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salatu salam, O Allah

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was a big Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam As salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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thank you so much for being with us this episode nine of our series the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu sallam. In our last episode, we had concluded a discussion around our mother so de la jolla and her the second wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and tonight inshallah we'll begin our discussion around Ayesha rhodiola and her but before we speak about our mother Ayesha, we want to answer a question that came through our WhatsApp line that that asked about the prohibition regards to when something too symbolic something which is something which represents a customary or cultural symbol of you know, of another group, something which is an

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Islamic So, for example, we said as a Muslim, you cannot wear something which is symbolic of which is an Islamic so we said a Muslim, for example, cannot be the a crucifix, you can't you can't have a Christmas tree in your house. Why? Because these symbols are of a religious nature and therefore, they are an Islamic and the question specifically asked with regards to henna and henna tattoos, these temporary tattoos of the that the sisters way, when they paint their hands and the feet is this permissible?

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Is this something which is permissible from the Sharia? And the question actually asked Is this something which does not originate maybe from a Hindu custom and before would this be possible in in you know, others might call it mainly as well. So, firstly, from an Islamic perspective, for the lady to have inner on her hands and feet is not only is it permissible, but in fact it even could be argued that this was the hub there are some scholars like shaping bias or Kamala, some humble Ramallah they have said that it actually encouraged for a woman to wear hanger on her hands and feet. Why? Because the female companions of the Prophet SAW Selim, they would have Hina is a Hadith,

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insolent Aveda would weigh a lady put her hand into the curtain and the prophets of Salaam says I'm not sure if this is a man's hand, a woman's hand, meaning I don't want to shake the hand of this person, because I'm not sure if it's, you know what gender it belongs to. So the lady from behind the curtain said, but I'm a lady. So the Protestant said, Well, if you're a lady, why basically Why are your nails not have not been changed? Meaning Why you didn't use Hana on your nails. So I could know that you relate. So from this, it has been reduced by some scholars that it's even encouraged for the sisters to use henna, or mainly, of course, the Islamization near that one should not be

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excessive, and it should not be done with a purpose of course, to attract the attention of non Muharram men, other than that is fine. Well hamdulillah Of course for the sisters, for the men is haram for you to do a henna tattoos and mainly on your hands and feet is not permissible for me. And of course, the if we go step further, and were to ask, Well, you have this knowing the Sharia that we should not imitate other cultures and other customs are we should not imitate that which is an Islamic? Well, what do we mean by that? Because what is Islamic culture? What is the culture of Islam? If you look at the cultural dress, the cultural food, the architecture of Muslims in China,

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it will be different to the Muslims in India, different to the Muslims in Africa, and so on and so forth. So what exactly is Islamic? From the Sharia perspective, Islam encourages us to incorporate those aspects that are part of our customs part of our cultures that are compatible with the Sharia, in fact, certain laws in the Sharia, it will say that the man for a woman, for example, the maintenance of a woman should be what is customary, acceptable, what is the norm in your culture in your custom. So the Sharia gives you the broad guidelines as to what is halal and haram. And it gives us the leeway to actually practice our culture. And it's a good thing when Muslims in China,

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you know, can explicitly identity and the cultural norms as Muslims in Africa, the mosques in China will look different to the mosques in India will look different to the mosques in Africa. This is a wonderful thing and a beautiful thing, which shows that Islam is an all inclusive, it's a religion, and it includes many, many cultures within that. Islam never forced the tribes, the different tribes of the different in Arabia at the time to conform, for example, to the customs of the Quran, which was that of the prophets of Salaam. So we should understand that customary norms and cultural expression is permissible in the Sharia, so long as it does not contradict the Sharia. And of

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course, those customary norms are those symbols in a culture which have a religious connotation, which go back to a religion other than Islam. This would not be permissible in those areas, we cannot take them and make them part of our Sharia. And this is where the prohibition comes in for Muslims not imitating the practices of the kuffar the meaning those things which go against the Sharia. So like we see the crucifix, like we said, for example, the Nazi * In fact, in fact, the * isn't really a Nazi thing. It goes back to

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Another religious symbol long before the Nazis but because the symbol is so, so much attached to something which is Islamic, it will not be permissible for a Muslim to wait as part of a of a declaration. So this was regards to hijab, getting to our mother Ayesha and adiala, on her, the third wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and by introduction, we can say that of Ayesha delana, that she was the greatest scholar of the soma from amongst all the women, that in fact, the scholars are unanimous that if I shared knowledge had to be placed on one side of the scale, and all the knowledge of all the women of this world will be placed on the other side, then I shall not be alone

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now how knowledge would would exceed that of all the women that in fact, there is no religion on Earth, that has been so profoundly impacted, that has been so profoundly changed and influenced by a woman, then Islam by Russia. In fact, the scholars would say one third of our Sharia, we get from the eye shadow of the law and so much of the private, intimate details of the prophets of Salaam would come to us only by shadow, the law. So the Sahaba, a father, Abu Bakr, the great scholars have been the great scholars Sahaba that were around the Phantom, they, they would see only one aspect of them, they would see his public persona, they would see him the Nabi Imam, then a B, that was the,

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you know, on the battlefield, the prophet SAW Selim as a teacher, but they wouldn't see him in his private environment, what he was like behind closed doors. This we get mostly from our mother, I shadowed Ella and she was the dearest and most beloved person to the half of the puzzles. And then, when he was married to her, many times, he would express his love and she's the dearest person to him. And her privilege and her great status is that she would say that the prophets of Salaam died in her arms that he that he was in her arms when he passed away, his will come to them, and in fact, he was buried in her house. So today when we go to measure the number we and we visit the illicit

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Mubarak Grave of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam understand that that was the house of Ayesha and in fact, he's buried on the same spot. We have bid was Allah subhana wa tada to show her honor and her high position with Allah Himself is that Allah has revealed multiple is about her concerning her through her because of any fact Allah subhanho wa Taala had exonerated her when she was accused of adultery, a lie that he had which we still are despite today, in honor of her, she is the greatest woman of this oma in terms of knowledge in terms of of teaching and photography. And the date that is at every Muslim owes this great woman's panel, you know, it cannot be measured. She was the

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daughter of abubaker of the Alon, the first pillar of Islam, the closest friend of the prophets also lamp, the greatest of all the men of his alma She was the daughter of Abu Bakar. And she and her mother's name was Oman. She was a Ayesha was if you physically if you were to imagine her. She was a tall, slender woman. petite in structure and stature. She was light of completion, she had a face skin and she would turn red and in fact, the professor lamp would give her a nickname homemade Ah, Rosie, if you will, because she would blush often. He enjoyed making her blush, she would feel her eyes have a light color, he was of a light color. And she was attractive from from what we

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understand the nation's about us. And in terms of her personality, she was fiery, she was strong and confident. She was a woman of great intelligence and great passion. She was not afraid to ask questions. He was a prophet or seldom, she was openly she would express her opinion, she would debate where she disagreed with you. And she was, you know, a woman that was very, very committed. If she wanted something, she was confident in her abilities and she was committed to achieving it. No one ever would be able to limit I shadowed Yolanda that she would play a profound you know, influence on the oma from from when she entered the household of Professor lamb. And for many years.

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50 years later, she'll be a central figure in managing the oma. We also find from her she was a very passionate loving woman very, you know, affectionate. She wasn't afraid to express her love to the prophets of Salaam and this may be gave her a side that would be a bit jealous at times, which we'll we'll come to know as we do in the CDs. She was outspoken and this sometimes made her a bit competitive with other people. And this also you know, we see a very unique side of her. There was a playfulness in her. She was a young woman when she married the prophets of Salaam and she had this enthusiasm this filled with youth and energy she loves to make jokes and to be and to laugh. She was

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excited to go on journeys excited to to be playful with the prophet SAW Salem. There was also a subpanel a clumsy side to her, you'll find that she was you know, the greatest and most intelligent woman in the room. He was very clumsy when it came to the mystic she was slightly forgetful on the simple things. So you know the complete picture of eyeshadow della Anna, and we get this because she was not afraid to tell us about her life for the porcelain. So much of what we're going to learn

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About Ayesha comes directly from her from her own narrations of the great honors that she, you know, position she has in the Sharia is that in fact, she is the greatest narrator of Hadith. So the prophets of Salaam, his teachings come to us via narrations called Hadith. We have the Quran and next to it we have the teachings of the Prophet Allah, his tradition, or his Sunnah, which comes to us via Heidi and the Hadith are given to us by the Sahaba, his disciples and companions, they obviously lived with him, set with him and they will say they will teach the next generation, I saw the prophecies of Judas, I saw him doing this thing he didn't do that thing I heard him say this. So

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the Sahaba would narrate this hadith. And there was some companions who excelled in this, they memorize many, many things from the Prophet of Allah, and they thought it over of all of them I share is number four on the list of all the leaders of Hadith. She's the fourth most prolific narrator of Hadith only three people and that I did more harm than her. And again, we remember we spoke about in the society that she came in at a time when women were basically being bought and sold and inherited. She taught an entire generation of believers and in fact, the billions of Muslims that had come from the time of the prophets of elemental today, until the end of time, would

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basically follow her fatawa her teaching style today, she her teachings are relevant and implemented, as we can see, how did she become the wife of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? I take you back a few episodes. We said after the death of Khadija, this lady this matchmaker called hola came and presented to the province for lemma suggestion that either he marries a senior woman, soda, or he should marry a junior, a younger woman, Ayesha, the daughter of a worker, the prophet SAW Selim, as we said, at the time when he was he said, Look, I'm more in need of a mature woman. And so he made it soda. And they were married for two years, three years, when the prophets of Salaam tells us

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and actually Ayesha tells us that the Prophet said to her, that gibreel actually came to him in his dream. So gbu comes to the dream, and with him was a person covered from head to toe completely covered. And so do you believe this is the promise of salsa, this is going to be your wife in this world. And in the next minute, Eliza instructed you to marry this person. So when the Prophet approached, and he opened up her face and availed her, he saw it was Ayesha. And this dream occurred for three nights in a row. And then of course, it was now known that this was a commandment from Allah, and then the reality we will see the impact the fact that this person Allah had sent Ayesha

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to the prophets of Salaam we will see exactly why. The how much of the deen you know how much of the service of the deen she had done. So then the Prophet Salam became a way that he would marry Ayesha. He goes through his best friend, abubaker Golan, and he says, you know, abubaker I would like to propose to marry your daughter Ayesha. And this would be a problem. This was problematic now. Why? Immediately? Many of us we know she was very young, we immediately think that perhaps abubaker thinks he's too young for you to get married. So how is it possible? That's the incorrect assumption. In fact, abubaker would say yasumasa salam, I will be so honored for you to marry my

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family. However Ayesha is already engaged to another man. I she's already engaged. She's in fact engaged to a young man called Jubail even with him. And our work is a man of honor. He's acidic. He never sees, you know, he's truthfully speech. He was known to be honorable. He said, I can't break my contract with you based parents, without consulting them first. So it goes to Jabez parents, and he says, you know, are you guys still keen? on job? Am I getting married? And in fact, your base parents would say to advocate, you know, we know that you are a Muslim, and your daughter is a Muslim, I will send you bait and we are not Muslims. And this was of course before Islam, it made it

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forbidden for Muslims to marry non Muslims. It was still permissible at that time. So you base parents that we know your daughter, we can see she's so she's a strong willed person, she's very intelligent. We are scared your daughter will make our son become Muslim. So we also want to break this engagement. So luck is very happy. The engagement was broken. And so the prophets of Salaam in got engaged to Ayesha, in fact, Anika who was who was concluded, but they did not live together. Now, the big question with a very controversial question that we have today is how old was Ayesha? When the sneaker took place? we ever had Ethan Bihari. Again by Ayesha herself, she says

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And again, you must understand the context and the way she says Aisha would be very, she's very proud of the fact that she would say that of all the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim, I was the only virgin. All the other wives they were they were previously married. And before I was special in that, in that sense, we have a hadith who actually says to the prophets of Salaam Rasulullah. Tell me what is better which field is better? a field that has already been grazed upon by other animals, or a field that is lush and new and has never been grazed? Which one would you prefer? And obviously, the products or services obviously the field that has not been untouched, is preferable.

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And so she's like saying, like, like me, like, I'm

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Left, all your other women have been previously grazed upon, if you will. So she's very proud of the fact that if, you know I was young when I married the Prophet Allah, so she sees this, I was a virgin, and I was the only virgin. He married me when I was six. And then we consummated the marriage when I was nine. Now we pause for a second, this is very, very difficult and very controversial in our day and age. If we were to look, I mean, it's Panama, I've got to do that six years old. And if you were to say a 58 year old men were to marry my six year old daughter this really problematic, you know, how do we understand this? And we find this in Bahati the most

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authentic book after the Quran is in Bali. So is this true? And it's not, it's not even told by anyone else. It's from Ayesha herself. How do we as Muslims understand this issue, and how would we respond? especially in today's day and age, when many islamophobes many of those who look to attack the character, the problem will use this and in fact, they don't have any any problems saying that he was a *? I believe so. How do we respond? We first from the angle of the Sharia. What does the Sharia say with regards to the marriage of children? Is it does the Sharia have a minimum age does the Sharia say you know, the marriage of what is permissible impermissible, so Allah

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subhanho wa Taala tells us in Surah Nisa, what we get

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for in St. Lucia, for the federal elohiym Allah so Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Nisa, Surah Nisa, which is the the full suit of the Quran, verse number six, Allah speaks about the orphans, if you are in charge of interested to keep the money of the orphans, oh, Allah, you know, protect our kids. But if a parent passes away, and he leaves behind young children, and you are in charge of keeping the bank account, what age you give them the money. So Allah says about this, and teach the orphan in the maturity in the abilities until they reach the age of marriage, meaning until they mature enough to get married. And if you find that they are mature enough to get married, then give

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them the money. Now from this ayah Allah is not saying maturity is 18 or 16, or 15. Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that age is just a number, and it will change from time to time. But all that is needed. If you are mature enough to get married, you no longer a child, then you are ready for marriage, if you're not ready, if you're not mature enough, if you can't administer your own finances, you can't really look after yourself, you still dependent, then you're not ready for marriage. Some This is quite clear, we can deduce that just as we shouldn't give orphans the money. If they're not old enough, we shouldn't give we shouldn't also marry our children. So if they are

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still children, so children are not allowed to be married in this area. The second point with regards to Ayesha is that she was in fact already engaged to be married. So from in her customer in her in her society at that time, she was ready to be engaged, she was ready for marriage. And SubhanAllah. The age of consent is something that age of consent, meaning the age at which it's illegal for you to get married, is something which changes from place to place from time to time, for example, you'd find a country like Bahrain today, you have to be 21 before you get married, it's illegal to get married if you're younger than 21. I'm not sure what goes on in Bahrain. But anyone

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younger than that is regarded as a child. In a country like Japan, which is a westernized developed nation. The age of consent is as low as 13. You find even someone like Mark McKinney was, you know, not not too long ago, in our time. He was married at the age of nine or 10. And his wife was about the same age 11 years old. Now. For us inconceivable the two primary school kids can get married. But in the custom in the in the environment. This was perfectly normal and fine. 1500 years ago was a very, very long time ago. At a time when life expectancy wasn't much more than 5050 years old. Most people got married young. So in her custom in her environment, she was ready to get married

