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The Nabilkey's mission is to deliver the message of La ilaha, and the importance of praise and love for Islam is highlighted. The speakers emphasize the need for human behavior to change and show proper human appearance to avoid offense. The importance of not turning one's house into graveyards and not boasting about Islam is also emphasized. The speakers also mention a motor program and recitation for the upcoming weekend.

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Hola Hola. shaytaan rajim Bismillah mana Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen salat wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad and one early he also have yet to marry and my beloved brothers and sisters of Sudan while they come along with a lot who were to go to

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Always forever we begin with the praise the thanks of Allah subhanaw taala Masha Allah, Allah Allah Allah will testify will be witnessed these none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala within our love greetings, salutations, beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and his pure family whose companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, may Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be steadfast in the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in this life and to be in his companionship in the meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Over the last few weeks, we spoke about culture. We spoke

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about heritage, we spoke about our cultural practices. We touched on the issues of religious practices that might be in or out of line with the Sharia. We spoke a little bit about Vidin. We spoke about Molad Hamdulillah. And today inshallah we continue on the theme about the visa Salam. And to remind ourselves that in this time when there's been a lot of, you know, a lot of discussion around the Nabil Salam, a lot of praise of the NABI salam to remember the primary mission of the NABI Salam, and to remind ourselves about how strong and IV Salam was on this issue of the Hadith, the purpose of why the salam was sent, remember he is called a Rasool Rasul, meaning a messenger or

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a Nabi, a prophet coming to give prophesy, meaning he is there to deliver a message, what is this message? What is his primary function? Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran surah Gambia, the surah of the Gambia, the Sunnah of the prophets, Allah says, well Marisa Nam In communica, O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam we have never seen before you mean Rasool in we never sent a messenger before you ill except with a purpose in new he lay here that we send why we inspiring him, and hula ilaha illa Anna, Abu Duni, that you should tell your people I will reveal to the Gambia that they should say to the people, La ilaha illa Allah that there is none worthy of worship besides me besides Allah far,

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we do need to worship Me alone, the purpose of the visa salaam, the reason why he was sent the reason why he was blessed the reason why he was given the Quran was to deliver this message of la ilaha illa Allah and why we raised this is because sometimes in our extreme joy and praise of Allah be Salam, we could go beyond what is permissible, what is allowed, and we actually compromise La ilaha illAllah. Someone said, Is there a limit in which we can love the NABI Salam, is there any restrictions in how we can express our love? Yes, there is a limit. We look at our Christian friends and neighbors, they've exceeded the limit of what is permissible in praise and love of Nabil Islam,

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that you can love them to be Salam the most, after the love of Allah and you can praise them every Salam, to a degree that is permissible, but not to infringe on what belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. And so today in sha Allah, it is important, we remind ourselves who is that piece of Salam in relation to Allah subhanaw taala. We must never ever make a statement that implies that vehcile Salam sees and years everything, that his knowledge and his wisdom is omnipresent. This only belongs to Allah subhanaw taala that he knows the future. He knows the Unseen that he has power of reward. He has the power of Jana and Jana, these are the this belongs to Allah. Allah says, Allah says to

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me, Salam O Muhammad, you say to the people, there's no cron law I'm liquid enough see none whatsoever on when I say to the people, I have not in myself I have no ability to benefit you or anyone Oh, my ohana, very solemn cannot benefit you. They cannot harm you. He cannot give you Jana you cannot give to anyone in Jana. This Illa Masha Allah except by the will of Allah, this belongs to Allah alone. And then Allah continues in the Quran, Allah says what open to organizations is welcome to head i Allah. If I knew the unseen if I knew the future, if I knew everything, let's start from terminal Hi, I would have gathered all the benefit or the goodness. If you know what's

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going to happen tomorrow, you're always going to win. So that being said, this isn't the Quran that if I knew the unseen I would have gathered a lot of good for myself, Who am I my son Neil was Sue and never would any harm touch me. I would always avoid the accidents. I would always avoid any kind of predicament. In Elana, do you have a sheet that really I'm only a one that's giving warnings and giving the good news they call me you know, to a people that believes again, Allah subhanaw taala is establishing the relationship of Rob and asked the Lord and the slave yesnaby Muhammad Salem is the best of slaves, the base of creations, but he's still a creation of the node.

