live up to. And there's plenty of things that they themselves do that they consider to be permissible and they overlook it. And they consider it to be okay, well, yes, it's something that nothing wrong with that. And the other strand basically says, Okay, we're looking at that paradigm and we're doing what is called videography is the point you can look this up the academic side, that if you specify a

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

time for something that is unspecified, is that a bit out or not? That's the the the the controversy

00:30:00--> 00:30:29

That takes place between the two groups of aroma. So I would say that I have definitely broaden my horizons since the earliest the earliest video was when I was 21. The middle video was when I got straight came back that was like, still first year when I had come back from Medina 2005. I think it was, yeah. And then of course, the later videos, the one I go into the academic detail. So I think in this case, yes, the brother is correct in pointing out that I have evolved. And and I don't have a problem with that.

00:30:30--> 00:31:13

And in my humble opinion, society movement has many positives, and we should embrace these positive and all those positives is the purity of its creed, the primacy of the sacred texts, the encouragement of critical thinking, the avoidance of superstitious if you like rituals, and is always cultivation of saints, an emphasis on education, and emphasis overall on knowledge. All of these are great aspects of Satanism, but Salafism also has some negatives as well. And that is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest negatives is that it has taken issues of theology, abstract issues of theology, and made them the ultimate goal over and above actual religiosity. So it is more

00:31:13--> 00:31:51

important for many studies to affirm attributes than it is to worship Allah is the issue of a part of a man in a law is to understand a lot of names and a lot of attributes, it is essential to also talk about well, how do we know anything about Allah? our only source of information regarding Allah is how Allah has described himself in the Quran. And the Sunnah is to turn back to the way of the early scholars, the early generation, they were the only group who really truly understood the names of Allah properly as these narrations show you. And then after them came, many groups have deviated from the path. So if we wish to attain success, we need to turn back to them and understand the way

00:31:51--> 00:32:25

they understood it. I don't see it Oh, did I miss something I don't see a refutation at all. In this regard. Yes, we turn back to the original, we understand the attributes of a law, the way that those habits have grown. And even I just gave, by the way, a detailed series on the but as of right, and they have judgment. And a number of times the attributes of a law came up, listen to that. I am more tolerant now of the majority, the creed, and I don't have any problems with them, per se, at my younger stage, I thought they were deviant and bald and molded. But you can't do that. Because somehow that the majority of the oma through some periods of its time have been those trends of

00:32:25--> 00:32:37

Islam. And it's they have a basis and their basis goes back to the time of the first three generations. And I've spoken about this at Amgen, when I gave a detailed talk about the difference between fit and fit creed.

00:32:38--> 00:32:56

I spoke about this. But overall, these three clips that they showed I didn't see any contradiction in them. Ironically, I can tell you contradictions, and of those contradictions are actually say developments, as I already mentioned, is that even though I still and this is I'm firm on this is my area, my actual area of expertise, where I feel that I am

00:32:57--> 00:33:36

capable of independent research, because I have trained 20 years is early Islamic theology, the development of early Islamic theology, but both my masters and my PhD is about Islamic theology. And my Master's in particular, was about first 100 years in a particular figure, Jama busulfan that came and because of that, I had to read many, many hundreds of volumes and treatises and booklets about that timeframe. And it helped me in my later research as well. Same with my PhD, my first chapter was about the development of Islamic theology. So that having been said, I am very confident at this stage of my life that the earliest developed Sunni creed is Methodism, or what we now call the

00:33:36--> 00:34:11

simplistic set of decreed, and that is to affirm the attributes and to believe in other than to respect the Sahaba. That's very clear, it's the earliest developed creed, a shadow ism comes along. You know, basically, before I would have seen an Australian others, then they start their strands and whatnot. That's all valid and correct. Now, the question and I don't disagree with anything that I've said there, the question comes, how evil is that deviation? That's really the question here. Okay. How bad is it? If you're a shoddy? That's where I've developed? I haven't changed my historical facts about who came first. And what was the earlier theology, I think that's very clear

