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So that was Ramallah, serene.

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Early, he was so happy he married a beloved brothers and sisters at slama cerametallic. Library care to

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just like a love fade. Thank you so much for joining us. This is Episode 26 of our series Blissett women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we'd like to thank those who joined us this weekend for our marriage class well hamdulillah It was very well attended and Alhamdulillah we hope in sha Allah for those who have expressed a desire to attend the marriage class, but we're not able to do so because of exams or interview functions. And we hope to do another marriage class inshallah, at Brunel Islam towards the mid December or perhaps even in the new year, but please inform us if you're keen if you're able to attend which date you prefer, and inshallah we'll try to

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arrange something for you. I begin, assistant emailed me with regards to mistake that I've made. She mentioned in one of the episodes, I said that the Prophet also lamb be married to Ayesha for eight years. And then she continued to love another 60 years after his death, and she passed away at the age of 66, of course, is an error. The prophet SAW some of the passed away, I shut the alarm on how would live for another 46 years. So listening for 46 years she lived without the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they were married around 10 years Alhamdulillah. And we did say that these dates are variable because there was no Islamic calendar at that time. We're not so sure about eischens age,

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as we are to about Abubakar age, we're not sure when the marriage happened. These dates we have a broad understanding sort of within a year or two, give or take, and only once the Islamic calendar actually was instituted in the fantasy normal with dates a lot more sure the dates were a lot more accurate. Alhamdulillah so in our last episode, we completed our discussion with our mother, Osama hint of the law. So now the Prophet of Allah, it's good for us to go through and keep this list in our minds. And I encourage you that you keep this list where Khadija initially was his wife, and then she passed away. Then we had soda and she's still alive. We have Ayesha and she's still alive.

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We have hopstop and she's still alive. Then we had Zane had been Hosea, the mother of the poor, and she passed away and then the prophets of Allah married, Salama rhodiola. And so now the Prophet peace around him has four wives, soda, I should have said Salama, and we know all the personalities, so they're being very homely, I should have been brilliant and smart and romantic and dramatic, have saw being educated and a little stubborn. husana being serene, being regal, being very elegant, being diplomatic, we getting to know the personalities and the kind of women they are. So now today inshallah we'll talk about the next wife of the Prophet sallallahu ala married and that is going to

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be our mother, Zainab, bein dejection. So we said the Prophet peace upon him, he married to Zane abs. And in fact, if you ever get a question, as I said, with regards to the professor lamp and the women around him, and the question comes, you know, maybe in who wants to win the million reals or something like that, and they asked you name a name of a female and it was in the life of Salah, just say Xena, because he had two wives. That was enough. He had a daughter that was enough, he had a granddaughter that was enough. So the prophets of Salaam really was fond of the name, designer. And in fact, he gave in fact our magazine up in a name initially was Bara, which means the perfect

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one, the one that is free of any kind of imperfection, and this is an appropriate name to have and therefore he actually changed the name to Zane up so does the name but he was was fond of so the Prophet peace when he would marry our mother, Zainab, and we'll talk about how come the prophets of Salaam exceeded the limit of having four wives. This restriction, of course, was not the initially before Islam, and as the Sharia was evolving, they were no limitations in terms of how many women men could marry men had many, many wives, and then they were actually limited to four. So we need to consider when this regulation came down, without a doubt, the promises of them exceeded that limit.

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And when he passed away, he had more than four wives, but this is a very controversial issue, and we'll discuss that in detail towards the end of the series inshallah. So let's get to our mother Zane. I've been to Jackson ash, before we talk about Zainab has already is very much intertwined with a very famous companion, which we mentioned before, and that is aid. So we have Zaid and Zane up. And these stories go together. So who was aid we see, these are the one who is at Haifa, this very, very famous companion. He was the adopted son of the Prophet peace be upon him. We said that, you know, as a young boy, he was stolen from his. He was on a journey with his mom, and some bandits

