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Vladimir was Salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Mata he was a marine. Our beloved brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. disciple of fate. Thank you so much for joining us this episode 27 of our CDs the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Today we continue with our discussion around what is possibly the most controversial marriage in the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So we said in his lifetime, no one ever criticized him not a Muslim or non Muslim, not a Jew or a Christian. None of them criticized him in his marriage to Ayesha in his marriage to soda in his marriage to any of the other women that he married. However, this marriage,

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the marriage between the prophets of Salaam and Zainab btg this was controversial, and this was a very awkward manage in his lifetime. In the last episode, we mentioned that Xena was a cousin of the Prophet was a lamb. She was a woman that was extremely sought after, she had a very high opinion of herself. She was an early convert. She was given to a lot of worship anybody in particular, because she ran a business, a leather tanning business. She was a crafts woman, she was very given to the charity. Initially, the professor married her and insisted that she marries his adopted son. They live in Haifa. And the two of them got married, but there was an unhappiness between them and there

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was constant basically fighting and argumentation between one another but they married according to the commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. After they got married, Allah subhanaw taala revealed to the prophet SAW Selim that Zaid and Xena will not last and Wednesday, divorces zeyneb. You're going to marry her. And we said this was awkward, because to marry that it's not permissible for you to marry the ex wife of your son. And in the context, they saw adopted sons. Everyone saw his aid as the Prophet's biological son. Of course, he was not the biological son, and Allah subhanaw taala wanted to use this message to clarify the matter. So Zaid comes to the professor sort of complaining

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about Xena again, and again and again. And then a B. So Salaam knows in the back of his mind, if desired divorces or that I have to magazine up and there's going to be a very big, you know, it's going to be awkward, it's going to be a scandalous, so he would keep telling you keep your wife goes along is a this was a nap and he doesn't have to be with a nap. And so this continues for a while for about two years. Eventually, though the marriage gets to a point where they can no longer maintain being married to her. And when he divorces her, and is an account of this divorcing of zayde. When they divorces Xena that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned this analysis to the Prophet

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wasallam. And remember, this is a sort of pseudo 33 verse 37. Allah says, and remember Mohammed salam, when you sit to the one who may Allah bestowed favor, and you'll be so favor meaning Zayed, the one that Allah helped and you helped you sit to him, keep your wife and fear Allah, while you concealed within yourself, you kept hidden in yourself, that which Allah was going to make a parent, and you feel you were shy of the people, while Allah has more right, that you should feel him. These are very stern words from Allah subhanho wa Taala, to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and that's what I should say is, if the Prophet peace upon him could ever had he ever wanted to conceal a verse from

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Allah, this would have been the verse that he would kept hidden, because you're always saying you knew something, and you kept telling say to to maintain that marriage, but you knew eventually you will have to marry Xena and you will die of what the people would say. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is more befitting that you should be fearful of him. So then they divorces Xena it continues and when the prophets of Salaam sisters eight go speak to Zane up and tell her that I'm you know mentioned me to her meaning mentioned that I would like to marry her. So Zaid comes and says now he looked they were married together and he comes to a house and he says the fact that she was now to

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be married to the Prophet of Allah the Prophet peace upon had intentions to marry her. He couldn't even look at her because of the honor and the Islamic. She's not yet the wife of the Prophet. But just the fact that he's interested her in this way. He turned his back and he mentioned that look the prophets of Salaam is basically proposing to you so Zeynep says that she wants to perform istikhara salah and ask Allah for guidance in this matter. And while she performance is the hardest Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals verses to answer is the heart of Salah. So in the next verse, Allah says so when Zaid had no longer in need of and this is a way Allah mentions aids name, so

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Allah says he's named for them Nakata zaidan that once they divorced her, we married Allah says we have married her to you we married Zane up to you, oh Mohammed, why in order that they not be upon the believers any confusion or discomfort concerning the wives of the adopted sons when they no longer have need of them And ever is the command of Allah to come to pass a law system the process

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This is not to be upon the Prophet, any discomfort concerning that which Allah has imposed upon him. This is how Allah does things the established Way of Allah with the prophets before meaning Oh Mohammed, this is something you don't have any choice in. Allah says we have married her to you, she is your wife. What's amazing about Xena is that there was no there was no doubt it is this Xena was a very proud woman into a degree we said that she had this degree of self vanity there was one shortcoming in her she had a very high opinion of herself. And one of the things which he really let the otherwise know she says, you know, your brothers and fathers gave you off in marriage you at

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Annika whereas As for my marriage, Allah says we have married her to you meaning there was only a law perform that nikka he made her the prophets wife, Salas, Allah and Allah says we're going to be so Santa because as we mentioned, he was very reluctant. He didn't want to really enter into this marriage because it was awkward for him. Because people will start talking about this. So Allah says to the prophets, Allah, you should not feel any discomfort. This is the way Allah has done with the prophets before that you don't you will not be you obey Allah, even in your managers. So Allah says, There should be no discomfort concerning that which Allah has imposed upon him. This is the way of

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Allah with those before meaning that before and evil is the commandment of Allah come will come to pass Allah's decree will always happen no matter how much you try. So the problem was, in his own way, he tried to delay this inevitability by trying to say it keeps saying up keeper keeper. But of course Allah says nothing you do it unless decreed something, ultimately it will come to pass. So Xena is now married to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we take a moment here to discuss a a spurious split generation narrative Spiritist, meaning a narrative that is sort of almost rejected one that is, has no proper foundation. And we found this we find this generation, not by those looking to

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harm Islam, we find it in some of the very classical books of history, another interpretation on aeration, as to how the professor medizinisch but of course this and we will explain why we reject this view. So this view, in actuality is a famous historian and a lucky he writes in his history of the prophecies of love and poverty, of poverty, one of the great scholars of Tafseer when he explains these ayat that gives the exodus or the interpretation of these ayat, he says, so how the story goes, he says that, you know, the prophets of Salaam insisted Zaid, Zainab cadmatic. So they got married, and they living together in the house. So they wanted to visit died. He comes to the

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house, but he isn't there. And Xena when she is it's the Navy. So Salaam she jumps up and she opens the door and she's not dressed appropriately. She's basically dressed in a, you know, in a nightie or something like a shift and the prophets of Salaam turns away immediately. He doesn't look at her. But he mamas some words. And Xena, here's what he says. And he says Subhanallah praise Glory to Allah, who changes the heart. So as if to indicate that all of a sudden I saw Xena and my heart, you know, became you know, entranced by her from this narration. And the professor leaves he doesn't say anything. So then Xena waits was eight to come home, she explains the story. And Zaid now

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understands all that which then

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mean that he desires you. So now as he says, I can't be near you anymore. The fact that the Prophet Salam looks at you in that way. Hello, I'm totally I can't approach you anymore. I don't want you as my wife. So then Zaid goes to the prophet of Islam and he says, Look, you're Rasul Allah. I know you saw her in that way. Let me divorce liquidy Vasa, and the Prophet keeps saying to him, No, no, keep your wife keep your wife. Eventually, they can no longer stand this. He divorces her and the professor that magazine. Now this narration for a number of reasons we can say is rejected. We reject this narration for a number of reasons. Number one, of course, for us as Muslims, we believe

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that this is appropriate for the newbie soul asylum. But beyond that, even for non Muslims, if they read this, and you might find these kind of stories on anti Islamic websites, they like to quote the story. How do we explain this? We say the first thing is that this story has no authentic chain of narrations. This version has no chain of narration that's authentic. The other version, the version that we spoke about we a lot as revealed to the Prasanna medizinisch the Prophet doesn't want to marry her. But he's, you know, he's forced into it until they divorces. This you find in the books of Hadith which are authenticated, which have changed of narrations. So we have a very, very

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reliable story versus a story which has no authentication to it. That's the first reason we can reject it on that account. Second thing, just think about this Zeynep is now about 35 years old. She's been married now for the province of southern New her all his life from when she was a teenager, to a young woman in the context and Spangler even in our context, if you are in your mid 30s. You're like posture prime for a lady. So it's very odd that the province of Salam would see her once and fields fall madly in love with her when he seen her all her life and he had all the opportunity

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You know, throughout his life to propose to her if you desire. Now all of a sudden, you know he's become so in offer. And also remember, when she was younger before the rules of hijab came down, there was no dress code for women. So women walked around without much clothing to begin with. So all of a sudden for this to occur, it doesn't really, really make sense. It's out of character for the Prophet sallallahu sallam. We also say that the Prophet was the one to begin with it insisted designup and zayde. Many, Zainab didn't want to meditate. And if the promises Allah wanted to marry her back then it was the perfect opportunity. Why insist they'd marry her? Why insists they keep

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her? This? You know, it doesn't make sense. The facts basically don't add up. And also ultimately when we look at what I said, is the nail in the coffin. Yeah. When we look at the Hadith in Bukhari, we Ayesha tells us, that if the Prophet could hide any verse, he would hide the verse that said, you conceal what Allah has revealed. So yeah, we know from the eye of the Quran, Allah is saying to the Prophet, Allah, you will marry Xena, and the Prophet didn't want to basically let this be known. And he had to, of course has been I mean, he has to relay the message of Allah. He can't keep it hidden. But it was a verse that he himself internally wished he could hide. He basically saying he did not

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want to marry Zeynep is telling us Yes, he did not want to marry Xena. And he was basically forced by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah further clarifies open offer Don't feel bad. I've done this with other prophets before you. And there's a reason there's a wisdom behind you. You might not like the attention, you might not like that people will be talking about you. But ultimately, the reason for this is that now the lows of orphans and the lineage of orphans is clearly known. Once this marriage occurred. Now it became very clear that you adopted children were not biological children. So if I adopt a son, that son can marry my daughter, that son can marry my my wife, if we are not

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alive, we're not together because he is not my biological son, and always vanilla in modern days or modern science with genetics. We know the importance of genetics, we know that just because you have a certain name or you grew up in a house, if you see different DNA, then you are completely separated. And this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala is basically coming, you know, bring about from this marriage. So how does the Xena is divorced from Zaid, Allah commands the Prophet was allowed to marry her, not even marry her him. Allah says you are now married. They are now husband and wife by decree of Allah. So they are now married without any without any dowry. And Zainab as we see this

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very proud about the sooner she joins, she joins the household of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we said she was about 35 years old, the prophets of Salaam was about 58 years old. This was in the fifth year of the hegira meaning that they will only be married for about five years or six years before the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and there's a few rules and regulations pertaining to Xena. So one of the first things that you know when Xena becomes the wife of the Prophet and something very interesting happen in Pali and Muslim we find that at her when a man so even though the Nika has performed a lot the prophets of Salaam still had a well Hema ad

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section. And it's a it's a sooner in when you get married to give a reception, one of us haba he had married a woman after the harmony of the Prophet Sonam you know, bumped into him in the road. And the professor saw on him that he was you know, he was dressed up and he had on his he had perfume, so perfume that time would be like powder, and he had this perfume and you see. So the problem was that our mind like why all this sucker man said, You know, I basically got married to an unsavory girl a few days ago, basically. And the professor said, you know, if you get married, you should have a wedding email, you should have a reception you should invite people and feed them some food.

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At the very least you should slaughter one animal if you can afford to do so. So the prophet SAW Selim, when he married Zane up he also gave a wedding feast a Lima and this story is narrated by his sight You know, he didn't NSL his personal PA. So Anna's again, lovely story about anise. anise is a young boy who comes to Medina and people give the profits on gifts. Some people bring food, some people bring clothing, you know, you're gonna be so someone's come to town, a lady comes. And she says, This is my boy, I'm actually six years old. I want to give a nice to you, he must be your servant. So unless becomes the servant of the prophets of Salaam for 10 years, so unless I was six

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years old when I became a servant, and I stayed with him for 10 years, until he died. And in that 10 years, not one single Professor Lam ever say, oh, ns Why did you do this? Why didn't you do he never spoke harshly to me. And unless love this, he got the honor to spend lots of intimate time with a professor silent because he's like he's Squire. He got that honor. He's like his PA. So honestly, is the day that the Prophet married Xena the property to me? Yeah, with a wedding. I would like to have a

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Waiting fees call the people who ever you find call them to my house to have to eat from it. And the professor had basically just a small plate of Bateson and honey and, and yogurt and aniseed I went and whichever person I got in the road I called them and basically like the whole of Medina came, and this is a medical other profitable salon, like all of them would eat and they would go and the food wouldn't diminish. Now everyone eats and they leave and they eat and they leave. And then a group of three people remained and they started chit chatting and they sat there and they talking and the prophet SAW Selim is he is with Zane up. It's a miniseries he just got married. It's the

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husband and wife want to be alone. But now the center is waiting for these three men to get done and leave but they are continuing on. well beyond the the Welcome to Professor gets up. And he goes and visits all his other wives to check on them. The province also Lem leaves, he visits his wives, he checks on them. They say greet him. And they say and I guess I can imagine through gritted teeth, I sing them and they come solemn promises How are you? I'm fine. And then she says How did you find your new wife and he says fine. So obviously this is not something that any wife will enjoy that your husband takes a second wife when other life and in the process, it comes back to the neighbor's

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house, and he still finds these three men. And he's, you know, he's too shy to tell them to leave. But eventually they get them and they leave. And then Allah subhanaw taala reveals verses about this. And Allah says, basically, that it is not appropriate for you to enter the house of the prophets of Salaam without his permission. And if you are invited, that you should just come need to eat. I mean, you leave you don't sit beyond that, that what you do some things that you do, you disturb and you annoy the professor number is too, is too much of a shy person to tell you to go. And but Allah is not shy to let you know the truth. So understand this. And then Allah also revealed

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in this verse, these verses that the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim, they should be partitioned and schemed that no one should be alone with him or not alone, no one should even see them except behind a curtain. So this is what we call the idea of hijab way, the physical hijab, this higher level of hijab between the wives of the Prophet of Allah, and the, you know, strange men was the and this is exclusive for the wives of the Prophet for them. And also, I'm interested in this idea that after he passes away, the wives of the Prophet Allah may not marry any other men besides Him. So these rules came down with regards to the walima of Xena. So let's look a little bit about how Xena adjusted to

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being part of the household going to be so solemn, and how she fitted in with the other wives, as we say, Xena was extremely strong willed, and she had a bit of a temper. And she was extremely dramatic. And she was beautiful, and she was passionate, and she was very proud and a high self confidence. And I said, it's amazing. When you look at the wife of the Prophet Salim, the vast majority of them would be very strong women, very vocal women, women that would even argue and they would even you know, even to the prophets of Salaam, they would speak the mind. These are the beasts of women. So Zainab, naturally, you can imagine her personality was going to clash, especially with

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Ayesha, who was very similar. So I she says to us about Xena that Xena was a very proud woman. And she was very proud with her marriage to the Prophet Solomon. She's a bit boastful in that regard. And she loved being with the prophets of Salaam and he actually, he enjoyed her company as well. And then I should explain also why, but Xena also was highly pious, she says, I should see Xena was someone who was often fasting and often praying. And she was the most generous of all of us, basically. So again, the love that the problem has presented is also out of her taqwa. Once the promises Alam comes to the mercy, mercy, mercy, the wives of the Prophet Adam had a private area to

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make sure that they have their own kind of Masjid. And he comes into this Masjid and he finds between the two trees, a rope and he says, What's this rope? Why is the rope between the two trees? So they said, No, this is Zane. Observe that when Xena is making the hatchet and she begins to feel sleepy, she hangs on to the surplus. Voila, what kind of piety is this? And I am in so this is a label of taqwa. But in the prophets of Salaam said this, No, you shouldn't do this. But if you are tired, make the hatchet and if you're tired, remove it. As we said Zainab continued running her business. Even as the wife of the Prophet salam, she still had a business. So those who think that

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you know, can a woman work? Yeah, you have the wife of the process of doing manual work with a hand she had a workshop and she would have pots and you know, liver, she was making things and she would sell them but this money she would use, she would use it in charity. And she was very fun, as we said, of spending time with a professor lamp. You know, he would come visit her and she would sort of pamper him. She would brush his hair and she would collect these here in this in this brass pot. This is her. We'll talk more detail in our next episode in terms of the relationship between Xena and the Prophet of Allah.

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And the relationship between Xena and the other wives. And we'll find there was a lot of tension at times between Ayesha and Zane at one, I'll leave you with this one, that it was the custom of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he obviously would visit, he would visit all these wives, and then he would spend one evening he would spend the evening with one of them and then tomorrow to someone else. So naturally, you waited about nine days, to the to the death of the person, he had about nine wives. So you had to wait basically Nine Nights before it was your turn again. So innocent nights that it was basically I just turned it was a her evening and the professor was with Russia and the

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other wives were invited to for supper. So they all come over and the problem is with Russia and insane he walks in and when Xena walks in the province puts his hand out as if to bring her close and I she doesn't like this because look it's I shows might so I shall see is certainly to the problem. That is Dana you know by the way that Cena I'm it's my night she's replying to him. It's my night use your attention should be on me only you shouldn't have eyes for anyone else. So the problem with retracts his hand he pulls his hand away. And basically it basically focuses on Ayesha and now is enough isn't going to leave us Zainab is not like him Salama, she's not like soda. Xena

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basically starts screaming at Ayesha. Like what's wrong with you? And what so what if he wants to take my hand? What's it to you and I chose login as keep quiet either. So he starts screaming back at Xena and they scream so loud that the people in the road can hear and the professor is sitting quietly between the two of them these two women shouting at each other. And the problem is sitting there and the karma below gives the karma and the Prophet jumps up and leaves also lumps are saved by the bell saved by VLAN. And as he leaves abubaker walks by and it's actually how subsequences jasola live these women come to salah and throw sand in the mouth. So the purpose of salami save

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babalao he goes to perform sada and when the Salah is done, Abubakar slips into the house, and I should say abubaker comes to my house, obviously you can because he's my father and he starts you know, giving me a harsh word stern was telling like how can you How can you be like that the people in the road can yell you don't you have manners. So he basically gives his daughter earphones and this is the relationship will begin to see this many many more these narrations between Zainab and Ayesha they can have lots of matches between each other. We'll continue in our next episode. Zack Alexei, thank you so much for questions, concerns comments with [email protected] Assalamualaikum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh