Day 21 – Ramadan 2014 – Tawbah – Repentance

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Day 21 – Heart Softeners – with Sheikh Muiz Bukhary – ‘Tawbah – Repentance’ at Masjidul Hasan, Lower Bagatalle road, Colombo, Sri Lanka- Ramadan 2014/1435H


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The "naughty night" in Islam is a combination of factors that contribute to a "by" feeling, and it is crucial for achieving spiritual health and clarity. Finding firm determination and acceptance of mistakes is crucial, and turning to Allah sub hang wa taala before the sun rises is important. The importance of knowing one's actions and talking about them to her mother and sister is also emphasized. A woman describes experiencing extreme poverty and hunger leading her to commit a mistake and become a victim of evil thoughts. The "naughty night" is a combination of factors that contribute to a "by" feeling, and it is crucial for achieving spiritual health and clarity.

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Buddy respected elders brothers and sisters and the viewers of the daily reminder network as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen boesen de veau Salima ashrafi Gambia even more serene Nabina Wahhabi vena cava t ru Nina Mohammed dibner have the Learn alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa salatu wa salim amudha

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all praise and thanks to Almighty Allah behind and Medina who is our Creator sustainer nourish protector and pure, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to Chava his choices the blessings and salutations upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family members, his companions and all those who tread upon his path with utmost sincerity until the day of the AMA.

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inshallah Allah for tonight's hot sauce nap we will be touching on tober because the beautiful month of Ramadan that was with us, it has just slipped away from us so fast, Allahu Akbar so fast, and all that we have got remaining is the last 10 days of this blessed month. Nevertheless, this last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, indeed extremely blessed days, because in the last 10 days, comes about the beautiful night and the powerful night which is otherwise known as Laila to the Father. The Night of Power The Night of Decree a night which is better than 1000 months, which is better than at three years and four months. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said

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that we are supposed along the lines of these words that we are supposed to search for later to the potter in the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan, and in others in another narration Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam further states that we are also supposed to look for it amongst the odd nights from the last 10 nights because there is a high probability that it will be from the odd nights from the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. So if we look at it in that way, it'll either be the 21st night 23rd night or the 25th night, the 27th night or the 29th night. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam just five nights we have to devote ourselves looking for the blessing

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that night of Laila to recover. It is better than 1000 months 1000 months Do you even guarantee that you will live for at three years Allahu Akbar. But if Allah the Almighty blesses us with the opportunity of attaining that powerful night, we secure rewards great rewards Allahu Akbar, and we stand a chance for all our sins to be forgiven. May Allah subhanahu wa taala help us all to attain that beautiful and blessed night. So coming back to Toba. What is tober October is an Arabic term, which stands for the same meaning as a rujuta in the Arabic language, which means to turn back. So Toba is to turn away from all those things that displease Allah subhanho wa Taala, and to turn

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towards us behind and for the eila in sincere repentance, Allahu Akbar. But sadly, many of us have not completely understood the true reality of Toba as my beloved chef Imam Rahim Allah is reported to have said external nasty lyari funa contrato, Bertie? Well,

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most of the people do not know or haven't completely understand understood the true reality or the true value of Toba for the lender. Maybe Hi. I'm Alan wahala, let alone encompassing it completely in terms of all of its knowledge, or let alone bringing it into their lives completely. So let us try to understand Toba and let us try to value Toba Allah subhanho wa Taala states in the noble Koran and this particular idea brothers and sisters in Islam highlights to us that Toba is not something reserved for the sinners alone or Toba is not something that we have to only embrace in the month of Ramadan or in the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan name look at this ayah Allah

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Subhana Medina states

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to bow

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Oh, you who believe Yeah, you hella Dena Manu to boo in Allah. Turn to Allah behind them who are Dinah in repentance what type of a repentance though within suha a sincere repentance but look at who Allah Subhana Allah is addressing Yeah, you have levena Amen. Oh you who believe I was behind the hood Allah did not address the seniors all you seniors, all you the ones who transgress the limits of Allah Subhana Allah ne Radha Oh, you who believe the believers we the believers were brought in EMA

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We are supposed to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala in sincere Toba, my dear respected elders, brothers and sisters in Islam. This highlights that it is of utmost importance that we the believers we were brought in emaan that we make Toba part and parcel of our day to day lives. Many brothers and sisters in Islam, a complete Toba of pure Toba Tabata naseeha is a pure and sincere Toba which entails a few conditions which have been explained or elaborated by our scholars rahima whom Allah who said that there are six conditions to appeal tober A since the October six conditions. condition number one is that an individual has to feel complete remorse and regret for the sins that he

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committed condition number one, that you have to feel that guilty feeling in your heart, and you have to feel utmost remorse and regret for all of the sins that you committed. That is condition number one. condition number two is that you have to completely come out of whatever sins you were in.

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If you are making Toba for a particular sin, then you have to completely come out of that sin that you are making Toba from, or if you are generally making Toba then you have to completely come out from all those things that you were in that is condition number two, condition number three is that you have to have a firm determination and as a firm determination that you will not go back to the sins previously committed. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive all of our sins, we should have firm determination of firm resolution that we will not go back to the sins that we previously committed malice behind what Allah help us all to do. So condition number four is that if you your mistakes,

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or your sins are in relation to hokku calleva ie if it if it is in relation to the rights of the slaves of Allah subhana wa Taala Say for example, you robbed from someone or say for example, you hit someone you dishonored someone you disrespected someone, you spoke ill about someone you gossiped about someone you spoke bad or a false rumors about someone. These are all in regard to how kukula evolved in these are pertinent to the rights of the slaves of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And unless you seek forgiveness from that particular slave that you hurt, or you dishonored or you disrespected Allah, the Almighty is not going to forgive your sins of October. This is condition

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number four, if it has something to do with with Coca Cola, but you have to clear your records with that particular slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala if you wish that Allah the Almighty forgive that particular sin of yours. condition number five is that we have to adopt Toba. In other words, we have to turn to Allah subhana wa Taala in sincere Toba before her vara and Varvara is before molekule mouth comes in front of you and when your soul is at your throat Allahu Akbar, you have to turn to Allah subhana wa Taala before that situation, because there is a narration where Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said along the lines of these words that Toba is

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accepted as long as it is not in the state of Nevada, is when molecule mouth is in front of you and your soul is at your throat. At that point, when you cry out your law, I turn to you in Toba forgive my sins your Toba will not be accepted. We have to make the Oba before that because none of us can guarantee when molekule mouth is going to come stand in front of us. So let us not waste time it has turned to Allah subhanho wa Taala as soon as possible. The final condition My dear brothers and sisters in Islam is that we have to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Instead sincere Toba before the sun rises from the west opposing the norm where the sun rises from the east. We all know that the

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sun rising from the west is from the major signs of the day of karma. The sun rising from the west is from the major science of the day of Ghana. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said and the Hadith is in Muslim along the lines of these words that Toba will be accepted as long as the sun does not rise from the west or until the sun rises from the west. The day the sun rises from the west, that those of Toba which are currently wide open will be slammed shut. And afterwards even if we were to cry, tears of blood Allahu Akbar, even if we were to cry tears of blood, those those of Toba will never ever be open for anyone afterwards, Allahu Akbar. So these six

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conditions, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the scholars rahima whom Allah have explained that elaborated it, so

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If it is easy upon us to fulfill or to bring in complete a complete and a pure Toba, which fulfills all of these conditions if we wish to turn to Allah behind the what Allah in sincere Toba and also if we wish the last behind that what Allah should forgive all of our sins.

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And my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, never ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Do not ever think that you know, the sins that I have committed are so great are so huge I don't think that are lost behind what Allah will forgive me or I don't think that are lost behind the hood Allah will ever accept my Toba that thought of yours that even thought of yours that needs a separate Toba Allahu Akbar because the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is encompassing the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is so was a law the Almighty is waiting for us to turn to him and Allah the Almighty will indeed forgive our sins is returned to him in sincere Toba Allahu Akbar, let me

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mention a beautiful story, a story of a very righteous person, a righteous person

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who had a few students and these students once asked him, can you tell us of a very important incident that took place in your life, then the righteous man, he said, let me tell you all of the pivotal incident that took place in my life that completely changed the bearings of my life, Allahu Akbar. And he goes on to say, you know, now you see me as a righteous person as you start and etc. The long time back, I used to be a very, very evil soul.

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I would never ever hesitate to commit anything, anything, I wouldn't hesitate to committed, you name the sin and I have committed it, Allahu Akbar. I even used to have a little black book where I used to make a record of all of my sins, because I used to take pride in committing sins, Allahu Akbar, I would never hesitate. I would not bat an eyelid to commit a sin. I used to be such an evil soul. One day, I was walking down the street. And then suddenly I see this beautiful ravishing lady across the street. And this evil thought just came into my mind. You know what, I just have to have her and I walk up to her directly. And I say I, I tell her my intentions, to which she immediately accepted.

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He was surprised. And he was thinking perhaps you know what, this must be my lucky day. But then she puts forward a condition. She says, I'm ready to indulge in whatever you want me to indulge in, under the condition that you pay me this sum of money? To which he says okay, fine. That's not a problem. So they both go to a private place to indulge in the Haram act is in adultery, fornication. And just as you know, after he paid the money, and he was about to touch that woman, she starts trembling likely

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to he asked her why are you trembling? Why are you scared? After all, you agreed and you came wholeheartedly. So now Why are you trembling when I'm about to touch you. Then she states Oh, my brother, fear of loss behind him with the island of October. She says fear Allah subhana wa Tada. And I would never, ever have agreed to indulge in this haram act, except that I have been struck with extreme poverty. I am a reader. I have two children. And there is no one to feed us. My family is going through hard times. And extreme poverty and hunger is what drove me out of my house and has brought me almost to the brink of falling into this haraam act of October, the minute she said that,

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you know, something went in his mind. You know, it was as if a cord was struck in his heart. And he got up. He said, I don't want to indulge in this act anymore. You keep the money that I gave you. And he walks away. October, he walks away. You know, the miracles of the way the plan the way the plan of a loss of the hangover data works is amazing. He walks away and while he's walking away, he thinks again, she said she's in poverty. She said she's in hunger, let me help her out. And he goes by some food, provisions, etc. He goes back, finds out where she lives, goes, knocks the dough leaves the food and provisions by the dough and he moves he moves. No one knows that he brought he

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bought the food and kept it at the doorstep of the lady's house. Now he goes back home. And he has this habit of his where he used to go and tell everything to his mother. He used to go and tell everything to his mother. So he went and told his mother about this good deed of his, his mother starts to be she starts to weep. And then she says, Oh my dear son, I know of that little black book of yours. And many a time when I used to see that book, I used to cry so much because of the evil deeds that you have committed because of the evil sins that you have committed. Allahu Akbar. And I see that this is the first good deed that you have committed. You have done

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Please go and make record of this good deed of yours in that evil book of yours. Allahu Akbar. So he also thinks for a while and you know what, that's a good idea. And he goes to his room, he takes that book of his, and he opens the pages to make record of his good deed. Lo and behold, the pages of that book was called blank Allahu Akbar, and only one ayah was written in the middle of the book.

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Indeed, good deeds, erase all bad deeds. Allahu Akbar, in Al Hassan as you say, yes, indeed, good deeds erase all bad deeds. He was given a new slate because he turned to a loss of Hannah Medina in sincere Toba. These are from the miracles that are lost behind what Allah bestows upon the righteous slaves of his so let us all turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala in sincere Toba before it's too late before molekule mode comes in front of us and before the sun rises from the west, may Allah the Almighty forgive all of our sins, many do and mighty accept our good deeds. May he accept Toba. Many help us to turn to Him in Toba before it's too late. And many Unitas in the gardens of Jenna just as

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how he united us here tonight with our beloved Master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, wah wah Yan hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Jai