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Are we leaving the shoot on rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam or Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala all the honor and greatness and and sugar is for Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us with Eman granted us Alhamdulillah so many blessings in this dunya how many people do we see that have not enjoyed what we live, which we take for granted Allah grant us to be grateful for what he has given us and keep us your increases in goodness and protect us from the calamities of this world. We see now greetings and salutations I would love to I want to be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah grant us to follow his son and to be of his own man on the day of tm, amin

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Hamdulillah, we continue with our discussion on the theme of women in Islam, and the role within Islam and how Islam views women. And we say this is a very important topic. And some points we will stress. Repeat some points. Why? Because this is one of the fronts at which Islam is being attacked across the world. And therefore in some way, it's a type of jihad, to learn about these things and to defend Islam. Remember, the Jihad really is an is a battle of ideas and ideals, the Battle of of intellect, that's one of the frontiers of jihad hamdulillah. We excel in that in that area, it's important for us if someone your colleagues ask you these questions that we don't say, I don't know,

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we live in a society will be a very small minority. Therefore, each and every one of us is an ambassador to Islam. Each and every one of us is a die. According to Islam, people will look at you and me, and they will say that is Islam. They won't say this is Mohammed and what Mohammed does what Muhammad, you know, this is his character, look what the Muslims do. And therefore, it's important for us to be the ambassadors of Islam and the means by which Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring people into the deen.

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We say that throughout history, women have always been an oppressed group within society. certain groups have always been marginalized and oppressed. And in many religions, unfortunately, and this is very much the case with the Judeo Christian religion and the Eastern religions as well, that women spiritually in terms of the religion is seen as something which is corrupt. Women are seen as the doorway to evil, that it's because of Eve herson, that Adam was led astray and through them, all of mankind is cursed. This is the concept of original sin. Every Christian believes this, you're not a Christian, if you don't believe this, that mankind is cursed because of Eve. And therefore he

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really has a spiritual relationship with the Almighty is deficient or secondary to that upper man.

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Whereas in Islam, we stress that Islam sees no difference Allah subhanaw taala does not differentiate between male and female with regards to taqwa in acromion de la kocoum. Allah says, Allah says in the Quran, that the most honorable in the sight of Allah amongst you is the one with the most taqwa Allah will not look at you our the Hadith it says, Allah will not look at your outward appearance, your color, your age, your sex, your race, Allah will look at your hearts. This is what Allah is concerned with. And therefore, as we said, the heart has no gender. You don't have a male heart and the female heart The heart is the same. But it is the taqwa inside that matters to

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a lot. So in terms of spiritual levels, a woman can far exceed a man and a man can exceed a woman. Spirituality is your relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. Right. That's the first point and this is the most important thing, that if Allah discriminates between the sexes, in terms of spirituality, it's a problem. Allah will not discriminate anybody on chiama on spirituality. The second point is does the Sharia way doesn't Sharia see men and women, we see that if you look at the vast majority of the laws of the Sharia, the law, the Sharia remember, someone asked me this is the Sharia the law is that the the scholars, the MDC and the llama they've devised No, Sharia is what

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Allah has the Divine Law of Allah to law, what you're assuming obey Allah and obey the messenger sallallahu sallam. This is the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If that law is unfair, if that low is sexist, then it's a problem cannot come from the almighty cannot come from Allah. But we look at the laws of the Sharia. And we see the vast majority of the laws equally applied. If a man commit Zina punishment is the same if a woman commits Zina, we don't go in extreme to either one. If the person steals men and female, both are punished equally. Of course, the shadow looks at circumstances a man who is able to work and he steals when adjusted and versus a woman that slaving Sharia has this kind

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of understanding as well. And we look at the Sharia has further enshrined given women the rights and I, I encourage all of us to put our minds back. I know we live in our time today, and what we take as normal. We think this is how it's always been. Women can can travel freely.

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Women have the right to buy and sell property. Women can own things, women can be rich. This is not how it used to be not in Islam. But in the vast majority of the world. 200 years ago was the first time we see a married woman had the rights to her own property before the military became married. The husband basically took ownership of a property, even if he has nothing and she's the wealthiest person in the country. Once she got married, she's under his key. I'm not talking 1000 years ago, this is about 200 150 years ago, that the Britain put in a law that says no, this is wrong. 150 years ago, it's like yesterday, this is 1500 years ago, at a time when people were bidding their

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daughters alive. When people were selling their daughters when people were inheriting their mothers. This was the status quo. This was normal with a Jackie Lee Adams. And that kind of environment. Islam says she has rights to herself. She can choose who to marry, she can choose to get divorced, but she has the right to her property that she has the right even to participate politically. I mean, it makes a decision, we will hear what the woman has to say, the woman can even vote with me. And she has the right to education. You can't stop her. This is amazing. This is a revolutionary. This was this idea when the Adams you know, so this is this is craziness. So what are you doing,

