The Parallels between Uhud and Palestine

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  • We cry for Palestine
  • Summary of Uhud
  • The enemy then and now
  • The powers then and now
  • The Quraysh then – Israel now
  • Munafiqs then – Sell Outs today
  • Hypocrites then and now
  • The Martyrs then and now
  • The Sahaba then – Palestine Now- Do Not Feel Sad Now
  • Opportunity For Heroes
  • The Message To Us
  • Us – Call for Unity
  • Us – Consequences of Disobedience
  • Us – Allah’s Promise
  • Allah’s Promise to us
  • Allah will not leave the situation like this
  • Allah is our protector
  • We will succeed insha Allah


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The history of the Battle of God is discussed, including the loss of Afghanistan and the arrival of new troops, as well as the loss of land and people. The transcript suggests that the group's collapse is not just a war, but also a cycle of collapse and collapse. The transcript also touches on the use of military equipment and the "opigerated people" of Islam, including those who have been killed or are not in the thick of things. The speakers stress the importance of unity and fear in winning war.

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Other language Daniel James filler man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more discerning. So you know Mohammed not only your Sofia Germain, my beloved brothers and sisters, Sudan Malik rahmatullah wa barakato

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Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or praise to Allah and inshallah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah will witness and testify this and unworthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we said, I love greetings salutations, a bit of Mohammed Solara to sell them despise his poor family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time Melis Muhammad Allah bless us to be amongst the companionship of the Nabisco Salam, the Akira, I mean, I mean, when hamdulillah apologize, there is a issue with the screen. So no TV today. Listen now.

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Yes, you must look at me now. And fortunately for you, and the hamdulillah will hopefully to get this sorted out soon.

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So hello, as as all of us are feeling, and we should have this permanent feeling of sadness.

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When we see what's happening across the Muslim world, in particular, Palestine, all of us Yeah, I think we all grew up with Palestine from when we were born and many of the people of Palestine they have been born under occupation. It's been going on for 70 years now. Subhan Allah, and as Salahuddin Allah UB, who also grew up at a time when his when Palestine was under occupation in his life is the same way he said, I cannot smile until Palestine is liberated. I cannot feel happy, knowing that this land of ours is under occupation and the people of that land under subjugation and of course, not just the people of Palestine. It's Pinilla throughout the world, Muslims that are

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being oppressed, Mala grant them make it easy for them. Now Allah Subhana Allah assist them and strengthen them. And I'll have mercy on us who have so many freedoms and opportunities. And we don't take it Mellotron upon us for our our ungratefulness. So while we cry for Palestine and Subhanallah, as you would know, yesterday, and if you don't know, a journalist,

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was killed. And this is behind Allah and a new escalation from the Israeli regime. And moments like this, and what we saw during Ramadan of the of the Israelis invading Majid Luxa, at the holiest time of the year, why did they choose that time, but it's once again to assert the dominance and authority, desecrating the masjid and the continuous harassment and killing of the people of Palestine, the besieging of the of the people of Gaza. We feel bad and make the arm but we asked what guidance is there for us? What can we do? We talk about Palestine over and over and so many lectures, so many marches and so many things about Palestine. But what advice can we get as

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finalized? We know whenever we have a question, we refer back to the Quran. Allah subhana wa Taala has given us in the Quran and example for all our problems, a solution for all our problems and in the Quran. They are clear guidelines what to do. And perhaps when we look at the situation in Palestine, the best parable we can take is the event of the Battle of boyhood. The lessons that you take from Battle of Hood is what we should learn in the situation now in Palestine and what we should do with Nila, now for those of us who don't know much about the Battle of Oakwood, quick, quick summary in five minutes, the Battle of God was of course, the Second Battle of Islam of the

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Muslims had one at Brother, we, unbelievers had now prepared for a retaliation. And it took one year in assembling a massive army and they came to Medina to invade Medina very important.

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Many times Muslims are accused of being jihadi and violence. We are the ones that are aggressive, we spread by the sword, which land which non Muslim land has a Muslim country invaded? Think about it.

