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Salam aleikum unprecedented to Pamela a term that you and I have become well acquainted with in recent times because we are living through unprecedented times brothers and sisters in Islam we have planes grounded we have airports shut borders closed. Schools have seized the children at home we have currencies and shares. In deep dive we have 1000s getting sick daily hundreds being buried daily. You know, job security is at an all time low. No one knows what the future will hold all because of an army from the armies of Allah subhanho wa Taala creating havoc across the globe will Alamo Judah Rob Baker Illa who knows and knows of the armies of Allah subhanho wa Taala except Allah

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subhanho wa Taala because of this virus, the Coronavirus we have the carbon protected and blocked off. And recently brothers and sisters in Islam we have many massages across the face of the earth, having its doors closed, learn how to lower forward a little bit less. Learn how to elaborate Labradors and sisters in Islam. This really has been

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you know the point of many of your messages and the reason for this particular video I want to talk about this about the massages being closed in light of your correspondences and and, you know, messages no doubt brothers and sisters in Islam. The believers are attached to the massage then when the massage it can no longer look after the needs of the believers in terms of the congregational prayer and more importantly the Juma prayer, which should be done in congregation in the massage. No doubt, it is understandable why the woman feels the pain that it feels and inshallah This is a sign of event. Now brothers and sisters in Islam. You know, I am not going to share my view about a

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specific a specific mustard closure or a specific machine that is refused to close in this particular video. And I've said it before and I will say it again, these are matters of jurisdiction. They are Judas dictum meaning phip Islamic that prevents me from weighing in on a particular decision and to share my view whether I agree with it or not of an Imam or a board of a particular machine in a particular place. Because my view is irrelevant. Right? its jurisdiction, the relevant view is the view of the local, responsible, knowledgeable Islamic scholarship right? There view is the view that is important. And me sharing my view goes against fifth and quite

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frankly, it would only be a cause of drama, which the carrier does not want us to create. In fact, I could be sinful if I was a means of creating unnecessary drama. So this is the first point brothers and sisters in Islam to those who are asking my view isn't important. But moving on in terms of weighing in with regard to the overall discussion, those who are pro and those who are against we must understand brothers and sisters in Islam, that both parties right both parties agree that from the objectives of the Sharia is the preservation of life. Both parties agree that you know if we have a circumstance where something good can be done, but by doing that good, a greater harm is

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going to come to be then Islam tells us not to do that could leave that good to avert harm. Because the Sharia, you know has a higher precedence when it comes to averting harm than it has when it comes to attaining good, if that good will lead to a greater harm becoming an outcome. Both parties agree that if there's two harmful matters at your disposal, you have no other choice between doing this which is harmful and that which is harmful, then you should you should do the lesser harm so that you can avert the greater harm. Both parties agree to this brothers and sisters in Islam. Both parties agree that Allah subhanho wa Taala has gifted the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam a unique gift and that is the gift of the entire Earth being pure and a place of prayer. There are exceptions of course we try and the books are flip and this is not our place to discuss those exceptions but in general Allah has made the entire earth for us a place of prayer is purified it and made it a place of prayer for us and this is specific to the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam both parties, brothers and sisters in Islam, they agree that closing the machine is no big matter. Right? Rather, it is a major massive catastrophic matter. Right? I want to put it this way and I put it this way deliberately. No one is belittling this brothers and sisters in Islam

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and I highlight this because in the correspondences that are going around many are sort of losing trust in the Islamic scholarship and losing. You know, I would say to an extent losing respect with the local imams or the local trustees

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And this shouldn't happen brothers and sisters in Islam. We shouldn't allow a man to help the Coronavirus in its endeavor, you know, of creating havoc across the globe, we need the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. to, to get out of this difficult time that we are in the last thing we want is to do that which blocks the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala from reaching us, and that is by this uniting and disrespecting our scholars and speaking about them in, in what we've used the word unprecedented. So let's say it in unprecedented ways, brothers and sisters in Islam, we shouldn't do this, we should understand that this matter of keeping the masjid open. And keeping the masjid