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attacked them and stole him so he was a little boy stolen from his family. He was made into a slave and he was sold. And he found himself in Makkah, so the schedule boy in Makkah, and it was just about the time when Khadija and the professor was getting married, and her DJ comes to the market and she wants to buy a wedding present for her new husband and she sees this little boy

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She takes a liking to him and she purchases eight as a slave. And then she comes to the profits or salon and she says, Oh Muhammad, as a wedding gift, this boy will be for you. You will be your servant, you will help you and you will walk so he was constantly around the prophets of Salaam. And we know that the Prophet peace upon him never kept slaves in the in the sense of using him as servants. Rather, he treated Zaid with the kind of treatment that a father or big brother would treat a son. So they grew up in the presence of the Prophet Salaam, and he grew up in the household of the Nabi sallallahu sallam, and this bond between the two of them was so deep and so loving that

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many years later, when Zaid was a young man or maybe any schemes, Z's father actually comes and finds him in Makkah. And Z's father who loved his son so much. I mean, he was I mean, think of it Olam, Allah protect us. There's nothing worse than losing a child. Imagine as a parent, you've been looking for years for your long lost son. And yeah, you find him and so he comes with an abyssal Salaam and again, we said the Prophet was not an abbey, he was just before the Buddha. And the man says, Look, this is my boys aid. Name, your price, oh, Mohammed, and I'll purchase him from you anything you want. I want my son back. So Prophet sallallahu Sallam looks at is not here. As my

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prisoner was my slave. He's free Zaid, you can go you can whatever you want to do is add up to you. And Zaid says, Please don't let me leave. I don't know of any father other than you. I want to stay with you and I want to be with you. Oh, Mohamed, again, he wasn't an abbey. So then the Prophet was so moved in so moved by this incident observed that he took laid by the hand and he stood in front of all the people of Makkah, and he said, Oh, koresh, I want you to be a witness. But as of today, I have taken this boy as my son, he's my son, and his name from henceforward is not zedi niharika but he is a the son of Muhammad. And this was something which Allah subhana wa Taala would rectify

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before Islam or before the lows of orphans. When you adopted an orphan, they became like your biological children. This is a you take the name of your adopted parents, and so therefore many Junior Sahaba they would say we never knew Zanesville name. We only knew him as add Mohammed Zaid them son of Mohamed Salah Salam that was his name, and his nickname was gonna be the Beloved of the Ibiza or Salah. So that was very, very dear to the NaVi salsa lamb. When the Prophet receives no boy becomes an abbey, ladies of the very first people maybe even before abubaker the alarm that he embraces some of the first four people of the Hydra ID and zayde and abubaker, the four of them very

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first for people to embrace Islam, so very senior men. And I showed the analysis that listen to this amazing Heidi, she says that whenever there was a campaign, and Zaid was involved, he would be a leader in that campaign, he was made a general or he would be given a leadership position. And in fact, he says that if he was alive, when the prophet SAW someone passed away, crusade would pass away before then it is also very, very tragic. But she said if he was alive, he would have been the halifa Now remember, ISIS dead abubaker becomes the halifa and she says if Zaid was alive, my dad wouldn't be the halifa zager would have been the halifa. So this is an amazing, you know, point to

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mention of who this man is a man who was And on top of all of that he has an honor, that not a single companion not abubaker Nazionale rhodiola not Ayesha natalija no companion has the honor the date has and what is that honor, that he is mentioned by name in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala actually mentioned his name in the Quran. And in the course of our discussion around Zainab and Zaid will talk about how he's mentioned. So how does a feature in the story of Xena so who is aina another Zainab rhodiola Anna, she was about 25 years younger than the Prophet salallahu Salam. So she was 30 years old at the hegira. She was a first cousin of the Prophet Salam. She was a cousin of

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his, and she was described as being a perfect woman. In fact, her name Barbara pietism, that she was regarded as almost the most sought after woman in Makkah. She is described as being perfect in terms of her appearance, she was told, elegant, and she was beautiful. She was shapely. She was, you know, both lovely. And the main designer. On top of all of that she had a high lineage on top of all that she was extremely educated. She was a crafts woman, so she was good with her hands. And she actually had her own leather tanning business, she would make things with her hands, and she would sell this and she became quite wealthy on this. She had a fiery personality. She was extremely independent.

