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The serene message from the Spanish Church encourages people to use the WhatsApp group to share experiences and ideas. The importance of the holy month and its significance for spiritual well-being is discussed, along with the significance of the holy month for the spiritual well-being of culture. The history and meaning of Islam is emphasized, including its use as a means of protecting against evil behavior and building authority.

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fill out another Haven hungry Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Willem de with more serene Muhammad Rasul Allah is on the Haida un it used to send them to Stephen Covey and cathedra

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her Mavado my brothers and sisters and in the back there on my screen you can see the new calendar for the new year which

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ideas student and brother that very next every year this is a gift to our managers and to all of you and inshallah this will be downloadable format printable

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on the image ice website and then we will also send it out to the all the groups so do use it and make dua for each other. He's a wonderful designer and he is he has his own company, he is an entrepreneur mashallah man we asked you for the forum inshallah.

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We are on the story of Maria Maria salam ala Salam. And in the process of that we also have a story, a story of era Salah

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and of course he salat salam so there's really four

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great people three Ambia and one Siddiqa are who are

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in the story. And as I remind myself in you, the purpose of the stories of the column of Allah's Jalaja della Shanna who is for us to learn lessons from and to

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practice those things in our lives, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us and to enable us to do that in the best possible way in sha Allah.

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We recite it and

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and mentioned the ads

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relating to the whole story from

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Oliver on

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from 45 to 51. Now

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you know a few things.

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Key lessons from this one, of course, is the the whole story of his son is Rama, Rama and so on, especially the birth of Islam is a story of the glory and majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala a story of

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establishing in the hearts of people in the minds of people and we ask a lot of makers among them, the glory and magnificence of Allah subhanaw taala geladeira.

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The fact that Allah subhanaw taala can do whatever he likes, and Allah subhanaw taala is not dependent on anybody. And the whole of creation, which he created is dependent on him. So this is one very major lesson. The second major lesson is

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that Allah subhanaw taala is the law maker is the rule maker, he is not subject to his own laws and rules.

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And therefore when we worship Allah subhanaw taala, because he is the lawmaker. And that's how Allah subhanaw taala assured in the case of the birth of his or a Salam, through what is called the Immaculate Conception, which is that medieval Islam conceived him

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in a way, which is different from the normal process of consumption of a baby. So whenever I said I was not married, she had no

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interaction with another male, any man, and yet she had a baby. And this was as a sign from Allah subhanaw taala. This is to show the glory and magnificence and power of the Creator, gentle, gentle, so that people will then worship him instead of worshipping, whatever is that they were worshipping. Now, on a side note, I always thank Allah subhanaw taala geladeira Lu, that I was not born and I didn't I was not one of those living at that time. Because imagine, just think about this what kind of a test this is because we all like to think of miracles and we think is oh, great, fun thing happened. Something's you know, suddenly magic. Miracles are not magic. And miracles are not fun

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things. Miracles are huge, huge tests.

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People who are witnessing the miracle, this is not fun and games, this is not a drama that's happening. This is an enormous test that they're being put to, and the difference that in that test is literally between Jana and Jana, people who see the miracle and who do not accept Allah subhanho wa Taala our destiny themselves for Johanna Illa, masha Allah. Take for example, the people who saw the miracle of the splitting of the moon chakra comma, which they demanded for us organizer salah. And then when the miracle happened when when Rosa Rosa was given the power, and Allah subhanaw taala directed him to indicate with his index finger right index finger, the shahada finger towards the

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moon and the moon split and they said that the split and he

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Split to such an extent that the good there was a huge space between the two parts and then the two parts joined back. Now imagine people who are

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just thinking about this, even as I'm describing it to you and I'm describing I'm not I wasn't witness to that I am describing to you what I what I have read in the Quran and the Sunnah. And this is what resources someone told us and this is what the people who wrote the history of the time told us. But imagine the people of Makkah who demanded this miracle, what should they have done? They should have immediately said, well, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, we demand a miracle, we got the miracle, and we accept your rissalah We accept your messenger ship and we accept the

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the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. But did that happen? No, it didn't happen. It did not happen. People demanded the miracle and then they did nothing. They continue to oppress and they continue to oppose and they continue to go against Rasul Allah is Allah salaam, and this is a very, very, very major masiva and a lot of them because of that, Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. You know, their destiny, they literally destined themselves in into Cofer and into and into Jana, but very strangely and is one of the amazing things of the time, there was a king, a Hindu King in a place called Katanga lower, which is in near Cochin in Kerala, and this king saw this splitting of the moon

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obviously, because as you know, the difference between the time difference between the hedgers and a hen is is such that it is possible it is night in both places. And so, therefore, he saw this thing, and he didn't know he asked is, you know, all these things is to have astrologers and so on with them, he asked his astrologers. So they by whatever means they had they said, Well, this is a miracle that has been performed by a by a prophet in the land of the Arabs, and he said that the landlord did palms and camels.

