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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative perception of women in Islam and the use of religion in religion, as well as the importance of women’s rights and equal treatment. They also touch on the challenges of marriage and divorce, the use of words in relationships, and the need for men to hold the stance of the church. The segment ends with a promotion for the Sierra class and upcoming events.
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Sayidina Muhammad

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mehreen My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and seroma alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala was once again brought us to the house of Allah, we ask that Allah subhanaw taala this being the holiest time of the week or accepts that ibadah that we do accept our two hours, and it is Juma be a forgiveness for all the sins that we've done during the week. Allah subhanaw taala bless us in the week to come. I mean

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Alhamdulillah we've completed last week, the Battle of Mata and we take a break from the the minor jihad, and we go to the major jihad, discussing the issues of women in Islam. So we've Alhamdulillah finished the Battle of Mata. And as we know

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that August is celebrated here in South Africa, as women's month, in a month for women. And we know that Islam unfortunately, in the day and age that we live in one of the areas of attack, one of the ways in which Islam is being attacked. Today, attacking is not just the defense of Islam is not just through the sword, and through the Jihad of the jihad against the attacks on Islam, not only physical, there are many levels of the defense of Islam. And one of the areas in which Islam is being attacked more so than even in the physical sense is that Islam is being tarnished. It's, its honor, its dignity, it is being removed and costs aside. And one of the areas of this is pertaining

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to the Status of Women within Islam. throughout the world. It is a concern. It is a belief it is an accepted norm that Muslims and Islam. Islam is oppressive to women, that it promotes violence against women, it allows any permits men to abuse to beat women, but women within Islam are second class citizen, that the main above the women and this is how Allah and the Rasul Salaam, dictated This is the belief. And unfortunately, it is even the belief and understanding of many Muslims. Many Muslims in many Muslim countries believe that this is the position of women within Islam, that she has a degree less than that of a man. This is what is believed, and throughout history. Throughout

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history, we know that not only within the Muslim world, throughout history, women have always been a marginalized group. Women have always been a group that's been oppressed. And for that reason, Islam, Islam comes to fight oppression, and it comes to defeat oppression in all its forms. That is why we have

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the sutra pertaining to women, because Allah subhanho wa Taala, when he brings and establishes the rights of individuals, one of the rights of individuals, a group of people that have always been oppressed, both in the past and still today are that of women. And therefore it is, it is completely the contrary, for Islam to be tarnished as a religion, oppressive to women, that is completely the opposite of what it should be. Islam should be celebrated as a movement for change, a movement, which brings the dignity, the honor, and establishes the rights and the position of women to what it deserves the way Allah intended for men and women to be the creator of a semi works. So let's have a

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look. Let's go through history. And we see what is the position of women

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in other religions and other systems? And what is the true position with women in Islam? If a person a non Muslim comes to you, and say, I want to become a Muslim, I am a woman. What where would I stand in Islam? Where would I be? What would be my status? Let us look throughout history, how women were seen. And they continue to be perceived whether they know it or not, this is the case. So throughout history, as we said women have been a group that have been marginalized, and societies. Remember, societies. The laws established by societies and the religious established by societies were established by men. Men wrote the laws. Men even wrote the religious books, and they dictated

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what they wanted. We know that Islam is established not by any man, but it's established by a greater power, it is divinely established. And that is the way in which it should be. So when you look at how societies have developed from the east to the west, it is not a strange thing to see that women, by and large have always been excluded, and their rights have been taken. And they've been abused and beaten. Why? Because the main the people making the decisions are men and women are excluded from the decision making process in Islam. No man no woman makes the decisions. A law makes the decisions and what he makes the decisions is fair and just to mean to women to the environment,

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to the animals to the I mean, this is a divine way of life from Allah subhanaw taala this look at pre Islamic Arabia

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And this is one of the things that we need to look at. for us. We live in the 21st century. And many times we look at the laws that have now come to pass the laws and the societies that are now enacted. And we compare Islam to those laws. And sometimes you'd find a disconnect. But compare Islam to what it was before the religion came, compare Islam to the world 1500 years ago, and then you will see that this was a complete revolution, that nobody saw Salam came with a revolutionary message, that he challenged the status quo of what things were done at a time. What was if you were a woman living 1500 years ago in Makkah in Arabia, if you were living in the time before Islam, what

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was it like being a woman in that society? We get an idea from looking at is in the Quran, where Allah removed certain practices, Allah subhanaw taala had to reveal an ayah to the people of Arabia saying, Yeah, you're letting me know like hella commentary from Nisa Quran that oh believers it is haram for you, to inherent to inherit to women by force by compulsion, which means that there was a time in the Arabian Jamelia when a man died. As they divided his properties up, they divided his wives up. You have three brothers, you have three wives, each one gets a wife. This is how it was done in Jamelia, Panama, a society where women were a commodity, not only to be bought and sold, but

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you actually got inherited and traded and swapped around. This was how things weren't. Yeah, here. This was the No, this wasn't something strange. It wasn't the bad ones that did it. Everyone did it. If anyone did it, this shows you how society of the time viewed women they viewed women as a commodity to be used to be discarded as as they pleased. And as a commodity, commodities don't have rights. How I use my disk is my decision whether I throw it away, whether I break it, it's up to me, it belongs to me, it's my position. This is exactly how women will use in the time of Jamelia ally to delete an IRA saying that this is not how it should be. For the soul, the daughters

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intermarriage, we didn't want to ask, would you want to get married, they were told, today you are married. This is your husband. The money. It was this concept of murder didn't go to the women, it went to the Father of the Bride. Today even certain cultures, the lobola or the the dowry is given to the Father and not to the bride. In Islam. It's the opposite it goes to the bride it's a gift to the bride. On her terms and conditions. She said she sets the terms doesn't only have to be money, but men sold their daughters they exchange two people would say I give you my due to you give me I give you my daughter you give me your daughter, we all benefit in this transaction. We don't worry

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what they say we'll just tell them tomorrow that they need to pack the things. This is how the Arabian society was structured. This is how many of the female Sahaba they grew up with this concept even worse than that. And that is why Allah sent me so solemn, to a people of Jamelia, that the worst of the worst at that time with the Arabs,

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the Sahaba and sometimes this is another side note here. We look at our lives today and we look at the Sahaba and Pinilla How can we achieve we look at the Battle of matar, how can we get to that level of a man they didn't begin rate, they began at the point much lower than we are today. They will 10 times worse than we can even imagine. In fact, you won't find I say this many times you won't find a criminal in the worst of jails that did the things that the Sahaba used to do before Islam, Allah Subhana Allah says about them. When news is brought to one of them of the birth of a female child, his face becomes dark and black and he becomes angry and is filled with inward grief.

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with shame does he hide himself from his people? doesn't go outside anymore because of the bad news he has, he has received and he considers now he thinks to himself, shall he retain her? Surely keeper and in contempt? Or will he bury her in the dust?

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What an evil decision they made. This was the class when a person we know this. Well it alluded to elect when the person who was the female baby child who was buried alive, allow us to be a human being cootie let Why did your parents KILL YOU ON CAMERA they lost the female have lost the female child. Why did your parents kill you? Why did you father bury you alive? This was the status quo of Arabia, that when a girl was born, this was such a huge calamity and huge masiva that if you were a real man, you are real men. You take your newborn baby daughter and you would bury her alive in the sand. No society in the world is corrupt was backwards. Would you find people doing this? This is

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the kind of society a lot came to the form. And Allah said we can pay and I want you towards the end of the hotbar will mention some rights that Islam afford women

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Islam, look at where they started, that they were bought and sold and inherited and even buried alive. Let us compare to what Islam when the time the visa some lifters dunya, what was given to them by Allah. But let's move on from the Arab jamahiriya. We can say what were they were the worst. What about the rest of mankind? What does the Bible say? What does Christianity and Judaism say about women? What is the position of a woman? If you're a Jew, we're Christian, and your truth, your scripture.

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In the Old Testament, in Exodus 21, seven, the Bible says, If a man sells his daughter, as a servant, she is not to go free as a male servant does, she must accept the decision, she sold her law, so any man has the right to sell his daughter, like any property, she belongs to him, right? So it's his property, and he can sell her. It shows you once again the concept throughout society throughout history was that women were basically a commodity. Women were like your animal, you basically got to use and do as you please, this continues, if a man in Deuteronomy, if a man happens to meet so many times Muslims are blamed, Islam is blamed, that women are raped and then she's still

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stoned to death is very, very, you know, this is completely backward thinking. And this, if this does happen, has nothing to do with Islam. Absolutely nothing to do with Islam is gentle, Jamelia. But look at what the Bible says, If a man happens to meet a virgin, who is not pleased to be married, right? So she's not yet engaged. And he rapes her. When they are and they are discovered, he shall pay her father 50 silver pieces, and he must marry the woman, for he has violated her, and he can never divorce her as long as he loves why this is a property, he broke the property he abused the property. So now he must pay for the property. No one asked what about the woman? What about her

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rights, we're not going to punish the man. No, if he rapes her, as long as he pays the Father, what is due to the Father, that's his property. Now, you broke, you went to the shop, you broke the item, no problem, you pay for it. And you take it that used to do as you please, this is in the Bible. This is not not words that we have fabricated the references there, you'd find it in the Bible today. And every Bible you open it, you find the reference date, this is the law, this was the law in the time of the yahood. Another example of how a woman was seen as being unpure and clean. And we'll talk about hate if time permits this week or next week in sha Allah. With Leviticus, it says

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anything during a period, anything she lives on during a period will be unclean. And if anything she sits on will be unclean. Anyone who touches her bed will be unclean, and they must wash the clothes and bath with water. And so there'll be unclean until evening. Just coming in contact with a woman that has a hide makes you automatically and cleanly to soothe yourself and stall for whole 24 hours, you'll still be unclean, and anything she comes into contact. Therefore, in the olden days, the good old days, women will put in at the height, they were put in a certain room and locked up because you know, she's going to contaminate the whole house. This was the concept of a woman in other

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religions, we might say, but that's the Old Testament, right? We have a new testament things are a lot better in the New Testament. What does the New Testament say?

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It says in Timothy, this is Paul speaking, a woman should learn in quietness and full submission. She shouldn't have a point of view, it shouldn't even speak, I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man she must be quiet. For Adam was formed first and then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived. It was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. This is the concept and we'll speak about this later on in the adventure Allah in Judaism and Christianity, that there is a spiritual deficiency within women, that she's evil Why? Now Christianity is based on this concept of original sin. That because Adam, because Eve ate from the apple and Adam ate from the the tea,

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mankind all of us are sinners and we all go into *, no tobacco is too far no amount of hygiene make will solve that problem. The only way to solve that problem is someone must pay the price. So God sent His Son to die. And if you accept the answer, this is Christianity.

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So everything is because of Eve's mistake. She caused all of us to go to *. That is the view. This is standard doctrine of Christians, not some group. It's not Catholic view or Protestant Christianity, in totality, all of them. This is the view whether they know it or not, but this is the biblical view. We speak about wearing the hijab. A woman should wear hijab, right? Look what the Bible says in Corinthians, four. If a woman does not cover her head, she might as well have her hair cut off. But if it's a disgrace woman to have a cut off or head shaved, then she should cover hit either with either you cover your head or we cut your hair off.

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Man does not have to cover his head, since he is the image and the glory of God. But women, they are the glory of men for men did not come from from a woman, but a woman from men. Neither was man created for women, but women were created for men. This is the view of the Bible. Again, Corinthians you can see the reference. So this is the view of where women sit in other religions and other societies. And if we look at Eastern societies, China, Buddhists, Hindus, you'd find that these societies still today are the own India and China. Another few exceptions where you find the male population more than the female population, why China you can only choose you can only have one

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child and usually they choose the male, they both win the year it's a female baby because they went sons in India still unfortunately, women senior subservient against this cultural, and therefore it's one of the few places in the world where female infanticide, still practice, practice when people actually kill their daughters. It's still a practice being done in the society. So we can see that this is a norm throughout the world wasn't just the Jamelia Arabs wasn't just the Jews, the Christians, but throughout the world, women have always been abused and marginalized to some degree or another. Now let's see Islam. What does Islam say? Where does Islam sit on the scale of with

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regards to women? First and foremost? Where does she stand with Allah subhanho wa Taala. From the Jewish Christian perspective, she is the bringer of sin. She is the one that caused sin and therefore she is deficient spiritually. Allah subhanho wa Taala and you'll find this being mentioned in so nebulous Allah mentioned this in his sermons you'd find in the past so many times Yeah, you and Nancy Taku Mallory Holloman FC y de wahala, caminhada, Obafemi, marijan and kathira when he says what law? So in Surah Nisa, the first verse, the surah, the chapter which is dedicated to women, Allah begins and Allah says, Oh, you will believe Oh mankind, Fear Allah. Why? Fear Allah when you

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treat people, how you treat people, and in particular women, and in particular after that orphans, because you have the upper hand here in the dunya, you the tough guy, remember you're going back to Allah subhanho wa Taala, one day and then you will be at Allah's mercy. So now the orphans and the women, they are at your mercy in the dunya. But the day will come when you Allah, mercy. So Allah says, begins all mankind, fear your fear Allah. And Allah establishes the humanity of men and women who created all of you from one single route from one soul for one neffs not one body, one, one soul, and created from that soul, its partner, and they disperse from both of them. All of you come

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from both of them, many men and women, so fear Allah, both of you fear Allah, Allah establishes both of you are equally human. Both of you are equal in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Allah goes to an extent and this is our season is about women and not about me, Allahu Akbar, Allah says is about women and not about when insert to room. Allah is answering that question that people are asking, How do I know Allah exists? What signs are they bring me showing me that there is a God? So Allah says, look at the mountains, look at the sun, the moon, look at the different colors. Is anyone done? So Allah when Allah asserts he's, he's his law, his His power, His divinity, when Allah shows his existence, he points out to some great creation. Look at the sun. Did you make that sun? No. So what do you think made it so all appointed at some great creation that he's done, that Allah

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says, and among the signs is that he created partners for you from yourselves, he created for you that those women that you're that love that you feel with your wife, that happiness that she brings, this is of the great signs that Allah exists, Allah shows of the evidences of his existence, is that he gave you partners. And Allah describes women as a great blessing, a great blessing, a gift that Allah has given Without this, Allah Subhana says that if you don't believe in this is like a type of kufr disbelief. Allah says, Allah has made for you, from you, yourselves, partners, and has made for you from your partner's sons, children and grandchildren, and has provided you from the good things

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are described as a great blessing the best of things, then in false, what do they do they believe, and in the favor of Allah, they believe that these are the great favors that Allah have given to mankind. So this is the language Allah uses when he describes men and women, as we said, with regards to the relationship of women, to men in Judeo Christianity,

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Eve has always been you look at Christian doctrine. Today, obviously it's unpopular. So things are changed the language changes to suit the times, this is the case but if you

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Look at the way things work for the majority of Christianity and Judaism, and what the Bible still says. It is very clear that women are blamed. Eve is blamed for the fall of mankind, that the reason why we on the dounia the reason why we are here, and why Jesus had to come and he had to be crucified and died was because he couldn't be herself, basically. And women, all of all women after that will paint with the same brush. All of you are basically little Eve's all of you, or will deceive, if you really follow them. They'll deceive you. If you spend too much time with them, they'll corrupt you, you'll fall into evil. That's why if you want to get back to God better for you

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to be among, don't get married to women, don't interact with him, this is better for you. This is the view of Christianity. This is the view of Judeo Christianity, that she is the doorway to evil and she's to be blamed. What does Allah say? How does Allah subhanaw taala? Before we talk about the Sharia and men, how we should view women, how does Allah view them? Allah subhanaw taala. And when we talk about the fall when we talk about who is to be blamed for us being on the dunya What does Islam bleep? Where does Islam put the blame on Allah subhanho wa Taala, the vast majority of the ayat II, Allah uses the dual form for akella. The two of them both Adam and her work, both of them

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it and the parts of private parts became apparent to them. And they began to fasten on themselves from the leaves of Jana. But interestingly, in this area, this is very strange and very interesting.

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Because if we are going to blame somebody, and there's no reason to blame anyone here, but if we are going to blame one of the two, so Allah says the two of them, the two of them committed sin, and the two of them came to the dunya, and the two of them are forgiven. But if we are going to say but who ate first, then the evidence actually points to Adam, for Allah says what I saw the memorial, Adam,

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and Adam disobeyed his load and he made a mistake.

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But if blame is going to be put on somebody else's, and Adam disobeyed, we don't know it first. But in this ayah it says if though, Allah hints and references Adam and Eve, not However, it's amazing thing, it's something for us as Muslims, you might take it for granted, but it's a huge thing. If you tell a Jew or a Christian. In fact, I digress. Here is interesting Hadith. On the day of piano, it's mentioned on the day of piano, that'd be Moosa will look for maybe Adam, he will look for the item. And he will say, That's Adam, you It's because of you we are in this mess. We are young kiama in difficulty because of you. When you behave yourself. You don't have gender you could have eat

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from that one thing and stay away from you couldn't be any of yourself and all of us are here. These gentlemen, what's wrong with you basically Nabi Musa, this character, maybe I don't wanna say Don't blame me for something which Allah had decreed already, we will always going to come to the dunya with our eight or not Allah forgive me, but ultimately whether or not Allah says in the Jain, fill out the halifa, I'm going to put on Earth, my reprise before Allah created in Sun. So this day was going to come with that or not, but maybe Moosa goes to Adam, not to our point of the thing here. This is where Islam differs from other religions, in terms of spirituality, alone makes it clear

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Kowloon fcmb Makeba Raveena, every soul every knifes, he will be held accountable for what he or she has earned. They will be no favors on kiama there'll be no injustice no one will be treated with fever and nobody will be treated unfairly. Allah will not look at the color of your skin, or what possible to have or your * or your age or how much money you have in the bank. Every enough's everyone will come with their own deeds to Allah subhanaw taala. Allah says, never will allow to be lost the work of any worker among you, whether it is male or female, none of you your deeds will be lost based on whether you're male or female, and you are of one another, whatever does righteousness

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whether male or female illustrations record in olsa whether you're male or female, why he or she is a believer, we will surely cause him to have a good life in the dunya and we will surely give them a reward in the after according to the best of what they used to do. So it is very clear that in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Accra mahkum in the law he at koco. At the base in the sight of Allah is not the most masculine, or the fairest from amongst you are the richest. Apart from the one with most taqwa. You don't have to be a male or female to have Taqwa. You don't have to be young or old or rich or poor. It's whatever is in your heart. That's what Allah will look at. The heart

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doesn't have a six so it's male or female. That's what Allah will look at on piano.

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So what is the real in our relationship with Allah? Is that everyone is equal and based on deeds, what is the relationship we should have between men and women? If in the sight of Allah women are equal, should we not go

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be equal in the sight of men. So Allah reminds us time and time again. All men, treat women with the same kindness in the same respect as Allah treats them. Allah says and do not make difficult for them in order to take away so don't in the times of talaq when this when when is it that men priests abused the women when their marriage is not so good. When things are close to talaq, he wants to leave her. Now she's at his mercy, she's most vulnerable, he doesn't love her anymore. So Allah says, at that time, don't make things difficult for them in order to take back any part that you have given unless they commit a clear immorality and live with them in kindness. Allah says even at

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the point of talak love with him in kindness. So what about the times when things are hunky dory and love is, you know Gouda cheese, pleasing you in Karnataka, you need to treat a kindly Then what about before that Allah says, and when you divorce women, and they have fulfilled nearly fourfold data that it does almost up, then either keep them as your wife according to acceptable equitable terms keeper in a good manner, or release them in, in kindness, and don't harm them.

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Even in divorce, you do it kindly, nicely. So Allah advises in San, compare this to, oh, you have a lot in common who don't inherit to women without the permission. Allah says in divorce, treat them kindly What about before weed was where they bought and sold and gave them away as the one Allah says, and among His Signs that he created partners for you amongst yourself, that you may find tranquility and peace in them. And he ordained Allah pachala. And he put between you love and mercy. This is how you should interact with one another. Men and women both goes both ways. But this is the concept of marriage. And Allah says the most the measles is the base of believers is the one with

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the base character. And the most, the best of them are those who are best to the wives. It's easy to be good to your friends, your colleagues, your business partners. But when you're at home, how does he treat his wife when no one sees that is the real challenge. This is what allowed me some say is the base of believers. This is a beautiful statement from him. I've been humbled him I've been humbled the heat of the humbling method. He gives advice to his son on the day his son gets married, and it gives him 10 points, one of the points very interesting, it tells his son, you know,

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they will come a time in the month we you know, your wife isn't going to be that same sweet loving girl that is right, he's going to see things that time of the month that you're not so happy, maybe Moody, whatever it might be, and you might become upset with her and frustrated with her and you want to enforce but I'm the man I've my rights XYZ. Remember at that time of the month, Allah gives up his rights of salah and fasting. So What rights do you have as a husband to enforce on her that time? If Allah gives up his rights of salah and forced your rights to the husband is secondary, and therefore you must have patience at that time. So this is the concept of Islam than a beast isn't

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that Allah This is what Islam preaches and teaches. If we look at some may say, but this is legal, this is religion.

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What about the law, we live in a secular society, we live way laws, throw away all these misconceptions of the Bible and the Old Testament, all those things we've come, we're enlightened, we live in a new age. Let's look at how it was in other societies in terms of the law. If you came to the court and you were a woman, not even 1000 years ago, let's say 200 years ago, look at the status. In the in the Encyclopedia Britannica it says,

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In Roman law, a woman was even in historical times, meaning now and historically, she was completely dependent. If married, she became the her property and she passed to the husband to control the property is now in the name of the husband. She was also his property, the wife was the purchase property of her husband and like a slave acquired for his benefits. A woman could not exercise any civil or public office could not be she could not be a witness at all. assurity a tooth curator she could not adopt or be adopted, or she could not even make her own world or construction have a right to sign any contract. This is in Roman law. And this was the case until if you look at Britain, the

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Western society only in 1887. In 1887 women who got married allowed to keep the property as they own. This is not three for one, this is like 150 years ago, only 150 years ago, Britain put a law which said the woman gets married a property is her property and not that of her husband and she can use a property and she wants she can sell her her land. She can buy something before that 150 years ago. She basically became the property of her husband. We talked about Islam 1500 years ago, too.

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society that buried the daughters alive. Now you compare the rights of a woman in Islam, like we talked about, you know, revolutionary. This is like the Adams was so thought out to be now what what is this? You're giving women rights like us and then not only that no businesses, even the animals have rights, even the environment has rights. This is your religion.

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The resources, indeed you have rights upon your women, and they have rights upon you. equal terms. All mother have agreed is no, no dispute in all sects of Islam, that the property of the woman is hers exclusively, whatever she brings into the marriage remains, in fact, that dowry that Mahara of hers is hers to determine what the price should be. And she keeps it even if the husband is dirt poor, and she's a billionaire. He has no right of taking her position, her wealth. But the other way is through a woman comes to me services and my husband doesn't provide for me Can I take from his money without permission? Now he says yes, but equitable. equitable, what is reasonable, but you can

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do it if you really if your needs are not being met. Otherwise you cannot do cannot take from her. This is Islam.

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She even has the right to vote politically.

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Getting a right to vote. If we know from South Africa only 20 years now some people only had the right to vote in elections because of the color of your skin. To choose the leader to choose who's in charge. Women have the right to vote politically and make decisions politically. Allah says in the Quran, old prophet when the believing women come to you to give the Pledge of Allegiance. When they come to give another Pledge of Allegiance basically comes to vote the beta today we don't understand by correctly by I was a political and spiritual pledge. So Allah says if they come to you, a prophet of Allah, to give you the pledge of the women, except the pledge, if they vote for

00:31:52 --> 00:32:31

you, basically, and they support you, they say we want to follow you, except that pledge, they have the right to vote. They have the right to inheritance before they were being inherited. Now Allah says not only can you not inherit them, but when you die, they will also get the shape of the inheritance. Allah says, literally Jelena sleep for for men is a share of what the parents and close relatives leaves and for women isn't asleep, Allah puts it Stacy's Wali Missa. And for women as well, there is a shame for them. We know that the right to education even today, you want to replace a society or group of people, you give them the worst schools or you shun them from going to school,

00:32:31 --> 00:33:15

they will remain in that state and they will never progress. One of the tools of oppression is to deny a group of people education, and therefore, maybe some had to specifically say that for every Muslim, male and female, it is your obligation to seek knowledge that even says that he has a slave go a slave. We know their rights or they don't have rights. This is society at the time and a woman's both, you know two times you know she's two times curse, right? She's a slave girl. Weaver has a slave girl, an educator, he teaches any developer and he sets her free. And then he marries her. And she chooses to accept that marriage for him is a double reward. This is the ideology of

00:33:15 --> 00:33:52

Islam. A woman contrary to what many people believe and think about Islam, and we know this hamdulillah Mashallah. The rest of society know that a woman has complete right to choose her husband, no one forces anyone to get married. Nobody sees a woman who was previously married before she gets married, you need to ask for consent, as well as the woman who was not married before the virgin was not married. You need to ask a consent before you they are allowed to they are married, need to ask the permission. Even if you wanted to get married even if you find someone and she says no. You cannot force anyone to get married. Beautiful Heidi The woman comes in Ibiza Salam

00:33:53 --> 00:34:34

rasulillah salam, my father forced me into marriage. So that means this is this marriage is null and void. We cancel this marriage. So she says no, I'm very happy with a man you actually love him. I'm very happy with him. I just wanted to know if this was permissible and no and influential people. No, you cannot do this. Anybody smugly you cannot force anyone into marriage. Before we go back to right at the beginning when a man sells his daughter, she must remain in that position. So this is Islam. This is what Islam gives the she has equal rights to a man in the sight of Allah in the Sharia. You will not find a law that says if the woman drinks wine, she gets X amount of lashes and

00:34:34 --> 00:34:59

if a man drinks wine he gets a different number no equal punishment. If a man commits Zina a woman commits Zina equal punishment that shows you the Sharia does not look at the * of a person. When it comes to punishment when it comes to rewarding we don't Allah subhanaw taala do not does not look at that. And therefore we can see that this is a religion, not religion by men and laws not defined by men. But these were laws by Allah subhana wa tada

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

Of course, and this is from the Overview The general view of Islam. Next week in sha Allah, we go into the more detailed controversial issues, they are aspects of the Sharia that needs discussion.

00:35:12 --> 00:35:18

Why can women? Can women be leaders and woman be the Amina and halifa? If not, then why not?

00:35:19 --> 00:35:56

isn't allowed to be two wives people are different, certain Ayat of the Quran is permissible. Why do women have to dress in a certain way and not men? Why do women while they can inherit Why does a woman have off the shear of a man we know this in the Quran? Allah says academically insane, that a man gets double the share of a daughter a son gets double the share of a daughter. Is that not unfair? Why does the Sharia say that? Why does the man have the right to make the luck and the woman does not? polygamy? Why does the man have four wives and a woman corner for husbands? Why did an episode marry Ayesha at such a young age? How do we answer those questions? Why is the testimony of

00:35:56 --> 00:36:34

a woman half that of a man? Why should a woman be circumcised? And why are women not allowed in the masjid? Many of these answers many of you know what it is. But these are certain questions and as I said, we talk about the Battle of mortar Jihad defending Islam with the sword. Today, the battle is not just on the battlefield, but it's a it's a battle of ideas and ideologies. It's a battle of of giving out the true message. Each and every one of us are dark corners to Islam. And one of the greatest ways we defend Islam is knowing the truth. When you give these evidence and say you think Islam is oppressive to women, read this please. And then you see in sha Allah, the hearts opened up.

00:36:34 --> 00:36:48

So inshallah we continue next week. May Allah grant is still fake. I mean, any other questions, any comments that you might have, you can mail me. We also handle our back on track with the Sierra class on Tuesday evenings of the mother Uppsala for six or so. And just a reminder that Aadhaar

00:36:49 --> 00:37:03

is around the corner. And anyone would like to corbon it's 1600 adeno sheep you can take a take down the details speak to the Taliban Sharla and can be part of the recruitment process. So please, you know, make make make contact with us.

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