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the first caliph – part four – the conquest of persia

  • CHALLENGING THE SUPERPOWERS OF THE WORLD – After subduing all the rebels the entire Arabian Peninsula returned to the authority of
  • Islam. The prophet SAW had instructed the Muslim armies to campaign to Palestine before his death; thus Abu Bakr RA organized the army to
    campaign against the Romans. Khalid Ibn Walid RA who was stationed in the East after defeating Musaylamah requested permission to engage the Persian empire. Abu Bakr RA agreed.


AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and success of the Persians and their new golden age. The loss of the Quran and the decision to use the Quran as a reference have led to the loss of the book, the loss of the title of the head of the committee, and the importance of verifying the title. The history of the Middle East and the importance of protecting non-M pizzas and non- Islam speakers is also discussed. The segment concludes with a mention of upcoming events and a tour of the city.
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Lehmann she's done the regime's thriller manga Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa Sakurajima in my beloved brothers salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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Me always we will begin with the praise of Allah Masha Allah Allah Allah Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love greetings salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam despise his pure family, his companions, all those who are following suit until the end of time, and Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to be amongst them. Meanwhile, Hamdulillah I was asked, How are we going to talk about the demise of the Queen? I said, we're going to talk about the Khalifa in sha Allah, Allah Khalifa. But on that point, just reminds us whether you're a king, queen, slave, the way you entered the dunya is the way you're

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going to end the dunya no one can avert it. No one can escape Allah subhanaw taala. And they will come where every single person will be gone. And we know in a hadith where Allah subhanaw taala and His Majesty, you'll roll up all of the universal all of creation of the trumpet is blown and there isn't an angel, he's in the gym that isn't a person. And then he will ask anyone raise his voice. We are the kings now. We are the rulers, the presidents, we are all of you now. And there'll be no one no, no one in creation, lift. And also, Allah is the King of all kings, let alone is the king. And that is why in Surah Fatiha he's Maliki Yomi. Dean, on the day when all the kings and all the

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presidents and all the CEOs will be on the same place on the day of karma. There's only one king on that day and that is Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Subhana Allah grant us to understand, you know, he's greatness and His Majesty, I mean, we continue with our series on the first Khalifa say no bucket of the Alon, the Caliph of Islam. And we spoke about the words of reader last week and how Alhamdulillah through the wise decision of Satan, Abu Bakr, the Alon and the valiant efforts of Hadith and Molina and the Muslim armies, they were able to defeat Messiah mother Leia in a very, very severe war, perhaps, up until this point from the time of butter. This was perhaps the most

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bloody battle in the history of Islam at this point. And it wasn't just the Battle of

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power or battle for me, it was an assault on our Akita. If this man was continued to remain, the deen of Islam would have been become extinct. And that battle therefore was one of the most important moments in the history of Islam and when Messiah was removed, basically the end of the false prophets. And while the Muslims panel had succeeded, there was no joy in this victory, because many, many prominent Sahaba had died during these few months of reader fighting against the apostates many, many great Sahaba the likes of Buddha, Jana, the likes of Akasha Okasha, that very famous Sahaba. So how are you going to be some solemn promise you will go to Ghana without being

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questioned even if the AMA died in these in these campaigns, and also, amongst those who have passed away, were many, many of the Quran many of the learner Sahaba those who had memorized the Quran, and because of that, at the end of the defeat of Messiah Lama said, no matter the Allah, who was, of course, the right hand man of Abu Bakr, he said, Yeah, what could we have a problem? That we've lost many, many who falls in these campaigns? And I fear that the Quran will be lost completely. So it was this edition of say, no more murder, the one who said we should put the Quran Yes, we have the author of the Quran is in their hearts, we go to them. But as a backup, we should have a hard copy a

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book, and I'm working on was not so keen on this. And he said, How can I do something that then everything myself did not do, but eventually say no, I'm not convinced him that look, there's nothing wrong in this, and it is there for safekeeping. And so eventually, consulting with the senior Sahaba they agree this is a good idea. We should have a copy of the Quran, the complete Quran in a written form as a reference guide, just in case as a backup. And they looked at who was the most qualified of the huffard. And they chose a young men only 20 years old. He was the personal assistant of the NABI Salam, and he was the leader amongst the scribes. So were the scribes. When an

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IV Salam would receive revelation from Allah, you would call the few Sahaba. They were very few that could read and write, you would call them and say bring some paper and write down and I'm going to dictate to you what was revealed to me. Now the head of that committee was zd, Minitab it? Also he lived very close to the NABI Salam, so he was the first one to be called, and he was half of the Quran. And so this man of 20, and it shows you again, the leadership of Bucher, even though St. Abacha is in his 60s, he was there from the beginning. Zaid is only a newish you know, relatively new Muslim, but he was the most learned when it came to our crusade you are the men? And Zaid said

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he had they asked me to move a mountain you would have been an easier task than to put the whole Quran in a book form. And so what he did was And Alhamdulillah we have this preserved in our records how was our Quran Preserve? Take comfort obviously mean that you are the upon the only religion on earth the only religion on earth that you know with absolute certainty that your religious texts was preserved authentically. There is no doubt

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As to the veracity of the Quran, there is no doubt or aspersions about if this was the same Quran, as the Prophet salallahu Salam had revealed had had recited 1400 years ago, no doubt, because within a few months of the death of the Navi Salam, the Quran was preserved in a book form, what is the methodology? Zaid tells us himself the head of the committee that I called and assembled all the WHO five of the time all those who had memorized Quran, and we listened to each other, and we wrote it down and we collected, we collected the pieces that were already written. So remember the time when we Salam, this one had a surah Yaseen, that one it helps with that when he says, All of you bring

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you mishaps together. And together as a committee, we will put it into into a book form. And we will have you will need witnesses to attest. So it's not just one man who says, Look, I have it here. And I wrote it down the visa was a no, no, no, you need to have two witnesses where every for every piece of paper you submit to other HuFa must corroborate. Yes, this is from the Quran, it's in the right place. And so Alhamdulillah at the end of this exercise, what was beautiful was that there was no second opinion. There was no dispute, there was no group that said, you've met something, you've put something in no Alhamdulillah it was completely certified by all the sahaba. And this master

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copy was given to say no bucket on the island, and he kept this and eventually it will become in the hands of Hafsa, the daughter of Saint Omer or the Alana.

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So now the war of Ryda is over. Within nine months Subhanallah this whole series came, we asked them to do a good job, nine months in the job, what is it? What has he done, he put down all the rebellions, he defeated all the false prophets, he has the Quran in a book form in a messiah. That's a pretty, you know, effective nine months, as the Khalifa re established the authority of Islam across the entire Arabian Peninsula, there was no second power. Now in Arabia, it was quite clear that Islam is in charge, and all these other groups live. Also, we see the old Abu Bakr that we come to know, those who had done even the False Prophet, some of them, they repainted and came back and

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allowed them to come back. His This is the merciful advocate that we know that you made a mistake will go to war against you will fight jihad against you. But if you want to come back, the door is always open. Well Hamdulillah. So now what is the next thing on our workers agenda, and he basically says to the Sahaba, we're going to continue with the Prophet salaam lift off, and the prophets of salaam lift off. He was his focus was now basically on Palestine and Mazie Luxa. Now, it's important to remember that Arabia was a non entity in that time, no one really cared what was happening in Arabia, this politics between the Muslims and false prophets. This was important on the big grand

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scale of things. If you were watching the BBC of the time, it would make you know, it wouldn't make even news. The real superpowers the Americans and the Russians and the Chinese have that time with two powers. We know them. The Christian Roman Byzantine Empire, the Byzantine Empire, Allah speaks about them in the Quran, will every room is surah is named after them. So to room the Romans, and they ruled what we know today as Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Majid Luxa, Egypt, they were Christian, and they were from a European base. Their headquarters was in Turkey, but we call Istanbul today. So that was an empire superpower. And the other superpower was the Persian Sassanid Empire, the fire

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worshippers and these two empires were locked at war with each other for many, many hundreds of years. Sometimes the Persians were stronger, sometimes the Romans were stronger. And at this time in particular, there was kind of a stalemate. Neither one was budging. No one was ahead. And the sooner rooms panela. If you look at similar to room, Allah begins with Liberty room, the Romans have been absolutely defeated. So the Persians had dealt a massive blow to the to the Romans, when that surah was revealed. But then Allah says they will come back and they did come back. So the Persians was actually a move at that point in time, a mightier empire and a more ancient empire. Some historians

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would say, The first real global empire was the Persian Empire, and they were wealthier, and the Arabs, in particular, had an inferiority complex against them. They felt that the Persians were superior to us, and they never ever wanted to tangle with the Persians to say now what are the Alon, he says the Sahaba we're going to continue with an abyss of liftoff, we're going to go to war against the Romans, we'll take on the other superpower with mozzie Luxa in mind.

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On the other side, though, how didn't win either the align the army, the battle with musei lemma was on the eastern side of Arabia.

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If you know bit of geography Medina is on the west, will say Lama was on the east. Persia is in the east and so hard, it's army was stationed in the wrong place. He was basically in the East. And while he was there, in the east, and the war is done, and the people about to leave and go back home, the people the Arabs that were living in that region on the doorstep of the Persian Empire,

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Higher, they wrote to Abu Bakr and said, We no longer want to be under the authority of the Persians, we want to break free from them. Because what the Persians would do and what the Romans would do, they would control the Arabs and subjugate them. They would pay taxes, and you obey the Persians and the Romans. And if you don't, then obviously, you go to war. So they don't talk about God saying, we want to go to war with the Persians, Holly, and his army is here with us, keep him here, and let us go together into into Persia, our bucket on the island wasn't so keen on this. And he responded and said, that you may continue if you want to. And you may raise a volunteer army, I'm

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not going to force anyone to go to this war. My focus is on Palestine. But if anyone wants to join this army, you can go and Khalid will be the commander and chief I will leave harder than one either one day as the commander and chief of the Muslims. And so now, this is going to be the first conquest the first expedition into the lands of the Persians. We take a side note now the Persian Empire, within two decades, an empire that stood over 1000 years would dissolve completely, the culture, the religion, everything would disappear. The Romans still survived, they still the remnants of them. But this empire disappeared, unlike any other empires in history. And no one

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historians can understand how a group of basically these had been ones we didn't even have, you know, water didn't have toilets would defeat the mightiest civilization on earth into in 10 years, 10 years actually. How was this possible? And there are many, many theories. And we'll talk about some of them. But the real turning point in this happened a few years before that, the time of the Beatles, Harlem, the Proxima wrote a letter to the Emperor of Persia, the greatest man on earth, a man who thought he was a god, the prophesy wrote him a letter and said, swim to swim, embrace Islam, and you will be at peace, and Allah will protect you. And if you don't, then you will have the sin

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of your people upon you. And when he received this letter from this Arab sending me a letter, so how dare he writes me a letter like this. And he commanded his governor in Yemen, he had a governor in Yemen, you go send two soldiers, and you bring this Mohammed to me, and I want him to stand in front of me so I can punish him personally. And he told the letter of the person.

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And so when these two spies, these two agents of the Persians came to collect the visa Salam,

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then he said to them, Go back to your master, your governor, the governor of Yemen, go to Europe and tell Europe that my Rob killed his Rob, it's a bit of a tongue twister. The prophecy says, Go back to your Lord, the governor of Yemen, and tell him that my Lord Allah has killed his Lord, the emperor of Persia. And just as he told my letter up, Allah is going to take his kingdom up into pieces.

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This means didn't know what this was all about. They went back to Yemen. What's he talking about? And the news arrives the same day that the emperor of Persia was killed by his own son, his own son murdered him, and was that the kingdom of the Persians went through an entire succession battle, one brother killing the other in four years, 10 inputs. So when harden Walid arrives now, five, six years later, Persia is in turmoil. And he now enters with an army of 18,000 men, but he doesn't know what to expect. They've never fought Persians before. And the Persians, unlike the Muslims, this is a professional army. These people get paid to be soldiers they owe in training, they are fighting

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day and night, they've been fighting the biggest armies in the world. The Muslims are so Bedouins, they're still basically when they're not fighting jihad, they go back to the fields, they both seem to the camels, these are teachers, these are basic blacksmiths, they're fighting a professional army, you carry your own sword, your own horse, your own camo, these guys are getting paid by the government. And so to fight this, this enemy, was going to be something completely unique. And it's in this campaign, the campaign against the Persians, when within a few months, Khalid Malik will become the most legendary command in the whole world, everyone in the world will get to know the

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name harden will lead the sword of Allah Saifullah. And we can't go into all the details, and maybe you want to hear the battles. But there were a number of battles, and what we have is we have recorded the strategy of hardened what either the lung, so our problems are not just going to go away with tagit. And then we're going to come and make dua and that army will just disappear. No, you have to think and you have to plan and we have his tactics recorded. So hard to draw the Alon gets the the, the letter from St. Ibaka. That you may proceed, but you can't force anyone anyone wants to leave is allowed to leave. And a lot of the army left they said we don't want to fight this

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and then if they went back to Medina, and so Holly writes back to our workers, I need reinforcements. The Abubaker asked the Sahaba who wants to reinforce him wants to go and help hottie only one man stands up and Sahabi Alka he goes and he says, And he said only he says to one man you send me one man as reinforcements

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accuracy if you have is enough Inshallah, make dua is enough. And so with 18,000 means 17,000, Khalid, enters into the land of the most powerful empire on earth. And the objective was to capture a city called Hera. Hera is like the capital of Iraq. Again, a bit of geography, the Arab there are two very, very famous rivers in Iraq, the Tigris, the Euphrates and Tigris. In fact, this area is the cradle of civilization, the oldest nations on earth lived in this little region between the river I mean, was born in this region. So the side of the river close to the to the Muslims say no bucket is he don't cross the river, we stay on our side of the river, but conquer Hera, which is the

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main city on the side on our side of the river, and then the Persians will say on the side, and so how to draw the line when he enters into Persia. The Persian commander obviously realizes this is an army that's come in initially, they didn't take them seriously. They thought these guys are bandits, they're gonna rob and take people and, and go away. But when you realize these guys are serious, they about to invade one of our cities.

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The first battle is fought, and this is called the Battle of the chains, the Battle of the chains that is set as it was between the Muslims 18,000 against a Persian army of 40,000. And how do you have to think how am I going to defeat this enemy? And he realized, what do what do we have that is, is our strength versus the weakness. So they are well organized, well equipped, well trained, they are good at if you if you ever open war against them, they're gonna annihilate you. But being small is also good, you're fast, you can move in and out. You can pick out people, all our provisions on the camo, they come with luggage, and artillery and everything. So they need to take long to sit up.

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So he said, I'm going to exhaust them, I'm going to move my army this week and that point, and they obviously have to defend. And that's what he did. He shifted his army, from one position, waited for the Persians to arrive, unpacks it up, then he picked up packed up and he went to a different location, the, the Persians can't allow him to attack that city. So they pick up and they chase off party. Eventually, after two weeks of this, the Persian army was completely exhausted, they could not even walk anymore, and that's when he attacked, and he destroyed the Persian army. And so Subhanallah the first battle was a resounding success. The Persians completely underestimated the

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Muslims, and why it's called the Battle of the chains, because the Persians would have the strategy, they would chain themselves together so that if one wants to run away, you can't run away. You know, you're forced to stay, the lion cannot break. But also it prevents you from moving. And so with hot, it's quick, you know, he says tactic was cavalry in and out, the Persians were defeated. And this was a shock to them. They were able to keep the army and they regrouped. And within two weeks, a second battle, the battle of the river, and two more battles and inshallah our time is up. So inshallah we'll talk about the other battles in our weeks to come. But some point to, to mention,

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yeah, this is not just about battles and fighting and warfare, what we realize is these numbers should not happen. You know,

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if you look at the historians, what happens that happened at this point in time was beyond of what is normal. This is when you have Subhana, Allah has Allah support on your side, and you have a small group, small group, but they are focused, they are devoted, they are sincere, Allah will give them success. When Harding is asked time and time again, how are you doing this by the enemies, and he would say to them, I send you a people who love death more than you love your life. I send your people was sincere to Allah spawn that fear none besides Allah subhanaw taala we have our battles here. Subhan Allah, one of our brothers was just killed, you know, business person, a war upon us,

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it's like a war. And if we Subhanallah we need to come together. We need to work together to solve these things, these problems. The enemy is not someone 1500 years ago, they are enemies now. And sometimes it looks impossible. And even if we try and we fail, while hamdulillah but to sit back and do nothing, that is the real failure. So Allah Subhan Allah protect us and help us and grant us his Nasser, as he had granted the ummah of the past. May Allah grant us to defeat our enemies as he had given the success of the past and protect us. And I mean greater success, just a few announcements Alhamdulillah our third installment of our meet and greet for those of you who are not married, you

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either make jihad or you get mad is one of the you know, optional in between no in between. So that our third or third meeting three, this is now for our seniors, maybe so from 30 or 35 and above, but we actually looking for 40 to 50 year olds, main Alhamdulillah sisters already, they already on the battlefield, they're waiting for the mean to arrive. Okay, and then inshallah this will be in October, but we will also have for September heritage day, we are going to have open Masjid in

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Shala we we invite non Muslims to attend the masjid to learn a bit about Islam and to give them a tour of the Blue cup and so inshallah so we hope that every one of you we love for our non Muslim friends and neighbors also for success in this dunya and akhira invite them and bring them as well we'll give you more details inshAllah xocolatl or Salah Syedna Mohammed Ali SAP Islam Sunni, Pamela blonde Amina sinuata for multiple library