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So, and that was that, but then some months later,

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some Sahaba They came because they used to trade between India and and hijas and Arabia. So they came in a ship and they landed in Katanga row and the king whose name was Kula shaker of color shaker of Miramar, he asked to meet them, they came to meet the king, and they presented Islam to him and they gave Tao and he accepted because he asked them what what was this this is this is what what it was and we have come from the same place and we have come from the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this king accepted Islam. He wasn't he didn't demand the miracle. He wasn't there he was he was in some other place. He saw it but a handle a sellable fitrah the

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heart was, the heart was good, the heart was pure. He was seeking he there. So he accepted Islam. He accepted Islam he gave them a place of he gave them a spot of land to build a masjid because that's what they asked him for. He had them to build the Masjid. They even they gave a lamp in that Masjid.

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Which was an oil lamp from one of their temples. That was the usual thing that they did. And that Masjid is there till now I have prayed in it. And I've seen that lamp in their mercy. The lamp is 1400 years old. Amazing. Amazing, amazing story then Akula segura. piramal then went from there and they say that the legend is that he went to meet Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, whether he met the porcelain or not. But he on the way back, he died in Oman in Salalah. And I have also seen his grave in Oman in Salalah, the grave of Palecek Perumal. Of the

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of the Burma dynasty,

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in in Coronado, so I've seen his grave in, in Salah. Right. So the reason I'm mentioning this story to you is that because when we think about and see what she think about and talk about miracles, let's not get you know, carried away, it's not a it's not an entertainment thing. Now, in the case of whatever he said, The reason I said I'm very happy I was not born then is because imagine that test that these people, the people around her the, especially the Jewish leadership, which was she was strong, she was strong, she was also Jewish. The Jewish leadership was there, and especially those who were the heads of the,

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of the Luxa, the people who are moneylenders, and so on. See the amount of tests that they were put towards here is this lady who was changed to spies who grew up in the masjid and suddenly now she has a baby. And we today we accept this and we believe it and we know that she was pure. We know that she did not do anything wrong. We know this is the Immaculate Conception because this is told to us by Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran. If somebody denies this if a Muslim denies that Maria Malay salaam had a baby

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By the Hong Kong and by the will and by the order of Allah. And instead he says that no, no she had a baby in the normal way that this person has left Islam is called us. It is part of our belief to believe this because this has been told to us in the Quran. So this is a safety feature for us. I believe it because it says the Quran, Quran, but the people who are there, they did not have any word of Allah at that time there was nobody telling them what they are just seeing this thing. And then it's not up to you, do you believe this? Do you believe the lady of the room believes in it, what what happens to you now imagine what kind of a test that was, and how many people would have,

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you know, exited from the from the fold.

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And of course, Allah Svarta then

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gave easily salaam, the power of speech. And

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you know, he then spoke in the cradle, as I mentioned to you that

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he was one of three infants to speak. And in the last session, I think I mentioned the other two as well. So I won't repeat myself here. But this is what he saw a salaam, and he was given miracles. Now he was he was given miracles, and his miracles were among among His miracles was that he would be he would make a bird out of clay. And he would blow into it and the bird would fly away it would be to get life and it would fly away. And he said this is by the will of Allah subhanaw taala. And then he used to heal.

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People were born blind, and he would heal lepers,

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which was the ultimate of medicine, when medical technology if somebody is born blind, then obviously there is a major defect with their with their eyesight, God knows, you know, optic nerve, or what are the eyes itself, and they were not doing surgery at that time. So they in the sense of Even today, when suddenly somebody is born blind, you can't give them sight.

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So he was he would cure them, and he would cure the lepers, and the ultimate of it which nobody in the world can ever do or has ever done, which is to bring the dead back to life. And this is what he said. And so therefore, and then he said, I also inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses. I mean, this is seems to be you know, really about after all of this that seems to be not not such a big thing, you know, if somebody can bring the dead back to life, and they told me what's in my house. So the point here is that, to understand this is the

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this is the power of Allah subhanaw taala among the lessons is also that Prophet God miracles in relation to the things which the people we're proud of are impressed with. So for example, in Musa salaams case, the Egyptians were big on magic, and all kinds of you know, fantastic magic they used to do. So Musa Salah was given miracles, which on the face of it appeared to be magic.

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But who recognize them the first that this is not magic, the magician themselves.

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And this is one of the one of those amazing stories in the Quran, where people who started off as complete opposite they started off as the opponents of the Navy, as people whose job was and they had decided that they want to fight the enemy, they turned into his greatest supporters.

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And immediately they fell into Sue and two before Allah subhanaw taala. And they accepted Islam. And even when the Quran

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threatened them by to say will crucify them and cut off their arms and legs. This they do do what you want. As far as we are concerned, we are Muslim, we are not going to go back on this theme because we have understood. And the important thing here is to understand that the people who recognize that thing as not being magic, we're the experts in magic. So it's like saying, Well, you know, if this is magic, then I know what is magic. I am the greatest magician in the world. And I understand magic. And I know this is not magic because of my knowledge. So this is another

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instance of understanding that he that and guidance comes out of knowledge people who have knowledge and who have a heart which is free from arrogance. These are two important things, having knowledge and having a heart which is free from arrogance. This is inshallah a facilitator of guidance, somebody who has knowledge and who really wants to learn who's whose heart is hard and soft and pure. Similarly, if you take now ESA is around time, they were very proud of their medical abilities because they had learnt a lot from the Greeks and you know what we know today as you know, medicine. People say Muslim medicine, almost Asian medicine is Greek medicine, but it's the what the Muslims

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did. And this is of course, much after it's

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what the Muslims did was to add to that and to

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develop that father and so on and so forth. And that's the that's a beautiful contribution. But he says around time, the Greek medicine still was very powerful. And then they were very good at it. The Romans used it for 2005. I mean, for 4000 years, they use Greek. They used use, the Romans conquered Greece, but they used to use Greek physicians in their armies, because Greek physicians knew how to deal with wounds and how to heal sickness and so on. So the Romans do well to a lot of advantage of Greek medic Greek medical knowledge. So also did the, the Jews and and the people of Palestine. So and this is how they, they got there. So now, he said Islam was given miracles, which

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challenged their minds, which literally blew their mind and says, Wow, we think we know medical, medical lobbying, we have medical knowledge, but here is somebody who is reviving the dead. Now what's beyond this, there's nothing beyond this. Similarly, in the time of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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As soon as Salem was given the knowledge of language, he was given the the miracle of languages, which is the Quran Al Karim. Because the Arabs are very proud of their of their language. And they know this is the ultimate language. They were extremely proud of it they were extremely arrogant about it, which is why they used to call peep non Arabic speaking people don't mean this to say these are dumb people, these are like animals, they have their own language right now, which is a very arrogant way of behavior. But rustlers are certain therefore was given a Kitab he was given a book, which in purely linguistic terms, it completely challenge the Arabs to produce something like

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it even one line. And they were not able to do that. So it was something which was the linguistic miracle apart from of course, a miracle in many other ways, but a linguistic miracle, the way that neither prose, nor is it poetry, it's a, it's a very, actually is a very complicated or complex or complicated, very complex.

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You know, piece of literature, and direct revelation from Allah subhanaw taala, the word of Allah, the Quran is not a created thing the Quran is, was conveyed to us by Rasul Allah serve, it was not written by him, he did not conceptualize it, he did not he did not even change a single line or letter or her father, or, or a letter in it, he conveyed it as he received it without any change whatsoever. This is part of the evidence of the integrity of the Navy Alayhis Salam.

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Then second lesson from this is the ISA Islam came to confirm the law of the Torah. And in that law, the Torah is some things that were privated, which are Islam permitted, and something which were. And so there was some small, minor changes that he started salaam was ordered to make, and he made them. But then Paul came, and he changed everything. So he came, and he said that

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the law is not no longer relevant, he says, the law is has been,

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you know, has changed, right?

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Christianity lost the power of the Jewish law of the of the, of the law of the Torah, which was what the Jews believed in, and to this day, they believe it, they have changed it, they've changed a lot of it, there. They are, they have now the third mode, which is really the lava lava that they have, which is not a divine book, and they don't even they don't even say it the way

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it's a it's a it's a teachings of different rabbis, and so on and so forth. A lot of people obviously, but obviously, they're not got the Torah itself is the book of God and about even there, they have made a lot of changes a lot of the Hadith over the centuries. But it's it has, you know, some essence of it is still there.

