How to Pray Eid Prayers at Home?

Muiz Bukhary


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The speaker discusses the importance of praying together during the pandemic and how it falls off our shoulders when we are dealing with the pandemic. They also mention that praying collectively is considered a strong duty and that it is important to stay at home and practice prayer together. The speaker also provides instructions on how to practice praying collectively, including starting with a shower and tying additional beer and a sermon.

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masajid in most parts of the world have closed and we should not attempt to congregate together and have our usual need prayers. We need to understand the during normal times, Friday prayers the Friday Juma is an obligation upon each and every one of us. And despite it being such a strict obligation, it falls off our shoulders in a situation like this when we're dealing with a pandemic, and when our authorities have asked us not together and not to congregate for prayers. On the other hand, when you look at read prayers, they aren't obligatory like Friday prayers, they are considered and emphasized sooner as per the teachings of Imam Shafi rahula. So it makes all the more sense than

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during a pandemic and when our authorities have asked us not together, not to congregate, that we do not attempt to congregate for a press.

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Having said that, this prayer, as per the view of your mama chef or your mama, it can be offered within the comfort of our homes. This prayer can be offered individually. This prayer can also be offered collectively and when I say collectively, I don't mean all of the neighbors getting together and offering the prayer collectively No, you need to stay at home. Stay safe. When we say collectively, we mean family members within one family unit, let's say

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a mother and father and the children, husband and the wife they can pray together if they wish to, or it can be offered individually in terms of how this prayer needs to be offered. It's two units of prayer, you won't have a hotbar you won't have a sermon like you do at the massage it is just two units of prayer in the first unit after you tie your first meal. You will go on to tie an additional seventh beer on seventh beers and then you will read Surah Fatiha and at the salon. You will go down for Roku sujood and you will come up for your second unit the usual I mean record and then obviously to seduce to sex dance and then you will come up for the second unit. As you come up for the second

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unit you will say Allahu Akbar and Stan and after that the Kabir you will tie another additional five that Birotte five the beads and then you will read Sultan Fatiha another surah then go on for ruku go on for the two soldiers and you're the childhood and then you will give your destiny cinematic cinema

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and with that you fulfilled the Sunnah of the prayer in the comfort of your own home.