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mashallah Salam aleikum guys mashallah, I'm so happy to be seated here. Beautiful place here we're in London with a machete and the brothers and

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I'm happy to be attending and participating in some of the

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beautiful work that's happening hammer Shala Baraka so with us is Wiley Brahim Shabaka zoo, the Amon mashallah Tabarrok Allah

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we just went to one event that was National Work events where I delivered a little talk about the connecting of the OMA

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how we should be humbler But

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Shiva is your first time in the UK tell us more about how you felt and coming here law 100 So glad actually my highlight so far is meeting people that I loved for the sake of Allah way before I even come to me

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and that another Minkee brother masala she had no language of a buck reserved masala Allah Allah I love you guys a lot and La Akbar the man that reminds me of me

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thank you so much. Thanks. I was saying she had none How was your trip been so far? Mashallah. Hamdi. Love it. My first time coming here in December meeting. So because it's my first time actually attending your motivational event and my first time I didn't like to call

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this the first time to attend lectures for you outside. Oh, wow.

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Obviously, I'm glad we've been on the road with a man we've had the mosquito. It's been amazing. I've learned a lot from him a lot from all the machete who've been around a lot from the people who attended. It was lovely seeing the youth around. And Alhamdulillah I look forward to learning more from all the mache who Yeah, our seniors, our teachers, etc. Along

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with me just to put things into perspective. As you know, my family is all from here basically, the bulk of my family so my wife, my kids, a lot of them, some of them even live here. So I come quite often. And

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what is what happens is, wherever I go, if I go to a masjid, they'll ask me to lead the salah. If I they'll ask me to say a few words. If I if I my kids want to go for a program. And as I entered it's no shame you have to speak and because of the profile, sometimes you have to let them know that I'm coming to this place. So when you let them know they'll advertise it. Oh, sure. I mean, he's coming you know, he's gonna say a few words sometimes without even asking you and sometimes asking you so it's it's amazing. So as much as sometimes you think this is of the minx event, but I'm just a guest at my own event you know, it's an event that now became mine simply because I wanted to attend it so

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that's why I sit and listen to while Ibrahim Abu Bakr zone a few A man doesn't like me to say this, but you know, we sit and listen sometimes to what they have to say because the new generation they know more about how gangsters operate and all of that, Mashallah. So it's a good thing. And they give all the kids a lot of good words, Sheikh Abu Bakr, you've been here before? Yes, okay. We about two months ago, oh Allah. About two months ago, we had an event

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mashallah, it was a conference about the journey of the soul. So that was my first time here. I spent about 10 days. And this is the second time Yeah, that's a lot of Muslims here. Mashallah. And there's a lot of people keen on the deen even from among the non Muslims. And, you know, what's a good thing for them to see inside the circle of Muslims? How exactly the Muslims behave, and so on. A lot of the times you have people from outside who hate on Islam, and they present,

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you know, confusions and sometimes they, they literally tell lies at times about what the Muslims are like. So when you come within, and you listen, oh, this is a Muslim event, a lot of non Muslims come to some of these events. And so it's a good opportunity for them to see from the inside. But after you aim and tell us tell us about the Tao and how it works and tell us about the young people and

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they face spinner hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala for first and foremost, Allah is a great pleasure to be amongst the Musharraf and there's a lot to learn. But to be honest, there is a there is a gap that is being lost between the youngsters and the machine. And I'm not trying to be that middle person. But the reality is, I believe the machine ain't given the opportunity or even the time and effort into the youngsters and I feel like this why they're going straight. And it is Islam as the only religion that means different cultures, different races, and different people of knowledge.

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Based on the level, all together the same room Allah does based on character. I always say that never underestimate the input of a person who's calling towards Allah. Not everyone's on the same level, not everyone is aiming at a different at the same category. So there are people I've seen, who are scholars who feel threatened when someone comes maybe with concentrating on a different subject, a different type of approach and so on. They feel threatened and they start, you know, hurting and hating. I mean, it's happened to you, it's happened to me, it's happened to a lot of us here. They don't see the importance like for example, brother, while Ibrahim you know, he

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specializes in pornography. Sorry.

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I mean, he specializes in addictions, you know,

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he knows between us we always tease each other brother, you know what, it's extremely good man. You know, no, look at that topic is very important. I love him to be with me because while I tackle something, he tackles a different thing. And Abu Bakr goes a little bit deeper into certain things with yourself, you keep it light and you keep it colloquial. So you attract, you know, different partners. I love it. I love to see how you're actually talking earlier.

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How sometimes people who came from that background can relate to youngsters who are into this lifestyle today. And when they see that how I imagined myself was back in the days into music, singing and other vices and when Allah subhanaw taala, opened doors and goes back to Islam and now we are inviting those same people. Sometimes the found the speaker's more relatable than just I just wanted to add to that. Yeah. And I said this to the brothers I think of Shatner was in there. In the room in the back. Sometimes I am very grateful for Jamelia. Because if we didn't have Jay Hillier, we didn't know what Islam would be. Jaya Helia allows you to be grateful for that little buzz that

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you get from the moment you stop practicing. And that's a bus you would never get from smoking weed, or from singing on stage, or from dealing with pornography, I'll tell you that wow, love to give up. But what I'm grateful for Joe here, because JD it gets you a long way. Well, hamdulillah and the companions of the Allah who look at the journey they had, they will know we know, we will know we need them. But look at what Allah did for them and how look how Allah gives to them and honor them. And we use them as a tool to open up many doors for us. But hamdulillah Czech Republic and I'm sure in Australia as well, they must be quite a similar setup with a different categories of people and

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the youngsters, all sorts and, you know, people the data is and the data we're seeing so on a lot of different I mean, you have different names and scholars who have different impacts, what's the what's the experience, you've had the

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one in Australia, but one shift, where those the the issues that are present in, in, for example, in America or in the UK are different to that in Australia, the Muslim community in Australia is a lot younger than the Muslim community. Islam came to Australia, way after it was in the UK. And many people are shallow, that didn't have that depth in terms of understanding the differences of opinion among the different ideologies that I missed them and so on. So, yeah, I mean, we kind of tend to keep it natural.

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Just the fundamentals, the foundations of history, try to teach that to the people that didn't grasp that understand something so that they can take back home implement among their family teach their family.

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And Danny, this is this is this is how the level is among the Muslims in Australia hamdulillah and up you know, I found here what I was surprised I didn't know

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the amount of drugs you know, the nightlife the gangsterism I was unaware of a lot of it. I mean, I've been coming for many, many years I could marry in here maybe 30 years back. So I've been in and out of the country so much in fact, you know, it's just the gift of Allah we met lovely brothers who told me you know, you're unaware of this and that

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and then I start I realized everywhere you go has a uniqueness to it. You need to know it. That's why when Archie Amon speaks, the way he speaks is just different. You know, he told me the other day, you know, I he used some terminologies that I wouldn't have understood my

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brother beautiful terminologies but Alhamdulillah it's really a good thing. What is it? Why Why are you hiding the terminologies? Why are you not telling us the terminology? Coming from a man that deals with pornography? I don't think it'd be phys addiction, but I always add the word addiction. Otherwise

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I just want to comment on the being grateful for your journey. Because we don't want people to misunderstand

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And what did you have? So you being grateful because Allah subhanaw taala guided you now, but we don't want those people who are still in that phase to be grateful now for what they're doing because Can I wait it? Can I wait a bit better

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to say we are grateful for the hedaya after this Joe Hillier, so we appreciate it. It's like saying I can, I can I'm grateful for the cold because I know how the heat was. I'm grateful so maybe the gratitude is for what we're in now rather than for what we were. So when you say enabled you to win grateful for the Jehovah what he meant is I'm grateful for being guided after that John Healy. So I appreciate the guidance because while I There are so many people don't appreciate the deen of Allah. And some of what I said today born Muslims sometimes are weak, so weak that they don't even realize how prayer how they need to practice and then you have a river coming in. They're so serious about