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closed is a matter of you know, religious reasoning, personal Islamic reasoning, those who are last panel who Allah has blessed with the ability to look into the laws of Islam and the evidence of Islam and understand the implications and so on and so forth. They sit with these matters in light of real time data and understanding, you know, the reality on the ground. And accordingly, decisions are made, that somebody might say, Chef, if this is the reality, then why do we have some massages open and some masajid closed and some scholars are writing on Twitter, and we understand from what they're writing on Twitter that they're speaking against the other scholar and so on and so forth.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, they agreed to all the things that I mentioned, that the disagreement comes with regards to the micro measures that govern these values that I've shared, right, what constitutes a greater harm, what constitutes a minor, a minor harm, what constitutes a harm that will come about because of a benefit. This, you know, it is these areas, brothers and sisters in Islam, these areas of contention were naturally difference of opinion will happen because Allah subhanho wa Taala has created us with unique minds with unique personalities. Sometimes when you look at a meta, and you try to apply the Sharia, you might see it as a gray matter, and someone else

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will look at that matter and see it as a black matter or a white matter. I don't understand why you see it as a gray matter. So these are from the matters where differences of opinion will come in with nobody aiming to belittle Islam to belittle the massage it to disrespect the Sharia to, you know, to do wrong to the communities. Absolutely not brothers and sisters in Islam, it's just a matter of human nature. And I highlight this so that we maintain respect with the scholars who say, keep the massages open and with the scholars who say, closed the massage. Okay, so brothers and sisters in Islam, this is where we are at. Now, what is your situation? Some have said, You know, I

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haven't mentioned that it's open, I've mentioned that is closed, and I'm looking at the different discussions between the scholars, and they seem like you know, they can't agree and and so on and so forth. So you know, why should the masjid from the outset the mesh to do something open in the machine? Is something accessible to the community? Why don't we just go to the machine? How should we make our decision? Now in addressing this, and this is the main thrust of this particular video, in addressing this brothers and sisters in Islam? What should you do?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in matters like this is the callback, you should you should ask your heart, the heart of a believer guides. But it shouldn't be in a way you're asking your heart and your heart is guiding you without checks and balances. And in terms of the checks and balances, then the scholars have to superficially highlight a way for the masses to look at the religious responsibilities in light of scholars that you know, have different with regards to a matter. And they say that when they are two views followed the view of the scholar that is known to be more knowledgeable. And if both scholars are at the same level of knowledge, then follow the view

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of the scholar that is known to be more righteous and more pious. And if both scholars are at the same level of piety, then follow the view of the scholar that matches the view of the majority of the scholars in the lead. Okay, so there's a three step approach to follow the most knowledgeable if the both knowledgeable follow the most pious if they're both both pious and follow the view of the one whose view matches the view of the majority,

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you know, in, in the land that you're in, so here we have clear guidelines of how to go about it. But understand and understand why brothers and sisters in Islam that both scholars agree those who say, keep the massage open and those who say keep the massage it closed. They both agree that if you pray your Salah at home, right, and if you pray to her at home instead of Juma, then you are not sinful. They both agree to this brothers and sisters in Islam in light of the circumstances situation we are in no doubt we live at a time of Rojas at a time of concessions. So both agree that if you pray the whole instead of Juma you won't be sinful. And both agree that if you pray by

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yourself at home, instead of bringing congregation you won't be sinful. Right? So they agree on much more than they disagree on and this is where the focus should be with regards to you as an individual Muslim in your community, and in light of this difference of opinion that

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has come about with regards to this particular matter. So

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you know, if you pray at home you're not sinful if you pray to her instead of Juma because you you know you fear you won't be sinful and there's no need for you to feel guilty that I prevailed but that massage, pray Juma, for example, because the Sharia allows you to pray at home, if you fear not just for your for your health, but even if you fear for your wealth that if I go I will lose my wealth. The sheriff says don't go pray, Lord gives you it relaxes the laws to facilitate your human nature, right. And it's from the nature of the human beings to have fear. Yes, the levels of fear are different, but I just want to highlight for each and every one listening away for our brothers

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and sisters in Islam. Just one last thing because you spoke about feeling guilty and so on and so forth. Understand that the scholars also agree because this precedent comes from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam that a person who regularly prayed the Salah in the masjid, if we are prevented from bringing the Salah in the masjid due to circumstances, abnormal circumstances, unprecedented circumstances, then they will get the same rewards, they will get the same rewards, they will get the same rewards as they used to when they prayed in the masjid. When they pray Juma and the Messianic congregation, and when they pray the congregational prayers together in the

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masjid, they will get the same rewards as they used to because right now, it's not that they don't want to be there but rather they've been prevented from being there. So I pray this resonates well with each and every one of us.