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The royalist and the Muslim have been emized by multiple enemies, including the Jews, theippedies, and the Muslims. The Muslim group is strong, but the royalist is weak. The speaker discusses the construction of a ditch in antibiotic use and the consequences of the Prophet peace be upon him. The speaker also criticizes the use of the word "naive" to describe the image of the Prophet and calls for the removal of the word "naive" from the image.

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shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, serene sarina Mohammed know Allah Allah He or savage Marine, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Most Merciful, the most kinda Chateau La Ilaha Illa la have a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except a lot. We send our greetings and salutations to beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to the Sahaba. And to all those who follow his soon until the end of time, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us to be steadfast on the sooner of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah bless us in His work of Juma Allah accept all of our two hours. Allah subhanho wa Taala heal those of us who are sick, may Allah grant Shiva for those who are ill. alleviation for the people who are

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struggling in Palestine and throughout the world. May Allah have mercy on those of us who have passed away and Allah lighten the position in the cupboard, and grant them an explanation of the sins. Meanwhile, hamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah we continue session, the second part of this series on the Battle of the trench, the Battle of hunting duck, well as up as is mentioned in the Quran, so this battle has two names. The Battle of the hunt duck, which is strange. 100 is a Detroit syringe. And the name Allah gives this battle in the Quran is the Confederates or the coalition because this was a battle between the Muslims and a number of enemies who had joined up ganged up against against the Muslims. We said this battle occurred five years after the hegira and it was an alliance between the Jews who had been expelled from Medina, they broke the treaty. So they list Medina and Abu sufian and the kurush

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in Makkah, along with other Bedouin tribes, all around Medina, so this massive coalition 10,000 people, in our days might might not seem like that much in reality, even to the 10,000 is a lot of people even for an army, but in that time was unprecedented, Never before had in Arabia, had they seen an army of the size. And therefore when the news reached Medina, that this army was mobilizing against Medina, it was very clear, this army was there to exterminate Medina, it wasn't just coming there to fight a battle and win and that's it. No, they coming to kill every single person to extinguish Islam altogether. So yeah, we see the alliance of Kufa, whether it is from the Iraqi tab,

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whether it is from the different types of pagans, all joining up against Allah subhanho wa Taala and the people of Islam.

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And just interesting to look at the leaders who were the key chief leaders of the of the of the enemies you had the chief amongst the kurush is Abu sufian. Raja lon, because he will become a Sahabi later on, but currently at this battle, he's enemy number one, on the face of the earth is probably the worst person on the earth at that time. He's the one that brought the enemies and offered. He's the chief of the kurush, the one that is always causing problems for the Muslim men. So he's the leader of Makkah against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Abu sufian, but he will embrace Islam, and he'll become a Sahabi. Then we have who even

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and I posted a little bit to discuss this man, he is the chief amongst the Jews, and the Prophet sallahu wa sallam would marry his daughter later on in the Sierra, are you this enemy of Islam, the man who actually, who actually orchestrated the mastermind behind that has been the one that brought everyone together, is let me show you the prophets of Allah would marry his daughter, Sophia. And Sophia tells us a very interesting story. Sophia, our mother, the wife of the Prophet, peace be upon him, says to the Prophet, I remember the day you came to Medina remember he was from Medina originally. So he says, she says, I remember I was a young girl, when you came to Medina. And

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everyone, of course, was in a panic, because here comes a prophet. And my father was the chief of the Jews and my uncle who was a rabbi, they had a long meeting. And she says they used to, I used to be the favorite, like, nice. Whenever they saw me, they would pick me up and they would kiss me and play with me. But this day, when they I was listening to what they were saying, so they said, they're going to meet you. So they went out in the morning, and the whole day they were busy talking to you. Of course she wasn't worth. When they came back. It was almost Muslim time. And she walked next to them. And she said I heard my father asking my uncle Uncle is the rabbi.

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My father asked the rabbi. So what is it easier profit when you have a profit make a decision now. And the rabbi said, without a doubt, he is a prophet. So she said, My uncle confirm that you are a prophet. And then my father said, so what are we going to do? And they agreed we will oppose him until the end of time, because he's not from benicia. We will, we will, we will reject Him. Even though he said Abby, we don't want him and she says she remembers the so this man who Yea, knew full well that this was a Navy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he confirmed what was in the scriptures. And the reason why we would use in Medina while choosing Medina smarthalo they don't belong in

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Medina, Jews came in many hundreds of years before because they understood that this is the city of number one didn't go to loving Mecca. They understood from the scriptures like we spoke of cell manufactury. See, the people of Allah keytab knew that this is the city of prophethood. And the Jews, Allah says in Surah, Baqarah, they may do Ah, and they used to tell the atoms, one day our final profit is going to come and you will come from the city from us. And when that happens, we will we will dominate over all of you. And then when the Prophet came that they may do our but of course he wasn't from the tribe. They decided we don't want to follow him. Because he's an Arab, we

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don't want him. So Allah mentions this historical backdrop. Also remember, we talked about the vs Jews, and we talk about it we talk about Palestine as well. There's a difference between being against an entire people we don't label everyone with the same time so we get good Muslims and bad Muslims, we get Jews that are good and bad. And Islam we treat each one differently. We don't condemn an entire religion for those who did evil. So

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yeah, even after is one of the leaders of the Jews. You have another character today. And he will become very famous later on because he will claim to be a false prophet after the Prophet peace when he passes away. And then we have another character we even hasten and also just interesting stuff about this man. So he's a beta one tribal leader, a desert person and a rough barbarian basically. And so for money a mercenary because the Jews promised these barbarians, these tribal people, a huge fortune if you join that as up so he was of those who sit for money, I'll join no problem. And the problem is you have made this man before. So one of the encounters this man comes to Medina and he

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barges into the house of the Prophet peace be upon without knocking and Prophet peace upon him sitting with Ayesha, his wife. And this is before hijab. So the Prophet system. Oh, you know what? You know what, man, this is the stone shoe, not before you into someone's house. So yeah. And I said, I never even knock in anyone's though. When I do something. I do whatever I want. I don't ask for permission from anybody. And then look at this man. He looks at Ayesha, and he says, Who is this lovely girl with you? So the Prophet says this is my wife Ayesha. So the man says, Don't you want to swap wives with me? I'll give you one of mine. And you give me her. So the prophets finally said,

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this is haram. And then the man leaves. So then I shall ask the Prophet peace be upon him? Who is this man? Who is this guy? So the Prophet says, if there's any Arabs, they'll understand this?

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That this is an American model, that this is the idiot or the fool that is obeyed by his people. So I show this, then why were you Why did you treat him, you treated him with kind of respect to the Prophet peace be upon him and says to her, do you know me able to be disrespectful, but will allow you the people and the other worst of people, people only treat them with respect, because they don't want to experience the evil? There are people so evil, you just smile and be nice to them? Because you know, they're horrible people. So the Prophet says there are people like that he's one of these, these mean, and later on, he would also follow the false prophets afterwards. So this

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Sahaba the Prophet peace, you've already called an emergency meeting. We spoke about this last week, and asked for suggestions. And Selma and faricy had the bright idea, let us build a trench around Medina. Now Medina why this change is also a good idea. If you understand the geography of Medina, from two sides from the east and the west of Medina, they are these lava flows, right this lava old extinct volcanoes, and you can't it's the rocks are like a chop. You can't ride camels through it even till today. If you go you'll see it's very, it's a lady she looks almost like an alien landscape. Black Rock, this is you can't move through that. So from two sides, Medina is already

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blocked off. And then you have some mountains to the one side and date plantations, you can't move. So there's one Exposed Area of Medina and this is a way that we're gonna dig the trench. This was the idea. So once you have the trench, no one can enter Medina, but there was one weakness in the strategy. There was one problem in the strategy. The problem was that there was still a Jewish tribe inside Medina. Remember there were three Jewish tribes to have them expelled. Now this Jewish tribe is in Medina, which way are they going to swing? If they support Medina and also they were on one of the parameters

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They weren't the one parameter of Medina. If they was the Muslims, then they were going to keep that quota safe. And this shows you also this war is not against all Jews. The Prophet said if you are with us even though you are Jews, if you are with us and we are in Alliance, you didn't do anything wrong so you can stay in Medina we don't punish you for the crimes of your brothers.

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Of course if the Jews of Medina the Baruch arriva if they flip in the entire plan falls down, because the army can enter through the, through the city through the through the through the suburb. So this was the one area of danger.

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So now that I now we don't have much time, we basically have less than two weeks, maybe one week even to begin building this ditch the strange and how long is this strange and allow them different scholars have given different some seed between four and 12 kilometres long in one week for I don't know if you know, I'm not even construction. So to dig by hand between four and 12 kilometres. I don't know how how long that takes, but it took about so this ditch was about, say six kilometres five kilometres long, nine meters deep and five meters wide. So it's a big ditch, you can't cross it with ease and an animal constantly jump over it. And it was a massive undertaking. What we do know

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is that every single Sahabi basically had to be digging working on that, even through the night, they were digging this ditch and the prophet SAW himself. He walked along this parameter and he drew a line, he drew a line and he said, Follow this line and he would appoint to you this is your area, that is your area. And he drew the line of the trench and everyone is not digging night, the whole day. The whole night. Some of the Sahaba says to the younger when they tell the story. They say to their kids, you might have asked why are the slaves digging, so he said we didn't have slaves back then we all had to dig. So everyone is digging, even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam jabil said, I saw

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him the salsa salatu salam and his entire body was covered in sand in dirt because it's in the in the ditch digging and so behind Allah even as you know construction workers when they dig to pass the time they like sing poetry or songs today we sing songs and the Prophet actually is versifying poetry and the Sahaba are giving quarters on as they are digging Swan Allah right. And as they are digging along this ditch, right as I said, the prophet peace be upon him. The entire every single person is busy and it's exhausting. Also Medina was going through at this time, it was wintertime, so it was actually quite cold Medina gets very, very cold. So during the night you're digging, it's

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cold. And because it's winter, that's not when the fruits are coming out. And also Medina is now begin to be cut off, no one can come in as well. So and they didn't prepare for the siege. So food quickly begins to run out. And people are starving in Medina. And the same jabbing says when I saw the Prophet digging, his shirt fell off. And he had a rock tied to his stomach because of the hunger to keep his pangs of hunger. And he said I couldn't be this thing.

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And they were put throw to the profit strategy was 24 hours, because they know we're not sure when that HAZOP is going to come 24 hours when we dig the ditch. We will have patrols throughout the night, people walking up and down the trench along the trench to ensure no one breaks in. And because of the severity of this, and the massive effort that was taken. The Muslims, the Muslims, Allah subhanaw taala gave them some great miracles. During this battle, some amazing miracles occurred while digging the ditch one of them as a group of the Muslims were digging the ditch. They came to Iraq so the line that the Prophet drew along it they came to the wise they dug down they

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found this massive boulder and they couldn't move it. So each one soft to hit strike to break it into pieces, and no one could break it. So there are certain we just dig around it you know just dig around it. So someone said no, this is the line of the Prophet put down we look at the son of Sahaba look at the way obedience This is the line we can't go beyond this line Convo aplicando down. So they call the Prophet peace be upon himself and he was the strongest amongst them. So he said give me the x. And he struck this rock one time and they said a a like a bolt of lightning came out and the Prophet said Allahu Akbar Swann Allah. And he says,

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the, the, the read palaces of a sham of the Romans, in in Palestine in Syria was shown to me, and I was given the keys of that place, meaning we're going to conquer Syria.

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And he hits one third of the rock breaks. And he strikes it again. And another bolt of lightning comes up and he says, the white palaces of Persia was shown to me and we will conquer it was given a promise I was promising we will conquer the capital of Persia, and the second third fell away. And when he struck it again, then the rock broke fully. He said Allahu Akbar, Allah showed us that we will conquer Yemen. Now think of this.

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The Sahaba on the brink of catastrophe. They're about to be exterminated. They're digging a ditch to save

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The life it's like we barricading ourselves in this magazine. Someone's coming to destroy us. The monastics look at them. And while the Prophet is saying the Sahaba say Allahu Akbar, we're gonna conquer Syria. We're gonna conquer Persia. affixes hora, how will it know that these people have lost their minds? They are lunatics. They are digging a hole to save themselves from being exterminated and they talk to you. We're going to conquer America, you're going to be in the Oval Office, and you're going to be in the Kremlin, and you're going to be in Beijing, we're going to conquer all these lands. What are you talking about? Here, if you survive this, it will be a

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miracle. within less than 10 years from this moment, all those countries would be under the banner of Islam.

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within less than 10 years, the same Sahaba that were digging this ditch for survival. Allah would open up for them all these lands. jabil also says that when I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam digging with a rock against the stomach, I couldn't be it was like it really disturbed me. So he went home to his wife and he says, what do we have to eat? Can I invite the professor over for a meal? So the wife said, Look, we only have some dates, one piece of bread and a little baby goat which is not that easy to be slaughtered. But we can slow to the goat if you if you want to. And we can bring the but she said that, like all wise would say, only bring the prophets of Salaam I don't

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have enough for everyone. So don't bring the whole jump. Who am I? right though? Don't Don't put me in the eyes. So say to him secretly. So jabil goes and he secretly says to the boss,

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inviting you for supper. Just you and the Prophet raised was Viola guys. jabiru has invited us all for supper.

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So Jabari freaks out and he runs home before the hits. The fan is telling us why Luke is not me. The Prophet invited all of them over. Don't blame me. Whatever happens is not my fault. Right, though Jama is coming. Everyone is digging the ditch all of the Sahaba that are basically every man able man in Medina, county Japanese house now for supper. So she sees Well, if this was the prophets invitation, so suddenly all sorts something out. And the Prophet arrives at the house and he says to Jabba Don't let your wife open the potluck me and the Prophet peace for himself. He spat in the pot and as he's alive was Mubarak, and he put the dates in his in his cloak. And when he said now call

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people intense, because that also was only big enough for 10 people. 10 people come in at a time dish them their food and they go and 10 people came in she dish from the pot they live. Another thing another thing another thing, all of them they also later generations jabber How many people do you reckon came to your house that day? He says I reckon well over 1000 at least 1000 people came through my house that day, and they dish and when we were done, there was enough for us to eat and there was leftovers for the neighbor Allahu Akbar. So this was of the miracles that occurred during the digging of the trench. But still so Allah gives you these miracles, but still the Sahaba Another

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nice thing and saying, Well, if these miracles are occurring, we're gonna win. No, you still have to prepay and they still have to make sure that Medina is ready and is able to be defended. So the ladies it was decided that the ladies and the children would stay in a fortress so or even outside lift their homes. And they were in the there was one fortress in Medina, all the ladies and the children was in the fortress in there. And all the men of course, at the perimeter, digging the trench, as for those woman affix those now Alice testing, this is a test to see who is really a firm believer, and Allah exposes them when the hypocrites said, they said, when Allah says and when and

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remember when the monastics and those in whose heart they say disease, said at least and they said this to the other Muslims

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mautner la hora pseudo illa gururaj that now you see Allah he sort of saw didn't make any promises. This was all fables they were promising you. You're under oath today. You see what's going to happen now. So now those who use save they were Muslims but on the inside they will not. Now they are telling the other Sahaba you see what the prophet has put you in? Allah has put you into this this problem. This is all lies, Jenna jahannam you're going to win you're going to succeed all of these I see where you are now. And when a fraction of them said oh people have yesterday versus the name of Medina. They said no to when you find the word yesterday been Medina. The word yesterday been the

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Quran. This is the old name of Medina. And usually it is the non believers or the hypocrites who use the word yesterday because the real name of Medina Medina isn't its name. It's Medina to Russell. It's like what we sing town like Cape Town, Medina cape, that's the Cape Town. The real name is the city of the Prophet but they never believed in him. So they never called it Medina to Rasul. So they would still use the old name yesterday. Right? So Allah says when a group of the one affix said to the old people of yesterday, there is no safe place for you. Yeah. So go home, leave this demon. Go home.

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Leave us and a party of them are so the UN a group of the monastics came to the Prophet peace be upon him and said, Yeah, Rasulullah we need to leave limini we can't dig this thing we need to go home and protect our family. They're not safe. And, and they are exposed while Allah says they were not exposed, they did not indeed intend except to flee. The only reason why they did this was to get away. Allah already knows the hinder is those who obstruct the good work of the good among you. And those who are monastics who say to the Muslims to the brothers, come to us, leave us digging and come to our house and do not go to battle, except for a few just a little bit, and then you just

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show your face, and then you leave.

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A lot of them indisposed towards you, they don't really have any allegiance towards you. And when fear comes, whenever a problem comes, you see them looking at you and the eyes going wild, like one about to die. And then when they're not scared anymore, they less you will sharp tongues and this is vanilla. I'm not saying people are hypocrites for a lot to decide, but you find people in the communities and a lot. They always against the GMR. When the Gemma gets together to do something, the the contribution is to criticize this is wrong. And that is wrong. And this is a dumb idea. You shouldn't be doing this, right? They're always criticizing work, they're not in the claims digging,

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they are pointing out all the mistakes and look how bad the chairman is and how bad the marmion like that's the the Russell is wrong. And look how bad this is. So in the minute, they're in the problem once in a while when when it comes you have all you have all the great ideas. But when it comes push to shove when they first say no, no, no, you know what, I can't do this, I will you know I have a family. They may or may not be when they must pitch up on the day, they may not be. But the minute things are done, when the hard work is done, then they're the ones to criticize the most. So this is a quality Subhanallah we should avoid that either you work for good. Work with the JAMA work with

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the community for good. And if you can't be part of the good and you caught you don't have the time or the ability to be part of the good. The base you should do is and just refrain from causing any harm, then just support them in spirit. When you say you know what, I can't be the but all the best. Even if you disagree, if you have a disagreement, then join, then get involved, then be part of the change. You don't have the right to criticize from the outside armchair critics of hanohano policing Islam for that we don't have place and time for people to give suggestions from the outside. If you ever suggestion the enjoying, enjoying the change, get inside the ditch and dig if you have a better

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idea then come and dig behind Allah. So Allah says this is the qualities of the monastics those have analysis they are the people that don't believe so Allah has rendered the deeds worthless. Everything they did, Allah doesn't want anything from them. And if and then it's very, very easy for Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, so you have two camps now. So even now and you know, Subhan Allah, how does how demoralizing is this when you are digging, and it's tough. And then a group says, You know what, Salam aleikum? It's like I don't know. You may know half your your team in the middle of the pitch, you know, they said, we're going to lose this game. So we might as well just call it quits and we leave we walk off the field. We're not even going to stay here, the full 90 minutes or 80 minutes, whatever it might be. SubhanAllah What does that do to the morale of those in the ditch? So again, Allah is pushing the believers to the extreme. Allah subhana wa tada is pushing the Sahaba to the extreme and many of the

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companions, many of the companions, they will say that the worst anxiety we felt were these days leading up to the Azov and during this battle. Even in the heat of things, you know, in Ohio, then in butter, the adrenaline is pumping, you don't have time to think but here you have lots of time to think you are digging and you are tired and you will you know you're in extreme hardship and you're worrying about what's gonna happen to my wife what's gonna happen to my kids or the Jews gonna stand stand with

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the teachers also sometimes there are things beyond our control we think how am I going to succeed How can I you know, Allah put something in your way we unpaper you look there's no way we're gonna succeed. We still don't give up we don't throw up our hands a Colossus is a pointless thing. You still do whatever you can to your best of your ability. Yes, everyone logically, even when Africa saying look logically, you guys are gonna walk out of this thing alive. There is no way you're gonna survive. This is it's over. As a Muslim you don't give up. We never ever give. We don't look at the odds we do what is in our power to do we give 100% and we said look, ultimately the result is what

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Allah Allah will decide the outcome, if we are worthy will succeed. And if not, we did our best. And Allah subhanaw taala reward us You can't lose so long as you do your best.

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And now the Azov is beginning to arrive. Right now the army of the Azov the Confederation, they begin to arrive and they would be so you'd have Medina the city behind the Muslims and the ladies of course in a fortress and

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For the Muslims are in the in the ranks along this long ditches long trench, and across from the trench is of course, the Azov is the the enemies. And as I've never expected this, and never before in Arabian against behind Allah from a just from a strategic thinking of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam even if you don't believe he's a prophet to those who don't believe the he revolutionized the way battles are fought in Arabia, this was a unique battle type. The Adams had never ever done something like this before, very out of the box thinking. So all of a sudden, the courage comes and they see the strange and they stopped. So the Muslims, how did the Muslims react when they saw this

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huge number? They've never seen an army the size? How do they respond? What am I mean? So Allah says, and when the believers saw the as up this massive army call, then this is the quality of a believer, when he's pushed to the brink, when he is tested with somehow make it easy. We all go through tests, easy to say it when you're not in the test. But when you are tested with difficulty with disease, something in your job in your money, I was going to test that somehow. So the believers when they saw this test, Barlow had an Allahu wa rasuluh or sakalava Zulu. They said, This is what Allah and His Messenger had promised us that we were told we're going to be tested in this

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dunya. We were told we're going to go through this and this, Allah and His apostle had promised us the truth. So look at the monastics, they said Are your allies that also promised you lies, guru or make believe the Muslim see the calamity. And even in the face of calamity, even in the face of difficulty, we said, This is what Allah had promised us. He told us, I'm going to teach you with some hardship in this dunya. This is our key to gender.

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And we're Masato Illa Eamon and with us Lima. And this situation, only increase them in the man and the submission to Allah. But this only increase the believers in the submission. So now they arrive at the trench and the believers on the other side and of course, the Azov the they're not able to cross over into into Medina. So the Croatian as I have no other other other other option but to camp out there. Some of them try to jump over in fact, of those who actually managed to jump over the digital Harlequin Waleed, this is before it was a Muslim Cypher law before it was safe for law. He was on the other side, and he managed to jump over and there was some fighting and then he jumped

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back. A few of the champions of the Qureshi were the base that is, they always meant to jump over, there was one great champion of the livelihood, right, he jumped over the trench. And he basically said, I'm not gonna go back. I want to fight with someone I came here to fight. And he was known to be one of the champions of Arabia, and that's why he was paid by the Jews to come. So he said, Look who's gonna take me on? Who's gonna take me on, and the Muslims, none of them actually, usually they had the courage, they will go forward one by one. No one wants to come and he sees who's going to take moves a man who's going to take me on. And as always, as the one who stood first in bother the

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one who went forward in the one goes forward to say, 90 of the Alon, he goes forward again, he's only a like a young man. He's only in his 20s. This is a champion of the of Arabia, and say, now he steps forward. And this man says, Listen, like the mot for you. Bring me a real man, bring me a real man and say, analysis come. And he says, Go, I don't want you I want the proper a proper word, you are worthy of Me. So say now he insists. So the Sahaba says, then we saw the two of them charging at one another and the dust was up, we couldn't see what was happening. And all we heard was the tech beat Allahu Akbar. And that guy fell down. They'd say, the oven defeated him about the alarm. So

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this would continue for a few days, and the Muslims would patrol and it would become so bad that the Muslims would, you know, they they would be in that trench and they couldn't leave food for like hours for days. A point came when the Croatia shooting arrows over and the Muslims are stuck in the trench, that a walk goes by and never in his life, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Mr. Sala, except in this battle, he was unable to even make Salah. So he said a prophet was very upset that he was unable to pull masala because of the intensity of the BCG, one of the kurush. But when this was when the Muslim witness the the Azov was able to break the siege, they decided the only way to get

00:29:25--> 00:29:59

through is we need to get the Jews to flip. And so they secretly hate the chief of the Jews. He manages to slip into Medina and he has a private meeting with the Jews in Medina. And now when the Jews flips behind Allah, this would be when catastrophe hits insha. Allah will continue after two weeks to see what happens of how Allah subhanho wa Taala brings. I won't be a next week inshallah the week after that will continue in two weeks time. Just some announcements, we will be concluding our series on six at Islam sixth edition

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Lamb Shiism, this is at the Mowbray Masjid in Queens three myself and my mana earshot Siddiq every Tuesday evenings off the mothership Wednesdays before Mahara, the age of the rightly guided caliphs and is amazing in our Syrah in our to our Wednesday class. We are beginning the campaigns in Persia and Rome. So the prediction that began yet the trench will actually sitting so we want to actually see how did the Muslim this small group of people, how did they conquer Persia and Rome, then come inshallah and Wednesdays is free of charge before Muslim? And then after Muslim? We have our hedge clause, we began a hedge class. We just began last week, this week. I mean, we're going to continue

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on. And then this evening of the Madrid is our Mirage program of the McRib, this evening, our Mirage program, a tour through jahannam and Jenna, what's inside Johanna, what's inside agenda So join us in sha Allah Hi.

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Sugar. Firstly, I wish to apologize to the JAMA that we won't be able to show you the slides we have got technical problems. And then on a lighter note today is actually the 200

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that is the delivering today. I want to

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staggered over

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six years ago, six years ago, I used to say

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stay with us as long as you can