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But if Paul came, and Paul changed all that, then came

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the Romans and then accepted

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Christianity. And Constantine the first.

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Really the introduced this concept of Trinity was really his, his job and the people of his time. We know what it is the concept or Trinity and we introduced the concept of a homemade Issara Salam, Salam Bernardsville. So anyway, this is the that's the story. But other issue is the Islamic religion had a very strong spiritual aspect, very, very strong spirited spiritual dimension, and a lot of force and seclusion and monk lives is hot.

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You know, fasting and doing penance and punishing your body in order to try to get more spiritual, spiritual learning and so on.

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I started when I was very strongly against dunya. He never married and he's he literally gave up everything because the people were totally immersed in the dunya. As soon as As Salam said that he saw salaam

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his his bed was the earth and his cover was the sky. So it was he had no he never built a house. He didn't right. He only 100% He was only focused on trying to preach His message and get his people out for the dunya especially with especially especially against the moneylenders and the people who deal in usury. Now Rasul Allah says Allah was bested however, is the middle part that is completely balanced with a focus on leading others leading others

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in a way that helps the ACA because he's the last of the messengers, and his message is universal and for all time. Now, Islam is therefore a message which is a message of universality. Allah subhanaw taala is Robert Alameen wa salatu salam Misurata Lila, I mean, the Kitab of Allah is the leanness, Allah is the Creator, sustainer maintainer, and the controller of the entire of all the words and also Salah has been sent as a mercy to all the worlds and the Quran, His Holiness, which is it is his guidance for all of mankind, to the universality of the

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of the message.

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Now, minimalism said she had a child and she couldn't explain to the peoples also Swatara told her don't speak, and He told her to say that she is fasting from speaking and to point to the child, which he did. And instead of Maria, we have all these add. Then she brought him the baby to her people carrying him this Romania indeed, your broader thing of faria for the year which is unheard of mighty thing, meaning committed a great sin. And then they told her all of that now easily salaam den spoke.

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And, and he said to them, that Allah has, I'm a slave of Allah, she pointed me in this and how can you how can you talk, and he said, Verily, I'm a slave of Allah, He has given me the Scripture and made me also, and he made me blessed, wherever I may be, and has enjoined on me a Salah and zakaat, as long as I live, and we do to hold my mother and he did not make me arrogant, and he did not make me unblessed and Salam be on me, the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive. Such is easily Santa Maria, it's a statement of truth about which they doubt or dispute. Now, again, remember here, he says, I'm saying Salam on me, the day I was born, today, I

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will die. So he said, Islam will die, and then he will be resurrected. Right? The Christians, the Christians claim that is already he already died, and he will know, the Quran came after that. And the Quran is saying, he will die and he will be resurrected, meaning that he is alive, right together, right? And we know this, we know that Allah subhanaw taala, then raised him and saved him from a an extremely humiliating and extremely painful death on the cross.

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Because if Allah had allowed that to happen, it would have been highly, highly unjust, because he was this man who was pure, who was innocent, he was sinless. He was a very, very beautiful human being one of the greatest of the, of the messengers of Allah subhanaw taala, one of the greatest of the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala. And if Allah subhanaw taala, as the Christians claim, is he He died for our sins. Why would you do that? Because if you are God, if you are Allah, and somebody, your slaves are committing sin, and they come to you and say, Please forgive me, then if you are God, then forgive them. Right? Don't you have the power to forgive them? If you are saying, no, no,

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but you see, we before I forgive you, I must punish an innocent person. He has done nothing. He's got here nothing to do with you. He's done nothing.

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Yet, I will punish him and I will condemn him and I will sentence him to a extremely excruciatingly painful lingering death.

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And because of that death, I will forgive you doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It does not to me anyway.

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My to me, God, Allah is the One who can do anything,

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including forgiving. And Allah subhanaw taala told us I will forgive he says, asked me and I will give you with only a study block who asked me I will give you a last round that has said repent to me and I will forgive because it is between the person who has committed the sin and his rock. There is no intermediary in Islam. That's why we have no confessional we haven't we don't go to a priest to confess the priests doesn't tell us research of any Hail Marys or whatever it is no, because the priest has nothing to do with it.

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First of all, it is lovely as you know, in Islam we have no priesthood.

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We have no priesthood, we have no clergy, we have no church in the, in the,

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in the context of the organized church, the Catholic Church and the other judges in Christianity, we have no Pope as far as such we have we don't have a single man who rules in the name of God. We don't have somebody who says I am the representative of God or Allah. No, we don't have any of that.

00:25:27--> 00:25:38

We have human beings who are the slaves of Allah, they are less creatures and we have Allah subhanaw taala, who is the creator, and it's the, the job of the slave to express his

00:25:40--> 00:26:05

his subservience to Allah subhanaw taala in the form of worship, if you need something, he will ask Allah, if He has committed a sin, He will repent to Allah. If the sin is of a nature where he has hurt somebody else he will go and compensate that person's if their seek their partner, and then he will repent to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala promise to forgive them. So this is our Islam, which is very clear, neat, and it's very logical.

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The reason why Christianity has all these is because not because Allah subhanaw taala made them but because people introduce these things for various reasons. This is not part of my job here now to analyze Christianity's are not doing that. And he was explaining to you that this is what he's always said and did. And

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therefore, they said, so huge test for people in soil the SFX.

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We come to another part which is almost random I said, I was willing to show Tom energy with God ie seven or Maria Maria when he said he live in near Rasulullah he laico Musa De Lima by an ad in authority or MOBA, Sharam para Su Ling, yet to remember the he is more who are hammered by llamada built by unity, who has a horror movie. So the SFX Allah said and remember, when he saw the Santa Maria said, oh children of Israel, I am the messenger of Allah unto you confirming the Torah which came before me and giving glad tidings of a messenger to come after Me, whose name will be Ahmed. But when he Ahmed Mohammed, Salah Salem came to them with clear proofs, they said this is magic. Now

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this is one of the problems because

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the the prediction, the prophecy of the coming hours was SLM was done 500 years before he was born by one of the greatest of the messengers of Allah, which is essentially ceramah Allah subhanaw taala as witness of that, and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that in his book, and then Allah has read that has said yeah, you are living I'm an akuna Onsala he come I call it seven or Maria malabari in Amman sorry luck calling out a Yuna nine ones Allah for mana ta if to me money is an eel

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worker for a TA if attune for a year then a Levina Amano Allah Adobe him first Bahasa herring, and lesson we will believe.

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Will you be helpers

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in the Cause of Allah, as said, he said, he said I'm the son of Meriam to alojar Yun to His disciples, who are my helpers and the cause of Allah. And Allah ye in the disciples said, we are Allah's helpers, which means we will help and serve in his cause. Then a group of the children of Israel believed and a group is believed. So we gave power to those who believed against their enemies, and they became the uppermost Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning here. The Battle of the Quran is not chronologically it doesn't say this happened, this happened and after that, after so many days this happened. This is the overall picture of the thing where

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people believed in SRA, Salaam and then people disability service around think about this, that there was a time when the believers in SRA Salaam and again, when we say believers in Islam, we do not say Christians because as far as we are concerned, the believers in the Navi of the time are the Muslims. Right whoever they are people who believe in moosari Salaam are Muslim people who believe in the primary Salah Muslim people who believe in Newari ceramah Muslim people who believe in the Saudi Salah Muslim people who believe in mamas are seldom Muslim. A Muslim is one who submits Allah subhanaw taala and whoever submitted to Allah subhanaw taala was the one who believed in the Nabee

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in the in the

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messenger in the Prophet of the time and therefore that person was a Muslim.

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So these people easily salaam ask them will you help in My Cause in the cause of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala and they said yes, we will help you and we are the helpers of Allah and helpers of Allah is it

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As a way of speaking, Allah subhanaw taala does not need any helpers.

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It's a way of speaking to help us to understand that the cause of Allah the cause of the vino ALLAH SubhanA data is is something which is being helped in this case and Allah subhanaw taala is braising them and a lot of idolizing that here are the people who

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who helped the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala maker may Allah subhanaw taala makers, among them in sha Allah.

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The the thing here is to

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is to keep this in mind and say how can we be the helpers of Allah subhanho wa Taala as Deen in whatever we do, because for the helpers in the deen of Allah comes the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala himself. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to reflect on the whole point of this is to reflect on this nothing new I'm telling you. It's all in the Quran, it's you can read it yourself. It's all in there I had these and I'm quoting for your references and so on so forth. But reflect on it think about is how does this apply to me? Here is Allah subhanaw taala has greatness, Glory magnificence, which is being described in different ways? How does it apply? What does that do to my

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heart? How does it change me and make me a better human being? Who is more obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala and who Insha Allah we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness or some of the honorable Kareem while he was I was named to gamma ray me was alive I even went off to work