Mirza Yawar Baig – The True Success

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Shippers teamed up against the Los Angeles Shaker team, with the Los Angeles Rams winning but struggling with their approach. The Shippers focus on their strategy and plans to continue their success. The importance of treating every waking mind and not disregarding intentions and actions is emphasized, along with the need for a definite intention to achieve success. The segment also touches on the struggles of the military and rise of Islam in the US, as well as the importance of measuring one's actions and emotions to determine their success in life. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a movie.
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Sula Ramallah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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Monastery, you know who and stuff you know he went to Taco rally when I was 11 Julian fusina Museo de Melina Mija De La Paloma de lado,

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da da da

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La La La La Hoya de la sharika

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Ramadan Abdo solo

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or sallallahu taala Villa de basura Juana de la,

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the Yoni La La hobbies and he was in La Jolla.

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yeah you Latina Armando quotevalet camassia mukamal gudivada de la la junta de Haan

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mighty resin sisters, today's the last Amara last Juma of this Ramadan Kareem. In this year 2020

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah mean that Allah subhanho wa Taala enabled us

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to meet this Ramadan in a state of a man in a state of good health and with lots of free time because we were locked up in our houses

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and Allah subhanaw taala enabled us to spend this Ramadan in trying to earn his pleasure and trying to get close to him and we asked Allah subhanaw taala to

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reward us for our efforts in keeping with his majesty and grace. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us our faults and our weaknesses and our forgetfulness and our sins

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and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to cover us with His mercy and with this forgiveness

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I will just imagine that we are playing a match

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football match or a soccer match or a basketball match. We are now

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towards the end of the match

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what will you know

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you will quickly assess your situation

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and you will see how did the match go on till now.

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And what do I need to do now to make sure that I win this match

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this is what any sensible person will do.

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This match was a match between us and the opposition which will shatter in our office our own desires and Shannon

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we did whatever we did during this month of Ramadan

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now we are almost ending it almost at the at the end of it

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so I remind myself when you that we have only a few days left.

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And those days are going as we speak

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there is no time to relax and there is definitely no time to waste

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We must get our strategy in plays and hit the ground running if we are to win this game

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where the results are forever

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because like the game once it's over, it's over.

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And it may be our last

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ask yourself about all those who were with us in last Oregon are not with us in the summer

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when they were here when they were alive in the in last Ramadan. Did they know that that Ramadan was going to be the last of their lives?

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had they known?

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Do you think there they would have spent that rather differently from how they spent it?

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Now has this question Do I know whether this will be my last?

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And if I take it as my last? What will I do differently from whatever I've been doing until now?

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And then let's go do it.

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Because no matter how long we live

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there will be one Ramadan which will be the last of our lives.

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But we will not know that

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until it has gone

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the only way to benefit is to treat every Ramadan as if it is our last for it may well be

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asked Allah subhanaw taala for his mercy.

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What is Ramadan? And why did it come? the ayat I open my hotbar with when I'm not sure I've done a certain sort of Bakara. Yeah you will live in amaru quotevalet Museum kamakoti Valentina Min currycomb La Laguna takuan, which means we will believe fasting is prescribed

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For you, as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may look up become an otaku.

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So, let us ask if this happened to us,

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did we become otaku

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arena more conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala more mindful of his pleasure, more mindful of May of making his pleasure the single criterion for all our decision making? If this is happening, then all about you, but if not, let us remember that this law will be over very soon.

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But then,

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I remind myself when you about my first reminder, in this Ramadan, when I asked you and ask myself,

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are you entering Ramadan? Or is Ramadan entering you?

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What is the answer now, that almost all of it has gone

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let us take stock urgently, because if we entered rather, we will exit it in the next few days, and it will be all over.

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And we will continue our lives as if nothing happened. But if rather than entered us, the date change into shower will not affect us and on will remain with us and in us and our lives will be totally different.

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How we think, talk, walk, act, decide, eat, drink, earn, who our friends are, how we spend our time, how we treat people, how you react to others, and to incidents, everything will change.

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These markers will tell if we what we gained from our lab,

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we will become much more calm

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and courageous and strong and focused and productive and active and responsible and generous and kind and compassionate and powerful and beloved and influential than we have ever been. And why will that happen? That is called taqwa. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala gave us

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all of these are things which are the characteristics of a person.

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A taqwa is what happens when the slave becomes conscious of the presence of Islam in his life.

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When he becomes conscious that Islam is watching him, not just watching him with detached transitory interest before looking somewhere else. But with intense concentration, which means nothing, all our intentions or actions and with the power and the intention to help us to succeed.