00:34:11--> 00:34:23

that Mr. Mohammed was the earliest from that generation, if you like, or from that other generation or from that, from the from the development of the details of Elizabeth and attributes, but at the same time,

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

the person who follows the other strand of Satanism, they're not evil people. And when I was in my early 20s, the way that the the the culture was back in the 90s, and the teachers that I had, that was the mainstream, and it's a two way street, by the way, because the other group did the same to our group at the time. You were taught that they are deviant, you are taught that they're wrong, you are taught that they're potentially going to be punished by Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's where I disagree. And I say that look, I still feel that the safer position and the more Orthodox position and the one that is clearly intended psychologically, Phyllis

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

offically when a law says that your Lord is going to come in the Day of Judgment, what do you think is understood by the people who read the Quran? When Allah says they fear the Lord, who is above them? What do you think the average person reading the Koran is going to understand. So for somebody to come along and say, oh, but a law does not move from place, to place why, and when you say Allah moves, this implies this, and you're bringing all of these proofs, I still say, after all of these decades, that that's not you're bringing in a paradigm, and you're bringing in elements that the average person who reads the Quran is not going to think of, and Allah is speaking to that average

00:35:34--> 00:35:54

person. Nonetheless, we shouldn't demonize. And we shouldn't consider the others group to be people of belted or whatnot. Rather, it is an interpretation and you know, it has been predominant in certain timeframe. So Allah Bismillah, live and let live in in advanced discussions, have it so anyway, I hope I don't see any contradiction all that the brother quoted and Allah knows best.

00:35:56--> 00:35:59

We need to realize, let me be very blunt here, that it

00:36:01--> 00:36:06

was amongst us right now. And then gave him a quiz of it that

00:36:08--> 00:36:36

the fact of the matter is that tests that you put in front of you will feel it right. So this hadith is extremely powerful about the status of the Sahaba. And it's an explicit headed to don't speak ill of my companions. And this shows us therefore, as Sunni Muslims, we keep our mouths pure, our tongues are absolutely clean, when it comes to speaking about the Sahaba, we either say good, or we remain quiet, but no Muslim will ever say anything.

00:36:38--> 00:36:39

The Companions

00:36:41--> 00:36:41


00:36:43--> 00:36:47

better than me and you, we know this. And yet, the one

00:36:48--> 00:36:54

anybody were to quiz him on of first year example, from either from us or from any institution.

00:36:57--> 00:37:23

There were people in the children of Israel in who would be spoken to but they were not prophets, there would be some type of indirect way. But they were not Umbria, they were indirectly inspired by a lot of the processes saying, if there's anybody who is inspired by a lot, indirectly, then that person is going to hop up. Okay. And that's definitely a blessing that does not need any explanation that the the famous,

00:37:25--> 00:38:00

the best of all generations is my generation, then those that come after them, that those who come after them. And we explained that this best this, this felina has to be in all fields, not just in one of them, is the idea of a woman coming to the profit center. And she said, I have this issue that I want to do with you, I want to get you from your fight, or a religious verdict. So the President said come back at such and such a time, she said, What if you are not present? Who should I go to? He said go to a worker, she has voted, he's not present. He said, Go to everyone. But we can all agree that a worker,

00:38:02--> 00:38:37

then all of the other scholars of the past, they have reached heights that we have never reached is actually a very explicit indication of what I'm talking about the development of creed. In that very lecture that he's quoting, I say, and he I actually appreciate that he quoted that URL. So that would really be a type of treachery and betrayal that he will be responsible for on the Day of Judgment. I actually say your own whatever the hubbub is a million billion times better than us. And I clarify, but still, the questions you would ask him he wouldn't answer. And I stand by that. And if you can calm down or my critics and actually think about it, you would agree with that as well.