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I shout out the Alon has said if anyone tells you that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam saw his Lord saw Allah then he's a liar.

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Because Allah says no vision can encompass Allah and Aisha says if anyone tells you that Mohammed Salah Salem has seen the unseen or that he knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Then he's also told a lie because as I Allah says in the Quran, none has the knowledge of the Unseen but Allah, this is not my words, the words of eyeshadow, the Alana, that he's or a suit. He only delivers what Allah subhanaw taala inspires in him. As we said, Jana and Jana is not by the decree of the lava lamp. And by extension, sometimes people go to a certain level where they believe certain things and Olia they have the ability to forgive your sins or they have the ability to take you to Jana Jana.

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Look what the narcissism says. Nebby Allah says in the Quran, lay Salah come in Amrish eight, on the battle of her side note to the society in the Battle of boyhood. Now visa Salam was struck in his face. And at that moment, you can imagine, even though he sold all his mercy and his patience, he got frustrated. And he said to the Quraysh How will Allah ever forgive a people who hits the face of the newbie? How can I look forgive you for this? When he said that? Allah responds to that IV Salam in the Quran, Allah says lace Alaikum and I'm going to say you have no right to say about this decision doesn't belong to you, who I forgiven, who I punish, you have no right to say that. Oh,

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Mohamed salah. This is strong words from Allah subhanaw taala.

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Allah says, oh, yeah, Tuba Oh, yeah, to bother him. Oh, you are the people who whether I should forgive them or punish them. That's not your decision for inom volumen. But Allah says they have come into this and they could they will be the only one. So let's say they are evil. But still, the decision to punish and to forgive belongs to me, you don't get the right to say. So how do some people say that a saint a Wali, but even then Jesus alum will take you to Jana, or by looking at him, Your sins forgiven Subhan Allah. Then so Salam said on his first public address, the first goodbye he made to the people, when he called people by name, he said O Muhammad, Muhammad he called

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the different tribes. And so they came to hear what is Nabil some calling? And he said, Oh, fortify so his daughter in the crowd. He says, oh, Fatima, daughter of Mohammed, my beloved. Oh, Sophia, my auntie, oh, Abdul Muttalib my uncle, I have no power at all to protect you from Allah. I can't stop Allah from doing anything.

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But you may ask me anything in the dunya and I'll do it for you. When it comes to Allah, every man for himself at the end of the day. Everybody is going to be before Allah on the own icon push Allah this way or that way I am but a messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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guidance belongs to Allah only. And we know the very, very famous incident and I think we mentioned mentioned it in our series two, three days ago. This moments were the messengers. One of the most difficult moments in the life of Nabil salaam, the most difficult one of the most difficult thing for him was when he's adopted his uncle Abu Talib died. an unbeliever Abu Talib was like his father, when everyone loved him very, very much. You know, side note, when Abu Bakr the Alon growth his own father to become a Muslim. Abu Bakr was very happy that finally Abu Hanifa this old man he was old old man, 90 years old, now at the end is becoming a muslim. So back then, instead of crying out of

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joy, he cried out of sadness. So obviously why you can't your dad's become a Muslim. So he said, How I wish this was Abu Talib, not my dad, because he don't have made my visas very, very happy. If he does Abu Talib that became a Muslim. It would have wished that Abu Talib so when Abu Talib died, an unbeliever, Nabil Salam said, and he knows when someone dies and he dies on poofer You want to make dua for minimum, and he still continued to make dua Allah revealed is that that is not permissible Omaha matusalem It is not befitting for a messenger and the believers to make dua for someone who has chosen Kufa against over Iman and Allah says to the NABI Salam in the Quran, in Nicoletta demon,

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adopt, O Muhammad Salam, you do not guide whom you love, you don't have the power to give hedaya who must be a Muslim or not lacking Allah lacking Allah hiya tema Yasha, but Allah gives hidayah to whomever Allah wants, well, who Allah will move that in and Allah is who has all the wisdom as to whom should be guided, who Allah chooses, is all with the wisdom and the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala again, we realize the McCollum and me Solomon can never be taken down seed What is the greatest of all creation, the first to be resurrected, we'll talk about the Munzee love and to be the most beloved to Allah, the closest to allah sallallahu sallam. But there is the difference

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between Allah the Lord, who guides who forgives, who has power over everything was knowledge, and the servant and the slave who is a messenger whenever you send them also you find statements during this time. And it's not mean to offend anyone who will step on anyone's toes, but you find statements that says that at least a solemn is made up light, or he was the first light created. And this is an old, incorrect belief that the first creation was an abuse of Salam in the form of a light lamp, and that light was passed down from Libya.

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Adam all the way down to maybe Solomonic light became a human being. And there isn't a human being like us, but rather he's made of something almost divine, almost something less than Allah. And you know, sidenote, maybe isa did not become Jesus did not become the son of God overnight. It took 300 years for Christianity slowly, innovate and add and exaggerate. First they said that because Jesus doesn't have a father, he's not a normal human. He's a super human, just like a superhero. Then they said, He's the link between us and Allah. We can't get to Allah except through Jesus. So you don't ask God the Creator. You asked Jesus, when they said, he's part of Allah. He's the son of Allah.

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He's a Trinity with Allah that he in fact, is Allah in human form. That is how over time exaggeration gets taken out of place. So they are the statements that you hear that nobody told me to the noodle of the note of Allah, he's from the light of Allah subhanaw taala. Firstly, Allah is not made of light. Allah is not made of light. Allah has a hijab, a barrier between him and his creation, that is light, only the angels are made of light. And as for Muhammad, Salah Salem, like all the Gambia, before, he is human, and he's created from what we are created. And we item from clay and the rest of us were born to women, as and this is the words that I am saying. It is the

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words that Allah says you recite this every Friday at the end of Surah Kulina in NAMA, unabashed Ramesh LUCAM say O Muhammad valey I am a Bashar I'm a human like you. Biases with LUCAM that I am like you I am made of the same things like you. I cry, I bleed, I go to the toilet, I eat I get hungry, I get tired. I can forget things. I get hurt. I get older going to die. I am human like you except that you have Ileana Illa Camilla, the only thing is that Allah chose me to be an OB and he inspired with the revelation in me to say what

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Allahu Allahu Ahad that your Lord is one word that is why I've been sent women can I usually call our OB so ever have you is hoping to meet his Lord Foley I'm an Amazon Saudi have been do good deeds live a good life? What are you Shrek be about Robbie in do not commit ever do not make any * with your Lord. That is if you want to be with Allah subhanaw taala as we said, then at least Salam in fact.

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And one way of looking at it. It is an insult to the Navi salam to call him super human, to call him like some kind of Superman, you know,

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a person that if they were angels here that didn't feel tired, they didn't feel hungry, then to force the Ramadan is nothing for Gibreel not to eat Ramadan is nothing for Gibreel to Stand all night in touch it is nothing but for a normal human being. To fast as the abuse from fostered and to stand till his feet got swollen, and to see his own family struggling. That is a greater level of sacrifice. Because then Absalom showed you and I with all our humanity, without weaknesses as a being a person, we can still achieve perfection in this life. And it shows you that Allah subhanaw taala loves this creation with all our human flaws and faults more than the angels because what is

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required of us is we rise above our weaknesses we rise above our humanity to something even better. And that is why the angels Bolton Abbey Adam, the angels were made of light about to that which was made of clay.

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So Nabil Salam is from one of us. And therefore a role model that we can emulate. That

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was very, very strict, that we should not invoke others are the objects are the people who blessings and for political prediction. Because this why because this takes away your connection with Allah subhanaw taala if you have an object and you believe this object brings me good luck, that if I go into rugby, match away this little thing and I kiss it, I'm going to score a few goals were goes wrong smooth tries, then then you have forgotten who you are putting your trust in. And if you have this little picture or this little thing in your car, and you say one that thing is there, my costs are gonna be stolen. Then you have not put your dependency tobacco in Allah like you know, tying the

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camel, if you tie the camel and sat with my trust in the rope, that's not our cow. The worker is in Allah subhanaw taala simple things that we saw when the Muslims conquered Mecca. And so then the army who had a lot of reverts new Muslims they were very new to Islam they didn't know these things yet there was still half on the hearts was still coming out of ship and on the way to the Battle of Hunan to fight the battle of five they passed by a big tree and so they seem to there'll be some era salsa lamb the enemies they have a tree where they put the swords on that tree they hang it the and the tree brings like power in the suits like good luck. So can we take this big tree and also do the

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same? We park here we put our swords and Mo on the tree and then he gets like charged up then we can go and fight

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What is it that this was a response to them, that I was suddenly assaulted Wallahi by the one in whose hand is my soul, the one who holds my soul? You have just asked me the same thing that Musa as people asked him, when they said, give us a God like they remember the story of Nabi Musa, when he came by is they saw a group of people worshipping an idol. So the money slot you'll see give us also an idol like that we also want to idol that we can put here and worship. So let me see you asking me the same thing that they said you want a god other than Allah. These are the ways that you will certainly follow as the those who came before you step by step. Do not put your attachment, in any

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object, in any person, in any grave. In any piece of paper. Your attachment for blessing for reward is through Allah subhanaw taala. The same thing when it comes to the worship of personalities. It is mentioned that whomsoever the wife want to be Salam, and all Habiba to wiser be Salam. They went to Abyssinia in the original, the first Hegira, as we know was to Ethiopia. To Natasha, remember, you all know that right? Before they went to Medina, some Sahaba first went to Ethiopia here in Africa, Hamdulillah. And that was a Christian country. And so when they came back to the visa lamp, and this was on his deathbed, when he was dying, they were sitting and talking, and he's laying there. And so

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they said, Remember those big churches we saw in what was now Addis Ababa, we saw those big cathedrals mashallah, it was so nice. Right? And so we're gonna be some of them said to them, that they had seen the in the letters and the images and the will pictures and idols in that in the church service. Someone said, when a righteous person died among them when a Wali, a che or Molana pious person died among them, they would build on the place of on his grave, a place of worship over him on his grave, and they'll put images in that. That's what they will do this. This is what these people do. Every time a pious person dies. Now we need to build a big climax, we put a Majidi we

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come need to make Salah in the we put these pictures all around. And so what that means is, these are the words of people in the sight of Allah. Why does this should you have now turned away from the worship of Allah to the worship of the creation. And in fact, it's very interesting that the saints themselves, they only they themselves do not worship in the climate. They worship in the masjid or at home, then of Esau Salem, follow his sunnah when he worship in the masjid or in his house.

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Visa Salam says, and as I said, I have to mention this because sometimes in our love in this, especially this month, you find statements being made that exaggerates the position of the visa, this does not bring him happiness. When you say something, which takes away from the hack of Allah, then you have gone against his mission, you have gone against the La ilaha illallah, which he lived for He died for, that's all he wanted to bring to this dunya that La ilaha illa your hearts must be connected to Allah. Remember, when anyone asks you a simple question, what is the difference between Islam and every other religion? Very simple answer. Islam gives each man woman child, a one on one

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connection with his creator. You don't need to go via the Pope to get to him. You don't need to have a clergy or a saint, or a cross or anything to get to your Lord. You can just raise your hands and say, oh you Allah who creates the heavens and the earth helped me that is the gift of Islam. And anytime we put someone in between, we have committed an act of act of Sheikh than me so someone says, Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians did with the visa don't do to me what the Christians did with no visa, the son of MIDI four I'm only a servant of Allah, so call me the call me the SIR Allah Servant and Messenger. Whenever you refer to an IV Salam call him the Rasulullah

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and the slave of Allah, that is the best place that we can give that says, those who came before you used to take the graves of the MBR and the pious people as places of worship, but you must not take my grave as a place of worship. I forbid that for you. Oh my Sahaba Don't ever do that do not make my grave a Qibla don't make my grave a place of worship.

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Let me suppose this, do not turn your houses into graveyards, meaning let your houses be alive with Ebola and do not make migrate into a place of aid. Where every year you come to visit next era of my grave and send your butt send your Salawat upon me for indeed your Salawat will reach me wherever you are that you can do that we should do it every day sir Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad Salah that reaches in to be Salam. You don't have to come all the way to Medina to make Sarawak Nabi Salam, you're in Cape Town in your house, you can make salawat it'll reach them to be Salam, and you'll be presented to him. Even of us reported, a man once came to the Navi Salam and he said yeah

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rasool Allah, I will do x y and Zed in sha Allah Allah. If Allah wills and if you will.

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Why did he say he meant it out of some goodness, he said, I will do this if Allah insha Allah if Allah wills were in shade and if you Muhammad Salah with you will do

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Bismillah vi FCTC

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are you making me an equal with Allah? Are you making me a partner with Allah, just say in sha Allah and that's enough to see if it is if Allah wills and that is not enough.

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The rubies also

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reminds us about our position and our place with Allah subhanaw taala

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that he sees in this beautiful Hadith and it's a hadith one of those Hadith that really encompasses everything. And if you can base your life on this hadith, everything that you need in your life will be sorted. Now he's also an MCs to his nephew, basically, his wife may Mooners nephew, right. So that is sometimes if you even Abbas, the famous Sahaba even about son of Allah bass, son of his uncle isn't his cousin. He says, oh, young man, even Abbas was a young boy, right? He was only maybe 10 years old. Now. This is young. Oh my boy, oh, my young boy. I will teach you some words. Like I'm gonna teach you something very important. Listen carefully. Be mindful of Allah. Be conscious of

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Allah. And Allah will always protect you. Be mindful of Allah and you will find him in front of you. If you ask, ask Allah alone. If you raise your hands in dua, ask it of Allah alone. And if you seek help, you need protection, you need assistance, then ask of Allah alone. And know that if all the nations gathered together to benefit you, all the people, all the Gambia, all the angels, all the jinn, all of creations, including Gibreel, including Muhammad wa salam, if they all gathered together to benefit you, it cannot benefit you, unless Allah declared it for you, unless Allah decided to benefit you. And if somebody leave all the nations, all the enemies, all the Gambia, all

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that everyone who believes everyone together, wants to harm you. They cannot harm you, unless with the decree of Allah. And then we send a message the pins have been lifted, and the piece of dried meaning everything is in the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah decides who benefits who harms who is going to get protected. We'll get this tomorrow who is going to die tomorrow who is going to be cured of the disease only in the hand of Allah subhanaw taala. So if all power and the mic La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah why do we worship anyone other than him? Why do we turn to anyone other than Him? Now this is not to diminish the status of Nabi Salam, rather, this is to say, There

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is Allah and what belongs to Allah, and then the is to what belongs to the Rasul Salaam. As I said, when we talk about the Navi Salam, no doubt, he is the most beloved creature creation to Allah subhanaw taala, the most beloved of all of Allah, all the creations Allah has created can ever be counted. He's number one on the list, he is the nearest to Allah subhanaw taala he's the closest to Allah subhanaw taala he's the best servant to Allah subhanaw taala than me so Sanam says in a hadith, I am the Master, I am the seed. I am the chief amongst all the children of Adam went after her and this is why I'm not boasting. I'm not saying this to boast myself. And obviously Salam says,

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and I will be the first person to be resurrected on the day of piano, and I'm not boasting about it. I'm just informing you without boasting, and I'll be the first to intercede and within decision will be accepted without any boasting. I have a special relationship with Allah on the Deaf piano where I will be allowed to intercede for all of humanity. We know this is only going to be slumped. No Nabhi no angel will get that privilege. When Allah subhanaw taala will be so angry with his creation. That he will allow Nabi salam to intercede at a very special place and will not be some will be in sujood begging and crying to Allah saying to Allah I call upon you, my lord, my smile, my my Rob, in every

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name you've taught me in every name that you've taught any of you Ambia with any name that you've taught any creation and all the names that you've kept hidden with yourself, I caught up on you. And then Allah will except from an IV Salam and he will say rise up Muhammad lift your head. What is it that you want to ask me now? And I'll give it to you. And they'll be some will also of course as we know he will say Matthew Mattia, Allah today, help my people help my ummah, you and me, this is our Susan intercede. The resistance is the banner of praise will be placed in my hand. I will be given the special banner on the Deaf Kiama but as a special praise of Allah and I'm not boasting, and

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another Hadith and at least some says I will come to the gates of Jana. Jana is closed. Jana is locked. And the reason is, is I will be the one that will go to the gates of Jana and basically knock on the gates and ask that they open the gates of Jannah and the angels will say who is at the door and he will say salam Salam it is Muhammad and then they would say it is for you that I've been ordered and not to open for anyone besides you. These doors have been locked you are the key to open the doors of Jana Salah lotus and so this is our soul and it's important for us to love our soul to praise him to emulate him to follow his sunnah. But at the same time, do not exceed into worshipping

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Him. Do not say of him which is

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not befitting of him, because this does not please Him. If someone stood Allah we just took what standing when the song came to the masjid. He forbid the Sahaba from standing up in his company, but it was out of his basic humility. Don't rise up for me. Follow my sunnah and the teachings. The true love as we keep saying, the true love for the Navi Salam is not shown by words. It is shown by our actions, how we follow the Sunnah, the kind of Muslims that we are when we make Salah when we make badda worship Allah like he did, and then how you teach your wife, your children, your employees, follow his sunnah in that those are the people that love them to be some of the most malice 100

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grantors to love than to be Salam and to emulate the Sunnah. May Allah grant us to live mon La Ilaha illa Allah and to die on Allah to be resurrected with those of the Cunnamulla and Allah into into Jana, with Muhammad Al Salam. A few announcements, we thank everybody for participating in the

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motor program in the motor day. We also remind you that our CDs and booklets are they available. As I said, we've made some edits and changes in enhancing what we our our recitations. And so that is also available. We also like to announce that our motor Gemma who put so much work into recording the layouts and the proper pronunciation and taking out whatever mistakes were there, they have gone to Port Elizabeth and we wish them well over the weekend and then 100 Out of the safe travel in a safe return. We will also ask by the MCC to make dua for those four boys that's panel about abducted Shall we all away? May Allah grant them a safe return. May Allah protect them. May Allah grant him

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back to come back to the parents and Allah make easy for everyone who's going through difficulty through hardships through sickness, one of our video prominent, you know members of Jamar he doesn't want to be mentioned he's going for an eye operation tomorrow make dua that he is safe Allah subhanaw taala grant him a complete Shiva Mala durante site to come back even better and stronger Amin and may just a reminder to join us online secular hate or Allah say no Mohammed rather early Islam Sunni Abdullah Abdullah Minister Nawaz