Never Let Go of The Thikr & Remembrance of Allah

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Have you ever been mentioned

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in a positive way?

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by a very influential person before? Like a big shot? Have you?

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Big, big name? Like, if I say his name, like we know, have you ever been mentioned?

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When you work in large corporations, meeting the CEO is not a common thing at all. You can work in a large corporation like GM, Chrysler, you name it for 1015 years, and you will never cross paths with the CEO, let alone have what a conversation.

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It happened to me. When I was in Chrysler, there was a problem. So myself and the team, we worked on it. And with the help of Allah, then the team, we were able to resolve it. The manager was so happy, it could not believe it was resolved. So he said, I want to nominate you magic and the team to go present to the CEO of Mopar who is the division of the parts and service of Chrysler, the CEO one time not even the senior manager, not even the VP know, the CEO himself.

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So we went there, I was leading the project. And then he mentioned me my name, human being, I'm a human being. He knows me by name, it's pretty cool. You feel strong. If you're powerful. You have to be very strong not to boast about it. The next day I even said on the whole by just so powerful. He said you know what, that was a great project. I'm very proud of you, CEO of Mopar you felt loved, you feel confident you feel strong? But no worries. It's not a big, big deal.

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The real deal is that how will we feel when Allah

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that creator of the entire universe there are a lot the one that everything say sapan Allah the mic sister Panama, the podium, your clothes, your jacket, the mask, you're wearing the hat, the carpet, the law, everything in the world glorifies him. If he mentions you in a positive way, how strong should you feel?

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How confident should you feel? How happy should you feel? Where did you get this from? Brother? Allah said that caroni kirkko

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Allah says when you mentioned me, I will mention you. When you remember me. I'll remember you a lot will boast to the angels look up my servant my slave here in Detroit and mention you by name. He came to pray Juma law. Look at the sister who came to listen to this talk or read this page of the Quran or reminder friends about Allah. Allah mentions her by name. Yes. And without a doubt. That's where you feel strong. If you feel happy, you feel loyal. Look what Allah subhanho wa Taala said to the Prophet sallahu wa sallam about the vicar of Allah. Listen to what he said. First bill Be patient, Mohammed Salim was being spoken about Yes, rosuvastatin was being marked. They said Medina

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on sir had they made fun that his son died.

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They made fun that his son died. Abdullah Al Qasim in the Shania Cahoon amateur we made fun of him that oh you have no boys that will carry your last name. So yeah Allah How can I survive? How can I keep my mind intact and not lose my conscious and lose my mind? He said foster but how we allow

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was a bad behavior a bigger copula tolu and Shams mentioned a lot with Victor before sunrise waka Bella Ruby and before sunset woman Anna Elaine if I said often nod and do it day and night. Lika

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Then you have the robot the greatest state you can ever wish to have his robot contentment, the state that people will pay billions of dollars they go to psychologists. They go therapy, nothing against all four here. Do you all have that just to have that state of rhubarb the I am content. I see my situation I got laid off I got sick I'm not as strong. I'm not as strong my kids have given me a hard time I did everything I can up I want to be content or the La Liga turbos Corolla. The Corolla. Always remember Allah and Luca Toba? Not just in the dunya also you see it in ansira Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What did he say?

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sebadoh new Villa Houma la who yo la villa in La Villa. And I want to admit here and I felt miserable. I felt miserable today.

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As I was reviewing my notes to prepare for the hotel bar

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I heard one of them. ashay is saying seven people under the shade of Allah. When there's no shade except his shade wider, I feel miserable. I was thinking what does this Hadeeth have to do with Nicola? I know that I taught a whole series here about gamma, but I forgot what does this have to do with the Corolla? It was the last category

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is the easiest category.

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You may not be emammal, a righteous man which is one of the seven

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it might you might not have no brothers and sisters, you love for the sake of Allah, which is one of seven. You may not have been asked by the opposite gender to commit a harm which is the third group and in fear Allah will not approach the opposite gender For how long? Yeah, number four, someone who gave a donation that the left hand does not know but the right hand group number four. You might not be a religious young man or young woman Siobhan you missed that phase of your life now you became practicing at 50 and 60. You missed that shot group number five.

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You might not have been able to go to the masjid or you're not attached to the mission Albemarle upon Bill masajid May Allah make us of these hearts? group number six. Now what's number seven?

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What's number seven?

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What are children veker Allah Hi, Leah. For them at aina

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group number seven

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is someone who did the dhikr of Allah from here

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the caused him to cry that's it.

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No money needed. No message needed. No you being an MLM needed. You don't need no one in the world to be friends for the sake of Allah for ages to take care of a lot in the traffic in your car. In bed. Hungry hamdulillah and you just cry.

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Yokoyama, the sun is one mile above the heads people sweating up to their knees their belly button. People drowning from their sweat because of their sins and then use it no no you know, you don't sweat you go under Allah ashamed. ticker la vaca far it took you so akula probably had I say whatever I have said

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was still a few law. Li willock May Allah forgive me and forgive us all. He is the most forgiving a little photo right?

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Miss Mila

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or you? Who did vicat right now.

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I swear by Allah.

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That he has mentioned you by name.

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Had you been sincere? He did it right what Allah Allah does not break his promise. He mentioned you by name. Muhammad will useful sorrow habito ever. May Allah make us remember that? Because when you remember that you'll never stop.

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Is that a human shape on shape and will do whatever it takes to make you forget Nicola is to what Allah Yumasheva No. And sir whom Allah Setsuna magetta for unserem zikalala His goal is to make you forget the remembrance of Allah. So what happened with that aka his wish? shavon Allah says this is the head of shavonne

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and in his best shape on the Hasbro chef on are the losers May Allah make us of the winners.

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Two things to know when you do the kind of Allah Rasool Allah says Allah gives us two points here, so be sure to adopt them insha Allah Allah loves to follow the Sunnah of Mohammed So Sarah, number one, he said in the law has an agenda cool. Allah says in the Hadees petitioners authentic and an MA Abdi either who was a Karani what the How do I get to be a chef at my point of narrating this hadith? Allah says I am with my slave as long as he remembers me and moving his lips. What's the point? When you do Vicar when you pray? Make sure you don't do it silently like this

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that's what I saw last time I was teaching this and get to move the lips snuck in completely internal, doesn't it? It does have to be loud to have a look at the chef data. So solid insha Allah we pray from the data. Now love Grant has the ability to follow the process.

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Step number two is to say from the heart lips is not enough. You know we say lip service lip service but doesn't work. You have to come from the heart. So a lei sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says oh do la anthem. Move to Nashville? Hmm make dua and you're 100% certain Allah will respond you make giant sets that for sure Allah response. Then he says the Prophet I said lamb in LA LA and Allahu Allah is the job.

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Do I mean Kelvin law filling law? Allah will not accept that you are the victim of someone who's not paying attention. Is that in a cruise control? They're not aware of what they're saying. So May Allah make us conscious I mean, me and me Allah forgive me and forgive you if you ever did Vica and you were not there May Allah forgive us they may Allah reward us even if it was a little bit by when you say about Vicodin oh and with that in Sharla there's something called Vicodin mood luck with what does it mean? unrestricted like you say Subhan Allah million times 50 times. There's no restrictions to that. You can say anytime anywhere sleeping, sitting walking in traffic. And then

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you have Victor MOCA yet restricted Vicar, like the president said, say this after that, that's restricted like after the Salah will do thicker. So how about we say a hadith for each inshallah we end with Nila, a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said Dr. Su Allah in Sharla er Islam, Catherine, LA, Yasser Allah Islam there's so many things for us to do. There's so many voluntary acts so many things to do. Tell me one thing at the Shabbat to be Tell me one deed in Islam to hold so tight onto something simple, something easy, but very rewarding jerky. Well I can say it but see it will tell me one thing you know when sometimes someone

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gives a hope or a lecture, he says Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever forget anything I said it's okay but don't forget this one point.

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This is the main point this I don't want you ever I want your undivided attention. That's what the brother is asking a December Give me one thing if I forget everything I don't forget that one. He says la Yes. Louis San oka urato been min Vickery LA.

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Make your tongue always wet in the remembrance of Allah meaning continuously as much as you possibly can say the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's easy that Chevy can be met on coffee fatten and listen to words to statements light on the tongue, but heavy Finn mazon what are the subpoena low BMD subpoena Levine May Allah allow us to be of that group? I mean, it'll be I mean, and then with the end with this victory mocha yet which is restricted, and insha Allah you know, when we do fundraisers we say after the hook, but please stay behind for two minutes. I want you for two minutes. Let's Miss Miss charity and stuff like charity on your own self. If you can, if you have to

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go go, but two minutes, three minutes after Salaam sha Allah

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insha Allah, what is it? Well, so la sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, men said Allah Hafiz Dewberry. Cooley Sala. Whoever says Subhana Allah 33 times after Salah. Then what Jaime de la said Alhamdulillah 33 times and then Kabbalah said Allahu Akbar 33 times that's a total of 99 then you end it with 100 What is it? La ilaha illallah wa la sharika lahu Molko Allah will hand well who Allah Cooley Shane Kadir, what's the reward? Yo so Allah, Allah erases all your sins crucify Aqua intact Mr. zipadelli. Allah forgives all of your sins. Yeah LA. Can we do that Charlotte if you have to go don't feel awkward stand up and go may Allah put back in your time. If you can do three

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minutes why not sit down say Subhan Allah. May Allah bless you