Day 20 – Ramadan 2014 – Firaasah – Visual Acumen

Muiz Bukhary


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Day 20 – Heart Softeners – with Sheikh Muiz Bukhary – ‘Firaasah – Visual Acumen’ at Masjidul Hasan, Lower Bagatalle road, Colombo, Sri Lanka- Ramadan 2014/1435H


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My dear respected elders brothers and sisters and the viewers of the daily reminder network Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salli wa sallim wa ala ashrafi ambia evil more serene Nabina Wahhabi Bina wakulla tr Yuna Mohammed ibn Abdullah Allahu Allah Allah He was Hobie he of Balu salatu wa automata slim Ummah bad indeed all praises for lost behind and Medina, who is our Creator sustainer nourish, protector and cure. We ask Allah the Almighty to Chava his choices of blessings and salutations upon our beloved master Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family members, his companions and all those who

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tread upon his path with utmost sincerity until the day of the AMA insha Allah Allahu Allah for tonight's hawks Hoffner we will be touching on feroza otherwise translated as visual acumen. Allah subhanho wa Taala states in the noble for an

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in fi the Nikola

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Neil motor was semi an indeed in the phenolic in that area assigned for the motor was c mean. Now who are the motor was the mean scholars of the past. Many of the scholars of the past year have commented in regard to this image Mujahid Rahim Allah He states that the Buddha was seeming are the people who have deep visual acuity or deep Visual Insight perception. So and other scholars rahima, whom Allah has have also mentioned that it is also said for people who have who observe very carefully, who observe very carefully and who look at things with a, you know, in close detail. Sophie rasa is visual acumen is deep inside, very deep perception. He said Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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is reported to have said in the Hadith is intermediate. along the lines of these words, beware of the feroza of a believer, Allahu Akbar, be aware of the feroza of a believer because he looks with the light of a loss of a word Allah, the ferocity of a believer is that he looks at you perhaps with the light of Allah Subhana Medina, and then also the law he said a long island was a number recited the ayah I decided a few moments ago in Fida Anika lil Mata was seeming Allahu Akbar. So what is feroza? What is feroza? In reality, feroza is a sharp thought, is a sharp thought that enters an individual's heart, and it dominates the opinion of the heart of it is a sharp court that enters an

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individual's heart and then dominates the opinion of that person's heart just as how a lion dominates over its prey, Allahu Akbar, and we call pray in Arabic Freeza Freeza. And scholars also state this is how the term murasa came about where the lion dominates over its prey, just like that, this is a sharp thought that enters an individual's heart and dominates the opinion of the heart.

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And also feroza is very closely linked is very closely connected to three organs of an individual primarily being the heart and then an individual's eyes and then an individual's is the person looks with his eyes and then the message is go to the heart and then the heart determines it. Sofia rasa is closely connected to these three organs and fears are the levels of Eros are generally determined by a person's Eman. The stronger he is he man is the stronger the levels of feroza will be Allahu Akbar. Let me give you a few incidents from the lives of our Salah funa soil a man even affirmed or the law one was one seated in a gathering and a man enters the gathering a man whilst he was coming

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towards the gathering a man who was looking at a woman with lustful gazes. He was last fully gazing at a particular woman and then he comes and enters the gathering of earthman even if your loved one, the minute Othmani but I found rhodiola one who saw the man he states it seems as if someone who has the traces of Xena on his eyes as entered our gathering Allahu Akbar. The man was shocked. The man was surprised. He cries out is there was he coming down even

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to reach out to Monrovia long line who states No, it's not worth it. It's not divine revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala but rather it is from feroza. It is from the light that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has bestowed upon the believers of Kabbalah. Likewise from the Imams you have many anecdotes Allahu Akbar scheffel Islam even a Tamia Rahim Allah, you see this concept of terasa is discussed in detail by Imam Al Rahim Allah in his book muda reduce Salah Qin in which he states the scheffel Islamic maritime era Hema hula, he used to have so much of feroza so much of visual acumen, that at times he would feel like you know, I can't move

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with people. He would say to some people If you only knew what I can see in you, Allahu Akbar, to which they would say why don't you tell us what you can see in us. To which he stated if I do that, none of y'all will be with me because if I start doing that, none of y'all would be amongst me. And it is also reported from Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah that He is reported to have said that when a person used to make ablution he could see the sins falling off that person's limbs.

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This is all from the kurama from the miracles bestowed upon the righteous slaves of Allah subhanho wa Taala. These are all things which have been bestowed by Allah subhana wa Taala knowledge from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it is also in accordance with the words of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We're not coming to say that these individuals have knowledge of the unseen or that these individuals have knowledge of the unseen world name rather, this is from feroza. This is from visual acumen. This is from the deep, strong, keen perception that they have. This is the deep inside that Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed them with. Likewise we do if we work on our hearts, if we work

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on our EMA Allah, the Almighty will bless us to with feroza with the deep inside where we will be able to see things a lot clearer. Let me share with y'all an incident, a very amazing and interesting incident that took place in the lands of Arabia. And this took place scholars mentioned during the Ottoman Empire. There are a few versions to the incident. In other words, some people say that there were four sons involved in this incident. And some say that there were only three we will stick to the narration where it states that there were three sons, there was a man who had three sons, and he named all three sons, Abdullah Abdullah, he named all three sons as Abdullah, you could

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say, Abdullah, senior Abdullah Jr. Maybe however you want to call it he named all three sons Abdullah, and on his deathbed, he called his three sons. And he said, Abdullah, number one, you will inherit from me, Abdullah, number two, you will inherit from me, Abdullah, number three you will not inherit from me. And then he passes away. Now the three sons were in confusion now what is this be our three sons, but then our father has stated it that you know, number one will inherit number two will inherit but number three will not inherit. So they were in confusion. So they thought of taking this issue. And anyway, all of the paperwork and stuff like that had to be done. Let's take it up in

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the codes. Let's put this forward. Let's put the case four in front of the judge the coffee and let's hear what he has to say. We'll tell him the whole story. So now they had to travel from where they used to live to the land where the car they used to live. So they started their journey on the way these three. Now you see, the three boys had been blessed by a lot behind them what Allah because they were very righteous. They were very righteous youngsters who used to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now they were traveling, and suddenly they notice something. They notice something funny in the sense on the way in their journey, they noticed some footprints of an animal

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and they noticed all these things. And as they were going suddenly another man comes from behind and he is upset. He is looking for something he searching and then the minute he sees the three young boys he says I have lost my camera. I have lost my camera by any chance. Have you spotted the camera anywhere? Perhaps whilst you're coming through? You're on your path perhaps Did you ever come across my camera? Then the three boys the first boy said is your camel. Our is your camel. Our is your camel, one eye? In other words blind in one eye? To which he says yes, yes. Then the second boy said is your camel arbiter is your camel in the sense that your camels tail has been cut off? To which he

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said yes, that's my camel. That's my camel. The third boy as your camel. Does it have a bit of a limp. It lives right. One leg is a bit faulty. It lives on one leg to which the man said exactly that is my gammon. My camel is one is my camel status.

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has been cut off and my command limps. Did you see various my camel? And then the young boy said No, we haven't seen your camel. How do you know if my camel In other words, you're describing my camel perfectly? How do you know of it? I think I have to take you to the cow the two. They were like okay, we haven't seen your camel. But if you want to take the case of with the judge, let's do so now they all travel and they reach the judges house and they go up to the judge and before the youngsters put put their case forward. This man shouts out of Cali I have a case to put forward. The father says What is wrong with you, Dr. Rajan, what's the problem? What do you have? What What's

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your problem to which he narrates the story that you know the three boys they were traveling and they described my camel perfectly. They have seen my camel and they're hidden my camel somewhere. And the father says youngsters? How do you know of this man's camel? In other words, how are you so accurately describing this man's camel? The first boy says, Well, I said the common man must have been one I because I noticed that on the way. You know, wherever there were tiny plants that were growing. Only one side of the plant was eaten and the other side wasn't eating. So from that I determined that the camel has to be one eye. And that's why I asked him and it was right. Okay, you

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have your excuse? How do you know that the camel is his tail has been cut off. Then that boy explains wherever I saw that the camel has taken rest I noticed that that you they were very observant. Normally we would see the shape of a tail. But in this in regard to this camel, that shape wasn't there. So I came to a conclusion that the tail must have been cut. Okay, you also excuse How do you know a third boy that the camel was limping. And he stated Well, there were only three footprints on the ground. The fourth footprint wasn't there. A camel has four legs. So there is no three legged camera. So from that I came to a determine a conclusion that the camel has a

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limb. The man the call the address the man saying you have no business over here, these youngsters don't have your camel, you may go, you may go. And then now he asked him all youngsters What brings you all here? Now they relate unto him their story of what their father said. And they say no, we have all of this wealth. We wondering how to divide the inheritance because our father has instructed that the number one should inherit number two should inherit number three should not inherit the cause he was a bit perplexed. And then he said, you know what your travels so far? Why don't you stay the night over at my place? Enjoy. I'll be a good host. And next day morning, let's

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talk about this case. So last night, they were guests in the call these house. Now, as they were in the room in the guest room, perhaps all three of them sense that there was something fishy, and they came to a conclusion the coffee has put someone to spy on us. And then they determine that because they saw someone by the window closely observing them. So this was observation number one. And then food comes now a servant brings food for them. And there was meat there was bread. So they started eating the meat. I mean, if this they started eating the meat and halfway through one boy says, You know what, there's something fishy here. This is not the meat of a cow or sheep. Rather, this is the

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meat of a dog. Now the servant who brought the food was a bit upset. How did this person come to this conclusion? Then the other boy who was eating the bread, he said, you know what this bread has been needed by a woman who is pregnant nine months. This was even more astounding. How does he know that the woman who you know press the door perhaps is nine months pregnant. And then the third boy says, You know what, I have a funny feeling about this call the I have a feeling that he is an illegitimate child. He is an illegitimate child. He is not a child born out of a pure wedlock. Allahu Akbar. Now this is even amazing. The next day morning, the servant goes to the coffee and

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informs him of everything. The coffee is a bit upset. He calls he calls for the three boys. And then he asked the first boy, what made you say that I served you dog meat. Then the boy said, or respected coffee. in general. When we used to eat meat, we first encountered the bone, the bone and then it is flesh and then it is fat. But in the meat that you served us we came across bone, and then fat and then flesh. And we know because we we have hunting dogs. We know that this is closely related to dog meat. And that is why I came upon that conclusion. He calls the cook because the chef he calls for the chef come over and then he asked him what was the meat you cooked yesterday? Tell

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me the truth. I'll have you beheaded the cook the chef he says I'm sorry coffee, but you gave me very short notice that guests have come and I was waiting for the butcher to bring meat but he didn't bring meat and there was no meat at home. There was this dog by the side of the kitchen. I slaughtered the dog and I cooked the dog. So observation number one is correct. Number two, he asked him, he asked the second boy How do you know that this bread was needed by a woman who is nine months pregnant? He said

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It's very simple because a nine months pregnant woman has a big tummy. Yeah. So you know, the bread was needed in such a way that one side of it was soft and the other side of it was hard. So from that I understood that she was finding it very difficult to properly need the bread. So then the cause he calls out who was the lady who needed the bread, Yama, Fulani, come here. And then the lady comes when she comes, they see that she's pregnant. She is nine months pregnant. So that is also confirmed. Now the third thing, he asked him, youngster, how do you know that I am an illegitimate illegitimate child of my parents. That boy says, you see amongst the Arabs, we never put spies to

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spy on our guests. The minute you put a spy to spy on us, I came to a conclusion that you are not from a noble family, you are an illegitimate child, the king, the cause he was upset, he got up and he went right to his mother and he asked his mother, oh, my mother fear Allah and tell me Am I the child of my mother, and my father told me the truth. The mother says, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my son. This is a secret that we kept hidden. But we did not want this rulership to go somewhere else because we didn't have children. So what I did was I had an illegal relationship with one of my cousins, because your father was seriously ill, and you were born through that relationship, the

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cause he was upset, he comes back and now he is going to decree in regard to their inheritance. So he tells the first boy, Abdullah, number one you will inherit from your father as well. You will inherit from your father as well. And then he says, Abdullah, number two, you will also inherit from your father's wealth. And then he says, Abdullah, number three, you will not inherit from your father's wealth.

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Abdullah number three very perplexed, he asked him, oh, golly, What makes you say so What makes you say that I will not inherit from my father as well. Because he says it's very simple. I was just analyzing the statements of your father and I have come to a conclusion that even though you identified me as being a bastard, you did not identify that you are also an illegitimate child of your father.

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The boy goes back, they go back, all of them go back and they ask their parents and then it is true. The mother says, long time back, your father went by the mustard and there was this lady, young lady with you, she had given birth to you, the young the third boy, and there was no father to look after your father adopted you a wahaca. So we know that the adopted child cannot inherit, this is from merasa. And this is from deep inside. This is this has to do with an intelligence of an individual and also in regard to the man of an individual. The stronger the levels of a man be an in an individual's heart, the stronger the levels of Eros are will be so May Almighty Allah Subhana Allah

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bless us all with terasa with deep visual acumen and mailed us behind them with Allah forgive us in May the almighty accept our good deeds, and may unite us in the gardens of Jenna with our beloved Master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well after Da Da Da Da Da Da Vinci's como la jolla.