The Ruling On Displaying Affection To Your Spouse In Public

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What's the ruling and regarding displaying affection between husband and wife and public?

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I want to start with saying that Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said inadequately dealing coloca horrible Islam and

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every religion there is a very distinguished manners that this religion focus on. And if there is something for this religion and Islam it is a higher modesty and in a bizarre solemn said modesty is sure but a branch of Eman for say Bukhari Muslim within Buhari and higher Amina Eman al hyah alhaja is part of faith and also inside Buhari and hyah ally it left behind. And it's a Muslim, Ohio, Ohio kulu which is both means there is an HIA is nothing but good. Here is a very common big word one of the meaning of it, modesty and basically to be shy to do things improper in public. So, what my answer for this will be if you look at the traditional books of filth, they all talked about the

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issue of kissing a wife in public would be considered something invalidate your data you know, the trustworthy or not, this is not appropriate

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that it will consider the person Model Model our socket will adopt some of the Shafi and the Hanbury said that they said if you do kiss your wife in public in front of people this will something will make you not a trustworthy person or something like consider negative about bad about your character. But my opinion these things should be because in that culture This is unacceptable these things should be left to the culture where do you live and and there is area where there is no culture there isn't allergic for example of the culture said that people can laugh or indicate in public that's will not be you know a lot of it for us or showing her our in public that's not a lot

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or touching her private you know or his private part in public that will not be allowed for us because it's an hour on mahalo. But if it's like kissing like you know, when he dropped someone at the airport, that is you know, goodbye guests welcome someone from coming from you know traveling or giving a person a hug, you know, all this are acceptable and very common practice in our society today, you know, hugging holding her and even though the aligned was reported, that he kissed one of his woman's neck and public

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emmerton endo. So, here we say that this is will be judged by mainly judged by how far the culture is. So somebody live in America and France and in Europe, it will be different someone living in Saudi Arabia or Egypt or India or or Pakistan or somebody live in village different than somebody live in the city. So I will leave this to to you to consider what is considered appropriate. By the way as a last point, showing love to your wife and public is something also not Hello in Ibiza, some sun about his wife, I love her and I shall be allowed Anna, but when he raised with us, he didn't raise with her in front of everybody. After everybody left. He did that in a salsa lamb. She was

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missing next to him putting her Sheikh next to the prophets of Salaam cheek but he was covering her salado and Easterlin. He used to come with his camel lips to his wife, you know that's showing affection. She was he was laying in her lap Salalah it was sudden Sallam he was next to him. You know that showing love according to that culture, it was acceptable to that level. So I will leave this to you to make that judgment, but generally speaking, show respect and love for your spouse.