Munir Ahmed – A Time for Sincere Tawbah

Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the meaning of Islam, including the use of "fitness" in forgiveness and the importance of forgiveness in times of qualification and illness. The title of the book references a quote from the Bible that says "theor is" meaning it is impossible to be free from sin, and the use of the word "the organizations" means it is impossible to be free from sin. The segment also touches on the negative impact of the pandemic on family structures and the importance of forgiveness in times of qualification and illness. The call to action for forgiveness is mentioned, and the message of Islam is emphasized.
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Alhamdulillah alameen wa Salatu was salam, O Allah extrafill mbi will mursaleen Well, early he was suffering here to mine My bad for Carlota Allah philokalia Majeed will be live in a Chicago regime. Yeah. La Vina new to boo Ilan la he

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suha SRO bukem a cafe.

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Calm se te como de la calm while the Haleakala

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tragedy min taffy Hill and

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Yo mama yo Priscilla Nabil. Yeah well less ina ma no homea sadhana ad him Wahby a Manny him yaku na Bana at mainland

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wall Murphy Lerner in NACA Allah Lee Shea in the praise be to Allah. We begin always by praising him we send peace and blessings on these final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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On this blessed day, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran are you who believe do Toba to Allah? All of you, Toba can the suha which is a sincere Toba Assad of Boko Manuka Farah and come say he article I saw perhaps your Lord will block out and wipe away from you your sins while you're the healer come and enter you into the gardens underneath which rivers flow generating dusty * and have Yola Zilla Honda Viva La Nina Anna new ma the day meaning of the Day of Judgment. Allah will not humiliate

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the prophet or the believers

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will Latina amen Omar those who believe who are with him. Yeah. Nora homea Sabina ad him the light will and see what come out main ad him will be a mounting him from there right and from in front of them.

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Yeah, yo colonna robina, Achim, Lana, new Rana and they will say, Our Lord.

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admin Lalanne odana make sure make steadfast our light while fildena and forgivers in Naka Allah cliche in Cadiz surely you You are the one who has power over all things. This tubal. This is a special time brothers and sisters for doing Toba as is mentioned in the Quran here for believers to do Toba but do do do sincere Toba. Koba actually means to turn towards Allah swag to turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala to turn away from sin. so sincere Toba, as well a month of deceit have said is to turn away sincerely from doing sin. And to ask Allah for forgiveness that is part of the meaning of Toba and not do your utmost to try not to repeat the sin again. So Toba, here is sincere

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Toba with that meaning, and

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Toba actually is more comprehensive term then is stick far. They've been used separately, but Toba is more comprehensive in the sense that Toba means to turn back to Allah with what with forgiveness. So that's included in the idea of Toba and to turn away from sin is included in it as well. And why does it stay far is last a last minute offer forgiveness. So Toba is inclusive of that, and yet they can come separate in the Quran and Sunnah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he is kawakubo Rahim. He is off returning the Allah uses a term to web for the for us for those who keep turning back to him. That's the meaning of a word in the law. Your head Butoh ba ba

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Why you hate bull Matata hearing? Surely Allah He loves those who keep coming back, meaning repenting turning to him for forgiveness, and he loves those who purify and cleanse themselves. So to what he uses for himself as well.

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Know what a wobble Rahim in the law to wobble Rahim surely Allah is off returning keeps on coming back with what would forgiveness or Rahim and the one who is extremely full of mercy towards us. So Toba has that double meaning unless what I use is faster and faster ferro rod back home wha wha todo la.

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So in the Quran, Allah Allah has used them separately, so ask forgiveness from your Lord and turn to turn to him. Turn to him. The meaning of Toba again being used here.

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Some people may say, Well, you know, I haven't done so much of sin. I fast and I pray regularly. I do tahajjud even and stay away from sin. So why do I need to be doing Toba all the time? This is the wrong attitude. Toba is about humility. None of us are free from sin as the prophesies that I'm sending Have you could see that Allah subhanho wa Taala says yeah evaluate in the comfort of the owner be lelee one her wear an outfit of the Nova Jami first outfit, Rooney outfit, locker room, all my slaves, all of you, you sin by day and by night, and I forgive all sins, so seek forgiveness of me and I will forgive you. So this is very clear, none of us are free from sin. So much so in

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another Hadith the prophet SAW Allah Islam which is reported by Muslim from Oba horadada. The prophet SAW Islam said,

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well, the Neff CB Edie, by him swearing taking oath by him in whose hands is my soul

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by him as well as in FCV.

