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The host of a radio show discusses the importance of learning new things and taking advantage of free time to learn, as it is essential for evoking the culture of Islam. They also discuss the controversial topic of slavery and its impact on the community. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acceptance of Islam and being a Christian, as well as the need for acceptance of women as partners. They provide a list of personalities mentioned in the discussion, including a woman named Maria.

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Mr. Heyman company layerable alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he married, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam is that ironic. ly but I care to psychologically thank you so much for joining us this episode 37 of our CDs have lifted women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And before we begin, just a reminder to myself, and to all of us that are listening, as we enter this December period, or this Christmas holiday period, if you're in the southern hemisphere, it is summertime, it's holiday time the schools are on holiday. And if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, you probably will take some holiday as well. The Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam reminds us that they are two blessings that people in general missed out that most people, we neglect these two blessings, and that is good health and free time, we don't really take up our good health and only use it productively, and they only reflect on our health. In the days when we are ill, when we're sick and that health is gone. And we're not we don't have the strength to do the things that we could have done. Only then do we really appreciate that blessing. And for those who are ill, or those whose health is not perfect at the moment, we ask Allah to grant in full Shiva, we ask Allah to heal all the sick people of the earth. For every disease, there's a cure,

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anyone who is ill should not give up hope they should search for that cure. And ultimately, Allah Subhana Allah is the one that will cure. The second blessing as the Hadith mentions his free time. And now if you're on holiday, if you will, taking a break from work, taking a break from school, you can take this holiday is okay it is permissible to enjoy yourself in a halaal manner, it is good to give your body time to recover and to relax, to you know, lighten your mind to de stress this is all possible. These are all good things. But we also should try and make some use of this free time to do some kind of extra evader that we don't usually get to do. So maybe we don't have the opportunity

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to spend, you know, extra amount of time with liquor or extra amount of time in the masjid or to the site extra Quran. Maybe we never even opened liquid answers and I'll move on now is an opportunity now is an opportunity to show to Allah that yes, I have free time. And I will use even if it's 510 20 minutes extra of my free time for the sake of Allah so that this blessing of free time does not go to waste. And of the best things we can do in this free time is to educate ourselves to learn something new, whether it is to read a book, whether it is to listen to some lectures, if you're going on some road trip, or all the put on some of the lectures. There are so many wonderful lecture

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series on Islam, that you can find Muslim Muslim a fantastic website. It's called have the best speakers on earth some of the best lecture series on earth in the English language, download some of those episodes, listen to them, as you're driving on your holiday. rather listen to that then something which is not permissible. You would benefit and and hamdulillah I guarantee you will enjoy yourself. So try to make some benefit in this free time I speak to myself first. I'm also Alhamdulillah on holiday. Some people even asked me when we continue with our CDs, you know the women that are on the messenger because people are not listening to it. We don't want

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to stop for the sake of holidays. Because even though we take holiday from work, we take holiday from school. We never take holiday from Islam. We never take holiday from our Deen. And in fact, we should exert ourselves a little bit more in holiday and free time for the sake of evader because when we are busy our excuses, we can't listen to lectures. We can't read books. We can't do that extra Ibarra because we busy at work. Now when it's holiday, we should not prioritize our fun over ubeda every single blessing will be asked about every single blessing we have, we will have to answer for this. And if we say yeah Allah, even though I had the entire day off, I didn't have work

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or school. And in that I spent five minutes extra in the masjid. I never used to go, you know, I never expected much going on during the week. Now that it's holiday. I've been excited one extra page and hamdulillah you can say Allah, let's make a photo. That is my excuse. I've had my holiday. That's the extra bit I've done and inshallah we hope Allah subhanaw taala except from us. So we will continue the series if Allah permits through the holiday period, and we hope that you will continue listening to it as well while hamdulillah in our last episode, Episode 36 we completed the discussion around our mother, Sophia rhodiola. And her mother Sophia, who we said was from a Jewish

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background, the only wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, or came from the bunnies that are in background. And of course her father, being one of the most vile opponents to Islam and ultimately, our mother embraced Islam and she got the double reward as Allah mentions, the Adam Kitab the People of the Book, if they embrace Islam, and they get the reward of being a Jew or a Christian and they get the reward of being a Muslim mega who would so she's of this category will hamdulillah and with the completion of our mother Sophia

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And her story we now have discussed over these 36 episodes, teen personalities, teen mothers, and I hope by now that you we as we always do, we go through the list of personalities. And if you follow the series I hope by now you would know these names and you also know who these women were, and I hope that you've built a relationship with with them. Of course as Allah says, These are mothers, our dear beloved mothers so we should know who they are. So let's go through the list. We started number one, Khadija number two soda number three Ayesha, number four hafsa. Number five z never been to hoceima number six on selama number seven, Xena vintage ash. Number eight jewelry. Yeah. Number

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nine, Habiba and number 10, Sophia, and that therefore leaves us to more personalities, the total personalities we'll discuss would be 12. So we have two more left. And we will start with Maria and kipia. Mother, Maria, the Coptic lady. And number 12 will be maimunah insha. Allah. I'm Anna Maria. Tia as you can hear as the name is Maria, the Coptic lady, she was from the Coptic origin, very, very controversial personality and a number of issues surrounding this discussion in this discussion with her will speak about slavery, because she began as a slave initially, she was a slave and mean, beyond just slavery, the issue of concubines the issue of actually cohabiting having sexual

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relationship with a slave. What does Islam say about slavery? What does Islam say about sleeping with your slave? And then, of course, also, these are debates whether our mother Maria was, in fact, a wife of the Prophet salam to begin with, or was she always a concubine? Was she just a slave woman the Prophet Solomon had intercourse with. And this is a very, very sensitive topic, even though even though it is no longer relevant, because Alhamdulillah by the decree of Allah, slavery has come to an end, and no one looks to bring it back. No alum on Earth has says we should bring slavery back into something which Allah had never legislated. And it's something which has gone on hamdulillah.

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But we need to discuss these matters because we find in the Quran, Allah mentions that one may cohabit with your wives and with those who your right hand possesses, and these are the slave women, so we'll talk about this very controversial issues. But before we get there, let's begin the story around a mother Maria. So mother, Maria electricty, yeah, she's Maria, the Coptic lady. She's the only wife of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam who was not born in Arabia, all his other wives were born in Arabia. In fact, most of them, all of them were born in Makkah, with the exception of God and Sophia, you'd find all of them were actually from Makkah and from the Quran. Amanda Maria was

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actually born in Egypt, and the Coptic people of Egypt. They have been there for many, many 1000s of years or many centuries. And, in fact, they predate Islam. So this community that it's a branch of Christianity, the Coptic church, they've been the from the earliest days of Christianity, they've been in Egypt. And until today, you have more than 10 million Coptic Christians in Egypt. It's another evidence to say, in the Muslims, the Sahaba came to Egypt. They did not impose Islam on this community, this community was invited to Islam. They never accepted Islam. And until today, many of them have not accepted Islam Al Hamdulillah. You know, we leave them the Sharia has left them in

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peace, they are allowed to practice their religion, we invite them to Islam if they accept and that is for their own benefit, if they reject it, and that's between them and Allah. But we do not impose Islam upon anyone that could have been so this is one of the clearest examples that Islam does not spread by the sword, the fact that there's a Coptic people still today in Egypt. This is something to take note of. So Amanda, Maria came from these people. Her father was a Coptic man, her mother was actually a Greek woman. She was born in Egypt. The family was a well, from high society, high class people, very, very deeply religious, and very connected with the Coptic church. And at that

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time, in fact, Egypt was ruled by the Coptic church so that what we call them call costs, or the patriarch the patriarch is like maybe in our terms, the Grand Mufti or the Pope, the Pope of the Coptic church. He was the guy that ruled Egypt. So they didn't have a president waking that although the Pope of the church was in charge of Egypt, and many of the high society the aristocrats of Egypt, they were aligned with the church. So there was power, we know the church had a lot of power as well. So her family, they will be connected to the church and what they did. So behind all these people, they actually donated the children to the church. So Maria's parents gave her and her sister

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so my sister called CD and Maria and CD and they were two sisters. The parents donated them to the church and they said, You're a priest or macoco cos you can take our daughters as slaves and they will serve they belong to the church. So also understand the issue of slavery at that time was universal that you

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Christians, even the Muslims, yes. And we'll talk about this slavery existed at that time. And yeah, these parents actually gave the kids as donations to the church and the church owned them. You could do whatever you want with them. You can use them, you can sell them you can, and we'll see in fact that they were given away as a gift. And that's how she becomes into the church. So she was given as a young girl she and his sister Maria and Syrian, they were donated to the church. And so how can we find something similar? In the story of our of Nabhi? He says mother, Maria manisa salaam. So if we remember the story of Nabhi Isa, he's grandmother Miriam's mother Louise's grandmother. And in this

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time that Nativity discussion when people talk about the birth of babies at this time, of course, there's no evidence that nobody's was born on the 25th of December. But I mean, if we look at our from the Quranic perspective, what a wonderful story about something we should share with our Christian friends and neighbors that you know, the person that he says mentioned in so much detail, the buffering the basal cell numbers I've mentioned in the Quran, but the birth of si so mentioned not only him but his mother, Miriam, and his grandmother is mentioned in the Quran. So now he says grandmother, she, you know, may do all that, yeah, Allah give me a child, and she hoped it was going

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to be a boy, she believed it was going to be a boy. And she says, Yeah, Allah will give me this boy. And when her belly became big, she said, This boy that's in my tummy. I will donate him to the synagogue or to the temple, I will give him to you he will be in your service. And of course, when she gave birth, you found it to go, and she named her mighty M. But still mighty M was the property in inverted commas of the of the Temple of the masjid in Ibiza Korea. He looked after and she was there. And of course Allah was selected to be the mother of an abbey he said the Messiah, may Allah be pleased with him, my peace and Salaam be upon them as mine. So something similar. Maria and her

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sister were donated to the the Church of the Coptic Church of Egypt. Now she received in a very good education, the church was obviously also the most powerful and most advanced facility at that time or organization at that time. So she was very cultured, she was well trained, and she was must have been, from what we will come to know extremely, extremely beautiful woman with exotic features from from an edit perspective. She was something that looked quite spectacular when people saw her. You know, they were mesmerized by the way she looked and her sister seen to that matter. So how does she become How does she go from Egypt to Medina and become the wife of the prophet SAW Selim? Well, six,

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seven years into the message and the preaching of the last six years after the era, the prophets are seldom into the treaty with the Quran, the Quran and the Prophet we know that there was war between Mecca and Medina, eventually after the Battle of the trench. Now we spoke about the Battle of the trench a few few episodes ago, when liquidation realized off of the back of the trench, the profits is from this point on, we will no longer be on the defensive but we are now on the offensive now, the power has shifted to Medina. Now the Muslims have the momentum the kurush they tried everything and they lost so the momentum is what the Muslims so when this when the power began to shift to

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Medina, the Qureshi had no option but to enter into a peace agreement with the Prophet sallahu wa Salaam. So Habiba Amata Rama Haddad Abu sufian, he was still the arch enemy of Islam. He enters into an agreement of peace with the prophet SAW Selim school, the Treaty of who they be a wonderful, wonderful chapter in Islam. And when this happens now, with a Qureshi recognizing the prophets of Salaam as a leader, he now has, you know, a reputation in Arabia. He's seen now as a major political figure. He's seen now as a key person in Arabia. In fact, at this point, he's probably the most powerful man in Arabia. Of course, from a non Muslim perspective, he's a king, or he's a ruler, and