00:38:37--> 00:39:16

The problem with the villa was not to dismiss or most of the hubbub it was to dismiss, dismiss your testing of people is to dismiss your interrogation is to critique you, not him. Oh, people have low intelligence. I'm criticizing you not honorable hotpot. Frankly, this shows exactly the type of emotionalism none of the Sahaba would have answered a simple question, how many types of other are there? What are the types of to mention the three types of docread with detail and mentioned what this is not the types of questions they're thinking about and good for them? They are pure, they're in a better timeframe. So my point is that if an average Muslim is unaware, to answer the questions,

00:39:16--> 00:39:55

you pose him, that doesn't mean he's a bad Muslim. And I think frankly, if you asked me, the way that you took my video, it demonstrates exactly the problem I'm talking about. Stop interrogating Muslims, based upon questions that come 1000 years or even three 400 years later, when the Sahaba who are better than me and you would not have been able to answer them. So I think the brother, whoever he is, has proven My point exactly. May Allah protect any of us from criticizing the status of the Sahaba with the beloved, but to point out a reality and that is that we have a way of teaching fifth, I mean, another simple question. If you were to go to any Sahabi in town and say,

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

Listen to me, the kind of salah and then the workload of salah and assuming

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

Solar and the big part of solar and the more macro have solar, I guarantee you that none of them would list for you the types of lists that you're studying in the Hanafi school or the shaft at school or the Maliki school. Frankly, some of them will not even know these terms, because the terms had not had the technical understanding that comes later on. And so again, I think my dear brother in Islam, you are proving my point. 100% what I said in all of those clips is valid. In fact, this isn't even a development actually. It actually shows you shows your lack of comprehension understanding and May Allah guide you and me Let's, I need to move on here. We'll have this is also

00:40:35--> 00:41:15

called Salafist parties will have this will have this which really demonstrates that they are not an insignificant minority. Salafism is a type of Protestant Islam. And that is why Salafism does not like icons, which is why certain movements such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, like to destroy religious icons that are figurines as they try to destroy the statues and whatnot, okay? Most wahabis are very apolitical, very pacifist, most wahabis, you can consider them to be somewhat like maybe the Amish or the ultra Orthodox Jews with theology of wahabism is that they are labeling this group of people with a label. And they are telling as if the other Muslims or humans disassociate yourself from this

00:41:15--> 00:41:47

group of people. And they have chosen this label, they call it Wahhabi, or they call it selfie. And they say this is what the wahabis teach. This is what the selfies teach. Now, if you look at what they are teaching and what they are seeing, much of it is something which is general to Islam. Okay, some of the brother says something about homosexuality who doesn't like homosexuality? Is homosexuality a sin only to this one group in Islam that they have invented wahabis. No Muslim columns of A Wahhabi amongst ourselves, we can discuss and fine tune in detail no problem. But to take one group and label it, label it with an invented label this label of wahabis and invented

00:41:47--> 00:42:15

label this label of Wahhabi is an invented labor, and then say, Oh, this is all coming from this group. What do you think they're trying to do? They're trying to divide and conquer. They're trying to cut and break the oma and say, Okay, this is one group called the wahabis. What happens? Those who don't like this label, don't call themselves this label. Nobody does. But I'm saying the groups that don't even like, for example, the theology of this group of this group, they will say, Okay, this, this anger is directed toward these wahabis, that's fine. Let them do that. I'm not going to support my fellow Muslims in Islam. So I think again, the brother is bringing course that I don't

00:42:15--> 00:42:54

find any contradiction at all. Each one is a different context, by the way, so and so Pamela, even though I have moved on from the theology of Ibn Abdul Wahab, in particular, and I view that the hub has ideas that were wrong, and I was mis taught, I will, what was taught to us about his reality was not his reality, what was taught to us at the University of Medina was expunged a lot of what he did. And only when you go back to his history, and you read from his own followers, when he did the assassinations, the blanket took field, the consideration of the entire Ottoman Empire to be a pagan Empire worse than the regime in the entire room of the Ottomans is worse than the pagans. Of course,

00:42:54--> 00:43:30

that's what he's saying, you know, you're not taught this hidden Medina, you're taught to different. So what you're taught is not the reality of inamdar will have so I'm no longer sympathetic to the details of certain aspects of the Wahhabi doctrine, or I should say the name of the doctor, I don't like to use the term Wahhabi, but it is the academic term. So sometimes I use that. However, still, to this day, if a non Muslim were to attack Islam, and would label things, what habits and whatnot, I would say, no, that's not right. So there's a time and a place. So the first clip that I was wearing the suit and tie, this was a public little public lecture given in Memphis, and one of the

00:43:30--> 00:44:02

questions was, you know, what are these ISIS? Well, hobbies and whatnot. So I wanted to defend that I want to defend that even mainstream Nash, the Dow in Saudi Arabia is not ISIS, it's not just not the case you're doing, you're mixing and matching and I defended them over there. The same goes for the other clip was, in England, one, one of the documentaries was released, where they thought that they had caught some of the Medina graduates, some of them are my friends still, I'm in touch with indirectly with him. And I, overall, I respect them, even if I disagree. So they're trying to show that these are evil people, and they have these clips that they had and whatnot, I'm like, looks at

00:44:02--> 00:44:32

a law, and a person is criticizing a certain morality, and you call calling this wahabism. In reality, all strands of mainstream Islam would would criticize this issue. And so it is ludicrous to bring in wahabism and to say this as well. So again, I don't see any contradiction here. But I will say for the record that I am no longer sympathetic to the movement founded by Mohammed Emanuel hub, and I have definitely so this is perhaps perhaps the biggest departure or change in the last,

00:44:33--> 00:45:00

you know, 1520 years of my life that 20 years ago, definitely. Even 15 years ago, I would say, even when I came to America, I was at what I call the Softimage. De where I was very sympathetic to imago habit, I tried to tone it down and those that attended my live classes back in the day, my light if guidance and whatnot. inshallah you can testify to this. I have over 100,000 students that have attended light of guidance back in the day at hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, and inshallah you guys can all testify that

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

Even when I was teaching the doctrines that would not go up, I had really toned them down.

00:45:05--> 00:45:44

But the more that I studied, and the more that in and I've had very frank interviews, I have come very clearly to realize that the version of his teachings that are taught to us is not his actual teachings. And I ask anybody who's a serious student that isn't as interested to go back to the original teachings and compare them to history as well. I've said this multiple times, don't look at his teachings in isolation from his actions, let his actions speak along with his words, and see what he did along with what he said. so that you can understand contextually, what do you say? And then decide, do you want to agree or disagree, nonetheless, I still state, even if somebody chooses

00:45:44--> 00:46:23

to follow that interpretation of Islam, they're still my brother in Islam, and I still respect their sincerity. And I'm not going to throw them under the bus in front of a non Muslim who attacks Islam and who attacks. You know, that understanding as if it is all of Islam, even if I criticize an aspect, that criticism is still from within Islam, and I would never throw a Muslim under the bus to save the biller, you know, the reputation of you get my point here that it's a betrayal of our larger interest that we have these internal disputes and make them bigger and better for the outsiders to see. So I hope that inshallah that's a pretty clear idea, I do need to wind up here

00:46:23--> 00:47:09

because I need to also move on to next thing, Oh, she goes on to this website. And she says the scholar sitting 5000 miles away in the land very far from Finland has said that it is sinful for a convert to go to her family or his family, whatever, on the day of Christmas, because it is a pagan festival, those fatawa that you're referencing those websites with the respect that they deserve. They don't understand what exactly a family gathering at Christmas is. They have never interacted with a Christian civilization. They are living in a very different world than the ones we inhabit. And so their understanding is skewed. We all know that a family gathering together on the day of

00:47:09--> 00:47:49

Christmas or that night of Christmas Eve, and they come together is more of a family event. Generally speaking, there's zero religion, your participation in the family festival does not constitute worshiping other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And there is no hint of servitude to other than a law in a generic festival of this nature. Somebody 5000 miles away, says Oh, it is how long for you to go? No, it is not how long for you to go not at all. You are not celebrating Christmas, because many of our young children, they ask us, why don't we celebrate Christmas? Why can't we have a Christmas tree? Why can't we do this and we do that. And to this we respond. We as Muslims, we do

00:47:49--> 00:48:29

not celebrate the Holy Days of other religions. Because by celebrating those holy days, it's as if we are celebrating the concept behind the holy day. And for many Christians, the 25th of December is the celebration of the birth of a man they called the Son of God. And we don't believe God has a son. To say that Allah has a child cannot come from the intellect. It cannot come from knowledge. It cannot come from a book. Where does it come from? They're literally invented from their mouths Governor kenema Dr. Jordan a fly him in your poodle in the candy bar. They are saying that which is not true, it is a lie. And to lie about Allah subhana wa tada is of the greatest crimes. Anyone who

00:48:29--> 00:49:06

says Allah has a child or children or daughters or sons. This is not true, what a monstrosity comes from their mouth, we despise falsehood, we despise lies, it is ingrained in us. And this feeling comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He put it in us. So if we were to celebrate that day, it's as if we two are saying, Oh, we believe that God has a son. And we don't believe that God has this son. So we say to them that we are not going to celebrate on this day. Okay, I think this is a classic again, there's no contradiction at all. I'm giving it to Muslims. And I'm saying don't celebrate Christmas. The question that was asked from a sister in Finland, can I visit the my parents on the

00:49:06--> 00:49:40

day of Christmas, there's a world of a difference between the two. And again, this is May Allah, you know, guide her brother and forgive her brother. It shows this mentalities of how to law. You cannot give the same footwork to a Muslim family that you're going to give to a convert whose entire family is non Muslim, there is a difference between the two. And this was my point here that why should a Muslim family have a festival? Why should a Muslim family have a tree? I always have a law if there's no question that this is not something that we should do on the 25th of December. Now the question that the sister asked was a convert, and she's like, it's the only time my family gathers

00:49:40--> 00:49:59

together. And the only time I meet my extended cousins and whatnot, and if that's the one day I'm not going to go, it's really going to be taken very, very negatively. So what do I do? It's the only time I get for that hour as well. So I really don't understand this. Our brother, this. Whoever he is, Does he really expect the

00:50:00--> 00:50:37

Only Muslim of the family to cut off from the extended family and not interact with them on the one day that they come together, my foot was still stands and I if he feels otherwise, I feel sorry for that version of Islam, that you're going to tell a daughter or a son that the one day of the year the entire 50 100 relatives come, he should not go and show Islam. I said in that photo, this lady should go and not participate in any rituals and her going to her mother and father her going to her extended family. This is not the same as me giving a hold of her and telling the Muslims in our Masjid do not have a Christmas tree. Can you compare the two so May Allah guide this brother this is

00:50:37--> 00:51:22

this is a false hood that is that is being misrepresented represented. And I stand by both clips I need to finish up here. as well. An issue that I want all of us to think about is we need to differentiate between slogans and actual solutions. This is the second point, differentiate between slogans and solutions. All too often, we fall prey to beautiful slogans. And many times they're legitimate and true, but they are useless in providing actual solutions. So for example, we have all heard many of these slogans. Islam is the answer. We must return to the Quran and Sunnah. Or there are groups that say we must return to the example of the seller or the righteous predecessors. And

00:51:22--> 00:51:59

again, it's a good slogan, it has an element of truth that we follow the Sahaba who respect the Sahaba we respect the students of the Sahaba. But tell me, how did those early generations mobilize against the Islamophobia, media? How did they challenge their politicians in Parliament when their parliament was gonna pass anti terrorism legislation that would actually ban and criminalize religiosity? You're not gonna find anything like that, because it didn't happen to them didn't happen to them. So when you tell me to go back to the past, okay, I agree we should respect the path, but it doesn't give me what what does it give me a solution? Well, again, let us look at the

00:51:59--> 00:52:45

prophets of Allah while he was setting them. And let us look at what Allah tells him to do. Because brothers and sisters realize that when we say the Profit System is a role model, what that means is, let's study what he did. Let's examine his life and times. If he truly is a role model, well, then me and you, we all need to be studying his life, seeing what he did to battle that Islamophobia, seeing what he did to battle that Islamophobia. In fact, our Prophet Mohammed Salah law, while he was sending them was the very first subject, the very first person who was attacked by what we now call Islamophobia, who was attacked by what we now call Islamophobia. Our Prophet Mohammed Salim

00:52:45--> 00:53:28

society, the forum, Chef Mecca was the first society that was willing to go against their own principles, and to contradict everything they believed in merely because they hated this man and his message. So I think honestly, this is very trivial. I've actually lost a little bit of respect for this brother by bringing these two clips and saying some type of contradiction. So Pamela, if you listen to both lectures, it's very clear. Obviously, Islamophobia existed the tide of the process, and who can deny that, but the specifics of how to counter it legislating I mean, sorry, petitioning our legislators the way that we do them, or mobilizing to have, you know, soft pressure put within

00:53:28--> 00:54:04

our politicians, or having public demonstrations and marches or, you know, using media companies. That's what I'm talking about. So there's a difference between the psychological and religious response to to Islamophobia, which is definitely from the Quran and Sunnah, versus the logistical and methodological response. And honestly, for this brother to bring those two and equate them together, it shows a level of desperation, nonetheless, I have been speaking for quite a while at hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. So the goal of this honestly, was really an experiment primarily to, for you to comment about the video, actual DSLR and the mic and whatnot, and to see if the software

00:54:04--> 00:54:11

worked or not. And so I hope that in shallow tala, it was a benefit. But one of the problems I have is my cameras in front of my thing. So

00:54:13--> 00:54:16

let me just say, what is this guy saying here? If he knows,

00:54:18--> 00:54:55

they will be demonstrated? So so you can read? You can read this over here. Let me just show you this. Okay. You can read this over here. I think, again, even the Sahaba. They've had multiple opinions. And you've had, you've had even a bus for example, the old one well known, he had a previous photo about an issue then he changed his mind. So I think this is this type of simplistic notion. And again, this is one of the reasons why I found that I had to move on from the movement that this movement, may Allah only protect all of us and guide all of us. It's very, in its own way. It is very cut and paste and simplistic. It's not allowing critical thinking. And I say that even

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

even taymiyah had been alive today. The first movement that would make to be of him

00:55:00--> 00:55:34

would be the very movement that claims him in Tamia was the what probably one of the most revolutionary thinkers who, while maintaining orthodoxy continue to think outside of the box continue to challenge some of his biggest critics were his fellow humbleth and his fellow members of the 30. stranded you can read this in in history as well. Why? Because he shook the boat, he rocked the reality of the world that he lived in. And he wasn't just because somebody said in the past does not make it right. Right now we respect the past. It doesn't mean we are wed to that. In any case, I hope that this was useful. Please leave your comments. I'm gonna leave the comments open for this

00:55:34--> 00:56:10

one. Please leave your comments and tell me your suggestions not about the content as much that wasn't as what I was looking at, but more about the concept of having a mini studio at home. Giacomo locata ask Allah subhana wa tada to make me have pure heart, ask a lot that he allows me to concentrate on my sins and mistakes more than the sins and mistakes of other people. I think that is a disease of the heart to constantly be obsessed with other people. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to always allow me to learn and grow in maturity. ask Allah azzawajal to allow me to be humble enough to if I made a mistake in the past to be brave enough to admit it was a mistake. And also that if

00:56:10--> 00:56:27

there's an issue that needs to be corrected and clarified that I don't have an ego that prevents me from doing so. I asked Eliza that he allows us to live as Muslims and to die as Mormons and to be resurrected with the prophets and the companions and what a noble companionship they are Jazakallah hyaluron setup Malik Muhammad sallahu wa barakato