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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of women in Islam, including the Sharia laws that encourage equal treatment and the use of honor in the church. They also touch on the topic of divorce, where women should follow the rules of their husbands and avoid sexual attraction. The speakers emphasize the need for women to be informed of their options for divorce and avoid problems in their relationships. They also mention massager announcements and events.
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Are we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah Shafi mursaleen syedna Mohammed wala

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise be to Allah subhana wa tada and our salutations and greetings to our beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions and all those who follow the Sunnah to the end of time, and we be of the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and will be our leader in the dunya. And in asherah. I mean,

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we continue on this, we began last week with a discussion about women in Islam. And as we know, August is women's month. And it's important for us to discuss this issue because it's one of the one of the the critical issues in which Islam is put in a certain light across the world.

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non Muslims, and unfortunately, even many Muslims, they have an incorrect perception about Islam and women. And there's a belief that in Islam, a woman is inferior to a man, that the Sharia discriminates against her that there are certain rights that she doesn't enjoy within Islam, and that Islam is abusive, oppressive, and you'd find many people this is what even though they might not say it openly, but you'd find maybe in in forums when they are anonymous, they will always mention a religion that oppresses its women, religion that abuses women, how can we follow a religion like that and without a doubt, any religion any belief that oppresses and abuses and

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commits evil and encourages evil, this cannot be from divine this cannot be from Allah, as well as in Allah Allah. Allah never ever encourages evil and obscenity. Never from Allah, will he encourage this, and if you find anything obscene, anything evil, that even your humanity says is bad, cannot come from Allah. Therefore we need to understand what Islam says about women. We spoke in detail last week about the position of women in other religions and other cultures. We showed ticks from the Bible from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and how women live in the days of Jamelia women basically what I property, in fact, it was only even in what we called modern time secular. without

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religion, we can say, well, the religion was man made in secular law. It was only at the late 1800s 1890, that women were able to own their own property, were able to have the ability to buy and sell their own property that she couldn't, she couldn't vote, she couldn't do many things. Because a woman was seen as subservient or inferior to a man she couldn't make her own decisions. This was the case. And then we sit in religious circles, especially in the Jewish and Christian circles. And this is from the Bible. This is from the Old and the New Testament, women are seen as being morally corrupt, that she and her relationship with God with some inferiority in her that she actually is

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the doorway to sin is through Eve through her work that humanity committed sin and we undo Nia and therefore she is to be blamed for that competed to Islam. We said Allah says so many times in the Quran, and Allah says clearly in Accra, mcminn de la Akaka amongst all of you, Allah will not look at the color of your skin, you will not look at your bank balance, you will not look at your age, you will not look at your nationality, you will not look at whether you're male or female, you will look at your heart on the day of piano, whatever the heart that is the purest these are the ones who are lost upon favours, wherever you are, Allah does not look at gender. And therefore, in terms of

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spirituality, a woman can exceed a man in terms of spirituality and she can be dearer to Allah than the husband and the men. We also sit within the Sharia, the Sherry are by and large 90% of solve the Sharia would say, men and women are equal. And we said how many times you find that the punishment if the man commits, the crime is punished with the same punishment, the woman gets punished, the woman gets the same treatment like the men recommend Xena both are punished equally, we don't be excessive with a woman or excessive with the man because the crime and the do of the crime are seen as equal. And so in the terms in the eyes of Allah, and in the eyes of Sharia, men and women are

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equal away for Allah and they'll be so seldom go at length in advise men as to the rights of women and women, the rights of men, that the two of you have rights if you're equal to Allah, and you should be equal to one another. But you should have rights conferred on one another. And when you look at the Sharia, and this is amazing. 1500 years ago, we said when the Jay Z Arabs were doing what they were inheriting,

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women they owned and they sold their daughters, they buried the daughters, they bought and sold the sisters and the wives. This is what they did. This was normal. This wasn't strange. This was the norm. Islam came to say that women have the right to herself that you can't inherit her. She cannot be inherited again, so well. She can marry whoever she

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Once she can choose her husband's, she can own property she can buy and sell property. She has the right to be educated. We'll talk about being forbidden from the merger that she has the right to the masjid. She even had the right to vote. Allah says in the Quran, when the woman comes to give her the beta, the pledge of allegiance to Rasul salam, except from her before they didn't care. We don't care what you don't have a say. But they came and they gave suggestions and the opinions were listened to, by the Rasulullah Salallahu Salam in matters of the deen if their opinions count in matters of the deen in matters of the dunya is secondary to that. So this is the general atmosphere

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with a position of a woman in Islam. This is where she stands with regards to Islam. But we have to also acknowledge that there are certain issues that appear to be controversial with regards to Islam, that there are differences. And the Sharia does prescribe differences between men and women. That's the reality. We list we said we'll go through about 10 of the most controversial issues that today, you know, Muslims are faced with with regards to women won't get to go do all three all 10. Today, it will take us a week or two to do it. So we'll discuss four of the 10 issues as we continue the lecture today. But before we begin, it must be understood. Men and women in Islam, they are seen

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as different. So we know biologically a man and a woman are different, that their bodies are different. The emotional makeup is different. Allah subhana wa tada created men and women same in certain regards, but different in other regards. Allah subhanho wa Taala made us different, and a lot encourages those differences. Islam recognizes that a woman should always be a woman, and she should celebrate what makes a woman and a man should act like a man and be and be and be happy being a man, no superiority. Nothing, no one is better than the other. This is how Allah subhanho wa Taala created us. And Islam enforces that today when they talk about feminism or they talk about equality.

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It says that we should be the same for them, we should all look and basically women should look like men, they should speak like men, they should act like men, then we are equal. No, that's not equality. If you take something away from that person, it's like saying it's like saying today for us to be equal. You shouldn't have your own culture, you should adapt to one type of culture, you should adapt to a certain religion and you'll be equal. In other words, it's saying what you really are is not equal. When you get rid of those yo yos peculiarities, then you'll be equal. No, Islam says that you are equal in the sight of Allah equal in the shediac. But you are different. And those

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differences, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions those differences. So this is where and that's why we say we'll discuss those differences and ask, Is this unfair between men and women? So the Sharia has a few laws, which are specific to women, and a few more specific domain, but the vast majority of the laws are equal between the two. And yes, we acknowledge that the Sharia encourages certain roles for men that a man should be doing X, Y, and Z. And a woman should be doing x, y. And Zed Allah encourages and prescribes it doesn't. It's not hard and fast, the husband and wife can choose. It works out better for this for that, but certain roles, you could see the Sharia encourages men to be

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in a certain role, and women to be another that men will excel over women in certain areas, and women will excel over men in other areas, to give you an example, that there are laws within the Sharia that favor women above men. And yet we don't find protests and say that we may not be a priest, panel of some husbands they say probably should have means they should have, you know, the liberation of men, too afraid to stand up. Right? So there are laws in the Sharia. But in modern language, we say it's oppressive, which takes us Why should a man pay a dowry? Are we not equally involved in this marriage? Why am I giving a financial and the woman in her dowry she has the right

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to stipulate anything in some countries in the world. They want she would demand the house she would demand you know, cause she would demand millions, millions. That's the dowry and that's what she wants. And that's what she gets. No man has no no choice in the matter where he you know, you can either then turn down the marriage and we say the dowry is for her exclusively, not her father, not her husband, no one can touch of that money. So this is clearly something which Allah has favored for the women and not for the men, the waiting of silk and gold. Another clear example haraam for the males that we saw can go but the women may wait as they please. We know the status of a mother

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Subhana Allah as a father, you work and you toil and you do so much for your kids. But you know, that Allah has put Jenna under the feet of the mother and that she is three times higher in status than the Father. We know the beautiful Hadith when the son said Who should I give my best, my best to and you know, I said your mother, your mother, your mother, then your father. So this is something which Allah has favored the mother above the father, that in terms of custody battles,

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You'd find that the mother side of the family has an upper hand, Jihad and obligation on men and not on women. The greater Jihad with a physical jet, of course, the Jihad enough's is on everybody. Everyone fights that jihad. And of course, the burden of maintenance. The burden of maintenance is on the husband. So a man, you know, who's you know, not by the means may Marry a Millionaire, a woman that is, you know, a billionaire. And she can say, No, you should maintain me. And that's her right, and you won't get the sync of my money that Islam has made, this is the relationship and that is permissible. So there are certain areas which favor the women. And there are areas also which

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appear to favor the mean, and if we will discuss some of these issues as we go along. And Cheryl, important, as I said, that today we learn these things and handle as muslimeen we accept it. And by and large, by and large, I seldomly find sisters, especially in the cape I've looked at our households is no doubt who runs the household, right? The mothers, the wives, know, they run the household. And we know by and large, our sisters and Hamdulillah, they are comfortable with the deen. They're comfortable with where they are. But there's a perception on the outside. And it's important for us to explain these things because for a person looking from the outside, may not

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understand how this can be equal and failed. So one of the issues and we'll talk about four issues in sha Allah, polygamy. We'll talk a polygamy marrying multiple wives. We'll talk about the age at which I was married to an abyssal sallam, what was the age, the rite of divorce, the husband can give three talks and has finished, the woman must apply. Go to the MTC back and forth long story even if she's being abused. You know, it's why why is that female circumcision, we'll talk about that as well towards the end of the football inshallah. So let's talk about polygamy. polygamy, we said, his wife or husband is allowed to marry multiple wives, the husband can have, you know, more

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than one wife. And we note that this is number one as an unset that this is not unique to Islam. Today, it might appear that it is unique to Islam. But by and large customs and cultures throughout the world, and most religions, polygamy was the norm. In fact, polygamy in Africa is the norm. Our president is polygamous. Right? So it is not something unique to Islam, and therefore, I'm not. So if we objective here, if a non Muslim says How can polygamy be good or it will be from Allah, remember, the attack is not on us as Muslim, it's attack on the deen, that your deen cannot come from Allah from God because he advises these modalities. We say that in your own Bible, you would