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Allah is not sitting there waiting to catch our faults and mistakes. Allah wants to catch our good things and reward us for them.

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That is why I sent him here. That is why he sent his books. That is why he sent us Ramadan. That is why give us Islam.

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And when this happens, the slave becomes conscious of never disobeying Allah subhanho data and he gets huge confidence from knowing that the owner of everything

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who said about himself, Callie lahoma, Malika milk

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total milkman, Tasha matanza, will will come in man, Tasha. Tasha, Tasha vehicle in the gala. Alisha in

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the owner of everything the controller of everything is in its corner. When the slave knows that he has huge confidence and he is very aware and conscious that he must not disobey or anger or loss manager.

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My brother and sister and myself when you came to help us to become a taco

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but did we?

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That is what we need to check. For those who did. Allah subhanaw taala promised to sell

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a lot smarter as a woman yet tequila has Allahu Maharajah while your zoco been a

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while why your tawakkol Allahu

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Allah subhanaw taala said and whoever has taqwa where is

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he jealous Allah Allah who will make a way for him to get out from every difficulty.

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And he will provide him from sources he could never imagine. And whoever has tabaco Allah will put his trust in Allah whoever relies on a lot smarter than Allah will become

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sufficient for him.

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Today as we are

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isolated in the COVID lockdowns, worried about our health and the health of our loved ones worried about the economy, worried about our jobs and future. And that's what gave us the solution.

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Developed taqwa, and then ask Allah

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and to make it easy for us, Allah subhanaw taala centers from other to help us to become otaku. so that we may be relieved from our difficulties.

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You may say, that's all good, but it can't happen overnight. I need a solution. Now. I say to you, that Rasulullah sallallahu told us that the reward of the deed is based on the intention in the Maranello vignette.

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So make a sincere intention to change and take the first steps. And then ask Allah subhanaw taala for his help

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make that decision that you are taking the vasila for your daughter,

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my brothers sisters,

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in sha Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah will accept our law and he will relieve our difficulty. Today we are used to looking only for material solutions. If I don't do that a vaccine will come you will believe me.

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So what is so difficult to believe? When I say that Allah will help you.

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Maybe that help is by

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creating a vaccine. Or maybe it's in some way that we do not know yet.

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Let us learn to differentiate between the ASVAB and the Musab the Buddha's path between the means and the creator of the means. Allah subhanaw taala is not constrained by anything, he there are no limits to what Allah subhanaw taala can do. If we learn to connect with him, he will help us as he promised in ways that we cannot imagine try it and see

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how can we tell if we are on the path to become motorhome and Michael Harry the author of Six Sigma quality,

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he says, if you want to see what somebody values, see what they measure,

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if you want to see what somebody values, see what they measure, we like to say Time is money. But ask yourself which Newcombe hours or dollars?

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Which do you feel the loss of hours or dollars

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so watch the video the measure hours or dollars. Now ask yourself what would happen if that changed.

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If we measure time, the way we measure money, if we measure time, instead of dollars

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what would have we would spend our times time far more usefully and we will be far more generous with our dollars.

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let us measure ourselves on these factors.

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What I talk

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what I work meaning my actions, how I act,

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how I decide what I eat and drink, how I earn, who my friends are, how I spend my time. How do I treat people? How do I react to others and to incidents in my life? Is there a change in any of these

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this is the measurement for taqwa these are the standards on which we must measure ourselves to see whether we have become motorhome

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let me say this to say this thing to you. My sister spoke to me this morning and she told me two very wonderful things.

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May Allah tala grant her the reward for this inshallah.

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One thing she said is,

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she said that we as human beings between ourselves, we want each other and if we are doing something wrong, we say don't do that. Allah will punish you.

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Fear the anger of Allah. Fear the love of Jana, you know, we say all these things. But she said to me, she said the shaitan never says anything bad about Allah.

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He never reminds us about the punishment of Allah. He invites us to Hara. And when we hesitate, he says, Don't worry.

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Allah is very generous. allies will follow him. He will forgive everything. times of change. You're not living in a desert in the seventh century. We're living in America in the 21st century.

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different laws

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You are you are,

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you are an internet age.

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You're not a camel driver, chances are this.

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we fall into that trap

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and we stop seeing the seriousness of sin. We stop seeing that sins attract the anger of Allah.

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Chetan loves us and sings this tune to us. And we fall into that Shanahan's biggest job is to keep us far from Allah.