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whatever her age was, she was really engaged to be married according to the norms of her society. Also, we find that Ayesha mentioned that there was this three year three to four year period where the promises element her had not did not live together, meaning that she was still being she was still getting ready to be married. And Swan Allah if for those who wish to slander the character, the prophets of Allah, if if he had any intentions that were, you know, far, far removed from those kind of things, then you would not have waited three years for them to live together. Perhaps the most. The biggest evidence to suggest that Ayesha was perfectly normal at the age he got married,

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was the fact that the enemies of the Prophet was on the crush, the Jews of Medina, the Christian priests, all the other societies and all those who were an enemy of an abyssal Salem, never ever raised. I just ate as a problem. Why? Because all of them were getting married at the similar age. The boys were getting married and the girls were getting married. At this age, it was perfectly normal. And in fact, no one has raised the issue of ISIS age until recent times, meaning 1000 years ago, the pre switch studied

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Lamb and those who even those who had started Islam for the purpose of of disproving it, they didn't raise the issue that this girl shame she was so young and she was taken advantage of this was perfectly normal. Up until about 200 years ago, you'd find the age of consent, most people got married, you know, early in the early teens, or even preteens. This was a normal practice and custom. So without a doubt, we find that Ayesha was perfectly mature in her environment and in her society to get married. And as we go through this series, and you get to know we're going to get to know Ayesha very, very well, in your back of your mind, you need to ask yourself was a woman or she

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a child, we look at a six year old girl now. And you compare that the dialogue and the discussions that he has, you'd find, for example, she was of an equal height to the process. She was she was a tall woman, she could put her cheek against his cheek, she would debate she would outwit too many people she would memorize, you know, hundreds of Heidi will ask, Is this a six year old girl child? Or was this a mature woman? There is another opinion. And this is a secondary opinion, it is something which is not the primary source of reference. They are suggestions from the from an early scholars that says perhaps I shall wasn't six and nine as the head is mentioned. And perhaps there

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was a miscalculation on ISIS part. What do we mean by this? It must be understood that the Arabs of the time of the Prophet for lump, they had no calendar, there was no egd calendar, the ETD calendar only came about many decades later. And in fact, the Arabs practice something called nesea nesea, we find in the Quran is way the Arabs would play around with the months. So what would happen is, for example, they would say that, look, March is a sacred month, and in March, we're not going to fight. So they would have a war in January and February, when it gets to March, they realize oh, my goodness, it's coming to be March. It's a sacred month, we need to stop fighting. But we don't want

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to stop fighting. So let's bring April 1 and may 1, and we'll delay march for later in the year. So March gets delayed, and you keep doing this over and over. And what happens the time gets muddled up. So the kurush and the Arabs in reality, they had no concept of time, no one knew birthdays. No one knew, you know, even what year it was, it was for this very reason that the history calendar came into being because there was such confusion with regards to time, only towards the death of a professor solemn when he gave his speech at the final farewell * said Finally, after so long the month of the year has now fallen into place, meaning it was upside down confusing before this. So no

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one was keeping track of time and therefore I shouldn't self she has no, you know, there's no reference point to know when was she born. And it's not just Russia. We don't know what her father who was born, even the prophets of Allah, this discussion as to when what was the his actual birthday, we assumed to be the 12th. There'll be a well, but there are other other evidences that that would suggest otherwise. So I should have self was not very sure about her age, but she was just I look, I was around six or nine. And so Hannah law if you there's a big difference between nine and 13. There's a massive difference. If she says, Look, I was married at 13 years old versus

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nine years old. And this is something which we need to keep in mind. So records were not kept. There were no birth certificates. They were not really sure as to when exactly they were born. The second release. The other evidence is to suggest Ayesha was perhaps older than than this age. We find that in in Veronica history book or by torani. It mentions that in the time before Islam, Abubakar married to women. The first was a woman by the name of Athena, and she had a number of kids back and forth ILA had number of kids, then abubakr, a married man, and from her Ayesha and her brother, Abdul Rahman were born. And these four were born, meaning the four kids before I show they were born

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before Islam. And in fact, Ayesha was it's mentioned she was actually born before the Prophet received number. So in this book, it mentioned he was born before the Prophet became an OB. Now, if you were to do some mathematics and person was write this down. We know that the Prophet Solomon became an abbey when he spent 13 years in Makkah, so I share if she was born on the day that I received revelation. As a teacher, she would be 13 when the prophets of Salaam migrates to Medina, two years later, I showed him actually live together they were they consummated the marriage. So I shaved about 15 years old if we were to take this evidence that she was born before the revelation

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of the Quran. Another strong evidence I she has older sister is a smart

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we know that asthma was was 10 years older than Asia. So there's a 10 year gap between asthma and Asia. And we know that a summer was 28 years old when she was when she performed the heater on and hegira. Asthma was 28 I wish I would have been 18 a teacher and which and then two years later, two years off the show was when she lived with them. So I she is now close to 20 years old, according to this generation.

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We find also in Buhari also embody that the prophets of Salaam at the Battle of boyhood, he refused any boy who was about 15 years old and younger from participating boys are 15 are allowed 15 and younger when allowed to participate in the battle. Yet you find in the Hadith it mentions that while the that the the main would narrate that they saw I shot on the battlefield, she was bringing water and medical attention to those people who were injured, also shows a panel with a brave woman she was how courageous she was. She wasn't afraid to be at the battlefield, when many many golden mean and in fear she was on the battlefield. Now it's impossible that the prophets of Salaam would forbid

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15 year old boys from participating in the battle, but he allows nine year old girls to be part of the battle. And all this she was actually a like a nurse. She was she was older than 15 being a nurse, she was probably close to 20 years old. According to this literation.

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We also find other other other reports which says that she was five years younger than Fatima. And Fatima was around 1819 when she performed the heater, which again makes Ayesha about 1617 when she performed when she got married to the professor, and they live together. It also mentions that she was present when some chapters of the Quran were revealed, and she memorized it. So if the chapter of the Quran was revealed five years of revelation for her to memorize it, she must have been, you know, at least seven, eight years old. When it came with those verses came down, and only about seven, eight years later, did she marry the professor, that salsa language again, puts her age

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around 1516. So we have this discrepancy within our historical records. Nonetheless, we said whatever her age was, we will find from her character from her life, that she was very much an adult. She was an adult, whatever age was, and her marriage, the province of Salaam was very much part of the cultural norms of her society. In fact, we'd find the prophet of Islam would marry another woman saying they've been judged. This was not a normal marriage. And the the Prophet got a lot of flack he was criticized a lot by his enemies. here when it came to Russia. No one had any concerns nor any issues about so we'll continue with the the life of Russia and we'll get to see

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what made of this Greek woman before we conclude. So short announcement measured by Islam insha Allah will be hosting its annual Mahara March where we take young children from all parts of Cape Town and we will invite this year the orphans from various Muslim orphanages to support and participate in this event and show us on Sunday the 16th of September. That's next week Sunday inshallah we'll be having our annual mhada March where we take the kids from the boot camp area and from different lineages we'll take them on a hike through the boot camp and then reconnect with our culture and our our customs and a pious pieces that came in brought this beautiful Dean to this to

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this land and if you'd like to support and assist us in this can make a donation towards a child set on 89 per child to sponsor them. Also, we'd like to give food to the to those who attend you know, you can you can also support by donating a pot of food and any if you'd like to donate gifts or sweets or toys or anything, for the for the for that matter for our kids. You can join us and support us in that. If you're interested you can can you know call us on?

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Oh 214 24 1860 4021 424 1864 you can contact us and if you also would like to participate, you can bring your children along for our annual Mahara March. That's next week Sunday, the 16th of September. We hope to see you the until next time cycle of hate so don't want to lie

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