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We are talking about our lands, our people, people foreigners coming into our lands and invading our countries. So this was what happened in the Battle of word wasn't going to be Salam invading the Kurdish, the Quraysh had expelled the Muslims. And now they are themselves coming to invade Medina, with an army far superior than the Muslim army. And so the Muslims as the Robinson had done, he had called a meeting what should we do and they agreed to go out and meet the coalition in battle we're going to fight them. And at the moment of the battle, when there's a lot of stories where we just summarizing very high level Yep, at the moment, we just before the battle just before the battle, we

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had a group within the Ummah, who broke away 1/3 Where the hypocrites broke away from the army. And once again the lesson is, unfortunately as is the Sunnah of Allah, they will always be sellouts in this ummah. They will always be hypocrites. They'll always be monastics, they'll always always be that group within the OMA that will do harm to more harm to us internally, then the outside enemy, they will always be the it's a reality. Tell that FTM will always have enemies looking to harm us like the connection to reality, never going to get rid of it. And we will always have to defend ourselves and so after 1/3 of this army of 1/3 of them went off and said lift the Muslims 700

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against against 2000 of the

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I'm sorry 300.

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Now the 3000 the Muslims were the Muslims will 1000 originally and then 300 of the Quran and the 300 of the monastics had left. So the Muslims were 700 there were 700 and the Quran was 3000 Greek, the Qureshi were 3000. And so this was usually, you know, the muscles were usually inferior to the crush. So what do we do? In times like this, then at least Salam gave a very clear battle plan and strategy. He gave a sunnah he gave guidance. He said, Look, stick to my plan, stick to my advice, and you will win. And part of the strategy was he at a point archers in a strategic position, we know the story, he put archers there, and he said, You guys stay here, and you don't move until I

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give you instructions. If we win, you don't move. If we lose, we don't move. You stay here don't move. And when they followed the instructions of enemy Salem, the Muslims won the first stage of the battle the first half, and they completely defeated the coalition to the point where they had to run away, the coalition played, a flag dropped and they left and it appeared that Muslims had won. Then, we became complacent. The Archers saw the spoils of war on the ground. They argued with one another. Some said no, the battle is over, let us go and collect the spoils of war. Others said no, we should say they argued. They fought not physically fighting, but they were disunited. And eventually one

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group separated from the other. Some went down to collect the booty, others remained at the position. And then the coalition made a counter attack and killed all of the archers, those who stayed and those who left all of them were killed by the by the harlequin worried. And of course, then the Muslim holder must have the whole Muslim army suffered a major, major catastrophe, many, many Sahaba died, even though he himself was injured. And then Muslims were forced to flee themselves to the mountain or hood for a few hours. And then Allah subhanaw taala had regained given them the strength again, and they returned to the battlefield, but then by the time the Kurdish had

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left, and so this, as we know from the Hadith was the maybe the second worst day in the life of the second worst day of his life. And so we take from this story

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in our time, how do we link this up to Palestine? The first thing is, they will always be enemies.

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Whether it's Israel today, or it was the British Empire yesterday, or it was the Crusaders before them, or the Mongolians or the Kurdish they will always be until the end of time, they'll always be a frown, and they'll always be a Musa, they will always be a Goliath and Allah will always in doubt, and if you look at the Quran, the villains are always the equivalent of the one that has power and money and prestige and the armies. That is the case that's the Sunnah of Allah. And it is those who are weak and oppressed, they are always going to be the ones and on whom, on which side. Allah subhanaw taala is supporting. Allah says to the Muslims in the battle have all heard about the

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law. You heard the cannula the NACA fufill, Beloved, do not be deceived by the prosperity by the power by the might of the non believers do not think that they because of the nuclear weapons, and the economy and all of that they are superior. Allah says Mobtown Khalil is just going to be like that for a short while. How many empires have collapsed many empires so they were eternal, and they just disappeared in history. Through mama, well, Jana, they're going to Allah is going to give them a short period where they will be on top of the world, then Allah is going to put them in January will be sent me hard and that is the worst destination in Alina Cafaro. As for those who oppose