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he's a political heavyweight in Arabia. So his fame becomes well known even outside of Arabia, and the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, once he has sort of come to terms and is at peace with the internal enemies of Arabia. He now looks outside of Arabia, and he sends letters to the kings and the rulers of the world. He sends a letter to the emperor of Persia, inviting him to Islam, the letter to the emperor of Rome with a Byzantine kingdom. heraclius. He sends a letter to him and the prophets and sends a letter to Morocco, cos, the hate of Egypt, so the ruler of Egypt, the Coptic Pope, his name was Cyrus voudrais story. His Arabic name in English is called Cyrus, the macoco. So the patriarch

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of Alexandria, the prophets of Salaam writes him a letter, inviting him to Islam, and these letters and hamdulillah. Until today, these letters have been preserved, and we know exactly what the prophet SAW Selim said to them. So when the Prophet invited the emperor of Persia, invited him to Islam, he was extremely arrogant, he tore up the letter, and I will show the Arab What does he think, calling me to his religion. And when the Prophet seldom heard that promises, because of his elegance, Allah will tee up His kingdom as he took my letter. And voila, he at that time, the Persian Empire was perhaps the most powerful empire on Earth.

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For over almost 2000 years, but within 10 years from that moment his entire Empire crumbled, never to come back. The Persian Empire never recovered from that within 10 years behind Allah as a prophet, he will be the last of his people. And as a curse on him because of the way he treated that later. As for the emperor of the Byzantines, the Roman Emperor heraclius, very interesting story. When he receives the letter, Abu sufian happened to be in Syria, he brought him and he said, I got this letter from Mohammed, what do you say about him? And Abu sufian tells us a story. He says, at that point, he realized how prominent The problem was. At that point, he realized that even the

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Romans know about this man. And he had to tell the truth. Abu sufian asked him questions like, who embraces the religion, the rich of the poor and the poor? He asked Abu sufian those who enter his religion do they leave, they become more attached. Abu sufian says No, none of them when they go, they never come back then the emperor of Rome actually says to Abu sufian, at this man, we are also looking and waiting, we Christians are also waiting for final prophet. And if I was you, if I were in Arabia, now I would actually wash his feet, because this is the Prophet that was also predicted, but the king of Rome, he would not leave his kingdom. So he remained on his religion. That was his

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fate, as for the emperor of Egypt, and Morocco costs, so he receives this later and the prophets of Salaam says to him, I greet you in the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the most magnificent, that peace be upon the one who accepts the religion of Allah. And then if you accept Oh, joy, oh, Cyrus, if you accept this religion, then you will have a double reward not just that you've been a Christian, and you believe in Allah and now you accept Islam, you will also be the means that all your people embrace Islam. But if you reject, if you reject this thing, then the sun is upon you and the sin of your people. And then the proper number of the verses from the Quran. Allah says kuliah

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Africa Tabitha, Allah, Allah collimate, in Salah in vain and Elena come and land in La la la, you should be sure that Allah tells us when we speak to the Jews and the Christians. Allah says, when we speak to them, we should say, let us come to a common word between us. Let's not talk about the job. And we talk about NACA, and let's go into the side issues. Let's talk about the most important issue. And what is the number one issue that we worship? None besides a lot of Oh, Christians or Jews, you and as we all agree, we are all from NaVi Ibrahim alayhis salam, our religions or Abrahamic religions. What was the the teachings of Ibrahim, that he is only one creator, one

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controller and Sustainer of the universities, none besides Him that has power, so let's worship Him alone. And let's not commit initially with him, let's not go to Jesus, or to saints or comets, or only out anything besides Allah. Let's worship a lot alone. Let's first agree to that. If we agree to that, well, hamdulillah then we can start talking about the rest of it. The prophets for number ISIS in the later July was Cyrus, he gets the letter, and he being a man of religion, being an educated Christian, he also knows Look, this is the teachings of the Gambia. This is the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Prophet coming and the signs as illumination in the Quran. Look it up. They

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recognize the prophets of Salaam snuba, the Jews recognized him, the Christians recognize them. In fact, we mentioned this before the Chief Rabbi of Medina, of the Lebanon center, he was the number one that I buy when he met the Prophet for lamb. He said, This man is a prophet, and we sit Sophia is dead. And Sophia is dead, who I also recognize as a prophet. So God understands that this man is a prophet, and that Islam, this is the correct way. But of course, if you embrace Islam, he's gonna lose his position. He can no longer be the head of the church, and he possibly you might even die. So what does he do? He writes back to the prophets of Salaam and he says, you know, Mohammed, we

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received your letter, and we have taken great care. I've honored your letter, I mean, I'm showing great amount of respect. I've taken your letter and I've put it in a in a very special box, that we are also waiting for a profit. And we also are looking forward to the coming of a profit. We thought perhaps he will not be we didn't think you come from Arabia, but we taking this under consideration, and we respect you and we admire you. And here as a token of our admiration, I have seen a lot of gifts so he sent clothing. He sent money, gold and silver. He sent perfumes he said medicines and herbs. He sent even a donkey and this donkey is very famous as the prophets donkeys names don't do

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as his name. The prophets camels name was crosswalk crosswalk, and his donkey don't do actually came as a gift from the king of Egypt or the patriarch of Egypt. And in addition to that, he says, oh, Mohammed, I've seen you two amazing slave girls, two sisters, Mariya and seen so these Remember we said these two sisters were donated to the church. They were at the service the church owned them and had a lot of churches yet What do you take them as gifts, so they will be extremely well looking women and well educated

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Very talented women, and they were given as a gift to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the prophets of Allah received the letter. And he's not really impressed with the gifts. This wasn't the issue a prophet, some didn't write a letter so you can get gifts or recognition. So prophecy Salaam says to the Sahaba, this man because he rejected Islam, the serious, he will be the last of his kingdom, meaning that he's the last man who Egypt after that Islam, little Egypt. And in fact, as we sit within five years, five or seven years after the Satan or the alarm when he becomes the halifa, the Muslims will enter into Egypt and Egypt until today we know is a Muslim country. And that man

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serious wrote that letter, as the Prophet of the city. He'll be the last of his people to note Egypt. He was in fact, the last. And then Professor Walters is because he acted with respect because he acted with a degree of decency, Allah will not he will not be humiliated sort of in the dunya, as the emperor of Persia is going to be humiliated. In fact, the emperor of Persia, his own son killed him spinal, his own son locked him up. And he started with Oh, as Sam mentioned, his son basically use them photography practice with an arrow spinal, what a horrible ending for that man, because of his disrespect to the letter of a lot of the prophets are silent. So these gifts come to the Prophet

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Allah, He distributes all the gold and silver to the Sahaba. He keeps the donkey, the donkey of the porcelain. And of course he has now these two women, they're not sisters, he can't keep as is the rule and we'll come to know the rules pertaining to slaves. You can't have two sisters as your slaves as your concubines. So the professor lamp keeps Maria for himself. And he gives her in, you know, who would you like to be with? And so she Mary started to be the case, or the Hassani beneath Abu Hassan even if having the power to the person and he was a poet. He was the number one poet and he married the city, you know, city in befell to him. And the professor Lam sends back the Masons

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and he says my sooner is a better medicine than your mittens. The remedies that I give is even better in your medicines. And this was returned to the Lima caucus. So this opens a number of questions. The enemy accepts a slave woman, and there will be a relationship between them. What does Islam say about slavery? And more controversially, and more sensitive? What does Islam say about concubines slave women? Who we cohabitate as I said, is not an issue that is prevalent today. And you shall it should be in that there should be no such thing as slaves on Earth. But how does Islam respond to this question? And that will be our discussion in our next episode in sha Allah, please

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join us. Thank you so much for any questions and concerns. anything you'd like to add? Please email me with [email protected] sokola Haider, thank you so much. If you're on holiday, please drive safely and have a wonderful period in sha Allah Salallahu Salam Alaikum