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Because he challenged a lot of analysts and he said, some are the unknown membrane ad him bombing him one Imani him one Shama le wala, UK, Sarah home shaqiri.

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He said, and then I will come to them from before then from in front of them, and behind them, and from the right and from their left, and you will not find most of them to be thankful.

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Chetan promised to misguide us in every way, from every direction.

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Think about this today.

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When you want to do something good. You say I want to pray tell me?

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What to shut until you shut up.

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Why don't you Google it first, and research what different scholars have said about me.

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Ask yourself, how many questions like this come to us in every minute. Whether we should pray to Ravi at all,

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whether we should pray to God, or

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whether we should make with our hands up

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and after whether we should pass the hand over our faces. Whether we should say Ramadan Kareem, or Ramadan Mubarak.

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Just think about the colossal time, energy and emotion that we have spent

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emailing what's happening, heatedly discussing all these utterly useless questions.

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And after reading all that, we still have not come to any conclusion.

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we could have spent that time in trying to get close to Allah subhanaw taala.

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In building our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala

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even what Allah subhanaw taala clearly prohibited and even declared war on those who refuse to obey, that is interest based business interest based dealings. Chetan kept us busy in fatwa shopping,

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while we remained in it with our names in the list of the enemies of Allah, in the list of those who have accepted a declaration of war from Allah. What do you call somebody who accepts a declaration of war anyway.

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And instead of making Stefan Toba, we spent time in trying to find ways to make our haram actions seem a lot

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shaitaan kept us busy supervising us to ensure that we continue in our useless pursuits, researching within quotes, useless questions, while ignoring what was clear and free from doubt. That is the importance of Salah the importance of delivering Quran, the importance of earning and eating halal, the importance of reflection and introspection and in the importance of changing our lives, until we come to the end of the game.

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When shaitan will say to us by NIH

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that is wireless router a told us was shot I will say to his followers on the Day of Judgment.

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Allah said that Shannon will say this lokala shaytani Lama Hotel ambu in the la vida

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what are the luck

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Baba taco love taco can ali ali comin Sultan

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in and out to come first term Li filata Luni woolloomooloo and pusaka ma Anna be Muslim.

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Mama and don't be Muslim

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in the UK afford to be a Shahrukh to money when covered in navali mean Allahu Allah.

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And he said which means in Surah him and chat and we'll say when the matter has been decided, Verily Allah subhanaw taala promised to a promise of truth. And I too promised you but I betrayed you.

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I had no authority over

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Are you except that I called you, and you responded to me? So do not blame me. blame yourself. Don't curse me, curse yourself. Don't just land on me and land on yourself, I cannot help you. Nor can you help me identify your former actions of associating me that is shatta as a partner with law by obeying me instead of obeying Allah. Verily, there is a painful torment for the zalze and even for the people who transgress. Now brothers and sisters, I want to conclude by reminding myself and you, let us turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala red has recognized that all good comes only from obeying Allah subhanaw taala and living our lives according to the blessed sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu

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sallam, let us make it stiffer. Let us make Toba and let us turn to Allah subhanaw taala and then let us make the Allah mentioned this to us and he told us to call those doctors in Ghana.

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In order to know what a Salam said I said to them, ask forgiveness from Europe. Very Lee he is oft forgiving. So let us make the most of what we have left of Ramadan Kareem and let us ensure that we maximize its benefits. We ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness and mercy and for his help. And let me wish you eight mobarak It's a in advanced inshallah. Allah subhanaw taala accept this from you. May Allah make this the best Ramadan of your lives. May Allah subhanaw taala reward you in keeping with his majesty and grace. May Allah give you from places you cannot imagine. May Allah subhanaw taala remove all difficulties from your life. May Allah subhanaw taala accept your doors as

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he used to accept the doors of the MBR when he's right mallows rather accept your doors and grant you what you ask with higher and apphia before your hands are Lord. Allah subhanho wa Taala fill your hamal your your book updates with Asana May Allah subhanho wa Taala cause you to live firmly complete your cane and firmly was complete

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with complete conviction on Islam and on the head and mela keep you safe from all ships can be that And may Allah subhanaw taala take you in a state when you are in a state of obedience to Him. When you are saying La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, may Allah take you in a state of servitude May Allah subhanaw taala take you in a state when he's pleased with you may the day you meet Allah manager be the best day of your life because that is the day that we have all been waiting for. And we have all been working for as close Matera two cents a lot and Solomon is Habib Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Arabic Arabic Elisa tmic who was Allah Allah mousseline our

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

last Juma of Ramadan_

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