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Allah and disbelieving him, you will recall that Anwar Allah whom they spend their money and they use the power and the armies and the resources, they also do unsavoury law to work against Allah. They harm people, they do evil in the world, they cause corruption. First, a young Fukuda, Allah says, and so they will do it, Allah will allow them to spend the money and the power and they might

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takuna Alain has certain sama yo collabo. Allah says, I'm going to allow them to do that. So that it may be a means of destruction for them. A means by which they'll enter Jahannam and they will be defeated in the dunya. It's a promise from Allah. And if you look at history, what is the end of Goliath? What is the end of Iran? What is the end of all these tyrannical empires, always in the dustbin of history. And it is the meek, the weak, the mild, those are the ones that ultimately is going to win. History has always proven that the oppressor will never ever succeed, you will have a short period of time where he will seem invincible, and then he will disappear from the pages of

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history and Subhanallah as the presses and the titans of today. That's exactly what's going to happen to the almost a short period. I mean, they're going to going to lose, and SubhanAllah. On this note, we look at our tyrants of today, we see the double standards, one of the things we need to really point out, there's two wars happening at the same time. And one in Ukraine, as we know, and we sympathize with all the people throughout the world. We don't take pleasure in any people being harmed and the people of Ukraine are being oppressed and the people of Palestine. But if you look at how the two wars are being presented, you see the double standards

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You also see, you also see the same dominant theology, the Western theology

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will tells you as Muslims, you are inferior and backwards. You oppress your women, when a woman is shot in the face and killed for a problem anymore than you people are against freedom of speech, or when a journalist is killed, is not a problem anymore.

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That we are the people that don't respect the rights and honor and dignity and the freedom of the freedom, just freedom. Right, but when our people are pushed out of the lands, out of their homes, then we are quiet. The laws don't apply to brown skin. These principles don't apply to us. And so never ever think that we are inferior in some way culturally, or our religion is inferior. That's what they want you to think. You see through the hypocrisy. You see through the lies. This is not a people that follow their own principles. Rather, it is about it is the same culture of Iran, they theology, their religion, their way of life is hon Kamal, Allah, the same as your own I am the Lord

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Most High, and you are beneath me, the same as the color the colonizers of the old, we are superior and you are inferior. That is the true theology. That is a true belief system. Do not be deceived by words of freedom, and democracy. Subhanallah

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the only democratic country in in the Middle East, you don't see, you don't see. They complain about certain democracies where women can't drive and it's not not good. But when you shoot women in the face, then we quiet Subhanallah just something for us to think about. So the enemies are always going to be there. And sometimes our problem is we fixate too much on the enemies. What are they doing and what are they conspiring on their plans? Allah spy doesn't want us to worry about them. You cannot control them. We can only control ourselves. And so Allah subhanaw taala wants us to look internally into the Ummah, all we can do is fix our own house. Whatever happens after that is in the

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hands of Allah

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within this ummah, and Allah Subhana Allah and Allah knows who are the true believers and who are those pretenders wherever says the Kanima is a Muslim, and we treat them as that as the victim had done. He knew within his lands in his own in his city, they will not fix and they're gonna fix are the ones as we know, Allah says, our feet dark actually they are in the worst place in Jannah. They are worse than the Kurdish

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they are worse than the Israelis. Why? Because they hurt us from the inside. At least the enemies have the guts to say openly. But the one affix back then and the monastics today, they are the ones that harm as the most the sellouts. The puppet governments, those who allow the enemies to come into their own lands and harm their own people. They have been given the Amanar to protect the people of the lands, but they have brought and allowed foreign armies to invade their lands. So for the for such when affix, Allah says Wa sobre como yo ma Yamantaka Yo yo yo multi culture man, under the day on which the two armies whatever befell you of harm on the day of word

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for the evening law that was because of Allah while Yeah, well yet Allah we known so that Allah can see who are the believers, Allah says I've given this I put the Muslims through a trial through a test so that I can see who are the true believers when he and I will live in an ethical and we can see what I'm gonna fix in times of hardship. That's when then when I fix show the true color, when the Ummah is going through hardship, then you know, who are the ones who are out there,

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sweating, bleeding and crying for the Ummah and who are those who pull away and they bring more harm to the ummah. That is when when I fix show the true colors in every crisis, that's where the manufacture the color.

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We're actually walking around and say it's Allah says to the monastics say to them, the ILO Karatedo, feasable, Allah O, Allah says, Come, O Muslims, fight against your enemies, fight against the invaders, defend your lands. Callooh they say, if only if there was really going to be a fight, if this really was an enemy, then we would have fought with you. Allah says they are closer to Cooper to the kuffar in the ultimate believers. And that's why we asked look at the government, certain governments, you ask them, Where are you?

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You spend some of the countries in the Middle East Subhanallah they spend the most in the whole world in the purchase of military equipment, but they have not shot one bullet against foreign invaders Subhanallah only against their own people. Only against foreign only against Muslims, the only target or fellow Muslims. You ask Subhanallah which side are you on? Which side you which monster do you serve? Allah says they are closer to go further than Iman yeah kulana BF Why him Melissa equilibrium they put up beautiful statements that which they say from the mouse is not the true reflection was in the art wala Anna Rima you have to

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When Allah knows what they keep hidden, I live in a cordially whiny him. As for those who say to the Muslims, what can I do and they pull out they don't fight and they don't strive in the path of Allah they say had they listened to us. And this is what the monopolies like to do. They always criticize. You get big Munna fix, you can type people with characteristics of monopolies. One of the characteristics of a monolithic is when there's a crisis, even a small crisis may be a South Africa, we have a crisis in the masjid, the ones who go out and they fix the crisis, and you have those who criticize. The only thing they do is to insult and criticize the people doing good work. That's all

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they do. They don't do any good. They say, Had you listened to us, they would not have been killed. If they listened to took our advice, then the people that have heard would not die. So Allah says to them

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further, oh, I'm pushing human milk. So why don't you stop date on yourself? I'm gonna fix if you if what you're saying is true, that if the Muslims didn't go out in order, if they listened to us or didn't fight, if you signed the peace treaty, if you gave in like we told you to do, you wouldn't have died. You wouldn't be oppressed in Palestine, listen to us, give Majid Luxa away, and then everything will be hunky dory. Allah says, not defended from yourself, that you protect data from your own self. And let's see if what you're saying is true. So Allah puts in every generation, in every time, a crisis, to decide which side are you going to be on? It's all about which side America

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is on. And which side Saudi Arabia is on which side Israel is on? Which side? Are you on an ion? This is what Allah wants to do. He puts that line way and we need to make a decision. Are you going to be on the side of those who oppress and criticize and break away from the Ummah and cause fitna and cause mischief? Are you on the side of the oppressed, the side of that would the side of Musa

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Allah subhanaw taala sunnah makes it that there will always be an oppressed people. Unfortunately, this is the Sunnah of Allah, that there will always be people going through hardship.

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And Allah decides we could not too long ago, it was us. We were the people living under oppression. And then Allah removes it by His grace by his muscles. panela. And there are others who were fine and had no problem yesterday, everything was easy. They couldn't have imagined and now they're living under oppression, and others have been living under oppression for many generations. Allah says to the people of Palestine and to all those who are going through oppression, whatever that he knew people to call home and do not be weak in pursuit in fighting your enemies in taekwondo Lambu for inner home, Allah Munna, Kimata lemon, that if you are harmed with an injury, or Muslims,

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remember, they are also the enemies also get home if you believe they can also bleed. But if you get hurt, they can also get hurt. If you die, they can also die. So don't think that they are superior. In fact they are and Spanner we see little boys with stones against the most advanced army, one of the most advanced armies in the world. The one is cowering behind the tanks, and the other with a stone in his hand, no fear Subhanallah so and then Allah says, But you hope from Allah where they don't hope you ever hope in Allah that they don't have that hope you wish for death you wish for Jana, you wish for martyrdom and they fear from death they run away from it.