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you're giving rights to even the women Manohla. Next, they sit next you'll be giving rights to the animals and indeed, the results from Islam, gay rights, even animals. Everything has a Huck as a right but Allah subhana wa Tada. At the same time, while we say that Islam sees men and women as equal, it also emphasizes that men and women are different, different does not mean

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and fi, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed men with certain attributes. And Allah has blessed women with certain attributes. Allah has caused men to excel in certain fields over women, and allow schools women to excel over men. And we said that if we look at the laws, 99% or 95% of the laws are generic, applied equally men and women, but there are laws specific to men, and lo specific to women, there are laws which as men, if we, you know, you complain, you say this is sexist, why should I pay a dowry? Why should I come to Juma on a Friday and the women are welcome to come, but the men must come, men has to come, he doesn't have a choice in the matter, that a man that a man,

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the father, no matter how much he loves and cares for his children, the mother has three times the status of the Father, the mother has greater rights over the child and the father, that the day that Jihad comes obligatory on the men, optional for the women, the burden of maintenance of the family, we can say Well, today, the burden equally, the woman are just as qualified, even more qualified as the men. Sometimes the women earn more than the men, yet the responsibility you come to the court for maintenance, the Sharia will not say what does the wife contribute? No, it will say husband, this is your job you need to provide for your family. The Sharia has put this burden on the men and

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Alhamdulillah we accepted this is in the Hikmah of Allah subhanaw taala. And therefore we said that when we compare Islam

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as a system compared to other systems, you'd find that Subhana Allah, if you if you have an open mind and open heart, and you look for the truth, you'll find that no other system, you can't believe that this was something brought about 1500 years ago, this would be revolutionary in many countries. Unfortunately, even Muslim countries which don't follow by these laws, there will be something strange in many cultures. And we said while we well that's the spirit of Islam in general, there are specific issues which Islam mentions that are controversial, that appear on the outside problematic. We spoke about recently about 10 misconceptions about Islam. We'll look to discuss we did for last

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week, we'll recap some of them. We will discuss three more in this lecture and three more next week we have nilla we said of the things that people look at is polygamy, very common. Men can marry four women can marry one. What's the deal? How is that fake? Why can you marry more than one we live in a time in a society where

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polygamy is seen as something which is bad and wrong. In general, people have a negative perception. So behind Allah, look how the mindsets have changed if we see to, you know men Getting married is not as strange as seeing a man getting married to two wives is something that we've been afflicted with being seen desensitized with certain things. And sometimes, sometimes we see a law we're something in the Sharia, and it doesn't gel with our hearts. No, unfortunately, there are still aspects within our hearts that have not been purified. And this is this is something which which we should learn. You find people still have racism in their hearts, nothing wrong with the Sharia

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something wrong with you, brother, you have the problem in your heart, you need to come and your heart needs to be opened up. That is certain things in the law of Allah subhanaw taala you find strange and certain things which are Haram, you find normal. The problem in Islam is part of the problem with with you with regards to Islam. So we said polygamy if we look at it, it's permitted by the vast majority of cultures and religions. In fact, the same religions which attack Islam you find in the scriptures

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The greatest of the prophets married more than one wife, either they were immortal, or the rabbis and the priests that changed the scripture knew better than Allah Subhana Allah, if Allah ladies ambia follow the Sunnah. And this is the way of men of religion, prophets of Allah cannot be immortal panela. But Islam came actually to limit we sit in the time of Jackie, Leah was the Wild West, you could marry as you wanted, how many you wanted, there was no limit. You could have a one day marriage and do whatever you want. Islam said no, there are laws to this thing. And we said, Why does Islam allow polygamy? It is to address an imbalance that Islam has structured society in such a

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way that men are the maintainers of families, but men will also be the ones who bear the brunt of jihad. Men are the first in line and therefore the numbers of men to women will always be disproved proportionate, and the ayat and this is why it's important to read the Quran in context. Surah Nisa, which deals with polygamy, when was it revealed after the Battle of God, when 70 odd Sahaba passed away were martyred. All of them lift families now remember before I said before, it's the law came into effect. Each one had more than four wives 70 men, five wives each 10 wives eat at 700 women families sitting without husbands problem. And therefore Allah subhana wa Tada. Now legislated in

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this matter. So polygamy is not forced on anybody. You don't have to marry a second wife. And your wife does not have to.

