Reasons That Cause Allah To Love You – #07 The Blessing Of Allah, Both Apparent & Hidden

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The speaker discusses the benefits of Islam's appreciation for blessings and oneself in the context of one's life, including stability and happiness. They also mention a beautiful area in the core and the ability to stay strong and hopeful. The speaker also discusses the importance of not being]] and the beautiful set of verses Islam has written about.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Hobart. So today we are talking about reflecting on the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala both that are apparent both that are hidden. And this will ultimately lead us to receive the love and acceptance of Allah Jalla wa ala. Now, when we sit here and we can talk about endless amount of blessings that we have, Allah subhanho wa Taala constantly reminds us of all the things that he has provided for mankind, when it comes to heed a guidance when it comes to safety and protection. When it comes to food and nourishment. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us Holocaust semi well it will help a lot. So

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Joe says he created the heavens and earth and it is done truthfully and honestly. In other words, he is the ultimate creator. Although there were people over the years over the centuries that doubted that Allah subhanho wa Taala created everything affirms that he's the one in charge, what does that mean to you and I, it means that we're very blessed to be here. We're very blessed to live on this earth. You know, it's a beautiful place to live. Often when we talk about living in the dunya some people talk about it as a don't pay too much attention to it. Oh, it's worthless. Oh, we don't have to get too comfortable and when we're here, and yeah, to some extent that might be true. But at the

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same time, the poor and talks to us about birds, talks to us about animals talks to us about the trees talks to us about the sky, the heavens, the earth, the clouds, talks to us about the rivers in the oceans, why does Allah subhanho wa Taala do that, so that we can appreciate and we can thank Allah for blessing us with all of the wonderful things that surround us. But then when it comes to the individual, a lot so a Joe also wants us to be reminded and also concentrate on some of the blessings you have in it as an individual, the fact that you exist the gift of life, the fact that Allah gave you the opportunity to be Muslim, and blessed you with Islam that gave you the quarter

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end and you can connect with it, you can read it, the fact that Allah subhanaw taala blessed you with health with strength, with the ability to comprehend and to understand lemenager Allah Hawaii name unless asked you did not give you two eyes appreciate me because the fact I gave you two eyes you can see with them well, when he sang and worship attain I gave you a tongue that you can speak with I gave you a lips that you can control your mouth with well had a now Niger Dana and I guided you to see what is right and what is wrong, I gave you the ability to recognize those things. And so it's it's just endless another sort of tells us that a lot. So a Gil created the oceans and allowed

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boats and ships to float on the oceans. I mean, this massive structure doesn't sink to the bottom of the ocean a lot. So it will gave us the skills to be able to design such a massive structure and move so delicately and beautifully at the edge of an ocean at the tip of the ocean. And Allah talks to us about the night and day and how they constantly rotate. When you know you have certain hours of the day, you have certain hours of the night and the night is there for you to sleep to rest. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us those of you who are married gave you the ability to get married to find somebody. And when you find that person, I mean how the marriage works. After that. It's it

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depends on you know, the situation some marriages work, some marriages don't but the point is the opportunity to marry those of us who have children. I know that sometimes children can get annoying, you know, you try your best to teach them to keep them under control to instill good values and good ethics. But that can be frustrating. It can be difficult at times. And Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to focus on the fact that first and foremost, stick to the positive things. You actually have children there are millions of people that beg Allah all day and all night to have children and for whatever reason a lead doesn't bless them with kids. So the fact that you have children, you're

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grateful you're thankful the fact that you have a you know good health, that you're able to move around, you're able to interact. The fact that you can log in, you can listen to a reminder you can study you can learn and comprehend. All of these things are things to appreciate. What we're trying to get at brothers and sisters is that when you concentrate from time to time, on the things that you do have, what you are actually saying and telling Allah is that whether you give me more or not, I am happy where I am because of you. And Allah azza wa jal reaffirms in the poor and that the fact that you show that level of contentment, that level of appreciation, Allah blesses you with more and

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more and more. And so this is why you find yourself from time to time, you may have made an intention to buy a house

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house or to live in a certain place, or get married at a certain time or to buy certain things like buy your first brand new car, and you made a plan that this is the way that you're going to do it, you're going to buy one specific type of car. But then when it came time to buy the car, you end up buying something that's much more beautiful, much more luxurious and you yourself, you never thought that you had the ability financially to be able to afford something like that. But things just happen to work out. Every one of us have a story like this, we all have a story where you know, you planned to be a certain place or to go to a certain degree, you planned yourself to be somewhere,

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you planned yourself to make a decision. And this was the goal or the outcome of that decision. But as you journey through that plan, things just worked out completely different. And it was for the better. And all you could say is Alhamdulillah which leads me to another way that we can show our appreciation for all the blessings that Allah gives us. Think about how when we wake up, what's the first thing that we say? And hamdulillah? What's the first thing that we say when we finish eating and hamdulillah? What's the first thing that we recite when we're when we start to pray? Alhamdulillah like, our whole life revolves around just appreciating the wonderful things that we