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You will always have the upper hand corner Harlequin commonly consumed and fussy refill out of the funder, okay, if I can argue better you can even Allah says this is not a new story. This has happened over and over and over again. It's my suit analysis. It is the Sunnah of Allah. I do this in every generation, there will always be an oppressor and oppressed. But then look at the outcome who wins in the end? It is always the appraisal that loses and it's always the appraiser that wins. What after he knew what it does I know so don't feel sad. And don't be weak and don't feel afraid or antemer alone when you are on top even though it doesn't feel like it. You are on top in going to

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move meaning if you have to imagine you will win eventually. Allah's timetable is Allah's timetable. The victory will come when he comes but Allah promises the people of Eman you are on top in him such concoction if you are suffered an injury for Cara Masako Mohamed Salah who that they also have suffered injuries like you what clinical am and these are the days to do that we do have been a nurse Allah causes that sometimes you win sometimes you lose and Allah if there are some losses. Do we think we're always going to win? If the visa salaam was injured? Do we think we're not going to be injured? If the Sahaba Hamza or the Allah and Musa die? Do you think we're not also going to have

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Shahada? Allah says this is the Sunnah sometimes they were going to do sometimes. Well, yeah, and I'm Allah Lena Amanu. And so that Allah can see who is through Eman and that he may take shahada, Allah wants to select shahada from amongst us because Allah sunnah he wants some of us to die or shades. Wala hula, everybody mean and Allah hates the oppressors in the world. He will use us as an instrument to harm the oppressors. So Allah says he does this Leah Marcus Allah Allah Lena Amanu that

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You may distinguish the true believers while yam Huckle caffeine and that he may destroy the caffeine. I'm happy with him. Allah asked a rhetorical question. I'm happy to answer the whole agenda. Do you really think all Muslims that you will intergender while I'm Maria animala will Latina Jaya who before Allah has really tested you? Who has the real Iman and made you strive in his path? I mean, come wire Allah saw being answered, he may see whoever you have Subhan Allah is not going to give Jana free of charge. Allah is going to put trials and tests here. This is our test. This is our test. Some Yes, the people of Palestine on the front line, but we are in Cape Town are

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part of at least Allah is going to look at us and ask us what was our response to this part of the the operation of the people of Palestine, the oppression of the people of Syria of Yemen of China, the Muslims in Kashmir, what did you do? We must have an answer for that. So Allah says, what is what is your response going to be? And it is in this time of crisis. It is also the opportunity for heroes to rise up the Sahaba would say, and we spoke about this Abubaker and here the pope he made poetry is about kind of known for making poetry but he recited poetry for Tom Hardy Alon, he said on the day of sniffing of awkward, we envy Talha because he was the man that was the last line of

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defense for going to be solemn. He was the man that protected the NABI Salam right to the butter in Pearl Harbor, the Alon and so he was the hero of boyhood, and that's going to be said, if you want to see a man who is basically walking amongst you in Jannah a Shaheed on earth it is so in these crises it's an opportunity also to elevate your rights. We can let the crisis go by and let someone else worry about it. And all we do is make our dua that's okay I guess. But it's also for those who really take this on themselves. The position of Allah gets elevated and therefore there's a message to all of us and misses specifically to those of us who are not in the thick of things Allah reminds

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us Yeah, you were Latina. Amma know it. Akula Oh, you believe have conscious of Allah, Hakka Ducati truly be consola Thermotoga 11 to Muslim and make sure that you don't die except as a Muslim. Wa Qasim will be happily lucky Jamia will

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hold firmly to the rope of Allah and OB disunited? Yes, we have different matters. We have maybe different LeBrons we have different opinions and views and scholars in all of it. No problem. You can differ but don't be divided. Don't be like the archers Radi Allahu Allah Who gave them and Allah gave him Jana but do not divide. When times of crisis come around. The enemy doesn't care what month have you on Subhanallah the enemy doesn't care if you make a tracker as a Twinkie rock as if you celebrate moment you don't celebrate with him, he doesn't care.

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He sees you as a Muslim and that's it. But we are the ones that divide ourselves. There is a time and place for discussing things of controversy. Yes. But let us not be divided. There does not cause the Ummah to break down and each one gets picked off one at a time. So Allah is telling you, if you as a man want to succeed, you must unite. What are the Kulu Kaleena for Roku and do not be like those who split themselves up well worked out who and they disagreed and they fought constantly I mean by the merger at will by either after Allah giving you guidance. Without other human they are the ones who are going to suffer a great torment in the dunya and the accurate don't do that. And

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then Allah Swanson indeed Allah fulfill this promise to you. When you sweat this allah says remember when you stuck to the Sunnah, you obeyed Allah's commands what happened you want when you follow the Sunnah you want then for Hector, either official tomb was an exact will fill, fill, fill and then when you disputed and you argued and you divide and you divided amongst yourselves and your courage lift you what happened.

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mean by the after you had seen what you love of the dunya when your focus became the dunya that is when everything fell apart. Allah says I keep my word. You follow my guidance even though you are weak 700 against 3000 Allah Swansea's you, I gave you victory. But when you turn away from Allah's guidance, and that's all of us, then the calamity we felt now interesting point here that only the ones who disobeyed Allah did they were the were the ones that suffered and

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everyone suffered. The sins I do affects the people that assign the sins I do a fix the map in Kashmir. The disunity we have in Capetown, the evils we deal with the corruption that we have the cheating we do in our businesses, the arms we do on our family, the repercussions is on the entire ummah. We are united like that. That's how we are united and so Allah wants us to remember that.

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Allah Subhana Allah says, I remember when you were running away in panic, not even caring about the visa no cooling behind you. But I thought about coming home and becoming Allah says and I rewarded you basically I inflicted upon you because of you

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disobedience this days upon the streets because you disobeyed me. I gave you a hardship and hardship. So then Allah sponsees buts Leakey letter has no effect. What am I sobre como la habito Mata Am I don't remember don't don't feel too sad about what happened in the past. Don't cry over spilled milk. Quick yourselves, fix the problems, and then things will go better again. I'm in Subhan Allah in the Surah what's amazing Surah Al Imran, this is the biggest defeat of the Muslims. What is the biggest defeat in this surah Allah says going to hieromartyr okra retinas this is the this is the ayah which Allah says of all the peoples from Adam, from the angels of all the nations,

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you are the best nation at the moment of our weakness at the lowest point of the sahaba. Allah says contemplate on within Odisha cleanness, why you are the best people for all of mankind. Why? Because you stand for what is right, you stand for justice, you stand against what is wrong, you stand against oppression, and you don't fear anyone besides Allah. When this OMA does that, there is no Ummah that can compete. There is no nation that can compete with that. Well, I'm an Al Kitab and Allah says about that and Kitab now this is also amazing. And we look at even as the Battle of awkward Allah reminds that that I had to get up if they had believed and finally it would have been

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better for them. analysis and we have to conclude quickly yet layer guru comm 11 What is your call your call to local one local at the back from Milan salon. Allah says that don't get up, will fight you.

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You will never find that they can fight on their own, they will only be able to fight with the support of external powers. It was in the past 101,000 coins Allah said that today is the same if the external powers pull the support overnight they will disappear. So Allah says do not they feel strong. But really that string is is only a mirage it only a facade Subhanallah a nuclear power against people stones 70 years they can't get rid of them. They can't stop them. This that we see the brutality is actually a desperation the more brutal you need to be is to prove and exert your dominance because you're so weak and so Allah says do not fear them. Rather Allah ins in early Ron

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Allah says when woman nostril 11 and Delilah just hacking that victory only comes from Allah yeah you will Alina Amman oh you believe is zero wasabia Oh what are we to what Allah Allah Allah come to Florence Oh believers persist and endure through hardship and persevere and have solver and stand God and be firm and fear Allah and in sha Allah you will be victorious and Sakina Lagonda success and easy for the Muslims across the world. Now let's find the forgive us for our weakness and grant us Issa once again. Was Allah say no Muhammad was obvious Lama serene at Hamline. datamine, said Ali