Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Role Of Father

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The responsibility of the father and mother in Islam is the one who leads the teaching and teaching environment. The responsibility is denied by parents and the speaker suggests disrespecting the father to disrespect the mother. The speaker discusses the issue of lack of respect for children due to parents' actions and the importance of learning to shoulder responsibility and protect children from mistakes.
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Rila salatu salam ala Ali.

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Ali was heavy on Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala gave different roles to different people in Islam. The issue of equality is not based on headcount or is not based on some manmade

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way of thinking. It's based on different roles that are different given to different people.

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In a family, for example, the father has a role, the mother has a role.

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Children have roles. And each of these different

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the power of the Father is not the same as the role of the mother of the children is not the same as the role of the parents. And there is not there is no inequality that is

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Among the roles, we'll look at this gela over the few days, the role of the Father

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and like what is what seems to be generally

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understood and spoken about

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the role of the Father is not merely to provide

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materially for the family, not nearly as a breadwinner.

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And equally, if not more important role of the father is to be the teacher of the whole family,

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the teacher of the children, the teacher of the

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wife, and so on.

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This is the role that Russell himself played and what the Sahaba played and learn from him, which is that they went to the Virgin and they spent time in the viscera cellar, and they learnt Islam.

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And they came home and taught the deen to their families.

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The son of Casa Delano narrates that he said our fathers together us all together, he would speak about the Maharaja masala that was a term they use for this era

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of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So he would gather his family together and he would discuss the spirit of knobbies abahlali Samson.

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Similarly with other Sahaba

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any revelation any Quran that was revealed was narrated by the Sahaba to their families. It was explained to them like they had heard the explanation from

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issues of haram and

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issues of the practice of Deen. All these were learned by the Sahaba by the men, and this was communicated to the women and children. It is true that Rosaura said, I'm also one of those that came and said jasola, we,

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the men spend a lot of time in your company.

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We also want to spend time in your company, we also want to learn from you. So Sarah, Sam set aside

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a special time for them. So they would come and

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learn from musasa. But this was not in any way to detract from the role of the Father.

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The women basically wanted to come and learn and they were they wanted some private time to talk about issues that related specifically to women, they didn't want to come in the presence of men and ask those questions. And so they asked for a special time.

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This does not mean that the role of the man of the house, the role of the Father is in any way

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reduced, or the responsibility is less. It is the role of the woman also to learn and also to teach. But the primary role on this, with this respect in this respect is for the man.

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The reason I'm saying is that we were talking about the environment of the house. Yesterday, I told you that people talk and they express a lot of concern about how the

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society outside the house has been corrupted and how the site is bad and has a bad influence. But we don't see what has happened to the influence to the society inside the house. What has happened to the environment inside the house which is in our control.

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The society outside we have not no control over that, but we have control over what happens inside the house.

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Similarly, the role of the father

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when the role of the Father events as Islam decreed, which is that the Father not only provides materially for the family, but also provides spiritually for the family in terms of learning.

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The father is the man the father is the teacher of the Quran. The father is the teacher of religion. The father is the one whose voice the children are used to hearing

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In the late, early hours of the night of the of the morning, late hours of the night, reading Quran deciding Quran in Salah.

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So that is the memory that they have, as a father as the as the start of the Kalam of Allah

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when this role was detected and happened historically, if you look at it, this is post industrial post Industrial Revolution,

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where the society we came from being agrarian, it became industrial. So, the role of the father got diminished from being a teacher to merely being the breadwinner.

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And the responsibility of teaching was given to professional teachers. Children were sent off to school, and they learn from teachers, those teachers did not necessarily have anything in common with the children, either spiritually or

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religiously or in any other way. So the children learned whatever was taught to them.

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In the case of

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modern education, or non religious education,

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learning, some trade and so on and so forth. That didn't really matter too much. But what brought about a complete change in society was that even moral and religious education, education or ethics and values, all this was tacitly handed over to somebody else, who did not share your own values.

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Who did not share your values didn't share your faith, nothing, it was all

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outsourced. And we see the result of that. We see the result of that when we talk about the breakdown of manners and the breakdown of a class and so on the corruption in the akiza. All of this is because it got outsourced somewhere else. And parents, especially the fathers, wash their hands have the responsibility

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to the extent where even like in our countries, even to teach the Quran.

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I don't say that the fathers consider it beneath their dignity, but they have to answer and say, why is it that you hire an outside molvi some of the mothers or something to come and teach your children the Quran? Why?

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If it is not beneath your dignity, then why don't why do you do it?

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If you consider teaching of the Quran, Allah Sallam said Hiram men whom, Mr. Khurana who I level,

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he said the best of you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it

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who teaches the Quran and learns it? Now?

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If that is, in fact, and that is narrated by Ron, if that is in fact our Mr. inferiorly believe that then how come you don't teach children? You don't teach karate children?

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One excuses either, I don't know how to recite it. Alright, so you don't know solar?

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Why do you assume that for you, it is okay not to know.

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And then your job is over. If you hire a model from somewhere else and give them some salary, and we give them a pittance, it's not as if you are paying them some fancy some bit of a pittance.

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And he is hired to teach your children.

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And that is why when we talk today talk about lack of respect.

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That children do not do not have respect for their parents. One of the primary reasons is that parents have deliberately themselves diminished the value of their own role.

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Allah gave you a role but you don't want that role.

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Allah gave you a role if you played that role. Your children would never ever disrespect you.

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Not possible. How can the child disrespect the father who he learned the Quran from? How can you disrespect the father to whom he goes to ask clarification in Messiah?

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If he doesn't understand something, he goes to the Father and says this is the masala How do I how do I make sense of this?

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How does the father How does the child disrespect of other who he prays behind operate behind all his life as long as he lived in the house he prayed man Well,

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how can he is not possible you cannot disrespect he disrespect the father because the Father has turned into an ATM machine.

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He thinks as a father only when in his money.

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So you obviously don't respect an ATM machine or ATM machine is not worthy of respect right ATM machine, you vote for money.

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So we have deliberately diminished our own role. Blame is not on anybody else.

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The blame is on directly squarely on the shoulders of the Father.

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You have diminished your own nobody falls to you did it deliberately, voluntarily diminished your role?

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Then obviously, there is a cause for concern. Obviously there is a problem.

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And then for their four children don't respect. The reason I'm saying is because for everything there is a turnaround time so Turn around.

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Turn around retake your role.

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If you don't know how to read the Quran, go and learn.

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And then teach your children yourself.

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Minimum, at least when the more becomes routine, the children sit there.

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And you also learn meal. If you don't want to do it there go do it somewhere else. Consider this take this from now on as your number one primary responsibility because it is your responsibility. Just because you dumped it doesn't mean Allah will not question Allah will question

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that was your responsibility given by the by the religion, it's not you can't just shrug your shoulders and walk away No, doesn't work like that. Allah will question so go and learn, come back and teach. And fathers and grandfathers and fathers the job of the Father is not the job of the grandfather.

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The grandfather has no responsibility and the grandchildren nothing

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to play with entertainment period, the job of the Father, and fathers must learn to shoulder that responsibility. It's your job to teach the into your children to your families, to practice the and to demonstrate the in in the house, then that will give you a set

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then Allah will give you is because of that Allah will give is that the children will never disrespect you, the families will will value you. And you will have the prestige that is given to the role of the Father by Islam. And if you don't do that, then as I told you, nobody expects an ATM machine, a machine to be used and junked and throat when it is no longer coughing up cash. Right. And that's why we have to be very clear about this. Let's take back our roles and learn to play them properly because this is what Allah gave us to enjoy in this world. And if we don't play them, then this is what we will be questioned about on the development May Allah forgive us from that. Protect

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us on that and May Allah forgive us our transgressions and our faults, and help us to live this life in a way which gives us benefit in this dunya welaka was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was savage man grammatica

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