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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah alayhi wa sallam he hears our prayers and thinks belongs to a loss of Hannah Horta, Allah. May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I saw follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam settimane Kamalesh mottle Maya diallel.

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inshallah Allah today will will conclude Bismillah hidayatullah subrata. shrimps, and with the lead next week we'll begin with sort of the late and we are with the last subject of the sutra, and that is from Pali dialect mahmudullah. Hahaha, we explained this last week. But just to recap on a few things before we begin with even Botha spa her. Of course, what I just wanted to highlight is why was the story of the mood mentioned here, as opposed to all the other nations? We said, for two reasons. The reason is that the Arabs were more familiar and they knew far more more than any other nation. So last dogen mentions the tribe of the mood and what they did and how allies destroyed them

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and what he did to them. Because the people of the mood are more known to the Arabs so it's more relevant to them, they can relate to themselves, we're going to find out how, as we we move along to the end of the solar. The other thing is thermowood was known to the Arabs that they were destroyed due to the corruption of what's the mood was known for the corruption to the Arabs and that they were destroyed because of the corruption. So it serves as a very good example for Qureshi we'll see again as we move along to the end of the sorta and one more point was that allows origin began the sutra by saying was Shamsi, Ohio took an earth by the sun. And then he took an earth by the soothing

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light, the glow of the sun. And then we said that allows dogen mentions the people of the moon in the solar because, as opposed to all the other nations, the nation of the moon, and the sign they were given the miraculous sign they were given, which was the she camel, that was the most brightest of signs among all the signs of the profits, except of course the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his miracle is different compared to all the other prophets because his miracle which is the Quran, it's audio, it's a sound you hear it, but all the other prophets It was a visual, visual sign so it was something that the eye can see whereas the Quran is something that the E is so out of the

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signs that we're seeing the most brightest of them was the camel and allows origin says Athena thermodyne Nakata mobile Silla thought that we gave the mod the camel after they requested they asked for it. They were given that camel, and it just it was it was horrible. Her hair basically it was the brightest thing that a community or a townspeople can have. And even then they rebelled against the message almost It was never the mood. That's the mood the light might against what light against their Prophet and the light against the sign that came with the profit. And what was the reason of their line dip hahaha as a result of their rebellion, they rebelled. Therefore, this is

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why they lied. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says, even bath a spa.

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We already learned the one who puts his nuts in the dust. The one who disregards his knifes. He's setting himself up for major disappointment on the Day of Judgment. So how about we learned that Harbor was when you run away from when you run off to something, you get it? But then you realize that this is not the thing you expected. So you wanted something but you realized it, wasn't it? That's hot. And so manda said Allah azza wa jal says that the most unfortunate person is the one who doesn't take advantage of this amazing knifes that online gave him and this amazing balance that Allah put inside of him. Now Alonzo gel is giving us an example of a horrible knifes in history,

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which rebelled against the loss of Hannah who died. So you see what could have been the said. Allah now is giving us an example of someone who disregarded his knifes and someone who just threw his knifes in the dust. Who is this person? He says if Mbatha Sha, Allah says in Bath when he rose quickly all on his own. In other words, he took initiative all by himself. The word Botha means to rise. Botha means to rise. If Mbatha it means to rise all on your own. So in other words, this man he took initiative, all by himself. I saw her in the bath a spa a scar, her

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The worst, the most evil, the most wretched the most. Yeah and the the most wicked, the most corrupt of them when he got up quickly and you know when you commit a crime you committed very quickly. So Alliance thing if Mbatha scar had that the worst one and the most evil among the people of God, he got up quickly by himself to commit this horrible crime that Allah will tell us about. Now, just let me tell you the story in brief so you can know where we're heading here. So mood is the name of the tribe. Saleh Ali Salim is the Prophet that was sent to this tribe, and their dwellings are very famous in this still up in what's known as the book in Saudi Arabia. The mood they light against

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Sony Hana his setup and sunny holla you sent him is like all the other prophets that allows the visual sent to the people. And he had the same message like all over profits, he invited them to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala, Oba De La Jolla, la comunidad de novo.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala aided him with a miracle, so that his message could be more believable so that if people saw a miracle, they would say, Okay, now we accept that he is the Prophet. And his miracle, of course, was a giant cheeky camel that came out of a bowl, they just came out of Iraq. And the deal was that this camel, the she camel will drink from the well one day. And the second day the people will drink from the world. And the day the she camel drinks from the well, they get to drink her milk. So there was a good deal. Now when Sonny alehissalaam told them, that the she camel will have the drink one day, and you'll have the drink the next day. And it'd be half half. They

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they said we can't stand this, you know where this is not going to work with us. So they went and complained to their leaders. But the leaders in the town they were kind of reluctant. They were unwilling to take any action, right? They were kind of afraid. They said, Look, man, just leave it. And let us drink one day and you go the other day, just leave the matter don't do anything. This is the leaders. Now there were nine men in the town. And these nine men in the town allows only speaks about an NCO and they were the sons of the leaders. They were the sons of the chiefs.

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And they were known for mischeif Allah azza wa jal says we can feel Medina T. T. Sato, when you see do not fill up, they were they would cause trouble in the earth while I will slip on and they would not reform they would basically don't contribute to any, any goodness for the land. Basically, you can say these nine were gangsters. They were troublemakers, this outward thing you'll see do not fill up. Now these nine men, what they did is that they went around the town, once

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they went around the town, and they took a bail from everyone in the town, they took a pledge of allegiance from everyone in the town. And they took this approval from everyone that we're going to kill the she camel, everyone is good, everyone accepts it. And they went around the town. And this is what they did. They are now

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of these nine. One of them. His name is mentioned in some of the ideas some of the deficit. But some of us Cyril didn't write his name in there to see it. Why they said his name is unnecessary, and his name should be forgotten. And because a lot of social never made mention of his name, his name should be forgotten, and it should not be made mentioned. So one of them, he gets up and he was like, I can handle this. And I'm going to take this on I'll take care of the problem. I'll kill the camel.

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Anyway, he goes to slaughter or he goes and attempts to slaughter the she camel. And the way he kills it Allah says Apple, the word ARCA which we're going to read later on, we'll find out what it means. But what it means is that he he didn't kill it right away. He killed it in such a way that he caused the slow painful death to it. In other words, he was not being rebellious. He was being rebellious in the worst worst possible fashion, which is the word for jewel in the beginning of the surah. And the word for sure. For Alabama Fujiwara taqwa is to rebel against the laws in the worst possible way. And since he is a score, where he is the worst of them, he did the worst possible

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thing, right? This is what a lot is giving us of an example. And notice the one who will do such a horrible crime. Obviously, he has no fee or he has no fee for consequence, no fee for punishment. He'll do the crime. He doesn't care what's going to happen after it because he's going to do a horrible crime. And you know,

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he's like the person that will say what's going to happen to me, you know what's going to happen?

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Who's going to stop me that sort of attitude, which is already been highlighted in the previous surah when Alonzo JAL said, I asked him what

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he did the human being did he assume that no one has control over him. But Subhana Allah told us that in the previous slaughter, now he's giving us an example, this this Richard, this evil person, in the people of the mood. He is the one that fought allows origin will have no control over him, and he thought that Amazonian would not see him. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said, photon Allahumma Rasulullah Hinata de la he was okay. Then the Messenger of Allah. He said, especially to them, Allah said upon Allah whom Rasulullah la home is macadam, which means it's brought earlier in a normally it's safe upon Rasulullah Hila home, but Allah said, Allah Allah whom Rasulullah In other words,

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Allah is saying that the Messenger of Allah Of course, which is solid Allah is set up, he said, especially to them, meaning the ones who had the intention to attack the she camel those nine. He especially said to them, why because Swanee holla you sent him he caught them in the act. He caught them planning what they wanted to do, and they wanted to kill the camel. So he said to them, watch out Don't do this. And how did he say this to them? He said to them now pathoma now a lot of soldiers didn't say that Salim said to them. Allah didn't say for Carla whom Swanee? He said farrakhan Allah whom Rasulullah

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Why did he say Rasulullah? Why did he say sorry? Why? Because who's listening Tillerson lasar salaam as he's reciting this surah quraish Qureshi listening and the mention of Sunday may not be relevant to Quraysh. They won't pay attention among Coronavirus back in the days corrosion and Sonic told them in the day so it's not relevant to us. But the phrase of assuming law is relevant to them, because it applied to solid years rasuna law and it also applies to Mohamed Salah mamavation him he's also Rasul Allah. So now we're learning here that this is not just the story, Allah is telling us. This is a message for now. They were destroyed and you're being threatened. You're being warned

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by Amazonian and so they they are destroyed and the destruction is a threat for you your courage. Now Allah says now khatam law, you see this photo are now Tata, this Fatah. This is what makes the word mon soap. And this Muslim state basically, it's not of the Arabic grammar. And there are about 16 reasons 16 reasons that the noun can be monsoon, it can have a photo on it. One of the reasons is up dahveed. To warn of danger. What it means is I'll give you an example. So you can understand now that the law, you know,

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if there's a car outside in the parking, there's a car and there's a child running outside. And if I want to tell the child that there's a car, watch out, watch out there's a there's a car, I'll tell the child to say yeah, but then

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I'll put a yellow tag at the end. That would mean what shall be wet look out for the car. And this is used in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned us about speaking in appropriately about the Sahaba he said Allah Allah feels heavy. In other words, what does that mean? It means Watch out for Allah be aware of Allah when it comes to talking about my companions. Now how did he say it he said a la la he put a photo and that means Watch out. Be careful when you talk about the Sahaba that you don't speak anything inappropriately. And that was the first attempt so that photography and it's litho beer. It's it wants now. He said

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Napa Tama photon Allahumma rasulillah Nakata ma means watch up. There is the she camel of Allah Watch out, don't touch it. If he said Napa Toma that would have meant the she camel of Allah, but Napa Tama be aware of the she camel of Allah Don't touch it. So he's going out of his way slowly. Holly, you said I'm to warn them. They don't realize the consequences of what they are going to put themselves in. And remember, the one who is going to disregard his knifes. He's setting himself up for major four major disappointment harbor Mendoza. But they but they are running after something right. We said Boko Haram and the Sahaba is to run after something. What is this person running? He

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is running after something and that is to kill the camel. But when they get it and when they kill the camel, he will realize that it was a bad ID. So this is an example of Herberman the SIR he's rushing imbiah in Botha nice

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to rush, he's rushing to kill the camel. Eventually we'll see he'll kill it. But then it's not what he expected. He thought something Oh, he thought maybe now we have the world every day. But then all of a sudden he realizes that the punishment of a lion is close. It's gonna come with us. So this is an example of what could have been the story said he rushed to gain something. But then when he looked at what he got, he realized that this wasn't it. This was what he didn't want this it was the punishment of a love that will attorney and that's why and that's what's being explained here. But with a practical example of someone that did harbor mentor says someone that actually did disregard

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and threw his knifes in the dust now,

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so he said, Yeah, and he finally said, No, he said, Now pathoma he was okay. Meaning be where the sheep Come on love and law was so clear, and be where it's drink. Meaning it's time of drink, and its place of drink. Watch out. don't violate either of these two. Don't kill it. And don't come near the water. When it's the time for the camel to drink from the water. You better realize how serious this crime is going to be if you come near these things. This is what's implied when he says to Napa looks like he's shouting it out now katama he was okay.

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But do these people did they take this warning seriously allows origin says after this *ers the Boo. Then they lied against him. Now him is being mentioned which is funny. Holly is set up. Forget the Boo. Falco who had two crimes have been mentioned here. a month didn't just say Falco who had they killed it. They slaughtered it. After basically what after is let me explain to you this word. So I can only give you these two crimes what's happening occur is actually the practice of stabbing the camel a little bit or you know how the camel has two sets of knees. It's to chop the bottom part of its limb so that you make it a mobile we wouldn't be able to move and it bleeds bleeds a slow

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bleeding until it dies. That's aka a slow bleeding until it dies. Or it could be as well as stab it stab it stab and it's just given time that the blood until all the blood drains out of it then it dies. For really slow painful death is what occur is also in the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he gave permission to kill the Celt Allah. He called him aku the same word, which what's the Kelvin Aqua Kelvin aku is the dog which is ready to bite you to the point that he is ready to make you bleep. So that wasn't Kelvin, awkward the same way anyway, Allah azzawajal didn't just say that. That was the crime they did, that they just slaughtered it and killed it, that they

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attacked the she camel, that's bad enough that crime is bad enough. But before that, he said forgive the Boo. Falco. They lied against the messenger. So now two crimes here. The first is that they lied against the messenger. And the second is they attacked the she camel. Now, listen to this, what coresh are being told is that you people are already criminals. Why? Because quraish have already lied against the messenger for cause the boo boo they already doing this. And we were told in the previous soba that they want to take care of some muscle alarm on your

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behalf and ballot and your blood has been made halen in the city. So I was originally saying to them, Look, you've done the first crime. If you take it a step further and do like the mood which they occur where they killed the camel. If you're going to take that initiative, the second one and try to kill what also mussel Allahu alayhi wa sallam, then understand that that will be your first crime. Your first crime has already been committed, that is lying against him. And you will be facing some serious consequences. Just like what the mood experienced and Allah will tell them if they forgot health mode was destroyed. Allah is going to tell them right now. So lying against the

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messenger, you're already they already engaged in a crime that is lying against him. And you are going to make this even worse in your for your if you go and try to commit this crime and kill him. So a lot of surgeon says forget the Boo. Boo. Let me tell you something about this word Falco. Falco has a plural, they killed it, right they killed it. And of course we know from the narrations that only one person got up and killed it because Allah says even bath spa, the most evil the most Richard the most wicked, the most corrupt of them. He got up all by his own and when killed it. So why did Allah say they killed it? Right. This Falco has, they refer it back to the whole town. They

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sent to the whole town killed What does that mean? You know

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In any crime, or in most of the crimes that are committed, there are always three parties, always three parties. There's the one who commits the crime. There's the one who commits the crime and the one that kills. There's the the one who commands the crime. And there's a wall be the one who is pleased with the crime. And so allows origin over one person kill them. He said they killed it. Because among the entire town, there was the killer. There was the one who commanded the killing. And the whole town was already had taken a bear on this, and an approval on it. And no one sort of came out the next day to condemn this action, and to say, what are your people doing over there?

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This is the neck of a law and almost punished. No one said this, they will kept quiet. And since they kept quiet, that means they're pleased with the action. So Amazonian said Falco has they all killed it. And so this is what you need to understand that a crime is never just done by one person. There are three people involved in the crime. There's the one that commits the one that commands for it to be committed, and the one that is quite pleased and either doesn't care about anything you just know, well, it happened that didn't happen I don't really key and this person also had put him in the grip of alcohol. So he faces the same punch like he killed. So it must sit Falco who had

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forgets who they might against him, and therefore because they lied, they painfully painfully and mercilessly slaughtered it. And the meaning the camel, the camel, they killed it very painful death.

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After they kill the Sahara you sell him he came out really angry.

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And he promised them a punishment that his knee and he said tomato fee daddy confess at a yam Valley vaniqa Roma group. He said my people enjoy your houses enjoy whatever you have for three days. And by a law the punishment is very, very neat. So the narrations mentioned that the first day their faces became yellow. The second day, their faces became red, they all awaiting the punishment they they understood that the punishment is is getting very nice close. The third day their faces became black. And on the fourth day they came out and they had they came out of their dwellings they were inside of the house thinking that they can escape the punishment. On the fourth day they came out

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and they had shrouded themselves prepared to die and they were waiting Allah subhanho wa Taala punishment then Allah subhanho wa Taala says for them de la Mora boom be them be him first a warehouse for them demo. In Arabic it's used to destroy for them them to destroy. But this destruction is a bit different than them means to to pound someone or something to the ground so much so that they become one with the ground. Even from the word you can you can actually illustrate this in your mind. dum dum dum dum likely to repeat itself. So it's pounding over pounding over pounding until they become one with the ground they became immersed in the ground you know, we don't

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we don't see this nowadays. And we've never seen something like this. Perhaps you might see something like this in the cartoons or something like Tom and Jerry when he basically flattens him and he makes him like a paper and then he pops back up but that's dumb dumb to flatten to make one to make level with the ground. This is dumb dumb to crush until it becomes completely level with the ground. The Arabs would say dumb dumb to what did that mean? I'll be there of course is the wall but then dental bear with me and that I filled the world with dirt and I filled that I filled it until I made it one with the earth I made it level so now you don't know where the world is because I filled

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it with dirt that now became level.

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And so this is the act of dum dum Allah azza wa jal is saying he did that to them he completely crushed them and he pounded them. Also dum dum. According to listen a lot of it implies that it's a form of punishment from which there is absolutely no escape. Why is this important? Of course, this is the punishment of Allah in this dunya Allah is talking about them them on a more boom in this world. Yeah, but the word dum dum it implies that a punishment is punished them in such a way there was no escape. And this is connected with the punishment Allah azzawajal mentioned in the previous soda, soda till ballot in where he said he didn't just say in that soda lay him now upon them as a

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fine he said lay him out on Masada upon them is a fire that is covered. And we recall that we said from the word Masada, what it implies, is that it's covered so that there is no escape whatsoever. So Allah azzawajal mentioned a word in the surah to describe a punishment that there is no escape from and in the previous

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sutra he spoke to us of the day of judgment and the punishment that happens on that day. And he added the word Masada also to give us the understanding that over there there is no escape at all. So here and there, there is no escape from the punishment of Allah once it comes for them them IE him or boom

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Allah him himo boom, they Lord, pounded them, their monster pounded them and the word of mouth used and I'm sorry, I didn't use his name. Allah didn't say for dum dum Allahu La, La La candidum. He used of a beam for them de la Mora boom, he used the boom, boom, is there a lot? Why did he use this as opposed to his name Allah to just to suggest that he had control over them all alone. He was there up all along, See the difference? The name online is the proper name for who we worship. But the name Milan is a attribute of Allah subhanho wa Taala which means the master and when you think of the master, what's opposite to the master the slave? So Allah azza wa jal is saying I was the

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master all along. They were my slaves, I had them controlled all along. So it was best to use the word or boom for them de la Mora boom bithumb beam beam beam for somewhere.

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So then Allah azza wa jal, he says, Be then be him for them de la mala boom. Why did he pound them? Why did you smash them? Why were they destroyed? Allah says, because of them became this bad means because of what's the reason them beat him. Remember? Remember this? They lie? Why did they lie in the beginning of me just before these eight, why did some mood lie amongst set the mood Bupa? Why have they lied because of their rebellion. Now a man is telling us they got crushed completely because of them be him because of their sin. The word dump in Arabic It means sin.

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But in the poem, many words are used for sin. This is how pa is Savior. But dump specifically comes from the word Vienna. And Vienna is the tale of an animal you know a tale of an animal isn't bad in itself, but what comes out of it is bad. So them is used for any kind of sin. For example, it could be used for something very small and it could be used for really huge sins. For example masala is celeb. He says one of whom Allah Yeah, they have a crime against me. What was he referring to in that crime? The Killing that the one that when he killed that person, that was a big crime killing someone. So you refer to them was use them is also used.

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where something that should have made you shame, something that should have made you ashamed and embarrassed. That's also thump. Because the tail is a place of embarrassment is the tail of an animal is a place of embarrassment. And when the Arab when they used to make poetry about their pride, they would say we are like the nose of a lion because the nose is the place of pride. And when they wanted to humiliate someone, they would say you are like a tail because the tail is any something of humiliation and embarrassment. Now, the idea here is that they did something that person or this mood, they did something that they should have themselves been ashamed of. That's why

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he called the dump. It was something that was very embarrassing. It was something very shameful was a shameful embarrassing act. That's what the dump is capturing here. Something that they enough's should have spotted out already. Because for them you don't need a football. Remember falana for your our taqwa for them, you can tell on your own you can tell if it's of them or not it because it's a shameful embarrassing act. So Alonzo shall destroyed them because of the thump because of this shameful embarrassment because of their sin. And why does a lot of social mentioned this? Why does a lot tell us that he destroyed them because of their sin? Because he wants to teach us that he

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does not oppress anyone, people bring the punishment unto themselves. So a large version is just a matter of luminesce doesn't just Allah azza wa jal he does not oppress anyone. So he mentioned in here so Quraysh can get the understanding that if you are going to be destroyed, understand that you brought the destruction upon yourself, just like the moon brought the destruction upon themselves when they committed their dump. And Alonzo Hill says this in many places have been one of the very famous places sold at the Wolverhampton facade to feel better they will be mad cassava

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Ad mess, he said that evil corruption has appeared on land on Earth, because of what the hands of the people have earned because of your sin. That's why you're in what you're in. Right and this is some of the some of the seller for him and Montana, that when when he used to, he would say in the law firm of them be fee hourly, whatever, but he, he used to say I you would see the effect of my sin on my wife and on my transport. So when he gets back home after a long day, and his wife is kind of acting weak towards him, and just the situation is not right. He'd say that I did something today. I did something today and I'm being punished. That's why my wife is like this. Or he'd come

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on his camera and the camera would refuse to walk or the camera would die. Or the camera was just sick. He'd come back and he'd say this is because of what I did. Right? Allah was giving me a taste of what I did. This is how they would see the city as opposed to today now people have blamed this and blame yourself first the lions scene by the LA Zoo jellies teaching us be them became your own sin that's why the destruction and the punishment comes any trial tribulation you're in is because of your sin. And for a believer you're in that because the law wants to cleanse you right and this sorta it told us about the cleansing process

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and after Hamza walked out the harbor man the SIR it's just how you see Jani this upon yourself, boy.

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Okay, so Allah azza wa jal says for them de la Hema Boone bithumb be him. Then he says, first a warehouse for the warehouse, then he made all of them flat for so we're here to flatten out something to balance it up for somewhere. Remember this word, so where I came before, when I've seen one. So remember when he spoke about the knifes and he said, I swear by the nuts, and how amazing the balance and how amazing it's flattened out. And it's even down and balanced out. So he made the term even up Look how beautiful this is. The word here, balance and harmony is appropriate. Because these corrupt people, they had created chaos and disorder in society. They created chaos and

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disorder in society when they lied against Sony, or you sell them and when they killed the camera. And the way that allows there was no restores order again is somewhere he balanced them and he flattened them out so he can get the balance back. So he balanced and created the harmony and even them out and literally also they were one with the ground. And you wouldn't even know that there were people there the land was flat and the remains of their bodies just immersed and sunk in the ground. And this is how a lot of social crushed it. That is a very important principle that we need to understand here. And this principle in Arabic says Al Jazeera minjin Suleiman Al Jazeera minjin

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Salama is a rough translation would be recompense comes in the form of the deed we can pence recompense comes in the form of the deed. In other words, you are going to get what you did. Now.

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The sin their sin the sin of the mood listen to very carefully is important. The sin of the mood was that they lied against the messenger and killed the she camel. Amar called that what did he call it before? Hahaha, right? Am I called that? That was their rebellion. How did they rebel by lying against the prophet and killing the she camel, alright? And the punishment that Allah sent upon them in salt inhaca Allah says for America mudo liko

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Nepal here. So they did Peppa why her mama gave them the power here. What's the power here? The pouria was a soy Ha. It was the loud sound, but a lot colder apart here. Because sound has a limit. This part here, it rebelled beyond its limit. It was a loud sound, it was above normal. And because it was above normal, therefore as a result they were destroyed. So they Omar's division said that they might be hahaha. But why comes from lower power? What does power mean power means to rebel, you have a border your box, you gotta be in here. You can't do this and do this and do that. If you lie against the profit that's outside the box. If you kill the she camel that's outside the box. That

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

means you walked out you put up your belt you walked out because they did this a lot punish them with exactly the same thing. He punished them with a sound, but it wasn't a normal sound. Sound is like you can think of sound as this is the limit for sound. You know how sometimes the stereo there's maximum after that it doesn't go up. That's the limit.

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

Except for the sound, but the sound that Allah sent upon them was over maximum. So in other words, it came out of the maximum box. So that was Apple here. So a lot colder for a month or more for Nickelback, partly because they came out of the box, a lot gave them a punishment that also came out of the box and as a result, they died. And finally, Allah subhanho wa Taala he concludes the sorta powerful conclusion. He says, One a half off the bat, and he meaning a law, that's the majority opinion. And he alone doesn't fear its consequence. The consequences of having destroyed them. He Allah subhanho wa Taala does not feed the consequence. Why? Because he owns everything. Why is he

00:35:44--> 00:36:13

going to feed? what that means? The most evil of them? He killed the sheep camel. What's this again? That AlJazeera Roman Jean Salama? That what you do? You will be punished exactly with what you do. Now the most evil of them. As for her, he killed the she camel. And he didn't fear any consequences. Well, he killed it. He didn't care. Otherwise, if he cared, he would have killed it. So what did Allah subhanho wa Taala punish them with? He said one a half.

00:36:14--> 00:36:30

He said, Mr. Social, he destroys them. And a month doesn't feed the consequence doesn't feed the consequence. Now let us appreciate this a bit more shallow that the soda has been talking about someone who doesn't feel the consequences right?

00:36:31--> 00:37:12

Now, no problem under say I don't care put the soul wherever I didn't care what I do. Because Allah is going to do nothing big deal. This is what the surah has been talking about so far. The knifes that has become corrupt. He doesn't care about anything. And he can do something as terrible as attempting to lie against the messenger kill the she camel, he can also rebel against the laws, miraculous signs, after seeing it with his own very eyes. Even that's not enough for him, because he doesn't think anything is going to happen to Allah azza wa jal says, You are not the one who shouldn't be worried that who's going to come after you. The only one who is free of worry is who is

00:37:12--> 00:37:53

a loss of Hannah what Allah himself when he punishers there is no fee or concern of what people are going to say, or people going to think of a law when I half walk there, you know, so maybe nowadays, there'll be philosophy classes, the professor will come he'll say, you know, what kind of Lord, what kind of God is this? that destroys nations? He doesn't feel when I have Obama doesn't see these words. He is not afraid of your comments. Why? Because he executes justice. A lot doesn't oppress, so why is he going to see what your comment is going to say? You know, the missionaries, these people have come to the house, they come to you, they knock on the door, they say, your Lord or your

00:37:53--> 00:37:58

God is a God of punishment. But our God is a God of mercy. When

00:37:59--> 00:38:08

he doesn't feel these words, I'm not doesn't care about these words when I have walked back. And so he does not fear its consequence. In other words,

00:38:09--> 00:38:48

when you do something like this, in other words, when you punish someone, that someone is going to retaliate, one day, you punish someone now, and he's gonna come after you, you don't know when you might come up to you might not but there is a possibility he's going to come after you. He's going to retaliate against the law if Allah azzawajal executed the punishment. No. So this is what I have. He does not see the consequences of what he's going to do. Why? Because everything he does is justice. It is not oppression is different to people. Nowadays, someone commits a crime, or he's got a few consequences, because he oppressed such a person. Right? So can a lot of battle. Finally, just

00:38:48--> 00:39:03

a little bit more on the word off the bat. Now typically the word that comes from the word aktiva, but a lot of uses off the bat. And other places, he uses the word akeeba. Like for example, and akeeba. to limit the pain basically means the ending of something

00:39:06--> 00:39:28

is the mobile number of akeeba. This one is Sora is the mo Bella. It's a much more emphasized version. Then after that. What does that mean? That means even if there's an enormous consequence, he is not afraid of it while I have walked bear see the biggest, the worst kind of consequences you can imagine.

00:39:29--> 00:39:59

It is not enough to make a loss of Anahata fruit. Whatever punishment he is going to decide he'll decide and he'll execute whatever thing you're going to think of in terms of retaliating against the loss of a single oak bat hat, but bring his biggest the biggest retaliation you can think of there is nothing that will worry or fear a lot and make a lot of Zoysia afraid of this is one a half walk bear. This comes to the end of the sutra and the initial hammer. There is also something very beautiful in the sutra is that thermowood

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

destroyed, destroyed, destroyed them with a sigh Ha. So what is mentioned in the soul, a fire told us the loud sound allowed a deafening sound that kills now, the mood they lied against the the yummy the minus, which came to them that was their punishment. Allah subhanho wa Taala he teaches us that later on there will be the alternate cipher that is on the Day of Judgment, you know, they have just one of the day one of the names of the day gentlemen is almost on the day where there will be a loud sound everyone that he's that will just fall in this place and by so now look at this, the mood, they lied against their profit. They lied against the Sangha, they lied against the Sangha, because

00:40:46--> 00:41:30

he promised them over say, Hi, if you do this, if you kill it, this punishment coming which is they didn't care they didn't believe you. They tasted the Sangha now, which means that the fact they tasted the minus Li has already proved that there is a major site how eating when does this may just occur? When the beginning of this surah its events change? What's the beginning of the soda was Shamsi? Oh boy, hey, what's opposite to Baja, when it becomes dark, we know one of the signs of yomo Soha is that the sun will lose its light and it will wrap around it the shampoo will rot when that happens, so how will happen? Also a Shem syllable how and Comrie that Allah had the common will die

00:41:30--> 00:42:14

away as well. It's it's like either collectible death or it'll become dull and stale in color. And it'll fall from the sky. That's the ending of it. Once that happens, once the harmony in the universe is disrupted, that's your Messiah for so Panama is a large social mentioned to us about the mood lying against the smaller Sangha. Because they tasted the minor say ha, that would mean that the major slay ha is 100% occurring and it's certainty When will it happen? It will happen when the beginning for a lot of this surah turn will become oppositely each other opposite to what they are. That's when the big sigh how happened in this basically is that they have done it. We've already

00:42:14--> 00:42:26

discovered and seen this in the previous law when Allah azzawajal spoke about the Day of Judgment is a sham suku urato gadoterate and Roberto Sierra in the other Surah At the center on Shabbat and the other sort of football the way that

00:42:27--> 00:42:48

we spoke about all this for this one model Tyler alum, we come to the conclusion of the solo shall not Island Next week, we'll get into sort of a lane, sort of the lane now. One more thing in sort of the shrimps when we understood of what Allah Xhosa did to these people, because of how corrupt the enough's is now one becomes

00:42:49--> 00:43:16

he's looking forward to understand how does one cleanse and purify his knifes right? We just learned how a lot destroyed someone because he disregarded his knifes so now we are ever concerned in how does one clean himself so he doesn't become like the most evil of the people of the moon. Now this pseudo will teach us exactly how do you clean your enough's when Allah azzawajal says

00:43:17--> 00:43:40

up our taco de COVID has net for Sonia civil hola lucilla very very very any this sort of the shops with Sula delayed almost every single a a there's a connection between one and two and is when you go home do this as homework for yourself sit down open up solo at the shops here and saw that the lane here and just look what's common between them

00:43:42--> 00:44:24

at the beginning and a lot of surgeon he says well lately they have then one they had his attention before he mentioned on the health first dental lane. Now here he reversed the sequence or lady or lady when Harry that agenda, Mr. Chanukah veka on set. And in this dimension of a vector on set, we need to put this and replace it with a summit one of these become very, very exciting when we did the Shama to Allah next week, but please do this as homework for us open up the two. So don't worry about the deficit, just a normal translation so you can understand what the slide is just put the two together, just put them together. And just look at it and see if the translation is going to

00:44:24--> 00:44:50

give you some sort of bracket right? in sort of sorta two shapes, we have an evil person, sort of the lady is going to teach us have a good person, right, there's a there's going to be this conflict one after the other one verse another and then this is going to beautifully go inside of sort of the Buddha. Once we get to sort of the Wahab and that becomes a very different story from sort of the Buddha to the end of the Quran is a special type is a special part of the

00:44:51--> 00:44:59

soul of course this from here, and the amazing things happen from From then on, and in every single slot from soda until soon

00:45:00--> 00:45:11

And now playing I can cover in every single slot Allah zone is going to speak to us about something he blistering gave the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with that's something we'll figure out inshallah tada as we read the source.

00:45:12--> 00:45:14

Before we conclude, is there any question?

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Any question

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please. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us people of the people who benefit from the reminders of the Quran in the holy Veliko father Ali sallallahu wasallam opelika ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine