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Muhammad West
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Other limestone regimes from mineral Alaminos Certosa Maharaja from saline saving them Hammond Milani. He was happy he married my beloved brothers and said Mr. Lawyer what a cat $200 Bill Alameen mission of Allah Allah Allah Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and within our love and greeting cetaceans, our beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, to his pious and his to his family and his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, may Allah bless us to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Alhamdulillah we continue with the first caliph, the caliphate of Satan, no bucket on the line. And we begin with

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a little story before the caliphate of Satan, America in the early days of Islam, when there were only a handful of Muslims, the day that we're working on and almost died in defense of Islam.

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It was an abuse of solemn who had the courage and the only man that would make Salah in public, many of us have a few and weak unable to perform salah and the Quraysh they will not physically or mentally Salama, they will insult him. And one day eventually the hatred became so much that one of them began strangling gonna be Salam. And he was nobody amongst Sahaba able to help the Prophet peace be upon him, and the strangling became so much that his face turned red, blue is about to die, and those of Bukhara that stepped in and push the man off and say these very, very famous words which you find in the Quran, Taka to Luna Raja and a Hakuna Rabi Allah. are you killing a man?

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Simply because he said Allah is my Lord, you killing this man just because he says Allah is my Lord. In response, they beat Abu Bakr so much they beat him up so much that he almost died was unconscious, and he was taken home. And it's Pinilla he was

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about to die and eventually, from the law he will save and even when he came out of his

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unconsciousness, firstly, as with the Prophet, peace be upon us, Mohamed Salah Salem, and eventually Alhamdulillah the sinner Bukhara the Alon was, was okay. And this shows you that from the beginning, this was like the first two years in Islam, the history of Islam, that he had already been of those Sahaba that put his life on the line for Islam. And whenever then a visa Salam was in a very, very dangerous position, it was a bucket of the one that was the the right hand side. Now that the prophecy has passed away we spoke about, he has become the Khalifa And subhanAllah you can imagine, it's always the case in history. When a successful leader whether it's a president, or a CEO of a

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company, when the man is no longer a there's a vacuum that occurs, the next one is not going to be as successful. And people all around will take take advantage of this opportunity. And this is exactly what happened. When the provinces Allah passed away, we said when he passed away all the enemies of Islam, I chose the heads. And this was an opportunity to break away from the authority of Medina. And so this chapter, we call it the words of a leader, not the words of river, no one who was called the reader and read there is more that the words of the apostasy the apostates and say, No Vaca, the Alon is gonna have to deal with this head on all around. news reaches that they are

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rebellions that the governors are being killed that tribes are going back to jail Ilia and that armies are being mobilized against Islam, it appears as if though the situation is going to fall fall apart. More than that, you have the strange group of people known as the false prophets, those who claim that Gibreel has come to them after the death of the resource alum and people are following them in mass. So we could have the Aladdin immediately. And this is a very, really looking at his short period, a an example in leadership and strategy.

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He sits down and he considers what should we do? What should be our, our strategy, he gets news as to where all the Rebellions are occurring. And there are about 10 locations in every direction, North East, Central Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, all these regions have have stated and we need to deal with all of them. So should we deal with them one at a time. And if we, if we allow them to face the like a like a virus, they're going to spread, and they're going to perhaps even join up against Islam. So that is associated with Elon and of course in consultation with Mr. Haba. They came up with a very bold, very daring, some might say a reckless strategy, but it will be immensely

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successful. The idea is we are going to take on every single rebel at the same time, we will we will engage every rebellion in every tribe that is broken away. We're going to get engaged in at the same time. Yes, we are going to be stretched to the limits. And we will have one major battalion one sort of elite unit that will take out precision the enemies one by one, which will be led the hardening leader of the Alliance. This is going to be the campaign, which solidifies Hadith as the greatest general in the history of Islam. So these 10 regiments go out to towards Syria to towards Yemen. Why

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Bahrain want to Oman, several in the center of Arabia, the objective is, make sure the rebels don't, you know, grow and they don't further engage, but just keep them there. In the meantime, we're going to sing harden the leader of the line where the most the most powerful force to deal with the enemies one by one and take them out one by one. So if you look at say no bucket of the Alliance,

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and this is like a matter of days panela there'll be some days passes away in June. That same month, we spoke about last week, say no buckets in the army, Osama against the Romans, because that was the final wish sidenote, Abu Bakr only was in the army. And so when the army of Oussama went out to the Romans, and Roebuck and got his armor and you went with, and so obviously, when you're going, he said, I'm part of the Army, since you're the Khalifa, how can you go and he refused. He was on his way out of Medina saying, I'm going to fight under the army, Osama, as an obese woman commanded me. And he will say now, I love old people. And the fact that it's a nanny is very significant. He comes

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in, he holds onto his camera, and he says to him, I'm going to tell you the same words that are being sent to you at the Battle of God when the Muslims lost. And the coalition we're about to come back for a second attack. Abubaker stood up, I'm gonna go and fight. And then at least we'll sit over can knock you late, not your death, heir to our calamity. We need you alive now, we are in a difficult position, we need you alive, your death will break us completely. And so say nearly convinced cinnabar Could you stay in Medina. And so Sam as we said, he left while he was gone. So this is in June, July the next month, and army invades about to invade Medina, the Battle of the

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month of Genovesa Salem and army is about to invade Medina, these a a false prophet Prophet today, in this area very close to Medina, who is writing up the the tribes to invade Medina. And Abu Bakr himself leads this expedition against them and defeats them before they reach Medina.

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Now, Central Arabia, we talked about some of these characters today is the one that is closest to Medina and he's one of the false prophet that is the closest to Medina. And he has gathered a huge force in this region, and bringing all the enemies of Islam to one location and it's on the doorstep of Medina. And so what can I do and sister Khalid, this is going to be our first your first objective, this elite unit you're going to deal with today first, because it's the closest to Medina.

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Meanwhile, the other regiments are out to the different regions, keeping them at bay. And so we're not going to go into the detail of all the battles there are over 40 battles that occurs in the next six months, how to draw the line and his army 13,000 against 15. At the lowest number summit put it up to 30,000 Allah Allah, but 6000 Muslims, sorry, 6000 Muslims against a 15,000 army have to lay the false prophet, and they fought in a battle a few 100 kilometres away for about 100 kilometres away from Medina, the Battle of moussaka and the Battle of hamara and Subhan Allah, we know that in the heat of the battle, the true followers of the Prophet Salam, versus those followers of false

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prophets began to show the the real faith the Muslims were not and this is what always cause the Muslims to succeed. If you look at the victories throughout the history of Islam, are we going to talk about huge battles against the Romans and Persians if we get the inshallah? How is the small group always winning a massive group? Yes, there is the baraka of Allah. But there is something that the Muslim army has as a weapon, that the other army doesn't have lettuce, the desire for Shahada. How do you defeat a people who want to die? How do you beat or subdue an enemy that wants to die and go to Jannah?

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People fight to win to survive to live. This is an army that's fighting to get Jannah. And so whenever the war became so intense, the enemy would break and flee. And this occurred once again. Yeah, when the followers of these false prophets began to see that the false prophets were the first to leave, and they were the first not to be on the battlefield. Eventually, the morale would break, and the Muslims would succeed. And this will prove very effective, that Khalid would make a point to show the weakness of the Prophet, the false prophets. And when the people lost the courage in that false prophet, then the army would break, and it would be easy to subdue them.

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The most dangerous of these false prophets was a man called Messiah, the lion. Many of you know his name was Salem, the lion. He's one of the few.

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One of the few, very strangely, this man was actually alive and he spoke to the enemies of Salem, while the prophet was alive. This man was saying, came to Medina. And he did to the V Salem, because he thought himself a big guy Usain Bolt himself. Some was he was an egotistical person, narcissist, and he said to the Prophet, bishop, and I'll follow you, but make me a prophet like you. I'll be a Muslim

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But you make me and Abby also then we can be tuna bees.

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And I'll bring my whole tribe because he's got he's part of the biggest tribe of Arabia I'll be a bring that tribe with me. So the Prophet sort of looked at him and said, picked up a stick and he said, Well, I if you asked me for the stick, I'm conditioned to be a Muslim you want to stick I want to give it to you. You embrace Islam or you don't embrace Islam. So I will say that my lift the heaviest lifting, then so that first he said, Make me an OB Meaning I'm not gonna be but I want you to make me and then afterwards he sent a letter to the NABI Salam, informing him. He says, oh, Muhammad Rasool Allah, I'm here to inform you, Allah made me Rasool now. I've been upgraded I don't

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need you anymore. From Mohammed from Musella Rasulullah to Muhammad Rasool Allah. Allah has made me an IV like you, you take off, I take off, don't be greedy. from Salem, then I recently responded to him from Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam to Salem Al Kitab, the liar, all of this land belongs to Allah, not to me, not to you, we don't own a single inch of it. And Allah gives to him who wants some will say Lama was already a false prophet in the time of Musa Lamont of the Sahaba visited some of Salem has followers and said, tell us what is this Quran that most Muslims say Lama says you but you'll come to him and gives him why? And he said some of this Quran and spinal lights

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if I were to recite it to be funny.

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Like in the Quran in Korea, Mongolia, Morocco and Korea, Korea is a Kiana Duda is a frog, the frog, what about the frog? What will make you know, the frog office in the water and office in the this is the Quran of Musa lemma, when these things were recited, I will ask Javi he said to the men, do you know and I both know this is nonsense? We both know it's like, you know, we both know it's rubbish. Why are you following Him? And the man said, Well, I know he's alive. But our other follow Elia of my tribe than a truthful one of your tribe, tribal. So it's quite clear that it's all tribal. And most people believe that they didn't really believe in him as a prophet. But it was an opportunity.

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Look, these this all of energy, a prophet, Nabi Salam had done something that Arabs had never done before he had brought all the tribes under his control. So before we could replicate this kind of thing, through our Prophet, even though he's a false prophet, and some will say lemma, what he did at the time when he was alive, and so he had a head start on the other copycats. Interestingly though, next to Musa lemma, another prophet appears, a lady a prophetess. Sanjay, next to Musa Lama stripe, a lady Prophet appears, and she claims to be an Obi Wan at the same time now Abubaker. And, you know, they busy putting up the rebellion, the year another lady is not a prophet is and she says

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to our people, we are first in the ultimate Salem because he's a liar. I'm a real prophet. He's a false prophet. And so, so Jah, this lady said, yeah, she comes with her army, to confront Hussein Lemma and his people. So the people will say, lemons peoples is what should we do about this? He says, Don't worry, let me deal with her personally. Set up a nice tent outside in the desert, beautiful, bring it to me and I'll talk to her one on one. And for three days they stay in the tent, and when they emerge from the tent, so Jack says, We have confirmed that both of us are prophets. of our debates, both of us are prophets. And we are now married. The two prophets have become Allah

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wants I suppose to get married. And as a dowry Subhanallah they say this, if you ask a trivia, what is the evilness dowry in the history of the world is this dowry? What is the dowry to the one prophet? She's a prophet is she wants to get what kind of Maori are going to give to an Obeah. Some will say Lama said, the dowry Allah has given her is that Fajr Anisha is now Hara, so you don't have to make for your NHI only three works. Allahu Akbar. So now we'll see lemma

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is becoming his consolidated the power of soldier and his own tribe, and it's becoming a huge crisis. Harley is still

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trying to battle his way through Arabia, step by step inch by inch suela was on the other side. So Albuquerque Alon realizing we can't allow Musa to continue to expand. He sends a battalion and the crema even Abuja has political proposal. It crema, the son of Abuja, we have son crema, now with Christ Sahadi he's the head of the army and our work consistently crema Rhodiola you go and you get to Messiah, keep him there, but don't engage him. Your number is not big enough. Khalid is going to deal with him on the line with the army. You just stay there and watch. It came. He's a very impatient man or the lung, and he is hot it has defeated today her father fought the battle of Zafir

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defeated the and is moving coming towards Messiah and he sees an opportunity and he is Abubaker is in a third battalion to join to fight Musa so he thinks let's take the opportunity and engage early

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A big mistake, crema engages and he's defeated that he treats the right solution to Abubaker explaining his mistake and apologizing Abu Bakr is furious. And he says to Reclaimer you don't come back to Medina, take you and your army, go to Armand and support the Muslims in Oman and only if you only if you succeed, can you come back?

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So, it came out of the Alon leaves for the army and they go to a new deployment. He is replaced with another battalion by as a hobby Shatta Wale the names are a lot shorter he didn't Hasina or the Alon, his job you do what the criminal is supposed to do, stand and wait for Harley to come with the army, and then you will engage Shahabi makes the same mistakes for Han Allah. He also engages prematurely and is defeated. Now, we'll say Lama has an aura of invincibility. Never before had a Muslim army been defeated, and he's defeated two Muslim armies. People now believe that this man isn't him and his followers, unlike the other ones, we thought, Look, our Prophet is a false

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prophet. They began to believe this man is a prophet. And they began to believe that if we die fighting for him, we're gonna get to Jannah that Allah is with this man. So when hardly that the Allah arrives now this area's called the Imam at the Battle of Yamama. He arrives now to face me Salem, were just defeated to Muslim armies.

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He surveys, the enemy 40,000 men have gathered around Messina sided rock, the Alana has just under about 13 12,003 to one plus, the morale of the followers of Mozilla are through the roof.

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And he's assessing the situation how do we approach this battle? How are we going to do to win this battle. And so in

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the Battle of Yamama, is in December 62. So again, there'll be some passes away in June, this is December battle off the battle. It is now December, and cod is an army of the Muslims are facing off with Musa Elia. The battle begins where Musa and he gave a speech to his people explaining to them that how they will go to Jana and Allah is with them, and that Gibreel comes to them and the people all riled up. And similarly, the Sahaba and he didn't want either mentioned to them, that Islam depends on us. I just take a moment to think every single Nabhi when they died, they and it was the grace of the commander of Allah that the books will last, that the revelation, the original Torah

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injeel gone, but the teachings of the Gambia disappeared, because the followers did not do as the Gambia had commanded them. The bunnies are in, for example, the only reason they survived was ALLAH had to sit in them and Abby often Abbey often Abbey, one after the other, but this group, the Sahaba

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if they fail, the Islam would become extinct. No not be after them. This is the last last nubby last Quran. And he reminded them this haba remind each other that this is it depends on the whole image. It's not just one battle, the whole ummah. In fact, Islam itself is depending on us here, if we lose to this man, as a false prophet, our religion will become extinct, not fighting for any other reason, but survival. And so this is a harbor also, you know, incentivized, and the two armies clash, Hollywood, in his military style will always be to be on the offensive, he engages you hard, puts you on the defensive, you aren't able to maneuver and then He dictates the battlefront. And he

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did this again. But no matter how hard they were hitting and pounding against these enemies, no matter how many hundreds they killed, these people were not giving up, they were fighting, like men ready to die as a Sahaba Sahaba had never seen an enemy that was willing to die like they were and this became a worry and the longer it went on. The numbers of Muslim obviously proved more powerful than the Muslims and the Muslims for the first time.

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Since the Battle of war had basically there was a retreat and the Muslims will push off the battlefield hardened with either the Alon and his army pushed off the battlefield. So much so that they even into the teeth of Harley and he took his wife as a captive pilots are the ones wife was with him and she was taken as a captive how how severe must you be beaten for the generals wife to be taken as a prisoner? The Muslims ad group and buy now obviously Musa lemma, they become you know, he they, you know, right, you know, everything that this is the truth. This man is gonna be

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the Muslims. How did he inspects his army we go wrong, and he strategize his army and he forms a few new battalions, a few elite, one group scored the group of the Quran he takes all the hearth for those who were known to recite Quran 500 of them, you will be one battalion, a battalion just of people who had memorized the Quran, and then he forms a elite squad and elite squad. Our job is we take out the leaders of the Army, the generals, and I'm being hard if he's the leader of that death squad. We're going to go in the heat of the battle wherever things are the most intense. We're going to go out and take the leadership one by one. We are the

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ones are gonna engage. And so, round two goes in, and the Muslims now after, you know recovering the, the, the, you know, catching the breath, they engage and they fight this time the plan works and one by one the elite units of the Muslims take out the leaders of the of the of Messiah Melissa until Holly reaches will say llama and the system come you and me we fight one on one. And we say lemme runs and flees, and this kind of breaks the morale of the the apostates for the first time. Now they saw the true colors of the NABI throughout the battle, Khalid is sending him messages. And he would put his head to one side saying, I'm waiting to hear what you believe he's telling me. No,

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no surrender. Now, he runs away. Do you believe he's not with him? And they Kong? The remainder of Mozilla was Army. They enter a fortress, but really it's a garden, but it's fortified. And the Muslims now outside, not able to get in because they don't have any siege weapons. How are we going to get inside here.

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But even Malik, the Alon, the famous a hobby and as we all know, as the boy, the server is gonna be his elder brother, but he says to the Sahaba throw me over the wall, I will open it from the inside. So you can use you're gonna die. If the fall doesn't kill you, you're going to be killed inside is that okay? Throw me in. So they pick him up, and they throw him over the wall. And he fights his way and he opens the barrier, and the Muslims stream into this garden. Till today. This area's called the Garden of death, because of the amount of blood that would flow. Everyone is trying to reach Musa ulama. But of course he is not going to be in the front line. As all false prophets are not in

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the front. I'd like Muhammad wa salam who took the blows to his face and offered this man is deeply protected. And the one guy was watching him waiting for an opportunity, a man who's waiting to get some kind of redemption. We know him as the savage. The same Sahabi were killed Hamza in Javelin spear thrower, you would say in his life, even though I'm a Muslim, I never felt, you know, clear, because of what my spear done to kill Hamza. And the only way I can make up which is to take some blood as evil in the opposite direction as the blood that I spoke for Hamza, and he watches and he's the one that kills Muslim at the same medical Hamza, the one kills will see a man with a spear

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throw, and Toamasina Leia is dispatched. And the battle of Yamama is concluded and what that basically the apostasy comes to the interest is basically a mock object in Yemen, Bahrain, so some severe battles, but within six, seven months, the entire Arabian Peninsula comes back to the authority of the caliphate, or the false prophets are either dead or have left. And it proved once again that Islam was not a phenomenon. It wasn't a one man flesh that ended with an obese alum. This is going to survive until Kiana and we are still young. And from there, you would have thought Abu Bakr Young would pause and stop and think well, now we have subdued Arabian peninsula with stop says

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no, we now pick up with an abyss of lift off, he began with the Romans, we're gonna go and fight to get Palestine and in Hollywood say to him, I'm here in the East purchase on the doorstep give me permission, I want to invite the Persians as well, and so he would engage both superpowers at the same time. We'll talk about that inshallah next week with Nila UCLA. Hi, we just make

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one announcement spotlights been a year since a dear supporter of the Mercy The mom Hashem Sally has been part of Ghana for all his life basically, it's been a year that he's passed away. It's families also we make dua ask Allah to grant him genital for those that are on the ramen macfeather For him to make his grave garden in the gardens of Jana, and to all those Moromi all those who have passed away May Allah grant him MK Farah genital filler those Amin was ALLAH Cena Muhammad Ali Yusuf Islam hamdulillah Ramadan, Amin Salam Alikum Mutharika.

the first caliph – part three – the riddah wars

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  • THE WARS OF RIDDAH – When the Prophet SAW passed away, mass apostacy and rebellion against the central authority of Madinah took place.

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