Muiz Bukhary – The Enemy From Within

Muiz Bukhary
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the history and potential consequences of the "we" category, including the use of shamanism and the construction of cars. The speakers emphasize the importance of working on one's inner critic to achieve a peaceful category and mention a book on the topic. The discussion also touches on the use of "we" as a term to refer to achieving a full potential.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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We begin today's sermon by praising Allah Subhana Allah, Allah,

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the Almighty, the majestic, the Exalted the Lord of all worlds. And we ask him to send his choicest blessings and salutations, upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam, his family members, his companions,

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and all those who preyed upon his path with utmost sincerity until the day of care.

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The topic for today's sermon is

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the enemy from within the military, the enemy from within.

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There is no denying that we are living

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upon a challenging landscape.

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We are

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facing challenges

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outside of our beings, and we are also facing challenges within.

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of us who are facing mental health issues.

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And some of these issues are not even being addressed.

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Or spoken about

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despite them being elephants, elephants in the room.

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given the few minutes that I have with you all,

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I want to touch on one aspect.

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Obviously, despite me talking about mental health issues or not getting into it in this sermon, I want to touch on how at times our spirituality is attacked from within how our faith is attacked from within.

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And when I say within, I mean within ourselves.

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Most of the time, we tend to think that these attacks are coming from outside, we think that the enemy is outside.

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Speaking about it from a spiritual angle, we very swiftly blaming, who shut down.

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Now, obviously, we're not letting him go scot free, he takes a huge share of the blame. Why? Because

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this is his mission, day in and day out. He wants to try and mislead as many from mankind as possible.

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But in terms of evil forces, you have to understand that it is not only Shavon in terms of enemies, it is not only Shavon at times,

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our worst enemies ourselves.

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Let that sink in, at times, your worst enemy is yourself.

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We find it difficult to acknowledge this. Some of you might be thinking, Well, no, I don't agree. I don't understand what are you saying?

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If I don't feel like doing something in terms of a good deed, or if I'm inclining towards an evil deed, is it not? Shavon? Is it not Chapin who is pushing me? So why should I blame myself? Or why should I even bring myself into the equation?

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So we completely sideline that issue.

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But just to open up perspectives, and make you think along a certain angle.

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If we take the story of shaitan

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the story of a police

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Imam even it can feel for him a whole lot.

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renowned historian, famous scholar of Tafseer, you've heard of his book I've seen even in caffeine. You may have heard of that famous book of his but maybe you have not heard of another book of his called albida. When we hire some of you might have heard of it. The book title, The Book of the beginning and the end, I'll be the one behind. It's a book of history. He goes in and discusses things from the creation of Adam malice. That was why even before the creation of advantage that was salam

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And he goes on until after Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in that book.

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Now, he makes mention,

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with regard to the story of a police with regards to the story of Chopin

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that many hundreds, if not 1000s, of years before the creation of mankind, Earth was populated and the jinn populated our planet.

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They became rebellious, they started to shed blood,

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cause corruption until Allah subhanahu medalla sent an army of angels to

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contain them, and most of them were exiled to faraway islands, if you will.

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Now, at that time, there was one individual

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who was not necessarily rebellious. On the other hand, he was worshipping Allah subhana mme,

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he was worshipping Allah azza wa jal, and there are other narrations, but perhaps their authenticity is debated, to say that he was an ardent worshipper of Allah.

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So much to the extent that there is not a hand span like this on the face of this earth, except that he has prostrated Unto Allah subhana wa, he has made sujood and to Allah azza wa jal.

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Now when the angels saw this individual, this righteous individual,

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there are various narrations, but in conclusion, permission was granted for him to ascend to the heavens, and take part of the assemblies of the angels. Now this individual is taking part in the assemblies of the angels. He is not an angel. Allah says the Quran condominial Jin, it was from the jinn.

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He's taking part in the assemblies of the angels and please bear in mind, this is before the creation of our father Adamonis that was set up until the day when Allah proclaimed as he mentioned in surah baqarah what is called Rob Gu Khalil Mala Iike. In Niger alone, Phil are the Khalifa. Allah proclaims with regards to the creation of our father at the Malays that was Sinha.

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And then, we learn we read in the Quran, that are the militias that was salam was created a father advantage that was run the first human being was created by Allah azza wa jal, life was breathed into other money service and a powerful command was issued.

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was Joe Dooley Adam, we're in full knowledge melodica.

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Allah commands the angels, and this is why I was saying earlier on that this individual was allowed to be part of the assemblies of the angels. And on that day, he was part of the assembly of the angels. And command was issued to prostrate and two other militias that was set up.

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Now, at this juncture, it's a very, very crucial juncture. Some of us might have contemplated on the story, in depth, but some of us may have just glossed over the story. If you think about it, it's a crucial juncture.

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The angels did not apply logic at that juncture. They did not think or ask themselves, why should we prostrate unto them?

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I mean, it's Allah subhanho wa taala, who have been prostrating throughout to the Why should be frustrated to Adam, what's the reasoning behind it? Now? for them? It was black and white. It's a command from Allah. And we need to heat we need to obey. And I want you all to imagine and picture the scene. We're talking about an assembly of angels. Why am I allowed to do that Rebecca in LA, who? No one knows the number of these angels. The army is the troops of ALLAH SubhanA medalla. We're talking about a huge assembly of angels.

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If you've been part of a gathering, where perhaps you have 5000 people, 10,000 people for Friday Sermon, one time, I let the prayers in the United Kingdom and there was a huge crowd. When going down for sujood you can literally hear this rumble across the crowd as that entire gathering comes down in frustration. When Amin is set out you can hear it rippling across. So one can only imagine this entire assembly coming crashing down in compliance to the Command of Allah to prostrate and to other malice, that was Sarah.

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And then lo and behold, one lone figure

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Standing in the assembly in defiance

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not willing to comply,

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not willing to prostrate

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and it was asked and who was that individual is the individual we were talking about a while ago. The righteous individual, not a handsome man on the face of this earth except that he is frustrated as per certain narrations.

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This individual is standing all alone in defiance, not willing to submit, not willing to comply. And it was asked why why are you not prostrating? And his response was Anna Jairo Minh, I am better than him. Falcone, mi na wahala, Pata hoomin twin, or Allah You created me out of fire. You created him out of clay, he deemed himself to be superior.

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So he, his question was, why should I prostrate unto Him?

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Now this is the point where I want to stop and highlight

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because this was the beginning

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of his defiance, and until today, is banished. He is exiled. And he is known as Chopin.

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But on that day, think let us think him on that day when he chose to defy the Command of Allah, when he chose to defy the Command of Allah.

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Was there a shaytan to influence him?

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He's shaping.

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So what made him define the Command of Allah?

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Remember what I started off with the bulk of us we blame shape on for everything, right. And we find it difficult to come to terms with blaming ourselves for something. Now it's your turn. But I didn't pray it Sherpa, I didn't get my Sakata did SharePoint. I indulged in something that is wrong with SharePoint. Well, I'm good. Like I said, you're not going to let him go scot free, he takes a good share of the blame. But

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you have to

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acknowledge the fact that we have issues meaning we have enemies from within, for more specifically, we have an enemy within our own enemies sometimes

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when shaitan chose to defy the Command of Allah, and when he gave into

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his ego,

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when he became arrogant, when he became proud, there was no Chapin influencing him.

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It was himself from within.

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And these traits that I just mentioned, ego arrogance.

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Don't be all habit within us.

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And this is why you have to understand that at times.

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Not, don't take anything away from me today. Take this statement. At times, this enemy within is more harmful to you than the enemy that is outside.

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Think of it

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your home, your office, your warehouse, you have this valuable Jim is valuable jewel that you have stored.

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Do you think it is easier

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for it to be stolen by a robber by a burglar by a tee from outside.

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Or sometimes we say it's an inside job. We say it's an inside job.

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Because inside jobs, they happen a lot faster. It's difficult to trace. They know the safe codes, they know the location they know the timings when you have a thief inside. It's it's a lot harder to catch the thief and it's a lot easier to lose the jewel also. So similarly shaytan is an enemy outside no one's denying that. But if your ego inside is not a check,

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if your knifes inside is not at check, then you are in more danger than the danger you face from SharePoint outside.

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Because there are means to protect yourself from SharePoint that's what I'm getting at. There are means to protect yourself from the rubber outside. I don't know maybe you can put up a you can have security guards. You can have cameras you can have I don't know all the works the whole enchilada

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system if you will, to protect your valuables. But a burglar within your trusted individual. You've trusted that person. It's someone you care. It's someone you trust a friend, a family member, a relative. And if that person robs those tears, it's painful. It hurts. It's betrayal.

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That's the same thing within

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Allah subhanho wa taala. When talking about the nafs in the Quran, Allah describes it. There are three types of naps. One

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known as knifes Amara.

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Allah says in Surah Yusuf Brahma oberheiden FC in the Neff Salah Amara to be su

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UNOPS that is ever inclined towards evil. That's one particular category. The second category is nefs Allah wa Allah mentioned the Tamela OpenSim will be Neff Salawa. And this is understood as a self reproaching nervous and that's the blames and reproaches and then the last site through Allah mentioned in circle Fajr Yeah, I get to have enough Salam automa Inna, Allah talks about this peacefulness.

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So it's almost as if

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you can assess and determine

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which type of laughs you have.

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And it's also an indication as to how you're supposed to work on your next to get into the category mentioned in surah prefecture, which is the peaceful type of naps.

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If it is a neffs that is inclined towards evil, it's that rebellious snaps. That always pushing you towards evil. So again, it's not Sherpa here, it's your own Napster's pushing you towards evil. You see another way to access it is during the month of Ramadan, the month of Ramadan, if you're inclining towards sin, if you're inclining towards evil you should know Chopin is removed from the equation. Why? Because the Prophet is worshiping all the devotees are shackled. All the devils are chained up so the month of Ramadan is a good opportunity to assess yourself during the month of Ramadan if you're inclining towards evil during the month of Ramadan, if you can't control yourself,

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then you yourself is the problem. You need to work on yourself.

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And then you get into the second category, which is the self reproaching knifes, this can work two ways. It can work in a good way where it stops you from sinning, it reproaches you, it

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pushes you away from sin, but some people struggle with this category time does not permit for me to go into detail. But some struggle with this category where this category becomes negative for them.

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You relate you have voices inside you. I think a lot of you will relate to this. A lot of people have spoken to me about it you have voices inside you that are preventing you from reaching a certain potential that's preventing you from achieving things in life doing good things that our voices inside you what are those voices

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This is a concept they touch on it in psychology, they touch on it on psychotherapy. You have this inner critic inside you that stops you from achieving your full potential.

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It's a voice a mean voice inside you that makes you hate yourself. It pushes you into this abyss of thinking lowly of yourself inferiority complex, you you think I'm not good enough or or life is unfair. I've got it. You know the worst. You keep beating yourself up and you're finding it difficult to move forward in life. This is all part of that category where you have this voice inside you that's preventing you from reaching your full potential from loving yourself.

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But eventually, when you cross all of this and get to that last category, Motorola inner, that peaceful soul, that critical voice inside has now become an inner coach. You see there's a different difference between an inner critic and an inner coach. The inner coach is now pushing you towards achieving your full potential. It is pushing you towards positivity. It is pushing you towards goodness and it is a peaceful soul. And this soul it is free of ego. It is free of arrogance. It is free of all toxic qualities. In this very master that mentioned this hadith I think a couple of times in hadith is in the book of Imam Muslim but people are not familiar with the Prophet salallahu

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Salam says that people who will go to Paradise will be people who have hearts like the hearts of birds, hearts of birds. Why? Because their hearts will be light. Like a bird like a sparrow. Think about it. The bird flies out in the morning comes back in the evening with its belly full. It does not have envy, hatred grudges.

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anger towards any other creation of Allah.

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So we need to work on our hearts to get to that peaceful category. And if you do get there Subhanallah you are fortunate because Allah says in the Quran, there is a God, it will be set to that nervous energy in Arabic ear all the time Maria returned to your Lord, in a manner that the soul is pleased and Allah is pleased with the soul. So with that we conclude we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us of our sins, to accept our good deeds, to ease our affairs and justice how he united us here may unite us in the gardens of denying the companionship of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, I mean, I mean well so that way you can three legged

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