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find that your greatest prophets, they had multiple wives and Ebrahim Abraham had more than one wife. In fact, the Bible mentioned so the Quran doesn't say this, that nobody Sulaiman had over 700 wives the Bible. So either we can say that the prophets were immortal, or that your concept, your concept of marriage has changed, that the church, the church has changed the concept of marriage, that initially, Allah subhanaw taala allowed something, and you made it the model, you said that we shouldn't marry, we shouldn't get married and change the law. But in fact, in Christianity, the view is if you stay celibate, don't get married, even beta Subhana Allah, are you better than all the MBR

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that came before you? This is the question we asked. And in and again, we look at Jay Z, did Islam come when it came? Was it a liberation for the women? Did it support them, we'll take a step back. In the time of Jackie, Leah, there were no rights, you could marry as many as you wanted. And you could divorce as you wanted, and you can change and chop and change as you wanted. As we said, men would agree between themselves, you give me your daughter, I give you my daughter, you know, deal is done. Islam came and it said only for the match by my sketches in what am I going to do with other six? Was the problem, the Sahaba the problem? What am I going to now leave? And only it limited the

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number of men of wives you could have to fall? This was a this is the reality when Islam came, it made actually put the restriction beyond full is too much, then it's it's excessive. So four is the maximum. So we might ask, well, but why has Allah permitted polygamy? Why has Allah allowed men to marry more than one? Why? Firstly, we don't reject it. So this is this is a side note an important question. If someone asks, Why does Islam allow? Why should you eat with the right hand? Why should you perform Salah five times a day? We do it because Allah said so as Muslim means seven submit our file we obey. What is the wisdom behind it two different questions. Yeah, we don't ask to deny it.

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We don't say if, if, if, if the Imam can't explain to me a good reason for polygamy, then I reject polygamy. No. You say what does the Quran say the Quran says is permissible. hamdulillah it's permissible whether I like it or not permissible 100% fine. But is there a reason we believe that Allah does not legislated doesn't make rules for no reason. They must be wisdom and hikmah behind it, and the wisdoms behind police

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stated by the Allah and Allah knows best why he has made some things haram and why for why not three? Why not? 10? Why how to look among the number for something inshallah we can ask Allah engender, right. So

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the Sharia so why why why is polygamy permitted? Number one, you'd find that as I said the shadia does prescribe certain roles for men and women. So one of the areas is jihad, and you'd find the laws of polygamy were institutionalized after the Battle of God. When many of the Muslims, many of the men died over 70 of the Sahaba were martyred. And there were many women without husbands. Remember, each one had more than four, five wives. So you had maybe 100 300 400 women without husbands was a big problem. We see subpanel anomic ease in Cydia. throughout the world, the main die, the fighting, and the women and the kids are left on their own. And in this environment and

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climate, polygamy is a solution to social problems. Remember, no one is forced, no one forces a man to marry four wives or two wives or one wife. So it's forced, and no one forces a woman into marriage with another man. But Allah allows this avenue choose this avenue and choose it responsibly, and it can be used for good. And as we said, it's to maintain maintenance of the life as in the case of NaVi Brahim, his first wife was bad and so instead of divorcing the lady, marry someone else and maintain that first wife as well. And of course, prevention of Xena some brothers hamdulillah more more men than the rest of us. One is not sufficient. So Allah has opened that

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avenue, inshallah Allah choose as you want. But let us look at the idea of polygamy. And then you look at the last intention, so many of the brothers finally quickly to mention the memorize this I must know what 3423 and four as much as you want. Allah says a lot, but you know, this is the command from Allah, I want to follow the certain level of detail. Solomon says begin with the miswak brother before you want to follow the sooner but look, look at the idea of Allah, look at the look at the wisdom behind the ayah. So Allah answer to Nyssa. When this I have two, three and four, choose and whenever you want to marry, Allah is talking about the rights of orphans, orphans, so

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Allah says, so what they used to do a practice they would do, girls that were orphaned, and they inherited some money. So she would be under the care of a guardian, The Guardian would not let her get married, and he would raise her and then he would marry her so he could use the well. This was a practicing Jerry Lee. Of course, this is a great abuse of power, right abuse of power. So Allah says, and if you fear that you shall not be to not deal justly with the orphan girls. So Allah is saying, Don't marry the orphan girl, then marry other women don't marry this orphan girl because the risk that you might abuse her you might take her rights are great, you trading dangerous ground

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here. So then marry 234 women marry any other woman, leave this girl aside, you see the language of the is totally different. And then Allah continues, so that you may do deal justly, and that you shall not be and if you are not able to be just between multiple lives, then only one and stick to only one. In fact, Rahim Allah, Allah granted by splits in gender, he says in his research, no scripture in the world, Christian Jewish Hindu says marry only one wife, besides the crap all says if you cannot be just in marry only one. So Allah saying, it's very dangerous to marry an orphan girl, even if she's the most amazing, rather avoider and marry any woman, two women, three women,

