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Larry Murphy Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah whina le wasafi here on a one hour bad street Mr. Li Kumar off with Allahu wa barakato I welcome you to the series on the life of Nabhi musala salat wa salam. And in this series we find that after his incidences with the Benes, right You are the Israelites, then we move solicit Islam, then came across a person, by the name of he did. And the initiation of this interaction was a lot I asked him who was the most knowledgeable and he indicated that it was himself because he was the Prophet of the time and he was you know, receiving ye from Allah.

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We of course, then learned that a low entity teaching of immortality to Sunnah, that is, you know, it is very important that when you acquire knowledge, you also acquire humility, nothing to be Moosa did not have humility, but it was just a lesson for us, all of those who will be reading this incident now, send me more solicitous, I'm sick out looking for hidden because he immediately wanted to become a student to learn about this knowledge that he did not exist. So I'll let Allah get them assigned. He told him you know, when you see this particular sign, take this fish with you in the basket, and when you see the sign to do the fish, and you know, you're going to find him v. And then

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of course, we learned that they were sleepy, they missed the sign. Then they moved on, and then they went back to go and see what exactly is happening v. So that's the point where the two bodies of water met. So when they got a they found he did and he asked him that I said to Sam, you may I follow you, I want to learn from you. He did Alexa to Snapseed. No problem initially hesitant, reluctant to allow him, but he said, Okay, fine, you can follow me but don't ask me about anything until I tell you and you're not going to be able to have patience with me.

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So now what were these amazing and extraordinary things that he was going to do, and have been Moosa would not be able to have patience with and obviously, it's not going to be in conformity with the laws and knowledge of nappy Moosa. So, what were these events now we learned from verse 71 in Surah, two calf with this incident is mentioned at length that they proceeded with the journey out to be like ni*ani regime from Paula core. So the two of them proceeded as moose and he did hattah iraq Kiba Safina and then they they were they were aboard ship. Well, more like a boat caraka and he then he took something and equals a hole appears the hole in the book. Of course this would damage the

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word Allah in every moose acid arakata honey to Haleakala are you causing a defect in the boats that the people of the boat drown? Nakata, Geeta Shea and imro you have certainly done something grave. So, this is obvious because, you know, this particular boat did not belong to the two of them. They belong to a family of poor people. And why would you damage the goods of other people it alone poor people and caused a defect in the goods.

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But now of course, that we Moosa broke the law of hidden which is don't ask me about anything until I tell you about you know what reality is? So Peter says the oil lm apple in a calendar stuffy Sabra Did I not say to you that indeed you will not be able to be patient with me as another female solicitor Sam broke that pledge. So what's going to happen?

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All that led to his Navy man as he to me moves us in please don't Don't hold me accountable. Because I forgot what to do. Can you mean amorosa and don't don't make my method difficult for me. You know, I'm really sorry. I was wrong. See you apologizes, fun. palico. So the two of them move on, either obviously forgives him and they move on? Had they're either lucky or who lemon for atella. Wow. Subhana Allah, the two of them moved on until they meet a young lady young boy, for katella who and infeed killed this boy panel, I can imagine murder. And then on top of that, the murder of an innocent child when you use the way the who lamb it is understood to mean a child, a young boy who

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is not a baby but also not get McAuliffe. So why would he kill a young boy? This is exactly what they'll be multitasking. I'll Appleton epsons, akhiya. can be hired enough. You said did you kill a soul? It pure so you know builiding fc meaning who didn't kill anyone else. You're not starting with retribution laka the cache and lucroy you have done something very strange, something very deplorable, something horrible. And of course, he's breaking the law again, because he's asking people about his mission. Before he there actually tells him. Allah He says Peter says Allah

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Good luck in Atlanta study Amaya Sabra Did I not tell you that you will not be able to be patient with me?

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I'll be musasa to Salaam remembers now again and then he says Allah into alpha and j in bad they're allowed to so have any other Bella with me let me draw this if I asked you about anything after this, then you know then divorce yourself from me Don't be my companion anymore or don't allow me to be your companion anymore. Indeed you have reached from me and excuse me you have you now have a pledge from me. And I'm telling you right one more time and then I'm out. So they agree he did forgive him and then move on from Paula cause they proceed hotter either at a Korea until they reached a community of people within this particular town is thought to me

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and the two of them, obviously being travelers they were hungry so they sought some hospitality from the people of this town for aboa yudai for Huma Abedin. The people of the town refused to be hospitable to them, they refuse to host him as the guest. But why did Effie Hadji Darren you read in Cabo? So they in that same town, they found a wall? This wall was on the verge of collapse? For Apollo. So what did he do? He rebuilt the wall. didn't ask the people. He didn't charge the people. He just said he built the wall. Not having to solicit some licks because these people were stingy. They were inhospitable. And yet you're doing them this favor. He says follow the heart and He Angela

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if you want to do you could have charged them for this you could have asked for the complaints and of course then we could use the money to buy some food and the light color now he says because he broke the rules again had iraq Albania, Albania, this is this is the departure point between you and between me that will not be okay. And now soon after this. I'm going to soon tell you that really interpretation my lambda Stata either in sober all of those things which you are unable to be patient with. So what exactly is the reason? What are the reasons that he did these very, very strange things and in some instances, horrific things. She's unmiss Safina too As for the boat,

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mechanically Masaki in a marina filled that boat belong to some poor people who worked on the river for up to an hour Eva. So I wanted to cause a defect in the boat, or Cannavaro who Malik because down down river, there was a king, yet who the coolness affynity, the hospital, who was usurping he was claiming all the boats that would pass by so the ship or the boat, whatever it was, he would just seize it and claim it for himself. But obviously if there's a defect in the boat, he sees that it's, you know, it's the it's the faithful, then he's going to just reject that particular boat. And in this way, he did actually saved this people the means of livelihood, because obviously the defect

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can be repaid. But if the boat is taken from them in they will be left in dire straits.

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He says, what a Malibu Lambo, as for the boy what could possibly be the excuse for him killing a young boy.

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Now this is

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it something that's behind a lot, we'll never be able to fully grasp, because it has to do with the concept of cobalt and culture of Allah Subhana Allah, that we only have a very limited understanding of this for Ghana, Abba homie named the parents of this young boy with two believers, both of them are believers for hoshina Eureka home at tobiano akufo. And we feared that this young boy would cause harm to them in terms of transgression, and in terms of disbelief, that it would be a serious burden for them. So a lotion behind him like the added intervened in the destiny of this young boy, which is of course not something that normally happens

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for Aradhana up the level man. So we wanted wanted Rabu mother lode of the two parents wanted to exchange this boy, Hiram Minho to another child that would be better than this child. In other words, that would be that won't have a destiny of Cofer, that whatever this thing of, of sin and transmission Zakat, and he would be pure acaba, Rama and you will be close in terms of mercy, and to the two of them. Now, at this point, of course, it's confusing because, you know, but what if we did this and what if we did that and what if we change, but the reality is, we don't know those things, only Allah Subhana Allah knows. And this is a confusing discussion for many because, you know, if

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everything is put out then it is all so long discussion and conduct kata and kata, which is of course, not something that we have the time for in this day.

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And perhaps in future lessons, we can have that discussion.

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To make it as sweet and as short as possible. Things are put out in the sense that Allah knows past, present and future. But at the same time, we have free choice. And we only know the present and the past, we don't know what's going to happen in the future, every free choice that we make. Now, Allah Allah already knew about, you know, time before time existed, and any choice that we will make in the future, from our own free will Allah Allah already knows those traces, usually Allah, Allah does not intervene. Because

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we have this free choice. If our intervenes, then it's not free choice anymore. But here in this instance, it was a special, it was a special intervention, and handler will learn and listen, because these parents will be leaving, and fearful servants of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah want to predict them in a way that they wouldn't even be able to understand. You see, there's not going to tell them why this happened. Like he's telling Musa now. So they wouldn't understand it in this world. And in that's also a lesson because, you know, things happen to us in this world. And it seems like the most terrible thing ever, but we don't know what Allah Allah was actually saving,

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saving us from it was even worse down the line. And I mean, if you think about it, what would feel worse than losing a child to murder Subhana Allah, and this is just part of it, it will lead to me knowledge that Allah either has not made it a part of the everyday human existence.

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And, you know, the Mufasa, don't even explain that. The way he did kill his boy was a horrific, you know, a low item if it's true or not. But he took the boy's head off very, you know, one one shot so that there was no pain or anything like that. And on top of that, the boy didn't reach the age of being local, if so whatever confer and transcription he would commit, it is not going to reach that, and therefore, he's actually saved himself, and he's going to go to gender. And that's, that's the bigger picture. If you're only thinking in terms of this world, then all you will see is that, yes, the laws of Islam, the Sharia deals with this world, but also knows what's going to happen in the

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world you're after. And Allah also knows that which we would never know in this world.

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So there's a lot of mystery around that story, a lot of confusion around this story. The Mufasa won't even tell us that on the shoulder blade of this boy and on the bone. Was it written? You know, like with the job was written cafe cafe was designed to be there. And we may have questions like, so there's Allah to Allah dish Stein people to be cafe, is Allah, this time people to be damned in this life? And the answer is, no, Allah doesn't send people down in a particular direction, it gives people free will. But at the same time, he is aware of the choices that people will make. And that is a mystery that the human mind can't really comprehend. Because all we know, is this temporal

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existence. Eleanor's bits.

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So what about the wall? Because they seemed like he's doing something good again. But why would he do something good for those people without charging them? Because they were actually very nasty towards musang? Well imagine that as for the wolf, I can only hold I mean, they built the wall belonged to two boys also two young boys not Micallef yet the men who were orphaned Phil Medina, in that city, what kind of data who can do lahoma and beneath the wall, there was a treasure for the two of them. This was inheritance that the parents had left behind. What can abou man soil he had, and the parents were righteous flowrider buka Yabba Lu ha, I should the human. So your Lord wanted

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to allow both of them to reach an age of maturity, where stuffily jack and Zuma so that they themselves could extract the treasure from beneath this wall, Ramadan Arabic And this was a mercy from your Lord. So of course, if the wall fell down, then the people who are really stingy and greedy in town, they would have usurped that wealth from the two boys. And they would have been the boys would have been deprived of the inheritance of the parents.

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So So behind Allah, we learned that he was actually saving the treasure for these two boys. Another thing that we can extract from this as we did in the previous lesson, was look at what Allah Subhana Allah did for the parents again, in this instance, the parents already already lifted Jr. But because they were righteous, because they were righteous, they were solid. They were close to Allah Subhana. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah still looked after the progeny, often, yes, Allah. So many parents today, give the children all the dunya that they possibly can and are so worried about the dunya of the children, they say, you know, what's going to happen to my kids off the IDI right. And

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when they say that they mean in terms of the dunya that I'm leaving behind for my children, the house and the car and the business and the bank account.

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And my capital etc, and my investments and my policies. But yeah, we learn that because these parents were righteous. Yes, they left behind the treasure beneath this wall, they left behind some money beneath this wall. But at the same time because they were righteous allowed to either looked after them alone looked after the kids, despite the fact that they've already lifted Junior. So if we leave our kids with only the money with only the junior staff, the junior staff can be taken away, it can be lost, it can be stolen, it can be fought over. But if we if we build our own relationship with Allah and the relationship with Allah, then Allah either we'll sit we'll see to

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the needs in this dunya as well as in the next world. And one way that we can reframe the question that people ask, you know, what's going to happen to my kids after I die, is to ask, Well, what is going to happen to my kids after they die? Have I given them enough to prepare them for the life of the Vedas, as opposed to the life of the mighty? And that is the way we can balance that particular equation out? Yes, we want to see to the welfare of our families in this life, but we should be more concerned with the welfare in the next life. So don't neglect this world. Don't forget the world, you're after that should actually be our highest importance, our highest priority in the light era.

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He says, One fell to one memory, I did none of this out of my own accord. If any human did any of these things are to their own accord. You know, besides the wall now, it may have been looked at or not, maybe it would have been looked at as breaking the law of Allah subhanaw taala. But this was a special exception to Allah's law. Valiquette that we Luma lambda stare Allah He sabara and that those are the interpretations for the things which you are Moses or Moosa, you had no patience you were unable to be. So Allah Subhana Allah teaches and to be musala cetera Salaam, that he doesn't have all the knowledge and we do certainly don't have knowledge. You know, we don't have great

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knowledge. No matter how much you learn, there's so much more that you don't know. None of us are receiving ye from Allah, or a special mission from Allah. So whenever we receive knowledge, that knowledge should humble us. You know, knowledge is like the fruit that grows in a plant, it causes the branches to hang low because of its weight, and not high up in the sky. Because it's because it's now because that's fruit and so May Allah subhanaw taala grant us that understanding until next time when we learn the story of Musa and qarun another character introducing the poor and also very interesting because he was one of the wealthiest people if not the wealthiest people to ever have

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existed, but until then was solo lsvt Mohammed's have a handle on how many subhanak Alomar we have Nick Nash How do I let Ella hi in the antenna selfie Look, I wanted to really explain why they come rock metal wall here obrigado