Earn 300,000,000 in Rewards on Laylatul Qadr!!

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Now let's talk about it number three Laila to low calorie high your own Min elfi Sha, Allah says that the Night of Decree laser cutter

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is better than 1000 months now i want i want to let this digest I want you to digest this I want you to ponder and reflect on this. My brothers and sisters in Islam is supposed to strive to the last 10 nights and if you coincide with this night, you're a birder

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your solder calm

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your reading of the Quran, you have the yam, you're

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all of it is better than

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1000 months, every 1000 months, I need you to understand this. We're talking about 1000 months, at three years and almost four months. This is the value of little powder My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. It is so valuable that Allah subhanho wa Taala devotes a special chapter to it a special surah to it. And Allah says Laila to Audrey hi aeroadmin elfish er, this one night is better than a 30,000 nights, let that sit one night, better than a 30,000 nights at three years you ni we can't even assure ourselves we can't guarantee that we will live you know, to cross at three years of Hana Allah. But by coinciding with this night, look at the magnanimous nature of our makers of handhold.

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And look at the generosity of allies of a gel. The deeds that you perform during this night sincerely for the sake of Allah, they're going to be multiplied across 30,000 nights. So just to put that in perspective, if you give out in charity, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam $100 for those of you who deal with rupees, 100 rupees, for those of you who deal with pounds, 100 pounds for those of you who deal with euros 100 euros during labor through Qatar.

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And if you coincide with Layla Takada,

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it's going to be multiplied and is going to be equivalent to you giving out 3 million, approximately 3 million, approximately 3 million.

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And we see brothers and sisters, and we'll come to that in a bit. If you if you give out let me finish the calculation. If you give out $1,000 1000 rupees 1000 euros 1000 pounds, it's going to be equivalent to giving out it's going to be multiplied

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and equivalent to you giving out approximately $13 million. That 10 million pounds, that 10 million euros that 10 million rupees. If you give out $10,000 if you give out 10,000 rupees, if you give out 10,000 pounds 10,000 euros, it's going to be multiplied and it's going to be equivalent to you giving out 300 million pounds 300 million rupees depending on the currency that you're dealing with $300 million for the sake of Allah. So why not my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, give something out every night. So that way you're not going to miss out little further. So let's say

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you you you take 100,000 rupees, if you have $100,000 and $100,000 or let's say $10,000 and then divided across these nights, and every night. Either you choose recipients but in in today's landscape we're supposed to stay at home is supposed to stay safe, so why not reach out to a charitable organization that you generally work with and donate every night a fixed amount towards their projects every night so that way you're not going to miss out later. Just as how if you were to read the Koran every night, you're going to anyway coincide with later terracotta if you pray every night you're going to coincide with ricotta insha Allah so let's say you give out $1,000 every

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night, you're not going to miss lyrical quarter. So during the normal nights you're anyway going to get the reward for $1,000 being given in charity. And inevitably you're going to coincide with a little powder and that $1,000 is going to be multiplied you're going to get rewards equivalent to 30 million. Think about it this way my brothers and sisters in Islam if there was some mechanism for you to invest some money, and if someone were to tell you, brother sister, you keep investing on these 10 days. And if you coincide on this one special date, the $1,000 that you invest you're going to reap 30 million back

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would you not jump at it would you not try to invest because you you will invest day number $1,000 day number $2,000 day number $3,000 and so on and so forth for 10 days. And when you coincide with the letter to the other Subhan Allah approximately 30 million back that 10 million if you give out $100

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100 rupees 100 pounds 100 euros you'll get 3 million if you go inside with a laser cutter. If you give out $1,000 1000 rupees 1000 pounds 1000 euros you will get back you will you will be rewarded equivalent to 10 millions of hand a lot.

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So many brothers and sisters in Islam this is this is the

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magnanimous nature of our maker the generous nature of our maker subhanho wa Taala and this is the value of labor to cuddle. This is this night of grandia this night of high power this Night of Decree this night of power Subhan Allah

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now let's move on.