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for women, whichever one you want Besides, and if you cannot be just with multiple lives and stick to one, and stick to one. Now we understand this I in a much different light. Now we understand that Allah is talking about justice is the priority. We might then ask, why has Allah not allowed the sisters to have multiple husbands bigamy? And why is this if if everything is fair and equal? Why can't she marry for husbands number one main reason paternity of the child. If a woman has multiple husbands, and she's pregnant, who's the Father, we know what happened. The last man has multiple wives. And she's pregnant, we know who the mother is and who the father is. Also, if you look at the

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roles which the Sharia prescribes, for me, the primary function is the maintenance of the house of Alhamdulillah. Some brothers will be able to maintain more than two, three households, right, he's able to do so and do so equally and fairly. As for the woman, she has certain obligations to her husband, and she would get conflict. So she should follow maybe the decisions of the husband, you'd find in the Sharia. If you were to summarize all the advices of Nabeel salaam, salaam, the advices mean to be generous and kind to the wives and for women to be obedient. This is the general advice. So how is that possible? If she has two husbands? The one husband says yes, the other one says No,

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impossible. Right. So they said a woman would not be able to fulfill her roles to multiple husbands and therefore it just makes sense.

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bigamy is not, it's not permissible in Islam. Again, as I said, polygamy, polygamy is not forced on anybody, no one is forced to marry a second wife, and no one is forced to be a second wife. This is something which the Sharia has prescribed an avenue. And if you as Allah says, If you abuse it, and unfortunately, it's being abused, the insurance one, this one Allah says in the Quran, and without a doubt, this is not something which we know that the sisters except with a easy pole, it's a difficult thing, even the wise of an abyssal Salam were not happy about this, Allah and there's a hadith which should have been his week. But the meaning without a doubt is through the results from

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ccws reports that he says Allah has decreed jealousy for women, and Jihad for men. So Allah has given men some difficult pill to swallow, which is jihad, and for the women that have the zero so we will base with patients out of faith and in hope every word whenever you would like a monster. So that's difficulty Allah prescribed on Main, we don't say yeah, although Why did you make me if I look at my wife, she's got bigger muscles than me. Why do I have to do it? No, jihad is on you, brother. Right? And similarly, the woman says certain things we find we don't like in the Sharia. You ask Allah something wrong with me, I'll change my heart to love what you love.

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So now, we assume this is actually a side question. Question number one. So we see question number one says that polygamy is permissible, and why and why not? And we say that Islam limited the number two for a far more complicated question is, but your Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had more than four wives at one point in time. He had more than four at some point, maybe some had about nine wives at the same time. Now, when we see a religion, we the laws are for all of you, but for the Imam or for the leader, he has laws that are favoring him. Question mark? That's a question mark. Right. Why shouldn't you be the first one following the law? And yes, by and large, in fact, besides

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this issue, you'd find a peaceful solution. He was the first in laws that when things came down, rules and laws came down, they were more severe on Nabisco salami had to be in the front line, he had to be the first so there are certain laws which will be so solemn head exclusively to him. For example, maybe son had to perform that job every night, every night maybe so someone had to perform tattooed Sala for us, we don't have you know, it's optional, that nobody so seldom, no matter how poor he is, and he's and his family, or how poor they are. Charity has been made her arm for them. When Edison passed away, not a cent of his wealth, and he didn't have anything would go to, to his

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family, it goes to the poor. So these are laws which Allah put on the Elevate to the family of Nabhi so seldom, and we strange people don't know this, but nobody so Salaam could not divorce his wives and could not marry without the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So and this ayah Allah subhanho

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wa Taala says, at some point in often he's married his wives. Allah is not lawful to you or any additional women. You cannot marry anyone beyond this Mohammed Salah. No is it for you to exchange them for other wives even if the beauty were to please you? You can't even tell them so talaq was around for Nabisco Santa Clara was haraam gonna be solar SLM. So we see their lows which favored NaVi salsa, number of favorite him, but lows which were applicable to him and him alone. So we might ask, why has Allah subhanaw taala allowed Nabisco Sallam to marry more than the wives in full? La and we need to go into the history of each wife. And we will study the and it's important for you to

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study the whys of why. What was your mother's? Your mother, my mother, Mahatma meaning Allah says the wives of Nabisco, salaam, they are the mothers of the believers, you're in the Quran. So it's not knowing your own mother. It's the level. And we'll quickly try to run through the wives of an apostle seldom quickly, why did nobody sort of marry these women, and we get a different picture from the outset. Now this also lamb during his youth when it was the Wild West, you could marry who you wanted and did what you want. for 50 years of his life. He only had one wife Khadija, and throughout his life This was the wife which he says, My heart basically belongs to her deja vu his

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entire life. He only married one wife for 50 years and which, during while he was a prophet for 10 years, until she passed away, and I recently did not marry another woman with her. Khadija was his basically his only wife.

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As time went on Allah subhanho wa Taala instructed in the visa Salaam to marry other wives and situations arose. We had too many other women. So after the death of Khadija rhodiola, and her The Beatles albums house was in difficulty is out giving our he has children at home, and was suggested to him not he didn't suggest someone else suggested. Why don't you marry someone to maintain your household? So the also our mother soda rock, I'm a lot older than than obese and obese. I'm just 50 odd. She's older, she's a grandmother. And the purpose of this marriage, mostly was that she would maintain the household of Navy SEALs seldom and that's why nobody's married. So death after the

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death of Khadija

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And then I shall talk about Russia in detail in our time permits. If we have to skip the next week we'll have to, but Rizal, Salah, married Ayesha once again, at the instruction of Allah and we know why Allah instructed Ayesha to be the wife of our Deen. So much of it is based on her. How do we know what Maybe someone's like in the household? What he was like when he went to the bathroom when he was told how he performed also which Sahabi Sona isn't performing. So I shadowed Yolanda and she was instructed DCs thrice ally instructed me to marry Ayesha, even though initially there be some very few It was not really interested in marrying her when it was suggested marry her. She's the

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daughter of a worker who said no, I'm not really looking to get married have the HA deja Allah instructed Mary eyeshadow they will talk about I should have saw the daughter of Satan Amato Dylon, her husband died in the battle and say Norman came to different habits and who would marry half so she needs a husband. You can say North Mansi North man said no came double Baka Baka didn't really say anything. And then he went to complain to NaVi salsa lamb. So the visa says I will marry her. I will so her father came to the resort to complain. No one wants to marry half saw. So I will marry half saw different perception zeyneb even hoceima her husband also died in battle and she came to

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the business with proposed please don't marry me, I offer myself in marriage to you. And we will do this all the time. And there are many examples of women coming to Nagisa salon proposing and obeso salon would look away meaning I don't want the heart to say no, but this would happen all the time. She would get proposals. And many times when the women would ask I shadowed Ilana, can I have a meeting with the Prophet have some fun what to ask? So what do you What's your business? So then the results are? What do you plan to do? How do you look? You know, I will relay the message you don't worry, you know, right. So this happens all the time and they'll be so seldom didn't just marry

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those that came to propose to own Salama, another woman, her mother and Salama husband passed away in the Battle of Oxford. And she was in difficulty Omar proposed to her she said no abubaker proposed to her she said no. Now vehcile said I propose to you as well. And she says that I you know i'd love to get married to the Rasul Salam. But listen to what she says these three problems number one, I have children were young, and they're going to keep you busy. Number two, I'm an old woman really. So her age all the lies of an A B cell cell and all of them previously married older women, some old woman, I'm in my late 30s when a young woman and number three I also am I get a bit jealous

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and you have a few other wives. It's going to be some fireworks so the results will sit. As for your children, there'll be my children as for your age, I'm older than you. And as for your jealousy I make dua, Allah subhana wa tada calms that down. So again, look at all the wives zaner been jash This is the cousin of NaVi salsa, lamb she proposes to nobody so Salaam, he says no rather medisieve my son, she didn't want to meditate but then Allah sent instructions. If an Ibiza Salam says you do so you must do so. So she meditate. But this marriage didn't work out and they divorced her. Then Allah said, you are married to say no, Allah didn't even ask me. So somebody told him today you are

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married to Xena, the Visa Center. This marriage was the most controversial marriage in his life. Because in the time of the visa asylum, your adopted son was like your biological son. It's hard for you to marry your son's ex wife is insist. But Allah wanted to show that the adopted son is not like the biological son. So he married Zeynep to the Visa Center. And that's why this Nika is said to be the one which Allah perform that nikka there was no Maha one day allegedly today your medical Zeynep it's in the Quran so too as up and she Zainab was very happy because she always wants to marry nobody so Salaam, jewellery and Sophia. These were two women that were taking prisoners of war the

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daughters of Chiefs, a tribe was made slaves. So whenever someone found out these are the daughters of Chief, he bought them made them free. And then he asked them you can go free why can marry you? And if I marry you, your tribe automatically the Sahaba will not want to keep your family as ransom because you are the in laws these are the this my brother in law you're gonna keep him as a as a slave. So when they did this, the entire tribe became free and they became Muslim God and Sophia Ohm Habiba, the daughter of one of the enemies of nimbyism, Abu sufian, became Muslim rhodiola and who she was in our senior for seven years they were married and they never met one another. They were

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living to completely a long distance. Marriage is sooner in that. So again, this marriage really was was not done for any joy or certain physical reasons it was done to soften the heart of the enemy of libido. solem are marrying your daughter, you know, some good in me maimunah again, we spoke about in the battle in the conquest of Makkah, she was also she proposed to that ivysaur salam and he accepted. And then lastly, this was Maria and look again at the culture of different communities when abyssal Salaam became an important person. People would talk the kings of other lands would send him gifts. So the Emperor or the ruler of Egypt, sent gifts to Ravi Salam amongst the gifts he

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

sent to sisters, beautiful women, the most beautiful women. So these are gifts for you that said, No, we don't do this. It took

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

You Frieda he married her, you'd rather be my wife. This is Pamela. This is the sooner of Nabina Muhammad wa salam, you look at these, look at all the examples, no way to not be so seldom, you know, ask, in fact, it's as if he didn't propose to anybody. The situation arose difficulty and said, Would you like to get married? It will solve the problem for your people and my people, we better for us for the dean. And he always maintained that really His love, and he says to Ayesha, but really my love My heart belongs to her DJ, that she was really sufficient for me Khadija was the best I was even given. We took we move on to another another issue with the last few minutes that we

00:30:36--> 00:31:15

have female circumcision parlors, very delicate area, and foster brothers who don't know what we're talking about, you know, you get married first, and you'll know exactly what we're talking about. Right? Not yet. So this issue happening, especially in African countries, where parts of the female body is removed. Why? Because it is believed that a woman shouldn't have desire. But if a woman has, you know, desire, and she would like to have relations is bad woman should be modest and quiet that you shouldn't have any desire of our own. Right? This is the perception in certain cultures. Islam doesn't say this, that a man has desire. And that's good, no problem for him and a woman and they

00:31:15--> 00:31:54

can exercise those desires as they want in a halau manner. In fact, we mentioned that Hadith, when the husband and the wife are together, they are being rewarded is a charity. That's an act of a badger. So that's a nice way of keeping a better throughout the night. hamdullah very easy to get married. So this is the perception Islam has with regards to desire and intercourse. So certain cultures, they look to remove certain parts of the female organ to diminish sexual desire to prevent fitna so that there is no fitna in the land. She has no she becomes like important it's like taking away a man's you know instinct taking away his manhood so therefore he you know he's safe he's not

00:31:54--> 00:32:32

going to harm anybody. So this is the wrong Islam does not look we should do this to prevent you know, our says lower your gaze and protect yourself. This is better for fitna. So we ask is circumcision for women? compulsory? No. knobbies also says circumcision is compulsory on men and an honor if a woman who you know wants to be circumcised there are parts that can be circumcised but then Abby's also says do not go to do not go extreme. Don't cut the parts that give sexual gratitude. Why? Because it is better for this isn't obese, I'm saying it. This is better for the woman and her husband will be more pleased. You think a woman that's cold? She's not the husband is

00:32:32--> 00:33:11

not gonna be happy, the woman's not gonna be happy. So maybe so solemn said we don't do this to harm the woman, that circumcision is a matter of hygiene. It's a matter of hygiene to not to remove sexual desire. So this is the concept and the format is by basically in agreement that for men, it's compulsory circumcision. For women, it is permitted so long as nothing of a desire is removed. It's only for hygiene purposes, and it's permissible for to do it. And if she refuses to do it, no problem. The last issue before we even open will continue with the fourth issue the age of a shadow dealer next week. The last issue is divorce. So people will commonly see that in Islam, the man can

00:33:11--> 00:33:48

simply give the padlock easily I don't like you today The food was a nice antibiotic, your Talat Alaska to your parents fish. There's nothing we can do. Even the old American say, Brother, you can't do that. No, even if he made a joke. He says, today, it counts. Even if he's angry, he lost the school and says, I don't want to anymore towns, so easy for the man to get rid of the wife but the woman even if the husband is the worst of the worst, is fear around. She can't really get away from me to apply. She needs to go through counseling. It's a procedure. So why does Islam do this? This is the question. When we look at divorce, know number one that in certain religions, like

00:33:48--> 00:34:28

Catholicism, divorce is really prohibited for men and women. Both of you can't get divorced. You marry one person and that's the death do you part. That's how it is. Only if there is maybe adultery with the church and now the marriage in Judaism interesting that the man, only the man can issue a product a woman cannot apply for the law, even the rabbi's can apply for the law. And they have circumstances where the husband, he hates the wife he abuses the wife but he refuses to divorce because he wants to continue to abuse her and the rabbi's will say divorce your wife says no, they have issues and you know interesting in the the talaq in the Jewish religion is written it must be

00:34:28--> 00:34:54

in a written form, in written form school to get unlimited packet loss to get away I don't know, school to get right to Jewish word. And the Israeli Defense Force the army they need to write this gate in case they are captured and where they go missing because women their husband go missing years. And they said we can't divorce you because only the husband can give you $1 so he writes this in case I'm gone for X amount of period. You may be divorced to very strict in the Jewish religion.

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

In Islam, we know that a man can pronounce talaaq on his own. He doesn't have to ask

00:35:00--> 00:35:24

anyone's permission Allah has given him this is the right thing that he has in Islam. As for the woman, she can get a divorce through legal means the cardi can separate people if she applies, you know, she applies for divorce on uncertain grounds she can be divorced. So it's in between Judaism and Christianity in between. So why Why does a law Why does a man have the right to to give divorce?

00:35:25--> 00:36:02

Before we get to that just this Heidi's gonna be some says there are three matters in which seriousness is serious, and joking is serious. And marriage divorce and taking back that if you marry if you say I marry you, or you say divorce you you say I can take you back off the divorce, it counts, even if you're joking, even if you are serious. And one of the wisdoms, one of the wisdoms is that the Sharia makes it such that the man if he loses his cool, he can't lose his temper to the point where he sees what he wants. So you got to get so angry, and he says, I divorce you. It counts. And how many brothers I know. Come and cry as a chef. I say that devotion three times. I

00:36:02--> 00:36:37

didn't mean I just lost my cool. Towns brother unfortunately counts. A man cannot lose his cool. He can't say I became so angry and upset. I said what I wanted. As the woman she forces you 100 times a day. I don't want to I don't want to see you. Right. And the Sharia let's emotions got the beta. That's one of the wisdoms that's one of the wisdoms in Islam and so Allah sometimes these you know the women that say why is this, you ask your wife, your sister, I give you a little talk about I give you the right of Allah, would you really take it and when you're angry, you're going to say it and you're not going to be to know it all the keep it to yourself and spatola many husbands myself

00:36:37--> 00:36:58

included. If we had the choice, we'd say we'd rather put tala aside, because you don't want to say Pollock in in in the moment. It's something that you need to think about. Consider people with children. This is more of a more of a burden than a blessing for me. Most men that go through this route, they don't follow the proper steps of talaq speaking to the right lady.

00:36:59--> 00:37:38

I wish I never had this ability, because my emotions got the better of me. And so and so she has the right to request talaq, she can go and tell the allama I don't want to be with my husband, On what grounds are valid grounds and hamdulillah. But even if she says that, you know, with a beautiful Hadith lady comes in a recent sermon, she said O Messenger of Allah, I do not find any fault with Sabbath even place, my husband Sabbath. He's not a bad man, in his character or his religion, he's a good person. But I don't want to commit any act of Kufa after being becoming, I don't want to be a bad person. I basically can't stand him. It takes me you know, we just don't get along. And at least

00:37:38--> 00:38:17

also, this is valid grounds to to be divorced. The woman can come to the allama and say, I want to get divorced. Why are we just not getting along anymore? We just don't see eye to eye. So if these are valid grounds for divorce for a woman, what about abuse? What about the husband is terrorizing her. Obviously, these are easy grounds to get a divorce. But of course, divorce is something that requires precaution. And Allah subhanho wa Taala because men have given the right of divorce, it's easier for them. Allah reminds me about this, and when you divorce women, and they have a full data. So now the woman we talked about the flick of Palak, we should do that, that the men divorces are

00:38:17--> 00:38:57

now he has an entire period to either take her back if he did less than three times you can either take her back or you can let her go and then they are divorced. So then Allah says don't leave her in uncertainty. Either you make up your mind you keep her in a good way, or you let her go in a nice way. But don't keep her in marriage so as to harm her. If you if the woman is unhappy in her marriage, and you can't make her happy. Wendy Vasa in a nice way Allah saying the Quran, don't continue to abuse your wife through her marriage. Right. So this is this is the concept of talaq in Islam. Again, we understand we look at it and we remind ourselves that this is not something which

00:38:57--> 00:39:33

Allah has given me easy it is to remind the men, you cannot lose your pool and to say what you want. We have five minutes inshallah, let's see if we can quickly go over the marriage of the prophets of Salaam to Ayesha quickly. So the prophets of Salaam, have and this is perhaps one of the most controversial issues it is believed with is reported and the majority of Global Scholars, even the Muslim opinion, the prophets of Salah marriage, married at the age of nine. Now this was older than 50. And he married at the age of nine, and I'll come to you and say, Would you leave your nine year old daughter marry a 50 year old man? How can this be right? How can this be okay? We say it's not

00:39:33--> 00:39:59

okay. And if a man comes here and he wants to marry a nine year old daughter, we'll send him to jail today I'm not possible. But understand that age changes with time. Nine today is not like nine yesterday, not like nine in fact in countries to countries it changes called the age of consent the age at which you are old enough to get married. Just for example, in Japan at 13. You can get married they don't see you as a child anymore. This is an advanced developed country.

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

13 you're old enough to get married and to manage your own affairs in Bahrain, you need to be 21 before you get married, Pamela writes, I don't know why it takes so long to get married in Bahrain. But that's the law from one country to another. And from from one time to the next, how many of us are grandmothers were maybe 1516. When she got married, and she raised, you know, a family. Today, 1516 year old if they come to get married, you say you're not ready to get married yet. You still need to mature you're still basically children. But the women of the old they did it when they were 16. This is just 50 years ago, what about 1500 years ago? So in Islam, we'll talk about NACA, NACA

00:40:36--> 00:41:14

is a legal contract is a legal contract. That is what liquor is, like sale, like buying, like selling, the car is a contract. And when you enter into a contract, you can't force anyone into a contract, and you can't cheat anybody, and the person must be able to make the decision must have the capacity to make the decision. It's a legal document. So therefore, with a legal agreement, both parties must have the ability to choose, they must have the mental capacity to know what they're doing. Right. You can't say I sold I bought this property from the boy was five years old, I said, I'll give you five sweets, you give me that building, your father left us in this account. The boy

00:41:14--> 00:41:54

didn't know. The boy didn't know what he was doing. Similarly, in nica, the person must know what they're entering into. Therefore, you must be an adult to enter into nikka. So Islam is between two adults. When we talk about an adult, what do we mean islamically. Today, you if you're 18, you become an adult, doesn't matter what you are upstairs, or how you are 18 years old as an adult, so does the Sharia prescribe an age it says no, you need to be more color, physically blue. And again, think about this panel. At that age, whether you're nine or 10, or 13, or 15. At that age, you have the right to choose between gender and gender, you'll be held accountable to Allah. So that age the

00:41:54--> 00:41:57

Sharia sees you as an adult. In addition to that,

00:41:58--> 00:42:41

in addition, Allah subhanaw taala introduces this concept of rushed, rushed is mental maturity, not just physical maturity. So Allah Subhana Allah says, and test the orphan, meaning before you give the inheritance of the orphan, the person the child, the father passed away, they're not old enough before you give them the inheritance test them until they reach the age of roost. And as is the Tafseer rooster refers to the age at which they can get married. So long story short, to get married humans have that same capacity to manage your own financial affairs, that is basically the age at which a person is regarded as an adult. So was, was Ayesha, an adult when she got married? This is

00:42:41--> 00:43:13

the question we should ask. Firstly, I should be a lot unhappy. Even though the majority opinion is she was nine years old. There are many many evidences to show that she was even older than that. Remember, they didn't keep the window calendars. The history calendar only came many years later, though usually calendar note, we don't even know when Ayesha was born. We don't know when aboubaker was born. And there are some reports which indicate that she was older than nine years old, but because we find in Buhari report from her nephew or weapons debate, who says my auntie was nine years old when she got married. We accepted this as the most authentic but they could have been a

00:43:13--> 00:43:52

mistake, because they did not keep track. Exactly with regards to time. So if they said nine years old, give or take a year or 213 years old is a big difference in this matter was nine years old. In terms of her physical attributes, was she an adult? Look at this, Heidi? It was the day of EAD and the abyssinians were playing in the masjid. They were doing some spirit displays in the masjid. So I should say either I requested the prophets of Salaam or he asked me without like to watch them playing in the masjid. And I replied, I'd like to do so. Then the prophets of Allah made me stand behind him. And my cheek was touching his cheek. And he was saying that he was encouraging and the

00:43:52--> 00:44:29

reason was cutting the embassy means continue, you know, fight on until she says I got tired. And the professor asked me Have I been Am I satisfied? And she said yes. And then he pointed the Heidi Thea recently standing I show standing behind him and her cheek was against his cheek. So in terms of she's not a nine year old girl called me that she was nine years old, The Beatles song was off. And everage to a totally height, I shall have the Lord is of equal life living solo. She could not be a nine year old in our understanding of a nine year old girl. Beautiful on this hadith side note again, she says I actually stood long I became tired, but I wanted to see how long you would have

00:44:29--> 00:44:59

stood with me. So I said okay, now that you know, right, so evidence that also she was an adult. She was engaged before before she married nobody's awesome. She was engaged to somebody else. She was about to be married to someone else. So at her time, her people saw her as ready for marriage. When she got married. The matchmaker suggests that I show is ready to get married. Why didn't you marry her? recent didn't suggest that someone else suggested that abubaker or the Alon he approved use the word he would have said no but this is a child how can you marry her that the women of Medina congratulated her

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

You're getting married now you're ready for marriage. No one's below What is this? Even the enemies of Navy SEALs and um, the Jews, the Christians, the the Jamelia Arabs, they didn't say that this marriage was obscene. No one said anything. This was normal in the time

00:45:15--> 00:45:53

and that nobody saw solemn. So that means that this wasn't forbidden that this was something seen as a custom. And people came to her. She participated in battles and didn't allow anyone to enter battle under the age of 14, and she was advised that she wasn't better, which means she was older than 14. And all these shows you that she was not a child, but rather an adult, seen by her people as an adult at her time. And we know that at the end, when we asked we have 50 years she'd lived on and she explains the love that she had with Nabisco Salomon Brothers had he she she would ask them Lisa someone's How would you describe our love? And he said I describe it like the more you pull at

00:45:53--> 00:46:12

it, the stronger it becomes. And she says I would ask them be so solemn, you know every second third day or every you know, maybe they would fight and he or she would say how's the knock today and he will say it's as strong as it's always been. Right. So this shows you the love that they had next week inshallah we continue with a few more the circle ahead thank you for your patience wins with overtime, exactly the center one

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just short announcement announcement, the massager buka will be having the monthly hutmacher on and it will be at the palm tree mosh tomorrow all through the end of the month, as usually there is a lot of noise out there, a bit long Street. So the pattern will start off