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I'm going to share Donna rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Sina Mohammed Ali he was a marine I beloved brothers Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Most Merciful, the most kind, the creator the Sustainer, a shadow a la ilaha illAllah is a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanaw taala and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in this walk of Juma in this Blissett Friday, Allah subhanaw taala puts Baraka in our life, forgives us our sins, protects our family, guarantees goodness in this dunya and in the author, we send out greetings I love our salutation so beloved Naveen Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions, and all to those of us who email follow the student until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala

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keep us steadfast on the sooner. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, week number three of our series on the Amara. And the last two weeks, we mentioned the historical background of the Amara, why do we go in a circle around the Kaaba? Why do we run between Safa and Marwa, the background to the symbolic nature of it and it's linked we said the story of Nabhi Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. And then we also mentioned that the rewards the great rewards for going on Amara amongst those rewards is that all the sins that you have done from the previous humara to this one, all of them are forgiven. And that the prophet SAW Selim says that an Amara removes sin and poverty, like it,

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like a blacksmith removes impurities from gold and silver. And that if you want your life to be extended, then do more almaraz and Hajj. So overall increase your life your wealth, forgiveness, in the dunya and in the Akira. So this is of the great rewards of performing the Amara.

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Today, inshallah, we'll talk about the how the fig of oma how to perform and what if you'd like to know what should you do? Some of you are hamdulillah. Most of you, in fact, might have gone for hydromet already, and the rituals have not changed and I say we've been 10 years ago. It's the same, almost 100% the same. The buildings have a different but the ombre is exactly the same. It's Pinilla. It's wonderful that you are performing Amara in exactly the same way the prophets of Salaam performed Nomura it's amazing this oma of the beauty of this Deen we can say with surety that we perform our sada our fasting, our hedge our omura as our nav system did, many, many other groups and

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nations when you look at the way they pray, it is not the way the Prophet prayed. It's not like the way Jesus prayed or the way Moses prayed the performing Sala very different what they do today is different to the way the football the way the prophets had had done it and then hamdulillah we have been an oma that has preserved these rituals. And these rituals we said even predates our Nabil Mohammed Al Salam. Even before NaVi Brahim Elisa to Salaam, the angels make the off the angels themselves make off. So how do you perform in Amara?

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Very, very easily. You need to do three things. There are three pillars of omega three things you need to do and you have 100% complete Amara number one, you need to enter into the state of Iran. Once you're in the state of Iran, you need to go to Makkah, perform it off, go around the Kaaba around the Kaaba seven times, and then perform a sigh between Safa and Marwa. And just for to understand the distance we're talking about safa and marwah between them if you go the circuit seven times up and now it's about three kilometres is not it's not three kilometres between Safa and Marwa but seven times up and down between Suffern Mara is about three kilometres, so it's a few 100 meters

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between Safa and Marwa and the toe off. If it wasn't for the crowds would be even shorter, even easier to pull that off. It's even smaller, to perform many. This measure, for example, is larger than the Kaaba and to walk around it seven times is quite simple. So it's not a great difficult burden. Of course it gets complicated with the crowds and with the numbers and this is a slight taste that Allah subhanaw taala is putting on us the getting over on Hajj will always be difficult, always have a degree of difficulty Why? For the taqwa in the past, the oma itself was easy, but getting to Makkah was difficult. If you lived in Spain, and you had to perform hajj, remember they

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also had to perform Hajj in aeroplanes. They had to go on horseback or Camelback or walking. And so behind on law, people would go from Spain, and they would take a year to walk to get to Saudi Arabia. And when they get to Makkah, they find that arafa has passed. We were delayed a few days Yeah. And they we get the off the sofa. Now what do you do? You can't perform Hajj so they wait another year, a whole year in Mecca to perform the next Hajj and then take another year to go home. That's why in the past and even our food grandfathers were like that when they greeted

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Hij It was a genuine Goodbye, I don't know, if I'm going to see you again, it was a journey of a lifetime, you know, you're not going to see this person, they might not ever come home. Three, four years would go by before they come back from Hajj Alhamdulillah. Allah had made it easy for us in our time. And really this only in the last 50 years or so with less than 50 years, we all of us have access to go there. But of course, getting there is easy. The challenge now is once you are there, it's a bit difficult now, because of the millions and millions rather, it is difficult and getting the actual being there. But of course Alhamdulillah Allah has made it easier for the soma for us to

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form Hajj and Miranda, we should do as much as we can. So we said very simply in the state of Iran, perform it off around the Kaaba, and then perform beside

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when we will speak. So let's go into detail as to each one of these rituals of Hajj these are the pillars of Hajj pillars of oma f1. If you were to miss one of these three pillars, if you went to Makkah, and you did not perform the top off, or you didn't perform the sign, or you perform the top and the side, but you will not in the state of Iran, the numeral is invalid, right? You missed a pillar of Amara, and just a side note here. Every ritual in Islam has what we call pillars. In fact, even Islam itself as our can pillars. Now a token, it's like the pillar of a building, if one of it is missing, that entire building collapses. Yes, Islam has many many things. It's about clothing and

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eating and eat and, and dressing and going to the bathroom and economics and Islamic finance many things. But the five pillars on which it's the foundation is on those five things cannot be missing. Salah also has about 15 pillars, if you missed any one of those pillars. You are correct. O'Meara has how many pillars three, right, so all these three pillars must be done. And if you missed one of these pillars, you need to go all the way back and start from that point where you missed it and start all over. Right. So these are three pillars, you cannot make it up. So for example, and again, I'm giving you the longer story in Sora if you miss a pillar of solar, everything after that pillar

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is invalid, meaning if you in the first so a sujood A sajida is a pillar of solder in America number one you must want to do. You only realized in the fourth regard the end of solder you need to everything after that Mr. Jude is invalid in Sokoto from the beginning from when you missed it.

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Other acts are not pillars, they are watching back they are required, or essentials of Salah if you missed one of them, you can make us out. If you missed one of them in Amara, you play a senior executive vice, you don't have to go all the way back and start from the beginning. understand the difference between a pillar and a worship of a ritual. Okay, so this is important when we study if you study nikka, when you study jihad, when you study anything in Islam, you will have pillars, which has a specific rule, why jiba Essentials? And so not additional stuff, which are not if you don't do them, no problem. It's nice to have. Right so we said the three pillars of Amara

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as for the YG battle. Amara has three pillars. It has two essentials to YG. But two necessary things that you need to do. What are these two things? Number one, you have to not only be in the state of the heroine when you perform tawaf, you have to in fact be in the state of Iran, before you cross, the McCart. We'll talk about this. Iran is the most complicated part of Amara, we'll talk in detail. You need to be in the state of Iran, once you cross the McCart already before you get to Makkah you really need to be in the state of Iran. And you also have to endure O'Mara by shaving up cutting or shave trimming or shaving. You hate you hate hate you hate right if you if you miss this, then you

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have to pay a penalty. So what is me caught? The meat cart is a parameter or a barrier or a restriction. Now, Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed on every act of worship a type of McCourt for example there are many courts of place and time. Ramadan, for example, you can force anywhere on Earth, right? You can force in Capetown, in China in the way when you are in space, you could force even Ramadan fasting is not specified by place, but is it specific to a time?

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Is Ramadan fasting specific to a time? Yes, it's got a cause we could say of time, it's got a restriction in terms of time it can only be done in Ramadan. You cannot be late or extended unless for a valid reason.

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For hunch, you have a lot of time and place. Okay, you cannot perform Hajj in another month besides the month of Hajj. Yes. And you cannot perform Hajj anywhere on Earth except in Makkah. So it's a restriction of time and place that's a lot of time in place. As for Amara Amara has no time restriction. You can perform OMara any single day of the year, any day you want, even on eat if you're a boomer, you can perform in Ramadan, you can perform O'Meara in hedge if you want even not able

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Problem Omar has no time restriction. But it can only be performed in a certain area which is mica obviously you cannot perform him or anywhere else. And if spinal I see videos a lot, I hope it's fake. But you see people performing Omar pilgrimage to shrines or to saints or to certain shoe you all should should cover highest form of ship. Only in Makkah, may you perform and Amara a pilgrimage.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala had placed a barrier a, a boundary around Makkah called the macaques. When you cross when you want to perform Boomerang, now, I said, when you before you perform pull off, you need to be in the state of Iran.

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You might ask me, so when do I enter the state of Iran? Do if I'm going to Saudi tomorrow at the end of December? Do I enter into her arm today? Because my name is Dee. Do I enter it the day I fly from Cape Town? Do I enter it once I land in Dubai? Johannesburg. When I land at the airport in gender? Do I enter the harem? Do I enter into a ROM when I get to Macau? Medina, when do I start the Sahara venture into Iran? Iran must be entered into before you cross over the boundary called the court. And there are five mahaki tomiko. It's not really a circle. If you look at the on the screen, you could see the that the boundaries it's a it's sort of it's an oval kind of shaped thing. Basically,

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the prophet SAW Selim designated five ports or points if you come in from any direction. Once you get to that point you enter the harem.

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So the McCart of these five, our fleet of five macaques, the names are not that important. The names are not that important. There are two of them, which we should know for our sakes. Number one, which is the furthest McCart is called deulofeu leafa or B or le it's Medina. So if you are in Medina, and you would like to go to Mecca for Amara, once you leave Medina you need to enter into Iran because there's a macaque at Medina and this was the call to the prophets of Salaam. This is where he performed these hombre. And in fact 99% of us when we go on Amara, the package was the package first in Medina and then to Makkah wonder why do we first go to Medina then to Makkah, because we first go

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to Medina into into Iran, and then when we leave Medina, when we leave Medina, we enter into Iran. And then we go to Mecca in the state of Iran with crossed over the McCourt in Medina, understand there are other macaques, if you're coming from the east, from the west or from the south, the names are not important. Number four is important. So number one is important. If you're going if you're coming from Medina, then you will cross the macaque number one

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if you are not going so for us usually you have only two directions that you come from. You either fly to Medina, if you travel to Medina first and then come to Makkah. So you cross the McCourt, number one in Medina. The other option is some packages would say we first go to Makkah and Medina so we land in Jeddah and then we go to Makkah, now you need to really be in the state of Iran before you into the Haram. Yes. So where do you cross the macaque? I'm not going all the way to Medina. The Makati will cross in the A about half an hour before you land in Jeddah. You would cross the meat court in the A and you have to enter into a home while you're flying. So that me caught number four

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is the me court of the South. The me court of the people of the South Yemen and anything south of Yemen meaning essentially, this was our main court. When we used to travel directly to Makkah, we would pass the court. It's called the LM Lam, easy word lm lm right. The me court of the people of Yemen is our MC court as well. So Yemen and South Africa we all have we all have the south, when we cross that cord, that's when we enter into Iran.

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So just again, to make this video guys, it is the most complicated aspect to understand this that is easy. To perform hygiene O'Meara you need to be in the state of Iran, before you get to Mecca.

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And you need to enter you need to be in the state of Iran, once you cross over this barrier called me caught. Now where is this barrier? If you're coming directly to Makkah, you will cross it before you get to gender very, very important. Gender is inside the macaque already. Gender is already inside, meaning if you land in gender, and then you enter into a haram it's too late. You've already made a mistake. You had to enter Iran before crossing The Mikado at Costa Rica. You really have to be in Iran. If you're going to Medina first. You'll stay in Medina for a week and then on your way to Mecca just as you leave Medina on the border the tip of Medina is a macaque you intend to haram

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Al Hamdulillah. And they said this is the first me caught me caught of Medina and that's where the prophets of Salaam whenever he made Hajj obviously always came from Medina. He didn't come from Yemen or anywhere else. Okay.

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Very and again, this is just for academic purposes.

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Someone might ask me now well what if I live in the me court? What if I live in Makkah as my parents are handling Allah preserve them? They live in Jeddah. So where do they put the alarm on? When do they enter your home they already inside the me court. If you are resident to the if you live inside the me court, then you have the special honor of entering Iran basically from your house. Because we live inside the Mekong I wasn't gonna burden you and say you need to go all the way outside and come back in. So you interview Iran in the also this is more relevant to you. If you go to Mecca.

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You go to Mecca from Medina. You enter into the state of Iran before you leave Medina right when you leave Medina on the day you leave Medina Yes, You with me? You go in towards Mecca to perform. You perform your Amara, when you're done with your O'Meara, yo, Iran expires done. But now I want to perform a secret tomorrow. I'm living in Mecca for a week staying in microphones. I need to perform a second tomorrow. What do I do now? Where do I enter my home now? Do I go all the way back to Medina and interneuron inside Mecca. There is like a mini me court who is called tonight Masjid I shall talk about this in sha Allah, where the people of Makkah go it's just outside of the Haram

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border Makkah area. You can enter a rhombus with an enemy cord for those living in Makkah and enter the court.

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So we see the harem. And we usually will picture the heroine we see a man into white sheets, this is a picture of your hero. Maybe his arm is open, his right arm is open. What are the sisters we are not in a harem? harem we sit is not the clothing, the clothes is not the heroine. Islam is a state I mean I could wear those clothes now I'm not in the state of Iran. And another person a sister for example. She doesn't wear that clothing, but she's in the state of Vietnam. So what is it haram? Haram is a near a state ay ay ay interval intention of the heart which you say verbally, which says yeah Allah now in the state of prohibition, we we said once you in that state, what was highlighted

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for you outside is haram for you. For example, not everything. For example things you cannot do, you cannot shave, any remove a single head of your body or a nail from your body. Obviously things that are bigger than that like taking blood out or anything like that is all Haram. Why because this body does not belong to you belongs to Allah. You cannot hunt or kill any other creature.

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You cannot wait for the man he cannot cover his head. He cannot cover his ankles always used to wait open shoe sandals for the man and the woman they cannot wait perfume for the sisters. She cannot cover her face and she cannot cover her hands. So these are the restrictions of Iran. You cannot enter into a nikka perform Annika get engaged you can have no sexual contact during harem. And if you have intercourse during your harem, you completely invalidated your mama is not invalid. worse in hajj if you go on Hajj and you're in the state of Iran and you have intercourse that hedges you might as you come home, you have to come the next year to make a new hedge. So intercourse inside

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Iran is completely is a major major problem.

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So it's a mental state you just sitting there and you will say I enter into the state of Iran and you're verbalized c'est la vie Coloma Amara, Allah, I intend to tomorrow when you come wake up, but once you once you move from that moment, you are not going to say that the harem and all these things are haram for you. Therefore, before you're into the state of Islam, you need to prepare right if I entered into Iran now, and I come forward, already, I'm committing a lot of sense I'm wearing clothing that are inappropriate for me. men cannot be clothing that are stitched, sewn together. They can only weigh those two garments. So before you enter the harem, you prepare

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yourself before you enter the helm. You trim your nails, you shave you perform. So as I show you remember not the beard I never ever before, during off the prom, you don't shave your beard is not part of our sooner shaving the private areas and under the arms these things must be shaved right? So we shave and we are crucial and we throw our nails and you put perfume on your body before you enter your home. Once the perfume is on your body, it's okay. Then you enter into the state of your firearm. And when that state How do you enter it you simply say law byculla humara I intend Allah to perform an ombre side note here very, very important side note here. This is the only the the

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intention of entering into a ROM with a Haji Amara is the only intention that you verbalize. The only intention which the prophet SAW Selim said he's only Nia he said verbally was the Nia for O'Meara and Hajj, meaning for sada no way to suddenly Farah tharaka. That is not part of the Sunni. No Is it no way to say

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mohiuddin not possible So now, we're not saying that it's sinful to do it. We're saying the prophets have said have never did that Sahaba never did that. So you don't need to do it. You don't need to do if you don't do it your Salah is fine, your fasting is fine. But for Amara, this one you must say verbally you must say that they Coloma Amara Allah byculla Maharaj I intend to enlarge once you say that you are entered into the state of Iran. So just to explain what would happen for most of our ages. You will fly from Germany or Cape Town, Johannesburg, Dubai, whatever it might be, you will land in Medina. You will spend a week in Medina not in Iran. You don't need to be an Iranian Medina

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normal. The day you leave Medina, you prepare yourself you wash you hustle yourself you shave you cut your nails, you put perfume on your body for the main they will put on the harem clothing also very important brothers and many make this mistake under the wrong clothing, no underwear. You cannot wait underwear and people don't know this. But I have my boxer underneath. I never do cannot have any clothing underneath those two sheets, like in the cupboard of the day we're going to the common law law protect us will all be windows to three sheets of granola. That's how it's going to be. So you weigh those two sheets, those two garments, nothing on your head, no Koofi, nothing. Your

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feet should be just ankles you know you are you issues that have your ankles and your heels open. No socks on. You can wait that belt to keep the heroin up. That's no problem to keep your money that's permissible. And then you will go to the macaques at the meat part. Once you are ready once everything is Washington right now you are ready to go into heroin. You will enter into the city of Toronto syllabic Allahumma. Amara and then you entered into heroin now everything is haram for you. Your wife is haram for you. Your body is haram for you. Hunting is haram for you. We said all those things are haram for you. And you will remain in the state of your firearm until you complete your

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homework you cannot exit it You cannot say Oh Allah for this three four hours I can't be in a state of Iran I need to do something here Allah I'm going to pause my arm No, you're in that state of Iran until you complete your ombre

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someone might ask what happens if I by mistake, cut my hair by mistake I cut my nails by mistake I put on perfume I by mistake get get married a lot of how you get married by mistake.

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Right. How do you what do I do in that case, if you do any of these McAdoo rot any of these prohibitions, then you have to pay a penalty item, you have to pay a dumb meaning a sacrifice a ship and the food must be distributed to the poor. So you pay every time you commit one of these mistakes, you have to pay a penalty. If you cross the meat part, you're flying on the plane and you fell asleep. And they said we have now crossed the McCord interview head on. You're still sleeping you wake up in Jeddah I haven't entered the harem. What do you do you have two choices. You either go all the way back to the macaques and re enter into the harem or you pay a penalty and enter your

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economy. That's fine. You put your your intake around there and you pay a penalty. Okay, even if it's a mistake. Now usually in the Sharia Allah does not punish us for mistakes like in Ramadan. If you eat by mistake, your fasting is fine. Yes, you ate by mistake. With Omar on Hajj, you know, even if you had a mistake, you didn't intentionally do it. You have to pay a penalty.

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One Sahabi he's he was covered in lice while he was in a state of Iran. And obviously, the light this harvest of so much you could actually see crawling on his face. And the purpose was to shave your hair off and pay a penalty, not his fault, but he had to shave his head off wasn't his fault and pay a penalty because he broke the rules of the harem.

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So this heightened state of spirituality. Now imagine if halal becomes haram if perfume for example, which the prophets of Allah never ever said no to when he was offered perfectly said no. What about Haram in Iran? Looking at Haram in Iran, listening to her Amina Haram, smoking while in Iran is one of these things without we don't have to discuss these things. If something like perfume is haram, people shouldn't ask, Can I wear makeup in the harem? Can I you know, do Li those are not meant for Iran. This is the state of death you're in you're basically wasting your copper clothing. Those are the things that you need to be in mind. So once you enter the state of Iran, and now you leave

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towards Mecca, what do you do? People ask what do I do on my way between Mecca and Medina and Mecca? Right? There's probably about a six seven hour journey depending on how how drives you're gonna be with your family. Obviously, the best thing you can do and the thing you should be doing is that albia rabbika la mala bakerella bakerella Shadi Kala Kala bake in Alhambra, Vanya, Metallica, la Sheree, cara, what are you saying? You're saying la Baker la Motta bake la bakeries, I'm answering Yuya Allah, I am here Allah

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to attention salute to Allah meaning Allah you called me and I'm responding. I'm coming. I'm coming. So you are saying you are and usually the Toby has said loud doesn't need to be seen.

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Loud and the Sahaba when within half an hour of being in a harem the voices were gone because it says even though they're singing loudly I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming from Medina all the way to Mecca you calling me from Makkah I'm coming I'm coming. The bake Allahumma bake I'm responding to your call la bakerella sharika la cara Becky Allah you have no partner remember this I will call him Allah Allah Allah Allah that's what our Deen is all on. You have no partner none has the right to be worshipped except you in heaven the all the hand all the praise and all the blessings lacquer is for you wonderful and all of creation is yours luxury Cannot you have no partner in any of this that's

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what you're saying. And you say that tell me all the time don't chat don't talk don't you allowed to talk not not such haraam to talk in the in the in Iran you can eat while being in the Haram no problem. You can wash you are being any Haram is not a problem. But you cannot as we said use perfume and waste your time we shouldn't be doing that well in the state of Iran. And we'll talk more in sha Allah about the omura because we'll take a bit of a short hook because we've got a few very beautiful announcements today. So talk will complete this the Amara will get to Macau and toe off we'll talk about off and the rest of those things next week inshallah. But we've got a few

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announcements to make.

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We'll save the best for last so that you can prepare yourself. Alright, so the first first announcement that I'd like to ensure Allah make is that Alhamdulillah the

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light not that this is the worst answer because it's first but nonetheless, the ladies are having an event this Sunday, that ambition a Rambis night. I don't know I've never been there. So I don't know. And I know what that is. I don't exactly know what happens at the event but these ladies function on at two o'clock on Sunday afternoon at the masjid at the masjid or the sister sisters only event. So welcome to attend the MPC a function then, of course, this builds up to on Sunday of Thursday evening 31st of December 31 or 30th of November 30 of November is the 12th of Robbie oh one and that's the the molad program. It will start off the mothership I will give a lecture. And it's I

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must also mention this for the past three plus more. Four years we've been teaching every week as best we could. The biography of the prophets of Salaam every week or Hamlet the class have come every almost every week. Tuesdays Wednesday evenings learning the life of Navy SEALs lm we will complete it just so happened we didn't plan it like that. The Sierra class will end on Thursday we will discuss the death of the prophet SAW Sundaram. He's lost. So our last lecture for four years will actually coincide with the TOEFL Robbie Oh, well, we didn't plan it like that. But it will so basically we'll discuss the last 40 days or so of the prophets of Salaam on this dunya they will

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still be zero class we will complete the Haji sphere will hedge on Tuesday before every quarter to seven our second last class of the year on the Sierra if you haven't attended you should have last four years there's no problem with free of charge. Can you learn the fee will hedge up the profits or sell them What did he do the last thing he did before he passed away and we will discuss the passing of the profits alum on Thursday evening. Then that's Thursday night Sunday, Saturday, the ninth of December the week after that. The ninth of December Saturday the ninth of December, inshallah we'll be having a program called out of sight you'll see the posts out there. Now we know

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when you're part of our dean.

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We don't know about freewill and destiny Do we have free will with you is everything decreed as Allah designed a designated mutagen now Johanna I believe in it but I'm fully understand it also we believe in the angels What do they look like? What do they do? What are the functions and the jinn who are the x's of magic all these things? These are elements of our Deen the hype. This is the unknown the unseen. So we'll be discussing out of sight, the belief in angels jinn and other free will and destiny. These are two pillars of Eman, two pillars of Eman which is essential for our Deen it will be taught at the Islamia auditorium. The ninth of December there are posters if you'd like

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to register, you can speak to me or you could go online and register insha Allah now Alhamdulillah it gives me great pleasure to

00:29:09--> 00:29:13

mention that a sister or a subspecies would like to embrace Islam.

00:29:14--> 00:29:20

We'll give you the Shahada inshallah, I don't know if we've got a mic up there. Now Microsoft perhaps could you come to the balcony.

00:29:23--> 00:29:59

So I was shallow, our our sister, the corner, the corner will be embracing Islam. And just to explain what Islam is all about Islam. Islam means submission. It means to submit to the will of God to the will of the Creator. Everything that we do, we eat, we sleep we drink whatever, permissible. But when it comes to God, we submit to Him we only eat what he permits us to eat. We only marry the one he allows us to marry. We live our life in submission of him and to understand what do you need to do to embrace it?

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

To become a Muslim. One day the Prophet peace be upon him was in the mosque was in the masjid like this. And a strange, a strange man, stranger walks into the mosque, and no one knows who he is is unknown as a foreigner, and his beautiful, long, beautiful black hair, beautiful white garments. And he comes to the prophets of Salaam and he says, The Prophet peace be upon him. Tell me about Islam, what does it mean to be a Muslim? What must you do to be a Muslim? So the Prophet said, Islam requires five things to testify verbally, which we'll do today, inshallah, but none has the right to be worshipped except God Almighty, and to believe and to testify that I am the messenger and servant

00:30:39--> 00:31:13

of God, that's the first thing you do. Then as a Muslim, you need to pray five times a day. And you need to fast in the month of Ramadan. And you need to give charity to the poor, if you can afford to do so. And you need to perform the pilgrimage to Makkah once in your life, if you can afford to do so. And the man said, You have spoken the truth. When the man asked Tell me what is a man belief? What does a Muslim believe what do you need to do to be a believer? So the Prophet peace be upon him said, to believe to be a believer, you need to believe in the oneness of Allah that He alone is the creator sustainer, the nourish that He rules the universe? Absolutely. He has no partners, and he

00:31:13--> 00:31:49

alone should be worshipped. If you do that, and you need to believe that God, Allah created angels, and you create any sin down to mankind books, Revelation, and he said, prophets to carry these books, you need to believe in all of them. And you need to believe that there's a life after this. After this life is another life we'll be resurrected with is heaven and hell, and the reward and punishment for those who do good and do evil. And you need to believe number six, which we will discuss in the course on the night, we'll discuss free destiny and free will, free will and destiny, and the man said, Sadat, and when he asked the Prophet peace be upon him, what is perfection, and

00:31:49--> 00:32:17

then a piece of said perfection is to worship Allah as if you can see him. And if you can't see him, then know that Allah sees you. So these are the essentials of what to be a Muslim, another person came to the Prophet peace be upon him. And he said, I want to be a believer, what must I do? So the Prophet should say, the declaration of faith, what we're going to do today, pray, fast, give charity, and perform the pilgrimage. So the man said, only that,

00:32:18--> 00:32:56

should I only do that. So he said, Yes, only that, initially, I won't do anything more or less, nothing more, nothing less. So the Prophet says, if you if he's truthful, he won't do anything more or less than your agenda. This is all you need to do those five things you need to do yes, this more inshallah, but to intergender do these five things. So sister will do the first pillar of Islam. And when you do this, you entered into Islam, and we've become your family, and your previous life is over in terms of the sons and you enter a new life a new beginning. So I will say the words in Arabic, and you repeat it, and then I'll say the English and you repeat after me, okay. similar

00:32:56--> 00:32:56


00:32:57--> 00:32:58

I shall do.

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00:33:02--> 00:33:04

I shadow Annette La ilaha

00:33:06--> 00:33:14

illallah wa shadow, Anna Hamada Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

00:33:15--> 00:33:17

I bear witness

00:33:18--> 00:33:21

that none has the right to be worshipped

00:33:22--> 00:33:23

except God.

00:33:24--> 00:33:25

And I bear witness

00:33:26--> 00:33:27

that Muhammad

00:33:28--> 00:33:30

is the Messenger of God

00:33:31--> 00:34:13

to be a law, welcome to the faith of Islam, our sister our new system, as we said, we interview you because today you begin better than all of us, you begin completely new, the newest member of the family of Allah subhanaw taala that you have a clean slate completely new, we pray and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless you in this life and your family and the life after death and inshallah of the of the Juma the sister will be performing hanneke Anika who performed to one of the brothers here if you'd like to you're all welcome to stay for Annika inshallah we bless you in your marriage afterwards. I mean, so let's say Mohammed voila Yusuf Islam Celine handler of Lana means like life