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Are the reliable shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was a big marine. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Most Merciful, the most kinda shade of Allah, Allah in the law. We have a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa tada We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in this walk of Juma to forgive us for the sins that we have committed this past week. And to let this Juma be a light and a guidance for the week to come. We send our greetings and salutations to Mr cinebeam Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless him and have mercy upon him and his family and the companions that followed him and all those who follow his student until the end of time. Allah grant us to be on his sooner.

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I mean Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah we began two weeks ago, a series on the camera. Unfortunately I wasn't here last week there was a janazah and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless the brother and all those who have passed away. May I would ask this Juma via means that is the copper metal or make the cobalt of all the believers a place of happiness of joy. May the graves be a garden of the gardens of Jana, May Allah forgive an experience all these things and the mistakes a lot he would them with the best of rewards, I mean, so Alhamdulillah we began two weeks ago, a discussion on the camera and the back background link to the story of Nabhi Brahim, la Salatu was Salam and his family. And as we said,

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this is Amara season in sha Allah, I hope that most of many of us you will get the opportunity to go if you have a choice to go on that overseas holiday to Europe or to Malaysia or wherever it might be. rather go for oma, it's better for you. We spoke about the rituals and the how, and the symbolic nature of O'Meara. Today I'm going to speak in Charlotte about the rewards. Yes, our job and our duties to worship Allah and we worship Allah because he commanded us to worship Him. And we performed Allah because Allah commanded us to do so we foster the Ramadan because Allah says quotevalet camassia, that he has made fasting compulsory on you. And overall we do so and how do we

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do so because it is a commandment from Allah. But even if we fulfill the command, Allah into the woods for that, and Allah is going to give you something even better, this is the way Allah does things. He doesn't only come on you and says do it because I said so. Allah says, I command you. And if you fulfill that command, then I will reward you handsomely for that. So what is it? infomedia Allah if I spent 20 30,000 Rand 40,000 Rand on a smart omura package, I've given up my money, I could have gone anywhere in the world, but I've decided to come to Makkah, what do I get out of it? So inshallah today we'll talk about the virtues and the rewards of the Amara. In a nutshell, if

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you've never been phenomena, very simply omura involves going to Makkah, if you go anywhere else in the world, you're not performing Amara and you will throw off around the Kaaba seven times and you will walk between Safa and Marwa seven times while in the state of Iran, and we'll talk about the how inshallah in weeks to come. So we spoke about the background to the Ramadan. Today we are going to speak about the why the Why is very important. And even if we see your Nia is to perform Allah and you don't get the Allah gives you the word for it already. The Nia already must be correct. The other side of it, you could perform the most perfect beautiful omura externally, but if the Y is

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incorrect, and the reward is not going to be as it should be. Right so the y and the Nia needs to be correct before we perform Nomura.

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We see the symbolic nature of the tawaf, what is the toe of symbolize if someone asks you why are you going all these 1000s of kilometres to walk around a small structure, a little house? Why are you doing it? We see the symbolism of this of the dolphin there many symbolisms one of it is of course, is the worship of Allah, Allah is the center of my universe, that every day five times a day I face that center, every moment of my life revolves around Allah subhana wa Tada. My relationship with Allah is the foundation of my life, that when I this is a physical, a physical manifestation of it, but it should be actualized in our life, what do I mean? So we can bow before Allah 17 times a

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day, and sujood is the ultimate form of submission. If you bow before someone that's the highest form of submission, but you could bow to Allah and submit your body to him. But outside this complete disobedience, similarly, tawaf your physical showing Allah, you're my center, everything I do revolves around you, but then you should take it into your life. When I decide what job to take, what friends to keep, what business to do, what spouse to choose. Everything I decide, must link back to my central relationship with Allah. You must ask does this job make my relationship better with Allah or worse if it's for if it increases my relationship with Allah is good for me? Is this

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person going to make me a question?

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Sir, my closer relationship with Allah stronger, or will this person Take me away from Allah. That's the decision you make. because number one is my worship and my relationship with Allah, we see the symbolism of the of the side running up and down. It's like that mother, who is running fleeing for the life of a child and for her life. But if I make a mistake, I'm going to die forever. This is when you run up and down. You should as Darla mentioned, in the back of your mind, it should be I'm running between Jana and Jana. But if this is my last action on Earth, my last few moments on Earth, how would you what state would you be in while you're running up and down like that mother, who has

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life and death be between her, this is how you run between and you do the site, this must be in the back of your mind. And of course, that her arm, what greater symbolism than to weigh the clothings of your cover, to weigh the clothing of the thing you're going to be buried in, I'm going to be buried in this close. It makes you realize that you came into this dunya with nothing, and you're going to leave exactly the same. Every single person no matter what you achieve in the dunya you're going to lie right next to the man that has you know Swanley you end up the same. So you realize what's the purpose of this dunya it's all temporary. It's all just for show. It's all just going to

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be taken away from you. Your or is your status, your qualifications, your wealth, your beauty, everything is unknown from Allah, it's just given to you for a moment and it will be taken and given to somebody else. And the firearm even goes beyond that where you can't even pull the heat out of your own your own IE you can't cut your own nails. You can't be perfume. I was even showing this body doesn't belong to you. It haraam comes from her arm, you're in a state of prohibition, that which is held outside of the firearm is haram for you. Now, when you're in this state, when you're in that state, you can't even you know, as I said remove a heat from your body because it doesn't

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belong to you. You realize everything belongs to Allah even this buddy of mine, how can if I can't even remove a he? What what pride should I have in my head? How can I have any pride and when you stand with the rest of the Muslims, those who are already around, you realize we are all on the same journey. And we will stand like this before Allah subhanho wa Taala will be restricted as as Allah says in the Quran, you will come back to him as you were the beginning. Naked uncircumcised nothing on Nope, no shoes nothing. That's how we'll stand before Allah on the day of karma. Allah protect us. And that's what's in our mind when we perform this OMara.

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So what are the rewards for doing this journey? What do you get out of it? The rewards of the overall meaning. And to some of them as we mentioned, inshallah, the profit source is in. As reported in Bukhari Muslim, the prophet SAW Selim says, One omura is an explanation for the sins committed between it and another omura between two cameras. If you perform the oma in 2005, and you perform another one now in 2017, the 12 years that have been between them, Allah will wipe away all those sins between

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all those sins will be wiped out between one ombre to the next. And this is not only an oma, the Hadith mentions from one solder to the next and from one jumar to the next, that Allah has both in the Sharia, you didn't ask for forgiveness. Even if you perform the Amara, when you come to the masjid tomorrow to the next, you might not even say Oh ALLAH forgive me, but Allah washes you of your sins. So Subhan Allah, all of us, we might think to ourselves, I haven't performed over and maybe a few years, those sins of mine have accumulated, I need a, like a rebate, I need a I need a lot to remove these things I need a lot of Forgive me. So I'm going to go for a minute to get my

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accounts back into order with Allah subhanaw taala. Some scholars mentioned that all your sins will be forgiven. Others say that only the minus ones. The minus ones are the ones that we do regularly frequently looking at this listening to that, but of course it is a major sin. major, major sin of those mentioned in the Quran, when you need a special kind of da and Toba for that, but again, you go on O'Meara that's the best place to make the October to ask Allah forgive me for all the sins I've done, knowingly, unknowingly, intentionally, unintentionally. The things that are major, major and minor, forgive all of them. That's the place to do it. So all of us we need our sins to be

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forgiven. And Subhana love love, you know, accepts that O'Meara from you. You can return back clean slate clean with Allah subhanaw taala. Now you ask yourself, Is it worth 20,004 that you keep asking yourself, is it worth it?

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The prophets of Salaam says that's not just a there's more What else? Allah the prophets of certainty to me the follow up the Hajj and Umrah meaning do repetitive as many Hajj and numerous as you can, because they had an overall certainly remove poverty and sin as fire removes impurity from iron and gold and silver. So another thing to increase your music. If you want to react to increase it is an increasing number. This is one of the means of your music to be increased is to go and Hajin O'Meara and swannanoa you find I've seen this, you find brothers

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sisters who have saved 3040 years to go on the first omura offloads that first one. It seems every year they start going again. It took you 30 years to go for that one. But you go in the brothers are nodding meaning we've seen it in the community. You asked how old this is Alhamdulillah The answer is sister of hamdulillah. We don't know how that the manager seems to be there for one or more after the next. So tomorrow after tomorrow, it will increase your music it will put the music increase your sustenance, my sustenance belongs to Allah. No matter how hard we work and we have to work hard. Ultimately Allah can cap your sustenance, this is Allah expanding that sustenance for you by

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going on omala

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even more, the professor says follow up in this hadith is in basically follow up between the Hajj and Umrah because certainly successive numerals and hedges they increase, they remove poverty and sin and they even increase your lifespan so Mohan Allah, something is very unique IDs, we would thought and yes, Allah mentions Your life is put out when you're born. But a lot could even increase that lifespan of us. You might have your death might be put at a certain date, but a lot increases that and one of the things that would increase specifically increases life is by going on Hajj and Umrah.

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The prophet SAW Selim says the performance of hygiene O'Meara are the guests of Allah, if they call him he answers them and if they seek His forgiveness, he forgives him even imagine, now remember,

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you Allah does not, of course live in the Kaaba, but it's way too law. It is the house of Allah and is the sanctuary of Allah. Now whenever any of us in invites a guest, especially this is an international guests, a guest that you haven't seen in many, many years, you might have a relative that lived overseas, and after 10 years, they come? How do we treat that guests you know, everything is for that guest and if they ask of us, we give whatever they ask, you know, I'm feeling for this to eat, I want to go there. We give we give we don't mind. Now imagine Allah is your host. Imagine Allah is the host and you are the guests. I will Sharia is very, very strict on how to treat guests,

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we need to treat guests very generously. You have to treat the village generously, it's a hack on the guests and the traveler. Now imagine a large the host and you are the guest. And if Allah subhanaw taala has asked us to live come all the way you invited me I've come to your sanctuary. And now I raise my hands to you, as the Hadith says, generally when you make dua, Allah is shy is hard. It says this, Allah is shy to let someone raise his hands to Allah. And he lets go empty. That's normally Imagine you are in Makkah as his guest, you called me Allah. And you gave the call. I say love Baker lahoma. Baker bake means I'm answering your call. I'm coming. I'm coming here, Allah

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Yuko, I'm coming. That's what law Baker law means. That's why you always say that you say that a bake until you get to the bottom when you get to the car, but you don't say law bake anymore. It's like saying, Well, I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm here. I'm here. I'm answering your call. You called me and I'm answering you invited me now I'm coming. So once you are the and now you make the dewasa behind Allah, whatever you ask, Allah is not going to say no to you, Allah will only accept you and give you what you asked will give you something better. Or withhold that thing that you ask because it's not for you Good for you, and give you something in the era something else or

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level withhold that thing and remove a calamity, which is a new technique. So this O'Meara actually changes the destiny. When you go it increases your risk and your lifespan forgives your sins in the past, and Allah will answer your doors. So whatever you ask, as the guests have allowed him in, but also all the billions and billions of people on this earth, if you go on omura it's not how God gave you that thing with a visa, the Saudi embassy or law it is a personal invitation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah, there's a list with Allah. And it's amazing that this rule, this policy, of having limited people coming for Amara will never change. Even the angels in the summer in their harem

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baiting Mahmoud, Allah mentions in the Quran, they've got a harem, and then a B so sees the angels and their lifespan is very long. I mean, they live millions of millions of years, they all die, but they've got an extremely long lifespan, the angels, even the even jabril is only allowed to visit baitul Mahmud one day in the life of all the billions of years that they live, they only allowed one invitation for one day, a lot of them how long that day is, but they allowed one day 70,000 The doors are open 70,000 into that day, and that 70,000 may never ever come back. This is what the angels in the dunya as well. There's always a limit. Yes. So don't be upset without part of the

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hardship. And part of the exclusivity is that only a few people out of the billions get invited. And if you have been invited, remember you are the guest of Allah, this was a personal invitation to you to come. And therefore when you are the remember you are the guest of Allah subhanho wa Taala make dua all you know

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make as much as you want. Same time. Also, if you in someone's house as a guest, this was a certain kind of behavior that you need to have, right? You don't just exceed you overstay your welcome and cross the parameters. That's why the Haji it's more so on him when he's in Makkah to watch himself, you're not going to have an argument or fighting another man's house, you're not going to disrespect or abuse the house that you're in you against. Now, it's not your house. v4. Also. Makkah, of course, as we know, is a harem. It's a sanctuary, that the people, the other guests as well, the animals, they are restricted and are protected. Even the leaves on the tree is protected. But even

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if you're not in the state of Iran, you can't break and do things. And therefore arguing in the harem, arguing in the market area in Medina as well in Jerusalem as well is a is a serious, serious violation. So if you go on Amara understand that this I'm a guest and I need to act like a guest I need to be on my best behavior. Allah will be honest onto you and be generous, but at the same time, you need to respect this area.

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When obese also lamb is reported to have said,

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I shall I should say I said O Messenger of Allah, do women engage in jihad, and then some city Yes, women, they also engage in jihad, but they Jihad does not entail fighting. And what he means by that it is hedging Allah Subhana Allah, we know that the pinnacle as the resource is the pinnacle of the deen the highest form of a man or once you have to heat and you perform your Salah, you do the basics, the greatest deed you could do is to do jihad. A man who is in the service of Allah with his life with his wealth, this is the highest it's I think, better you can do than that. And that's why if there were to be a sixth pillar of Islam, Jihad would be number six. If you look at the books of

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Sharia, they begin with the five pillars of Islam how to perform salah and then give zakah and then Oman in Ramadan and then Hajj and you'll find the next chapter, the chapter on Jihad how to perform jihad, because it is the pinnacle of the deen. So the Mujahid while is in the state of jihad, so behind Allah, he's in the highest form of evader. Now most of us if not all of us, jihad is only a dream and we should be sincere make dua Allah let us be true Mujahideen in the highest sense of the word, but for the Sisters of Han Allah, they could achieve the highest level of jihad by going and Hajin O'Meara. Imagine that? That all those rewards that we hear about the Mujahideen, our sisters,

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while they are they, they are actually in jihad, and they are counted as the Mujahideen. And if they die, while in the state of Iran on the Amara, they are counted as the Shahada and Allah and we know the Shaheed as a great reward, amongst the many, many rewards is not even tested in the cover, isn't even the question doesn't need to be asked of him anymore. He doesn't get asked any questions how long you've passed the test to reading the dounia. So for our sisters, you know, they are in the state of jihad when they are the end it said unfortunately, and this is perhaps why Allah is the state that we're in. The only Mujahideen that we have are women. In this day and age of this oma

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change it it's something to laugh and cry about. Now, what changed us that we have proper Mujahideen in this day and age for Huck. And why because it's difficult. It's not easy for the sisters is very, very difficult. And we talk about the how you'll find hate and all these things are very complex and complicated. For the sisters, the oma is so much easier for the man, it's more difficult for the sister, and therefore the reward for the sister is so much more, so much more for the sister because she goes through the hardship of the summer. So she's a Mujahid as well.

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If you are fortunate enough, and if you're planning tomorrow, and you still want the best kind of camera, the best camera you can perform is Amara in the month of Ramadan because the reward of it is a hedge with me, meaning that our businesses who ever makes an omelet in Ramadan, it's as if though you went on Hajj with the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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He went for Hajj within abyssal Salaam I imagined Nagisa Lam us here and he said, this year and going for Hajj, we would all sign up for the Lord Hajj with him. We can't do that. Unfortunately, we were not blessed with that. The second base price for us is to go and Amara in the month of Ramadan. And yes, obviously it's gonna cost you more. The premium is going to be more but I mean you get the reward of Hajj, not just any hedge the hedge with the Prophet Salah Salem. So the reward is it's worth it. That premium is worth it.

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Lovely Hadith. The prophet SAW Selim says no pogrom. No one in the state of Oman or Hajj sees the Tobia he says Ella Baker lahoma bake is why they sing the Taliban while he sang the tibia. Whatever is on his right and his left of stones. trees or clay will say the Tobia with him to the further 16th on the earth from here and the on his right and his left. Everything around him will say the Tobia with him and will make you stay far with him and a beautiful with the arrival of Baker lahoma bake, bake. Bake in Alhambra on Amazon.

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Have a look. luxury car. What does this mean? What is the salvia? And you must understand when the staalbeer came around in the time of the visa asylum, there was Hutch before even the visa salam, the advent of this oma there was actually the Hodge come from the Kaaba was the from the beaver on him and the Arabs would make a Hajj but they would make obviously had you with idols, magic during the Hajj. So the pilgrimage was actually a pilgrimage of Kufa. There was a pilgrimage in this obedience to Allah and they even may throw off naked upon Allah. Allah mentions in the Quran that they made tawaf naked around the Kaaba so and they would have the pagans would have their own, Tobia

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they would say a baker lahoma Baker Baker, la sharika eluxury Kinloch, they would say Oh Allah, you have no partner, except the partners you have chosen for yourself. Meaning you've chosen this idol. That's your partner. You've chosen that idol. That's your partner. So when Islam came, and that's why the sooner is to say that they'll be allowed. Now imagine this. You have a lot of people competing at the harem at Mecca, saying they Tobia incorrectly and here Hmm. Muslims are saying like Baker Lama Baker Allah I am Here I am Here I've answered your call. I am obedient to you. Let Baker la sharika laka laka back that there is no shaliach to Allah, there is no equal to you, you and you

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alone do we worship in Alhambra? all the praise and thanks one name and all the blessings laka it is for you. Like a wild milk and the Dominion the universe belongs to you, luxury kolak there is no partner in that. Everything is yours. Everything belongs to you. That's what you're saying when you're making the Tobia and while you're saying it. Stones. The sand is making tunnel bear with you and Allah. Say Allah he's coming he's coming Allah. He's answering the call. He's saying that albia and if you go and Omar I remember the base are you can make from the point when you're traveling or in your harem. People ask often what do I miss I make I made put my into the state of the harem and

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coming from Medina to Mecca, what do I can I make this thing you could do is make the telopea as much Toby as you can make you say this over and over and obey to do then this. This is the pinnacle of what the Muslim says. So now he makes the Tobia he's coming from Medina in the state of Iran, and he reaches Mecca.

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And now he performs it off around the Kaaba, seven times around the globe. And the professor says, Whoever makes the walk around the Kaaba seven times, and then prays to record after it, his reward is equal to the freeing of a slave. Now again, for us at hamdulillah we don't have the opportunity to free slaves and hamdulillah slavery is gone, and hamdulillah. But before the Sharia tried its best to remove slavery, and it gave huge rewards if you free a slave. So what was the reward if you free the slave?

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Now, so Solomon says that to free a slave is like a barrier between you and Jana. So every body part that you free in the dunya, Allah will free from Ghana. So a person is meant to go to Jerusalem, but if he the slave, so Allah will have sort of like he has a mock, he has a one get out of jail free card, every slave you free, you get one get out of jail free card. So the reward of that is huge, and was one of the greatest charities you can give is to free slaves to make you understand how important freeing slaves is to the Sharia, that when we take zaca money, you can only use it for eight different types of people. One of that people is to free slaves. It's a massive thing in the

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Sharia to free slaves. We don't know this because slaves no longer apply to us Alhamdulillah. But the reward of freeing slaves you can still get by making it off and making two records behind the caravan. And the Hadees doesn't save you in the head on right. So even if you are in Makkah and you you finished your your camera, you can still make 100 tow offs, and 100 to rock as often as 100 slaves you're free 100 GitHub, Jail Free cards, so some handle on karma, or email may not be the case. But if in kiama destiny is janam you take it out one time I'm out of out of Jannah two times three every time a time to go to jiangnan I've freed one slave I free two slaves. So panela that's

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what you have with you.

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The Malta exam This is a place between the digital asset and the doors of the carrabba. This place is a major place for da and this is one of the most prestigious places on earth, one of the holiest places on earth for the US to be accepted certain places and times. Allah has made Mr. Jab. We know for example, the last third of the night is the holiest time of the day to make dua. And for example before you break your fast after you break to force, the law is Mr. Jab in Juma in the 24 hours of Juma This is an hour we don't know exactly when that if you make the orders not restricted to any some time from the from Sunset on Thursday until sunset on Friday, this an hour on jumar

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Allah does not reject the doors, then there are certain places which are mobarak with us are accepted and will move them is one of those places. In fact, it's probably the holiest place on earth outside of hydrogen alpha to make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala anything that you want and it's difficult to get there in today's crush, we don't fight to get there. But if you get the opportunity to stand in that place, Allah subhanaw taala accepts to us and remember the stones we don't worship. The stones and the doors. These stones these doors have been changed many, many times. Many, many times has been renovated when I was a young kid. I remember the Kaaba was

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completely blocked off and the stones will change out. New stones will be brought the Subhanallah as we say the McConnell Ibrahim people are upbeat and they rub the gloss Nicky says that gloss he comes from China. Nothing to do with NaVi Brahim, can I that gloss is made in China that copper might have come from Joburg in a mine. I just got no Baraka in the stones, and even the black stone itself. Say number very famously, he pointed to the black stone and he said, Oh hudgell acid, I know you're only a stone, only a stone, you hydrate your stone. You have no power to benefit or to harm. Nothing you do can benefit me even if you keep the Blackstone in your car for protection, they will still steal

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your car. Your alarm is safer for you than the Blackstone in your car, even in put that Blackstone in your business will not increase your risk. But he says I kiss you Why? Because Mohammed Salim kissed you. I'm only following the sooner but I know you're a stone. Therefore we don't worship stones. We stand at the militarism is not because the stones are Mubarak. It's because Allah designated an area and you said I'm coming all the way to stand the and that's where you're standing. And that's why you have obedience to Allah. Remember, you know history. If you don't know this, that for 20 years, a group in Bahrain, many many 100 years ago stole the black stone. They

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stole it. We didn't change our Qibla to Bahrain and we didn't go to Bahrain for Hajj. Whether the Kaaba is they are not the stones are unimportant. The direction and the taqwa is what reaches Allah, the piety that you do to get the that's what reaches Allah, this insanity that you do reaches a lot.

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In addition to that, we know that Alhamdulillah one of the miracles of this, this Deen is that there is a well, the well of Zamzam. And it's amazing that this well, and I was fortunate enough to see a little bit about this Well, last year.

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The people that manage this well, they say that if you look at the well, so it's a deep hole, but just at the foot of the Kaaba, and from three different angles. If you imagine a well a hole from three different angles, water seems to be gushing into this hole. And each one's composition of the three different sources are different. And if you were to take these three waters out and mix them synthetically in the lab, it doesn't mix two exams. I'm only in that well it makes us and look, some of the biggest buildings on earth have now been constructed around the Kaaba, and they cannot find the source of this water. Right this water just a few minute kilometres a few 100 meters away from

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this, well, the one of the biggest hotel on earth is being constructed the down you can imagine the foundation, there's no river that they found just in this area, the water mixes in the and amazing they say the more they that the water reaches a certain level in this well and it stops and the more we pump, the more the flow increases and if we don't pump the flow stops, doesn't overflow. It doesn't drop it just maintain it no matter how many times we pull in Ramadan, for example, millions and millions of people come and millions and millions of people drink millions of liters of zum zum in Makkah and Medina and they take gallons and gallons of its own. The well does not know well on

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Earth has survived from the time 1500 years ago. This is a miracle that we're seeing in our time and the profit sort of says Zamzam serves for the purpose which is drunk meaning when you drink drink with Ania if you drink our increased music, increase me in in health, drink it, it will fulfill that Nia there's a brother A few years ago, and he told me you know, personal story. His son was quite ill in this Gemma and he told me he son was quite ill. young boy had kidney problems. He went and O'Meara told his son just drink but as a father telling a son not fully believing, believing but you will skeptism if you drink Allah is going to heal you but the child believes obviously the child

00:29:31--> 00:29:59

really believed and he swallowed the child drank and made and made an effort to drink as much as they could. A disease which the doctor said is not curable. He came back off this morning he was cured at hamdulillah so someone in the masjid in the ministry that told me this but the Garden of the province even here today, right? And the proper substances the best water on earth is the water of some some it serves as food for hunger and a cure for disease. Cure for disease if you're Ill drink as much as you can also want to bring some some for you

00:30:01--> 00:30:47

More than that. Now. vehcile salam says that one pre at the Haram in Makkah is better than 100,000 soldiers anywhere in the world. And the one soldier in the masjid nabawi is better than 1000 soldiers and in Muslim oxides 51,500 Basilica 500 budget lochsa 1000 budget number 100,000 in the harem put into perspective, I brother who has missed, you know, caught on in his life, how many soldiers have I missed? How many fighters have I missed? You make one budget in the harem is 100,000 budgets always given you $100,000 I was given you 100,000 Juma has always given you and we know that you would have fudger the Torah sooner before fudger is greater and better than this dunya and

00:30:47--> 00:31:29

everything contains if a man were to donate all the gold, or the silver or the mountains or the oceans, everything in charity, the reward of the toorak as soon as budget is better than that. I imagined the federal budget. Imagine the federal dollar imagine 100,000 of that in the heart of Sinaloa. that's priceless. that's priceless. And we know that on kiama if our Salah is not up to scratch, the first question is though he did you worship in and besides Allah if you pass it Alhamdulillah you will go to Jana eventually. The second question and the key to Jenna, what is the state of your Salah? How many scholars have you've missed? How what is the quality of your solder?

00:31:29--> 00:32:18

And if that Sala is not 100% followed Allah and Allah will look to the sooner now it's good to have backups like this, the Allah for one week, I made $35 in the harem times 100,000 Allah right $3.5 million in the bank just on my account, do that hamdulillah then of course this is the reward for going to the masjid now look when you go to the masjid any Masjid every step you take Allah subhana wa Taala raises you wonder Raja and removes one sin not gives you one reward raises you wonder Raja, what does that mean? Think of a building it has flows. Obviously as you go higher up, you get to the paint house, it becomes more expensive. It gets better. genma has uncountable number of levels

00:32:18--> 00:32:55

depending on how good you are. Obviously, everyone goes to Jenna, but those who did better will go higher. And those who didn't do so well. They get the lower points in general and of course everyone will be happy in general, for those is the highest point and pinnacle of gender, the pink House of gender. Now how do you increase your level in gender? One of the ways is to walk towards the masjid or to go to the masjid every step you take a lot easier. Now imagine going towards the harem. And imagine the number of steps you are taking on 6000 kilometres. I mean, I don't know I can't imagine how many 100,000 million steps you are taking towards the harem. every step you take Allah is

00:32:55--> 00:33:32

raising you up a level and removing now all of us have like six 7 million suns. I was removing even just that flight towards the harem while you're sitting there even first class, Allah is raising you up the project. And of course you have so many other awards which even in Medina, just being in Medina is great rewards. The result is that the distance between my member and my house is also gonna be so much easier. His cover is a garden from the gardens of Jenna just being the it's like you're being in a garden of Jana. Now question before we indoors, can you perform overall if you haven't performed much, some people might say I haven't performed Hajj I might be able to perform

00:33:32--> 00:34:14

overall, but can I perform Hajj do I perform overall before Hajj. Now logically, the logical argument is usually the fourth comes first right? If we have if you haven't made Isha and you haven't performed Witter, you first make sure before you make with it. No. But of course performing the oma before the hydro The sooner before the compulsory we make two records before the word terokkar. As before Mahara before budget is permissible now Sharia to do the sooner before the fall. Now, the prophets of Salaam he performed for numerous in his life, three of them before Hajj formulas in his life, three of them before Hajj. So it is permissible to perform an Amara before

00:34:14--> 00:34:53

Hajj, but you have to manage yourself also, if it means you will not be able to perform Hajj ever. You have to think about that. And this is a choice up to you permissible, fully rewarded, if you will have the money to go for Hajj of Formula go formula. Also remember, you might have the Nia to go on Hajj, put your name on South list, you might take five six years to get the because there's a backlog. If you haven't yet done the Hajj, the very least you can do as an excuse for Alang, PMC Allah My name was on the list I was waiting for my turn to come as an excuse to Allah I haven't made hatchet I'm putting 50 grand away every month. This is my preparations for Hajj, then you can say my

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

Nia was and see Allah give me that he would have had. So we should be all doing that as the very least. And the last question

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Can I go from zero hedge on date? I need to borrow some money to go and have a normal look hedge hedge, for example, if you can't afford it a lot does not require you to buy from hedge like soccer. If you're not financially able to perform hedge, Allah does not want you to loan money to go and hedge. But if you do loan money to go and hedge on or O'Meara it's still accepted. Your hydrometer is fine, nothing wrong with it. Especially if you have an agreement. You're telling the brother, I'm loaning this money for the purpose of O'Meara, you have a brother who's wealthy, he says no problem you are lending you 20,000 Rand, whatever it might be, you pay me back when you can Alhamdulillah no

00:35:37--> 00:36:15

problem using link money, but not haraam link money. Don't loan interest money to go on hydro Mirage, vanilla, one of the reasons we know that dollar is not accepted is if your money is not clean. Now you've taken a burden on yourself for hygiene oma, which might not even be accepted. So obviously harmony is not permissible. Also, if you have a date, which you must pay, so the man loaned you money for your business, and he expects you to pay back in one year. You say math Buddha went on O'Mara the money I was going to pay you back I was going to say that you can't do you need his permission first. So again, that's an obligation memorize a nice to have but you for the

00:36:15--> 00:36:55

obligation first, you also don't and in the passage is more relevant. If you have parents that are be left behind they're quite ill I want to perform Umrah visa. So even if you have parents that you have to see to let's say follow the compulsory you need to stay behind look after the family, wife anyone that you're interested for, when you need you cannot perform hygiene O'Meara except with the permission. So Allah subhanaw taala bless us, and Allah grant all of us to go that all of us Allah see the Kaaba and perform on Omar on hydrogen sigonella does not leave us dunya except that we perform one extra hedge in your cause. And for those who have gone and are going to go in and are on

00:36:55--> 00:37:12

the huduma like save from them or keep them in a keep us in the US. I mean, keep them safe. I mean, just a few announcements. inshallah tomorrow, and on Sunday, I'll be in Johannesburg inshallah, teaching cervical calf. So actually perhaps the most difficult course that I've ever had to teach.

00:37:13--> 00:37:48

So if anyone is in Johannesburg, going to Johannesburg, we've got family. There's a very interesting very, very deep, deep surah like welcome to attend. It's going to be at the vets University, but it's medical campus. So suitable calf which I will be teaching that will be about from the morning until the evening A to Zed of circle cough. And then on the ninth of December for one day, it's a Saturday the ninth of December, the course is out of sight of the elements to our Dean which we are not so 100% sure about or we cannot see freewill and destiny. Jean angels these kind of concepts that are out of sight will be discussed one day, out of sight inshallah, at the Islamic auditorium

00:37:48--> 00:38:23

on the ninth, we will be continuing with our Syrah class on Wednesdays before Mother's Day. And then on Thursday evening is molad as well. And we are coming very close to the end of zero probably in the life of an abyssal Salam now in the next three four weeks, so if you haven't attended come it's very moving to see the parsing of the promises a lump and then our last class on omura how to perform or are we doing it must look good on a Wednesday evening after Isha welcome to attend. If you've missed the last three weeks and come for the last week, you'll get the audios as well, so you won't miss out any questions or concerns or comments with [email protected] sokola hydro sola Sina

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