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Except she's not forced into polygamous marriage, everyone, you marry by your own free code. But Islam has created this mechanism, allow this mechanism for you for to address this imbalance. And we said that the purpose of polygamy the purpose Allah has given, we look at the ayah was to emphasize justice. So people like to mention that ayah Allah says, marry 234 whatever you choose of your wives, look at the ayah before Allah says don't replace the orphan. Don't marry the orphan girl in your care. So to my abuser, it's that's closer to being unjust. Rather marry to three for any woman you want, not her. And if you can't be just with those 234 wives, they marry just one. So Alex's

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justice comes first. If you can't be just in one, you must be happy with one sufficient for you. We also said the polygamy of nubby salsa lamb, that for 50 years of his life, he was only he only had one spouse, which was the only spouse that you know that they'll be so seldom we could say, purely based on love and character. Of course, I'd love to win their hearts and later on all his marriages, were in a situation it was political in nature. There was a reason why those marriages we spoke all about the different wives of nobody so seldom, we see the many of them. Most of those wives have an obese asylum. they propose to an obese alum directly or indirectly. they propose to him he didn't

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propose to them, they propose to him and then a lot of forbidden obese asylum from marrying more and even divorce was her often obese or seldom. So when you look at an obese asylum is a special case. Divorce for him was haram and Allah says not lawful to you or Mohammed or any additional women after this. No is it for you to exchange them, divorce them for other wives, even if they beauty with to please you. So Allah is telling me so seldom, you don't have a choice in who you marry and who you divorced. Allah is telling me so solemn I choose who you marry and who you divorce. Why? Because the personal life, everything that maybe some does is Dean, how he lives his life is not just for him,

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it's public way for Allah legislators, as Allah instructs the basis of how to eat way to eat way to sit, instructs when to get married, how to get married, who to get married, and who not to get married to this is a last minute, but I'll get to it as well spoke about female circumcision. We said that, in cultures, they do this, to diminish the power, the sexual desire of women, because they believe women are

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promiscuous by nature, or the woman shouldn't have any sex drive, she must be shy and humble. She shouldn't desire these things, but for her to desire, have sexual desire, it's bad. Sharia says no. A man can have a sexual desire as much as he wants and a woman as well, so long as you exercise this in a correct manner, and therefore circumcision and a lot of bubs asked me what gets circumcised the lady, they want that same thing. Get married, and you'll find out if you don't know how to love, right? So there's certain parts of the female that get circumcised and if that is cut too extremely, that is cut by too much it diminishes a sexual desire and cultures do this they mutilate the female

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organ. Now they used to say that part of the Imams job description of circumcision hamdulillah Not anymore. I've never studied that in Medina. Right So, so Alhamdulillah and this is something which you'd find is more cultural practice than Islamic practice. Although in Islam, they are a hadith which Nagisa Salaam says that it is compulsory for the male to be circumcised. For the female, it's an honor to her, but he stressed if you are circumcising the woman should not diminish her sexual desire. Don't cut the parts that give her sexual pleasure.

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Why? Because in the future, it will make a cold and will make her husband not happy. So this is more of a detriment look at the wisdom that Islam is saying. So it's done for hygiene, purely hygiene. We spoke about divorce in detail. We said that yes, the man has the right to give three talks, one go, the woman has to apply. But this is something unique you would find in many religions, either both men and women cannot get divorced. No one they both can't get divorced. Or only the man has the right to get divorced, not the woman, she can apply for divorce, she can request for divorce in Islam, the woman can get divorced and she can get divorced on very simple grounds. She can basically

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say, as the female Sahaba came in ob, so Solomon says, I'm not happy with this man. And she says he's not a bad husband. He's doing everything he's supposed to do. But he's not I'm not being a good Muslim with him because I'm constantly upset and moody with him. So don't be so Salaam gave a divorce on that grounds. So Islam does not force anyone into a marriage, and does not force you to stay in a marriage. You have the right to get divorced. And therefore we ask but why can the men get the right to divorce just like that. So hon Allah if the women had the right to divorce, all of us will be devoted to be honest in reality, right? Every married man daily, the wife will say, Why did

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I marry you, I want nothing to do with you. So this is the nature of women. And her emotions get the better of her, Allah knows that he's creation well, and therefore Allah does not take that into account. But the man cannot allow him to become so angry that he says I want nothing to do with you get out of it, get lost, go back to your mother counts as Pollock, counters Pollock, and therefore the man must constantly be under control. And many men you ask myself included, we would wish we didn't have this in our power, because it's some responsibility when to use it. And if installed, we're not satisfied. The Sharia allow something intending something dangerous. Now, the Sharia

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allows you something called the talaq where you can delegate to tala to someone else. So you can actually give your wife and say, Here you go, you follow up is in your hands, if you pass it will be or will be divorced, so you can give the right over to someone else. It's possible it's a mechanism in the Sharia. When asked the lady that complaints, or why do you get that I asked you if you want that responsibility, and guarantee you many of them will say no, rather not. And if we follow the laws of color correctly, it will take you about two three months before you actually give us a lot. procedures, protocols shouldn't be done at a woman in a moment of anger. The sooner way of doing it,