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And even up until the age of 30, she had not married anybody. So this is quite strange that even in our day and age, if you're 30 and you're not married, it's sort of like you know, you're getting on now in time while you're not married in the context. She should have been married like 15 years already. So why was she not married because she never felt that anyone was good enough for her. One could say she had a little degree of self

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herself. vanity in terms of her attitude many men proposed to her, she said, none of you are good enough for me, I made for a much better husband. Some have even said that some scholars have even said she secretly desire that the only man that it was really suited for her would be Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself, no man was good enough for her. So she was a very independent, and she would speak her mind, like many of the words of the porcelain. And she had a very dramatic side to her eyeshadow to learn how to tangle with quite a bit and would come to see, and she would say, of Xena, that Xena was a lady that would quickly have a temper. She had a temper and she became very

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angry, she sort of explode. But then she would come down very quickly as well. She was very quick to forgive. She would say that the prophets are seldom, he was fond of her a lot. He loved her very much. He was very passionate with her because she was passionate, and she frustrated him a lot as well, which we'll come to know. On top of all of these things, though, Xena was a deeply religious woman that she was a very, very charitable woman, the thing that really stands out about her as we'll come to see, if she excelled above any woman of her time in terms of charity, she continued to operate this business not to become wealthy, but to give it in terms of charity. She was a very

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loving person for the poor. And when Islam came on the scene, she immediately embraced Islam. She was the very first companions to embrace Islam. She went through the persecution with her brother, and she immigrated to Medina. So now here we have this wonderful single woman that is known in the community for having all these wonderful qualities. She's not married. The problem is someone loves it as a cousin, he loves her as one of his own matches, and he loves very much his son. So he felt, look, this is a perfect match. And he suggested to say, you should marry sign up, and he tells you, you should marry Zane, I think the two of you would be a good match. And when the prophet SAW Selim

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suggests this, both of them are not very happy. Both of them are not too keen on this marriage. From Zeno's perspective, she felt that she was entitled to a much better husband in zayde. Now, even though she understood and she knew that he was a great companion, and he was a man of that was very close to the prophets of Salaam, she was still human. And from her perspective, and from her natural instinct, she believed that he was not suitable for her. She felt that look, ultimately he was a slave. He was a man that was a slave at one point in time, he was bought, he was sold, that he is not, he doesn't have a great lineage. He The only, you know, she felt that as a husband, I can't

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respect him as I should, that this is not a good match. And she was the fool. She actually sent her brother to protest to tell the officer look sign up is interested inside. They also with all of the nups qualities, and she's this sort of the woman. This basically tells the problem I'm not keen on marrying her, because I can see there's going to be problems. We're not on the same page. She is, you know, a well to do, lady, that's not I don't want to be I feel inferior in front of her and shows you the Sahaba they are human, the Sahaba are not angels, they're not perfect. And in terms of marriage, Allah subhanaw taala allows you to choose your partner that you feel will bring the most

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happiness that you feel is best for you. So say there's not really keen on Xena, Xena doesn't want to meditate, and they both petitioned the prophets of Allah. Now Allah subhana wa Taala actually reveals verses in the Quran which is quite strange. Allah subhanaw taala never before would tell two people that you must get married because marriage is something that you are allowed to choose. Yet Allah sees these verses of Surah

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Surah number 33 verse 36, Allah says woman can only mean one minute in either cada Allahu wa Sulu Imran a akuna Rahman Fiera mean a marry him or maxilla hora Sula, hufa de la vida Medina. So Allah says it is not befitting is not appropriate for a believing man or believing woman, that when Allah and His Messenger so all of a sudden lamb have decreed a matter that they have any option or choice in that decision. And whenever this believes in Allah and His Messenger has indeed strayed into play era Subhana Allah, Allah is saying that when he decides on something, and when the prophets also decides on something, then we as Muslims mean we have no choice. If the Prophet of Islam says to us

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jump, we jump if he says go, here we go, right we go, right. So the Prophet Solomon says to you, oh, Zaid, oh, Xena, the two of you should get married Hollis, you have no further decision you don't have a choice you have to obey His Word is no side note. Today you find a group of people who call themselves could Annie you and we are the fathers of the Quran. And they will say we'll follow the Quran because we obey Allah. But when it comes to the sooner when it comes to the laws, or the commandments of the prophets of Salaam. Well yeah, this is the opinion of Mohammed we don't really have to follow him as such that we can we don't have to follow the Hadith we only follow the Quran.

