Ramadan Series Day 27 – The Month of Pardon

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Today is day 27 are from a Wong Subhana Allah we have had already 26 days. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of us may Allah Subhana Allah forgive our shortcomings. May Allah grant either make this not the last time around he will give us more and more and more of Ramadan. And

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last night was Allah knows, is one of the nights are highly thought of as later or further the night of power. But then it's not probably it's because there are still Three, two or three more days are from Allah Allah knows is it going to be 29 or it's going to be to 30th and there is the last night of Milan, which is the night of 29th which also could be one of the nights offering either one of the names of Ramadan that is related to the special the last 10 days of Ramadan is the month of pardon.

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Pardon allow for is not forgiveness. It's part of them. And say the Ayesha v fapy her the knowledgeable and as all the scholars agree she is the most knowledgeable female scholar of all time. Subhan Allah? And should they even say she is way more knowledgeable than a lot of the Sahaba of the companions, who they used to come and ask her opinion. And she asked Allah Swati a sight or sound this question and she said you're Osama? If I know that this night is the night of power. What should I say? What should I ask Allah Subhanallah What a question. And I always when I read this, I think if this was me, what would I have asked on less pantalla if this is you, what you would have

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asked on last hand dad

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and he gave an as always I decided to sit down or to try and kill him he was given the ability to say very precise, and powerful advices and words in a very short statements. And he said only say along when the Cafu to have love for one, another version along Menaka one carry 151 your Allah you are, you are the one who pardon in a careful you are the one who puts in one of the names of Allah to him, if you love to pardon. For one, please pardon me. That's it. This is the duar This is the supplication that the best of the creation who Allah taught him everything taught the most beloved woman, if not the most beloved person to him, asking him the most important question that every

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Muslim probably wants to know and wants to practice. And he answered her this year Allah you are the one who pardon you will love to pardon? Pardon me? What is awful, what is Pardon?

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It's so beautifully defined in in a way in a nutshell is Allah pantalla will remove all the sins. Number one, as if they were another happened, they will be replaced with a good deed, we will not be asked about them, they are completely removed from our books. I love who is the action in which all the sins are removed from the book from our book, mine and yours, we are not going to be asked about them on the Day of Judgment, we're not even going to be remembering them.

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So power law complete, complete erase. And instead of everyone, every sin, there will be a good deed.

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Allah hamanaka for your law, you are the one who pardon You're the only one who can do that. You're the only one who can remove all my sins and make me don't remember them. And if I as if I have not done them, and they are not in my book, and replacement with good deed in the calf, who you are to Hebrew Love you Love to pardon. It's not only it's your character, but you love to do it.

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Tap one, please pardon me. And why specifically in the knight of tower, this duar

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the Knights of power, one of them and we are the night of power is usually in the last 10 days of Ramadan. And the odds nights most probably. So we had already 20 days gone. And what is he teaching her and me it is Salatu was set out that the last 20 days. Allah knows how much good I did. Or maybe I did not or I didn't do my best. Maybe I send maybe I there was an opportunity to do good I didn't do it. He was telling me and her are telling coda and we and you don't despair, you still have a chance and the best way to take advantage of the chances as call

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law that teaches me the Knights of power. And we still have the 29th yet to come and Allah knows which one is. Number one is Dr. supplicate. He didn't tell her. He didn't tell her. Say your Allah give me genetic dose. He could. But he was specifically teaching her and me that look at your deeds. Look at your deeds, and no one will forgive them and pardon them and remove them except on must pantile That's number one. Number two, he was teaching her and you and me Don't despair. Don't despair. Don't say Subhanallah 27 days, and here I am. didn't do much. You will still have three more days. We don't know which one is it? And why is Apple a lot love to pardon? Ask him for one.

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And specifically me and he said me and he didn't tell her. ask Allah to pardon everybody. Five one. This is personal between me and Allah spawn dad is teaching me yourself. Take care of yourself. First. We all get overwhelmed with emotions about the people we love, children, family, parents, friends, but he's teaching her and you may think of yourself number 151 Pardon me. So he's teaching me supplication. Pardon is the best thing you asked for law. Because as if you have done nothing, number three, also teaching you and me in these blessed days. That's our last pantalla loved it to be asked. He loved it to be asked and he loved to forgive. He loved to pardon he doesn't want to

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punish me and you and Allah said it's uncertain. He said Maya fell in love with you either become what will Allah benefit from punishing you for punishing me your us?

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a shocker to omentum only if you were grateful unbeliever no punishment will be that's what he's teaching her and teaching me how Ramadan is the month of pardon. And specifically in these nights I'm going to ask Allah pantalla your be by your name. That level and you will have to pardon please pardon me. This also teaches me when I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala I asked him what the name related to what are you asking him? If I need sustenance not Allah and the result not while you're the one who will give sustenance, if I'm looking for healthier Allah and the Shafi your You are the one who killed ish we killed so teaches us and he's teaching her and you me and you use the names

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that's appropriate for what you are asking Allah something impossible. You think no way it is going to happen your ally I deserve Kashi Nothing is impossible for you.

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And he's teaching you and me the adverb of a DA one of the efficacy in it just a one line etiquette of law. Number one you glorify a law.

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And number one, you don't jump it says your law give me No, you're Allah. You are. I love who you are al Karim, you're the generous You are the one who poured in not the one who forgive again, it depends what I am asking the etiquettes of the dua with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And most important, he's teaching you and me that the most important thing I need to ask Allah is to be pardoned. Nothing else mattered. And in Satan, Abdullah Omnibus in one innovation in the other nations as one of the companions asked Saraswati Sato sinner, what is the most common thing I should ask Allah?

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What should I in general, outside Ramadan inside Ramadan, and he said it's a law for will alfia ask Allah to be pardoned and allow for your safety and health, safety in everything not only from fear, but safety. I feel safe. I'm not worried. No worries, I'm not worried about my family or children are my wealth or my money or my risk is law forward. alfia asking Allah to be pardoned, and to live in a state of pardon is something something really virtuous. Last but not the least, if I am asking a lot of panel with Allah to pardon me, I need to practice this too. I need to pardon people for was for hope for a given pardon. Don't matter what they did. I want a lot to forgive me. I need to do it

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first. Whatever they did, I have done worse with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah can forgive major things I have done and Allah knows what we did. And why I cannot forgive this person or that person. And at the end of the day, we are all going to him subhana wa Tada. Host noble Nebula and other thing we will learn, always have good feelings about en la pantalla. Good expectation. Nothing comes from Allah but I know he is. The one who pardon I know he will pardon he will pardon me. Don't

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To find or your next or minus comes and says you don't know what I did, he will not forgive me. He will Subhana because he is awful. Allah subhana wa Tada. Yesterday will do. And again in the last verses, the verses of fasting at the end of it in between the verses of fasting in the Quran, Allah said the I was only yesterday Blackcomb. He taught you and me asked me, I will give you a lahoma in a capital one to Hebrew laugh fat one euro ebme yoruba Cambria Corinne, Nairobi Bella Lila if it is not already your law make us live to see that it will. If it is not already past and accept from us. Whatever we did the little we did in these nights in a coffee karema Jawad tabula rasa monokuma

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rahmatullah wa barakato.