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is you have to wait basically two, three months before you can say now I've made my mind up. I'm going to get divorced. Right. So this is the reason how it works. We spoke about the marriage of Navy SEALs to eyeshadow, the line we ended up with this last week. We said very controversial issue very very controversial issue. Someone will say was I shall not nine years old when you prophet Roger la medida. She was nine How old was your prophet? 50 555 year old man marrying a nine year old girl today. This is a pedophile. Tom, it's it's totally immoral. What do we say? How do we respond to this very controversial issue. First and foremost, we first mentioned that the age at which we

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all agree in the Sharia. We agree everyone agrees a person should only be married when they are an adult. Quran says that as well. That when you are able to make the you ready to be a husband, ready to be a wife. Now you should get married. Ready physically, and this is when you become balanced. And the first from people a difference from age to age, you become balanced at different ages and we know goals become earlier. Also Islam has added this thing of rushed, rushed means when you have the mental capacity. And we spoke about this last week, the orphan if you have money of an orphan, a young child when you give this back to the orphan Surah Nisa also pansies, when they reach the age

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of reached the age of marriage. Now they should be given the the inheritance. So basically, at the age of marriage is also the age at which you can manage your own financial affairs. If the person can't manage their own financial affairs, they still basically a child, and therefore marriage is not they're not ready for marriage. We understand how Islam works. And we said the age at which someone is able to get married from currently today is 13 years old, 20 years old, 21 years old in Bahrain,

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and 21. in Bahrain, Mr. The child between this panel I don't know what's happening with the bahrainis, Japan 13 years old, what about 1500 years ago, when the life expectancy was like 3540, you die at 40. So obviously, if you're only getting married when you're 25 problem, so everything is quicker and earlier. And this was we know this was the norm. Why? Because when babies are married Ayesha, not a single one of his enemies said look at your prophet marrying a child, not the Christians, not the Jews, not the Persians, not the Arab Jamelia, not the hypocrites, no one. Even the Muslims. None of them said anything. This was normal. This was normal. In fact, I was engaged

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and we said just in terms of her physical size, she wasn't really equal height and obese or solid

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And we said therefore the age that she was nine, no perfect records are kept of age. We don't know which year

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Ayesha was born, which month she was born. We don't know when Abu Bakr Ramos even born a father, the estimated between nine and whatever. And therefore, if we look at the reality of the marriage and we look at what the Ayesha says, Let the lady speak for herself. We'll speak about it in a minute. What did she say about her marriage? She was by no means a child. We know that the people came to her for tower, they came to her for advice. She participated in the battlefield when other Sahaba males were not allowed to attend, which therefore shows he was seen as an adult. And she acted like an adult. And therefore, this wasn't a marriage between a man and a child. But rather, it was a marriage

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between a man and a woman of great age of great maturity. And we said of all the wives of Nabisco son, and all of his wives, all of them were previously married. None None of his wives were as we could say, Virgin wives, none of them except Ayesha. Choose Allah subhanho wa Taala, who seldom did not marry for personal desire, but it was a reason. And why did nobody so so many? Ayesha? We asked again. So what was the wisdom behind the marriage of Ayesha? We know why, because we'll talk about this. She never mentioned one third of our Dean comes to us from Russia, the one that she learned from the Navy so sanlam 10 years. She was young, she had, you know, intelligence, She challenged the

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Navy. So she would ask other people who wouldn't ask nobody. So some would say this is the law. She would say why? Explain to me why I want to understand this was I shadowed Ilana. And then she taught for 50 years, the dean, the otherwise going to be somebody passed away soon after the visa sell them and that knowledge was lost. No Sahabi knew what she knew. abubaker didn't know how to be some slipping the bait, or how we use the bathroom, or how we hustled who would see these things the lives and therefore the resource tells I shall have the law that Allah showed me three times I should marry you. Initially when the suggestion was made marry Ayesha. Now this is not now I'm not

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ready. He wasn't he didn't recover from the death of Khadija. But Allah showed him marry Ayesha, and we know why she plays a great role in Islam. We continue in sha Allah with this week's topics. Can women be leaders? And why is this a controversial issue? Because we find the Hadith in Bukhari and obeso. Some says, so authentic hadith, a people will never prosper or appoint a women a woman in charge of them is

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that a nation that appoints a female as its leader will not prosper? Finally, take this today? And look at your religion sixes What do you mean, a woman can't can't be run the company, a woman can't be part of the budget committee. The woman can't do anything right. What does this mean? No, we're talking about the role of a halifa. That one of the roles of the halifa one of the distinct requirements of being qualified is that the person has to be male, the person has to be male and the other requirements of being halifa. In fact, in the time of Nagisa Salam after you passed away, the Masons is the people of kurush, the people of Makkah have a higher claim to be the hollyford, the

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people of Medina, so other people are excluded may not also exclude the Spirit. The job of halifa is a very specific role. And it's in this context as even hasm Rahim Allah says, we're talking about the halifa. So it's this is a law within the Sharia, and we accept it. This is what nobody saw some said, for this job. We need to be a male to do this job. Why? Because the halifa needs to be in the front line of jihad. He's gonna call the people for jihad, but he sits at home. No, we want to see you in the front. Remember the halifa as a spiritual, he's a spiritual leader as well. He's a mirror, meaning he is a political leader, is the leader of the believers, we expect him to be the

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first and foremost with regards to Islamic observance, things which unfortunately, our female sisters would not be capable of doing. Right, she would not be able to lead the Salah, or give the hood back or lead the charge or charging jihad, people this is a role for a man. And if we look at why it makes sense, it makes sense. And also just on a practical note, panel, you know, all of us, you know, in case except that Allah has something great installed for one of us. None of us will ever be the halifa right? So it's not something that they may not favor, only one man gets this honor. Only one man of all the oma will get this honor and today it's panela We don't even have that

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men. With regards to leading the Salah, can a woman lead the Salah? Can a woman lead the salah and Subhanallah again, I find these issues. Our Muslim sisters they don't pick these issues up. I've not met a woman a female a sister that says I would like to leave the salon. Why don't get the chance? No Subhanallah they don't want to leave the salon. But these are questions which other people ask and maybe we need to answer. Without a doubt maybe substances and a lady should not lead a man in Salah which is not permitted to be the Imam with regards to a mixed congregation and says by unanimous consent of the former head but a woman should not leave a gem of men and women in Salah.

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This wasn't the case of either I shall lead in the

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The Sahaba males in Solano and these were the best of women. And she was superior to most of the men in her knowledge, her intellect, capital could add it she did not lead the men in Salah, none of the female companions so as Muslims we accept. Allah has put this obligation on men. And Allah put that obligation on women we accept what Allah has decreed for us. However, if it is a congregation of females, without a doubt, she may lead to Sora is a hadith of America that may be socially appointed for her I've been a member that is only given informed Sala compulsory Salah so she led the following Salah women, she was the Imam of the female Imam and she lived the females in salah and

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this is permissible and allies. This is purely fine

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but just because the woman can't be the halifa and she can maybe give the football on a Friday and leave the JAMA in salah and recharge in Jihad the front stop does this inhibit her from playing a role in Islam? No Subhan Allah this Deen in the past and currently where we are as oma was played women and men sacrificed for this Deen women and men sacrificed to this day. We know the masjid the massage all over and we think we subtract the contribution of our sisters. We wouldn't have massage it wouldn't have madrassas, we wouldn't have nursery schools. We wouldn't have hospitals. Our sisters play a role, if not a bigger role than the main in building the oma. Just to show you some

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of the contributions of this the female Sahaba Khadija rhodiola Anna is the first to accept Islam of the Muslims. The first to embrace Islam, the first companion of universal Salaam is Khadija delana. Allah honored her as she's the number one companion and who said she believed in me when everyone rejected me. And she helped me to be honest, she she believed in me when everyone said I was a liar. And she posted supported me with her wealth when the people withheld it from me. We are only here by the grace of Allah, and through the sacrifice of Khadija. She was the first patron of Islam. She was the one basically that funded Islam from its beginning.

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We look at the shadow of the law and how we said she's an ocean of knowledge that the Sahaba Musashi, great Sahaba Musashi, a great companion, so it almost appointed him as governor of many cities. Right? So it wasn't just a normal companion, very wise, very intelligent. Look what he says. He says, when we when we the Sahaba of who seldom encountered any difficulty in the matters of the of any Hadith, we went back to Ayesha, we asked her for her opinion. And we found that she had knowledge with regards to that, that he denies that the woman can excel over the men in terms of the females what Allah that they had knowledge even beyond that of men, they had better and deeper

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understanding of the Quran and the Hadith. Knowledge does not discriminate. Therefore nothing wrong for the woman to excel in the science of Deen to write books and fatawa. How many of our fatawa is from eyeshadow delana we say that the Hadith sciences, she is the fourth most prolific narrator that she delivered speeches that she was even in fact, even though she wasn't, I would say the hollyford leader. She was a political leader in the time when they were different groups and factions. There was the army of I shall have the alarm, that the people, the people that rallied around her that she was the main political leader of that group, and that she herself. And question, can the women

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participate in Jihad? Yes, the women are able and are allowed to participate in Jihad initially, as a, as an assistant group that used to bring the water they used to see to the wounded. But if things become so intense, women would pick up arms and fight that these are so heavy. Yeah, it was a hobby. Yep. But she would participate in jihad. And she was a great warrior. She used to fight and it wasn't well known. And she used to look at the men that used to retreat and say that I am standing and you are running away. Right? So the women fought in Jihad as well, although it's not encouraged unless it's a necessity. Fatima Alfieri. This is later on up the Sahaba she bought the first is the

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first university in the world, the first university in the world established by a woman, no one said at that time, it's a law lady shouldn't shouldn't be a leader of your places in the house. What are you trying to do? Build a university? You can't even go to university. You want to build a university? No. spamela she built the university, but the first one in the world. So in Islam, we don't have this concept that women have no roles to play in society. Maybe she can't be the halifa but every other panel or committee, she may attend as equals. What about coming to the masjid come? There's an easy one, right? That's the easy one. Can women come to the masjid or not? So if you're

00:29:37--> 00:29:39

in Cape Town, yes, even Joburg? No. Right.

00:29:40--> 00:30:00

Right. vinylon. Clear Howdy. This is not something which should be a controversy. Nobody's also says nobody is also them says, What if the caddies not prevent women from going to the masjid even though even though they are how the mosques are better? The houses are better for them. So what the Sharia is saying? Oh women

00:30:00--> 00:30:35

And better for you Your reward will be more if you make Salah at home. But if you want to come to the masjid, you have the freedom to do so. You can come to the masjid No One No One is going to stop you and be someone standing the men. Don't you stop your your wives your daughters from coming to the Muslim she wants to one of the ladies say Dr. Rasulullah Salim. I love to come to the masjid because you know I can see you I can make Salah behind you. And I know you love to come to the masjid. But I'm telling you it is better for you to make Salah at home than at my Masjid. You choose choice is yours. But this morning would just as the men have a bigger reward they come to the

00:30:35--> 00:30:43

ministry Pooja masala. You're so tired, but you must come because it's 30 wood ladies, it's easier for you stay at home, you get more reward

00:30:44--> 00:31:21

and that nubby salsa lamb. He did not discriminate, especially with regards to with regards to the knowledge so one of the areas that today women Unfortunately, they can't come to the masjid why people say no, it's a fitna they're gonna cause a problem and if they come to the masjid, it's gonna cause confusion. And you know, you worrying about the fitna, even though all around us they go, you know, men and women are mixing in the shops and the malls are depriving them of Islamic knowledge. What's the biggest fitna that the woman doesn't know the basics of the deen because that's where the knowledge is given in the masjid and leafeon obeso salam, he made a specific day in the week for

00:31:21--> 00:31:56

women only in the masjid specific. Listen, just for women. They complain. They are also Salah, you know, we're not supposed to come to the masjid. And when we come to the masjid, we sitting there in the back, we can't hear what you're saying. We're not learning. So he said, I give you a special time only the sisters and he gave a class just for the women. Let me so solemn shows you had it been that? You know, women are not allowed in the masjid. How would you give a date just for them? And something to think about that if she's supposed to go for Hajj in the holiest Masjid in the world and in the foot sign at the Kaaba and perform it off and say, This is the holiest place on Earth.

00:31:56--> 00:32:35

She's supposed to do that compulsory for to do that. How is it then that she cannot come to a Masjid? In fact, we asked can a woman perform a decaf? I don't want to start some, some new, something new. But without a doubt the wives of Nabisco salon performed it decaf in the masjid. We don't know the Hadith in Bukhari, Buhari. I should have the allowances that the prophets of Salaam used to spend the last 10 nights of Ramadan in a teacup until he passed away. Then his wife or wives also performed it decaf in the masjid. Right. We're not encouraging the sisters now to speak up in the masjid. But know that the Sharia allows you to do so allows you to do so if the masjid allows

00:32:35--> 00:33:23

for the facilities. No problem. We end up with probably the most controversial issue on the list. Very difficult topic asked a lot to grant me the freakin guidance in this that we understand it correctly. We get the proper message from beating wives. There's an ayah in the Quran. That is perhaps the most misused abused people. Muslims use it incorrectly. They use it to justify to do to justify operation and to justify oppressing another group pressing the wives they daughters, even the mothers and the non Muslims use this as an ammunition against the Muslims without understanding the ayah so Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran in Surah Nisa, verse 34 Min, original cola

00:33:23--> 00:33:31

moon the moon over of the women will talk this is all about understanding the words What does co one moon mean?

00:33:32--> 00:34:13

Amaya Kuma means to stand up he was sobre como de Sala is to establish the stand. So men are not the ones who make women to be established the supporters, the main other supporters, the maintainers. They're the ones who assist women. This is what the is saying. Your job oh man is for you to look after and maintain and protect you got you are the guardians of women. Why? Because Allah has favored some more than others. And because men spend out of their wealth, Allah has given you physical strength, that you can carry fix that you can work longer hours, that you don't have to be children that you have, you are given until today, whether we like it or not the reality Islam comes

00:34:13--> 00:34:28

to address reality. The reality is that men and this is most societies maintained to work and do are the breadwinners, always saying, you have been given the reason it's your job to maintain your family. Right, this is the first thing

00:34:29--> 00:34:59

in the turn as for women, so this is the job of the men as women, right, they are righteous women, they are devoted, they are you know, they they are divakaruni team devoted and they god what Allah has gotten, even though it's out of sight so they protect when their husbands are gone, protect themselves protect these property that women have they are devoted to their husbands. Then Allah subhanaw taala continues as for those women on whose part you fear new shoes, right, not new shoes, right?

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

New shoes, new shoes, right? Allah uses this word in the Quran new shoes and is another iron. Certainly, sir, as for the woman who fears her husband's new shoes, so what is the shoes mean? It is severe in conduct. And in this context, lewdness, a woman that is promiscuous, she's, she's flirting with other men she has, you know, boyfriends on the side. So Allah says, As for a woman who does this, what can you do as a husband, then Allah says, admonish him, speak to them, advise them, you know, use words against them. If that doesn't work, then leave them alone in debates, then sleep in another room, give them the cold shoulder, then if that still doesn't work, then Dora then get the

00:35:41--> 00:36:18

reboot. Dora, this is where the issue comes in. Bob will talk what this word means if you ask that a lot of means to hit, right, then hit them. Basically, if you're translating this ayah you know verbatim, you translating the ayah without the context, don't say heed them. But if they obey you, then seek nothing then you have nothing against them. But if you have good wives, then you have nothing against them. And be way behold, Allah is most high and great Allah ultimately remember, every one of you are beneath a law, a loss of how you treat the one that's under your custody. Ultimately, you're going back to Allah subhanaw taala reminds us all that you place with Allah so

00:36:18--> 00:36:56

that is used as the word is the problem in this ayah Alright, what does BB mean? We look at the Quran, how does Allah use the word daarop in the Quran, so in one ayah without a doubt, it means to be to strike and to punish and to hit and to cause injury. And if you could but see when the angel stick the souls of those who disbelieve they are striking the faces and their backs the angels are hitting the too far as they die will not protect us from this, the angels are striking the other bone that other angels are hitting them of course, this is taste the punishment of the burning fire the angel saying this. So without a doubt in this context, Baba means to punish, to hit with to

00:36:56--> 00:37:38

cause pain is a hadith when obeso Salah Buddha Sahaba says ba da ba ba de Allah monkey that a Buddha said the prophets of Salaam hit me on my chest not to say I would not listen. He didn't punch him. He tapped himself with that listen, same word means he patted me on the chest to get my attention in the Quran as well. Allah subhana wa tada speaks about on the ciroc on the day of the AMA, right when the Muslims the believers cross the ciroc with a light so on pm Are we going to be crossing a bridge over Jana mela protect this cool camera we do have that everyone will cross this bridge beneath that is Jana. The believers will have a light the monastics will also have a light or once they start

00:37:38--> 00:38:20

crossing it the light will go out they'll become in darkness on the day the hypocrites men and the hypocrite females will say to those who believe wait for us right to the underside not wait for us that we may acquire some of your like give us some of your life. The believers will say go back go back to the beginning of the setup and look for like they turn around and they will will be done means a wall will be booked between them and the believers so yeah, dark means too bold, to erect to separate basically between the believers Darby means to separate the believer from the hypocrites, okay, in another Ayah will do it but La Villa will miss Ghana, but Allah subhanho wa Taala covered

00:38:20--> 00:38:59

them with humiliation, speaking about the benissa eel when they when they were not when they were not grateful for all those rewards I was thought about that he covered them here means to cover in another Ayah dorabella methyl alladhina amanu darba means to present an example. So what does BB mean in this context, it can mean heat it can mean strike it can mean to separate, it can mean to pack, it can mean to build a wall or separation. And therefore if you look at the Tafseer some allama have said what this means here is to hit right so you first speak to her she doesn't listen. Right remember first What is she doing? She didn't burn the rice. She's committing open fascia,

00:38:59--> 00:39:38

lewdness, grounds for divorce, but you don't want to divorce speak to her. She doesn't listen. Avoid her bed, then now this is the one of you that you hit. The other view is when separate meaning divorce you have complete separation from her. Even if you take the opinion that it's hit. How should you hit? What can I do share? Can I hit with open ended first with some knuckles. What should I do share? Where do I hit? Right? Look at what the Hadith says Nabisco says in body. How does any of you think he heard some some people are eating their wives? How does any of you beat his wife as he beats? You know, he's camel, his horse and then he comes to her at night sleeps with her? What

00:39:38--> 00:39:59

kind of uncle is this? Have you and B so some see so many times do not beat the female servants of Allah. In fact, he said if you hit your slave with a hand, what's the penalty for that? You must set the slave free. This is your slave. What about your wife that brings your children into the dunya you hit her imagine this is the Think about the Sharia. Then avviso salam Ayesha says nabee Sol Sol

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

He never struck a woman. And he never struck a sleeve and never struck a child. And he never struck even an animal. The only time you hit someone was in jihad, this is the only time they'll be so seldom struck someone. So then they asked how should we eat? Right? So people asked our llama, personal bacilli, one of the 13. How should we think? So he said, when I if you take the is mean to hit, and it's not to cause any injury, it's not to cause any harm at all. It is basically to cause a little bit of a bit of seriousness, like they say, the grandparent when the grandparent hits the child, but it's so more severe for the child. Like even the children child didn't get hurt. But when

00:40:42--> 00:41:10

granny hits me, she never hits me. But it's some now I know, it's a big thing. And I get anyone to say, why did you do that? But now the child is in tears, because it's emotional. Right? So this is what he says. So he sees when you hit with a miswak, as far as you go, miswak is that little thing that you see the brother screen? It's sooner, that is how you should consequence any injury. And lastly, to give the example of Nabhi Sure, I know via YouTube or via YouTube, Raheem la salatu salam, let me uh, you

00:41:12--> 00:41:49

was going through a lot of trials and difficulty, a lot took away his wealth, his children, his health, everything he lost, he lost everything. He couldn't even move. And his wife was always supporting him always on the side. Eventually she lost the patience as you sit in Abuja you, you know, how can you still basically no, ask Allah to make it easy for you. You know, she lost sort of that moment of weakness, to not be a you became upset with her. And he says, Man, Allah, Allah has given me 5060 years of blessings. I don't even have patience with the 234 years of misfortune. If I had the strength, I would eat you, I swear by Allah, if my strength comes back, I'm going to last

00:41:49--> 00:42:27

you 100 times. Let me show you right he lost his temper. So when Allah healed now via YouTube, Allah says, Don't break your vow you made a promise you somebody to Kasam Allah here I'm going to teach you 100 lashes so fulfill your vow less your wife, how Allah and take in your hand, a bunch of grass, 100 blades of grass, and Stryker with it once with the blades of grass, right 100 blades of grass and tackle with that and do not break your oath. Indeed, we found a new patient and excellent service indeed he was one repeatedly turning back to Allah. So this is how Allah says you must be to work.

00:42:28--> 00:43:07

So if you if the brother says no, I follow the ayah to the tee, and I want to hit them with grass, with grass with a blade of grass that's the maximum you can do. Therefore we look at the the context of the ayah we look at the Quran we look at the Hadith we understand no way in Islam that permits anyone to get his wife to cause any injury to cause any harm to her that if it gets to the point where the temple supply and anger that's with Pollock comes in then you bring intermediaries from her family and your family to solve the problem out it's still it can't be sorted out in part that's awesome hunger says what happens when when divorce and don't forget the good times between the two

00:43:07--> 00:43:47

of you look at our love speaks about Divorce, Divorce in a good manner. And also remember there were times when you were happy with one another. There was good in harmony was good in you, in part on good ways. last paragraph is to understand and rather still think and to appreciate this beautiful Dino light is Dean is beautiful. When you look at in detail. Next week in sha Allah, we discuss why do women have to have a certain base coat and men have a different dress code? Why do women have half the shade of men in inheritance? This is a law in the Quran that the Docker image has been that the sun has double the shape of the sister, the daughter Why? Why is it that also in testimony?

00:43:47--> 00:44:22

Allah says either you have one male witness or two female witnesses Why does Allah differentiate between that inshallah we discuss that next week? In sha Allah, Allah to grant us to fique in sha Allah, whatever it is, I said of wrong mistake, please It's from me and from shape one. Any other questions you might have in this controversial issue? Please mail me email Li reply as soon as I can. reminder that we have our Cyril classes on Tuesdays of the Mughal Uppsala and of course we are coming up in two three weeks time. Khubani we have facilities here you can slow down as well and the sheeps are kept at the center. So anyone interested you could speak to Buddha Talib in sha Allah

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does Allah Hi, Salaam Alaikum