Abu Abdissalam – Hajj 2021 #03

Abu Abdissalam
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss their upcoming performance, including their work in pieces and in Zoom. They also talk about their busy week in Makkah and Minar, praying with them, and their upcoming phone call with the Prophet. The coronavirus pandemic has caused people to avoid going out and stay at home, causing people to avoid going out and stay at home, and leading to a social distancing measure and long night in Minar. The conversation also touches on the upcoming weekend and their impact on social media.
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The more high level boy material while I mean

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he was soft beach Marina Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters Agha brought up artists and I'm speaking to live from the blessing city of Mecca in Mina Actually, we can see behind me We are in the tents. And we are currently going towards the Jamal Ross and Shawn locks

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you can just see here, the various coaches. So we're currently just waiting for our coach to turn off each other.

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It's like a system of what they could turn out to the which is where the you know, like the different coaches, everybody just gets into whatever coach from your, from your camp.

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So you can see we're gonna just about we're just gonna get into one of these coaches when they come in sha Allah now, I haven't been streaming live on all the different platforms. I've been streaming live mainly on YouTube.

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do get all of my streams and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel which is

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and yeah, so this is me know you can see

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my comparison.

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You can see it's really really empty compared to normal. There's only 60,000 for judge this year.

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Performing HUD only 60,000 I think they were like half a million people who applied

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it's also very expensive this year.

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A lot more expensive than before.

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Most likely because everybody's like in my tent. Normally there would be about 20 people in that in that small area. But this time they they've only put seven people in that tent so you can imagine

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it's not like it normally is.

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So you can see I think there's a bus coming is it stopping? Not yet. So it is a shuttle service.

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Just basically being ushered by

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it's a great blessing to be able to do hij this year. We love to partner with all accepted man last put $1 give all of you the ability to perform

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insha Allah amid lucky muscles the ability to do

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so we just had waiting with

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the various

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the other foot judges waiting for the bus

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and that's what a lot of hajis like even though there's only 60,000 people

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a lot of it is just waiting. That's pretty much what it is. So we've just been told we're gonna get on the bus now.

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We just been told we were getting on the bus, just gonna be walking towards the bus inshallah.

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This is how we get on it.

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up we get

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just to sit next to

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me left so we are on

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the bus,

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on the bus

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and making our way towards

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sha Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah Sheree Keller cannot bake in 101

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sundaes to recite the Tobia

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all the way according to number of scholars all the way up until you throw the first stone in or until you get to the job.

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Morocco basically which is tomorrow, inshallah So in summary, what is huch? summary which is the it's basically you you go to what we're doing is if we live in Makkah, so

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we are currently doing if God.

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So the eighth of the future, we go to Mina, which is yesterday, yesterday was the eighth picture. So we came to Mina here. We spent the day in Minar. Praying

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I think we got here.

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I think we got here.

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I can't remember No,

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no, we got here. We got here. And

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so what are some of the pressure that we went to sleep and we prayed budget here and now in the morning, it was

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time to go towards

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the sooner is to come to me on the dock on time. And on the ninth, which is today, ninth of

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the Sunda is to go to our office, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he did a football and

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he did a foot. And that was

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when he tried

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to jump on what customer journey in Minar. He showed in his purse, but he didn't combine them. But it was in out of stellify he combined them and T

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shorten, shorten them and combine. Now as a resident of NACA for the view that residents of muffling we do not shorten our prayers. However, in order for us deliver, we can combine our prayers. So we will get up and complete two extra prayers, since we are residents knocking out offers around the corner. And it depends like some of the scholars say the reason why you shorten the prayer is because of Hajj itself. And other scholars say no, the reason is because of traveling in the process of shorter and dead because he was a traveler. So combining then,

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and that's not done in winter that's running out of an elephant in particular that is done so that you prolong the period of Okay, you can see lots of pilgrims outside waiting for their mass there. So there is some kind of social distancing. But it's kind of broken down at the moment. You can see like everyone's pretty much close to each other. But they have been trying the authorities have been trying to get people to spread out but I think at this time it's very difficult because

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everybody's like in one go, everybody's going to autofill So anyway, so the process and predominant acid two records together.

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So he combined it earlier on. Okay, in the dollar time. And then he went to may go all the way up until last week. And then but he did not pray macula been off. He prayed mostly in Asia. German.

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Miuccia Upsilon

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Mohan Jani the he prayed most of the Punisher to rock as sorry three doctors and two doctors at the time of ratio, and that he did in one stelliferous so even though you can't leave out of until most of them, you frame of the Punisher once you get to Metallica.

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Okay, so that's the program for tonight, today. And then tonight we'll be in telephone online. Like I said after sunset, pray mokuba naisha. Aisha time together in

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Metallica. And again, I'll be combining as a resident of Makkah, but I won't be shown today.

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And then you stay the night in Minar. Alright, sorry in Metallica. You stayed the night in with telephone. Finally, once you then you know you get up in the morning. You pray with you pray fudger. And then the Prophet counselor may do

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after fudger Okay. And he made a longer he stood up and he made long. That's one of the another time when I was acceptable. It was more accepted. And then before sunrise he left

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back to before he came back to

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he came back to

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he came back to

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dinner. And I'll explain that in future videos. I don't want to disturb other people.

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In short, long time.

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We have currently in minutes still moving towards

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Well, yeah,

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in that.

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You can see lots of empty tents.

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Nobody this place in normal hatches This place is filled with people. Lots of hustle and bustle people are walking this year they have prayer, which is anyone to walk to out of office again. Otherwise you get crowds and stuff because of the whole Corona pandemic.

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So that nobody does literally nobody on the roads you can see. So there's only 60,000 people now performing height, which is even less than at the time of the promises,

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the promises and when he did hatch, they were 100,000 people doing

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thanks like a Law

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in London

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that's the Civil Defense which is like the fire brigade

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is not supposed around. But these this side of Mina is totally empty.

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I'll show you a little bit more then after that.

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I'll hang up and I will try and get you back on. I'll come back online when we get out of here just to show you guys what is what it looks like this year, which is a very special year

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in the sense that it's a different year. Everything is different all the all the

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the whole organization have had just completely different this year compared to normal. Just like it was last year.

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I think only maybe 10 people this is only 60,000 people at the time in the process and there were 100,000 people

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yeah so we're even less than at the time.

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Sorry we cannot cannot bake in 101 amatola Cole mark

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in the handle and Metallica well Mark

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surely cannot

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play come

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You've never you've never seen me know this empty.

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Like this is the first time in my life. I've seen this empty. I mean it's completely empty on this side

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as you're going out towards

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Okay guys, so I will see you in sha Allah in Santa Monica. I'm

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speaking to you live from Mina, I think just got

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set up

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don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon, especially on YouTube because I'm streaming more than

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you know I don't know how to switch this off

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