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Low land use me boo, La Habra, la Hui

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Walla, Walla, Walla Jaya, The Omen UV buena YSL film rune Allah for your ruler, Allahu Allahu wa Muslim, were you to become like those who do not do sin. That sort of publicize them said, Allah will wipe you out, remove you get rid of you, and then bring people meaning human beings who sin and they ask forgiveness from Allah, so he forgives them. In other words, Allah loves those. In other words, the meaning of this edition, none of us are free from sin. It's impossible that we are free from sin. And Allah loves despite a sinning that we turned to him to ask for forgiveness again and again. And surely he forgives? Well, that's what I mentioned in the Quran in the ayah that I've

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after making tubo, ilaha tobert. And so ha and he says Azhar of bokun

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the apparent meaning if we look at it, I saw in Arabic means perhaps your Lord saddam buco and you can read an article perhaps your Lord will wipe away blocks away and wipe away your sins from you. But as as I've learned, abasto Jamal Quran had said, I saw when it is applied to Allah subhanaw taala our Lord always means most definitely, it is an obligation that he will definitely wipe away those sins and this idea of Allah wiping away sins from Toba is often mentioned by all of our ima from past and present, and after messenger have these from the prophet SAW Selim, october two tragic boom bah bah bah ha that Toba wipes away that which came before actually this hadith with these

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words is not an authentic hadith it has no Senate. No, no basis is any authentic book of Hadith, but it's very popularly used by Imam and of course by the public. The idea nevertheless is correct to say that idea that Toba wisely what went before is correct. We get it clearly from the Quran here the Quran is saying it and the publicized time said in a hadith al Islam in Islam. Yeah, the most popular marhaba who, surely Islam in other words, embracing Islam, which is part and parcel of Toba. It destroys wipes away that which went before it as the last one has already seen in the Quran. So that's something I'm about Toba about wiping away sins. But in the end, turning to Allah Toba has

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implicit in it the

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idea of with humility, with humbleness. Allah says in the Quran, or the aura back when and where

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we're healthier. 10

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pray, make dua to your Lord Cordero and means also a part of it means with humility, with humbleness, but it also means pleading to him imploring Him to double up on what was done and in secretly in the hula you hike, Bull Modine, surely he does not love those who are transgressors. So the opposite of transgressive humility is love by Allah because the opposite of that, of course is to come forward, which is the sign that was attributed to to Satan beliefs, and hence the opposite of that is love by Allah subhanaw taala. So coming to Allah slaughter to do to do Toba if we think that we don't need to tober I do Toba? Well look at Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brothers

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and sisters

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Subhana Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he has Hadith in Bukhari Muslim says the prophet SAW slim said while la de la in the last last Pharaoh la her

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philleo exterra min seberang Amara or fury why attain extra min Mira Mira, the policy Islam said

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saying that by Allah surely I asked forgiveness from Allah in a day more than 70 times in a day more than 79 and wondering why I mentioned he used to ask for forgiveness more than 100 times sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is reported in behind him Muslim by mahira Sharma and Marina nashoba and on the movie I Chateau de la and Houma that can also lie he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your cell Li Jani SATA lane you suddenly had Terry mer Oh fantastic Padma who wakita Allahu

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Allah Allahu

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young fellow yet fit Allahu Mata. conda man minsan big Amata her pakala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, ala akuna abberton Shakira, Subhan Allah. When the Messenger of Allah saw some they say they used to pray until late his feet would become swollen and puffed up, pray 200 in the night, until his feet would swell up Salalah Islam and it was said to him, in other words, why do you do that when Allah has forgiven already your past and future sins, yada Salalah? And what are the publicize to them said Should I not then be a grateful servant? Should I not then be a grateful servant? And this is the humility of the greatest human being that ever lived. One who is past and future sins

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have already been forgiven some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and he's showing you the kind of humility for his followers to follow in his footsteps. And to do is that far to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala, asking for forgiveness, doing Toba to him. As the Quran says tolbutamide suha. This is especially a time brothers and sisters is it not for asking for doing Toba to Allah subhana wa Taala for turning to him because all of us are sinners. And in times of tribulation it is a way of the soul of Lhasa Salaam to impro implore Allah subhanho wa Taala even more so even more so. So we're in need of the same part of that. Mercy in times of tribulation which is mentioned in Hadith of the