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the deen because they've seen what's going on the other side. So handleless really, really on this occasion. Hadith of a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he came out wants to the Companions and they said you had a sort of law in there couldn't Ephesians Heliot in Okafor,

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they said O Messenger of Allah. We lived ignorant times and covert feminine Allahu Allah and we have a deed and Allah azza wa jal gifted us this religion so they they acknowledged where they were and where they're at at this moment. And that yeah, it's a it's a moment for yourself to to acknowledge where you are, where you are, and where you are at the moment maybe you can comment on Jaffa Nebuta deliberately along the first migration how you addressed an urgency the king

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you mentioned part of the past and

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what's interesting when it comes to story of Jaffa Villa and as well as the other Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu is that they went through the difficulty the hardship yes Allah subhanaw taala guided them to Islam and sometimes okay man was telling me this we spoke about sometimes after you guided you go through these difficulties and hardships, so the guidance came and then they migrated and then went through difficult and then they had to migrate again and then migrate again. And this helped them it increased the Eman so similarly everybody is who everybody who's on this journey sometimes you might come to the dean, you want to change your life you might go through some

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difficulty but bear with it Allah Spanos, Allah will help you and Sharla you will find yourself going from strength to strength.

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But just like any other mother who said it was in the Paradise, then he committed that disobedience when he ate from the tree. Then he made the Toba then it was followed with a trial in where he was removed from the paradise to Earth. It's a great trial.

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And so the idea was commended and the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, he'll come here welcome Phil J. Lee at the factory. And in the best among you are those that live that life of Galia. Then they understood the deen. And they implemented that deed, because now, you know, a person that came from Jackie Leah and saw the light of Islam and remained steadfast. It's very difficult for him to go back to Andrea Helia. Because he knows that life he hated Allah guided him out of it, he came to the light of Islam. But it's very easy for a person who has never lived on Jaya Helia and has only known Islam and guidance for over his life, to be tempted to go that way,

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because he's never tasted it is never tried it. And so this is why sometimes people that came from Jaya Helia to Islam

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can only have a lot more steadfastness than others, because now they have they've experienced both once they've seen here and the darkness of it, and that there was no value in it. It gave nothing in life, when Islam and how much Islam gave them. And this is why the people when they enter the Paradise, they say Alhamdulillah he lives he had an early head, you know for Hamdulillah that Allah azza wa jal died to the stage learn and ask Allah azza wa jal to continue to restore his guidance upon us.

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How can I just like to add something to this because as a layman, I want to I want to understand because coming from the philosophy of coming from people coming from people in my caliber as a layman, we know there's a lot of jealousy. And I'm sorry to bring up this topic, but I feel like not a lot of people could have this opportunity. There's a lot of jealousy what people need to understand there was also jealousy amongst the people of knowledge of almost irrelevant that we I believe we all live with jealousy within us. It takes a true person, a true Muslim, to control that jealousy, like how you would control

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A person that's within a prison or a or an animal that's within a cage. You maintain it, you, you feed it enough to survive. But not you don't free it, where it attacks people. So I just wanted to know from a layman's perspective, what's the situation within the jealousy? Because I see it quite a lot. And another mesh, I get it a lot. So where has it began? And I know it's never going to end. So why should you wish? Should you balance yourself in the sector? Did you say Roman or Amen?

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Amen. The leaving

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you no stranger, you're saying that I was just going to say just before you said, I want to add something. I was gonna say something on similar lines that today we're seated here live, we're a few different people I have.

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I have managed to,

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you know, look at all those who are involved in Dawa as people who are helping me.

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And it's effect. And so I will help them in whatever way I can. And I like there are people who really make your life difficult, they say things, you know, you have to sometimes not even respond. And if they're, if they have sincerity within them, they wouldn't publicly make you know, statements and so on to say this and that they would privately come and try and see and rectify, maybe misunderstanding, maybe correct. And one of the worst things is a lot of these people who don't have an understanding, they want all the scholars to be subservient either to them or to their chef, someone they look up to. And if you don't do that, and if you don't do exactly what they do, how

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they do it, and repeat and replicate only their little field that they're covering, they consider you a deviant. They don't realize that the other day, I think I was talking to you and I was telling you the I've counted more than 75 different

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you know, aspects of the hour that the processes I'm engaged in. And we only do one or two someone teaches someone you know, there is visiting the sick, they were serving the widows serving the orphans, the to be an imam in the masjid, to be speaking to the Muslims to speak to the non Muslims to be printing and publishing things and sending things across one might argue the process. Salam didn't do that. But he sent letters to the he sent letters to some of the other leaders and so on. And then there's so many departments if if you sit and count them, I can only do two of those maybe because of my weakness if you're doing why would you want me to do the same too. So we've only

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covered two in the OMA the other 68 or the other 70 No one's gonna tackle them. You're a mature person who cares for the whole of the deal when you

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look at others and see that they are covering something I don't cover. They're taking care of an aspect that I don't take care of. And that's why with myself, I have diploma masala myself while we like to travel together because

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he covered something I cover something he covered something complement each other, supplement each other love each other, appreciate each other ship Abu Bakr yourself. We appreciate everyone. She had none, you know, up and coming the others. Everyone has their style. Everyone has the cover a different thing. Similarly, we appreciate people who never do public speaking but they're working hard in the masjid. They're working hard. For example. You have a thing calling the Adani someone very important. You have people who are teaching at schools at schools who appreciates them. Sometimes they build people better than someone who speaks on the internet and is a big public

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speaker well known. They're not known but the impact they have there. They're carving beautiful people by the help of Allah subhanaw taala. So yes, we have to control that jealousy when it comes Alhamdulillah Arab anatomy, there are people who have managed it very well. But there are some unfortunately they cannot manage it. Even if they're very knowledgeable. I've come across a chef, a senior scholar who suffers with extreme jealousy in Saudi Arabia to the degree that he will block and stop others from doing Dawa, simply because they're not subservient to him. And then you have blind followers obviously consider him a massive guy, not realizing he has a lot of goodness, we

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appreciate it. But do you believe he is a human with weaknesses that need to be rectified? If the answer is no, then you have a problem? And if the answer is yes, then help him and that's the difference between the muslimeen we don't have a hierarchy where the others are infallible they if they have a weakness acknowledge this is my share. I've learnt a lot from him but there's two three weaknesses he has then your speaking.

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The problem is you have I know we were myself. I was due to have some some events somewhere. And someone came in and said something and did something. I then turned the whole thing down said I'm not prepared to come if you're prepared to fall into this type of a trap. I'm really I wouldn't like to be

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apart I mean why? So and now 100 matters have become much better because things have eased up a little bit people have realized you know what, this is not not the way but there are still some it's okay, Habibi, if I've told you. I'm telling you again if you hear people online

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bashing you, thank Allah that you're doing something right. I told you that earlier this evening I must have told that to you a few days ago when you hear people bashing you know, brother after a man the other day get some brothers it's happened to me too. They didn't reply him properly. They treat him like isn't a non Muslim as well. They might even call you a coffee to stop for Allah, whatever. Take it in your stride Habibi, leave it, you're doing something right? If they had a problem with the processor, and who am I? Who are you? They had a they have a problem with Abubaker today, today, they are the Allahu and they have a problem with Omar villain. Who am I I'm gonna face more than

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that when we need to eliminate some of our bad deeds through these kind of slanders. That doesn't mean I'm perfect. I have my flaws. And I'm open to correction. And so we all are. We make mistakes. But we don't make I love God, grant. I don't know where it started. It started. Obviously, jealousy is a quality from the beginning. People I always say people are jealous of money, and wealth. People are jealous of so many things, but even acknowledge people, there's a lot of it. It's called the professional jealousy within the circles. Some people spend their entire lives, printing things, publishing things, forwarding things, making videos, while the others are busy doing the hard work.

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And I know of a man, I actually recorded a video that I need to send to this man to ask or seek His approval to publish it.

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I was in Nigeria. Sorry, I was in the Philippines. And a hotel room. The hotel is very humble. And he was in the room next to me. And he was charging his phone apparently. And he was talking on his phone. And I could hear actually the conversation on the landline on my own phone in my own room. I could hear the whole conversation. And this man, despite mashallah, robotic ly the blessings that Allah has given him, it's okay. It's okay. You know, I will not mention the man, the man's name, you know, him I know stuff.

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And he was talking to those people that I never met, I never know and pushing them to invite me because he believe in the ideas that I'm presenting. He doesn't need actually to go out of his way and promote somebody else other than himself. He's already popular is already loved by many people. You know, he doesn't have time for others. But actually, this will be seen from other machines on the the opposite sizer, some are jealous and trying to bash you down but others will always try to lift I can quickly tell you something I can quickly

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because he's livid. When he's talking about me stop for Allah. But you know what, I want to tell you a fact Habibi, I found and I find that when you promote someone else Allah promotes your work for a long while I found that when you promote others when you say this guy, this guy come on, you know, let's let's have a program with this brother. Let's do this with his brother coming by this guy that anyone and I find every time you, you, you you invite someone you promote someone. You say a good word about someone one lie, Allah does it for you. I found this happening online. And so I always say no lovely brother are amazing. They do good work, people are doing good work. Now why they

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brought him covers a topic, it's hard for me to talk about some of the intimate things that he can easily just talk about, in such a way that I got to look down and think Sure, he was meant to say this, you know, but humble lights, you got to acknowledge it. I think we spoken quite a bit the tea is getting a bit cold. Any one more thing, one more question on this matter. Any Okay, so, so where does any refutation lie in all of this? Because then of course, we know that at times someone might come and say something like really silly.

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It's got nothing to do with Islam, or perhaps like an an extreme understanding about a certain matter, or, you know,

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just making all the opinions seem to be there's only one opinion and this is it. There has to be some form of refutation. Absolutely. So So where does where does this fit in all of this and he says something about this. Doctors aconite enthusiastic ha ha the the publish the video almost at the same time about the ruling on masturbation Satoshi claim and I have to bring this topic

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it's been a pleasure.

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I've always been the first time he's the first time meeting. Every time I talk I mentioned porn addiction. But actually these videos went viral. Because everyone is watching of course Dr. Zack and I are very, you know heavyweight? Most of us

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Because if he has, and so on. So I actually made a video, because that's my area of expertise is addiction. And I brought on the researchers and Wallahi. I was refuting, not the 30 issue, I'm not into this *ing matter. But I'm talking about the addictive part of the issue, if it is proven to be harmful, and can actually prevent husbands and wives from having the halal intimacy and so on, then what would be the ruling, and I was trying to be as polite as possible to bring this into the public, not to what is the big lie, bash? These machines? These people have been serving the deed for many, many years, who am I to come and talk ill of them. So I think that this will we need to

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learn? So even if you want to refute or bring something to the public, at least it's yes. My my I agree with him. And I want to add something as well, when it's important to refute, I've refuted many times I abstain from mentioning names. The reason is, that same statement will be said by others. At some point, if you've taken the name, you've created hatred towards the person regarding one matter, you're refuting and maybe that person has 99 Other things better than yours in his own data. And he's made one big mistake. They say if you desperately need to mention a name, because the fitness too big, you can respectfully do so I believe, because you're forced to you have to you

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respectfully do so. But personally, I haven't. I have, I have refuted in a way that many people would say this guy doesn't refute people. But I have this mob aliquam policy. And the reason is another a lot of guys would probably repeat the thing. And if you've only tackled one, they might listen to the others that you haven't refuted. But by you doing that mean, and addressing the subject, you've refuted anyone who's going to come in the future with a similar statement as well. So there is other etiquette of refuting. But when you see someone talking his face is, you know, Chris looking aggressive, he's he wants to scream and yell and say this guy's an idiot. And this

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guy, you know, He's immature, or he doesn't have he lacks knowledge, he lacks etiquette and respect. And then some of the guys they get very angry. They start swearing, they become abusive, and they stay people's names. This guy's an idiot, this guy's a water, water water. What? And the last thing I want to say is, I've come across people who've been canceled because of two three major things they've done. I have a habit, my brother, this guy, can I please work with him as a son and try to bring him back on? No, we've canceled him. It's always as though he's doomed to Jannah. I believe as a father of children, as a grandfather, that if my kids make a blunder or a mistake, I should work

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with them. And I can bring them back on board, I need to give them a second chance, a third chance 10 chances. Maybe you don't bring the guy straight back onto the public platform. But can you not talk to him?

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Is he not? Is he not? Maybe a believable? Uh, you know, in in the case that I'm talking about, but is he not someone who's worth investing in a little bit to try and bring him back on track? Or should we just leave them astray and make them wrong Wall Street's

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I, there's a few popular people who were just canceled so badly. And to be honest, I reached out to some of the guys and they were shocked saying, you know, you're the only person who's actually come and say, I'd like to talk to you in a respectful, private, quiet way without anyone involved. Clear the metal, it's clearly a today we living in an age of social media, people love to make videos, they will take cameras, hidden cameras here and there, they'll go and talk to you, purposely trying to belittle you so that they can make a video out of the scene. And they can actually come out and gain life and whatever else and views and so on to make a big scene. This person is like this, like

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this, like this. And even in front of you. The aim is not to resolve the matter. It's just to show the public how stupid you are and how foolish you are. For me as a movement. That's not my aim. I don't want to show the pub I want to actually between you and i Let's talk about something so that we can come back to the public and say this brother made a few mistakes, he's apologized and inshallah you know what he's changed his opinion Alhamdulillah it's a good thing. So it requires etiquette but reputation is important because a lot of rubbish out there as well. Allahu Allah.

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Just wanted to add to that. So it reminds you of the story of Abu Dhabi. Below the Allah I know how the Prophet Muhammad SAW said I'm done with the situation when he told me below the Allah and even you, you son of a black woman, but disagree with me have the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam deal with that, and how did he deal with it? Because if it gets to a stage and you're embarrassed to such a level and other companion, what did he do? He went and seek mercy from Villa or the Alana. He belittled himself to such a level he

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put his head on the ground, as he believed more lifting this up until if I was we if we were in the situation someone comes out what we do. I'm gonna speak to myself if I was having a bad day and mighty man's No, I'm stomping out on your head. The reality was without the man who got on the floor and kissed his forehead. Which one are you? Are you the type of person that will use the opportunity to take your opponent down, that's your brother. And I will not know the Allahu Allah is one of the best companions. But the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam said to him, you had traits of Jayla within you. That doesn't make him a cough that doesn't make him a disbeliever. And look how he dealt with it. He

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dealt with it with good manners, good etiquette, and wisdom. Everything in the Dean has wisdom. It depends on your experience in life and your wisdom because you don't need knowledge on the chef you don't need to notice after Allah hey, we've had a very good session chef Abu Bakr some closing words inshallah live better. qoocam like so good to be here. This is called.

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This is called, we just talk amongst each other. You know what, and people can benefit and inshallah it's just cool cause cozy and calm Shannon, we haven't had much fun. Only one thing I'd like to add on the same topic is a lot of times people in the Darwish spoke about when people attack with names. They lack vision. A lot of the times why is someone repented later on brother your video five years later is causing fitna on Earth and you may regret that but then you've got followers you've built a cult like following sometimes you yourself want to distance yourself from the from the following from what you said but because it's already up there, it's all over the world all over the internet.

00:31:46--> 00:31:54

You can't take it down. So sometimes people die and you know Allahu Allah what goes on there but we have this this goes on.

00:31:56--> 00:31:57

So Allah protect one another.

00:32:00--> 00:32:09

Thank you everyone for putting inshallah we look forward to a beautiful few days ahead the Cha Cha Zakka Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah traitors.