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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of praying during the menstrual cycle and the responsibility of men for praying for an hour or a half before the menses start. The speakers emphasize the importance of praying for an hour or a half before the menses start and the importance of keeping the option of praying at least one record time. The speakers also discuss the importance of praying for a woman who finishes her cycle and delays until she can pray, as it is a legitimate excuse. The importance of praying for the removal of a woman from a waiting room and the timeframe for praying is also emphasized.
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Sister Rupa from New Jersey emails and asks a question that should be pertinent to every single lady. And it is a question about the menstrual cycle. And the issue is a very technical one. And that is that at the beginning and end of the menstrual cycle, generally speaking, the Salah is sometimes not prayed. And sometimes when the men's is finished, then there's time left to pray. And sometimes the sisters delay and sometimes they do the hosel immediately. So she's asking about the technical question about the beginning of the menses, if it comes, let's say after a lot of her, and she hasn't prayed to her and her menses start, mushy makeups a lot. And then also when the menses

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finish, and it finishes at the time of load, and also, let's say, but for whatever reason, she's in school or whatever, she delays it, and then it's after also, you know, what is to be done? So the sliders that need to be made up at the beginning? And at the end of the menses, that is the question.

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now realize the topic of administration is of course, integral to taharah and to purity, and there's a lot of rulings and honestly, there's a lot of confusion as well that a lot of our sisters have, and maybe inshallah, you know, one day I'll give a more detailed class. It's something that actually there should not be that much confusion about. And one of the areas of confusion is the the notion of making up the solder watch, and what needs to be done. Now, obviously, we are not talking about the prayers that are happening during the menstruation by unanimous consensus, the days that she is menstruating those days, she does not pray, and she does not make up those prayers. That is by

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unanimous consensus, there is no difference of opinion, the issue comes about a prayer she might have missed at the very beginning of the menses and or the prayers that technically she could have prayed. But for whatever reason, she did not do so. Or even if she did also. So the question arises, what if she did also, after salata, laaser? Must she also make a vote and answer or only answer. So that's the area. So let us begin with the first issue, which is the question of when the menses begin. And if she did not pray that particular prayer. Now, obviously, there are two simple scenarios the first scenario so that the vote the timing came or set out to the Muslim or whatever

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it is, and she prayed the prayer. And then her menses start, no problem here. Obviously, she's done her duty, she has done her son up and therefore obviously there is no question that there is no solid that she needs to make up. But what if she did not pray? Because obviously, no, no, no sister knows the minute that is going to start obviously. So she did not pray because she's allowed to delay. It's loaded at 130 also, it is at four o'clock. And you know, she thought okay, I'm going to pray in an hour. And lo and behold, her menses began. And she did not pray Lord, so obviously she is you know, not not liable for having delayed though her but the question is issue liable to make up

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sold out the door? And the other question that comes that Well, how about vote and also together? Because if she were traveling, or if circumstances were dire, then though heard and answered can be combined and method of inertia can be combined? So do we take into account the directness, if you like, of the the the the the issue of the possibility of combining the two prayers and mushy make up the one prayer or maybe even the both prayers? So this is the question over here, and the scholars of the mother have have differed over this issue. And some of the men have said that if there was time to pray, even if it was time to pray, one Raka. And the point is, there has to be at least one

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record time. So if the hook began at, let's say, 1:30pm. And what you know, we happen to know 131 you know, she began the menses. So in reality, she did not have any time to even pray a full rocker. So in that case, obviously, she is forgiven. But if she had enough time to pray a full urraca then the majority of scholars say that she should make up that one prayer, that she did not pray that that time was there, she's not sinful, but she is liable to make it up because they say they look at it this way, that when the time of prayer came in, she was obliged to pray. The fact that she delayed, the prayer is her choice.

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And she's not sinful because she didn't realize that the menses would start, but she still had the obligation to pray for that hour or hour and a half or 35 minutes. So the fact that her menses began simply means she needs to make up what was obligatory on her during that, you know, 35 minutes or hour and a half before the menses began. And this is the position of the majority of the mme however, the Maliki school and also share for some even taymiyah. They argue that there is no football upon her at all. And that is because the obligation to pray last throughout the entire section of the prayer, and the fact that that obligation was lifted by her menses in the middle

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means according to them that the entire obligation was negated. So the point is that is the obligation incremental, let me put it that way that is it obligatory every single millisecond? Or is it like the entire duration. So if it is a chunk of the entire duration, and it was lifted up in the middle of that duration, then she is not liable. And one can also add over here that, you know, plenty of women, obviously every woman menstruating the time of the Prophet sallallahu, I do send them and he did not specific specifically command them to make up this particular prayer. And therefore, it makes sense, like even Tamia argues that it makes sense that, you know, the fact that

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you deleted it was her choice, okay. And so, the No, none of the Sahaba were explicitly told by the prophet says that, um, that, hey, monitor your menses, when they begin and make sure that you make up any slider that you didn't pray on when the menses began, so Allah knows best. But, you know, the the position of even Tamia here does make sense to me, nonetheless, the majority position is that she does make up and in fact, many of the scholars say, and this is a well known position with the humbly school that she makes up if it was at the her time, or if it was at Missouri of time, that then she makes up the two prayers, LaHood and Elsa, or mcraven, Asia, because they argue, and again,

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this is a very, you know, that position that they're arguing is actually very consistent with

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the paradigm of understanding the obligation of solder. But you see, the flip side is this is the scenario that a lot of women would have faced, and you would have thought that such a common scenario should not have been left silent. Okay. So if you look at it from the perspective of, you know, technical sudfeld, frankly, the majority position makes a lot of sense. And there's no question that is the safer opinion. And that is that she should make up the prayer. And in fact, she should make up two prayers in case they'll hurt. And also we're both together and her menses started at lower, and Muslim in Asia, and her menses started after Muslim, obviously, once again, if her

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menstruation began before, obviously, the prayer, there's no question that it's not obligatory. So if the menses began, the cycle began after acid, but before Muslim, then obviously Muslim in Asia is forgiven. But the question is a sir, that's the question. And then if it was after voter, then the question is, don't have an answer. Because, according to that paradigm, LaHood and also the Occupy like, one status, in times of of hardship or need, and most of them in the Occupy one status, because again, when we're traveling, or you know, in times of difficulty, you know, or in times of rain, the process then would combine those two, otherwise, it was something that was done in

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exceptional scenarios, and this can be considered an exceptional scenario. So these are the two opinions, the safer one is that she makes up and inshallah Tada, if you ask me, What I say is that she does not need to make up any prayer of the beginning. Because she did not intention. I mean, it's not like you're not delaying, you know, in order to you know, nobody knows when the menses will begin. And so if it has begun, the the obligation has been lifted, because she was allowed to delay, there's no sin on her to delay. And then if the menses began, then there is no problem and she does not need to make it up okay. That is the beginning of the cycle. How about the end of the cycle and

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the end of the cycle of course, is known by the special discharge called the whitest discharge with which you know, the average menstruating sister or lady has obviously there are exceptional scenarios and that requires

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a longer class of film obviously, but generally speaking, most ladies that particular discharge finishes the monthly cycle and that signifies that it is time of purity. Now, point here is that many, many of our women may Allah guide us And forgive us for our sins. Many of our sisters do not understand the importance of performing listen immediately. And unfortunately, all too often they simply delay it for a few hours thinking that Oh, okay, it's okay, I'm in my menses. So, you know, might as well just delay But you see, that's something that obviously no scholar has allowed because it

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It goes against the The point is your menses have finished. And when they have finished, you need to do a hustle. And you need to pray. And so the question therefore is that if a sister finishes her cycle, the the discharge comes out at the time of let us say, Now obviously, if it comes out the time of a vote, obviously, let's say it is 130. And she finishes at two o'clock. Obviously, we all understand that she needs to do a whistle and she needs to pray for her if she was lazy, or if circumstances forced her for whatever reason that you know, she's not going to be you know, taking the lasorda doesn't matter that is obligatory honor. And she is going to pray. Lord, we all

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understand that no problem now that however, the the technical controversy is the following, what if her menses finished? After the same scenario? Must she make a boat vote? And also, or only answer, again, by unanimous consensus in the time slot that her white is discharged takes place, and if there was enough time for her to pray even one Raka Okay, so let me give you a simple example. That suppose motive is on the dot 6pm, let's say and she sees that her, her wife is discharged comes out at 5:55pm. So her menses has finished. Now, she does not technically have the time to do a loosen fulsol. And then to pray that would be almost impossible. But five minutes is enough to pray Erica,

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therefore, if she is not able to do a full wholesale immediately and pray, vote, I'm sorry, acid is still obligatory on her. So she will pray it. As soon as she does the lesson and she comes out and she is now fully purified, she will first start with acid even if it is past most of time. Why? Because the menses finished in enough time for her to pray one Raka of acid before the time of Muslim. So I hope that that is clear, we do not look at the timeframe of after also, we look at the timeframe of after the menses knowing full well that she cannot pray after the menses until she does also. But the hosel timeframe is not looked at, we look at that timeframe. Now she is excused if she

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needs to take also. And because of that the time goes out that is a legitimate excuse. But the obligation to pray is still binding on her. So if she could have prayed one Raka before the entrance of the next timeframe. So suppose again, mother is at 6pm 555, she finishes. And so she she rushes to the shower is going to take 345 10 minutes, you know to take the shower, and then she comes out and she dresses and she prays she will begin with Asana even though it is motive time. But also it is binding on her she was not sinful. But she must make it out. And then she will pray Muslim so that much should be clear. And that is really no controversy amongst the scholars in that regard.

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She is sinful if she delays without a legitimate cause. If she is sinful, if she is lazy, and says Oh, my, my my discharge comes out, let's say at 3pm. And she's just going to watch another serial drama. I'm going to do this and she delays and she misses answer. And maybe Margaret and then before going to sleep, she might do a rehearsal and the cell refriger the next day because hey, I missed the whole day know she is liable for that delay. And she needs to make it of course she's sinful for that delay in the first place if it's without, you know if it's within her control, and she is liable to make up all of the solar water. Now, the other issue that comes though, is the more

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technical one, and that is that in case her white is discharged was released after or after issue. These are the two time slots where we have to ask the answer this question. Otherwise we don't have to answer this question. If the discharge was released after awesome or after Risha, then the question is mushy also make up though her and or Margaret, I hope you understand the question, right? Because obviously, you know, you understand that if the discharge were to come out at any other time, then we don't have this question or scenario if it comes out after the sun rises. But before they'll have no problem if it comes out right after fudger. And you still have time, no

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problem you only have major solar. And if it comes out after the hood or after Muslim you only have that one salah and then the next one you'll pray the controversy will come that if it comes after or after Isha? Does she have to make up the preceding prayer based on the same issue of the combination of the prayers. And in this case, in this case, you have the Hanafi school and also many of the independent scholars including my own teacher have an earth they mean they said that she only needs to make up the one prayer that is in its timeframe. Okay, that she needs to make only the one prayer that is in its timeframe. So if she finished after also she only makes about so she does not have to

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go back to Lahore and the same goes for airasia and they use the similar reasoning that I used in the previous part about

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Once again, it's not her fault and the *ty I didn't come explicitly to mention that. The majority of scholars however, say that she should make a both because again, they're looking at it as this is a constrained time for her but the *ty I puts these two slots together. So the *ty time slot for the harasser is basically one and motivation is basically one. So they have an argument from a student perspective. And again, logically and rationally, I have to say that it makes a lot of sense, yet textually the other one makes the sense it should also be added that there are a number of companions

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in a bus.

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Now for a number of companions, the number of tab your own, they were asked the exact same question and they said she should make up an answer, or she should make a Muslim in Asia. So based upon that the majority of Muslims do go with that. And there's no question to your brothers and sisters that it is the safer opinion and it is a position that will get you out of any controversy and I you know, recommend that just to be on the safe side. Nonetheless, Allah azza wa jal knows best but if a sister only makes up the the Salah that is in her time slot, and she does not make up the salad that she missed when her menses began in Sha lozada. In my opinion, she is not sinful and a lots of

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Hannah Watada knows best