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have the wonderful blessings that Allah continues to give us. Now here's the point. Here's the next part of the short reminder that I want to share with you. What does appreciation do for a believer? Like, like, the fact that we are a believer, and we practice our religion and we do the things that Allah subhanaw taala wants us to do? Isn't that enough? Like I have to go now out of my way to also show a lot that I appreciate that he gave me a good life, a good place to live, etc, etc. Like what does that do for the believer? First and foremost, it brings you closer to your Creator, you love him more. And when you love Allah, the prophet alayhi salatu was Salam tells us that when you love

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Allah, Allah will love you back. Just the fact that you love Allah subhana wa tada and that love continues to increase Allah's love and appreciation for you continues to increase. And let me tell you, when we have the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is nothing in this world that can hurt us, that can destroy us, that can take away our faith. Sure, we might have moments that are difficult, we might be exposed to certain things that make life a little bit difficult and hard for us. But at the end of the day, you still love Allah, you still appreciate the fact that He exists, that he is your ultimate protector. He's the one that guides you, you don't depend and don't need

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validation from anyone in any place or any time. Because at the end of the day you live for Allah, you leave this world for Allah. And so for the believer, it helps us to increase our love and our connection with our Creator. And also for the believer, the more that you appreciate blessings that Allah gives you, the moral love would want to give you. So the more blessings that you appreciate alleges increases you more and more. And even you you're going to find yourself you're going to be like okay, I don't need that. Or you'll have like you know, some extra money or some extra things around the house, what have you, and then you start giving it away. Because why you're appreciative

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that Alhamdulillah I have all that I need these extra things, I'm going to give it to somebody now that doesn't have them. And that's the third thing that showing and appreciating the blessings of Allah what it causes the believer to do. It causes the believer to share those blessings with others. You want others to feel and to experience and to have some of those blessings as well. So it causes you to become more generous. So for example, the obvious example is that when you are blessed with wealth, and you have you know stability with respect to wealth, when it comes time to donate, you don't hesitate you donate, when it comes time to give you give. And you do this solely because

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Allah blessed you with so much and you want others to share in that blessing. You want others to receive some of that blessing because you know and you understand that if you do that Allah will give you more Allah will give you and bless you with security and contentment in your heart. And so my brothers and sisters with the short reminder in their opinion, Rama hula, one of the things that he mentions in his book is a very beautiful area in the core and suity Brahim where Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us what our comb mean could the man sell to me? What interval do narrow Matala lead to sue her in insane level aluminum Kaffir alarming so Joseph? Tell me quickly Mr. ultimune. I gave

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you everything that you asked for everything that you asked for. You know, it's really interesting, this verse because it almost makes you think that Wait a minute, everything that I asked from Allah. He's all

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already given it to me, Well, I asked for, you know, a new car I asked for she found healing. I asked for something I asked for my you know, for a child, I asked for a husband or a wife, I asked for the opportunity for stability. You and I don't have those things. You mean Allah already gave me those things. So how come I don't have them right now? What this egg is talking about is that Allah azza wa jal has given you all the things that you asked for, but when you will see it when you will experience those things. That's between you and Allah azza wa jal, Allah azza wa jal will decide when is the right time. But the fact that you raise your hands and you ask Allah for something Allah

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reaffirms, you're going to get it be is Neela. But Allah will determine when and Allah will determine how the good thing is you asked for it, and you're going to get it in sha Allah, that's amazing. And then Allah azza wa jal tells us to at least help us understand that. Okay, if you don't see the thing that you asked for now, what internal do narrow Matala letter so just keep in mind, if you were to count all the blessings that Allah gave you, it would be literally impossible when intero do narrow matola letter so you won't even come close to counting all the blessings that you already have. But despite that, you asked for more I will give it to you, but just look around. This

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also happened to the Prophet Arlene slept with silom when we went through the suta elimination replica solder up how that sort of began and why it began that way. This is when the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam was fearing feeling very down and upset because of all the turmoil all of the trouble and the hardship that he had to experience with the metcons but the point is, Allah starts off that sorta didn't I bless you with Islam did not bless you with the ability to stay calm. Didn't I bless you with forgiveness. The point is a list started off with all of these reassurances that look how many blessings I gave you already. That's enough for you to stay strong, to stay hopeful to

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be optimistic, to just hold on to the rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so brothers and sisters, the last thing that I want to share with you is the very end of sorta till hasher. There's a very beautiful set of verses that Allah azza wa jal mentions the most Names of Allah in one section of the quarter, and that's the end of sort of Hashem. It's those verses that start off who Allah who led de la ilaha illa, who, the next day, who will love who led the La La Jolla and the third, who will will love will highly appleberry almost Sowell point is that these three verses, they start off that Allah affirms who he is. But then there are certain names and attributes that are mentioned,

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take some time and go back to that section. And just read some of the names and attributes that Allah highlights in that sorta, and think about why he does that out of 99 names and attributes. Allah chose a selected few to put in the sorta one of them is Elmo. So we're animals. So we're the one who fashioned you designed you. And so yes, they were the next time you look into the mirror, and you see, okay, you don't like the way your nose looks, or the skin color or what have you, you have a mark here, there's a mole growing here, my lips are this way My eyes have this way. Before you do all of that, just pause and look in the mirror, say Alhamdulillah. Because what you see that

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reflection that you see that you have the ability to see that reflection is the design of Allah subhanho wa Taala he designed to that way. So yes, you know, a mother shouldn't when when you when she gives birth to her child be like, I can't believe you only look like your dad. You know, I can't believe your feet are this big look at your toes. How where'd you get that from? Those are not nice things to say. Because Allah isn't will so when he fashion that child that way. You know, I'm not talking about that if you have certain issues that needs to be addressed, you know, like so for example, if you have certain blemishes or certain things that are wrong with you, you know, you need

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medical attention, you need a procedure to be done. We're not talking about those scenarios, we're simply talking about the fact that you're completely healthy and fine, but you're not content with the reflection you see in that mirror. This is not the attitude of a believer. And so those names of Allah that is mentioned at the end of so little hash would help us to at least highlight some of those blessings, and how we can appreciate that with Allah subhanho wa Taala with the intention of receiving his love and his acceptance. And so my brothers and sisters, this is the one video that literally we could sit here for hours and just talk about blessings after blessings after blessings.

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You're you look around in your room, I promise you you'll see several things that you're grateful for and you just sell hamdulillah Allah gave me this, the fact that if you were living in the midst of a pandemic, what if you did not get the quote the COVID virus and May Allah so

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Which will protect you and me from that. But if you did not get it at home today, love millions and millions of people are being infected by this virus, but you haven't hamdulillah for whatever reason Allah spared you and I. And so these are the things when you wake up each and every day, and you start your day with Alhamdulillah, you start your day with prayer, and you continue and you go about your day and you experience and you see certain things. Always remember, the believer that is grateful for love's blessings, is a believer that is loved and accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah so it'll count us from amongst them a lot, I mean, and I just want to show an appreciation

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to a lot, so much for being able to do the series with you. And to be able to spend some time with you. I mean, it's morning time for be here. So I don't know where those of you for where whatever part of the world you are, at what time it is over there, which is the fact that we get a chance to connect this way over a digital device, I'm actually speaking to people from different parts of the world. And to me, like it's a really unbelievable miracle to just think about that. Because the sahabas could never imagine that they could be sitting in their homes in their room and actually connect with or talk to somebody on a different side of the planet, a different part of the world

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where they've never seen or experienced. And so just the fact that we can connect this way, you can see me and I can speak to you and we can connect, we can have a conversation, all of these things, it just goes on and on and on. So I want to ask all of you that in the comments section, I want you to write down one word, that something that you appreciate that Allah has given you. So if you got a child, just say a child, you your appreciate that Allah bless you with a child, good health, strength, something that's really important to you. And just type in one word that you're grateful for that you appreciate. And then shut Allahu taala. When you do that, do that with the intention

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that you want to share that reminder in that blessing with the others that are watching this, and the others that will be on this page. And you do that with the intention of sharing that so that it increases their love and their appreciation for their own blessings that Allah gave them. We all have it. We all have endless amount of blessings. It's just that we have to take the time to just pause for a moment. just disconnect from all the troubles of this world and just reflect so look around you and just say Alhamdulillah next time your kids annoying you at home Did you have them. If you're you know, if your child is involved in a hot arm relationship, I'm dead unless she you know,

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she didn't get pregnant, she still came home to you every night, he still came home, he never ran away from the house and ran away with whoever know he might be doing certain things. They might be making certain decisions, but Alhamdulillah at the end, they still come home and they call you mom or dad. And so those are the things that we should focus on. And what that does is that reinforces strength. Courage, gives you a sense of hope that if Allah subhanaw taala still continues to provide and give me more and perhaps I deserve this and perhaps inshallah it could lead to better things. And so show your gratitude now. So that you don't regret later on. May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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continue to increase us with His blessings. With the ability to appreciate to recognize some of those blessings, we will never be able to recognize all of them, but at least some of them and once we recognize that may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to always in forever be able to show him the gratitude and the appreciation that he deserves from us alone.

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And so take some time in shot Allahu taala today or whenever inshallah to just reflect and talk about with your family with your children, even with yourself. And I promise you be if nilla you'll start to feel that your spirit and your emotion and your your deen your your Islam. It'll start to strengthen and it will start to increase and you'll just feel good about yourself. That's where we want to be. And that's what it will tell you more rahimullah tries to allude to in his beautiful book, Matt larussa, which I'll bless all of you, Melis. panatela continue to increase all of us with His blessings and his mercy lahoma I mean, take care everyone until we meet again, with Salaam

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Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh