When can you Wish for more Wealt – Ramadan

Ali Albarghouthi


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The speaker discusses the concept of viliast and how it relates to a cemetery. They give examples of how animals are buried in the same cemetery and how people are buried in the same cemetery. The speaker also mentions a person named Jesus who was buried in a cemetery and how he was given money for doing so.

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I have everything that you compete for in this dunya will perish. You and the richest person will be buried in the same cemetery under the same ground facing the same consequences all that they've earned leaves them and you enter the grave.

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I'm a HELOC knock them over Nomura. Like we created you in the beginning Exactly.

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What did you compete for? The old left you

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an old pan it vanished. Except your deeds they go with you. That's the only thing that lasts.

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So compete for what?

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rush towards what?

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So you see.

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Prophet sallallahu sallam said in a hadith

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he said that he said that he left with nothing.

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There is no envy except in two things.

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Origin Luneta hola hola Khurana. FAHA TLU who feel alien haha

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for some Yahoo Yahoo for kala yeah late and you will see to miss La Poulin family with Rahmani The first is someone that Allah has taught the Quran to they have the Quran they've memorized it, they've learned it so they recite it day and night so his neighbor hears him and he says I wish that Allah had given me what had given you so I could do the same.

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What are Julieta hola Hillman and first Allah Allahu Allah halacha de fille hub for our puja who offers me IV gr roof Acharya lightning OTT Mithuna, ma OTF, hula

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for fall to Mithuna Maria fall and another that Allah azza wa jal had given him money

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and he spends it for Allah sake.

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He spends he says Allah, Allah catimini spent so much of it for Allah sake. So his neighbor looks at him and he says, I wish that Allah had given me what he had given him so I could do the same.

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You see here envy is not a

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evil envy. You don't wish them to lose what they have. You just wish to have what they have.