The Courage to Be Real

Yahya Ibrahim


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Hamdulillah He no matter who when I want to say you know when I still feel when I owe the villa I mean surely I'm putting out women's a year earlier Melina my yeah the level for them will be Lola woman usually tell her her Viola why show to Allah La la la, la Sherry kala Why should one another you know Muhammad and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Avenue who are rasuluh individual Omiya early he was he will sell into theme and Kathira Yeah, yo, hello, Deena am and on top of La haka to party with me to nebula and to Muslim moon. Yeah, you are NASA Taku Rob Docomo lady holla cocoon dapsone Wahida wahala coming has deja Westerman. humeri JALEN Kathy are on when he said for Tapachula Levita

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Levita eluna V one or hand in Allah gana Aliko MerKiVa yeah UI levena M and double la whoa poodle Poland so the that your slip likoma Like well silicon to overcome, coming up la Vasudevan Takata phones and Alima and my bad always we begin with a praise of Allah we send our prayers upon our whenever you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify that none is worthy of worship, but Allah azza wa jal and that I want to be a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is is worshipping Slaven final messenger. I continue to remind myself a new Allah azza wa jal, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah inherits in you and I,

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I love for him a fear of him a sense of hope in His mercy in this worldly life, and that extends with us into the next Allahumma I mean, I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala makes our lives and privacy and our private life of a higher standard of tougher than what we seek to show and dramatize and speak of to each other publicly Allahumma Amin it's a pleasure and honor to join with my dear brothers at merkezi ma'am achmad, even though it is virtually and may Allah subhanaw taala keep them able to gather together in their numbers. And it's a wonderful thing to hear that our brothers and sisters in Sydney are able to experience a little bit of a normality of life having come out of

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lockdown. I pray that Allah subhana wa Tada U de la no Aliko Mojave Nirma that this blessing of being able to walk into a masjid to be able to fulfill your prayers, to be able to hear that event and pharma and to be led in a Jamara that's 27 times the reward. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala causes our masajid to be busier than they were before COVID and that our HELOC a HELOC a big and HELOC Varian and the hell out of our young children memorizing and learning for an increased increase many fold over what it used to be in previous years. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala support to those who support his Deen that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala assists us against those who will

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show aggression against a student of than a VSI sell them in the path of righteousness Allahumma Amin courage the topic in sha Allah is courage and the courage that is needed to be real Subhan Allah we live in a very fake world of very fake world, a very plastic world, a world where as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes before the Day of Judgment, you can double saw that way you can do that there will come a time of center webtoon hada at years of deception, years of illusion, where a person who is unworthy of being trusted will be trusted, that their word is untruthful will be taken as truth. And a word of the one who is truthful and the one worthy of trust

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will not be trusted and their world their word will not be taken as a truthful statement. What until are way bigger. And this is where you know this, this statement of Roy Vila even to the Sahaba was almost an unknown word how they will not Roy did they Rasool Allah that will be spoken that will be spread that will be shared. He said, I don't want you to Taffy yet. Akella movie amarilla it's that an insignificant and immoral and ignoramus, one who is unknown, and unknowing will be given the platform to speak to the AMA to everyone will be able to hear their words, and they will represent the words of the majority And subhanAllah if there is no better description than the phenomenon that

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we call social media, or what I guess is referred to as

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what is this marketing, social marketing standards and things like this, somebody can, you know, have not not just millions 10s of millions of views for doing a lewd act for making a lewd statement and that the only way to get more attention is to go further and to make further

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you know,

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a morality of themselves that is shown to others to try to get a sensationalized response early with us. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us our homes and our families from the ROI below that spoken witnessed and seen a lot. I mean, subhanAllah we live in a time where it

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is a time of that plastic culture that we can society where family bonds are no longer strong, where the young are seeking to consume the old and the old black mercy with the young, where we find that everything seems to have been inverse. We're not we're not speaking about the roles that people play in society, but the very intentions that people have has become a thing of the past. And subhanAllah you know, as human beings, there is so much fear that at times is put within us as societies fear within our communities as Muslims of what is to come, what the future holds, where we will be, where our risk will come from, whether things will get back to normal, whether we'll be able to travel and

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go to Morocco, and, you know, fear is one of those things that Allah addresses in the Koran. And it requires the oppose opposition of fear, the courage to overcome fear and the courage to show that which is real and to stand up which that which is how the prophets Allah, Who are you selling was a very real person, he was a person who had real problems and presented real solutions and therefore he became what is referred to us by Allah as an EU sweat Al Hasan, the highest standard in Nicola Allah Hulu crinoline, your example of conduct if ethics and morality is beyond what can be reached by others. It is above that which others can estimate the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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becomes a central point in not the understanding of the Quran, but the very practice of the Quran Kendall Quran we MC VEDA does. He was a manifestation of the Quran that walked amongst us in society and of the greatest things that we see in the Prophet so I sell his courage. He was a person who I do the Allahu and the Amuro mean, Ali are the Allahu Anhu he says, I cannot only Mammon Buhari Well, it is a handy little thing when the battle was fiercest, that Nephele Sunita, we shelled it herself. We hid ourselves, we took refuge behind the leadership and the stance of the prophets. I said, in the battle, he was courageous in his wealth, he was courageous. He was a person who standard of

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courage showed a realism in his truthfulness and acceptance of Allah, one of the better ones, he came and he said, Oh, he, oh, Mohammed, give me from the wealth that God has bestowed not your own wealth or the wealth of your forefathers. So the Prophet opens his home and he said, Take whatever you want. The men took everything that belonged to the prophets, I send them and he went back to his people, and he said, believe in Muhammad, for he gives in a way that has no fear. He has a certainty and a courage in the one that he believes in, we'll return it to him manyfold courage sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam demonstrated

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courage in a multi faceted approach and Subhan Allah for you and I to be real and we use that word to be real meaning to be authentic, that what is on the inside and the outside come to a level of equilibrium when cognitive Denis dissonance you know the psychological state or where you know, on the inside, you believe or hold one thing to be true that you don't manifest on the outside. And it could be that on the outside your soul showing something that people appreciate, but on the inside, you know, it's not you, you know that that is not your true worth. You know that there is a hypocrisy that reigns and it takes courage. It takes courage, my dear brother to do good. And to do

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it for the right reasons and to do it without being acknowledged and to do it when others don't see it. It takes courage to do good just for the sake of good. It takes courage to walk away from wrong when nobody will witness it. It takes courage to walk away from that which is how on when it's pleasurable. It takes courage to open your heart to Allah after a mistake and to stand up brush yourself off after falling and straining. It takes courage it takes courage to hold yourself to a higher standard, when others don't hold you accountable and hold you to it. It takes courage to have that self assessment and self cognizance that I must redeem myself to have an attempt at redemption

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to have an attempted self reformation. It takes courage Subhan Allah to be the one who holds themselves to blame when others are not able to say it to them when others have not seen or know what it is that they are blamed of. Irma Abu Bakr Radi Allahu I know of his great dry he would say Allahu Medina haomei may have known Allah make me better than what they think of me. What Finley Malay Allah Moon Oh ALLAH forgive me what they don't know what the

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robak Welcome to the Allahu Anhu mele Allah Moon what they don't know what be Allah. It takes courage job, the love for you and I to hold ourselves to a higher standard each and every time

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day that we don't just say, I'm good, I'm better today I go to the gym, others don't. I provide for my family others might not eat as much as I do. I'm, I'm a nice to my parent, I'm not the best, but I'm nice to my parents SubhanAllah. Look, my cousin isn't as nice as me, my cousin doesn't call as much as me. But your standard is not what others do, who are beneath you, but what others do who are above you and what you are able to achieve. If you just invest in that courage to be real with yourself. It takes courage to forgive and love to forgive your wife to forgive your husband, for something they said for something they did for a mistake your son or daughter or father or mother, a

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friend, a work may have done it takes courage to not believe within yourself that westwards of the shaitaan that if you forgive them, they'll do it again. And they'll think you're weak. It takes courage to overcome that. That feeling of insecurity that if I forgive them, they're gonna walk all over me, they're gonna do it again. It takes courage to be able to stand up for yourself without being vulgar. It takes courage to be able to say no without even after using the word, it takes courage to be loud and heard with silence and with your dis, you know, dissatisfaction with something that it shone in your face in your demeanor, the outfield I know when you turn away until

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they return to that which is appropriate. It takes courage to give,

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to give handlebar, just that word give.

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It takes courage to give. When you lack in your own life. It takes courage to give when others expect you to withhold from someone I've overcome the Allah one who somebody had slandered his precious daughter I shot the Elana, the wife of the prophets, I send them and that has essential if it's a well known statement, somebody slandered Artesia and Abu Bakr used to have a stipend for that person used to pay his bills and look after his family and help him because he was poor and well above me devalues. I'm not going to give him anything. And Allah subhanaw taala says, in order to know well, I tell Hulu for them income to let those who I favored with an excess amount of wealth,

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disposable income, that they don't give to those who they used to give on account of their misdeed. Powerful was final, rather forgiven pardon I led to a boon and yet Allah would echo Don't you love that Allah will forgive you give,

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give and forgive. It takes courage to give

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when others are unworthy when they wouldn't give you but you give them It takes courage to invest in others who would not invest in you. It takes courage to give from your time and your energy and your wealth and your family and your business. It takes courage to give for Allah Lilla well, you're surely he and for that which is pleasing to his messenger Muhammad, I sell them when others would be I'm thankful and have proven themselves in the past when they receive to be unthinkable. It takes courage to share when others hoard when others hold, have this one little fuzzy show. Some people you know show is that you are hoarding and you are stingy to share. And it's not just I hoard, but I

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won't even give charity to the ones who even need more than me. Subhanallah we saw that with all these COVID people fighting over toilet paper holding and I know I need it. I want it. I'm going to keep it Pamela to share when others hoard it takes courage to be able to give to the unknown into the hive where you believe that Allah from above the seven heavens is the one who gave you in the first place. How can I this? How can I not believe you will return it many more whole Prophets I seldom he would say nah, nah, some elements are? Well, there's never deprived after giving it in charity. It takes courage to love for Allah and the path of Allah, those who are unlovable to you.

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And Allah, that hadith when Mahad deti Allah the prophet is LM says that Allah says My love is incumbent for those who love others for my sake, to have them in Edgerly for the sake of Allah. What does that mean? It means you loving someone who is unlovable. They're not the ones who you would choose. They're not your father, your mother. They're not the ones who have shown you love in the past, they're unlovable, but because of Allah, because of Allah, I will push myself and therefore you earn the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala It takes courage to debate others with whom or to remain silent when you're ignorant and are unsure. It takes courage never to say the word I think,

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rather it takes courage to say I know or I have learned or study. It takes courage to be quiet when other people expect you to say something. But you're quiet because it is more

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pleasing to Allah rather than try to put yourself forward without Assata and put your chest forward. When you are unknowing and unsure, it takes courage to succeed. It takes courage Allah He to succeed financially, economically. It takes courage to save and to invest. It takes a lot of courage to put your wealth in trade and put your you know your knowledge into study of what you're going to invest in what business you want to have. It takes courage to, to try something new to go out of your head and went to Allah, to make us from those who seek to demonstrate that courage to push yourself forward to be of those who are courageous in seeking to be real. I wanted to end in the last 510

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minutes in sha Allah by speaking about the hindrances to courage, but what is it that stops us? So psychologists they identify that there's only five categories of fear. There's only five things human beings fear as a category, everything you fear is under the weather it's flying or insects or you know, whatever it's five things, the fear of extinction, fear of death, everybody you know, I showed your love and hate your the prophets. I seldom said that a believer looks forward to meeting Allah and he can really my Muslim. She said, Yeah rasool Allah Allah Cara here to Mountune what are we afraid to die? Don't don't read this like that. Prophets. I said him said yes. Yeah, surely

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psychedelic you misunderstood. Men semi habited. When we learn in movement, when a believer hears about Allah's pleasure, Allah's forgiveness Allah's Jen met, happily, they look forward to meeting Allah, they don't want to die, but they look forward to meeting Amman. There's fear of death within all of us to natural state, in the mountainous Akara. There's fear of coming to an end. There's the second fear of mutilation. You don't want anything to hurt you. You don't want illness and health and something to cut yourself some some injury to your physical being. All of us are fearful of being hurt in that sense. Number three, there's the fear of autonomy, of being able to have liberty

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and choice and of course, you know, with all the things that relate to vaccinations and freedoms and choices and mandates, and there's this, you know, it drives people to doing things they normally wouldn't do. The loss of autonomy, the loss of liberty, the loss of freedom, if it is to another equal being, is something we all fear, right? Number four, the loss of separation, the fear of separation, it's an emotional or psychological fear of being rejected. Fear of being abandoned, fear of not being wanted, fear of your peers, looking at you for as, as somebody who is strange in your family, in your culture, in your tribe, in your community, in your faithfulness Subhan Allah, then

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there's finally the fear of our egos death. All of us fear being humiliated, being shamed, being made publicly ridiculed, the fear of losing ourselves and our ability to defend ourselves. Those five fears all of them are addressed in the lives of the prophets, every one of the prophets of Allah encountered those five years and Allah says Allah Allah Musa don't be scared if I will just have enough see Clifford moves I was scared in time putting a lotta lotta haha you will have to be scared. Ibrahim Fela Morrow idea of leprosy relay him elders at NFCA FIFA he was scared inside Ibrahim when the angels came in the form of three men on the way to destroy Lou. I want to be

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inspired I sell them kingdom from the mountain shaking them they don't need that's the Rooney Salalah Are you selling fear is natural.

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But it can be debilitating if you don't overcome it. So Allah one of the message of the Quran one of the eternal messages of the Sunnah is to demonstrate courage, and is to overcome the fear not to overcome danger because danger and fear we conflate them. We make them seem that they're the same thing. But they're totally different things. Fear is a construct danger is real, you know, crossing the road without looking both ways. That's dangerous. You're afraid it's not afraid to cross the road. The danger of crossing the road is not looking both ways. But I shouldn't fear making a cross crossing of the road. And that becomes really important that you and I part of our endeavor is to

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overcome our fear. One of the drowned the prophets why Selim lemania? Oh, the week Amina tube.

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Oh Allah, I ask you to protect me to remove from me, cowardice. fearfulness.

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fearfulness and cowardice, when both attached to cowardice is stinginess tight fixedness. Why because the person who doesn't spend is because where am I going to get more? How can I be sure I'll have more money tomorrow. How can I be sure I'll have my needs met. They don't have that trust in Allah. They don't want to give him the path of Allah because of the

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Fear of what's coming and Subhanallah it becomes important for us to focus on overcoming these fears. I want to speak about the last two fears in particular the fear of separation, and the fear of the ego. Separation is something that happens to us all. And fearing it is natural, but fearing it to a place that makes us choose the haram to belong to a bigger group is sinful. Until the Mau include you and I are the majority even if we are singular events, singularity is the truth. Allahu Akbar. This is the way of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Prophets, I seldom said better than mockery, Islam emerges as something two distinct, it makes us distinct. People say,

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Well, these people a little bit different in this regard. They're distinct in this regard. They pray five times a day when others don't. They pray when the sun has not risen in the middle of the night when others don't. They fast 30 days and others don't. We're distinct. They're women, a, you know, our women are adorn themselves beautify themselves with a job, others may not. It's a distinction, but all by law, but how how beautiful is the state of those who are distinguished in that distinction gives you a higher status in the sight of Allah, and also in the hearts and minds of others. And it gives people a sense of respect when they see you adhering to the truth because it's

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a truth to you, and that you don't dilute it. It's a sign of honor that you have

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the loss of ego, the fear of losing our death and an ego to our death. The death of our ego is one of the bigger problems we have this Muslims within our communities privately, within our spouses, how can she say that to me? How could he talk to me that way? You know, if I if I don't make a big deal out of it, or you know, sometimes our ego it gets injured very quickly. And it causes us because we're afraid of that humiliation. It causes us to act in a way that pushes us Further and Allah subhanaw taala says, A father who is lazy to believe his pride cause him to go further in their sinfulness. panela sometimes people they make a mistake, they can collect themselves, they can

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come back to it, but because of the ego How did who said Who told you what to do with you? I could do whatever I want. No, no, no, hold on, back up. Slow down. Don't go too far. It takes courage to hold yourself back. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us courage in these days of deception grantors freedom from seeking the pleasure of others at the expense of the acknowledgement and the pleasure of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala make our love for Allah greater than the love for our dunya May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makers of those who own the dunya but not are owned by the dunya what's in it? May Allah subhanho wa Taala increases and greatest joy and comfort and ease and facility or

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suddenly love no selling? Was it worth it? Or have you been whenever you have 100 sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your brother your Hey, Brahim, from my home here in Perth, and Allah subhanaw taala grant you success. A lot of money was salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi or rocket