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While the Quran tells you very explicitly in this ayah that when the prophets of Salaam says something, it is as binding on you as if Allah himself had said it. If the Prophet was Adam commands you or forbids you, then you have to obey that

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You might find a law that is not in the Quran, but is commanded by the prophets of Salaam, for example you will not find in the Quran, that Muslim is three rockers you will not find in the Quran. That tawaf is seven rounds. The prophets of Salaam told you these things and therefore we obey Allah. So we cannot say, Well, this is only his opinion, it's not a loss decision. When the Prophet says something, a loss, it becomes a law. And here is a classic example the choice of choosing a spouse. The Prophet says the two of them should get married, so they need to get married. So grudgingly if we could say, you know, almost in protest, the two of them, they are believers, they

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submit they obey Allah and they obey His law suit. So they get married. And this marriage is rocky from the start. Both people are keen on marriage, both people are not happy. And as the into the marriage Sunni find that this lots and lots of conflicts, Zaynab and they can't get along, is constant fighting and arguing and Suhana law. These are the two greatest I mean, of the best of Maine, the best of women, the most pious of people, people giving charity people making Jihad people, you know, standing up with the hedges, yet when they together, there's just no happiness between them. And these, you know, constant fighting and arguing, there's no tenderness, there's no

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love that shows you also that just because someone is you know, the two people are good people, they could still be an element missing in terms of love. This is something different. So they now continuously complained to the professor numbers, lack of chemistry, this unhappiness that they find Zeynep constantly sort of belittling, he makes me feel inferior. So he would complain to the prophet SAW Salem about Xena and every time that he would complain to the prophets of Salaam, I don't want to be with her I want to divorce. The Prophet commandment say keep your wife You keep her you're not allowed to divorce her. And then Allah subhana wa tada would show shows the prophets of Salaam,

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something which really bothered him or disturbed him. The prophets also lamb came to know about a law's revelation that Zainab and Zaid would ultimately divorce one another, and then he would marry her. So this is one of the most controversial areas in terms of the Syrah in terms of the the understanding of this matter. In fact, of all these marriages, the prophets of Psalms most controversial marriage would be this marriage designer in his lifetime. No one question that he married when she was young, nobody questioned that he would marry Sophia and Julia and they were prisoners of war. No one worried about no one could decisive about this. But the message which he

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was criticized about in his lifetime, was his marriage to Xena. And in fact, from the eye of the Quran, which we'll come to know in our next episode, I should say is that if even the prophets of Salaam were to hide or conceal a verse of the Quran, it would be this verse commanding him to marry Xena because it will be very, very taboo for him to marry her. Why is it terrible? Why is there an issue? Because to marry your son's ex wife, your daughter in law is insist it's haram to do that it's haram for a for a father to marry a woman that was with his son, and vice versa. A son cannot marry stepmom. If his dad passes away with their divorces or So for the purposes of them too many

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dates ex wife, it would appear that he's marrying his son's ex wife, of course, ladies, not his son. Now in the Arab context, they saw adopted children as biological children, and Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to set a precedent with regards to orphans and adoption. So in our next episode, we'll come to know how zaidan Xena separated what caused them to separate and how it was the problem actually ended up marrying her. And what was it like for Zeynep to be the wife of the prophet SAW Selim, and to be around other wives with her feast on personality? There'll be a lot of action between her and Ayesha rhodiola Anna so in the next episode, we hope to see you then for any

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questions and concerns with [email protected]. Just like Allah Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh