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The host discusses the personality of the mother of the series, who is the only wife of the Prophet sallam. They emphasize the importance of marriage in Islam, which is a partnership that brings closer to Islam. The speakers also address the issue of marriage, including the restriction of sex between Muslims and non-immigrats, and the importance of privacy in relationships. They emphasize the need for women to be given the power to join Islam and not take advantage of the opportunity to become powerful.

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Hello man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi mousseline Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. To sokola. Hey, thank you so much for joining us. This episode 36 of our CDs, the blessing women around the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Al Hamdulillah. Over the last few episodes, we completed the biography of our mother, Sophia, Sophia, the daughter of God. And we have now completed 10 personalities 10 of our Blizzard mothers, the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is a quick run through the list of the

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names that we've done so far. We've mentioned number one on motherhood IJA number two, so that number three, our mother Ayesha number four, now Mother hafsa, number five, a mother Xena beat the Hosea number six ohms selama. Number seven, Xena vintage ash number eight to area number nine, Habiba Rama BTOB sofian. And then, of course, number 10, mother, Sophia. So we've mentioned these 10 blizard, wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and we have two personalities to continue our mother Maria, and Katia and maimunah. But before we move on to the next personality in our series, a couple of issues and questions came up during our discussion on our mother, Sophia, if we remember

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we said our mother Sophia was the only wife of the Prophet sallahu wa salam that came from a Jewish background. And of course, throughout the seal of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and in the Quran, we find certain tensions with regards to the atom keytab and the yahood, in particular, and certain matters needs to be clarified. And we see very clearly that Islam is not anti semitic, we do not we do not condemn a race of people based on the sins of their predecessors. And we do not hold any specific person based on a belief, we do not discriminate against them based on the belief or other what we saw happen to hate, for example, and what we saw happen to the bunnies are ill was because

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of the sins of those people that they did at the time. And very clearly, as I mentioned, in Medina, we had a number of Jewish tribes in Medina, and each one was expelled when they committed a certain crime, the prophets Allah did not punish all the Jews, because one tribe had transgressed, we should be very, very clear for us as Muslims, we have no anti semitism with us. In fact, Hannah law, as we mentioned before, and as we know, very clearly in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala explicitly says that it's helpful for a Muslim man to marry a Jewish and a Christian woman, how then can we be in a perpetual state of animosity or perpetual state of jihad, as some people have said, with the people

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tab, if in fact that you can marry a woman that is a Jew or a Christian, and that the Sharia when it speaks about her husband, being kind and loving and gentle to his wife, Sharia does not say his Muslim wife, rather, it is his wife, whether she's a Muslim, or ketki tabea, which is, of course, permissible. So this must be very, very clearly understood that Islam is not anti semitic in the least. And if we look at the history of the relationship between Muslims and other religions, and particularly the Jews and the Christians, you would find that for example, in Saint Omer, many, many years later, when he is opens, and he brings liberty and he flees Jerusalem and conquers Jerusalem

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from the Romans, you would find that the city of Jerusalem at that time, something we don't know, the city of Jerusalem at the time of St. Norman, was controlled by the Christians, the Roman Byzantine rulers were Christian. And in fact, they had expelled every single Jew from Jerusalem. So there were no Jewish people living in Jerusalem. And when the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, Satan Amato deal and one of the things he did was he opened Jerusalem up and he allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem. And he said that the the holy places of the Christians will remain for them. So all the churches that were in Palestine, all the churches, that was holy, to the Christians, they still

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need today. Why? Because for over 1200 years, and the Islamic law, we allow them to remain, the sacred places of the Jews was left with him and kept as sacred. In fact, when say normal comes to Jerusalem, the arch priest, the head priest of Jerusalem, he said to say normal, why didn't you pay here in our church, as they normally said, No, I don't want to play in your church, because I don't want later generations to take your church as a Masjid. Rather, we will build our own Masjid so that our holy places will not interrupt in your holy places. It's well known amongst the mothership, that if a man for example, marries a Jewish woman, a Christian woman, then as part of her rights is that

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she is allowed to practice her religion freely.

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course as from the side of a husband, it is encouraged to him and required of him to give her the power to encourage her to come and embrace Islam. But if she wishes to continue on her faith, then the Sharia fully allows her to do that. So this kind of understanding and this kind of forward thinking this from the Sharia, we should not miss understand this. And we should not take what see in the books of, of the Sierra and the ayat of the Quran. They were revealed for very specific people. For example, you might read the translations of the bunnies throw him to Nabi Musa alayhis salaam, and they were punished for those sins. Yes, that was one group of bunnies. But similarly,

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other groups of bunnies are like the generation of USIA who eventually conquered Palestine once again, and we see the generation of Nevada would the generation of Debbie Suleiman. So we find different generations and Allah subhanho wa Taala, as we know very clearly in the Quran, does not hold one group of people accountable for the sins of the forefathers, we do not be the burdens of the sins of our fathers, nor will our fathers be our sins. This is a very important, important matter for us to to consider. The next question that very clearly comes up when we talk about the LM keytab. Is the matter of a Muslim man marrying a Jewish Christian woman. Is this permissible? And

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why is it permissible only for the main why not for the ladies? So a number of questions around this issue. So when we talk about marriage, we should understand that from an Islamic perspective, the most important reason why we get married as we find many, many times when the Prophet Solomon says the best woman is the woman that is the woman of Deen, this is the best if you want the greatest treasure of this dunya is a woman of religion. And similarly, the base man is the man that is, you know, he's good to his wives and he practices his religion. So our managers, yes, we get married for a number of reasons we get married for comfort and love and financial security. But above all of

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those things, marriage should be a partnership that brings us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore we should find that partner that will be the base for our Deen, this would be our primary reason. So it only makes sense when we marry someone who should marry someone of the deen. And so initially or rather, the default we could say, the default rule of the Sharia is that a Muslim should seek out another Muslim in marriage, both for the men and for the ladies. And Allah subhanho wa Taala sees this very clearly in Surah Baqarah surah number two verse two to one, Allah Subhana Allah says, and do not marry says to the men, or Muslim men do not marry the mushy cat, the female

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mochica the female, an unbeliever do not marry her. And indeed a slave woman that is a believer, a Muslim woman that is a slave, she is better than a mochica even though this woman might be amazing, may please you. So you find for example, in our context, you might find someone very wealthy, someone very beautiful. And then you might find someone that doesn't come from such a doesn't look beautiful, might not have all the glitz and glamour. But she's a believer, Allah saying that this person that is way better for you than someone that is not connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he then Allah continues, so Allah says to the men, don't marry a missionary carozza marry the

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believing woman, Mina, and even law continues and says to us, and we as men should not give our daughters in marriage to a mechanic, a non believing man, and even a slave man, no matter who he is, what position he has, if he's a believer, then he is better for her better that you give your daughters to such a person that is a believer, even though this non believer might be amazing, he might, he might dazzle you with his dunya successes, but rather, the thing that we should be looking for is a man. And then Allah continues and says these, those are the ones that invite you to the fire, that ultimately they will encourage you to work against Islam. And Allah invites you to Jenna

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and forgiveness through His mercy. So we see that this is the default that believers should marry believers that the Muslim should marry the Muslim This is the the default. But of course Allah subhana wa Taala had made an exception Allah had made an exception in Surah matita, where Allah Subhana Allah says that the food of the food that is slaughtered correctly and of course not including any pork and these kind of things, the food is halal for us to eat. And also Allah says, and lawful to you in marriage or chaste women are not good women chase women, from the believers and chaste women from those who are given the Scripture that don't get out. So this ayah clearly says

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that it is permissible for a Muslim man to marry a kitabi. Yeah, a woman that is from the Ankita book, which means the Jews and the Christians. So a number of questions now.

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Come about first question is, as some would say, do the current Jews and Christians of today? Do they meet the criteria of Adam keytab? Does this still apply in our daily time? Is this Ankita? Number two, one might ask, why is it that it's permissible for the men and not for the latest Muslim women to marry?

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Is this not an unfair, kind of ruling the Sharia? So let's tackle the first issue the issue of all the current Jews and Christians regardless Ankita so you find throughout the Quran, when Allah speaks about the Jews and the Christians, he refers to them, the people of the book are the people who are given scriptures. Now we know that originally, Allah subhana wa Taala has revealed the Torah and the Injeel. And in its original form, and those who believed in it, in fact, they are not Adam keytab, they are actually Muslims, they are believers. And on top of that, of course, they are from the oma of the NBA that came from the time but they are regarded as the meaning then as time went by

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the allameh, the rabbis, the priests, they change the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala is what the Quran mentions to us. And certain beliefs which were no longer compatible with Islam came into the theology, for example, the Trinity for example, worshiping others besides Allah, Allah will according Allah has a son. So these beliefs became added into into the scriptures. So in the time of the prophets also lamp these additions were they already we already found the Trinity in Christianity, we already found that the the woodwork, were waging war against killing some Gambia and of course rejecting the Prophet sallallahu Sallam rejecting the Quran. So these, these problems

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were already they during the time of genovesa Salim, and still Allah subhanho data, the first thing to get out, and still Allah allows the Muslim men to marry these women. So if we look at the current Jews and Christians, the beliefs, by and large, is still very similar to the Jews and Christians of the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the things which are incompatible with Islam. It was the 1500 years ago as it is they now every for the vast majority of the scholars in the contemporary world today, they have seen it is permissible for a man, a Muslim man, to marry a Jewish or Christian woman is permissible. Also, it must be very, very understood, very clearly understood. The

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Quran doesn't just say the key tabea it says the Messiah, not a good, chaste woman from the aggregate up and in fact, Allah says, the Messiah, not of the believers, so not just any Muslim woman, rather a chaste, good woman. So a practicing woman, it might be argued that a person who does not practice a Christian faith, she does not practice her Jewish faith might be excluded from this, if she's not practicing her religion, then this might be a problem. While it is permissible, of course, every scholar will agree that it is not in the best interest for a Muslim men to choose a key tabea over a Muslim woman as Allah said, it's best for you to have a partner who's going to wake

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you up for a partner who's going to fast with you, a partner who's going to save with you, and go on Hajj, who's gonna raise your children in a way that will remind them of Allah subhanho wa Taala? Or are they now becomes your responsibility to ensure that Islamic environment is in your house. So while it is permissible, it is perhaps not encouraged in that sense. So this is permissible in Islam. The second thing that we need to add to this, you might find for us here, particularly in Cape Town, the amount of Cape Town Yeah, I have taken it sort of as a as a precaution, and have said that they will not endorse a marriage between a Muslim man and a Jewish or a Christian woman. This

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is the agreement amongst the Ummah, and it is permissible in the Sharia, for scholars to look at the situation of the community. So they look at the community, and it's allowed for them to put certain restrictions, if it's in the interests of the community, we find many, many examples like this, from the time of the Sahaba infects a number of your line. In fact, he forbids certain Sahaba from marrying just any other woman and he would say to them, that you are the Sahaba You are the ones that people look at for leadership, you need to choose appropriate kind of partners. You can't just choose anybody. So these precedents in this thing, and we see the wisdom from the orlimar. While at

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the same time, if someone does marry a Jewish woman or a Christian woman, this Mika is 100% valid, it's 100% possible it's not the Xena in any way. But of course the allameh no one can force you to put or officiate and no one can force shift so and so you must perform the nikka this of course at the discretion of the Imam and they have said that look, many times these marriages perhaps the problem lies with a Muslim man. It's not so much the non Muslim woman. The Muslim man does not know his religion. The Muslim man is not practicing Islam. The Muslim man is not setting a good example. And in fact, sometimes he is the reason why he

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His wife will never embrace Islam because he sees from him all the wrong things. And if these marriages don't succeed, and many times they don't, the kids usually go with the mother, the sister, we know from our South African legal context, the kids will end up with a mother. And therefore those kids will only then be exposed to, to her side, her religion, and this has been a problem. So I have seen in the context of our community, it is not encouraged. Also, we find that another side thing Yeah, many, many Muslim women, wonderful girls, looking for husbands. And these we should not prefer women outside of Islam, we should rather make sure that our sisters are married, and that

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this is best for the man and for the wife, what hamdulillah? Now the question one might ask, Well, why does the Sharia allow a Muslim man to marry a Jewish and Christian woman? What about the Hindu? What about the atheists? What about a woman who is not from these three religions? this restriction is very clear. So the idea is clear in what it permits and what it does not permit. And we as Muslims, we accept the injunctions of Allah, some scholars and can we can ask why why is this law the well, we accept the law, we can ask Allah, why what's the difference between a Hindu and a Christian? What's the difference between a Buddhist and a Jew? There's a big difference, the keytab

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of course, the theology and the philosophy is very, very close to Islam, the MBL, which they still believe in, in Moses, they believe in Abraham, they believe in the angels, many, many, many aspects of theology is similar to our religion. So we could almost say that they are sister religions to Islam. We as the other faiths are very far out. In fact, these three religions are still today regarded as the Abrahamic faiths, the feasts that come from NaVi Ibrahim, and on that basis, Islam has seen that the level of compatibility is for a man who is to marry a Christian woman, that the difference is not that big, and inshallah things may still work out. It also, as we began when we

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said that there is no religion on earth that resembles Islam more in terms of its theology, in terms of its rules than Judaism. So the Jewish faith is very similar to Islam. in many regards, even today, you would find when a meal is kosher, usually it's also halal, that a Jewish person will eat from what is halal and a Muslim person will eat from what is kosher, many things which are Haram in the halaqa. As we say, Sharia we will, you know, it's very similar to what is haram in our Sharia, this this compatibility between Islam and Judaism? So Allah has made it permissible, and a lot, of course, knows best. The next and the last question, and we'll end up with this. Why can a Muslim man

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marry these women? But for the Muslim woman, she's not allowed to marry a non Muslim man? Is this not unfair? You know, once again, as we said, this is the ruling from the Sharia and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best, but something to think about. We shouldn't be asking it in that way as to say, Why are the women limited? It just shows that there's a degree of maybe dissatisfaction if we could say, rather, we should, you know, the question should be said, Why does the Sharia allow this for the men? Why does the Sharia put men in a potentially dangerous position, we should say is this perhaps, why does the Sharia even are permitted isn't we shouldn't allow make it Halong altogether.

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And we did say the default is that a Muslim should marry a Muslim, this is a default from the Sharia. But what the Sharia has made a concession, what certain restrictions and conditions the Muslim men if he marries the non Muslim woman, he's a man he's taqwa will force him that he should look after this woman in the best of manners, and you should allow her to practice her image and so, I will show you how it tells the husband, you must allow your Jewish and Christian woman to practice her religion. Now, if the Muslim woman marries the non Muslim man will use a HELOC and his religion allow similarly for our sisters to practice a religion, perhaps not. So we have this concept in the

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Sharia called the valley. The valley is the person who is responsible to ensure the rights of a woman is seen to the wedding is the to protect her is her maintainer, and the woman when she gets married when he becomes her husband. So we say that a Muslim man will always protect his wife or he should do so whether she's Muslim or non Muslim. If the Muslim woman moves and marries the non Muslim men, a father is no longer Hawaii, we asked would these men outside of the faith, give her the full rights allows you to practice religion fully and completely, and in many cases, this might not be the case. So then she puts herself in a very vulnerable position, she puts herself in a

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position where we can no longer ensure her rights and therefore, the Sharia prevents this for the fact that it might cause greater harm also, the other you know, this is something open to interpretation discussion, some have seen in the past that look, usually the family follows the religion. The husband is some, you know, debate about that many times. In fact, they follow the religion of them.

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Other the strongest view and allow animal Windows based is that as we see that the Muslim man will always maintain a level of key and etiquette with regards to his wife, whether she's a Muslim or non Muslim, which is good to embed to him, he has to maintain this level of luck with her, because he Sharia forces him to do so. Whereas the woman that is outside of the religion, and she marries a man that does not is not governed by the same rules, would he give her those rights of the Sharia is very dangerous, and something very difficult to say. And also remember, this is laws that were set down 1500 years ago, when there were no courts, and there was no police, where there was no such

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thing where you could complain about the husband that abuses you. So we say, for the love and safety of our daughters and our sisters, send them to a man that does not subscribe the same level of a HELOC and goodness in terms of what the Sharia has laid down. And these are just inshallah, things that we can we can think about. And ultimately we said, and we are in love with this point, that we as Muslims, those of us who say la ilaha illAllah, we accept whatever is in the Quran, and the sooner we understand it, or we don't understand it, we accept it. Why do we do it? The answer is we do it because Allah said, so we do it because we said so. So that's why we do it. What's the wisdom

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behind it? Then we can discuss and debate and we can apply our thinking and our intellect and there are many, many possible answers to these questions. But ultimately, the answer is with Allah and Allah knows best. Thank you so much as I say for any questions and concerns coming to wisdom harmony Please join us next week for our next installment design episode. I want a compartmentalize obrigado