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Prophet SAW salon that alight that it is a mercy for the believers is for the believers to realize to turn back to Allah sorta to do Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala to employ Allah ta to remove and raise up the tribulation or, or to give us increase in demand and give us some sort of fortitude in the difficult times that we're facing the difficult times that we're going to face in the coming week but sisters, as as this COVID 19 spreads more and affects more and more are near and dear ones. And as we lose some of our near and dear ones, as some brothers and sisters already have, with all the difficulties around the time of of the of burial and slothful janazah. On families being

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quarantined, not being able to even see the loved ones actually being buried etc. So these are going to be difficult times that we need. Toba is what gives us raises in an array

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As Indonesia blots out our sins as do times of tribulation and sickness, so it is a great way of gaining Allah swatters, pleasure. Allah loves those who do Toba and the prophet SAW some so much so that part of that Toba brothers sisters, of course, is is our Salah, Salah is the law. And the Salah is is Toba itself. Salah is Toba itself. And during the throughout the day is Toba praying in the night Even if he's Torah cause and in fact, the prophesize alum, as far as praying the night and doing keynote keynote is of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam, do our keynote. keynote means, actually,

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to be humble, to be submissive, and to be full of humility, towards the law. That's why it's called blacker north. And it is documented Well, from the Sahaba that the prophet SAW Islam at times of tribulation would actually make dua for note, throughout the present day, it is mentioned

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for all the prayers, especially for fudger, but also Sahaba mentioned it for lo her Arthur Murray, and Asia and in the night as well, in winter as well, all of it is corroborated. And of course, they became a difference of opinion amongst the folk aha in regards to when canoed can be done.

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Because there was difference of opinion from the Caribbean time. Nevertheless, what we are, most authentically what we have the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he definitely did connote

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in any of the prayers in the last locker of the first prayer, and either after Roku, which is

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after Roku, or before cool, both are there as evidenced in difference of opinion. And both are acceptable, either by raising the hands are not raising the hands, the idea of connote at the time of tribulation is there and if we're not necessarily going to do it in the Fudd, press, and shafia follow it and in fact, as wajib

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if most if not most, have that wajib in slot law fighter in the secondary car, so much so if they've missed the workload in the second regard, they say you have to do center to settle, although this was you have gluten further prey is not the strongest opinion, Jim, who the rest of the scholars are on the strongest opinion in regards to doing canoes.

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At times of tribulation, not all the time in effective prayer. But if you're not going to do it in the form of prayer, then certainly it is so not recommended Mr. Harper highly recommend to do in the last hour of winter, as is reporting in authentic hadith that the prophets grandson, Salah, rhodiola. And Hassan said that the Messenger of Allah taught him to do drop a note

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for winter, specifically, which is a Hassan Hanif and this

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committee says is the best that we have in regards to the workload any work can be done but this was the law which says allow Martina female her date we're asking our female our faith and the rest of law or law guidance with with those who you are amongst those who you are guided. And notice here and pardon us. With those amongst those you are pardoned as it carries on and adopt the law, which is very popular allama in Nesta, it'll go on that's done federal Look, it begins all Allah, surely we ask for your help. And we ask for your forgiveness. So this is

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showing you a times of tribulation that prophesized I'm doing these kinds of doors asking more forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala showing humility before Allah begging Allah swatter imploring Allah subhanaw taala, which is what we need to all of us do brothers sisters, is to build us with hope to remove from us hopelessness to remove from our hearts anxiety and worry because it makes us totally dependent trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala as we do the good works that we can in these times, we continue with so whatever our situation, whether we're well or whether we're slightly unwell or whether or whether we're very unwell. This doing Toba to Allah smart Allah is is always an

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obligation on the believer. It is a sign of our belief that we do Toba to Allah subhana wa to Allah. May Allah make us of those who are being who comes consistently again and again repentant turn to Allah sua to our Creator. How can we not turn to when we have got no one else to turn to

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Is that not so? But then sisters, we are utterly dependent on Allah subhanho wa Taala remember, nothing can harm us, nothing can harm us, except what Allah wills and nothing can no one can benefit us except what Allah has written for us and what He wills. So, let us turn to Allah subhanaw taala day and night, asked for his forgiveness. Indeed he is to wobble Rahim, the oft returning the Most Merciful, who doesn't wanna only handle the lay of the land I mean, as salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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